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History I

Constitution Challenge: The U.S. Constitution in the News

Your task:
In four groups of six, create a newscast that explains the most important concepts in each Article
of the Constitution with examples of how it applies to contemporary society. (Congress, Executive
branch, landmark Supreme Court decisions, etc.) Use your pocket-sized copy of the Constitution
along with your textbook to write a script; develop power-point graphics and images, along with
background music for transitions.. Consider incorporating short 30 - 60 second commercials and
public service announcements (PSA’s) to address concepts. Make use of technology – video
portions of the newscast and embed in your power-point? Less technological? Consider wearing
costumes from the past... Be creative and have some fun!

Each member of the group must divide equally the sections of the Articles and the various
Amendments to the Constitution and write their portion of the script, find appropriate images and
background music, and coordinate with other members of the group regarding organization of the
newscast. Each member of the group must participate by presenting information. You will be
working on this project in class and be graded on your daily productivity as well as your final
product. Given the time constraints it will require work at home and over the weekend. Use your
illustrated amendments to save time.

Due Date:
Each group will share their product in a five to ten minute (maximum) presentation -
either live or video on Monday, January 10, 2010. Presentations may be recorded.

Name: _________________________________Group Code:_______________

Constitution Challenge: The U.S. Constitution in the News

Criteria Excellent Proficient Emerging Needs

4 3 2 1
Newscast is polished and All criteria All, or nearly A number of Significant errors
professional, free of content met in a all, criteria met errors or delays & delays; script is
errors, with topical superior in a proficient present, script incomplete or
introductions by news anchors manner manner with is mostly missing; Multiple
and smooth transitions to less than 2 adhered to; diversions impede
reporters on the scene with no errors, delays, script smooth
delays. Presentation has clearly or scripts diversions presentation.
been coordinated and practiced diversions weaken product Lacks evidence of
by the group. Script is adhered by laughter, etc. preparation,
to. (x 10) Little evidence practice, and
of practice coordination.
and /or
Sensory: Choice of graphics, Superior Good mix of Diverse mix of Poor choices in 5
images, charts, maps, etc. choices choices; 1-2 choices; 3-4 or more graphics
along with appropriate made in all may not support may not support and/or musical
background music support aspects topic well topic choices; or is
topic content and deepen missing
understanding of the topic..
Presenters are professional; Superior Good Mix of good Few professional
each member demonstrates presentation presentation and developing presentation skills
poise, uses a clear voice, speaks skills skills by group presentation displayed; or
distinctly with good volume consistently with 1 - 2 areas skills by group. unprepared for
and uses appropriately demonstrated of difficulty 3 -4 areas of presentation; more
consistent eye-contact. Doesn’t by group difficulty than 5 areas of
read off paper, but may refer to difficulty
script briefly. (x5)
Productivity: students in the Superior Good skills Mix of skills Multiple problems
group worked diligently, collaboration shown with less shown with less of diligence,
cooperatively, and collaborated skills shown than 2 errors than 3 errors collaboration,
equally on project. Each preparation,
student met his responsibilities decision- making
daily and arrived prepared with and cooperation
appropriate materials. No evident.
student was left out of decision
making, or allowed to distract
the group from its work. (x5)

Total: __________/ 100 points