A Call to Arms: A Self Defense Manifesto

Why the Pro-Choice movement needs to wake up and realize there’s a war on
Not long after the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider, I started hearing comments such as “enough is enough, time for us to fight back”. I heard of people threatening pro-life groups in Kansas, leaving anonymous death threats, threatening those who participated in pro-life vigils. You never heard about it in the mainstream press. I wonder if Randall Terry and the Army of God got any threats. I won’t deny that part of me hopes they did. On some of the message boards you could tell people were upset. There was a big debate about how to confront the issue of violence at the clinics. Some of the pro-choice crowd has had enough, they want to fight back. They want the pro-life crowd to fear them as much as some of the abortion providers fear the pro-lifers. Others say you can’t fight fire with fire, and that violence is not the answer. I’m not going to pretend that I have the answer here. I will, however, state the obvious. There is a war on, a culture war. It is not just a war of ideas and words. For some people, it is an actual war. It is not just violent rhetoric, it’s a call to arms (in the name of God, amen). Maybe it’s time for us to realize that if we do not start defending ourselves, we will become lambs to the slaughter. On one side, you have people who love their country. They love the freedoms they have. The other side is similar; however they have been poisoned by fear. They have been told that they’re faith and way of life is under attack. They have been told lies and half truths, and given false evidence. They think the mainstream media is against them, that Fox News is “fair and balanced”, that prayer in school is illegal (it isn’t). Some believe that religious tolerance is what’s wrong with America today, and some go as far as to advocate a theocracy not unlike Afghanistan under the Taliban. They are the American Taliban, the Religious Right (or Reich, as I tend to call them). Groups such as “Operation Save America” and Joel’s Army make no bones about this. They advocate that only Christians should run America, and stop just short of direct calls for violence. Some people have taken them up on it. A shooting at a Unitarian Church in Tennessee by Jim David Adkisson, who believed that liberals were ruining the country and had to be destroyed. Various books by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hanity, and Michael Savage were found in Adkisson’s house and car. All 3 hosts went on air to distance themselves from the attacks, never mind the fact that they routinely joke about violence toward liberals. I could go on and on. I’m sure the other side can go on and on as well. However, I’ll get to the point. By definition, self defense is not murder. If you are attacked, you have the right to use enough force to stop an attack. If you are a woman who believes that the government needs to stay out of your private life (including your doctor’s office), your rights are under assault. In South Dakota, a bill has been introduced that “preventing harm to a fetus” would be considered justifiable homicide. In other words, they are trying to make it legal to shoot abortion doctors. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Phil Jensen, who is an ardent foe of abortion rights. The way the bill is worded today, every abortion provider will have a target on their back.

I have heard some say that it’s time to fight back, time for “collateral damage”. Some have advocated bombing “crisis pregnancy centers” every time a doctor is killed or injured, or killing ten pro-life protesters for every doctor murdered. Some have advocated bombing the offices and publishers of Pro-life materials, thinking that the security would probably be fairly low (how often do they get threats?). I can’t say I think that is the answer. I cannot lie to you and say that there is not a part of me hopes that someone, somehow, puts the proverbial fear of God in the pro life movement. Maybe somebody in Congress or the Justice Dept. will wake up and finally classify some of the pro-life groups as domestic terrorists (which some of them are, some are not). I’m not holding my breath there, since many of the Republican Party takes lobbying $$ from the pro-life groups/ domestic terrorists. I’ve heard others say that becoming armed; carrying guns, engaging in illegal activities goes against the ideals of the pro choice movement. Doctors and clinic workers have been murdered, their names listed on websites with dripping blood, calling it “the Nuremburg files”. The site also lists supporters as well, basically making them targets as well. I say let’s turn the tide. Let’s start listing their names, putting webcams on their protests outside clinics. Let’s catch them in the act of intimidating women and calling it “sidewalk counseling”. Use they’re own tactics against them! Let’s stop pussyfooting around and fight this war! -Isis, Army of the Goddess

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