DEC '10/JAN '11

Notes from the Chairwoman
First of all, I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday full of family, friends, love and joy. And I hope that the New Year brings you peace, abundance and all things good. And excuse the delay on the first newsletter of the new year, lots going on! What a di!erence a month can make. My original letter spoke to the drought that was our results, and now the skys are Blue, new signings and a possible regaining of form that has us all pinching ourselves. So how about those two new signings? That brings to mind many old sayings: It is always darkest before the dawn, every cloud has a silver lining, when the going gets tough the tough get going... you know them all I am sure. But what it really makes me think is that you can’t win every match, and that Chelsea is really about more than just winning games. When I think back on this year, and I think about all the other things that have happened for CIA, there isn’t one memory that is winning a match. I hope win, lose or draw this serves to remind us all that, as Chris Axon wrote in a recent match report: “Chelsea isn’t really a football club at all – it’s a social club and we meet up every weekend at a football ground.” I suspect that most of us are a member of CIA not just because of Chelsea, but because of the folks we interact with in the club - the social part of the club, whether it is meeting up for a match, posting on the board or Facebook, texting or chatting to someone about a match, or meeting up with someone from the club for whatever reason. Chelsea is so much more than the first team, it is our youth team (and they are tearing up the FA Youth Cup again!), our reserve team, but most of all, the biggest part of Chelsea is the 40,000 supporters that fill the stands every week, and the hundreds of thousands of supporters across the world that give our club its character, its heart, its history and its passion. It is the same with CIA; we are a part of that huge family. But if you feel you are not getting enough out of your membership, what are you doing to involve yourself in what is going on? There is always someone “around” that is there to share the joy and the pain, to celebrate and worry with, so take advantage of it. There is loads that can happen, so if you want to get involved all you have to do is... get involved! That leads me to what has been happening in CIA... and it is A LOT! Around the holidays saw the unveiling of our banners at the Bridge! http:// www.dropbox.com/gallery/ 16606210/1/Banner%20Folders? h=7626a0 (more photos will be posted as I get them). These banners represent the first batch and reflect nine chapters of CIA that met the challenge of recruiting a minimum number of members to qualify. If they had a certain number of True Blue members then they could opt for a bigger banner - a certain number more and an even bigger banner. CIA, of course, has the largest size banner. The nine clubs so far are Beltway, Boston, Charm City, Chicago, Orange County, North Texas, San Diego, Southeast and Texas. There are seven more to come as well. This is a HUGE project, and your chapters heads have done a wonderful job pulling it all together. Each club had to design their banner, keeping in mind the rules and regulations Chelsea has for the banners. I know most of the chapters made this a very community project and got members involved. Behind the scenes CIA had to find a banner maker we could a!ord and make sure that the fabric they

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Deep From the Heart Know Your Chelsea Tales from the CPO Luncheon The History of Boxing Day

Above: Our banners make it on TV! Screencap by Andy Wray.

