Bacon’s Rebellion

-rebellion erupted because frontier’s settlers demands for protection were unheeded -led by Nathaniel Bacon in which Jamestown was burned and natives were brutally murdered. -first time poor white blacks and whites were united in a cause.

Marthin Luther Reformation

-tacked his famous 95 thesis to a church door in Germany resulting to his excommunication and the emergence of protestantism. -King Henry VIII split with Rome -religious movement in 16th century, Europe growing out of desire for reforming the Roman Catholic Church and leading to the stablishment of various Protestant churches.

Tudors and Stuarts

-16th and 17th century English Royal Families -Tudors- Henry VII ruled in 1885- defeated Richard III in Balsworth proclaiming himself a king -Stuarts- James Stuart- Charles 1- bring English back to Catholicism.

Henry VIII

-married Catherine of Aragon and because they have no son he married Anne Boleyn. Because he had no son with Catherine, he wants to divorce her but then that is forbidden by the Pope prompting to break ties with Pope and form the Church in England. -daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella whom Henry married first and after not having a son with her wanta to divorce her. -named Virginia after her by Walter Raliegh; daughter of Anne Boleyn and supports Protestantism. -English first colony in America who was claimed by Walter Raleigh in honor of Elizabeth 1; settlement in further north was known as New England. -Jamestown leaders explored this bay and its rivers because they are working for a fort to plant their settlement. -massive Spanish fleet destroyed when Spain threw a disastrous military campaign against England; caused the Spanish to weaken as a colonial power and increased power of England. -religious order who sought to cleanse the church from the influence of wealth and politics and began to view America as a place where their churches could flourish. Puritan Separists- arrived nearly a thousand mile from intended destination in Virginia.; through them, settlement of New England began.

Catherine Of Aragon Elizabeth I Virginia

Chesapeake Bay Spanish Armada



-contract signed by Puritans onboard pledging to make decision by

Compact Plymouth Colony

majority vote, creating the first example of Democratic rule in America. -founded by Pilgrims, second permanent English colony in America; incorporated to Massachusetts Bay Colony which is a royal charter including land grant for provisions for the government. -conflict that arouse in Connecticut where Pequot tribe were massacred by Puritans and their Naragansett alies because of land claims and humongous settlers. -killed by the English king Philip; Wampanaog chief who have been bristled under religious restrictions. Son of the chief who had first welcome the Pilgrims was captured and beheaded and his familky was sold into slavery in the West indies. -Bloody civil war erupted in the 1640’s that resulted to the beheading of King Charles I after the decade of the civil war; this occurred in which Parliament brought Charles II out of exile reestablishing a monarchy in England; bestowed grants on North and South Carolina; permitted his brother to undertake the invasio of New Neatherlands ousting the Dutch from the area and creating 2 colonies that linked English claims on the American coast. -undertook by England after ousting the Dutch from the area and creating two new colonies that linked English claims aling the American coast. -moved the truth to be self evident to secure people’s rights; governments are reinstituted among men dragging their just power; political power given by God. -agreed befor the Rennaisance began and it is agreed between king of England and English nobles permitting them to meet to gether and consult the king on matters of policy. -change over time after the execution of King Charles I which shift over head of state; choose thie king to come-house of lords, house of commons, nobles; grant permission to the nobility. -happened resulting to the beheading of King Charles I and happened again befor Restoration occurred; ended the Parliamentary victory at the Battle of Worcester. -NC,SC, NY,NJ,PA; Pennsylvania- esatblished by Willism Penn as a refuge for tmembers of the Quaker faith.; Georgia-nestablished and named for King George II Economic theory of the 16th and the 17th century; increased a nation wealth acquiring precious gold and silver; having more exports; but to be self’sufficient, they need to be able to produce goods that would be possible if they established colonies.

