It is with affection and appreciation that I acknowledge my indebtness and gratitude to Deboshree Gogoi, Department of Commerce, Digboi College, who guided and supervised me to complete my Project in time. I am also very grateful to all the faculty member of department of commerce, Digboi College, for their advice and supervision, the staff of various Travel agencies for their enthusiastic encouragement during the course of the Project, and my friends for their valuable suggestion and co-operation.

(Tanay Debnath)


Tourism is a collection of activities, services and industries that delivers a travel experience, including transportation, accommodations, eating and drinking establishments, retail shops, entertainment business, activity facilities and other hospitality service provided for individuals or group travelling away from home. Tourism is the largest service industry in India, with a contribution of 6.23% to the national GDP and 8.78% of the total employment in India. India witnesses¶ more than 5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and 562 million domestic tourist visits. The tourism industry in India generated about US $ 100 billion in 2008 and that is expected to increase to US $ 275.5 billion by 2018 at a 9.4% annual growth rate. The Ministry of Tourism is the nodal agency for the development and promotion of tourism in India and maintains the ³Incredible India´ campaign. According to world Travel and Tourism Council, India will be a tourism hotspot from 2009-2018, having the highest 10 year growth potent ial. The Travel and Tourism competitiveness report 2007 ranked tourism in India 6 th in terms of Price Competitiveness and 39th in terms of safely and security. Despite short and medium term setback, such as shortage of hotel rooms, tourism revenues are expected to surge by 42% from 2007 to 2017.

Objectives of study:
1. To determine the prospect and potentially of Tourism in the digboi town. 2. To understand the problem associated with the Travel agencies of digboi town. 3. To study the tourist spots of digboi town haring the highest demand. 4. To provide suggestions for improving the performance of the travel agencies.

found their elephants leg soaked in black mud that smelt somewhat like oil. To make the study successful many visits to the tourism industry was made in order to have a insight on the present tourism market. Indian Oil Company (then known as Assam Oil Company) runs its Oil refinery in Digboi ± ³The oldest refinery in Asia´.405. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. 10% of the population is under 6 years of age. The required data and information for the study were collected from secondary data e. higher than the national average of 59. Male literacy is 85% and female literacy is 77%. via internet and books related to tourism. Digboi has always retained a British influenced culture year into independence. In Digboi. Digboi had a population of 20.METHODOLOGY: The methodology adopted for the study is descriptive analytical. The town¶s history begins in 1867 when a small group of men from the Assam Railway and Trading Co. AREA OF THE STUDY: Digboi is a town and a town area committee in Tinsukia district in the northeastern part of the state of Assam. Digboi has an average literacy rate 81%. As of 2001 India census. which is what the English told the laboureres as they dug for crude oil. The methods used for collection of data have been confined to direct personal interviews and discussions. the English started a small oil installation. It is said that the town gets its name from the phrase ³dig-boy-dig´. The men began exploring more and in 1889.g. India. India (and Asia) obtained its first refinery in Digboi in the year 1901. golfing. The town consists of many site like: . The data and information gathered to serve the purpose of the study is basically from Primary Sources. swimming and tennis were lifestyles of most Digboites since a long time back.5%. Club going.

The study will help the travel agency to understand the present tourism market prevalent in Digboi. Finally. As the town consist of many beautiful sites. Situated in Tinsukia District. The lavish lifestyle of British has now turned out to be a boon for Digboi town in respect of tourism. This will provide the travel agency an opportunity to minimize or mitigate the drawbacks in their service to tourist.y y y y y y Digboi Club Golf Digboi Was Cemetery National Oil Park Digboi Centenary Park Digboi Centenary Museums Saikhowa National Park SIGNIFICANCE: Digboi the Oil town of Tinsukia is believed to have derived its home from the phrase ³dig-boy-dig´ which is what the English told the labourers as they dug for crude oil. The town was under British rule till Independence and was also of great interest to them. . The present study is expected to reflect the type of service provided by the travel agency. there is visiting of more tourist which gradually increasing the potential and prospect of the Tourism in the town. The travel agency will come to know about the drawbacks in the services provided by them to their visitors and also about the grievances of the visitors in relation thereto. Digboi has been a treasure chest for the state of Assam.