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were using would meet the fire retardant requirements Chelsea has to have. Thanks to Andy Wray, we found a wonderful supplier that worked with us and made it pretty easy. Then the designs had to be made into electronic files that would work, and any fine design work had to be done... Raciel and Chris to the rescue! They have put in countless hours designing, working with chapters and putting together our proposal to Chelsea and then working with the banner supplier - what a great job they did! Once the banners were approved by the chapters, we sent the proposal to Chelsea and waited for the final approval. While I was in London I got that approval. But during that process the chapters had to make sure that they had the money to pay for the banners, and again that goes back to you the members, proving once again that together we can all chip in a little to make things happen. Funds were secured, the banners were paid for and then thanks to Andy Wray they were picked up and put in UPS to jet to Paul Peltz to make his flight to London. Thanks to Paul and MaryAnne for making room in their luggage and squeezing all ten banners in and hand carrying them to Stamford Bridge! With their help, just a few hours before a match they were up and hanging and waiting for the world to see! That is a great example of what Chelsea/CIA is, a group of people on a mission that work together, give of themselves for the good of the group and make things happen. And as I sit here today we have another group of banners just approved by Chelsea. They are in process to make now and soon be on the lookout for banners from Austin Blues, Bay Area Blues, Georgia Blues, Midwest Blues, Motor City Blues, Pacific Coast Blues and South Bay Blues! SEVENTEEN BANNERS GRACING STAMFORD BRIDGE FROM CIA, BRILLIANT! All accomplished because of the active participation of members! That's not all! The workhorse Chris Blake (who worked on the banners) has made a dream come true for many of us. The past two months saw him take on a project, something he wanted to have, and he made it happen. Chris wanted a CIA scarf, and when he came to me to ask about it, I never realized how badly he did want one. I gave him all the steps to make it happen, and he patiently and passionately went through each one. He had to first find out who might be interested so that we knew we could meet the minimums. Then he had to design it and get consensus on the design as well as meet the requirements we have to abide by. He had to get all the details on what it would cost, freight and all of that. We came up with a cost, created a shopping cart and put the word out. One hundred and thirty-one scarves were ordered in less than a month. Chris and Paul put it all together and sent the order in. And then we waited, but being Christmas the time went slow. The scarves did finally arrive the Tuesday before Christmas, and with a help from my o"ce assistant, Patsy and I got all 131 scarves in the post that day, and a vast majority of them made it to their new owners before Christmas. Again, see what happens when we work together and make a dream come true that is what CIA is all about. And now the dawn of a new year means even more folks working together. As you all should know, membership for this season is closed, both CIA and our ability to add True Blue members. WE ENDED THE MEMBERSHIP DRIVE WITH 595 MEMBERS OF WHICH 181 WERE TRUE BLUE! That is one heck of a Blue Army. We saw CIA break from one club into 21 chapters! And now your board is starting to plan for the next membership drive. Yes, now is when we will meet to discuss dues for next season, how it will work, what we might o!er for a member gift, and other things like that. We will also be discussing the chapters - which ones will go forward and what new ones might start up - and what new initiatives we want to start to make CIA even better. If that wasn’t enough, have you been on Facebook recently? Be sure and go find the Chelsea in America Facebook page and friend it, post on it - the numbers are growing daily and it is just another way you can keep in touch on all the latest news, gossip and banter for Chelsea and CIA. Thanks to Andy Wray and Ian McNally for the face lift. And speaking of face lifts, the CIA website is also in the midst of a redo, so keep checking that out. Have you listened to the podcast lately? A great way to share a bit of banter and no reason why you shouldn’t be listening or calling in. Are you following us on Twitter? You see, no

CONTRIBUTORS: A big thanks to everyone who helps make the CIA Bluesletter possible! Editor: Jamie Edwards Chairwoman: Beth Wild Assistant Ed: Allison Kasic Logo and Graphics: Raciel Diaz CIA Crest done in collaboration with Who Are Ya Designs www.whoareyadesigns.com Want to contribute or make a suggestion? Send Jamie an email at newsletter@ chelseainamerica.com!