Pequot War

Metacom King Philip’s War Restoration

New Neatherlands Divine Right

Magna Carta


English Civil war

Restoration Colonies Mercantilism-

after a squirmish he was captured and sent back to Vi. was not ratified -although the 1st year of the French and iNdian War was a disaster. James II Edmund Andros Glorious Revolution Salutary Neglect Enlightenment Great Awakening Ohio Company Appalachian Mountains George Wasington Fort Duquesne French and Indian War Benjamin Franklin William Pitt Albany Plan of Un. he discovered Fort Duquesne .d. he made Britain increase military funding and eventually defeated French. greater enforcement of these laws took place when James II took power(a. of CharlesII) -sought greater enforcement of the Navigation Acts after Charles II died. -secular intellectual movement and focus of philosophical argument shifted from spiritual to physical and political. Formed by land speculators in Virginia to settle the land west of the Appalachian Mountains Mountains near the land where the ohio Company would settle -army surveyor sent by the speculators by to investigate the area. -agreement which would have created a central government for the colonies fascilitating land deals and alliances with Indian Tribes.Navigation Acts -setting the regulation on trade between Englan and the colonies. revoked individual charters and created Dominion of New England because English colonies contionue to taunt them. restores Chatolicismin England so he was first -governor of the Dominion of New Engand that united Southern Maine to New England to one vast colony because colonies continued to flaunt them. -French Outpostsdiscovered by George Wasington and later became Fort Pitt -war that Freanch Forces contested and their native American Allies with British forces over control of North America. . -trade restrictions were largely ignored by New England because they are chasing their governor out of pwer and the new king restored original charters. France lost everything -proposed the Albany Plan of Union which would have created a central government for the colonies fascilitating land deals and alliances with Indian Tribes. -bloodless revolution where james was oust of his throne and installed William and many as rulers. -religour revial in America as traveling preachers such as Jonathan Edwards captured audiences with sermons. contributed to the growing cultural gap between colonist and the colonies. British triumphed but bankrupted.

-act that charged taxes on nearly all colonialproduction and property -delegates who issued the Declaration of Rights and Grievances -written by the Stamp Act Congress expressing opposition to the tax because colonist were not represented in the Parliament-“No Taxation without Representation” -powerful and influential activist who prevented any stamps from being sold. paper and tea ehich set off new waves of boycotts -1st:Sons of liberty against Stamp Act.G Samuel Adams Sons of liberty Declaratory Act Townshend Act Boycotts Enemies of Liberty Boston Massacre East India Company . awarded all of land up to the Mississippi river to the British. Americans resented and led to this battle in which British troops fired at an unruly mob. this act was the 1st tax intended to pay British debts. Stamp Act Stamp Act Congress Decl of Rights. French claim to the other side of the river was given to Spain -divides the claim between British and Spanish Pontiac attacked British outposts on the frontier because the French lose. -parliament who monopolized and placed tea tariffs on imports. 2nd : against Townshend acts -merchants who continued to trade with Britain and continue to pay tax and undermines boycotts -because the Parliament continues to enforce tax and protest tax collectors. banned any new settlements in the frontier lands -because the war left the British Bankrupt. dumped the tea in Boston harbor by diguising -ended the French and Indian War. -group threatening British tax collectors and organized boycotts of British goods in protest -passed after Stamp Act was repealed stating that parliament had the right to pass nay laws it wished to govern”bind the colonies” -act levying tariffs on building supplies. Huron’s foe -French alliance. head os the sons of liberty. -also called the Royal proclamation. defeated Iroquios -Iroquios. impsed heavy penalties for smuggling which has bee common at colonial ports.Iroquios Huron Mohawk Treaty of Paris(1763) Mississippi River Pontiac’s rebellion Proclamation of 1763 Sugar Act Sided with Britain in the french and Indian War .

