she sang the last dance

Define un proceso o accion run in the field

pablo Early breakfast.

ejemplo: manuel take the bus from the seven and a half. .


The verb is in second person as it relates to that with which one speaks, for example.: you study.

The verbs can be defined as words that denote actions, states and processes. Always at the core of all predicates. Called conjugated verbs indicate person: first, second or third, and grammatical number

D "( .He is tall as she. 0 ) (%' & %' & %$ #" Kind of compari on can be of various types: equality -inferiority -superiority # The brown bel i under the bed My computer is faster than yours. she´s less clever than you . ¡ ¨¤¡ ¢ ¥ ¥ ¨¡ ¢ ¥¢¢¡ ¥¨£¢©¥¨¤¤¨ £¡ ¥¨£¢©¥¨¤¤¨ ¡©¡¦¢¤¨ ©¥ £¡¡ £¢¤ ¤! ©¢ ¡ ¨¤¡ ¢ ¡£¥¦ ©¢ ¡ ¨¤¡ ¢ ¡£¥¦ ¡ ¡¢  ¡£¥¦ £¥ ¥   ¢ ¡ ¨¤¡ ¢ ¡ ©¨£¢§¦¥¤ ¡£¢ ¡   The comparison of equality is formed with the positive degree adjective inserted in the structure: He is tall as she.If Adjetive comparative superiority he´s taller than she. . .L -V + f é . . he´s taller than her brother. My computer is more reliable than yours. 1 comparative inferiority. he adjective is always written before or after the subject.she´s not as clever as you Adjectives e ds that to complement and always ive s some additional information from the subject (of what is said in the sentence). " + + ).

mapas mentales de ingles ejem l s de accusativ r uns: I l v Lucy and she l ves e. r l . Pronouns are words thatindicate or substitute others that normally have already been appointed . I painted the house myself. e d b d bc a a c 46E 64 83 64 64 6B 649 B 64 83A 64A9 43E 6 6 46 9373 96B 83A 48 6B 9 B 83A 69 43E @48D 46 9373 A6B 83A 6C 6B4 6B 83A 46 @734 6 46 9373 478373 2 65 432 ti pronouns R GU R TI S R P P IQGIG F PIG F H GF ` V ` X VX XYX W GF ejemplos de pronombres reflexibos: I cut myself with a knife. r lf. Can you show e the city? r Pr br P r l I. . it. accusati e. . Pr . it. . I li e i rgentina. relati e and reciprocal. indefinite.« f f f estr ct ra de l s r nouns: reposition optional modifiers noun. He as t c ildren. . . it lf. r. possessi e. Bill is married. ejem l s e ers l r s: I m teac er. t Pr br R fl xi lf. i lf. or gerund Pronouns can be classifie into personal (or nominal).t br A ti . . . i . pronoun. r lf. .

already. The adverb is a modifier and can modify the verb. Adverbs supplements fulfill the role of situational and are unchanged since they have neither number. Martin has lived there. all his life.When? now. soon. g i THE adverb tiposde adverb: De Modo . Joe and Pam arrived late last night. an adjective or another adverb itself. another adverb or an adjective. everywhere. h ejemplos de Adverbs of Time: Daniel usually wakes up early every morning. « De Lugar . The detective carefully gathered the evidence. presenting circumstantial information such sometimes all the information. early. late. fast. tomorrow. ejemplos de Adverbs of Place: tay right here and don¶t move. « De iempo . slowly. « . there. easily. beyond the hills. above. away.ow? well.ejemplos de adverb: The old man walked slowly.Where? here. better. Adverbs represent words that make up a sentence and express different circumstances or modify the verb. carefully. I will be back soon.