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In my long absence, I’ve been thinking long and hard on how to change this up, as there are so many fixtures in such a short space of time. What I’ve decided to do is just pick a team, any team from any division and take a look into our history against them. First up is a team most of us have a dislike for and that’s the flat cap pigeon pie eaters from Yorkshire… dirty Leeds United. Chelsea fans have a dislike for Leeds that probably dates back to the mid-tolate-60’s when then-Leeds manager Don Revie said that Chelsea were nothing but a bunch of long-haired flamboyant overpaid southern sissies. He had to have something to moan about as we actually had a decent record against them; not great, but considering they had a pretty outfit we had done okay. Our record against Leeds is as follows: Played 101 W 33 D 29 L 39. The odd amount of games was due to World War II. Actually, we’ve played them 109 times - the first 8 they were known as Leeds City. Our biggest win over “City” was a 4-0 mauling in March 1906. Good Days: Apr 8th '33: W (H) 6-0, Goalscorers: Oakton, Mills, Gallagher, Gibson 2, Prout Mar 16th '35: W (H) 7-1, Goalscorers: Spence 2, Bambrick 4, Burgess Apr 28th '84: W (H) 5-0, Goalscorers: Dixon 3, Thomas, Canoville Aug 12th '72: W (H) 4-0, Goalscorers: Garland 2, Osgood, Cooke Mar 27th '71: W (H) 3-1, Goalscorers: Osgood, Houseman 2 Highest Attendance against Leeds at Home: 58,452 Bad Days: Dec 10th '27: L (A) 5-0 Nov 3rd '34: L (A) 5-2, Goalscorers: Gallagher, Mills Mar 28th '59: L (A) 4-0 Oct 07th '67: L (A) 7-0 Jan 10th '70: L (H) 2-5, Goalscorers: Hollins, Osgood Played for both: Tony Dorigo, Vinnie Jones, David Hopkin, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink The 300-game-plus club: The first player I thought I would put in this segment is our first captain to ever lift up a meaningful trophy: Roy Bentley. He played a total of 367 games, scoring 150 goals. He made his Chelsea debut at home on Jan 17th, 1948 against Huddersfield Town. We lost 2-4 and Roy didn’t put the ball in the old onion bag in fact, Roy’s first goal didn’t come until March 26th in a 2-2 draw with Manchester City. The following season Chelsea started to see that their 12,500 pounds was well spent as Roy banged in a total of 21 goals in 40 games. Not bad considering we were nothing but a below mid-table team. The 1949-50 season didn’t see such a great return for Roy. He scored just 17 in the league, but he did hit 5 in our run to an FA Cup semifinal. Again we finished just below mid-table. 1950-51 turned into a bit of a disaster for Chelsea and Roy; we finished 20th and Roy only scored 8 in 38 games. Two of those were in the last games of the season. If you think '50-'51 one was bad, '51-'52 wasn’t much better as that season we finished 19th. Roy contributed 12 goals in 32 starts and notched another 5 FA Cup goals on our way to yet another semifinal. In '52-'53 we finished in the same spot as the previous season, but this time our captain scored 12 in 37 games and yet again bagged another 5 in our run to the FA Cup 5th round. 1953-54 saw us make a little progress up the league as we finished a respectable 8th, which was not bad when you consider we were handed our biggest ever defeat, 8-1 away at Wolves. Roy managed to break the 20-goal barrier for the first time since the '48-'49 season with 21 in 41 games. The 1954-55 season saw our captain raise our first League championship and, along with Parsons 11 and McNichol 14, Roy grabbed another 21 in 41 games to help us win that first elusive title. After winning the title the previous season, 1955-56 was a bit of a letdown. We finished 16th, and even got beat by Spurs 4-0. Roy did get most of our goals, scoring 14 in 38 games. 1956-57 started to see what was left of our championship-winning team fade away. Roy only played in four games - his last against She"eld Wednesday in a 0-0 draw. After 367 games and 150 goals, a percentage of a goal every 2.43 games, Roy moved on to our little brothers down the road, Fulham, for 8,600 pounds. Roy was a very good header of the ball, could play with both feet and could be used as a winger at times. He later ended up playing as a center half. He was top scorer in 8 of 10 seasons and was also capped 12 times (not enough!) by England. He played in seven FA Cup semifinals and never won one. Today Roy is worshipped around the Bridge as much today as he was when he lifted up the Championship in the 1950s . Useless information: - Joe Bambrick, Kerry Dixon, and Mark Hughes are our only players to score hat tricks against Leeds Utd. - Manchester City have scored the most hat tricks against us (6) than any other team. Five for Thought: David Webb played in every shirt possible for Chelsea except one; what number was it? A) 1, B) 7, C) 4, D) 11 Kerry Dixon scored 193 for Chelsea, but who was his first hat trick against? A) Leeds, B) Derby, C) Brighton, D) Grimsby Frank Leboeuf missed one penalty for Chelsea. Who was it against? A) Arsenal, B) Blackburn, C) Charlton, D) Derby Who was Chelsea’s sub in the 1970 FA Cup Final? A) Baldwin, B) Dempsey, C) Hinton, D) Boyle Who scored the last ever goal in the 20th century? A) Poyet, B) Morris, C) Terry, D) Jokanovic