wrote up a list of demands that these laws be repealed. natural rights are unalienable rights -prompted France to sigh the Traty of Alliance with the Americans -American forces with French navy surrounded British troops at Yorktown forcing them to surrender Recognition of an independent nation by another nation First Continental Congress Minutemen Lexington Concord 2nd Continental Congress Continental Army Olive Branch Petition George III Thomas Paine Common Sense Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence Battle of Bunker Hill Batlle of Trenton John Locke Battle of Saratoga Batlle of Yorktown Diplomatic .Tea Act Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts -eliminated tea tariff for imports from British East India Company -colonists in Boston disguised as Mohawk Indians as they raided ships docked at Boston Harbor and threw the tea overboard -closed Boston port until the tea was paid for. encourage formation of minutemen -colonial militias encouraged by the first continental congress -confrontation of militiamen against British forces who were marching to seize a supply of weapons -slaughter of British soldiers -approved Declaration of independence. Drew on concepts of English philosoher John Locke -Thomas gage strikes at militiamen who dug it in Breeds’s hill near Bunker Hill -Washinton’s forces nearly 1000 mercenaries who enlisted to fight for Britain for a pay -believe humas could progress . outlawed town meetings. abolished Massachusetts legislature. allowed government of accused crimes to be tried elsewhere. -discuss measures and colonial response. only nayional government during the revolutuonary wars -colonial forces from Boston under George Washington -peaceful resoltuion to the colonist problems with the Parliamnent -rejected to read it and issued a proclamation stating that colonies are in a revoltuion and ordered naval blockade to American Coast Wrote Common Sense -attacked Brtish monarchy and its time for INDEPENDENCE -authored ther document that declared the 13 colonies independent from Great Britain.

Recognition William Pitt Treaty of Paris (1783) John Adams -awarded the colonies their independence and all the land form Florida to the Great Lakes and form the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. -Massachusetts suggested a sweepy radical plan. .that each colony set up its own government and that the congress declare the colonies independent.

in which each state Received a number of votes relative to its per state system by William Paterson -combined these plans creating the Senate. land.last state to sign the AoC -official approval of the constitution or amendement by the states. 5000-temporarily const and elect. -law that establishes a plan for surveying and detlling the federally owned lands west of the Appalachian Mounatins -population. 60000. an uprising of debt-ridden Massachusetts farmers. -suggested one. upper house in which the each states has two votes and House of Represenatives. . 1st Md. regulate trade from interfering with the Slave trade Debtors Prison Shays’s Rebellion Constitutional Convention Independence Hall James Madison Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan Great Compromise 3/5 Compromise Slave Trade Comp. AoC. divides the land west of the Appalachian Mounatins into no less than 3 no more than 5.appeal for statehood -where farmers deeply in debt will be sent if they do not ay their debts -displayed the ineffectiveness of the government that occurred int eh winter of 1786-87. slavery. -refused to approve until all the states turned over their western lands to the US.2 levels of the government share powers -states by their original charters claiming lands west of the Appalachian Mountains. representative of the states -first central government for the US. state-territorial government. -slighyly related to the Gradual Abolition Laws. -the constitutional convention’s agreement to count 3/5 of the slaves as poopulation on purposes of representation and taxation.2nd Continental Congress Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union Landed States Maryland Ratification Land Ordinance of 1785 Landwest Ordinance of 1787 -adopted the Articles of Confederationand Perpetual Union. law that established a procedure for the admission of the new states. 2nd Philadelpia -where the 2nd Constitutional convention met an discuss the revisions of the AoC -developed the Virginia plan -created two house legislature that would offer more representation to states with larger populations. -meeting called by James Madison and Hamilton discussing the AoC problems.

