Passive voice I. Basic types of passive 1. A group of students have met their friend at the railway 53. station. 2.

They didn’t allow Tom to take these books home. 54. 3. The teacher won’t correct exercises tomorrow. 4. How many trees did they cut down to build that fence? 55. 5. All students attended the meeting. 6. He can’t repair my bike. 56. 7. Mary has operated Tom since 10 o’clock. 57. 8. Mr. Smith has taught us French for 2 years. 58. 9. They didn’t look after the children properly. 59. 10. Nobody swept this street last week. 11. People drink a great deal of tea in England. 60. 12. People speak English all over the world. 61. 13. Tom was writing 2 poems. 62. 14. She often takes her dog for a walk. 63. 15. How many lessons are you going to learn next month? 64. 16. She didn’t introduce me to her mother. 65. 17. Someone had invented electric lights before I was born. 18. Farmers usually milk cows twice a day. 66. 19. Workers were digging a large hole in the ground. 20. Before they took exams they had revised their lessons. 67. 21. The car knocked a woman down in the street. 68. 22. When he came home his father was reading a 69. newspaper. 70. 23. Cows were eating grass on the meadow. 24. My cousin will meet you at the station. 71. 25. She is running her own company. 72. 26. Visitors must leave umbrellas and raincoats in the 73. cloakroom. 74. 27. My mother used to make us clean the house. 75. 28. John hasn’t finished his homework. 76. 29. I will shut the door if you like. 77. 30. We have just seen a horrible accident. 31. What language do people speak in this country? 78. 32. At 7 p.m., Mrs. Smith was making cakes. 33. He isn’t going to buy that house. 79. 34. When I was 18 years old, my parents allowed me to go 80. out in the evening. 35. This terrorist has kept 3 hostages for a week. 81. 36. He hasn’t seen you for years. 82. 37. The examiner will read the passage 3 times. 83. 38. An earthquake destroyed the town. 84. 39. He didn’t type the letter last night. 85. 40. They will pick me up at my house. 86. 41. When did you see him in that bank? 87. 42. My father will take me to Ho Chi Minh City next week. 88. 43. Mary will see her friends off at the station. 89. 44. You were wearing your new hat when I met you 90. yesterday. 91. 45. He is preparing everything for the presidential election. 92. 46. Last Friday, when I came to Jane’s house, she had 93. finished all exercises. 47. They have to pull down that building. 94. 48. People used to steal a lot of goods from supermarkets. 95. 49. He put the letter in the drawer, and then he locked it up. 96. 50. She can sew 3 shirts a day. 97. 51. By the end of this year, we will have learnt 2,000 98. English words. 99. 52. Nobody has used this room for ages. 100.

Her father was planting different kinds of flowers in the garden. I am translating an article from English into Vietnamese. The Prime Minister is making a speech at the moment. How many days did she spend finishing the work? Someone is following me. She read the letter again and again last night. The doctor pulled out one of my teeth yesterday morning. The tailor has just made a new suit for me. After he had told the story, we clapped our hands. They were continually asking questions. We have to pick fruit very early in the morning. The light went out while I was making a cup of tea. When she went to Barcelona, she learnt some Spanish. The students of chemistry made many experiments last week. When will you do the work? He couldn’t find his key. She used to pull my hat over my eyes. For the past years, I have done all my washing by hand. The police haven’t found the murderer yet. They sold one of her own paintings at $1,000. I will put your gloves back in your drawer. Have you seen Philip lately? When did you receive my letter? Mr. Speed is dictating 3 letters to Ann. When I came back home, my mother was preparing lunch. The house was dirty because we hadn’t cleaned it for weeks. My parents encouraged me to apply for this job. The policeman allows all vehicles to go when traffic lights are green. Everyone believes him right. They were carrying the injured player off the field. My classmates used to call me John. You should pay more attention to your study. Did anyone take English books away? Do people use milk for making butter and cheese? They didn’t invite me to the birthday party. Did they build that house in 1972? He won’t tell me the truth about the situation. They can see the valley from the top of this hill. You must wash your hands. My father hasn’t used this bicycle for 5 years. The government is taking measures to attract foreign investment. Someone broke into her house last night. How do you spend this amount of money? Paul didn’t tell me the ending of the story. Have you seen any good films so far? They didn’t see you at the bus stop. How did you break your leg? My dog is attacking the postman.