.this study also tries to facilitate some suggestions to the Travel agency for improving their performance level so as to satisfy more visitors.

business . Safety resources but without advancement in transport & communication the idea of travel for pleasure or exploration emerged. which was a 10 volume guide to Greece. The world Tourism Organization (WTO) claims that tourism is currently the worlds largest industry with annual revenues of over $ 3 billion dollars. Tourism is a collection of activities. Tourism provides over six million jobs in the United States. services. Water. the activities undertaken during their stay in those destinations. eating and drinking establishments. One of the earliest travel guides was written by Pausanias. and industries that delivers a travel experience. entertainment businesses. Travel has always depended upon technology to provide the means or mode of travel. activity facilities and other hospitality services provided for individuals or groups traveling away from home. Each improvement in technology increased for education. The earliest travelers walked or rode domesticated animals.CHAPTER ± II INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM Since the time immemorial human beings have traveled from one place to another in search of Food. sightseeing and religious purpose. including transportation. accommodation. a breek.´ According to Macintosh and Goeldner (1986) tourism is ³the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the interaction of tourists. and the facilities created to cater to their needs. retail shops. for Roman tourists in 170 AD. The invention of the wheel and the said provided new modes of transportation. DEFINITION OF TOURISM BY FAMOUS AUTHORS: According to Mathieson and wall (1982) created a good working definition of tourism as ³the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence. making it the Country¶s larges employer.

NATURAL RESOURCES : Matural Resources are the combination of Physical features (Yosemita National Park. They may be a primary definition such as Disney world or secondary destination which are interesting places to visit on the way to your primary destation. ENTERTAINMENT : Tourism developments of all sizes from Disney World. host governments and host communities in the process of attracting and hosting these tourists and other visitors. culture ethnicity or entertainurent. LODGING : Represents a variety of service from camp grounds. Maine). FACILITIES : When tourists arrive at attractions they require facilities to provide service. California). hotels and five stars resorts.´ DIMENSIONS OF TOURISM: All tourism activities are related to one or more of the following dimensions of tourism. RV Parks. Most tourists traveling from the east to go to las Vegas will stopoucr at the Grand Canyon national Park on the way. The challenge to managing natural resources based tourism is to preserve the natural resource from the inspect of the tourist¶s. Attraction usually focus on natural resources. . FOOD AND BENERAGE: Noty only provide basic sustenance for tourist but an important factor in the over all tourism. las Vegas to local community special events and festivals such as the Blooms-day Road Race in Spokane Washington. Universal Studies. the climate (Vall. government and traditions. Colorado) and the natural beauty of the area (Acadia National Park. ETHNICITY : To visit family and friends. CULTURE: A way of life.suppliers. ATTRACTION : Are the primary motivation for traveling. history. which observed through a people religion.

train or ship) and the hours required to get to their destination. the majority of travel requires discretionary income. police and fire protection and roads. the ability to get point A to point B and back. medical facilities. . D. These system include water and sewer system. INFRASTRUCTURE : The basic service on which all tourism depends. electricity. or to point C. which permeates every tourism location that makes the tourist. rent and taxes) have been paid. Shopping is an integral part of the travel experience. communication networks. (C) Mobility. how much it costs to get to our destination. E« The variable of Time. feels welcome and safe. as the hours for leisure increase so does the opportunity for travel changes in work days or hours. calendars will affect how and when people can travel. and Money. school. (B) Money. Discretionary income is money left over after all monetary obligations (food. plane. how long it takes to get to a specific destination. Tourists seek unique and novel items which represent the area and cultures they visit. HOSPITALITY: The community¶s attitude. Tourism developments are dependent on the ease of access and types of transportation available. bus. ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT OF TOURISM (A) Time. The overall travel pattern has moved from a two-week vacation to 6-8 three or four days mini-vacation per year. Ps the access to transportation (car. TRANSPORTATION: TIME AND MONEY: This is the critical component to tourism.SUPPORT SERVICE: Usually are represented by small retail business providing souvenirs and personal services. It is result of the interaction between the tourist and the local population.

