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FREE - Issue Number 288 - JANUARY 2021 THIS PAPER IS FREE! COVID-19 Edition No.

OFFICES TO LET Commemoration
From January we will have serviced offices
available to let at Wayland House at
competitive rates. Prices start from 330 per of Covid 19
month, depending on size of office. Each Quiltmaking as an act of commemoration
office benefits from a secure coded key pad and expression of community has a long
lock, up to date wi fi system, telephone, desk history in many cultures and extremely
and parking. All offices are linked to a central talented local lady, Margaret Herbet, has
printer. Our reception area manages postal and
made this impressive Commemoration
parcel deliveries and visitors. The building has
a secure key pad entry and is fully alarmed.
Quilt to memorialise the experiences of so
Our conference room is available to hire for many during this horrible time in our
training and meetings. Wayland House is history. The quilt depicts pictures relevant
ideally situated at the west end of the High to icons, scenes and feelings caused by
Street and has the benefit of parking for the virus.
tenants and their clients. For enquiries please Margaret is a member of two sewing
email or telephone groups, Hardingham Textile Group and
01953 880204. Wayland Quilters, and she designed, and
VIRTUAL OFFICES created it on her own using various
In addition to serviced offices, we offer a painting and sewing techniques.
virtual office service at reasonable rates,
starting from £120 a year with a range of
additional options. If you are working from St Mary's Church
home but prefer not to use your personal
address for your business, and would like a 150 Club
registered business address, contact us to find The winners of the December 150 club
out more about the services we offer. draw to be advertised in next month's
Enquiries to,uk or edition are: 1st Prize of £50 Val Long
01953 880204 Address: Wayland House, (number 147); 2nd Prize of £25 Anne
High St, Watton IP25 6AR
Stead (number 80)

Watton Community Fridge, The Sequel

Coming to the Watton Youth & Community Centre in 2021
The Community Fridge project is a great way of stopping good food ending up in the bin by
making surplus food available to the public. We will be working with Tesco and other local
food producers and retailers to redistribute perishable food so that it doesn’t go to waste, and
tackling food poverty at the same time. There will be a mix of fresh and ‘store cupboard’ items
Keep your eyes peeled for details in the New Year.
Brought to you by: The Charlotte Harvey Trust,
Norfolk Waste Partnership, Breckland Council and
the Families Matter team.

Now the MOT is back to normal we are able to offer up to three MOT tests per hour
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 2
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 3
that encloses most of our purchases highway through your garden. Cut small square gaps of
A Quick Look and the ever increasing size of our Ashill & Holme about 13 cm (5 inches) in the base of your fences to enable
newspapers all of which has to be them to roam. Think about a hedgehog shelter, which can
Round disposed of. Hale Garden easily be constructed from fallen branches arranged with an
By Orbiter About thirty year ago we were told entrance.
There are so many changes going that our use of paper was Club Website:
on that I find it hard to keep up decimating the Brazilian rain Garden Jobs for Winter Email:
with them, but it seems that forests, and we were urged to join While the garden club is currently
following the release from one lock the many factions devoted to the not able to hold monthly meetings
down situation this was followed collection of waste paper. Do we we are providing gardening
by a short delay and then another now get our paper pulp supplies information via newsletters and our
lockdown and then a change to from elsewhere ? website (address above) to keep
various tiers of which I think I may Sometimes it seems absurd that so everyone active with gardening
be in number two. All this is very much space in our daily papers is tasks. Now we are well and truly in
confusing, but I think all this means completely wasted with full page Winter with frosty nights and short
that I am still restricted and cannot advertisements that often contain days there are still important jobs to
do what I like. So I am keeping a just the name of the company prepare your garden for the
low profile and will wait for involved, whose product is already lengthening days in the new year
whatever the authorities decide is so well-known that no advertising and to get a head start for next
right for me. Meanwhile it seems is necessary. What a strange spring.
that I am in some sort of bubble world ! Gardening jobs for December /
and only certain people are allowed Back in the realm of current events January
in to see me, though exactly who there seems to be a certain relaxing Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Lawn:
they are I’m not sure. of the restrictions imposed on such Cut back foliage of Helleborus x
Meanwhile I will continue to keep things as the numbers allowed to hybrids before the end of the
out of the way and attempt to look enter our football grounds and it December to prevent the emerging
round from the safety of my rear seems that with the introduction of flowers being obscured, and to help
window. the new vaccination processes control hellebore leaf spot disease.
