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Hi Venkat,

Hold Bharti Shipyard its a good company with proactive management. You may see good times ahead.As your
cost price is 300, We would suggest you to add some more at current levels to bring down your cost and hold.
You may get decent returns.

Hi Ramdas,

Its a nice stock with good technical set up on up side. Hold

JB Chemicals with a price target of 170 to 180

Hi Rajesh,

Stock : Power Grid

1 In last 1 year the stock has underperformed the nifty and price range is between 100-130.
2 For a trader its important you buy a momentum stock. I suggest avoid the stock
3 Our top pick is IDBI bank buy with a price target of 220 in near term

Hi Gururaj,

1. You have mentioned you are a long term investor, for long term investor its important that you
enter in a fundamentally good stock. Last quarter GMR infra has posted negative EPS of -0.2 Rs and
future dosen't seem to be impressive.

Recommendation:Exit the stock at current price and buy some fundamentally strong shares which will give you
much better returns as compared to GMR infra.

Our top pick is IDBI bank (you can buy it at current price of 181.50 for a target 260 in 1 year)

Hi Kishore,

1 You have bought close to resistance level of 640.

2. Hold the stock with a stop loss of 532 on closing basis. Rally in the stock is only expected once it
crosses 640 on upside till that it will be range bound
2 Fundamentally the price looks reasonably. To get good returns increase your holding period more
than a year.

Hi Kishore,
Sell Educomp, the stock has broken the crucial level of 525, Exit your long position.

Two Strategies after exit:

1 Go long only when weekly close is above 525.
2 Buy around 445 to 450 with a stop loss of 430

Hi Salman,

Please also mention your holding period when you ask your query, so that we can advise you better.

1 Nectar life science accumulate at current levels, technically also looks near to its long term support of
28 to 30
2 3i infotech hold with a stop loss of 60
3 Oriental bank and HDFC bank both are good in long term. We prefer oriental bank over HDFC and our

top pick in banking is

IDBI and UCO bank.

Hi Salma,

Nectar Life sciences:

The stock has a strong support between 27 to 30. Nothin wrong in fundamentals. with increase in debt,
turnover has also improved Just wait for a good results, the stock may start moving up

Hi Savitri,

1 It seems the worst is priced in the stock and it has underperformed the market in last one year.
2 You have not mentioned your cost price, I would suggest you to exit at cost and buy sesagoa which
may give you much better returns
3 On technical front 2 Rs should be your stop loss and medium term target is 2.75
4 Britannia Industries hold, its a good stock for long term
5 You can also diversify your portfolio in FMCG by booking 50% profits in britannia and buying ITC for
the same amount.

Hi Mr Kottary Mohan,

1 Last quarter was not good due to high interest cost (54.69 cr as against 24.02 cr in previous quarter)
paid by the company for buying stake in Great Offshore.
2. As you have mentioned you are a investor, hold it, future looks good from here on. As management
has taken control over the board of Great offshore, it brings
good synergies for both the companies in long term.
2 If you want to hold for less than six months than keep a stop loss of 200

Hi Louis,

1. Triton Valves hold 1st target is 1100

Hi Louis,

1 Tilaknagar Industries is a good stock with decent potential to move up side.

2 Last quater for the company was not so good, but future looks good.

Recommendation hold the stock with a price target of 140 and a stop loss of 85

Hi Louis,

1 Hold Coal India and Power Grid.

2 Tecprosystems we are initiating a buy with a price target of 500.

Hi Subaash,

Your stock query KRBL:

Keep a stop loss of 49 for the stock and hold.



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