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REJOICE IN PRAYER Edited By :- Fr. Biju. P. Thomas

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CONTENTS 1. FOREWORD 2. ACKNOWLEDGMENT 3. JOY OF PRAYER 4. GOD WHO HEARS THE PRAYER 5. PRAYER UNCEASING 6. IN THE COMMUNION OF GOD 7. PRAYER FOR SPECIAL OCCASION AND MEDITATION Prayers of Thanksgiving Prayers for Enlightenment Family Prayer Prayer before Travel Prayer for Love Prayer for Study Prayer for Bed-Time Prayer for Praise and thanksgiving When a child is Born In a time of worry and Anxiety For a wedding Anniversary On Sundays A Father’s Prayer 8. EVENING PRAYER 9. PRAYER BEFORE SLEEP 10. MIDNIGHT PRAYER 11. FOURTH WATCH 12. MEDITATION For God’s Protection For God’s Help For Strength For Divine Guidance For the love of God Just for Today Hymns Prayer for Forgiveness Mealtime Prayer Prayer in time of Illness Prayers for Repentance Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi Prayer for Peace Prayer for the Morning Birthday Prayer In the time of illness When there is a Marriage in the family An Office-worker’s Prayer A Mother’s Prayer

His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos
Metropolitan of the Delhi Diocese We are immensely grateful to the Almighty God who enabled us to bring out , this prayer book ‘Rejoice in Prayer’. We submit all our trust in Him alone , whose unceasing mercy paved way to publish this book. We also appreciate and thank Rev. Fr. Biju P. Thomas for his diligence, in editing this book. May the Lord Almighty shower him with His grace and mercy. This prayer book will stand as bulwark, against the evil forces, that have been deeply rooted in the minds of our youngsters, that browsing of its pages will enable the same to dispel the evil and grow in communion with the Almighty. The Blessed Elena Guerra ( 1835 –1914) said praying is : Thinking of God so as to know Him ; Knowing of God so as to love Him ; Loving God so as to serve Him ; Knowing , loving and serving God to enjoy Him in eternity; As oil is needed to light the lamp, man needs prayer to shine. Prayer is the breath, which sustains and helps our spiritual growth. It is the lifting up of the mind and heart to God, and praising him for his unending grace and blessings. According to H.G. Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios, we are cleansed of the accumulated impurities of our life through prayers and we are supplied with power to live a good, kind and holy life. In prayer the first focus must be on God , and the second should be mankind, and only in the third place we should ask for ourselves. Besides the written Canonical prayers, we can approach our Almighty, with utmost devotion , to pray for our loved one , and that too in our own words. This kind of prayerful mechanism , enables us to be in proper communion with God, and proves to be fruitful. The more wood we pile on a fire the more heat we get , and thus it is with God – the more we think of Him the more we gain in love and fervor towards him. It would be appropriate if we lit candles or vigil lamp while praying. Light which is a symbol of God, dispels the darkness , that engulfs our mind. The Holy Scripture is records that Eternal, and true light, and light of the World , our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we see light

9 : 5 and Ps 36 : 9). According to Bishop Thephan. fourth century Cappadocian Father reminds us.“ evening and morning and at noon I will pray” (Ps 55 : 17) . The principle thus is to stand before God .To live a life of prayer is to live in the actual presence of God.(Jn 1: 4 . “Davis says.m – death of our Lord on the cross We possess many common prayer books such as family prayer book . “at mid night I give thanks to you for your righteous judgment” the same prophet says. St. 3. Basil of Caesaria. 119 : 164).00 noon . The seven office hours of prayers are strictly observed at our church centers. We have seen offices of prayer based on the saying of the Psalmist.The darkness itself offers more joy than all created light and leads to the bliss of the uncreated True Light. the Recluse (1815 – 1894) a Russian ascetic theologian. there are certain degrees of prayer involving our body.crucifixion of our Lord 7. intellect and the capacity beyond the limits of consciousness in prayer. 9. The great St. The seven hours of prayer and their significance are as : 1.00 p. Monasteries and convents. but we must follow hours of prayer prescribed by the saints. “The whole of our life should be a season of prayers. 330 – 395) reminds us about the degree of prayer (“From glory to glory”) that those whom God favours with mystical communion often live in darkness and then in light. prayer book for young people and many other publications. knitted up in an inextricable way by the Holy Fathers to approach God in the right spirit with humility and purity of heart. 2. Bed time 3. Evening 2.m coming down of the Holy Spirit on the day of pentecosti 6. children’s hand book of common prayer. Morningend of the day for God’s protection in the midnight beginning of the day beginning of the day 5. Gregory of Nyssa (C. “Seven times a day I praise you “(Ps. We must not breathe up the constant cycle of prayer . the closer a human being approaches the vision of God. Seminaries. Mid night 4. the more that person is aware of the inevitability of God in his own darkness.00 a.

will Rejoice in the Almighty throughout their lives. Prayer is thus. and go on standing before Him unceasing day and night until the end of life. envy and evil thoughts . It’s sure that those who browse its pages with utmost devotion and try to follow the same in their personal life. by keeping our hearts free from hatred . a fertile land. the seeds of our worries. so that God may forgive us and be merciful to all. . and trace out whether he/she has dispelled from the path of God ? May all the hard work. which will ultimately sprout out like the showers of blessings from our God . We must force ourselves to pray throughout our lives . troubles .with the intellect in the heart. (Rejoice in Prayer) will enable the youth to probe deep into their inner sub-conscious mind . the Almighty. I wish all success for MGOCSM of our Diocese in all their endeavours. . and unending effort of those who made it possible to publish this book prove out to be of worth and fruitful. that ultimately embaseth them to a perfidious state. In a country like ours where youth is most powerful and vibrant . This book. in which we can sow. chances always persist for them to get deviated and misdirected from the path of God. and tranquilities .

we learn that when Jesus Christ lived in this world. the vice president of our Diocesan MGOCSM. From the gospels. THOMAS. “Oh lord. but I can’t live without prayer” . we learn that how we must pray to god. study and service. Through prayer. Mathew 26:41 “keep watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation” We must pray to God with a pure heart. This prayer book is result of the painstaking efforts taken by Rev. He taught us a prayer and his prayerful life is a role model for us to follow. His Grace has always been a fortress of strength and encouragement. St Paul prayed to strengthen his inner being. It is said that prayer is the communion and communication with God. Dear friends. Fr. Dearly beloved in Christ. I sincerely hope and pray that. Under his able guidance and humble approach. We read in St. At this juncture. we submit ourselves to God. the MGOCSM. this earnest endeavour of the MGOCSM in bringing out the prayer book would become an effective tool for the spiritual enrichment and nourishment of Christian values and ethos.” We can learn many things about prayer. who went to the temple for prayer. I am a sinner have mercy on me” is the simple and humble prayer we can follow always. a spirit of humility and repentance. prayer helps us to keep the unbroken relationship with the living God. may our MGOCSM strive to great heights of success and progress and proudly uphold our motto of worship. we also pray for the good health and a speedy recovery of our beloved Thirumeni who is undergoing dialysis treatment. catered specifically for the needs of the students and the Diaspora community. We are very grateful to Achen for his valuable services and prayers. BIJU P. Delhi diocese is treading towards the path of progress. Mahatma Gandhi said. In the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. His vision for the Diaspora and the youngsters is worth commendation. but we can enjoy it only through practicing it.ACKNOWLEDGMENT IT is indeed a very historic and defining moment for the MGOCSM. “I can live without food for days. we read in Ephesians 2: 14 “lord help me to lighten the eyes of my inner being. in your valuable prayers do remember the activities of our diocesan MGOCSM. he practiced a prayerful life. Delhi diocese that for the very first time is bringing out a prayer book.

created in his own image and likeness. Mar Gregorios of Parumala etc.As the creation of God. Mother Mary. mentally and physically. “come let us bow down in worship. St Paul. Yours in the service of the Almighty ABIN P JACOB General Secretary. MGOCSM Delhi Diocese . and let us kneel before lord the master. it is our duty to pray. May God bless us all. Prayer helps us to grow spiritually. The psalmist exhorts us to pray by saying. are a model for us to follow. Let us rededicate ourselves to the will of God and lead a prayerful and virtuous life.” The prayers of Hannah.

a cause of tranquility. Symeon of Thessaloniki “Prayer is the enthusiasm of childhood. Few months ago a clergy said. the intimate bond with one’s creator. “If I announce a banquet people will come out of their work to attend. an undisturbed refuge.” St. air. religious faith. honesty and respect among the people. families and individuals. a wealth that is never exhausted. but if I announce a prayer meeting. Thomas “Prayer is a great weapon. a root of a multitude of blessings and their source. Biju P. All what is created by God deserves love. a rich treasure. A person becomes one with the angels and unites with them in perpetual praise and longing for God” St. Things more than what we could dream of are possible through prayer” “Prayer brings truth. the dependence of the youth. They have no time for anything apart from making money. are essential for the human for his biological growth and survival. I am lucky if the ushers show up. Human being is also a spiritual being. The divine life sowed in our soul at baptism can grow and mature in its own unique way only through constant and watchful prayer. being always with God. people are leading a busy life. having one’s soul united with Him and one’s mind inseparable. One who loves his fellowmen is a real devotee. John Chrysostom “Prayer is a conversation directly with God.JOY OF PRAYER Fr.” In this globalized world where materialism and consumerism rule over the world. and peace of the old age. food etc. there is no life. Prayer is inevitable to the spiritual survival of human being just as water. People think that wealth is everything and without money. . Prayer is the respiration of the soul.” St. Gregorios of Parumala It is sad to see how prayer has lost its importance and place in many churches. It is like plant needing water and fertilizers to grow and develop.

. in the image of God He created him (Gen.a soul that will never die. Thus.For the Eastern Orthodox Church. I don’t reject God’s hand in biological aspect of man. In human terms. 1:27)”. We cannot describe it to you. My whole being desires you. especially the sacramental worship is a special and profound experience of the meeting of heaven and earth. Vladimir the Prince of Kiev sent envoys to various Christian centers to study their forms of worship. Image of God in man is ultimately spiritual rather than biological. “So God created man in His own image. worn-out. in the Morning Prayer. Rather than any other element. Let me quote one such occasion. It is unimaginable and incomprehensible. We only know that God dwells there among men and that their service surpasses the worship o all other places. The profound experience expressed by the Russian envoys has been one that has shared by many throughout the centuries who have witnessed for the first time the beautiful and inspiring Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church. Man’s soul is given by God Almighty . we chant Psalm 63 “O God. Like a dry. God is spirit. the spiritual image of God is prominent in human beings.” In the latter part of the tenth century. The soul wishes to meet the creator We are created by the God Almighty. “We knew not whether we were in heaven or on earth. This soul in human being always wishes to be in constant relationship with the infinite to quench its spiritual poverty or thirst. He is our Father and we are His children. The envoys uttered these words when they reported their presence at the celebration of the Eucharist in the Great Church of Holy Wisdom in Constantinople. and I long for you. you are my God. for surely there is no such splendour or beauty anywhere on earth. prayer. Indeed prayer is raising one’s mind and heart to God. God designed man’s body. In Orthodox Syrian Church prayer book. God is our creator. even when the body decays.

