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wastewater MBR



presented in the paper. It aims at expatiating the research progress membrane fouling based on the system of bio-membrane process and coupling. A model for the research on MBR is established by mathematical studying model. The the research on MBR comprises four model

modules: a muItiphase flux module for calculating the flux speed field of gas, fluid and solid; a transfer module for calculating wastewater concentration field; a bio-reactor kinetic module for calculating the reaction of bio- decomposition and also a membrane permeability module for expressing membrane transfer and pollution. This model can help to attain a new cognition about MBR progress on mechanism. This paper also innovatively advances MBR; the theory of exploring treatment; wastewater treatment and how to solve it.



Mathematical model; Computer Emulation



With the development of industry and agriculture and the diversity of people's life, the increase of organic wastewater emissions has increasingly brought a disservice. In recent years, all kinds of newly effective technology for wastewater treatment have come forth. Of all these ones, membrane separation, MBR combination techniques and MBR computer emulation have gained considerable attention. Especially for the MBR computer emulation, it has become a hit in the international l researches[ l.


WASTEWARTER TREATMENT At present, the scientists have achieved different conclusions after a great number of studies on the influenced factors such as HRT, SRT, MLSS, expo sal, oxygen, microbe type and EPS. For example, most researchers think that HRT has a great effect on MLSS, being the most important operation parameter of MBR. However, the research done by Jang has shown that SRT and microbe play a more sensitive impact on membrane pollution than HRT. Whereas Rahman concluded that HRT had no effect on the experiment results in the process of using MBR to treat wastewater. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the relative parameters of dynamic, energy and quality transfer based upon characteristics in the process of computer emulation.

In recent years, scientists have set up modules which contain the MBR process theory of system geometry measurement, hydromechanics, membrane flux, filtration resistance(including membrane resistance, pore blocking, cake layer equation, discrete particle; biological membrane . equation and concentration polarizatIOn), done sensitivity analyses and taken the argumentation of indefinite parameter, biological system operational parameter and the interaction of 2 physical, chemical and biological phenomena[ l. Most scientific researches and practice have indicated that the restricted elements on MBR are membrane pollution and reactor energy consumption. Clench has systemically concluded the recent research achievements of MBR membrane pollution and assortative analyzed the influencing elements such as physics, chemistry, biology and operating conditions, as well as concluding the mechanism membrane pollution and the measure for solving the problem of membrane pollution. Meng has analyzed the mechanism of membrane pollution from the angle of sludge configuration and the influencing exposal, thinking that and EPS are the main reasons for membrane pollutionl31. No matter how large the exposal is, it brings negative effects on membrane filtration. Li has set up a dynamics model which relates to the adsorption and putting off of biology tribe. Besides, the glutinosity and concentration of activated sludge as well as exposal are important for controlling membrane pollution. To solve the membrane pollution brought by piling filtration cake, it can depend on reducing the concentration of sludge as well as and increasing exposal. Many scholars, combining with their respective experiments, have established large numbers of mathematical models. Choo's study presents the microbe's organic load influence on membrane pollution, reviewing the relation among pressure, flux and filtration pressurel41. Yonghun Lee establishes a mathematical model to study what influence SMP has brought on membrane pollution. The presently mathematical model does not include the whole process of biology decomposition, transmembrane and 5 membrane pollution[ l.


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(3) V dt dt Here. Creep pump 6. it can be concluded that the key element to attain the stay time T of waterpower is the organics decomposition rate dS dt and the organics cumulation rate of ' dS membrane pollution Fig. Anticathode The research on MBR hydrokinetics is still a weakness at present. 2) The requirement of design parameter for installation mode and membrane collocation. 8. more and more researches have shown that hydrokinetics has an important influence which is not overlooked. it can be attained as the following equation. baffle and membrane's direction and so on) of large-scale devices may bring on the situation and total capability of 9 hydrokinetics[ ].Membrane bio-reactor are composed of membrane separation units and organism disposal units[6[. Flowmeter IO. Catchment pipeline 6. MER total material conservation formula In a container full of wastewater.Wastewater groove 3. Direct current supply 2. the present MBR design are mainly considered based on biodynamics reaction and membrane pollution. Fan 4. Exposal device 7. sludge concentration. the cubage is V. from the equation (3).Fan Membrane groupware electrode 9. Owing to lacking of deep research. MBR's membrane groupware contains two implementing projects: inner implementation. The reasons are as follows: 1) To assure the requirement of exposal.Creep pump 4. Biodynamics parameters mainly affect the disposal impacts of MBR. whose ideal state is totally mixed flow. The modules as follows: L There into. The degree of mixing is the main factor on the impact of MBR. Therefore. the influencing factors on MBR includes not only routine biodynamics parameters such as dimension load. operating mode and reactor's hydraulics conditions. sludge load but also membrane separation parameters such as the inherent nature of membrane(membrane materials. while membrane separation parameters have mostly influences on MBR disposal ability. There is basically no ability to know what kind of influence the design parameter (import dimension . the equation for calculating the stay time T of waterpower: T=V Q (2) By combining Equation (1) and (2). that is to set a weir. Membrane groupware 7. Presently the design still depends on experiences to manipulate the flow state of MBR operation.l dt MBR Sewage treatment pond 1. Electric bioreactor A. meanwhile. whereas hydrokinetics is simply supposed as CSTR. it also provides oxygen for microbe as well as strengthens the effect of admixture . of which the understanding S of gas and liquid's flow is the least one[ ]. Aeration device 5. position. MBR total material conservation equation is as 7 follows[ ]: QS o +V � dt = QS e + A � dt (1) 1818 .Wastewater groove 3. According to the conservation of mass. Exposal is the main measure to reduce membrane pollution.2 Hollow fiber membrane 1. the character of filtrate. Nevertheless. membrane aperture). Fig. that is membrane groupware immersed in reaction kettle.lnfall pipeline 5. outer implementation. Direct current supply 2.Catalysis 11.

