Global Warming Caused by CO2 is a Gigantic Hoax Be advised that this blog will cause massive cognitive dissonance

in the true believers of global warming, have a place to lie down after reading. Water vapor is 95% of the greenhouse gases, CO2 is 3.618% and man made CO2 is even more miniscule, only 0.117%. CO2 molecules in the atmosphere are so diffuse that is impossible for CO2 to cause global warming. Repeat: CO2 can NOT cause warming. Anthropocentric CO2 Concentrations are Negligible Memorize this chart: only 3.62% of the total global warming gases are CO2, and of that only 3.4% are man made. Thus man made CO2 is only 0.117% (3.62/100 x 3.4/100).

For those of you who haven't figured out reality yet, it is impossible to accurately discuss the politics of global warming without framing anthropocentric global warming (AGW) in context of the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. In order to get you under the control of a worldwide Talmudic inspired police state they are demonizing carbon emissions, one of the primary life gases. All plants and animals either absorb or emit carbon, you exhale CO2, you become the enemy of the planet by the very act of breath. Global warming is a new anti-human death cult, its believers as

radical as any religious extremist movement. Time Magazine is still hyping global warming, on 28 December 2010 during the near record breaking snowfall in NYC, their Science and Environment section headlines Holiday Blizzard: More Signs of Global Warming. The article is a complete snow job, Jew owned Time, a division of Jew owned Time Warner (TWC = Time Warmer Conjob) wants you to believe in global warming like Christians believe in the Lord. BELIEVE SHEEPLE. Like the Evangelical nutjobs, they have no evidence besides falsified data and now they are trying to sell the idea that more cold and snow is global warming. Obviously increased cold can not be caused by "warming". So fallacious is their logic, they are claiming that a new ice age could be caused by global warming. Having lost nearly all credibility, they are hedging their bets knowing that an ice age is likely. Time circulation continues to plunge:

I wouldn't own TWC stock or the New York Times, both are headed toward extinction. No matter how powerful they seem, lying to the public during the downfall of the Republic is resulting in dramatic and substantial drop in

circulation as informed citizens seek alternative sources of information. We are not dumb, uneducated, and we didn't attend Deception 101 at the local Jewish Sin-and-gouge. We know that global warming is really about the Jew World Order, a despotic Jewish world government, we know that 9112001 was an inside job, a false flag by US-Israel, we know that Homeland Security is a new gestapo organization run by Jews, we know that TSA thugs are Jew directed black shirted apes. The very same people that lied about Saddams' weapons of mass destruction, about who actually did 911 are behind global warming: that is what you must grasp to understand the real motivations behind the Jews who control the world's media. Global warming isn't real and they know it. 4 year stock price of the Time Warner (TWC) New York Times (NYT). The epic 90% plunge had an intermittent counter rally, now both are ready for the grand finale death wave:

So far we haven't discussed any science yet, this is because the AGW theory has nothing to do with actual science, it is pure propaganda, what you "know" about the "facts" of global warming is probably not true or real. For instance the artic ice cap is getting much thicker and larger, the extent of artic ice is now equal to 1980. Polar bears are thriving. Glaciers are getting bigger. Historical cold and snow records are being shattered daily. But the biggest lie the public accepts as truth is that man made CO2 is significant or a threat to weather stability. Let's take a walk through the actual science of atmospheric CO2 levels. I am going to show you that man made CO2 has virtually no effect on earth bound temperatures. Imagine a theoretical parcel of air:

The three significant ingredients are nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor. CO2 is a trace gas, its concentration is so small that if we have a 1,000 particles in this box, there would be not one CO2 molecule. That's all CO2 molecules, natural or anthropocentric, always remember CO2 is a TRACE GAS when global warming zealots promote their faulty logic and statist agendas.

Now you have to understand the next point. Man made CO2, the anthropocentric component, is a tiny fraction of the total CO2. Man made CO2 is only 3% of the total CO2, and the total CO2 is only a trace amount.

If the atmosphere has 0.03% CO2, and man made CO2 is 3% of that, then man made CO2 is so small that it is insignificant meaning that in a atmospheric heating calculation man's CO2 emissions are negligible.

Man's burning of fossil fuels is adding a minute fraction of the total, the earth is a big planet compared to our factories. So does it make sense that man made CO2 is a big factor in global warming? I'm here to tell you that MAN MADE CO2 IS DOING NOTHING.The sudden rise of CO2 in this chart seems alarming, but the chart range is only covers 100ppm, historical CO2 fluctuations go as high as 3,000 ppm, 10x the range of this chart:

So far man has burned a trillion barrels of oil and many millions tons of coal and billions of cubic feet of natural gas yet CO2 levels have only creeped up from 280 to 380 ppm in the last 200 years. If CO2 was staying in the atmosphere as claimed then the concentration would be so high we would have all suffocated. So where is all our CO2 going?

CO2 is washed out of the atmosphere by rain immediately and any remaining is absorbed by rocks then leached by water, all of it eventually making it to the ocean. The ocean contains trillions of tons of CO2, dwarfing atmospheric tonnage. Mountain ranges with their exposed rock are huge CO2 scrubbers. When it rains not only is CO2 immediately removed on contact, rainwater leaches CO2 from rocks. The ocean is the bottom of the CO2 sink, the coral reefs are built from dissolved CO2, as are the massive limestone deposits that are composed of calcium carbonate, Ca-C(O)3. CO2 in water is the "food" for coral and aquatic plant life.