The wilderness is a desert experience. boring and dry.son Fellowship in prayer We invocate and address our God as . The situation of the poem has a symbolic meaning. However. I cry. “Behold. O God. Let me see you in the sanctuary. no hope. 2 The King David wrote this beautiful and powerful song. Jesus Christ himself addressed God “Father” and taught us to call Him “Our Father who art in Heaven” God has given us the spiritual privilege to call him . the living God : when can I go and worship in your presence? Day and night.” I John 3:2 “For we are also His offspring” Acts 17:28. and tears are my only food. The negative experience in desert makes human life empty and void. There is no color.‘Father’ for which we are noweligible.” Psalms 63: 1. now we are children of God. I depend on him alone. It is like a traveler searching for water in the desert. when he was in the wilderness of Judea. In prayer.and waterless land. spirit in human being wants to be in communion with God even in the midst of adversaries. “As a deer longs for a stream of cool water so I long for you. no happiness and it is full of fear and anxiety. . all the time my enemies ask me.‘Our Father’. It was also believed that desert is the place where Satan is very active. my soul is thirsty for you. peace and communion with God. “Where is your God?” Psalms 42: 1-3 “I wait patiently for God to save me. let me see how mighty and glorious you are. I thirst for yo9u. The desert experience is dull. A serene spirit is attained in the presence of God. we enjoy the happiness. I whould like to take you to a pleasant journey of going through some more such Biblical Passages in the Bible.” Psalms 62: 1 Father .

our solace in sorrow. Abba Father” Romans 8:15 Prayer is our strength in temptation.Child’ relationship with the God.“You received the spirit of adoption by who we cry out. our peace in trouble and our light in darkness. Prayer is the sole occasion to bring us to the magnificent and majestic presence of our Father to partake in His glory and experience the heavenly blessings. our courage in adversity. our moderator in success. To obtain God as Father is not a result of one’s own merit. but a result of life and works of Christ. Like a son approches his Father with all liberty and freedom we can come before God to share with him our concerns. . God is the father of all who believe in Christ. One who believes Christ as savior of the world enters in to the blessed ‘Father . sorrows and seek His divine intervention. happiness.

“I am the Lord. The characteristics and attributes of God are unchanging and everlasting.his nephew from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. don’t give up” (Luke 18: 1) b) “Watch therefore and pray always” (Luke 21: 36) c) “Ask and it will be given to you. It is God’s nature to hear and answer prayers. Prayer – It’s God’s Command a) “Always pray . that God is a prayer hearing God. God heard the cries of Shadrak. Thomas Does God hear our Prayer? In one of the liturgical texts for Eucharist.” (James 4: 2) How Prayer helps Prayer helps us to understand that our knowledge and strength are limited. today and forever” Abraham the father of the faithful prayed to God and delivered Lot . (Thaksa) in the introductory prayer before – “Our Father who art in Heaven ‘the Priest prays – Almighty God who hears and answers our prayer and supplications.GOD WHO HEARS THE PRAYER Fr. Prayer of Daniel from the lion’s den was heard and answered. “O you who hear prayer” Psalms 65: 2. . Meshak and Abed Nego in the furnace and rescued them unhurt. knock and the door will be opened to you. God is everywhere and we can always communicate with Him through prayer. I change not” Malachi 3: 6 Hebrews 13: 8 “Jesus is the same yesterday. Biju P.”( Luke 11: 9) d) “Pray continually” (Thessalonians 5: 17) e) “Present your requests and needs before God through Prayer” (Phil 4: 6) f) “You do not have because you don’t ask. seek and you will find. Prayer helps us to know the true meaning of life. It is important for the believers to understand that prayers will be answered only if it is done with the faith. Holy Bible also testimonies God as one who hears the prayers.

blessings and grace. Prayer helps us to identify our failures and problems.Jesus Christ himself prayed and was in communication with His Father for 40 days before His encounter with satan. Through the regular prayer. because it calls out to the heart of God who is all powerful and infinite goodness. we share God’s holiness. In prayer. Prayer at all times works miracles. In prayer we come to know the reasons for failures. There is always war fare against evil. we get connected with the ultimate reality. Christian life is a pilgrimage to the Kingdom of God. Holiness is the basic character of God. Prayer is a powerful weapon to fight with evil. Prayer is that unique moment when heaven and earth come together. Prayer is God’s appointed way for getting peace.Prayer helps us to approach God Almighty to draw strength in order to face life’s problems. We feel God Almighty’s presence when we pray. God is Holy. Prayer helps us to experience the pure love and consolation. . We get strength through prayer to overcome Satan. Prayer helps us to purify externally and internally.

Biju P. a prayer. Rather. our family. Paul means when he writes to the Corinthians that “ Whatever you do. Thomas The church fathers defined prayer as a medium for communion and communication with the Almighty. Paul urges the people of Rome to be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12) He instructs the people of Theselonica and Ephesus to pray unceasingly . to converse in silence and in words and exchange the feeling and thoughts with the Almighty. Chanting is merely a lip exercise but prayer is communion with God. Our whole life. How can we find more time for prayer into our already overcrowded lives. In true spirituality prayer in itself is not the ultimate aim . do it for the glory of God” ( 1 Cor. St. devotees withdraw themselves from the worldly and material matters and submit the body. The devotee gets a chance to converse with his creator. Prayer is the companion for the lonely and suffering. mind and spirit in the presence of God. Christ transformed those moments for fulfilling His Father’s will. very busy people. They trust in God for the help in everything through unconditional surrender. Our work. Jesus Christ assures – “If two or three are gathered in my name I am in Your midst”. Through unceasing prayer we can transform our life into a successful one even in the midst of pain. persecution and trouble. It is only a means to meet . Prayer is a meeting point of God and man. after all. At the zenith of sufferings on the cross. to pray means to think and live our entire life in the presence of God. How can one resonate the normal material life with a life of prayer unceasing? Is it possible? We are. 10:31) . every act and gesture. our education all places makes heavy demands upon our time.? To pray does not mean to think about God in contrast to thinking about other things or to spend time with God in contrast to spending time with our family and friends.PRAYER UNCEASING Fr. In true prayer. an offering. This is the assurance of the presence of God during prayer. Also Holy Eucharist is the occasion to meet Christ face to face. even a smile must become a life of adoration. The secret of rejoicing in prayer dwells in meeting of man and God and not in simply completing the chanting . “This is what St.

Make me your son. ocean of love. Oh. 1. Almighty. the Holy Spirit fill in us your strength. Oh Lord Jesus. forgive our inequities. Oh. Oh Lord. Prayer that can be recited at any time. Oh. Oh Lord. Oh Lord . I am a sinner. accept my praises and adoration. Oh Lord. fill our hearts with the fragrance of your love. Oh Lord our God . Jesus prayer is offered as a means of concentration as a focal point for our inner life.Jesus Prayer I think the prayers developed by the ascetics of Greek Orthodox church is befitting to lead a life of unceasing prayer . son of David. 15. 2. shower us with your grace and blessing. . 12. and bless thy children. Have mercy on me”. Oh. Jesus Christ. 5. give ears to my supplication. Jesus Christ. have mercy on us. source of divine blessing. Lord. Almighty Father. The history of Jesus prayer goes back to the early 6th century. Oh. 3. It is also known as the prayer of the heart. 16.“Lord Jesus Christ. have mercy on me. Oh Lord. teach us to live in reconciliation with our friends and fellow-beings. make be worthy enough to stand in thy front and thank you for all the blessing. The most frequently used form of Jesus prayer is :. 13. fill in us the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 7. 10. 11. Oh Lord. Oh Lord . Lord. host of the whole creation. 8. 4. may the sign of your cross protect us from the heavy snares of evil. Son of God. 9. have mercy on us. 14. Ex. Almighty Father. I surrender myself unto thy feet. 6.

people expect fast result and expect something from God as response of their worship. for them work is worship. In today’s world.the ocean of love. people flow to his kabar( where his mortals remains are kept) in lakhs year after year to seek his divine intercession. 1. This training should be of a lifelong help. Where can we get pure love? Ultimately. Human words are limited for an author to express the beauty of prayer and worship. the enthusiasm of childhood. broke their chains. that is. St. and set them free. This small step will help you to take a giant leap in your prayer life. his prayerful journey has become the pride and power of Orthodox Church in India. that today even after his death. three models of worship can be identified. In worship and prayer. Biju P. in Orthodox Christianity. Prayer and worship are both beautiful and attractive. So let us quench . Human beings share love and thirst to be loved. He rightly said “prayer is.” God is the epicenter of power and energy.IN THE COMMUNION OF GOD Fr. Traditional worship patterns where prayer is considered as human being’s response and responsibility towards his/her creator. They may or may not go to a religions place for worship. 3. Worship is so heart touching and inspiring that one who experiences its tranquility never ceases to pray. They call themselves secular and believe that all religions are right. A third category generally believes in God’s existence. the dependence of the youth and the peace of old age. However. we reach God Almighty . worship is a zealous enquiry. love. Gregorios of Parumala was a simple ascetic. we stand at the banks of this ocean of love. God’s energy manifests in prayer and worship. of small and weak stature with a short life but. prayer is our obligation to the creator. When Paul and Silas were chained prisoners in the dungeon of Roman Empire they prayed and God’s mighty power reached the inner cell. There. In today’s fast-paced world. It is a search for the ultimate needs of human being. Thomas I strongly recommend our students and youngsters to declare the next year as the year of worship for being trained to lead a prayerful life. 2.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God” (Mathew 5: 8) External worship must be a symbol of internal worship and purity of heart. In the web of God’s love even sinners have the opportunity to be loved. 95:1. Love is non-perishable.our own thirst and tell other people where pure love is available and carry maximum of it to share with the people who are deprived of it and are still in search for love. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song” (Ps.2) . Pure heart is mandatory to meet God in worship and prayer. God calls you to worship him. “Come let us sing for Joy to the Lord. let us shout aloud to the rock of our ‘salvation’. The elementary aspect valued by God is a pure heart.

Prayers for Enlightenment Christ our God. at this time receive our prayer and direct our lives according to Your will. O Savior. Amen. and I ask that the evening and the night be sinless. Your Son and Your Holy Spirit now and forever and ever.PRAYERS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS AND MEDITATION Prayers of Thanksgiving Now that the day has ended. I praise you. we may attain the unity of the faith and the knowledge of Your unapproachable glory. if during this day. Surround us with Your holy angels. loving and kind. and the Son and the Holy Spirit. that guided and guarded by them. Grant this to me. who is worshipped and glorified at all times and in every hour in heaven and on earth. Bless our souls and bodies. for You alone are blessed forever and ever. deed or thought forgive me in Your goodness and love. O Master. I glorify you. God our Father. and I ask that the evening and the night be without offense. and save me. Grant me peaceful sleep. Amen. who is most patient. Glory to the Father. O Savior. O Savior. Protect us from all evil and distress. Grant this to me. and save me. Lord. . who calls all to salvation through the promise of the blessings to come. and I ask that the evening and the night be undisturbed. Grant this to me. Now that the day has passed. I thank you Lord. who loves the just and shows mercy to sinners. O Holy One. Amen Now that the day has run its course. Correct our thoughts and purify our minds. Prayer for Forgiveness Lord. Both now and forever and from ages to ages. protect me from all evil and awakeme in the morning that I may glorify You. I have sinned in word. and save me.

and we bless Your holy name now and forever. women and children. Fill us also with the gift of Your Holy Spirit. You blessed the five loaves in the wilderness and fed the multitudes of men. You are the One who blesses and sanctifies all things and to You we give glory. You have promised that when two or three people are gathered together in Your name. Lord. enter among us. our God. Deprive us not of Your heavenly Kingdom. their hearts shall live forever. Amen. Amen. Amen. Lord Jesus Christ. Christ our God. All: And with thy Spirit. Fulfill. Lord. give us Your peace and save us. Glory to You. The hungry shall eat and shall be satisfied. now and forever. our home. Amen. Amen. FAMILY PRAYER Family or Group Prayer Leader: May the grace or our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. as you entered among Your disciples to give them peace. giver of all good things. Lord and King! You have gladdened our hearts through Your earthly gifts. Amen.MEALTIME PRAYERS Prayers before Meals Christ our God. Bless also these. Prayers after Meals We thank you. the prayers of Your servants. All: You have given us grace at this time to offer You a common prayer together. that we may abound in every good work to the glory of Your name. the food and drink before us for You are the Source of all blessings. for these Your gifts and all Your mercies. We thank You Lord. which are for our welfare. Bless us Lord and Your gifts which we are about to receive. You will grant their requests. Your gifts and increase them for the hungry people in the world. for providing us with Your earthly gifts. bless us Your servants. You are blessed and glorified forever. Those who seek the Lord shall praise Him. now and forever and ever. .