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Story and photos by Josh Winter
This is merely a clip of Josh's story from his trip to London in November - for the full tale, check out the CIA message board!
Friday was the big day we’d been waiting for all week, as we were attending the Chelsea Pitch Owners Association Annual Lunch, a somewhat fancy a!air that required a suit and tie for the gents and dresses for the ladies. We met Beth in the lobby of the hotel and headed over to The Bridge to the Copthorne hotel again. We milled around for a bit talking to everyone, then headed around to the Press Room and got another brief tour of the stadium as we headed around to the entrance to the Museum, where the pre-lunch drinks were being served. After an hour or so we were told to go into the hall and find our tables. There were 41 ex-players in attendance, plus various other people associated with the club. Got to meet Bruce Buck, Clive Walker, Jason Cundy, Kerry Dixon, Bobby Tambling, Tore Andre Flo, Paul Canoville, Roy Bentley, Tommy Langley. We also got to meet Lynne Osgood, Ossie’s widow. She was an absolutely lovely woman, very gracious about all the attention she gets because of Ossie. Beth presented her with a CIA calendar and a check from the CIA for the Osgood foundation. Then she asked us to sign her calendar, I was incredibly honored by this. Just seemed so surreal that the King of Stamford Bridge’s wife ask me to sign something! The big highlight was getting to meet Steve Clarke. He seemed really happy to be there and with the warm reception he got from everyone in attendance. They had a quick moment to honor everything he did for the club and then Steve was named a Vice President of the CPO and got a very nice round of applause for this. Jonny Gould was the MC for the afternoon and he was pretty funny, poking fun at a lot of the people there. They had an auction with four nice prizes, one of which was getting to go with the team to a Champions League away match, including riding on the team plane, staying in the team hotel and VIP tickets to the match. That went for a cool £10,000! They also auctioned o! an afternoon at Cobham watching the boys have a training session and getting a nice tour of the facility. Overall, the auction raised about £20,000 for the Past Players Trust and the Chelsea Foundation, not too shabby! Everywhere we went around the Bridge we were stopped by people she knew that wanted to say hi. And all the locals we met were so amazing! Everyone welcomed us with open arms and were so thrilled that we had traveled all that way just to see the team play and attend the CPO. I have to say, anyone who is on the fence about taking a trip over there, do whatever you can, save up whatever money you need to and take the trip, it will be a truly memorable occasion! I’m already checking the calendar to see when I can make my next trip over!

A nice funny bit with Tim Lovejoy and Omid Djalili was done talk show style with Gould. The last entertainment bit for the afternoon was when Gould brought up Bobby Tambling and Kerry Dixon, who as you know are the #1 and #2 goal scorers for Chelsea, respectively. They were chatting about their goal scoring e!orts, then talk turned to Didier Drogba and whether or not they thought he could surpass them. Then the crowd got a real surprise when Didi himself came out on stage to continue the discussion! Drogs informed us that he would like to finish his career as a Chelsea Blue, which got a huge round of applause from the crowd. Afterwards we went into Frankie’s Bar, attached to the Bridge for a bit, but as we had to get up early to catch our train to Newcastle the next day, Ed and I left and packed up our stu! and crashed out early. I’m just going to go on record right now and say that Beth is an absolute Legend! I know that the trip was made so much better by being there with her. We got to meet so many amazing people and get to see and do so much stu! that I probably wouldn’t have ever thought of. It’s amazing how many people associated with the club she knows.

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Cup Exploits: FA Cup 1999-2000: Rd3, Hull City (A): W 6-1; Goalscorers Di Matteo, Wise, Poyet 3, Sutton Rd4, Nottm Forest (H): W 2-0; Goalscorers: Leboeuf, Wise Rd5, Leicester City (H): W 2-1; Goalscorers: Poyet, Weah Rd6, Gillingham (H): W 5-0; Goalscorers: Terry*, Morris, Zola, Weah, Flo SF, Newcastle (N): W 2-0; Goalscorer: Poyet 2 Final, Aston Villa (N): W 1-0; Goalscorer: Di Matteo *John Terry’s first Chelsea goal It's in the numbers: 1117: Games David Calderhead, our first ever manager, was in charge 970: Goals Peter Bonetti conceded 30 Seconds: Probably the shortest Chelsea career ever, by Joe Sherrin who came on as sub for Zola in 1997 13: Hat tricks by Jimmy Greaves; still a Chelsea record 4/28/1877: The day Stamford Bridge opened as the home of The London Athletic Club Quiz Answers: D, B, B, C, B