House of Reps.Henry Knox.must win majority vote from to win the presidency. Hamilton. Presidentnegotiate treaties. Us. led by DE and NH -papers written by federalists who are the supporters of the Constitution. First Cabinet Judiciary Act 1789 Supreme Court Chief Justice John . name refers to the power balance between the states and the national government . Executive. and Jay) -opposed the constitution and argued about the lack of protection for indiuvidual rights -first 10 of the amendement. written guarantees for speech.Separation of Powers Bicameral Legislature System of Checks and Balances -Legislative-makes laws. essays demanding the const and published under Publius(Madison. appoint ambassadors and members of the Supreme Court. Amendment Process Ratification Federalist Papers -of the constitution required the approval of at least 9 states. Sec Treas: Alexander Hamilton.Senate and House of Reps). House of Reps-where tax laws originate from (Decl. the bill is returned to the House and cannot become law unless it passes both houses with a 2/3 majority -for one amendment to bepass it must be approved by 2/3 of the House and the senate and ¾ of the state legislatures Impeachmeants-House. created judicial structure. SEC TREAS: Alexander Hamilton (federalist) -Sec State: T. Anti. and religion.carry out laws. Jefferson.need to ratify the decision of presidents and ambassadors. Atty. President. Senate. and published Publius.Federalist Bill of Rights Washington Admin. Judicial. State legislaturesselect members of the electoral college and senate. led the const.of Rights and Griev.hear causes and distributes political authority -(GB-Lords and Commons. Electoral College. press.’s ratification -Cabinet:SEC STATE: Thomas Jefferson (soon leader of Repubs). set up3 federal cicuit courts and 13 federal district courts -provided by the Judiciary Act to consist of a chief justice and 5 associate justices -first chief justice who drafted the const. Sec War.). House of Reps-only elected officials in the nat’l gov’t who are directly elected by voters.decide the elction if no candidate win majority. Gen: Edmund Randolph( chief lawyer of fed gov’t) -authorization of the congress to set up federal court system. two house legislature -prevents any branch from dominating the other two.if the bill he vetoed .would decide if a trial would occur and Senate will serve as a jury during the trial receiving 2/3 majority to remove someone form office.

Republicans: Jefferson -arouse because of Excise tax that taxed product’s manufacture to be levied on whiskey. market value). -Napoleon’s forces defeated by Toussant . reckless courage spent an entire year drilling his men.Jay The Report on Public Credit Government Bonds Assumption Bill Washington. Penn farmrs didn’t pay tax and threatened to secede from the Union. agreed to open Mississippi River to American traders and use of port in New Orleans. evacuate lands west of the Appalachian Mountains. Robespierre decapitates Lois XVI and Marie Antonette -sent by the French people to win American support -Spain gave up all claims except Florida and recognized 31st parallel as Northern Boundary of Florida. issued to cover the old ones propsed by Hamilton to pay off foreign debt.C. pay something and the face value is doubled -proposed by Hamilton saying that the fed gov’t assume the debt of the states -new nation’s capital from NY because in order to win support fot this debt plan for south states. -Miami chieftain who led the confederacy of Natam groups -defeat of Miami confederacy by Wayne -see notebook Jay’s Treaty Mad Anthony Wayne Little Turtle Battle of Fallen Timbers Election of 1796 . -negotiation of neutral shipping right for American trading in the Carribean.Powers granted to states and limited to nat’l gov’t -Federalist:Hamilton.power granted to the national government -Hamilton. -proposed by Hamilton that is founded by both federal gov’t and wealthy private investors. D. -(face value vs. issue paper money and handle tax receipts and bonds -Jefferson. --appointed by Washington to lead federal troops against Natam in the Battle of Fallen Timbers. National Bank Strict Construction Loose Construction Federalist and Republicans Whiskey rebellion French Revolution Edmung Genet Pinkney’s treaty -state that the government was responsible for about 2/3 of the million dollar debt and the states was responsible for the rest. negotiation with British over forts in Ohio territory.

Madison. transition form federalist to Republican -have tha same votes of Adams and Aaron Burr in the election -provides separate ballots for the Pres and Vpres in electoral college -see notes -see. bought by Jefferson when they initially want New Orleans -Lewis led expedition to explore new territory with the second command Clark -Natam interpreter and guide of Lewis and Clark -Britain and other Eurpean Nation honoring American neutrality. the three man team sent to France to see Talleyrand -Alien Acts.’04 Election or Rev’n of 1800 Electoral College 12th Amendment Marbur vs.’12 . extends nation’s boundary to the Rocky Mountains (50th parallel).XYZ Affair Alien and Sedition Acts -sending of low level officials to bribed .asserted people of nullification (states has right to considered void) -Republican who was defeated by Adams by 8 electoral votes -see notes. Dominique and was France’s most important colony -persuaded Spai to return Louisiana territory -bought from the French by Jefferson -see.raised residence requirement to 14 years. Madison John Marshall Judicial review Toussaint L’ Ouverture Haiti Napoleon New Orleans Louisiana Purchase (15 M) Lewis and Clark Sacajawea Embargo Act James Madison ‘08. unconst. Jefferson. ban of exposrting products to other country -Virginian Republican who won victory against Charles Pinkney. power to void acts of congress to the supreme court.set fines and jail terms expressing opinio damaging the government VI and Ky Resolutioms -opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts(violated the 1st amendment).set up “ “ “ “ KY “. KY Resolution.set up resolution accdn to VI legislature. decided to go to war aainst Britain Thomas Jefferson ’00. -led the revolt of Black slaves -known as St. allowed president to kicked out any aliens -Sedition Acts.