grant us the knowledge of Your truth in this world and life everlasting in the world to come. so that they may lead a godly and righteous life in Your love as they do Your will in all things. Amen Prayer for your Parent Lord and Savior. Lord Jesus Christ our God. my God: hear my prayer. and to show love and obedience toward them. Protect them from evil. devout and charitable. our Savior Jesus Christ. and direct them in the way of Salvation. who carried Your own Holy Cross to Golgotha. who loves humankind and are a most merciful and compassionate God. grant me the strength. tireless. Bless my parents who have raised me up with the help of Your grace. be their guide and guardian in all their endeavors. From the depth of my heart I fervently pray to You. through the goodness of Your Son. Bless all their works that they may give You honor and glory all the days of their lives. Amen. Jesus. and mercy so that they may be patient. Amen. our heavenly Father. Amen. Defend them against the assaults of the enemy. Fulfill in me anything I may be lacking and grant that through our prayers and those of Your Holy Mother. and draw them nearer to You. Amen . and the prayers of His Holy Mother and the blessed saints. Parent’s Prayer for Their Children. patience and wisdom to bear the burdens of parenthood. lead them in the path of Your truth. hard working. Through the prayers of our holy Fathers. Relatives & Friends O God. Prayer of a Single Parent Lord Jesus Christ my God. You have taught us to honor our fathers and mothers. our family may grow closer to You and a Life in Christ. Give them Your grace. O God. have mercy upon Your servants (Name those whom you wish to remember) for whom I humbly pray to You to care for and protect. and grant them wisdom and strength to resist all temptation and corruption. harm and sickness. Grant them faith. health and joy. have mercy on us and save us.

Amen. visit and heal also Your servant (name) from all physical and spiritual ailments through the grace of Your Christ. Lord and grant me strength to bear this sickness with which I am afflicted. Amen. strength of body and spirit.Child’s Prayer Heavenly Father. Lord. O Lord our God. You healed people of sickness and affliction through Your love and compassion. You have taught us through Your word to pray for each other that we may be healed. good and godly life. who by a word alone did heal all diseases. For You are the source of healing and to You I give glory. You became man and died on the cross for our salvation. do You Yourself. Help me in all ways to be respectful and obedient to them according to Your will. to avoid unacceptable company and influence and to resist all temptation that may come my way. and recovery of health. grant aid to Your servant (name) and cure him (her) of every sickness of which he (she) is . who are able to put aside every sickness and infirmity. Prayers for a Sick Person Heavenly Father. who have sent Your only-begotten Son and our Lord Jesus Christ to heal every sickness and infirmity. I pray that You will bless the means used for my recovery and those who administer them. physician of our souls and bodies. who did cure the kinswoman of Peter. You who chastise with pity and heal according to Your goodness. praising You constantly and glorifying Your Holy Name. Grant that my sickness may be to my spiritual benefit and that I may live the rest of my life more faithfully according to Your will. Amen. with patience. bless my parents and all those who love and care for me. PRAYERS IN TIME OF ILLNESS Prayer of a Sick Person Jesus Christ. now and forever. For You are the source of life and healing and to You I give praise and glory. Grant him (her) patience in this sickness. heal Your servant (name) and grant to him (her) the gift of complete health. Son and Holy Spirit. Father. Help me Lord to live a serious. submission to Your will and trust in Your loving care. I pray. the same Lord. my Lord and Savior. Visit me. Send down upon me Your grace to perform all my duties carefully and faithfully.

as also to Your Eternal Father and Your All-holy Good and Life-creating Spirit. give to him (her) health and a complete recovery. together with Your Father and Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Keep me from all danger. Thus living for You may I be found worthy of Your kingdom. that I am a . honor and glorify. By Your divine power. In You I place my hope and trust and You I praise. and we humbly beseech You to continue Your goodness toward us. Lord Jesus. For You are the Physician of our souls and bodies. Travel also with me and gladden my heart with Your presence. be my Companion. and if it be Your will. where You dwell in glory with Your Son and Your Holy Spirit forever. both now and forever. both now and forever.grieved. so do imbue our souls with all the heavenly graces. that I may live a new life in true obedience to You. Prayers before Travel Lord Jesus Christ my God. and to the ages of ages. For to You are due all glory. Thanksgiving after Recovery Almighty God and heavenly Father. we give thanks to You for the blessings which You have bestowed. Whose mercies are numberless. Send down upon him (her) Your great mercy. Amen. and to the ages of ages. Son and Holy Spirit. and worship. grant me a peaceful and successful journey and safe arrival. the Life and strength of all that put their hope in You. Lord. Grant me Your eternal grace. You are the fountain of life and healing. and the treasury goodness that is infinite. I bless Your Holy name and offer to You thanks for having delivered me from sickness and restored me to health. misfortune and temptation. honor. and to You do we send up Glory: to the Father. I know. As You have been well pleased to restore us to our bodily health. O Lord God Jesus Christ. guide and protector during my journey. Amen. and prepare us by Your blessings in this life for the enjoyment of eternal happiness in the Life to come. perseverance in good works. Guide me to do Your will in all things devoting my life to Your service. I pray. You traveled with the two disciples after the resurrection and set their hearts on fire with Your grace.

whether in thought. which is in heaven. Help me to see the beauty of creation and to comprehend the wonder of Your truth in all things. O Lord my God. Strengthen my will by Your grace. seeking the citizenship. word or deed.pilgrim on this earth. I have also omitted to do what Your holy law requires of me. where there is injury. and to You I give thanks. Son and Holy Spirit. word and deed. I confess that I have sinned against You in thought. let me sow love. and with all my soul and with all my strength. Amen. the truth and the life. During my journey surround me with Your holy angels and keep me safe from seen and unseen dangers. faith. Amen Prayers for Repentance God. with all my mind. that in its flame I may love You with all my heart. pardon. fill my heart with the light of Your truth. praise and glory forever. Amen. Grant that I may carry out my plans and fulfill my expectations according to Your will. where there is hatred. where there is doubt. Help me by Your grace to change. Prayer for Love Christ my God. my good and loving Lord. to sin no more and to walk in the way of righteousness and to praise and glorify Your Name. But now with repentance and contrition I turn again to Your love and mercy. I ask for forgiveness from the depths of my heart for offending You and others and repent for my old ways. Lord. Father. I acknowledge all the sins which I have committed every day in my life. and my neighbor as myself. Francis of Assisi “Lord make me an Instrument of Your peace. Prayer of St. For You are the way. so that by keeping Your commandments I may glorify You the Giver of every good and perfect gift. I entreat You to forgive me all my transgressions and to cleanse me from all my sins. Amen. set my heart on fire with love in You. Teach me both to desire and to do only what pleases You. .

the Giver of light and wisdom. it is in pardoning that we are pardoned. let the light of Your countenance shine upon me (us) that I (we) may see Your unapproachable light. Grant me discernment.where there is despair. to be understood. and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. light. for to You I give honor and glory. as to understand. Divine Master. and guide my (our) steps in the way of Your commandments. Amen Christ. who enlightens and sanctifies every person coming into the world. . hope. Amen. joy. send the grace of Your Holy Spirit on me to strengthen me that I may learn well the subject I am about to study and by it become a better person for Your glory. Amen. who opened the eyes of the blind man and transformed the fishermen into wise heralds and teachers of the gospel through the coming of the Holy Spirit. understanding and wisdom in learning.” Amen PRAYER FOR STUDY Prayer of a Student Christ my Lord. Prayers before Study Most blessed Lord. grant that I may not seek to be consoled as to console. and where there is sadness. Enable me to complete my assignments and to abound in every good work. the true light. for it is in giving that we receive. shine also in my mind the light of the grace of the Holy Spirit. through the intercessions of Your all-holy Mother and of all the Saints. where there is darkness. the comfort of my family and the benefit of Your Church and our Nation. as to love. to be loved.

now and forever. Instill in me also reverence for Your blessed commandments. Bless my soul and body. Amen. virtue and good habits. my words and deeds.Prayer after Study I thank You. that Your name may be glorified. shine Your eternal light in our hearts that we may know you better. the pure light of Your divine knowledge. Prayer before Studying the Bible Master who loves us. Shine within my heart. Grant me peace and assurance so that I might do the best I am able. may any disappointment be born with grace. I write this exam with Thee. loving Master. Enable me to grow in grace. Amen. are my light. Father. regardless of what that might be. and any joy accompanied with humility. In the end. O Lord Jesus Christ. Lord our God. that again on this occasion You have opened my eyes to the light of Your wisdom. You have gladdened my heart with the knowledge of truth. Amen. Amen. and able to give a true record of what I have learned. Son and Holy Spirit. and to You I give glory together with Your Father and Your Holy Spirit. Be with my fellow students and may I be a good example to them. I pray that my mind might be rested. offering reassurance and confidence regardless of how I feel. We ask this of You. O Christ our God. we glorify with Your eternal Father and Your all-holy good and life-giving Spirit now and forever. May I be honest and insightful. Help us to fully understand Your gospel message. so that having conquered sinful desires I may pursue a spiritual way of life. Prayer before Exam O wise God. Christ my God. now and forever. Lord. my body energized. Instill in us respect for Your holy commandments. help me always to do Your will. For You. . and my spirit inspired for the exam I must write. and open the eyes of my mind that I may understand Your teachings. thinking and doing all those things that are pleasing to You. that by overcoming our worldly desires we might live a spiritual life of thoughts and deeds which pleases You. I entreat You. for You are the light of our souls and bodies and You.

joy will overflow.Prayer for Peace by Dr. so we fight to get our way by force. We want something we haven’t got it. wind and fire. Take from our souls the stress and strain and let us confess the beauty of your peace! Breathe through the heats of our desire your coolness and your balm! Let sense be dumb. so we are prepared to kill. forgive our foolish ways. he will fulfill Strife shall cease. Peace will come Justice shall reign. Paulos Mar Gregorios “Dear Lord and Creator of Mankind. let flesh retire Speak through the earthquake. wars and battles between ourselves first start precisely in the desires fighting inside our own selves. Why do we not have what we want? . Drop your still dews of quietness till all our striving ceases. We have an ambition that we cannot satisfy. This terrorism. O still small voice of calm! Restore the peace of world In the mercy let justice triumph! Swords into ploughshares Missiles into fertilizer May wars terrorism cease And the days of peace begin! Blessed be the Lord our God He has promised.