by Allison Kasic
This year Chelsea didn’t get a Boxing Day fixture, as we were instead scheduled to play Arsenal in a London derby on December 27th. But more often than not our Blues do get a traditional Boxing Day fixture on December 26th. In fact, in the past seven seasons, Chelsea had a December 26th fixture every year, racking up a 3-3-1 record (with the only loss being a disappointing 4-2 result at Charlton Athletic in 2003 – ouch). The trouble for American fans is that Boxing Day isn’t a big holiday (let alone an obscure Hallmark card holiday). So, if you’re scratching your head saying, “What on earth is Boxing Day anyway?” fret not. I’m here to help. Boxing Day has been a national holiday in England since 1871. It’s also celebrated in Ireland (where it’s called St Stephen's Day), Canada, and a slew of other countries. The interwebs are full of stories claiming to tell the true origin of the holiday (hint: it has nothing to do with throwing out the boxes you used for Christmas gifts). But silly stories like that aside, there is actually a fair amount of disagreement amongst historians as to how Boxing Day came about. The debate is divided into two camps. The first camp maintains that the holiday arose out of the Anglican tradition of collecting donations for the poor during Advent. On the day after Christmas, the boxes containing donations were opened and the contents distributed to the poor. #The other camp points to a non-church tradition involving boxes. Many servants to the aristocracy and other lower-class workers used to have to work on Christmas. It was traditional for their bosses to give them a present/bonus (in a box, obviously) on the day after Christmas. #The servants then had the day o! and could enjoy the contents of their boxes and have a belated Christmas celebration. #Both of these traditions are historically documented, but it’s unclear on which actually inspired Boxing Day. The history probably doesn’t matter much to modern Britons, who get a day o! work and have loads of quality football matches to watch. In modern times the holiday has also morphed into a big shopping day – a sort of English equivalent to America’s Black Friday. So to recap: a day o! work, lots of football to watch, good shopping deals, and presumably delicious Christmas dinner leftovers. Why don’t we celebrate this in America? It sounds fantastic.

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matter how you prefer to communicate we are trying to cover you. And it doesn’t end there. FSC has been working with us a lot this season, and tomorrow (as I write) will see the first installment of a new concept for them of supporters in the studio, so I hope you got to see your fellow CIA members from So Cal on TV, singing and representing us in our finest tradition! Thanks to all the organizers in So Cal, Cruz, Huby, Wray and Danny for all the help in working out the details and getting this taken care of. So don’t sit back, get involved, there is no way one person or even 20 right now can do everything. The more folks that get involved, the more things happen, and that brings value to the membership and rewards to the folks involved. So from the bottom of my heart thank you to all those that are getting more and

more involved. And lastly, each season we plan a spring trip to the Bridge. This year it was voted for the trip to be around the West Ham match (and if you are wondering why you didn’t get a voice in on that, it was on the bulletin board for weeks if not months). A group of us will be over there at that time, so if you are interested in joining us, all you have to do is let me know and I can work with you as to a solution. The group trip is always fun and we try and pack as much stu! in seven days as is possible. It should be a great time! And that is not all, we will get a chance to present our Player of the Year award on that day. If Carlo allows, two members will get the opportunity to walk onto the pitch at Stamford Bridge and give the player the trophy themselves. So what will the trophy be, the discussion is on the board, as well as the voting on the player. We have decided to make this award for LAST

SEASON, so if you have not voted online or on the board GO AND VOTE your favorite players NEEDS YOUR VOTE. It takes about one minute, just go to http:// www.chelseainamerica.com/mem/ poy/. If you have a family membership, every family member is entitled to one vote including the kids. Let them vote. But please hurry - we need to finalize the trophy and get it ready soon. Now I give it back to you - what do you want CIA to be? Do you have an idea, something you want to get involved in? Whatever it is, contact your chapter head and they will get the idea to the board and bring even more good things to the club. Remember CIA is you and everyone else working together to make things happen. And if you want your money’s worth from your dues, if you want to get more for your money, get involved! If you don’t know how, just ask your chapter head or send me an email beth.wild@chelseainamerica.com Best wishes to you and yours. Keep the faith! CAREFREE! Beth #

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