the president who was the “people’s choice”. they must still be soverrign and had the right to declare the offending law nullified -foemed by Clay and Calhoun that took name from a British Party that had affected the Glorious Revolution Andrew Jackson ’28. caused by the . negotiate with Spain’ succeded Monroe in 1824 -secreatry of state. bankrupyed.Nat’l Trades Union Election of 1824 -first National association of trades union.1st president to be tried to be assassinate -set boundary in Louisian purchase. Monster Specie Circular Pet Banks Panic of 1837 -executive order banning use of paper money to purchase land from the national government -where federal funds were held -bank closing. ‘32 John Qincy Adams ‘24 Henry Clay(never) Democratic Party Spoils System Indian Removal Act Cherokee Vs Georgia Trail of Tears John Calhoun Tariff of Abominations South Carolina Exposition Nullification Crisis Whig Party Jackson Vs. spoil system. the state had a right to secede -questioned legality of applying some federal laws to sovereign states. run against Jackson in 1832 -formed by Jackson’s supporters -government job is handed out to loyals in return for political work -reqired resettlement of Natams across the Mississippi -Supreme court trial resulting Natam to stay on their land in Georgia -force migration of the Cherokees -owns Tarriff of Abominations. formed the whig party -john Calhoun’s name for the 1828 tariff increase that seemed to southeners to be enriching the north at their expense -opposed tariff of abominations written by Hensy Clay. collapse of credit system. pushed Amerucan system and Missouri Compromise. if the federal government refused to permit a state to nullify a federal law. House of Reps selected John Quincy adams for president despite the fact that Andrew Jackson won more popular and electoral vote -won presidency in 1828 agianst Henry Clay. called attention for growing gaps in socuial classes in America -“corrupt bargain”. formed in 1834. Because the constitution was based on 13 states.

red bible excessively and served a s as preacher to many slaves in VI -rules for slavery.’44 2nd Great Awakening Transcendentalis m Horace Mann Dorthea Dix Utopian Communities Abolition William Lloyd Garrison David Walker Nat Turner Slave Codes -won election of 1836 -won in 184o against van Buren -Vi’an who oppoese the whig’s economic recovery plans. Presient Tyler and His Accidency-mistake made on the inclusion of his ticket -religious revival that was typified by preachers who urged their fellowmen to work for social improvement. and statewide oversight of schools -known for her work in prison reforms and efforts to improve treatment for the mentally ill -experimental community designed to be a perfect society in which its members could ive together in harmony -ending of legal slavery -white abolitionist in Massachusetts who published The Liberator calling for immediate abolition -free black in Boston who published Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World calling for slave uprisings to end institutuions -led a bloody rebellion in for the freedom of petition. to read or to allow them to travel freely between plantations Runaway slave who wrote The North Star -adopted in the House of Reps that prevented petitions from being debated. Thoreau. despite the fact that it denied the 1st amendmendt. Emerson. spinning temperance. and aboliyion movements -Whitman. American literary movement that stressed harmony with nature Massachusetts educator wanted to expand public school systems. adopted in the South that prevents slave rebellions from making it a crime to teach slaves. VI. ‘40 John Tyler. -black woman by the real name of Isabella Baumfree who sojourn or travel the country by arguing for abolition -governor of Indiana territory who invited Natam chiefs to Fort Wayne and persuaded them to sign away 3million worth of land to US Frederick Douglass Gag Rule Sojourner Truth William Henry Harrison .specie circular Martin van Buren’36 William Henry Harrisson.