From darkness lead us to Light. when we pray and don’t get. come Come as the fire and burn Come as the wind. From death lead us to Immortality! And now committing ourselves along with the whole of humanity into your loving hands. we would sum up our aspirations in the prayer saying: Thy Will Be Done!” .Because we don’t pray for it. take us. Holy Spirit. comfort Consecrate us to do your will. and soothe Come as the light and reveal Convict. and cleanse Come as the rain. be Thou manifest to us: From the unreal lead us to Real. break us if need be. then make us anew that in you we may be healed restored and united! Reach us your spirit that may guide our thoughts and direct our wills! Grant us wisdom to know what is right and power to do what is good! Come. it is because we have not prayed properly. convert. O! Thou that are manifest. O! Lord of all. we commend ourselves. we have prayed for something in order to indulge our own desires! Into your hands.

but thy mercy is bountiful My feelings run amok. O Lord. O Lord. By the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mother. my desires lead me astray But Thy power is above all. and all things obey Thy command Restrain my thoughts and feelings.A Prayer For Bed-time Have mercy upon me. Take pity on my weakness. I have not always heeded Thy word. give me Thy strength. Thou art the Lord of all grace and mercy My sins are many. . That I may walk in Thy ways and always do Thy will All bitterness of heart and unclean desire Remove far from me. O Heavenly King. Keep my body and mind clean That they may be for Thy holy indwelling. I have sinned against Thee. By the prayers of all the saints. That the Enemy may not triumph over me.

For the power of Thy cross shall protect me from all evil. O Loving Lord. Amen. guide me. keep me Lead me. The day is past. never falling in sin. O Loving Master My body and soul I commend. Help me to walk in the way of light Never stumbling. Kept by Thine indwelling Spirit. Into Thy hands. I shall never be ashemed Thy right hand is my shield Thy mercy the ground of my hope By Thy love.Have mercy upon me a poor sinner. In Thee I trust. the night has come. I shall not fear the darkness. grant me rest Through Christ our Lord. . That I may be renewed by Thy Spirit That the bones which Thou hast broken may rejoice.

Grant us joy. O Christ our Light! In Thy light we rejoice. Lift the shroud of gloom. the darkness disappears At the approach of thy gladdening light. The evil of sadness that lies over this earth. Hail. Lifegiving Light. May Thy Light be our lode-star and the lamp of our ways. Light of Life. Light of Peace and Joy Light of Wisdom. Light of Grace and Mercy In Thy light may we see light.A Prayer For The Morning Thy light has come. Thou art the Sun of Righteousness Who despels the darkness of sin and death! The shadows flee. wipe every tear from the eyes of the suffering. gladdening light. Thy light is our strength. . Grant us peace Make us rejoice in Thy love Scatter our darkness. May we rejoice in Thy light. May we walk by Thy light.

shelter to the homeless. Justice to the oppressed. We laud and magnify Thy Holy Name With the angels and archangels With the whole host of heaven With the whole company of saints. Amen. peace to the warring. A Prayer Of Praise And Thanksgiving Holy.Grant food to the hungry. comfort to the miserable May the world also rejoice in Thy gladdening light O Light of the Universe. Holy. Lord God Almighty Heaven and earth are full of the glory of Thy Majesty We praise Thee. and Light of my heart Glory be to Thee. O Christ our Lord With the Father and the Holy Spirit For ever and ever. We worship Thee. with all that has life. With bird and fish. Holy. . with all trees and animals With all that has breath.

I thank You for giving me another year of life. world without end. and good wishes. and presents. For times of joy when the sun was shining. O God. O Christ. I thank You for everything which I have been abled by You to do and to be in the past year. I thank You for all the experiences of the past year. Before Thy perfect goodness we bow our heads Into Thy hands we surender our souls and our bodies. and who have sent me cards. with the Father and the Holy Spirit One God. May Thy will be done. May Thy Kingdom come. and letters. For times of sorrow which drove me to You. I thank You for all the people who have remembered me to-day.We lift up a hymn of praise to Thee. For times of failure which reminded me of my own weakness and of my need of You. our Lord. Thou alone art good A part from Thee there is nothing good All good comes from Thee Thou art glorious in Thy goodness. A Birthday Prayer O God. Thou art good. Forgive me . For times of success which will always be happy memories.

and joy to You. .For the hours I have wasted. Give to all doctors. happiness to my loved ones. and grant that he may grow to manhood. but to leave our loved one in the hands of wise and skilful men who have the gift of healing. bless him now and through all the days of his life. In The Time Of Illness O God. This we ask for Your love’s sake.. and do a good day’s work. bless and help.Amen. and that. help us not to worry too much. For the opportunities I missed in the past year. which will make his recovery all the quicker. in the illness which has come upon him. When A Child Is Born O God. Forgive me for not making of life all that I might have made of it and coud have made of it.. we give You thanks for this little child who has come to us from You. and in it to bring credit to myself. and witness for You. we may give him back in dedication to You : through Jesus Christ our Lord. and give him a peaceful mind. endurance and cheerfulness to bear all weakness and all pain.. wisdom in their minds and gentleness and sympathy in their hearts.. even as You have given him to us. For the chances I failed to take. and help me in the days which lie ahead to make this the best year yet. and show us that Your healing touch has never lost its ancient power.. our Father. Amen. our Father. bring him in safety through childhood’s dangers. and in Your hands. This I ask Jesus’ sake. Protect him in the days of his helplessnes. Lord Jesus. Amen. Give him corage and patience. come to us and to our loved on this day and at this time. Help us his parents so to love him and so to train him that we shall not fail in the trust which You have placed on us.... surgeons and nurses who attend him skill on their hands.

. and to do all that I can. We thank you that they have found such love and faith and trust in each other that they wish to take each other to have and to hold all the days of their life. But. I thank you For the love which grows more precious and for the bonds which grow more close each day. and to see that worying about things does not make them any better. Let nothing ever come between them. You know how worried and anxious I am about. For A Wedding Anniversary O God. Amen... (who today in Your presence will take each other in marriage. Help me to be trustful.. and then to leave the rest to You... from poverty... and.. Grant to them through all their days the perfect love which many waters cannot quench and which is stronger than even death itself : through Jesus Christ our Lord. Help me to lose my anxiety in the certainty that your everlasting arms are underneath me and about me. and give me something of the peace which the world cannot give.. whose greatest gift is love.In A Time Of Worry And Anxiety O God. When There Is A Marriage In The Family O God.. I thank you . . grant does come to them. Amen. if any trial does come to them.. and that nothing can separate me from Your love... our Father.. I thank You that You have given us another year of life together.. Help me to be sensible... grant that it may only drive them closer together and closer to You.. bless. from all trouble which would hurt them in any way. but throughout all the chances and the cchanges of life keep them safe from illness. and cannot ever take away: through Jesus Christ our Lord... Help me to be sure that nothing can happen to me through which You cannot bring me in safety.

for the singing of Your praise.For the happiness we have known together. We thank You for the reading of Your word. for the teaching which is given to us. We thank You for the fellowship we enjoy within it. Grant that in this day of Yours we receive such strength and guidance. our Father. For anything which spoiled even for a moment the perfect relationship which marriage should be. in which we lay aside our daily work and tasks to relax our bodies. . for the prayers of Your people. For the sorrows we have faced together. that we shall be enabled to go out to walk with Your. An Office-worker’s Prayer O God. Amen. and grant that for us it may be true that the best is yet to be : through Jesus Christ my Lord. in all the days of this week which lies ahead : through Jesus Christ our Lord. For all the experiences of sunshine and of shadow through which we have come to to-day. We thank You for this day’s worship. We thank You for your Church. We thank You for this day’s rest. for the guidance for life and living which we receive. we thank You for this Your own day. For any time when I was difficult to live with. and for the sacraments of Your grace. in which we lay aside our cares and our anxieties to concentrate our every thought on you alone. Amen. and to strengthen our spirits. Spare us to each other go on walking the way of life together. On Sundays O God. and not to fall from You. my work is with the typewriter and the computer and the ledger and the accounts and the invoices and things like that. for the preaching of Your truth. For any lack of sympathy and of understanding. to refresh our minds. For any selfishness and inconsiderateness. I ask Your forgivness For any disloyalty on my part.

Hear this my prayer for your love’s sake. Amen. Make me such that people will go away happier and smiling beacause I served them today. But help me to remember that no machine can run well unless even the smallest part of it is doing its job. and help me to keep love alive within the home. Give me health and strength and work to do. and that I take no interest in household things. always obliging. I am just like a very small cog in a very big machine. So help me to be careful and punctual in my work. but help me to remember that love is always more important than money. help me to be true to it. This I ask for Your love’s sake. Help me to be interested in my work and to take a pride in it. always willing to go the extra mile in service. or which get on the nerves of those who live with me. You have given me Your own name. Amen. Don’t let me get so busy with work and with outside things that I am almost a stranger in my house. A Father’s Prayer O God. and from ways which irri tate and annoy. . Don’t let me take all that is done for me for granted. Help me to be an example and a friend to my children. Help me to be always cheerful. Help me to be forebearing to the unreasonable. O God. Keep me from habits which make the work of the house harder. help me to be true to the great privilege and the great responsibility which you have given me. Help me to be courteous to the discourteous. and a real partner to my wife. Keep me from making carless mistakes which hold things up and which mean that things have to be done over again and which waste everyon’s time.It isn’t work that is much in the limelight or that people see very much of. to earn a living for those who depend on me and whom I love so much. Help me to be willing and easy to work with. You have given me the name of father.

and mending clothes. help me always to remember that you have given to me the most important task in the world. and when I am weary in mind with the same things which have to be done again and again. and cooking meals.A Mother’s Prayer O God. and cleaning floors. when the children grow up and go out to their own homes. Keep me always sweet. Help me to make this home such that the family will always be eager to come back to it. never to be cross. the task of making a home. and washing clothes. Help me to remember this when I am tired of making beds. never to be impatient. . and help me not to get annoyed when they take me for granted. and standing in shops. This I ask for Your love’s sake. they will have nothing but happy memories of the home from which they come. Help me to remember how much my husband and my children need me. and when they never seem to think of the extra work they sometimes cause me. Amen. Help me never to be irritable. Help me to remember it when I am physically tired in body. day in and day out. and such that.

Glory be to Him. Crucified for us Have mercy on us. (Recites thrice) Lord. and of the Holy Spirit. TRISAGION Holy art Thou. Hosanna in the Highest. the heaven and the earth are filled. Glory be to him in the Highest.EVENING PRAYER DOXOLOGY In the name of the Father. and may His grace and mercy be upon us for ever. Blessed is he. Holy. and is to come. who has come. accept our service. Lord. King who has compassion on us. O Messiah. . Immortal. Lord God Almighty by whose glory. Holy art Thou. and of the Son. Glory be to Thee. and our prayers and have mercy on us. have mercy upon us. in the name of the Lord God. Amen. O God! Holy art Thou. Thy sinful servants Barekmor. Lord. one true God. Holy. O creator! Glory be to Thee. Holy. be kind and have mercy upon us. Almighty.

as it is in heaven. Thy will be done on earth. our Lord Jesus Christ. that while our bodies rest from the labours of the day and our souls are released from worldly thoughts. Amen. Grant us. pray for us sinners. and at the hour of our death. who art in heaven. a sinner when my mother conceived me. WHO ART IN HEAVEN (Lord’s Prayer) Our Father. our Lord is with thee. we may offer you ceaseless praise and uninterrupted thanksgiving. HAIL MARY. full of grace. for ever and ever. have I sinned. now and at all times. so that you are justified in your sentence. . according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. hallowed be Thy name. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. O Mother of God. both worlds forever and ever. For I know my transgressions. For thine is the kingdom. Lord God. to you we offer praise and thanksgiving. that we may acknowledge your loving kindness by which you direct and rule our lives and protect and save our souls. INTRODUCTORY PRAYER Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. and my sin is ever before me. Thy kingdom come. and the glory. Give us this day our daily bread. the power. and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. you alone.OUR FATHER. PSALMS: 51 Have mercy upon me. and blameless when you pass judgment. Against you. Amen. Amen. now and always and forever. Lead us not into temptation. blessed art thou among women. Amen. and done what is evil in your sight. May His mercy and compassion be showered upon us weak and sinful people. FULL OF GRACE Hail Mary. according to your steadfast love. O Virgin Saint Mary. but deliver us from the evil one. Indeed I was born in guilt. and forgive us our debts and sins as we also have forgiven our debtors. O God.

and put a new and right spirit within me. wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. and sinners will return to you. O God. If I were to give a burnt offering. and my tongue will sing aloud your deliverance. O God of my salvation. Then I will teach transgressors your ways. open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise. Let me hear joy and gladness. for my prayer is continually against their wicked deeds.You desire truth in the inward being. in burnt offerings and whole burnt offerings. to busy myself with wicked deeds in company with those who work iniquity. O Lord. you will not despise. let the bones that you have crushed rejoice. Create in me a clean heart. Pure me with hyssop. When they are given over to those who shall condemn them. . you would not be pleased. a broken and contrite heart. and blot out all my iniquities. do not let me eat of their delicacies. Barekmor. then you will delight in right sacrifices. then they shall learn that my words were pleasant. give ear to my voice when I call to you. Deliver me from bloodshed. and sustain in me a willing spirit. Do not turn my heart to any evil. And the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice. never let the oil of the wicked anoint my head. O Lord. let the faithful correct me. Do not cast me away from your presence. come quickly to me. keep a watch over the door of my lips. All: And to you belongs the praise O God. and I shall be clean. Do good to Zion in your good pleasure. then bulls will be offered on your altar. For you have no delight in sacrifices. Let the righteous strike me. Priest: Glory be to the Father ………… All: From ages unto ………………… Psalm 141 I call upon you O Lord. rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. O God. Set a guard over my mouth. O God. therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart. Hide your face from my sins. The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit. Restore to me the joy of your salvation. and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Let my prayer be counted as incense before you.