persons and organizations working in the field of tourism. education. y y y To institute awards. adventure or shess reduction. ill. creed or sex. organizing regular meetings and cultural and social activities. take on lease or otherwise acquire land. is the reason people travel.(D) Motivation. . y To purchase. mortgage or hypothecate or otherwise dispose of all or any of the property and assets of the society on such terms and conditions as the society may deem fit for attaining the objects. y To provide medical insurance and other welfare schemes to tourism related persons. meet new people. aged. caste. To reward and recognise. prizes and gifts for encouraging tourism. y To set up educational institutions and other institutions wh ich create an environment for offering various courses in tourism and get affiliation/ approval from University/ Universities or other institutions for conducting such courses. y To engage in charitable and social service activities of every kind to help the poor. magazines and books. needy. backward and weaker sections of the general public without discrimination of religion. To promote and improve the standard and quality of tourist movement in India. lease. To establish a printing and publishing house or otherwise bring out periodicals. Motivation may include seeking nouefy. construct. y y To collaborate with tourism related industries like hotels for mutual benefit. OBJECTIVES: y To promote healthy relationship among individuals who are actively engaged in tourism related business through useful interaction. building and other movable and immovable properties and to sell.

Thanks to it. Consequently.y To accept donations in cash or in kind. that tourism brings only benefits. In general. but also provision for this act. the average standard of living of people increasing well and at the same time unemployment is on the decrease. tourism is an extremely profitable process in loads of countries . graffiti. After this. It may seem. fees and other charges for the services rendered by the society and take and raise funds by way of loans or otherwise and the Advantages of Tourism: Tourism is the act of travel for the purpose of not only recreation. destruction of sand dunes and pollution. many countries depend heavily upon travel expenditure by foreigners as a source of taxation and as a source of income for the enterprises. Therefore. especially those in which the process of development continue to depend on this industry because does not require a lot literacy and also it yields maximum profits with less investment. Secondly. which is sad but true. tourism undermines culture by commercializing it and this is often connected with increasing litter. However. this serves of negatively as increases pollution disturbs local residents and it may discourage tourists from further entering the country. . the development of tourism is often a strategy to promote a particular region for the purpose of increasing commerce through exporting goods and services. vandalism and noise ± tourists do not always respect traditional culture. Firstly. It might occupy local services such as entertainment. accommodation and catering for tourists. grants and collect subscriptions. but further consideration shows that it also has disadvantage. it provides direct employment for the people associated with occupation in bars and hotels. tourists cause environment damage through forest fires.

Education provides the true advantages of tourism. All in the states of the USE promote all kind of tourism. therefore tourists prefer living in rental apartments as that increasing their pleasure during their vacation and gives them the required comfort. manner. culture and way of living of people in other place. We can learn a lot more when we actually come in contact and witness all the sights of the world. Since 2002. especially the state of Ohio. You must know the habits. Ohio offer tourists various historical place and scenic beauty. Traveling takes people to the world and discovers that the differences between you and other are travail and can be overcome. we will fail to understand the positive and negative effect of environment on the life of human beings. Cincinnati is famous for its tourism and one of the comforts this city offer I it Apartments. Knowledge of a place can best be acquired if that region is property seen and understood.Tourism is one of the very important factors. Tourism is one of those experiences which a student cherishes all his life. the crime rate in Cincinnati has fallen largely. It offers quality peaceful living to all its residents. By staying in our own cities. architectural structures. . History can be made very interesting as well if student are allowed to visit historical monuments. Our outlook towards life becomes blurred. they tend to learn more and remember for a longer time. Englishmen consider their schooling complete only after a tour of the continent. Geography can also become interesting if students are taken out of their own eyes. Student eagerly looks forward for such opportunities when they are taken out of the four walls of classroom to distant places. Thanks to tourism. which promote a country¶s economy. Sitting at home will give us a very narrow vision. battle fields and all similar historical cities. When student actually visit and witness the wonders of the world. It is considered being the most powerful tool to promote national integration and unify people from all over the country. Just reading about the place won¶t give you much information about it. which is a pleasure for any tourists. education actually becomes enjoyable.