CO2 is highly soluble in water, and CO2 concentrations can only stay at the level determined by air temperature. You can not force extra CO2 to hang in the atmosphere. Any free CO2 molecule is sucked out out of the air and dissolves in rain water immediately on contact. CO2 levels are not caused by point source emissions natural or man made, they are determined by ocean temperatures, when the ocean cools it absorbs more CO2, when it warms CO2 is released.

Cold water under pressure holds much CO2, increasing pressure increases the total solubility, for instance, deep ocean water holds far more CO2 than surface water.

Imagine a can of soda pop. When the seal is broken CO2 immediately fizzes out of solution because of the sudden temperature decrease and soon finds equilibrium with atmospheric pressure, as the can of pop warms, CO2 exits, the concentration rapidly drops and the pop goes flat. It is the same with the ocean and troposphere equilibrium, atmospheric CO2 levels are only responding to the gigantic mass of CO2 dissolved in seawater. The ocean is a giant CO2 capacitor that discharges and charges based on temperature and

pressure fluctuations. Man can not change this even if he wanted to, meaning that no matter what we do we can not stop a new ice age. Gigatons of Carbon (GtC), ocean contain over 38 trillion tons of dissolved carbon (38,000 GtC) which dwarfs annual CO2 emissions of 5.5 GtC/year. This is what you have to understand, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are being controlled by the gigantic mass of seawater below, the oceans are like a big can of soda pop. The atmosphere is a thin layer over a huge liquid mass of dissolved CO2. Man made CO2 is about 0.001 of the total greenhouse gas, so close to zero that if rounded to 2 decimal places it is zero. 99.99% of greenhouse gases are not human caused, so why the huge alarm? We are being stampeded into a despotic world order, one written about in the Protocols, a Jewish Talmudic police state.

The next thing you need to know is that upper atmosphere CO2 has little mixing with surface turbulent carbon cycle. The CO2 sunlight absorption way up there has NOTHING to do with rapid planet surface CO2 cycles because CO2 transmigration is a slow process. That is why upper atmosphere CO2 levels are stable. How do man made CO2 molecules magically make it into the upper atmosphere where all the CO2 absorption happens AND how do those heat pumped CO2 molecules way up there transfer their heat way down here? They can't and they don't and that's why you should question the "science" behind politically motivated global warming shills.

CO2 emissions are essentially trapped in the troposphere, they are part of a very rapid CO2 equilibrium with the water-CO2 cycle. CO2 "green house gas" absorption is high above the tropopause. A CO2 molecule in the stratosphere is in CO2 heaven and not stuck in endless reincarnation cycles like the CO2 molecules trapped in the tropopause.

If global cooling continues (the cause apparently from decreased solar cycle) CO2 levels will eventually respond, but there is a time delay. Industrial output might even increase during this time and the "impossible" will happen, CO2 levels will decrease confounding global warming proponents. CO2 levels in the atmosphere are only following ocean temperatures on this water planet. The earth is not a dry planet like Mars, the earth is mostly water with a fractional amount of land. The global warming cultists have another big problem, the next ice age is overdue. Do they actually think burning fossil fuels is going to stop this well established cycle? Already ice caps are increasing, global temperatures are decreasing concurrent with the diminished solar cycle, some are saying we are entering a new Dalton minimum. Good luck betting against the ice age cycle, man's fossil fuel emissions are miniscule compared to the existing planetary carbon cycles. The last 2-3 million years the earth is stuck in repetitive ice age cycles, only the last five shown in this chart:

Oh Canada, Oh Canada, where is Canada in an ice age? A mere 15,000 years ago Canada was completely covered in ice.

The promotion of global warming is not about science, it is a scam to enslave mankind. Pay no attention to the shills and their pseudo science sponsored by corporations with hidden agendas. Time Magazine is a Jewish shill publication promoting myths that will lead to world government by supremacist Jews. The ice age cycle is well defined, claiming that global warming is going to cause a new ice age is pure propaganda when it is obvious that it is an already existing cycle. There is no man made global warming, never was, and it is impossible for man to warm the planet. Phishna 29 December 2010 Note 1: I am an environmentalist and a minimalist. I practice what I preach: I drive a 60 mpg car, I live in a small earth friendly home that I've constructed from recycled materials, I grow some of my own food. I am against pollution and pro planet earth. The real issues are habitat loss, air and water pollution, urbanization, etc. and not global warming. The people promoting global warming are the very same war making corporations responsible for much of the pollution, global warming diverts attention and energy away from real environmental issues. Note 2: take a good look at the latest extent of global snow coverage in the NOAA graphic below and compare it to the ice coverage graphic above. Current snow coverage is equal to ice age coverage. A Blizzard of Lies in the New York Times By Alan Caruba

26 Dec 10 - (Excerpts) - “Bundle Up. It’s Global Warming” – December 26, 2010, New York Times opinion article by Judah Cohen. "It’s Orwellian when cold is declared warmth. It’s deceitful and insulting when it occurs in the midst of a huge blizzard shutting

down much of the northeast. "

This is Global Warming? Northern Hemisphere Snow & Ice Chart - 26 Dec 10 Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) "I would not even trust the date on the front page of The New York Times because the newspaper long ago lost touch with reality, with sanity, and, one can only assume, readers fleeing to other sources for the news. " See entire article:

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