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semiconductor and

electronics processing

excellence in evaporation
Industry standard production platforms?
Absolutely reliable evaporation processes?
A global support network?
EVATEC is a new company with over 50 years of experience and Reliable partner for
profound process know-how in the electronics and semiconductor electronics and semiconductors
markets. How is that possible? Our BAK production platforms offer
production solutions for a wide range of
A famous tradition advanced electronics and semiconductor
We are a new, independent company, but applications.
our batch processing know-how is based
on the industry standard evaporation With a complete range of deposition
technology from Balzers, and our network processes – from PVD to ion-assisted
is from Unaxis. EVATEC carries on an deposition and ion plating – EVATEC works
important tradition of reliable production with leading electronic and semiconductor
solutions – with a firm commitment to companies in key applications:
innovation and technical support.

EVATEC offers a
Product Applications
comprehensive list
of solutions for the Advanced Flip chip, CSP UBM
semiconductor and packaging
electronics markets. ■ ■

Thin wafer CMOS, discrete Backside metallization

■ ■

Customized semi CMOS, discrete Discrete ICs, ASICS, power devices

■ ■

Compound semi GaN, GaAs, InGaN, Front and backside metallization

InGalp,GaAlAs, etc.
■ ■

OLED InGaAlP Passivation layer, ohmic contact/

active luminous layers
■ ■

Photovoltaic Solar cells passivation layer, ohmic contact

■ the industry standard, ■

Our process controller relies View of the BAK assembly line BAK is the preferred
on SEMATECH and enables in Flums, Switzerland. production platform
SECS/GEM host integration. for SAW applications.
Flexible production platform
for cost-effective solutions

With half a century of innovation and durability, the BAK the reliability of the platform design and
platform has a history of performance unmatched in the industry. ability to adapt to new applications.
EVATEC brings an unwavering commitment to continued
innovation of this legendary process production platform – The industry standard line-up
the best in batch processing! First installed for electronics and semi-
conductor production almost 40 years
Over 900 still in daily production ago, the BAK batch processing platform
With unmatched levels of flexibility and has undergone constant evolution and
thin film processing quality, it’s no surprise improvement ever since. Today’s systems
that over 900 BAK systems are still used offer a remarkable combination of proven
in daily R&D and production around the durability and a wide range of production
world today. This is also testimony to processes. The complete BAK system
line-up includes:


R&D and small pilot production system dedicated system for high volume SAW
■ ■ applications
BAK 641 ■ ■

laboratory and low volume production system BAK 1100

■ ■ high volume production system
BAK 761 ■ ■

the standard high volume production BAK 1350

platform double door configuration for easy access
■ ■ and maintenance

for mobile applications, sensor and remote BAV 1250/BAV1400

ID devices high volume production system for
■ ■ electronics applications
BAP 801 ■ ■

ion plating system ideal for optoelectronics Customized systems

and optics according to specific process requirements

■ flexible and

Uniformity: Even distribution and reproducibility Process flexibility: Configuration A typical metal lift-off
over multiple production runs is demonstrated of a customized application in application with
in this SAW process data. a BAK 641 system. T-shaped features.
Working towards optimal
productivity and lower cost of ownership

Our global support network helps you ramp-up your batch process- Production support
ing solution and keep it going. This includes comprehensive Getting production going as soon as
training programs, around the clock production support, and possible is also an important cost-
reliable spare parts and quick delivery – no matter where the efficiency factor. EVATEC prepares the
production line is located. installation site, commissions the system,
and can assist with start-up and
Training and commissioning production ramp-up, to assure that you
Training designed for your personnel helps are up and running quickly.
maximize production line throughput and
can lower cost of ownership parameters. Our network of sales and service offices
EVATEC training programs are tailored comprises numerous locations around the
to your production needs, at our training world. Spare parts facilities are located
centers or on-site, anywhere in the world. in Asia, Europe and North America.
Our sales and service professionals are
there, where and when you need them.

lower cost of ownership

Our spare parts facilities Our service network keeps The BAK EVO is the industry
are located in Asia, Europe production running around the world. standard – a flexible high
and North America. volume production system.
The answer for many electronics and
semiconductor applications is BAK.

This batch processing platform delivers better layer uniformity, EVATEC delivers:
throughput and lower costs – when compared to comparable Remarkably low production costs per
sputtering solutions. substrate
■ ■

EVATEC has it all. Configuration options for all throughput

The steadily increasing performance and budget specifications
demands for all types of thin film coatings ■ ■

require the most precise and highly High system uptime for around the clock
reliable production solutions. Our world- production
wide list of customers prefer our batch ■ ■

processing technology for a number of Excellent layer uniformity and batch-

key production advantages. to-batch reproducibility
■ ■

Optimal material utilization

■ ■

Simultaneous deposition with extreme

rate ratios
■ ■

Bridge tool – easy conversion between

different size substrates


A test strip is applied to Final results: Another Close-up of a MEMS

measure thin film layer thickness. faultless production lot application done on
from a BAK system. a BAK system.
Evatec Ltd.
CH-8890 Flums
Tel. + 41 81 7201080
Fax + 41 81 7201081

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