beg. They suppose that we are spending too much time playing 36. 26. 20. 16. 11. People say that he was a good doctor. 13. 30. 8.You didn’t show me the special cameras.Anne had had a friend type her composition. They think that he had died a natural death. 6. the new law. 21.I must have the dentist check my teeth. My other bought me a nice dress on my birthday. 8.She will have a veterinary surgeon examine her dog. They know that English is an international language. They found that the troops were coming. 12. They know that she did all the work. I heard the window open 9. 5.Tim ordered his mother this train ticket. They think that she is living there. 11. He thought that you had a new bike.She often gets the technician to maintain the heater. He made me do it all over again. 4. 3. 20. It is said that Lan went to Hanoi with her husband. London area.I will get the dressmaker to make a new dress.He often lends his friend his new shoes. They reported that the president had suffered a heart 31. weekend.They had the police arrest the shoplifter. 14. 15. They said that Tom had left home before the 13. 3. .II. She is determined to earn much money. 22. They say that he was the brightest student in the class. His mother made him stay in the room. People find that I am right. 5. 32.Our friends sent us these postcards. Everyone knows that the portrait was painted by 2. They say that many people are homeless after the 18. 4. They think he was one of the famous singers. It is said that there is a secret tunnel between them.shirt and blue jeans. 7. The police watched the man playing cards in th epub 2. 19. Exercise 5: Passive with report verbs 1. People think that Jack London’s life and writing represent damaged by fire.She showed her the airline agent ticket . 1. It is believed that the boy is wearing a white T. It is said that she has lived there for ten years.She left her relatives five million pounds. 3.They have her tell the story again. 22. They recommended me to buy house. They rumoured the man was still living. 25. He got her to look after his children. She decided to paint her house blue. The waiter brings me this dishes 10. kitchen window. People say that he is a good doctor. 14. 7. 34. They declared that she won the conpetition. People say that he works 16 hours aday. Exercise 3: Passive with bare infinitive 1. They said that he was the brightest student in the class. People considered that he made many mistakes. visited her last week. 5. 18. college. 40. 23. Picasso. Miss Smith had me buy flowers for her.Rick will have a barber cut his hair. I advise my sister to put her money box under the carpet. demand. He begged me to look after his children. People knew that he came late. 6. 2.The shop assistant handed the customer these boxes . Mr. People think he stole my car.Are you going to have the shoemaker repair your shoes? 4. My sister often makes me do the washing up. 10. 7. 23. 7.He had a mechanic repair his car. He urged the Government to pass the law. I hear them singing an english song. 28. 5. 2. 5. I lent them my car for a week. 8. The major ordered the soldiers to catch the man. They believe that the thieves get in through the 10.We gave Ann some bananas and some flowers. They thought he was one of the famous singers. People say that he is a rich man. 35. I often see them buy rose flowers. 19. They reported that the company went bankrupt.Their grandmother told them this story when they 16. 12. My brother has sent me this interesting book. 38. People believe that 13 is an unlucky number. 9. He heard the bell ring. They declare that she won the conpetition. 29. 4. 9. 21. People think that I am the best student in my class.The board awarded the reporter the first prize. the American love of adventure. 6. Nam gives lectures in universities everyday 9. The police think that the criminal is hiding in the 6. 24. His wife usually brings him sandwiches at lunch time.I had my nephew paint the gate last week. tsunami. They ageed to buy the palace. 37.Have you sent your family the christmas cards ? 3. The local council decided to rebuild the house opposite the 10. 4. 2. Special passive Exercise 1: Passive with verbs having two obje 1. People consider that he made many mistakes. 39. 8. attack. 6. 15. 3. 17.She will have Peter wash her car tomorrow. It is reported that the building has been badly 8.Exercise 4: passive with have and get. order.She brought the visitors in the next room some cups of tea. 27. 33.John gets his sister to clean his shirt.. He watched her playing with the children . They know that the Prime Minister is in favour of games. 11. 9. Exercise 2: Passive with verbs: advise. 7. I saw them leaving the mouse 10. People thought that Mike had paid too much.…… 1. Peter advised me not to sell that flat.

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