Assignment On Sales Force Automation

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Sales Force Automation Focus on cultivating customer relationships and customer satisfaction Improving The Ever-Evolving SFA  Early 1990’s companies with field sales forces were faced with tremendous amounts of customer information. vendors realized this unmet and unrecognized need. about customers was kept in “little black books” that left with the sales reps.  Software  Info .

 Making  Making  Synchronize information with the corporate client/server database. of…. them responsible for it with the promise them more productive.. .The Promise of SFA  Putting account information directly in the hands of field sales staff.

Sales Force Automation Tools Sales Process/Activity Management – Offer calendars to assist in the planning of key customer events Proposal Product presentations demonstrations – Alarm Reminders .

Signal important tasks documents as they are needed Generate Make decisions based on the user’s input – Generate a mailing suggestions Sales Force Automation Tools Lead Management – Also known as “opportunity management” and “pipeline management” – Track customer account history – Monitor leads – Generate next steps and – Refine selling efforts online – Allows sales management to automatically distribute client leads to a field or telemarketing rep based on the area’s product knowledge or territory .

Sales Force Automation Tools .Sales Force Automation Tools – Configuration Support – Automatically factors in complex customer attributes and requirements to build a solution from scratch – Among the companies who may use such tools – Computer technology vendors – Appliance manufacturers – Telephone companies Knowledge Management Many CRM tools geared to SFA include functions specific to accessing and conversing on a range of corporate documentation to supplement sales efforts and provide fast data during the heat of a sale.

and enlist salesperson stakeholder ship at the beginning – Initial requirements gathering – Rollout tool . pagers.Field Force Automation (FFA) – Part customer service and part sales force automation – Also known as “field service management” – Field technicians receive dispatch orders via their PDAs. An SFA Checklist for Success Understand how SFA will help. and cell phones – Making use of these same devices during the actual repair.

An SFA Checklist for Success Beware of inherent sales processes packaged into SFA tools – Customize YOUR sales process the infrastructure necessary to support wireless technologies SFA use affect sales compensation.Communicate the value to the sales force up front Invest in-and enforce-training. hiring practices and job role descriptions to include use of CRM Understand Let Change .

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