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Benefits of uPVC

• When it comes to windows and their profiles, uPVC has
become the undisputed material of choice, replacing
aluminium and wood
• When combined with highly specialized glass, uPVC
provides great functional and aesthetic advantage to
• One of the best uPVC windows in India are
manufactured by AIS Windows, a division of AIS.
• AIS, or Asahi India Glass Ltd., is India’s leading glass
manufacturing company, and has been the number one
choice of consumers for its high quality glass and uPVC
window applications.
What is a uPVC
• A uPVC window utilizes uPVC in its construction for high
durability and insulation.
• uPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is an industrial
polymer that comes with an array of benefits.
• uPVC windows guarantee long-lasting and aesthetically
brilliant window frames that are high quality and low
• AIS provides uPVC glass windows in different shades and
styles such as casement windows, French windows, two
sash windows, sliding windows, tilt and turn windows, etc.
Benefits of uPVC in
Low maintenance – uPVC windows from AIS Windows require minimal
cleaning and maintenance. They are easy to install, repair, and remove
as well.
High durability – Since uPVC is not susceptible to rotting, corroding,
pitting, termite infestation, etc. it has a long service life.
Thermal insulation – uPVC frames for windows ensure no leakage of
heat both internally and externally.
Acoustic insulation – They also reduce external noise marginally.
Eco-friendly – uPVC frames are lead-free profiles which are not harmful
to the environment.
Weather-proof – The double-sealed mechanisms and gaskets provide
protection against dust, rain and air pollution.
Aesthetic – uPVC window frames come in a variety of colours, and can
be easily modified.
Safe and secure – Single and multi-locking mechanisms make uPVC
windows secure and extremely difficult to remove.
Different types of uPVC glass
windows by AIS Windows
EcoWindows energy-saving windows – These energy efficient uPVC
windows provide up to 40% more protection from outside heat as
compared to other systems, and thus, helps you reduce your electricity
bills and air conditioning.
SilentWindows noise-cancelling windows – These laminated acoustic
uPVC windows reduce external sound by up to 42 decibels.
SafeWindows safety glass windows – These highly impact-resistant
safety uPVC glass windows do not break into dangerous shards when
GuardWindows burglar-proof windows – These windows reinforce your
home’s security measures with the help of intrusion-resistant glass.
Anti-pollution windows – The Anti-Air Pollution and Smog Resistant
window solutions in uPVC allow you to keep pollutants at bay and
maintain safe breathing air inside your home.
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