I have sworn an oath and confirmed it. All: And to you belong the praise O God. for I am brought very low. my portion in the land of the living”. While I alone escape. Praise the Lord all you nations! Extol him. my Lord. When my spirit if faint. Accept my offerings of praise. give me life O Lord according to Your word. I incline my heart to perform your statutes forever to the end. I cry to You. I look on my right hand and see there is no one who takes notice of me. O God. you know my way. in you I seek refuge. and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Your decrees are my heritage forever. but I do not stray from your precepts. The righteous will surround me for you will deal bountifully with me. were I walk they have hidden a trap for me. Let the wicked fall into their own nets. Barekmor Glory be to the father …… From ages unto ages…… . so shall their bones be strewn at the mouth of Sheol. O Lord. Bring me out of prison so that I may give thanks to your name. Psalm 142 With my voice I cry to the Lord. for they are too strong for me. no one cares for me. I tell my trouble before him. I am severely afflicted. Save me from my persecutors. no refuge remains to me. Psalm 119 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. The wicked have laid a snare for me. “You are my refuge. In the path. I hold my life in my hand continually. all you people! For great is His steadfast love towards us. with my voice I supplicate to the Lord. and from the snares of evildoers. I say. do not leave me defenseless. Give heed to my cry. But my eyes are turned towards You. Keep me from the trap that they have laid for me. O Lord. they are the joy of my heart. I pour out my complaint before him. and teach me your ordinances.Like a rock that breaks apart and shatters on the land. but I do not stray from Your law. to observe your righteous ordinances.

O lover of men. forgiveness of sins and offences upon the assembly of those who honour the day to her memory. my Lord and my God do not cast me from your presence. apostle and martyrs. with my voice. by her prayers. On the Mother of God From the palace of heaven an angel was sent to Nazareth. Lord of all. he brought a message of peace with him and announced to her the Lord is with you and shall come forth from you. prophets. have mercy upon me. Christ our God. to the blessed daughter of David. With the voice of praise I make satisfaction to you. The first – born of the Father. . they endured all torments for the sake of our Lord and their souls followed after him. All the mouths and tongues of fire and spirit which are hidden in the heights above city. and likewise all the generations on earth. Christ the King have mercy on me. send down in your compassion. From ages unto ages…… I confess the sins and offences of my being before you. physician of our souls.. because of the multitude of my faults. have mercy upon us. in His mercy he will heal me. by the prayer. Glory be to the father ………. as she said. builders of the faith and pillars of the Holy church. HYMN I called upon the Lord. a town of Galilee. have mercy upon us. as David sang. I besought Him.COMMON RESPONSE Those in heaven sing praise and those on earth offer worship to the one eternal Being God the creator of the whole world. On the Saints Peace be with you. and I do not hide the multitude of my faults. I beseech you while I cry. who came forth from her. I will not hide my evil deeds. I lay before you my penitence and compunction of heart. I beg you. blessed is the blessed one. I said. I will confess my iniquity to the Lord. because of my sins and offences. Christ our God.

your pleasure in the kingdom of heaven and you shall cry to him in thanksgiving. halleluiah. You will mingle with the angels and the spirits and with them you shall take. as you did that of the publican and the sinful woman. by the prayer of your martyrs. I beg you. halleluiah. have compassion on me as on the thief. Lord. Do not grieve. and they hastened to encourage one another and said: come let us die for the sake of our Lord. Christ our God. by which You descended to the race of men. have mercy upon us. Because my days are consumed in smoke.The martyrs saw Christ hanging on the cross and his side opened by the spear. the door of mercy. Do not turn your face from me in the day of affliction. and as you pardoned Simon after he had denied you. but incline your ear to me on the day when I call you and answer me quickly. let them stand at your right hand with faces unveiled. Christ our God. as you did to the thief. Lord make a good remembrance of the faithful departed. not that I am worthy but because of Your grace. hear my prayer. have mercy upon us. Lord full of mercy. physician of our soul. Christ who became a son of man. who have departed from this world. you dead. who ate your holy body and drank your redeeming blood. Merciful Lord. that you might save it from its oppressors. . and my bones are white as if they were burned. death and sin. pardon our sins and offences. on the great day of his coming will make you take your pleasure in his marriage chamber. Of the Departed. as he died for us. and let them offer praise to your godhead. On Repentance Open to us. You are He who is pleased with penitents when they come to you in penitence. halleluiah and let my cry come before you. and when you come in glory with your angels. accept our repentance. and blood and water flowing from it. Psalm 102: 1-3 Lord.

Lord. because I have forgotten to eat my bread. hear our prayer and have mercy on our souls. Lord. Glory be ……… Common Response Receive.. over Gehenna.My heart is dried up and withered like the grass. deliver me. Lord. Lord. Glory be……… From ages…………. may your cross be our guard and protection by night and by day. have pity on me and I will live by the mercy from your right hand. and my mouth shall confess you with Daniel from within the den. grant me to pass on a ship of water through the sea of fire. come to our aid. My tongue shall praise you with Anania and his companions. From ages…………. Hymn How good and lovely The light of day is ending bring to completion Your grace in us. and with Lazarus the poor man I will sing your praise. and have mercy upon me. our service and our prayers like those of Moses and Elijah and like those of Aaron the glorious priest. and to you belongs the praise. O God. deliver me.. and let me not be tormented like the rich man in Gehenna. From the torments of the rich man. halleluiah. . The watchers on high are attentive to the voice of the service of those on earth Lord be gracious to us and help us. remove from us the evil one who at every hour lays snares for us. from Gehenna. Supplication song of Mar Jacob We call upon You. Lord our God. Christ who has power over the kingdom. and let not the grievous place of flames harm me.

cried the prophet. Your love made you descend from your place to us. How lovely is the prayer which the Son of God taught us.. who art in heaven. by whose death our death was ended. have mercy on us. of life. all the beauty of justice and perfection is found there for him. to have Jesus the son of the king gave us a sign. have mercy on us. full of grace. for God is merciful at all times and He does not desire that the image which His hands created should perish. Lord. Lord our God. who takes pains to make it his prayer.. full of grace. Lord taught the sons of mystery that they should say to his Father. Hail Mary. Trisagion Our father. Forgive us our sins and offences. hear our prayers and have mercy on our souls. Hail Mary... . do not shut the door of your mercy on our faces. we confess that we are sinners. come to our aid. be gracious to us and help us Supplication of Mar Jacob We call upon you. blessed is he who keeps it in his soul and meditates upon it. when they pray. blessed is his mercy. Lord. who art in heaven. do not rebuke me in your anger. sang David. and do not punish me in Your wrath. Hymn Lord.Concluding Prayer Lord Jesus Christ. which when the evil one sees on us he vanishes: he mingled his holy body and his blood for our pardon. Lord. that we may give thanks to him for his grace. Glory be …… From ages………….. Compline Trisagion Our father.

His faithfulness is a shield and buckler. On their hands they will bear you up. I will satisfy them. so that you will not dash your foot against a stone. my god. hear our prayer and have mercy on our souls. You will tread on the lion and the adder. Your will only look with eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. Bless me Lord: I will say to the Lord. in whom I trust. I will answer them. A thousand may fall at your side. ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near you. and show my salvation. Because you have made the Lord your refuge. the most high your dwelling place. the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot Those who love me. For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. .encouragement that he desires to forgive those who offend and for that reason he taught then to pray for forgiveness. No evil shall befall you. I will deliver. or destruction that wastes at noonday. When they call to me. I will rescue them and honour them. who abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Or the pestilence that stalks in darkness. I will protect those who know my name. You will not fear the terror of the night or the arrow that files by day. Lord have mercy upon us (3) Psalm 91 Bless me Lord: You who live in the shelter to the Most High. You who hear all and receive prayers. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. no scourge shall come near your tent. With long life. you are my refuge and my fortress. He will cover you with his pinions. I will be with them in trouble. And under his wings you will find refuge.

Barekmor. and let your cross guard us from the evil one and his powers. By the prayer of Mary who bore you and of all the saints. All: Halleluiah (3 X) from ages unto ages of ages. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time on and forever more. Leader: He dwells under the protection of the Most High. The Lord is your keeper. Amen. he who keeps you will not slumber. Priest: Glory be to the Father. pardon me. who made heaven and earth. Protect us. May your right hand rest upon us all the days of our life. (2X) A: Blessed be forever the glory of the Lord from his place. Christ our Savior. He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. O God. and have mercy on me. An evening full of peace and a night of holiness. Lord. Amen. you who hear all. grant us. and your peace reign among us and give hope and salvation to the soul of those who pray to you. have mercy on us. To you our eyes turn. Beneath the shadow of the wings of your loving kindness. All: And to you belongs the praise O Lord.Psalm 121 I lift my eyes to the hills. He will not let your foot be moved. The sun shall not strike you by day. hear the prayer of servants in your loving kindness. He will keep your life. the Lord is your shade at your right hand. Lord let your mercy protect us and your grace rest upon our faces. for you are the king of glory. and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Lord and have mercy upon us. nor the moon by night The Lord will keep you from all evil. L : Blessed be forever the glory of the Lord from his place. . pardon our offences and our sins. from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord. in this world and in the world to come.

O Virgin Saint Mary. now and at all times. but deliver us from the evil one. Who for us men and for our salvation. as it is in heaven. our Lord Glory to thee. FULL OF GRACE Hail Mary. L: Holy art thou and glorious forever. our Lord Jesus Christ. . Holy art thou. and the glory. came down from heaven ( ) was incarnate of the Holy Spirit. for ever and ever. L:Glory to thee. L: And in one Lord Jesus Christ. WHO ART IN HEAVEN (Lord’s Prayer) Our Father. true God from true God. HAIL MARY. blessed art thou among women. Amen. Thy will be done on earth. have mercy upon us. our Lord is with thee. and blessed is thy name forever. A: Holy and glorious Trinity. Holy and glorious Trinity. A. Barekmor. being of one substance with the Father. Deacon: Let us respond to the prayer of the reverend priest (Most revered holy Father or Most Exalted Holy Father) L: We believe in one true God. and forgive us our debts and sins as we also have forgiven our debtors. before all ages. the power.L: Holy and glorious Trinity. and at the hour of our death. have mercy upon us. Light of light. hallowed be Thy name. Give us this day our daily bread. A: Holy art thou and glorious forever. Amen. Creator of heaven and earth of all things visible and invisible. Thy kingdom come. O Mother of God. the Father Almighty. OUR FATHER. and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Glory to thee our hope and refuge forever. pray for us sinners. our Lord. by whom all things were made. For thine is the kingdom. Lead us not into temptation. full of grace. A: The only begotten son of God: born of the Father. who art in heaven. begotten not made. have pity and have mercy upon us.