government Wage Labor Tecumseh Battle of Tippecanoe Impressments War Hawks War of 1812 -pay according to hours of work -Shawnee chief who led the confederacy of Natam who fight for their homeland against Harrison -Tecumseh attacked Harrison’s brother to fight for their land -British policy of seizing Americans at sea and impressing them on the British navy -group of young congressmen from south to west who continue to war because of the presence of Natam in the Indiana Territory -President Madison dedided to go to war against Britain because he believes Britain was trying ot strangle American trade and cripple the conomy -burned by the red coats -wrote Star Spangled Banner -led the troops to protect New Orleans -where Jackson’s troops met British force -peace treaty that declared the armistice(end of fighting). established Southern and Western boundaries of Loiusiana -establish principle that US would not become involved in European wars and declared that Westrn hemisphere was close off to any further European colonial activity White House Francis Scott Key Andrew Jackson Battle of New Orleans Treaty of Ghent Samuel Slater Eli Whitney James Monroe Henry Clay American System Era of Good Feelings Seminole War Adams-Onis Treaty Monroe Doctrine . transportation: roads and canals -Republican took a tour of New England and receive welcome in Boston. built own cotton-spinning machine -invented cotton gin and interchangeable parts -elected president in 1816 -House speaker who proposed the american system -protective tariff. declaration by Boston Columbiam Central (see) -Seminole in Fl Retreated to FL and Jackson sent troops to fight them -secure purchase ofr Florida From Spain. reopened trade between B and A -British Immigrant who made the first Successful factory in the US. 2nd national bank. a federalist side.

Missouri Compromise Seneca Falls Convention Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton Declaration of Sentiments Temperance Movement -Clay 36-30. NY in 1848 that issued Declaration of Sentiments(equality of both sexes) -led the Seneca Falls Convention -related ot the Declaration of Independence that demanded equal treatment of the sexes including voting rights for women -organized effort to prevent drinking of alcoholic beverages. NATIONALISM VS SECTIONALISM??? . settle question where slavert would be permitted to the west of the Mississippi -women.s right convention held in Seneca Falls.


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I would already have you up under my arm. but you don't know. you got designer shades. you think you're cooler than me. shoes on your feet. its probably cuz. I hope that you like this. like they ain't shit. I used to pull all my tricks. or remember my name. and you wear them around. just to hide your face and you wear them around like you're cooler than me.• Top of Form Usernam e ******** Login or Bottom of Form • Signup Top of Form Search! Bottom of Form Browse : 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z | ALL Mike Posner Cooler Than Me Lyrics Artist: Mike Posner lyrics Title: Cooler Than Me Facebo Twitt Delicio Googl Myspac Digg ok er us e e Print these lyrics Send "Cooler Than Me" Ringtone to your Cell Lyrics to Cooler Than Me : If I could write you a song. and you never say hey. the way that you look. when your steps make . you think you're cooler than me. but you probably won't. you got your hot crowd. and make you fall in love.

see I got you. just to hide your face and you wear them around like. you probably think that this song is about you. but you probably won't. and make you fall in love. switching your walk. and you never say hey. I would already have you up under my arm. Was acting shallow 'til she found out how deep that my pockets is Mrs. you think you're cooler than me. but I'm finer 'Cause it sure seems ('Cause it sure seems) You got no doubt . I hope that you like this. it's probably cuz. or remember my name. this is your reminder That I think you're fine. you think you're cooler than me.that much noise. your so vain. and you don't even look when you pass by. I'm approaching up. don't you? don't you? if I could write you a song. cuz your nose is up. pre-Madonna. I used to pull all my tricks. all figured out. she probably is. you got designer shades. know what's up. and don't you dare act like you don't know. you're cooler than me. but you don't know. you need everyone's eyes just to feel seen. you got your hot crowd. when your steps make that much noise. like I can't give you winter in the summer or summer in the winter Miami in December trying to look bored in them Dior's. girl. the way that you look.