Travelling is a must for those who are interested in knowing about the world they live in. but many who came to see the famous building and works of art in the cities. People travel for trade. Advertisements in the form of sing direction visitors to wayside inns are also known . covering a vast area of destination. The local towns accommodated tourists by providing services such as: vendors of food and drink. hence seaports prospered. hawker of souvenirs. or education developed at an early date. History of tourism: The earliest forms of leisure tourism can be traced as far back as the Babyloninian and Egyptian empires. Pausanias. Guidebooks became available as early as the fourth century BC. Greek tourists travelled to visit the sites of healing gods. The experiences that you have when you travel cannot be reproduced in a book. religious purpose. commerce. festivals. Sparta and Tory. produced a noted´ description of Greece´ between AD 160and 180.e. The lands of the Mediterranean sea produced a remarkable a evaluation in travel.The learning of a foreign language is a very important aspect of tourism. While the Egyptians held many religious festivals attracting not only the devout. guides. Athens. method of learning new things. which. medical treatment. Because the independent city-state of ancient Greece had no central authority to order the construction of roads. tourism is the quickest and the best. acted as a model for later writers. Plus. touts and prostitutes. A museum of ³historic antiquates´ was open to the public in the sixth century BC in Babylon. It is the first step towards understanding a nation. This will provide them with the maturity of judgment. i. must of these tourists travelled by water. Things will become easily clear and understandable only if the language of the common people is known. if not the cheapest. From around the same date. in its critical evaluation of facilities and destinations. a Greek travel writer.

Roman travelled to Sicilly. The result was that in 2004. Type of Tourism: All types of tourism in India have registered phenomenal growth in the last decade ever since the India government decided to boost revenues from the tourism sector by projecting India as the ultimate tourist spot. under Roman rule is where international travel becomes first important. Rhodes. no matter what their interests. The reason why India has been doing well in all type of tourism in India is that has always been known for its hospitality. Being a country with tremendous diversity. Roman coinage was acceptable everywhere. The diversity that India is famous for. Second homes were built by the wealthy within easy traveling distance. foreign tourists spent around US$ 15. has set up the Ministry of tourism and culture. The different types of tourism in India are as follows: .from this period. and Tory. Domestic tourism also flourished within the Roman Empire. and Latin was the common language. However. and charm ±attributes that have been attracting foreign travelers to India in hordes. Egypt and from the third century AD. conditions favoring travel had arrived. uniqueness. This ministry recently launched a campaign called µIncredible India!¶ in order to encourage different types of tourism in India. ensure that there is something to do for all tourists in India. The Indian government. and with the seas safe from piracy due to the Roman patrols.4 billion during their trips to India. India has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and related activities. Greece. in order to boost tourism of various kinds in India. With no foreign border between England and Syria. to holy land.

