John Doe

987.123.4567 5432 Sherbrooke, apt. 101 Toronto, ON, Canada – H1A 1B2
SUMMARY In a short paragraph, describe your profile and your goals. For example: I am a software developer with 10 years experience in X platform. Bla, bla, bla… I am a permanent resident skilled worker in Canada and I am interested in job opportunities in the banking industry. SKILLS Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill3 CERTIFICATIONS Professional Certification 1 Professional Certification 2 … WORK EXPERIENCE Job title Start Date (month year) - end date (month year) Company name | City, province – country A short paragraph describing the company. Outline of Responsibilities: • Responsibility 1; (A short list of your main responsibilities in the job) • Responsibility 2; • Responsibility 3; • …. Main software used: • Software 1; (List of main software used while working in this position) • Software 2; • …. Software Developer 08 2007 – 12 2009 ACME Money | Montreal, QC – Canada Skill 4 Skill 5 English, French and Portuguese languages

Company’s Business Domain


B and C platforms. • Requirements specification. Job title 3 … EDUCATION Bachelor's Degree. • Bla. bla. Main software used: • ACME IDE.2004 Bazinga University | Somewhere. Stuff Science 2000 . AB – Country . • Macrosoft Office. Outline of Responsibilities: • Development and maintenance of applications in A. bla.ACME Money is the leading bank in bla-bla-bla bla-bla-bla bla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blablabla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blabla-bla-blablabla-bla.

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