The first thing I see is a lone things will gradually get back to If you have a real Christmas tree,
seagull swooping over a nearby normal. you can be prevent premature
garden, from which I surmise that Meanwhile it seems ridiculous that needle drop by placing cut trees in
someone has left a scrap of food on with most of the populace banned water. Always position trees away
the grass and this is soon confirmed from close contact with even from heat and water container
by the arrival of about twenty more friends or relations, we see that grown trees often
seagulls, all joining in the football teams are allowed to pile This is ideal time to plant young
swooping. But how did they know upon each other whenever they deciduous trees in your garden,
about the presence of the food manage to score a goal. So much during their dormant growth period.
morsels available unless there is for social distancing, It is important to choose the correct
some means of telepathic On the subject of football, recent tree for your size garden. For a step
communication between them ? deaths have focussed our attentions by step guide to planting visit our
A slightly similar situation on the possibility that dementia, website and the video on
occurred a couple of years ago now being found to be affecting November’s section of the ‘Virtual
when I was out with a walking many ex-players, may have been Garden Club’ page.
group in the countryside, when the caused by heading. Now is the time to take hardwood
sky in the distance darkened, with This would not surprise me one bit, cuttings of deciduous trees, shrubs
what we assumed was a gathering as throughout my football career I and climbers. Cut sections 15-30cm
rainstorm. After a few minutes this could never see any sense in long from healthy shoots of this
dark cloud resolved itself as an putting my head to a ball weighing year’s growth and insert into pots
enormous flock of geese, which nearly two pounds travelling at of cutting compost.
came straight to a nearby field and great speed. Carry out routine or renovation
proceeded to denude it of the great I formed this opinion upon my first pruning of climbing roses between
crop of seeds that a local farmer game in senior football when I was now and February.
had just finished sewing. about sixteen years old. A ball Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs:
Once again how did the geese know came across from a winger, and I Prune established blackcurrants as
that the crop was there and why had met it with my head, and registered they fruit best on younger wood.
they ignored the other fields and my first goal in a man’s world, but Remove up to a third of older
made straight for the new food the experience left me dizzy for branches at the base.
supply? several minutes, and I vowed to Check stored fruit regularly for
Coming back to current times it devote my future football to the use signs of any rot to prevent disease
was a very welcome e-mail I of feet. spreading.
received from the mobile library There have been many famous For a supply of herbs during the
service which had been interrupted footballers who rarely headed the winter, pot up plants of basil,
by the recent lockdowns, to let me ball, probably the most famous marjoram, mint, oregano and
know that the normal service would being Stanley Matthews and I parsley and grow them on the
be resumed immediately. This was doubt if the great Jimmy Greaves kitchen windowsill or heated
very welcome news, not just for ever headed the ball very often. propagator.
me, but to all the folks all over the With even Sir Bobby Charlton now From mid-January seed potatoes
county who find it difficult to reach being suspected of having the signs can be chatted. Place in egg trays or
the usual libraries because of of approaching dementia, moves boxes and store in a light, cool,
infirmities or travelling problems. are afoot to ban heading from the frost-free spot such as an unheated
The mobile ones are extremely well game altogether, a start being made greenhouse.
stocked with a fine selection of with junior teams. Plan ahead for next year by
books to suit all tastes, and the This will change the game in many perusing seed catalogues and
drivers, usually just one lady or ways, but if players are skilful they ordering your seeds ready for
sometimes a man, do a fine job in will adapt, and the un-necessary germinating from February
bringing reading matter to every late life suffering may be avoided. onwards in greenhouses and March
part of the county in what are often And now as we come to the end of onwards outside.
treacherous wintry conditions. a rather tempestuous year, we can Wildlife Gardening:
Mention of the library service hope that the good times will soon Make sure your bird baths do not
reminds me of another service to be back with us, so I can just echo freeze over by floating a small
which we all contribute regularly, the usual New Year wish and trust object, such as a ball in the water.
that concerns the enormous amount that my next Look Round will be Keep feeders stocked.