Sant'Anna Jr. MBR are separated into subsidiary processes to analyze according to membrane transfer. 2006 (191): 162-168 l2J ling-Song Chang. which means all the parameters of MBR's distribution of flow and concentration as well as filtration pressure to learn the process of MBR. 2006 (191): 16-26 [8] Jan Busch. Based on hydrodynamics and MBR. It adds fountainhead which leads to the change of concentration.a!. it can be solved. what's more. This part of work will combine this project to do the experiment. 2006(272): of membrane bioreactor (CF-MBR) when treating refinery wastewater. membrane resistance. 4) . et. microbe. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The research was supported by Science and Technology Guiding Project of China National Textile And Apparel Council (2008062) and Nature Science Fund of Tianjin. Journal of Membrane Science. while the study on MBR is still weak. 2007(288): 94--111 [9] Sun. proved by the literature. Andreas Cruse 1. Based on practice. MLSS. AMEDEUS and EUROMBRA projects: boosting the development of MER technologies in Europe.a!. John Ilg. 2006 (191): 45-51 [3] Wenbo Yang. Journal of Membrane Science. lournal of Hazardous Materials.62(7): 1839-1850 1819 . After establishing the above modules. SRT. Modeling submerged hollow-fiber membrane filtration for wastewater treatment. Nazim of Cicek. Geraldo L. By learning the law of solving the wastewater. Viero..whose ideal state is plunger flow[101. 3) Biodynamics reaction module(expressing relative fountainhead module): bio-reactor can cause the change of chemical elements. Eng.Gc module simulation distribution to advance the development of MBR. Yuan X. it can set up a mathematical modeling to describe the whole process of membrane transfer and membrane pollution.. Ann-Cheng Chen. it can establish reasonable MBR emulation system by the c2 . M. The modules of draft modeling are as follows: MBR mathematical llJ Chia-Yuan Chang. Desalination. Z. The parameters which influences MBR are HRT. Long-term operation of submerged membrane bioreactor for the treatment of high strength acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) 2)Transfer module (expressing concentration distribution mathematical modeling): adopting transfer transportation method. 2007. Desalination.Membrane filtration module (expressing membrane flux and membrane filtration pressure): it relates to kinds of membrane and membrane pollution. State-of-the-art membrane bioreactors: Worldwide research and commercial applications in North America. Hanmin Zhang. Wolfgang Marquardt. Quantification of aIr stripping and biodegradation of organic removal (ABS) III acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene wastewater during industry submerged membrane I) Multiphase flow module (expressing the distribution of flow of mathematical modeling): reactor kettle contains wastewater waiting for disposal. China ( 07JCZDJC01400) and Nature Science Fund of China (50808130) REFERENCES wastewater: effect of hydraulic retention time. Effect of filamentous bacteria on membrane fouling Journal 161-168 l6J Aline F. Al-Malack. G. Liu C. it was very simple. Science. TorOve Leiknes. Performance of a crossflow III submerged Membrane membrane Science. Yu K. 2006(270): 201-211 [4] Boris Lesjean. T. bioreactor.2008(150): 185-186 l7J Muhammad Muhitur Rahman. Chia-Yuan Chang. This method has had the ability to prognosticate actual process. J. Chem. Desalination. IV. A modified model of computational mass transfer for distillation column. There was only one draft report on CFD of MBR in 2009.a!. et. Jing-Song Chang. Desalination 2006(200): 710-711 l5J Fangang Meng. Is hydraulic retention time an essential parameter for MER performance.. Yao-Wen Lin.. Fenglin Yang et.CONCLUSION MBR computer emulation is a very important part in designing MBR. bioreactor operation. Muhammad H.

T. Liu C. ABOUT AUTHORS Chunqing Li. G.. attaining the Master degree. Wangtao.. maJonng in Environmental Engineering.llOJ Liu.. majoring in Computer Application of Industrial Automation. A computational transport model for wall-cooled catalytic reactor. is a Chemical Engineering doctor in Chemical Engineering School of Tianjin University. I went to visit S wansea University for three months. The title for the master paper is Three-dimensional CAD system for fabric design and implementation. Yuan X. J. I got the aid from Tianjin government. B. graduated from Tianjin Polytechnic University in May 1992. In October 2008. I have presided the research on based on wavelet transform three-dimensional braided composite perform surface texture analysis of a number of computer simulation projects.. G. I have done the research in the membrane materials and progress laboratory (Tianjin Motian Membrane Group) as a postdoctoral in Tianjin Polytechnic University. Ind. Res. being an apprentice of Professor Xiaolong Lv and Qiyun Du studying the use of membrane bio-reactor in dealing with refractory organics wastewater. 2008. as one of thirty scholars to visit Europe in 2007-2008 of Tianjin City.47(8): 2656-2665 Chern. When I was in the doctor station. 1820 . He studies how to use the Electricigens to dispose the wastewater containing heavy metal ion as well as refractory organics.. Yu K. & Eng.

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