I used to pull all my tricks. when your steps make that much noise. . I hope that you like this. or remember my name. you think you're cooler than me. (Thanks to Megan for these lyrics and to starlight for these corrections) If I could write you a song. shoes on your feet. you think you're cooler than me. you think you're cooler than me. its probably cuz. but you probably won't. you got your hot crowd. and you wear them around. you got designer shades. but you probably won't. you got designer shades. and you never say hey. you think you're cooler than me. I would already have you up under my arm. like they ain't shit. I hope that you like this. its probably cuz. I used to pull all my tricks. or remember my name. I would already have you up under my arm. just to hide your face and you wear them around like you're cooler than me.(That you got no doubt) But we all see (We all see) You got your head in the clouds (Clouds) if I could write you a song. but you don't know. you're cooler than me. just to hide your face and you wear them around like. the way that you look. and you never say hey. and make you fall in love. and make you fall in love.

you got your hot crowd. your so vain. don't you? don't you? if I could write you a song. and you don't even look when you pass by. and don't you dare act like you don't know. and you never say hey. I would already have you up under my arm. like I can't give you winter in the summer or summer in the winter Miami in December trying to look bored in them Dior's. I used to pull all my tricks. you got designer shades. I hope that you like this. know what's up. when your steps make that much noise. you need everyone's eyes just to feel seen. and make you fall in love. this is your reminder That I think you're fine. you think you're cooler than me. the way that you look. but you probably won't. all figured out. you think you're cooler than me. she probably is. switching your walk.see I got you. just to hide your face and you wear them around like. or remember my name. you're cooler than me. but I'm finer 'Cause it sure seems ('Cause it sure seems) You got no doubt (That you got no doubt) But we all see (We all see) . it's probably cuz. Was acting shallow 'til she found out how deep that my pockets is Mrs. cuz your nose is up. pre-Madonna. I'm approaching up. but you don't know. you probably think that this song is about you. girl.

you got designer shades. its probably cuz. (Thanks to Megan for these lyrics and to starlight for these corrections) [ These are Cooler Than Me Lyrics on http://www. I hope that you like this.lyricsmania. I used to pull all my tricks. but you probably won't. and you never say hey. you think you're cooler than me. Verification: Enter the text in the image .com/ ] Send "Cooler Than Me" Ringtone to your Cell Comments to these lyrics Leave a Comment Top of Form 928565 (Maximum characters: 500) 500 You have characters left. you're cooler than me. and make you fall in love. just to hide your face and you wear them around like. I would already have you up under my arm.You got your head in the clouds (Clouds) if I could write you a song. or remember my name. you think you're cooler than me.

2010 a 06:17 pm] Dragonryder There are a few things wrong with these lyrics as written.Add Com ent m Bottom of Form unnikuttan dsdf [Posted on Oct 7. there is another line after "That I think you're fine". it should be. In 3 different places. which is "But I'm finer. Shine her". 2010 a 12:48 pm] Add to my playlist Rate Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner Top of Form 53716 928565 (Worst) 1 Bottom of Form 2 3 4 5 (Best) by 9 Users Last Added Lyrics Tick lyrics Traveling Man lyrics The Way You Make Me Feel & Cooler Than Me (Mashup Remix) lyrics Close The Door lyrics Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix) lyrics Traveling Man lyrics Single & Drunk lyrics Drug Dealer Girl (Remix) lyrics Speed Of Sound lyrics Mirror's Edge lyrics Bring Me Down lyrics Red Button lyrics Kiss Me Thru The Phone lyrics Don't Trust Me (Benny Blanco Remix) lyrics You Don't Have To Leave lyrics Last 20 Artists Lovvers lyrics | Lovemongers (The) lyrics | Lori Lynette lyrics | Lord Huron lyrics | Livelihood lyrics | Little Jungles lyrics | Lia Ices lyrics | Lexington lyrics | Leopold and his Fiction lyrics | Lea Luna lyrics | Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers lyrics | Ladybug Mecca lyrics | . Plus. "I used to parlor my tricks". [Posted on May 3. not 'paul all my".

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