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sxaTe oF XW YORK ORIGINAL EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT DIVISION OF PAROLE In the Matter of MARK D. CHAPMAN Attica Correctional Facility DIN # 81-A-3860 NYSID # 46513822 TELECONFERENCED FROM: Rochester Area Office Rochester, New York Attica Correctional Facility Parole Board Hearing August 12, 2008 BEFORE COMMISSIONER G. KEVIN LUDLOW COMMISSIONER CHRIS ORTLOFF PRESENT: JEFFREY HELF, Facility Parole Officer II NANCY OSTERTAG, Agency Program Aide | REPORTER: MIDTOWN REPORTING SERVICE MICHELLE M. NARDECCHIA, Hearing Reporter (585) 325-2130 Malan Reputing Seviee 501 Fons Spare Ealny Pia MT banca 20 la 13 14 a5 16 a7 18 as 20 21 23 24 28 M. CHAPMAN - NYSID #4651362Z - DIN #81-A-3860 EXAMINATION BY COMMISSIONER LUDLO! Q Good morning, sir A Morning Q = Are you Mark David Chapman? A Yes, I am. Q I'm Commissioner Ludlow; with me is Commissioner ortlofe. COMMISSIONER ORTLOFF:; Good morning. INMATE CHAPMAN: Morning. Q Mr. Chapman, this appears to be your fifth appearance before the Board of Parole; is that correct, sir? A Yes, sir Q You are now §3 years old; is that correct? A Yes, sir. @ You pled to murder second, an Al Felony, sentenced | twenty to life We have examined the file and your criminal history. This appears to be your only conviction of record; is that true, six? A That is true. Q You have been in a very long time, the Board of Parole recognizes that. By my calculation, it appears to be almost twenty-eight years; is that correct, sir? A December will be twenty-eight years. Q We have the Sentencing Minutes on file from State Madtaun Reporting Sorice 501 Fons Syne Bale Bis WALL tren 10 12 12 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 M. CHAPMAN - NYSID #46513822 - DIN #81-A-3860 Supreme Court, New York County, August 20, 1981, before Judge Edwards. At that time, you were represented by two attorneys, Jonathan Marks and David Suggs. Now, that was quite awhile ago, Mr. Chapman; but, nonetheless, was there anything stated at your sentencing appearance that you wish to call to the attention of the Board of Parole? A I was guilty of what I did and I pled guilty. 1 believe the Judge offered me five years off the minimum sentence, instead of twenty-five to life, twenty to life. I told His Honor, it didn't matter, that this wae not a plea deal; that was in the minutes, that I was pleading guilty for my conscience sake. I felt the Lord had told me to plead quilty at that time and I did. Q Okay. ‘The minutes are on file and are part of the record. of course, the underlying offense relates back to December 8, 1980, the vicinity of 170 West 72nd Street in Manhattan. Specifically a residence, a multiple-residence building known as the Dakota According to the file, you apparently were on the sidewalk in the vicinity of the front of the building. John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, were entering their residence at the Dakota at that location and you reportedly were waiting in the front of the building all day. And when the Lennons arrived, you called out the name of John Lennon; Lennon Mdtoom Reporting Soc 501 Tones Square Bailing Die WU tae