All: Lord have mercy upon us Communion of the Mother of God Lord. Catholic and Apostolic Church. who spoke by the Prophets and Apostles. who proceeds from the Father and with the father and the Son. is worshiped and glorified. Holy. virgin pure.and of the Holy Virgin Mary. Communion of the Saints Lord. Halleluiah. Halleluiah . ascended ( ) to heaven and sits at the right hand of His Father who will come again in His great glory. and was buried. to judge both the living and the dead. Halleluiah. She who bore thee while a maidHelp us by her prayers for us. Orthodox – Help us by their prayers for us. Just and Righteous ones – Help us by their prayers for us. give good remembrance to All the holy Fathers. Lord. Who rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. We look for the resurrection of the dead and the new life in the world to come. A: We confess that there is one Baptism for the remission of sins. mother of God. A: Lord And giver of life. Amen. L: And in one living Holy Spirit. Became man. Holy. was crucified ( ) for us under Pontius Pilate. give good remembrance to Mary. L: And in one. Martyrs. Saints. To the Doctors. suffered and died. and whose kingdom has no end. give good remembrance to Prophets and Apostles true. Deacon: Let us stand well.

glorious saint.Communion of the patron saint Lord. Halleluiah 2 . Halleluiah Commemoration of the Departed. 1. give good remembrance to Our departed reverend priests. There thy book of life within. Place the crown upon their heads. Adoration of the Holy Cross Lord we take refuge in cross Through which we are saved Keep us all under its wings Save us all from our foes. Let them be with Holy Hosts. give good remembrance to Our departed Parents. Halleluiah . give good remembrance to Great Mar Thoma. Write the names.The Departed Faithful Lord. when Thou dost’ reign. The Departed Clergy Lord. Halleluiah . kin. . Here on earth and up in heav’nHelp us by his pray’rs for us.

Doxology & Trisagion O merciful God, the voice of our prayer knocks at Thy door, prevent not from Thy devotees the petitions of their needs. We call upon Thee, O God, to assist us in our infirmities O good one, hearken to the voice of our petitions in Thy mercy. Lord Thy mercy on us cast, Use our service, every piece, Grant us from Thy treasure vast Mercy, blessings and release. Let me Lord before Thee stand, Wakefully my watch I’ d keep Should I fall to slumber’s hand Guard thou me from sinful sleep Waking, if to wrong I take, Mercifully absolve thou me, Sleeping, if a sin I make, Pardon, grant clemency. By the cross of Thy disgrace, Grant, me Lord a restful sleep, Evil dreams do Thou efface, Wicked thoughts far from me keep. Through the night, conduct me. Lord, Peaceful sleep, give thou to me, Least foul thoughts in me find hard, Phantoms lest a terror be, Grant thy Angel’s watchful view, Guard my limbs without abate, Hateful lusts in me subdue, By thy living flesh I ate. While I Lie and sleep in calm, May thy blood my keeper be, Let my soul dwell free from qualm. In thy image, mad’st thou me.

Overshadow with thy hand, Me a handicraft of Thine, Let me in thy fortress stand, Mercy shielding round be mine. While my body silent lies, May thy pow’r its vigil keep, Let my breath like incense rise, T’ward thy greatness in my sleep. Let not evil touch my bed, By thy mother’s plea for me, By thy blood atoning shed, Satan’s harm removed be Since Thy word abides the same, Guarded by thy cross I’d be Walking, I shall praise thy name, Who did’st love even feeble me. Grant O Lord, a listening ear, With desire to do thy will, Let thy peace at eve be near, Night thy righteousness fulfill. Savior Christ, our hearts inspire Thee to see effulgent brightThee whose honor shines as fire, Worshiped by all sons of light. Jesus saviour of the world, Thou who dwellest in the light, Praise we thee for love unfiredMercy, now with future bright. Lord our God we give thee praise, Praise a thousand thousand fold, Tens of thousands praises raise, Mercy, now till time unfold.

Praise to thee, to thee be praise, Angels serve thee and adore, Lord of angles, we too raise, Prayers and worship all the more. Praise to thee, who art our boast, One true God and one alone, Father, Son and Holy Ghost One in Three, and three in one. Praise the Lord, who always hears, Prayers of feeble fold like us, Who regards repentant tears, As first – fruits, gift offered thus. Earthly one to thee give praise, Countless as the leaves of the tress, Thee, whose glory angels raise, Serving thee as thou dost please. Setting minds above the sod, Thanks we God, exalt him most, Who exists as one true God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost Thou who hearest prayers to thee, Supplications who dost heed, Hear us; reconciled be, Mercy show and grant our need. Lord have mercy upon us (3X) Psalm 4 Answer me when I call, O God of my right! Thou hast given me room when I was in distress. Be gracious to me, and hear my prayer. O men, how long shall my honour suffer shame? How long will you love vain words, and seek after lies? But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.

Be angry, but sin not; commune with your own hearts on your beds, and be silent. Offer right sacrifices, and put your trust in the lord. There are many who say, “O that we might see some good! Lift up the light of thy countenance upon us, O Lord”! Thou hast put more joy in my heart than they have when their grain and wine abound. In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for thou alone, O Lord, makes me dwell in safety. And to you belongs the praise, O Lord. Barekmor. L: O Holy Father, guard us by thy sacred name. A: O Son of God, Our Savior, Protect us with thy victorious cross. O Holy Spirit, make us worthy temples of Thy holy habitation. O Lord, our God forever shelter us under thy divine wings at all times, forever. Amen.

and our prayers and have mercy on us. Blessed is he. King who has compassion on us. the heaven and the earth are filled. and is to come. Thy sinful servants Barekmor. Glory be to Thee. OUR FATHER. Amen. Almighty. Lord. as it is in heaven. Glory be to him in the Highest. O God! Holy art Thou. who has come. Thy will be done on earth.MIDNIGHT PRAYER DOXOLOGY In the name of the Father. hallowed be Thy name. accept our service. O creator! Glory be to Thee. have mercy upon us. Immortal. Crucified for us Have mercy on us. and may His grace and mercy be upon us for ever. Holy art Thou. and forgive us our debts and sins as we also have . Lord God Almighty by whose glory. be kind and have mercy upon us. Give us this day our daily bread. and of the Son. O Messiah. Hosanna in the Highest. Glory be to Him. WHO ART IN HEAVEN (Lord’s Prayer) Our Father. Thy kingdom come. and of the Holy Spirit. Holy. who art in heaven. Holy. TRISAGION Holy art Thou. in the name of the Lord God. one true God. Lord. (Recites thrice) Lord. Holy.

bless the Lord. because you are praised and blessed in heaven and on earth. the power. for all your commandments are right. My lips will pour forth your praise. Amen. Give life to our death in the sleep of death and corruption. and bless the Lord. Son and Holy Spirit. deliver me according to your promise. and at the hour of our death. . May the lord. HAIL MARY. and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Amen. and the glory. O Mother of God. now and at all times. all servants of the Lord. Lord from our sleep in the sloth of sin that we may praise your watchfulness. you who watch and do not sleep. that we may adore your compassion. Psalm 134 Bless me Lord. bless you from Zion. O Virgin Saint Mary. maker of heaven and earth. For thine is the kingdom.forgiven our debtors. Father. for I have chosen your precepts. to praise you and bless you in holiness. Let my supplication come before you. blessed art thou among women. Lift up your hands to the holy place. grant us the glorious company of angels who praise you in the heaven. Amen. Doxology & Trisagion Opening Prayer Priest: Awaken us. Let you hand be ready to help me. FULL OF GRACE Hail Mary. but deliver us from the evil one. You who live and do no die. Let my cry come before you. who stand by night in the house of the Lord. full of grace. give me understanding according to your word. Bless me Lord. My tongue will sing of your promise. pray for us sinners. Now and always forever and ever. our Lord Jesus Christ. Lead us not into temptation. O Lord. because you teach me your statutes. for ever and ever. Come. our Lord is with thee.

and there is no place for repentance. do not reward us according to our inequity. Behold the time of repentance. The children of the Ninevites asked their father when shall we die. Son and Holy Spirit. Kurielasion (3X) . The Lord beheld the earth trembling because of the inequity. Lord of all. Eniyono Why do you love sleep more than praise. Psalm 117 Praise the Lord. All: And to you belongs the praise O Lord. as the Hebrew wrote to us do not reward us according to our inequity. let sinners perish but after he had sinned. Lord of all to you the praise. let every man turn from his inequity. my soul and how long will you be engrossed in pleasures which do not profit? Awake now. Barekmor. praise and sing: Lord of all to you be the praise. Amen. I have gone astray like a lost sheep. and let your ordinances help me. Glory be to the Father…… From ages unto ages……. and the foundations of the world shook because great was the impiety within it. Lord of all to you be praise. of its inhabitants. and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Do not reward us according to our inequity. O Lord. seek out your servant. one true God. to you the praise. Let me live that I may praise you. all you nations! Extol him. Before he sinned.I long for your salvation. David said. before the time passes. Glory to the one who is three and the three who are one Father . do not reward us according to our inequity. he said my lord and my god have mercy on me. all you people! For great is his steadfast love towards us. for I do not forget your commandments. and your low is my delight. Lord of all to you be praise. to whom be praise and to us mercy at all times.

but you are older than the ages. Blessed is your splendour. Go in peace. he who is the Saviour of all creatures. and your. as represented by the ark. From ages unto ages…… Mary said to Christ when she brought him forth: I do not know what to call you. maiden. and by it lives all the world which had perished . halleluiah. fair and full of beauty. Gabriel flew and brought the peace of his Lord and sowed it in the ear of Mary and said to her. virgin bride and unmarried. Go in peace. the Lord is with you and shall come forth you. my son. prophecy represents your fair image and has placed it in the scripture for him who has understanding. peace be with you. peace be with you dwelling in which the mysteries were preserved. when your divinity was moved to descend and to clothe itself in the flesh of mankind. the king whose kingdom shall have no end for ever. B’outho of Mar Jacob May your prayer be with us blessed one. Kurielasion (3X) Lord have mercy upon us …… Qolo Lord our lord. halleluiah. may our prayer be with us. may the Lord hear your prayers and have pity on us. daughter of David. go in peace. I will call you an infant. peace be with you palace. go in peace garden in which was the branch of righteousness.First Qaumo Ekbo Your mother. in which the king descended and dwelt. but you are a babe. I will call you old. son is the salt which seasoned that which had lost its flavour. it likens you to the new jar. and glorious your manifestation and worship for Father who sent you for our salvation. “Peace be with you. . peace be with you harbour and place of rest of the whole world. ship which carried the new life.” Glory be to the Father………. I will call you the splendour which shines forth from the Father and gives light to the whole creation. Lord be gracious to us and help us. dove who nourished the king eagle.