but in the deep planning and design that went to its makingand the ethereal idea of immortalizing love. The government of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture encourage heritage tourism in India by offering several benefits to the Indian states that are particular famous for attracting tourists. palaces.Heritage Tourism: India has always been famous for its rich heritage and ancient culture. Carnation. It looks the same from all four sides! The qurnic inscriptions on its four entrances are carved in such subtle increase in size that may appear to be of the same size from top to bottom! Shahajan invited master craftsman from as far as Italy and Persia to help design his ambitious tribute to love. A world renowened wonder. and forts that can be found everywhere in the country. monuments. The enchanting mausoleum. the Indian capital Taj Mahal was built by a gref stricken emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaj mahal. So the onset of heritage tourism in India was long anticipated. This has led to the increase in India¶s heritage tourism for destinations in India are: 1 Taj Mahal in Agra 2 Mandawa castle in Rajasthan 3 Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu 4 Madurai in Tamil Nadu 5 Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh 6 Delhi. India¶s glorious past and culture diversity make a potent blend which attracted million of Tourism each year to its heritage tourist attractions. Lazuli. India¶s rich heritage is simple reflected in the various temples. Taj Mahal sits pretty on the northern sie of this green paradise. Delicate carvings and in marble vie with gorgeous pietra dura for attention. Agate and Emerald are inlayed in floral and geometrical patterns in the marble itself. on the bank of . Lapiz. The Taj Mahal is phenomenal not in the beauty alone that shines fourth. Mother of Pearl.

And for this reason. Humayun¶s tomb. while making sure not to damage the ecological balance. Modural is known as the µtemple city¶ due to the presence of a large number of temples of in the city. Mahabalipuram has sculptural and architectural sites which s\are considered the greatest in India. the . Mahabalipuram has cave temples that have been carved from granite blocks and belongsto the 7 th century. many tourists go and visit the place each year. Therefore. The Mandawa castle in Rajasthan. for the concept itself is a relative new one. built in1775reflects India¶s rich heritage and attracts thousand of tourists each year to Rajasthan which seems especially popular for its antique paintings. and Tughlaqabad fort. palaces. Ecotourism: Ecotourism India has India development recently.river Yamuna started in 1961 it took 22 years to complete with the help of anes timated 20000 workers. This is the primary reason why many heritage tourists n India visits this place. Ecotourism pertains to a conscious and responsible effort to preserve the diversity of a naturally endowed region and sustaining its beauty and local culture. The most famous heritage sites in Delhi are the Red fort. jama Masjid. Heritage tourism India has grown in recent years but there is scope for further development which can be attained only through combined efforts of the government of India and the tourism boards. Indians have m in been known since ages worship and conserve nature. The tourism of heritage in India has also increase due to the interest of many foreigners in the temples of India. The most important temple in Madural is the Meenakshi temple. jade jewelry. Ecotourism entails traveling to places that are renowned for their natural beauty and social culture. Heritage tourism India has also been popularized because lot tourists go to Delhi which is not only the capital of India but also has many heritage sites. and costumes.

Moreover. . Various destinations not only de. KANHA NATIONAL PARK IN MADHYA PRADESH 4. Ecotourism in India has grown significantly in recent years in India since the country has a diverse geography. India where tourist can participate in eco.growth of ecotourism in India is but natural.stresses to the tourist but also rejuvenate them.Thenmala is a planned ecotourism spot and is the first of its kind in India great care has gone into the care and preservation of Thenmala so that it caters to nature lovers and eco-tourists. Himalaya Region. Northeast India and Andaman Nicobar Island are some destinations in India. The major national parks in India for ecotourism are1. GIR NATIONAL PARK AND SANCTUARY IN GUJARAT 5. In addition. Places such as Kerala. the government of India has set up the ministry o0f tourism and culture to promote ecotourism in India alongside other types of tourism. A great number of endangered and rare species are also to be found the various national parks in India.tourism related activities. RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK IN RAJASTHAN Ecotourism in India has increased in the last few years. The government of India and ministry of Tourism need to make concerted effort to ensure that ecotourism in India is able to keep pace with ecotourism destinations across the world and making sustainable priority. JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK IN UTTAR PRADESH 2. which led to the development of many tourist destinations. Tourists can enjoy nature in India in various ways. In Kerala. Eco-tourists have been thronging India n large numbers for it has a rich source of flora and fauna. Lakshadweep Island. BANDHAVGARH NATIONAL PARK IN MADHYA PRADESH 3. this has given ecotourism in India a major boost.

