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m e d i t a t i o n

Using the techniques of Sahaja Yoga, every day we strive to attain, for a few precious seconds or minutes, the profound state of mediation. In that state we achieve “thoughtless awareness”, where our mind is quiet. Without thoughts, we have no worries, doubts or bad memories. Our fear, anger, and dissatisfaction dissolves. We enter a state of relaxed contentedness. At first, a daily meditation time is something some of us have to force upon ourselves with a little self-discipline and coaxing. Once we see the benefits of the daily meditation, it becomes part of our natural routine. Many people say the daily Sahaja Yoga meditation is more essential to their well-being than anything else they do in the day.

The diagram of our subtle system shows the seven major chakras and the three channels. The diagram helps us to interpret what we are feeling in our meditation. A tingling or burning sensation in one finger represents a particular chakra that is blocked. A cool sensation indicates a chakra is clear. In the beginning, our nervous system may not be able to tell us what is happening at the level of our subtle system. After several weeks of daily meditation, most people find their sensitivity improves and they are able to distinguish cool or warm sensations on different fingers and parts of the hand. The chart teaches us which chakra needs attention. For instance, a burning in the right index finger tells us to give vibrations to the right side of the fifth chakra, located in the cervical plexus (vishuddhi).

Since a “cool” feeling means something is nourishing for our spiritual growth, and a “hot” feeling means it is not, developing our subtle awareness can make our lives a lot easier, since a “wrong” or stupid decision or direction will give us “hot” vibrations. Some people are very sensitive to vibrations and can feel the vibrations of everyone they meet, and even the vibrations of inanimate objects. With practice, most of will feel whether a piece of music or art, or a particular idea, has cool or hot vibrations. Not only can we feel the state of our own subtle system, but also those of our neighbors, our children and our friends. Rather than use this awareness to have a mental opinion about someone, knowing the state of someone else’s subtle system allows us to use our pure compassion: we can clear out the blockages in their chakras. The source of their difficulties is removed, and the symptoms of their difficulties (stress, irritation, difficulty sleeping etc) improve.

Try a few simple exercises to strengthen the experience of the meditation. They will also help you feel vibrations if you are not feeling them. • Raise the Kundalini slowly up the central channel with the right hand. • Press the right hand on top of the head, then raise the hand above the head. Repeat the same thing with the left hand. • Look at the photo of Shri Mataji. Then slowly close your eyes and take the attention to the top of the head. Always be assured that you are feeling the “correct” experience. If you have any doubts, ask one of the meeting presenters and you will often find that what you are feeling is also felt by others. Sahaja Yoga is a collective experience!