Kurielasion (3X) Lord have mercy upon us …… Qolo Lord our God. at one festival he gave his flesh and blood and at the another the spirit and power. make to pass from us the rods of wrath. . B’outho of Mar Ephraim Lord have mercy upon us by the prayers of your apostles. Second Qaumo Ekbo There are twelve pillars which carry the earth and twelve months which crown the year. Jesus. Glory be to the Father………. they believed and were forgiven their sins in the name of the father. the flesh is burnt. Lord be gracious to us and help us. bless by your grace the twelve months of the year. By their prayer and their petitions have mercy on our souls. Lord be gracious to us and help us. and save us. come to our aid. Lord be gracious to us and help us. may their prayers be to us a stronghold and a refuge. From ages unto ages…… Lord our God. Son of God. the son and the holy spirit. there are twelve springs which flowed in the desert and twelve apostles who preached the gospel in the heights and the depths and in the four quarters of the world. and they cry and say. the body torn and cast down but the heart is glad and the spirit rejoices. Glory to him who at town festivals divided his gifts among his apostles. like shining lamps the holy apostle went for you into the world and made disciples of the nations who were in captivity to the devil and opened to them the way of truth.By the prayers of her who carried you for nine months. I entered the arena of martyrs and I saw there how they are judged. for your sake we die. Lord have mercy upon us by the prayers of your apostles. By the prayers of the twelve apostles whom you chose for your glory.

Simon Peter went forth from prison and at night the chains fell from the hands of Paul. your servants and your worshippers who have slept in your hope. son of Mary. and Jacob make to rest. Your servants who have slept in your hope. Lord. son of the Father. who have slept in your hope. be our help. Jesus guard us. In the bosom of Abraham. Give rest and pardon to the dead. be our protection. Glory to Christ who calls the dead and they rise without corruption and sing praise. Lord. Jesus strengthen us. full of mercy. Issac. a star of light appeared to Jacob in the open country. and at night let your light shine in the hearts of your worshippers.Third Qaumo. “Blessed is he who has come and will come and raise the dead. Kurielasion (3X) Lord have mercy upon us …… Qolo At night. and at night do you cut off from us the fetters and bonds of sin. From ages unto ages…… At night. and at night a pillar of light stood over Israel. Their bodies and their souls shall cry together.” . your creatures by the resurrection. Glory be to the Father………. Lord be gracious to us and help us …… Supplication song of Mar Balai Renew. when you judge us. and await your coming. Jesus have compassion on us. Eqbo Jesus.

and sent the rich away empty. Son of God. from now on all generations will call me blessed. His mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation. on the bread Aaron. . Surely. He has filled the hungry with good things. according to the promise. Magnificate (St. He has shown strength with his arm. He has brought down the powerful from thrones. in remembrance if his mercy. O God of compassion. and lifted up the lowly. It is like the dew of hermon. Barekmor . on the lowliness of his servant. He has helped his servant Israel. For there the Lord ordained his blessing for life forever and ever more. running down upon the bread. O God (2X) L: Be compassionate towards us in your mercy. running down over the collar of his robes. Glory to you O God A: Halleluiah (3X). Luke 1: 46 –55) Mary said “my soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in god my savior for he has looked with favour. For the mighty one has done great things for me. and holy is his name. Psalm 133 How very good and pleasant it is when kins live together in unity! It is like the precious oil on the head. which falls on the mountains of Zion. glory to you. Amen. he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts.FOURTH WATCH L: Halleluiah (3X). A: In sacrifices and our prayers we make memory of our fathers who taught us. he made to our ancestors to Abraham and to his descendants forever. raise them up in the heavenly kingdom with the just and the righteous in the world which does not pass away. while they were alive to be children of God. And to you belongs the praise O God.

guard the living by your cross and pardon the dead in your mercy. Let us make memory of the just and may they help us by their prayers. May your mercy be upon us. Awake. have mercy on our souls. make us worthy to inherit your kingdom. keep from us the evil one who at times lays snares for us. You who have made us worthy to sing praise to you at this time. and the Holy Spirit. Lord. Our God full of mercy. the Son. you that are asleep. Lord of our death and of our life. may your prayer be a stronghold for us By the prayers of your saints. And let them stand at your right hand on the day when your majesty appears. on the great day when you come. may you prayers be a stronghold to us. Prophets. Jesus. OR At all times and at all seasons virgin mother of god. apostles and martyrs. raise us up at your right hand. have mercy on us. On all the days of our life let us thank and worship and praise the Father. may your cross be a stronghold for us and may we be protected beneath it. Lord have mercy on us and help us. Lord of the harbor of your martyrs and of the dwellings of your friends. and praise and sing praises. Blessed is he who does not keep his mercy from the sinner who calls upon him. Make us worthy. PSALM 148 Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord for the heavens. Jesus. praise him in the heights! . Lord of the children of the faithful church. word of God. our Lord and our God. on the day of your judgement. Compassionate and full of mercy. Make a good memory.ANTHEM Let us make memory of Mary and may she help us with her prayers.

fire and hail snow and forest. all his angels. He established them forever and ever. creeping things and flying birds!. praise him all you shining stars! Praise him you highest heavens and you waters above the heavens. Let them praise the name of the Lord who commanded and they were created. praise him according to his surpassing greatness! Praise him with trumpet sound. making melody to him with tambourine and lyre. let the children of Zion rejoice in their king. for his name alone is exalted. old and young together! Let them praise the name of the Lord. stormy wind fulfilling his command! Mountains and all hills. praise for all his faithful.Praise him. he adorns the humble with victory. Praise him in his mighty firmament! Praise him for his mighty deeds. for the people of Israel who are close to him. he fixed their bounds that cannot be passed. trees and all cedars! Wild animals and all cattle. to bind their kings with fetters and their nobles with chains of iron. Psalm 149 Sing to the Lord a new song. For the Lord takes pleasure in his people. to execute on them the judgement decreed. To execute vengeance on the nations and punishment on the people. Let them praise his name with dancing. Let the high praises of God be in their throats and two-edged swords in their hands. Let the faithful exalt in glory. let them sing for joy on their couches. He has raised up a horn for his people. praise him all his host! Praise him sun and moon. King of the earth and all people. Psalm 150 Praise god in his sanctuary. This is glory for all his faithful ones. you sea monsters and all deeps. his praise in the assembly of the faithful. Let Israel be glad in its marker. his glory is above earth and heaven. Praise the Lord from the earth. fruits. princes and all rulers of the earth! Young men and women alike. praise him .

praise the Lord! Psalm 117 Praise the Lord all yea nations. May his prayer be to us a refuge. L: Praise to the Holy Trinity A: Praise to the Holy Trinity. because you are glorious in the creation and among the watches and behold in the church your remembrance is honoured and you have a garment of glory and a crown in the kingdom. who planted thy church on our nation. Exult and be exalted noble Mar Thoma. they shall be faithful and fragrant. it is like April. halleluiah. We praise the glorious Trinity eternal and everlasting. They shall declare how just is the Lord. They that are planted in the house of the Lord. may your prayer be with us. halleluiah.From ages…………………. and like a cedar of Lebanon he shall grow. praise him with loud clashing cymbals! Let everything that breathes.with lute and harp! Praise him tambourine and dance. For great is his steadfast love towards us and all faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Common Response Lord give good remembrance to great Mar Thoma. which is adorned with flowers: April gladdens the earth with its flowers and your remembrance gives joy to all of us.. O Mar Thoma. . extol him all you people. the strong one in whom there is no wrong. halleluiah.. Commemoration of the Saints (Psalm 92: 12 –15) The just man shall spring up like a palm tree. Glory be to the Father………. Lord be gracious to us and help us. Glory be to the Father……… From ages…………………. praise him with strings and pipe! Praise him with clanging cymbals. Qolo How lovely is the day of your remembrance.

now and always forever. Hymn of Angels As the angles and archangels in heaven sing praise on high. you who take away. to you belongs honour. may the Lord hear your prayers and have pity on us. your name is blessed and glorified in praise forever. Son and word of the Father. to you belongs praise. you only Lord Jesus Christ. I am persecuted on all sides. Behold. he left you to me as strong fortress which cannot be subdued. incline your ear to us and receive our prayers. with the Holy Spirit in the glory of God the Father. we bless you. The bishops who preached the faith taught according to the words of Simon without dispute. You who take away or rather have taken away the sin of the world. We praise you. peace and tranquility and good hope for the sons of men. king of heaven. we worship you. Lord God only son Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. with the only son and the living Holy Spirit. you who sit in the glory at the right hand of the Father. father of truth. Lord God. help me by your prayers: when Son of God was taken up to him. Concluding prayer Lord Jesus Christ. Lord our creator. God of all. At all times and all the days of my life. Because you only are holy. I will bless and praise you. do not shut the door of your mercy on our faces.B’outho of Mar Jacob May your prayers be with us. so we poor children of earth sing praise and say: At all times and all seasons glory to God in the heights and on earth. bishops and fathers. or rather have taken away. We give thanks to you because of your great glory. Amen. have compassion on us. God the Father Almighty. Trisagion & Lord’s Prayer . the sin of the world. To you belongs glory. cries the church. have mercy upon us. apostles of the Son. lamb of God. they trod in the footsteps of their master and walked in the way of the apostles without stumbling. we raise a hymn of praise to you. Lord be gracious to us and help us.

O God. I thank You for all Your good gifts. conversations or deeds? Did I sin through anger. words. I offer You all the action of this day: thoughts. for joys and sorrow. You know that I am weak and never succeed in doing things as well as I desire. and sin displeases You. to avoid every occasion of sin. and deeds. and accept what He sent me? Did I work conscientiously or was I lazy? Did I obey my parents and superiors? Did I respect every man as a child of God? Was I straight in my talks. I firmly resolve. O my God. (Here pass in review the day’s activities). success and failure. vanity and pride? A SHORT EVENING PRAYER Almighty God. fair to all? Did I give the good example to all around me? Have I been helpful and kind at home and at work? Did I sin against temperance. honest in my dealings. I thank You for Your good gifts during this day and I ask You to watch over me during the night. jealousy. with Your help. Did I put the law of God above all things? Did I respect God. be always ours this day and for evermore! . patience. for Your help and protection. FOR GOD’S PROTECTION May the strength of God pilot us! May the power of God preserve us! May the wisdom of God instruct us! May the hand of God protect us! May the way of God direct us! May the shield of God defend us! May the might of God guard us against the snares of evil and the temptations of the world! May Your salvation. for food and shelter. I thank You for all Your goodness towards me during this day. hopes and disappointments.FOR EVENING MEDITATION EVENING PRAYERS O My God. moral purity in thoughts. Enlighten me and let me know in what I have sinned. my loving Father. I am heartily sorry for having offended You. trust in Him. I beseech You to save the good and destroy evil. because You are infinitely good.

From temptation. my hope and my salvation. Fill me with the fear of offending You. by a steadfast confidence. and patient in trials. from pride. to make my love fruitful in service. Make me diligent in my duties and studies. never act contrary to Your commandments. from passion and stubbornness. by a clean heart. O God. strike at the root of penury in my heart. from sloth and carelessness. my sins and iniquities. FOR STRENGTH This is my prayer to You. my strength. my Lord – strike. Remember not. From unclean thoughts. rebellion and willfulness. Because You are my God. to surrender my strength to Your will with love. ever in need of Your help and mercy. that with a purified mind and heart. by useful occupation. If I transgress Your orders. Give me the strength. From all impurity. by an ardent devotion. correct me in Your displeasure. nor desire. may I never think. ever weak. Give me the strength. From laziness. make me contrite and humble. O Lord. by an invincible patience. listen to my humble request! Keep me from all falsehood. From all negligence.FOR GOD’S HELP O God. Give me the strength. ever poor. never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might. And give me the strength. From all distrust. Give me the strength. by frequent prayer. Deliver me. to raise my mind high above daily trifles. by holy meditation. or injurious to my neighbour. From all disquiet. take away from me the spirit of pride and arrogance. . and I Your servant. lightly to bear my joys and sorrows. I may offer You my prayer and my actions. nor do anything displeasing to You. O Lord. by a clear understanding.