Adventure Tourism: Adventure tourism has recently grown n India. Shri Sathya sai baba and guru Nanak once walked turning the India soil pious and blessed at the different circle of time wheel. A visit to the Kedarnath or Badrinath will take you to the Himalayas which is believed to be the abode of 330 million gods and goddesses and you can feel the immense divinity in the air itself. The grate religious like Hinduism. Mahabir jain. tourist prefer to go for trekking to places like Ladakh. Pilgrimage Tourism: India is probably the ultimate of kinds of pilgrims following any faith around the world. There are numerous destinations in India which are considered sacred by people following different faith because of their religious important. . It is widely believed that after breathing in the holy atmosphere of Varanasi or Haridwar or taking a dip into the sacred Pushkar lake or river Ganges washes away the sins and helps one to attain nirvana (salvation). Jainism. Islam. Wildlife Tourism: India has a rich forest cover which has some beautiful and exotic species of wildlife-some of which that are even endangered and very rare. Assam . Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir are popular for the seeking facilities they offer. You can feel the blissful serenity of the Indian atmosphere where lord Buddha. Buddhism. soil and sky of India. Whitewater rafting is also catching on in India and tourist flock to place such as Uttranchal . For adventure tourism in India . and Arunachal Pradesh for this adrenalin ± packed activity. This involves exploration of remote areas and exotic locals and engaging in the various activities. Himalaya. Christanity and Sikhism are the integral part of India culture and heritage whose value and faiths are mingled with the air. Sikkim. Koeladeo Ghana National park and Jim Corbett national park. The places where a foreign tourist can go for wildlife tourism in India are Sariska wildlife sanctuary. The divine Buddha pilgrimages. This has boosted wildlife tourism in India.

This interest was given the shape of mass tourism by the aviation industry. The aircraft had become comfortable. With the introduction of Boeing 707 jet in 1958. The birth of air travel and after: The war increase interest international travel. The Boeing 747. Air travel also led to a continuous growth in business travel especially with the emergence of the MNCs. North Africa and the Caribbean were the initial hot spots of mass tourism. Tourism in the Twentieth century: The First World War gave first hand experience of countries and aroused a sense of curiosity about international travel among less well off sector for the first time. Private motoring began to encourage domestic travel in Europe and the west. The beginning of chartered flights boosted the package tour market and let to the establishment of organized mass tourism. Nepal and India received a throng of tourists lured by Hare Krishna movement and transcendental meditation. The seaside resorts in the Mediterranean. A corresponding growth in hotel industry led to the establishment of world wide chains.Bodhgaya and Sarnath are the destinations of thousands of Buddhist pilgriam every year coming from each and every corner of the earth. brought the cost of travel down sharply. . The sea side resort become annual family holiday destination in Britain and increased in particularity in other countries of the west. The large scale of migration to the US meant a lot of travel across the Atlantic.a 400 seat craft. The beginning of individual travel in a significant volume only occurred in the 80c. the age of air travel for the masses had arrived. faster and steadily cheaper for overseas travel. Tourism also began to flock alternative destination in the 70s. Hotels proliferated in this destination. The surplus of aircraft and growth of private airlines aided the expansion of air travel.

leisure. we shall analyze the data and information received in response to our question. In this chapter. Data provided by the respondents revealed that the tourist inflow to Digboi constitute 25 % of foreign tourist and 75% domestic tourist. There is increasing in visit of foreign tourist last few years. Going through the survey. following are the most popular tourist sites of Digboi: 1. Digboi golf club 2. we can find that more than 100 foreign visits during a year. travel. Popular Sites of Digboi: As per information provided by the travel agencies. They usually come on Research of OIL refinery. and documentary relating to some Television channels. National Oil Park .Chapter -III ANALYSIS OF DATA As stated earlier. Digboi war cemetery 3. the data and information have been collected from the various travel agencies with the help of a structured questionnaire. photography.