of waste paper that we accumulate more like normal. Hedgehogs keep some garden pests
each week, with all the wrapping Good afternoon. under control so enable a hedgehog
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 4
widowed mothers, he had a very demanding she went round to the back door as she had owned huge coffee plantations in Kenya and
Ringing the changes one of his own, not nearly as sweet natured and every day of her school life and countless other her Ladyship wanted this excellent maid to go
By Sue Hart unselfish as Ellen’s own. She had been very occasions. She tapped gently. with her in a month’s time. Ellen had already

he train puffed its way through the flat resentful of his engagement, in fact she’d been ‘Who’s that?’ came from within accompanied her to Paris buying clothes and
fenland landscape. To strangers it struck with a mysterious illness on hearing of it, ‘Ellen.’ had a taste for travel. Her Ladyship had told her
seemed difficult to distinguish one dyke demanding constant attention which only Jack ‘Come you in gal, when did you ever stand tales of life on board ship and how they were
-drained field from another but Ellen felt she could give. outside?’ almost certain to travel alongside her close
knew every blade of grass, or to be more ‘I’d marry you straight away,’ he’d said, ‘only The voice belonged to Milly, the best friend of friend the handsome Prince of Wales. Ellen
accurate, rush, reed or ploughed furrow. She there’s Mother.’ Realising that thirty years later all the years of their growing up. almost forgot that she was a servant and always
stood up, glanced in the looking-glass above there might still be Mother. Milly looked her friend up and down. saw herself taking part in the high society life
the opposite seat, straightened a perfectly The cab drew up outside the cottage where ‘Well,’ she said. ‘Ain’t we grand I thought her of her employers. When she came down to
placed hat, tucking an escaped tendril of her she’d been born. She was aware of much ladyship had come instead of Ellen. I shall have earth she remembered more accurate accounts
carefully coiffed bobbed hair beneath it and curtain twitching along the lane as she paid to curtsey soon’. of the social life amongst the personal servants,
opened her bag to take out a powder compact Bill. Her gentle mother greeted her at the gate Milly was wrapped in a grubby sacking apron, valets. Ladies’ maids and so on who travelled
from which she removed a small puff with with tears in her eyes. on her head was a man’s cap and her feet were alongside their wealthy employers and enjoyed
which she dabbed her nose which she ‘You look lovely dear,’ she said, ’So smart and encased in a muddy pair of men’s boots which plenty of free time with a life which mirrored
considered elegant. She closed the bag and took elegant . Jack will fall in love with you all over had almost certainly belonged to her father who theirs. Ellen had been given time off to tell her
one more rather satisfactory look in the glass again.’ had failed to return from the Great War. Her family, with a little extra money for the journey
before sitting down again. ‘Jack, Jack, Jack’ thought Ellen.‘Oh dear.’ face and hands had the rough, red skin of which accounted for the taxi.
Ellen contemplated with some pride the smart ‘Is that you gal?’ an imperious voice quavering someone who spends most of their time ‘Oh Gal, I shall miss you but write and tell me
black coat and skirt which she had made with age but still not to be ignored, came from outdoors air with little concern for appearance all about it.’
together with the pretty blouse, with the mother somewhere within the house. ‘Come you here or skin care. She had begun to put on weight. Ellen had decided to say nothing that evening
of pearl buttons her Ladyship had tossed aside and let’s have a look’. She held out her arms, having carefully wiped but after helping her mother to put her
then said she might have, as long as she didn’t She went through to the parlour where her her hands on the apron. grandmother to bed they sat in the kitchen and
sew them on anything she planned to wear in elderly grandmother now spent all her days and ‘Come you here Miss Ellen. You’re good chatted. Before she could stop herself Ellen
London. nights. enough to eat. Have you seen Jack yet?’ Milly told her mother all about Kenya.
She had thought at the time that they would be ‘My goodness,’ said the Victorian Matriarch was the only person she’d told of her possible ‘How long?’ she said gazing at this most loved
ideal for a garment she planned to make for her ’She’s wearing black. Who’s dead and it’s been intentions. It seemed natural as they’d always youngest child. Ellen’s father had died when
next visit home ‘They’re good ones’, she had kept from me?’ confided in one another. she was ten by which time her brother and two
thought with pleasure. In the last eighteen ‘It’s alright Grandmother. It’s smart and ‘No, tomorrow. I wanted time with Mother and older sisters had left home, with the other two
months Ellen’s tastes had changed drastically, fashionable. I made it myself’. you first. .Basically I’m a coward as well’ following not long after. Ellen and her mother
she had become rather a snob and things being In a long life the old lady had seen many die, ‘It’s the best thing you could do gal, that had become very close over the years that
‘good’ had become very important to her, the old and young, in fact she now knew more mother of his will lead you a merry dance. followed and both knew that Grandmother,
start of an attitude she was to hold for life. people dead than alive and had become You’d never manage on the marsh in those now in her late eighties, would not live for ever.