Let me forget myself. And do all things for the sake of You Let me humble myself. and turn to You. And be among those chosen by You. Let me crave nothing but only You. under standing to know You. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD O God. Let me die to myself. And think of nothing else but You.FOR DIVINE GUIDANCE Grant me. Let me cling to nothing but only to You. O Lord. and remember You. fervently to desire. Let me flee from myself. that I may love You. And ever desire to follow You. and a faithfulness that may finally possess You. wisely to search out. Give me. and exalt You. that I may know You. desire and ability to do that which You require of me. grant me the knowledge. a steadfast heart which no unworthy affection may debase. almighty and most merciful God. give me an enduring heart which no tribulation can wear out. Look upon me. wisdom to find You. I beseech You. O Lord my God. Strengthen my mind. Bestow upon me. and live in You. And ever obey for the love of You. And take whatever happens as coming from You. Let me forsake myself. Let me fear to be separated from You. Let me distrust my own strength and trust in You. let me know myself and let me know You And desire nothing else but only You. . That so I may merit to be defended by you. give me an upright heart which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. so that I may walk with You unto my perfect end. diligence to seek You. Order my worldly condition to the glory of Your name. and perfectly to fulfill all that is well pleasing unto You. and walk after You.

for tomorrow and its needs I do not pray. I do not pray. Set Thou a seal upon my lips. Lord. Keep me. JUST FOR TODAY Lord. Just for today! Let me in season. if today I die. And forever delight in being loved by You. And if today. Just for today! Let me both diligently work. Let me no wrong or idle word Unthinking say. O bid me.Direct my will that I may seek You. Just for today. from stain of sin. my tide of life Should ebb away. for tomorrow and its needs. my God. be grave. Call me that I may come to You. Lord Just for today! . Just for today. And duly pray. So. Let me be kind in word and deed. Let me be faithful to Thy grace. Come home today. In season gay. But keep me guide and love me.

The Very Thought Jesus. be Thou our glory now. our only joy be thou. The love of Jesus. how kind Thou art. Nor voice can sing. Savior of mankind ! Oh. As Thou our prize wilt be. To those who fall. come ye to Bethlehem.Hymns Jesus. the very thought of Thee With sweetness fills my breast. Jesus. nor heart can frame. Born the King of angles. Nor can the memory find A sweeter sound than Thy blest Name. Come. what it is None but His loved ones know. Joyful and triumphant. joy of all the meek. How goods to those who seek ! But what to those who find? Ah! This Nor tongue nor pen can show. Oh. And in Thy presence rest. come ye! Oh. Come and behold Him. Oh. But sweeter far Thy face to see. Hope of every contrite heart. Oh. come. Christ the Lord ! . Jesus. all ye faithfull. come let us adore Him. And trough eternity. All Ye Faithful Oh. Oh.

Lord. Word of the father. Nor thorns infest the ground. come. Repeat the sounding joy.Sing. wonders of His love. “Glory to God In the highest” Oh. And makes the nations prove The glories of His righteousness And wonders of His love (2) And wonders. rocks. (2) And heaven. He rules the world with truth and grace. let us…… Joy To The World Joy to the world ! the Lord Is come: Let earth receive her King. far as the curse is found. Joy to the world ! the savior reigns: Let men their songs employ. Sing in exultation. choirs of Angels. all ye powers of heaven above. . And heaven and nature sing. (2) Repeat. hill and plains. Born this happy morning. to Thee be glory given. In our flesh appearing Oh. Jesus. (2) Far as. While fields and floods. He comes to make His blessings flow Far as the curse is found. Sing. Let every heart prepare Him room. No more let sins and sorrows grow. we greet Thee. and heaven and nature sing. repeat the sounding joy. come let us…… Yea.

Thou David’s royal son. Thou good and gracious king . Sleep in heavenly peace. holy night. With the dawn of redeeming grace. Thou good and gracious king The company of angels are praising thee on high And mortal men and all things created make reply The people of the Hebrews with palms before Thee went Our praise and prayer and anthems before Thee we present To Thee. all is bright. at Thy birth. With the angels let us sing. holy night Son of God. so tender and mild. Silent night. Silent night. lend thy light. Wondrous star. Lord. love’s pure light. Darkness flies all is light. Sleep in heavenly peace. Laud and honor to Thee redeemer. Laud And Honor All glory. King To whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring Thou art the King of Israel.Silent Night Silent night. holy night. Christ the Saviour is born. Who in all good delightest. Silent night. holy night. Jesus. Alleluia to our King. before Thy passion. now high exalted our melody we raise Thou didst accept their praises. Jesus. Radiant beams from Thy holy face. Lord. Christ the Saviour is born. at Thy birth. Round yon Virgin Mother and Child Holy infant. Allis calm. All Glory. They sang their Hymns of praise To Thee. Accept the praise we bring Who in all good delightest.

what peace we often forfeit! Oh. . Sent from the Savior above. Thou wilt find a solace there. forsake thee? Take it to the Lord in prayer. what needless pain we bear! All because we do not carry Everything to God in prayer.What A Friend We Have In Jesus What a Friend we have in Jesus. There shall be seasons refreshing. But for the showers we plead. Are we weak and heavy-laden. There Shall Be Showers “There shall be showers of blessing” This is the promise of love. Cumbered with a load of care? Precious Savior. All our sins and griefs to bear! What a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer! Oh. Show……. In His arms He’ll take and shield thee. Take it to the Lord in prayer. Have we trials and temptation? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged. Do thy friends despise. Can we find a friend so faithful Who will all our sorrows share? Jesus knows our every weakness. Showers of blessing we need. Mercy drops round us are falling. still our refuge Take it to the Lord in prayer. Take it to the Lord in prayer.ers of blessing.

Through eternal ages let His praises ring. present cleansing in the blood for-me. “There shall be showers of blessing” Send them upon us. Perfect. Standing on the promises of God. Over the hills and the valleys. . Stand…ing…. Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free. Come. When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail. I’m standing on the promises of God. Now as on Jesus we Call ! Standing On The Promises Standing on the promises of Christ my King. Standing on the promises that cannot fail. O Lord! Grant to us now a refreshing. Stand. Standing on the promises of God. ing stand…ing Standing of the promises of God my Savior. Standing on the promises I now can see. Glory in the highest. Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord. Now as to God we’re confessing. I will shout and sing. “There shall be showers of blessing” Oh. Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord.“There shall be showers of blessing” Precious reviving again. By the living Word of God I shall prevail.. Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s word. Sound of abundance of rain. Stand…ing. Standing on the promises of God. Standing on the promises of God. that today they might fall. and now honor thy word.

Praising my Savior all day long (2) 2 Perfect submission. purchase of God . Born of His spirit washed in His blood.Standing on the promises I cannot fall. Angels. And grace my fears relieved. perfect delight. ‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear. Blessed Assurance Blessed assurance . Visions of rapture burst on my sight. toils. whispers of love. This is my story. Filled with His goodness. this is my song. And grace will lead me home. Resting in my savior as my All-in-all. what a foretaste of glory divine ! Heir of salvation. bring from above Echoes of mercy. How precious did that grace appear Thy hour I first believed. Watching and waiting. Listening every moment to the spirit’s call. Through many dangers. looking above. lost in his love. . I have already come: ‘Tis grace that brought me safe thus far.Jesus is mine ! Oh. Standing on the promises of God. I in my Savior am happy and blest. all is at rest. Amazing Grace Amazing grace! how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. but now am found Was blind but now I see. I once was lost. descending. 3 Perfect submission. and snares.

let them flow in ceaseless praise. I surrender all… I surrender all… All to Thee. . Take my moments and my days. Lord. All to Jesus I surrender. Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit witness I am Thine and Thou art mine. Humbly at His feet bow. Lord. I surrender. when this heart and flesh shall fail. take me now. Fill me with Thy love and power. Savior. Oh the joy of full salvation! Glory. my blessed Savior. And mortal life shall cease.Yes. glory to His name! Take Me Life Take me life. Now I feel the sacred flame. I will ever love and trust Him. All To Jesus All to Jesus I surrender. and let if be. I shall possess within the vail A life of joy and peace. Let Thy blessing rest on me. to Thee. wholly Thine. All to Jesus I surrender. All to Jesus I surrender. All to Him I freely give. I give myself to Thee. In His presence daily live. Worldly pleasures all forsaken Take me. Make me. consecrated. all… All to Jesus I surrender.

my Lord I pour . Help of the helpless. and let me sing. Earth’s joys grows dim. filled with messages from Thee. with me abide. its glories pass away. abide with me. Take my will. Take my love. The darkness deepens : Lord. O Lord. it is Thine own. in death. 2 Swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day. Take my lips. at thy feet its treasure store. Shine through the gloom. and let them be. abide with me. I need Thy presence every passing hour. it shall be no longer mine: Take my heart. 3 4 5 6 Abide With Me Abide with me. every power as Thou shalt chose. Lord. O Thou. Be Thou thyself before my closing eyes. Take my voice. Take my silver and my gold. and let them move. at the impulse of Thy love. always. and let them be. 3 4 . and comforts flee. abide with me. Take my feet. and use. swift and beautiful for Thee. it shall be Thy royal throne. What but Thy grace can foil the tempter’s power? Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine. who changest not. oh. only. abide with me. not a mite would I withhold: Take my intellect. When other helpers fall. fast falls the eventide.2 Take my hands. and point me to the skie Heaven’s morning breaks. and make it Thine. for my King. and earth’s vain shadows flee In life. Change and decay in all around I see.

Halleluiah . Halleluiah. Halleluiah Say we all with voice as one. receive. approach in awe. May they stand at Thy right hand When thou judgest ev’ry sin. Halleluiah Glory be to God on High. Come in faith. Blessed Saviour. Halleluiah Hosts celestial stand around With us in this holy place’ Laud the Body and the Blood Of the Son. the God of grace. communicate. Thine the praise. Pardon may we all receive. thanks to Thee. To His Mother honour be. kin. Here absolve your debts and sins. Who exalteth feasts for usThy Mother’s. holy. At Thine altar Lord. Saints’ and deceased. To the martyrs crowns of praise. Thou didst save us by Thy cross. Halleluiah Holy.(A hymn which can be sung during communion) Bam’dab’ ronoosod’Malko (M’ssiha rajavam nadhan) Choir :Full redemption hast Thou made. Christ our Lord and God and King. holy thou. Awe-inspring Lord high placed. Ours the mercy. Here immortal life await. regard Our departed parents. By the steadfast faith we bring. Halleluiah Come. Grace and mercy to the dead.

(While Lighting the candles he shall sing) For the North Side. who doth know our deeds. Lighten us with Thy bright light Thou. Count not Thou our evil deeds. Kind one. Kindly hear as we implore. When chastising us. Hear our pray’r. gracious Lord. Spare us from Thy wrathful rod. the Father’s light divine. mercy grant.CATHOLIC HYMN (B’thar’vo Deelok Hanono) Tune :. Thou. dost give the light To Thy creatures all. True Light.Nuh’rok Hosenan) (Velivu Nirangorisho) By Thy light we see the light. Lord. Grant our needs. we say Do not Thou deny our pleasNeedy are Thy devotees. for good art Thou. though great e’now Mercy grant.Mor Ephrem Anpudayone Nin Vathil Hearken. full of light. . O God. we pray. Thine abundant mercy grant. Open to us mercy’s door. Knocking at Thy door. Hearken as we call to TheeIn ourselves so frail are we. Jesus. (Tune :.