Travel and leisure 2. Digboi cemetery Museums 6. Tata Sumo.4. Sai khowa national park. Tea garden. Dibru-Saikhowa national park. Vehicles Car Sites Digboi War cemetery. Tea garden. When asked. Photography 3. the respondents informed that tourists visits Digboi for various reasons that are as follows: 1. Digboi War cemetery Tea garden. documentary and Research . Digboi Cemetery Park. The following chart shows the various uses of these vehicles. food & transportation at a reasonable rate. Vehicles: In order to conduct tours to various tourist sites the tour operators use cars. as these vehicles are fuel-efficient and requires less maintenance. Tea Gardens. Digboi cemetery Museum Digboi War cemetery. Wingers. The rates may vary depending upon the needs of the tourists. Digboi cemetery park 5. Tata sumo Winger Facilities: The travel agencies also arrange for all facilities including lodging. etc. etc.

B) Food and lodging: . they can hire a rickshaw that will Rs 50.For food and depends upon the vehicles. . which visitors used to travel. Charges: A) Transportation: .The best time to visit Digboi is during winter and spring seasons because these seasons have pleasant weather and have festive mood. price is dependent on tourist preference. For Tata sumo and winger it charges is more than Rs 1000 for seeing all sites and for seeing the local site in the Town. The travel agency provides food and lodging facilities according to tourists needs.

the purpose use of the visitors and other determinants which influence the visitors. The 4th chapter is summery and conclusion with summery of the entire study. their potential and prospect. The 2nd chapter deals with thorough insight into tourism. objective of the study.Chapter ± IV FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS Summery of the Study: The entire study is divided into three different chapters. 3. The summary of all the three chapter are given as follows. the finding from study and few suggestion from the visitors. The main purposes of tourist visit to Digboi include Travel and leisure. food and Transportation. Findings of the study: The follows are the finding from the study:1. The 3rd chapter deals with finding from Travel agency which shows the profit of travel agency. The travel agencies provide all facilities like lodging. About 25% of foreign tourist visit during a year. scope. the limitation of the study. Photography and documentary and Research.The 1st chapter ³introduction´ deals with the introduction of Tourism. 2. significance of the study and Research methodology. .

The travel agency should provide professional guides with good knowledge in Assam¶s history. Tourism has tremendous potentialities to contribute towards economic development of a region. . scenic beauty. Government agencies as well as NGOs should try to create awareness among the locals about this fact and initiate them to take projects that would attract tourists from around the globe. Absence of good hotels and motels force tourists to stay in Tinsukia instead of Digboi. (1) The study was conducted in a limited period. wildlife. depicting the rich culture. (2) The travel agency was very relevant information for the purpose of the study.4. The topic was very vast and many aspects regarding the topic remind untouched. geography. etc. Banners. Limitation:The study was made to know the prospect and potentially of the tourism in Digboi town. The best season for the tourist visit are winter and spring. etc. advertisements in TVs & newspapers. Suggestions: Digboi town lacks infrastructure that is necessary for development of tourism as an industry. its culture and tradition so that they can make visitors learn about its rich culture and heritage. Promotion is a strong tool for attracting tourists. would attract tourists and contribute towards revenue generation. But the study also suffer from some limitation. Government as well as individuals should take initiative to establish good hotel chains so that tourists from outside come and stay in Digboi itself and enjoy its beauty.

Proper initiative by the government towards developing tourism and making the people aware of the various tourism products would contribute towards making Digboi as the dream destination of every tourist.Conclusion:Tourism can play a major role in improving the economic condition of Northeast Region as a whole and Digboi in particular. . It can contribute a lot towards improving the unemployment scenario of the state and enable the region to have a good amount of foreign earnings.