It the beginning was the AUM

the sound of creation, resonating in every particle of life

Moola: Root Dhara: Base

Mooladhara chakra

 Innocence.  Purity.  Wisdom.  Humility.  Spontaneity.  Discretion.

 Protects

the Kundalini.  Authorizes Its ascent.  Supports the Kundalini awakening.  Controls left channel.

A Chakra in a good state

Guarantees a durable Self realization experience


Symbols hidden in the Carbon Atom

he Deity of the Mooladhara Chakra is Depicted as a Child with an Elephant’s Head

Just the imagination of an ancient Indian story teller?

One fractal output of the function z=z*z+c

Shri Ganesha

Sacrum Bone, as published in Taber's encyclopedic medical dictionary, edition 17.

Photo – dorsal side

X-ray picture (abdominal side) Taken from Photo – lateral side