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"From cartoon porn to foot fetishes, the authors write z

with enthusiasm and in engaging detail, often d


incorporating the neuroscientific basis for results, yet

retaining an accessible vernacular throughout."- LJ


:re layer of skin between the cwo." The author's main contacr THE BOND I

n-as Eurama, a Ghanaian shop girl with ties to the cloth market, Our Kinshio with
;:rd with her help, McKinley crossed the continent in search of 6d&*rt$*iitJllii4i
f:fr f!$ r, &"&!"d r!r'
Animals, dur Calt
rndigo's history as well as the colored cloth itself
'W'hile memoir and history often become tangled. the book
to Defend Them X
Pacelle. Wa1'ne a
represents a valiant effort to recount the social arrd historical ^\Iorrorr-'llarperCollins (+lz pp.)
implications of a color. (4-color photo insert. Appearanru in \n;t St6.g9 ^\pril r:. zorr
and lVashington, D,C. Agmt: Charlotte Shee$,/Charloxe Sheedy 9-8-o-o6-r969-8-z
LittraryAgency) E
ln this debut memoir, Pacelle describes
the activhies of the Humane Society of
the United States, under his direction,
THOUGHTS and presents the competling case that by chattenging crue[ty to
W hat the World's Lcrgest animals we are defending our own humanity. z
Experiment Reveals Reviewing the complexity of the human-animal bond, the
Aliout Human Desire author attacks convenient moral blindness-the fact that we
Ogas, Ogi and Sai Gaddan cherish our pets but turn a blind eye to the systematic abuse
Dutton (46 pp.) of the animals we eat. By refusing "to believe that animais
$26.91 I May 5,zort have intelligence, or even conscious life," despite evidence to
978-o-525-952o9-t the contrary we are allowing "economic interests to do as they
please." Under his direction, HSUS joined other animal-protec-
An in-depth [ook at the variety of forms tion groups to campaign for Proposition z, a zoo8 successful
in which human sexuat desire manifests, California ballot initiative "to ban the extreme confinement of
based on an analysis of 5oo million people and their anony- twenty million animals on concentrated animal feeding opera-
mous-thus, likety truthful-online revelations. tions." Adopting what he describes as a relatively nerv strategl4
Every day millions of people voluntarily reveal intimate HSUS employed an undercover investigator to penetrate the
details about their sexual preferences online through search que- operations of Hallmark, a plant where worn-out three-year-old
ries, adult websites, classified ads, stories and videos. During the dairy cows were slaughtered for meat. He filmed an instance of
course of their research into the nature of human sexual desire, a "downer" cow too weak to stand that was chained to a trac-
neuroscientists Ogas and Gaddam analyzed half a billion of these tor and dragged over rough terrain, and others of cows given
and, combinedvrith the latest findings in conceptual neuroscience, electric shots on their genitals or eyes to force them on their F
discovered that the data yielded some uner?ected information feet, and then provided the footage to the media. This turned
about sexual preference. Some quirkier.*"*pl.r include theJap- a national spotlight on the agribusinesses processes and gained
anese fascinationwith awomart's "absolute territoqy''(the space of international attention concerning the sale ofpossibly contami-
exposed skin between the bottom of a skirt and the top of knee- natedAmerican beef Another successful campaign, undertaken z
high stockings); the fact that fantasies of older women are very after the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, resulted in congressio-
popular among straight men; and that paranormal erotic litera- nal legislation to include pets in FEMA disaster planning. rx
ture is increasingly popular among women. Also intriguing is the Pacelle is an activist and an optimist who believes that
authors' analysis ofthe relatively small divergence ofsexual prefer- change will come and that, as with every great cause, "it begins
ence between straight and gay men (excepting the obvious mascu- with each one of us." (Author tour to Cbicago, Denlen Los Angelei EI
line/feminine aspects) and the surprising discovery about which N e w Tork, S an Franc i s c o, \Y/a s b ingt on, D. C ) z
faction is most curious about transsexuals. More expected results o
also abound: Men are aroused visually whereas women prefer to
have their imaginations stimulated; men desire sex, and woman HUNTINGTON, WEST
desire the feeling of being desired; men have a direct mind-body VIRGINIA..ON THE FLY,'
comection when it comes to arousal, and women experience a Pekar Ilar;e't
more complex series of thoughts arrd emotions, often displar- IJIu-rtrator: -\[cCl inton. Su mmer a
ing an intellectual distaste for stimuli that might simultaneouslr. \illard (r-6
pp.) o
excite them physically Perhaps partly as a result of this, there Sr9.9; paperback ongina-l -\Iav r, zorr
exists no pharmaceutical equivalent of \\agra for u.omen. From 9-8-o-3.15--199-1r--
cartoon porn to foot fetishes, the authors write with enthusiasm
and in engaging detail, often incorporating the neuroscientific This posthumousty published cotlection of
basis for results, yet retaining an accessible vernacular throughout narratives provides footnotes on the life t4
that references pop culture as often as the laboratory immortalized through Americ an Splendor, q
An enjoyable, exhaustive and often insightful look at what The pride of Cleveland and patri-
curns us on-sure to excite readers. arch of the autobiographical comic-book narrative worked
with New York artist Summer McClinton on pieces that

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