The train drew into the familiar station. Ellen obsessed by it. She was not to be fobbed off shoes anyway.’ However, Martha Beal was realistic. She knew
took her small travelling case from the luggage with words and remained convinced that the ‘You are silly Milly, ‘Ellen said.’I think you’re that the world held many opportunities and if
rack and stepped gingerly down onto the truth was being kept from her. right about his mother. I thought I loved Jack they came your way you had to take them.
platform. She would never admit it but walking They soon sat in the kitchen for tea, a but now I think I just didn’t know anybody After a surprisingly good night’s sleep Ellen
in the smart dolly shoes with the louis heel took substantial, cooked meal on this occasion, else. After he sold that cow and bought the ring helped her mother with the chores then went to
practice. For the seven years of her dress- which Ellen now thought of as ‘Dinner’, the what was I supposed to say?’ dress carefully for her meeting with Jack. She
making apprenticeship she had cycled daily the family had Dinner in the middle of the day, a ‘Not a lot,’ said Milly. ‘You’re different now even applied a little discreet make-up.
four miles from her home to the station, left her meal Ellen now thought of as lunch, or anyway, don’t even sound the same. I always ‘Is that paint on that gel’s face?’ said
bicycle and caught the train to Kings Lynn, not luncheon even. knew you’d outgrow us, just like that brother of Grandmother whose eyesight was supposedly
uncommon in the flatlands where everyone ‘Mother that was lovely,’ she said, standing up yours with his posh Civil Service job in failing.’ First that’s black clothes and nobody
cycled. Those days had gone for ever and she, to help her mother clear the table. ’I have really London. Me, I can’t imagine living anywhere dead then that’s paint, now you’re showing
Ellen Beal planned to make use of the one missed your fresh vegetables and that apple pie else.’ your legs. Hen’t yew got no stockings on?’
station cab and arrive in style. Terrington St was wonderful. I don’t care what they say ‘How’s Ted?’ ‘They’re silk Grandmother,’ she said.
Clements laid claim to being the largest village people in grand houses don’t have food with Milly blushed as much as anybody with her ‘Huh, that’ll come to no good,’ said the old
in England, in width, being nine miles across the flavour yours has’. ruddy hue could be seen to blush. lady.
from the railway boundary with other villages She helped her mother wash up in the tiny ‘He’s asked me to marry him and I said I Martha suppressed a smile, her mother had
to the salt marshes next to The Wash. She scullery then said, would.’ been forecasting that no good would come of
climbed into the cab to the amazement of Bill ‘I know it’s only a short visit but do you mind ‘Well that’ll be a big move,’ both girls giggled. many things for as long as she could
Twigg who had known her all her life. if I go and see Milly for a little while? I’ve lots Ted lived next door, he’d taken to following remember.
‘My word,’ he said, ‘You’ve turned out a foin to tell her.’ Milly around as the girls grew up, looking at Ellen set off for the stile where she usually
young gal and no mistake. Bit different from ‘I thought you’d be seeing Jack,’ said her Milly with big soulful eyes which reminded met Jack, away from prying eyes,
that duzzy mauther you were. Reckon that mother. Ellen of the cow Jack had sold. surprisingly hard to find in the rather bleak
Jack’ll be pleased to see you hum, what young ‘Tomorrow’ said Ellen ‘I wrote to him and his ‘We’ve got to wait a couple of years. He and and largely treeless fenland landscape where
bor wouldn’t.’ mother needs him tonight’. his father are working hard growing flowers for even hedges were rare. He was leaning on a
Ellen listened to the familiar Norfolk speech There was no reply but even her mother the London markets.’ fence smoking his pipe when he saw Ellen
she’d grown up with. She had worked hard at managed to look disapproving when Jack’s ‘I thought he worked on the railway.’ coming and his eyes lit up.
getting rid of it in her own speech Ladies’ mother was mentioned. She knew that a selfish ‘He does, it works out really well, he puts the ‘My word gal,’ he said after he’d kissed her
maids were not expected to have regional mother with an only son could make life boxes of flowers on the train every morning, gently. ‘Mother’s a lot better, we’ll get wed. I’ll
accents. She had a good idea that it would difficult for a young wife. he’s got himself almost permanently on early sell that hoss.’
come back amongst friends and family. She ‘Mother, I think you should know, I think shift for the summer. I look after Mrs Bates’s ‘Oh Jack,’ she laughed. ‘How would you
thought about Jack and sighed, in her bag was a I’m going to give back the ring. I don’t know hens as well as ours and I’ve earned a tidy sum plough? Anyway I must talk to you, let’s walk.’
piece of tissue paper in which was wrapped a if I can marry him, it was wrong to accept so fruit picking and weeding this year. I save ‘You’re that different,’ he said, ‘You’re that
tiny gold ring with a very small stone set in it. quickly. Life is different and I’ve changed a every penny,’ Milly added proudly. smart, why you even talk smart. That on’t do,
Jack had sold the cow to buy it and lovingly lot. I know I will hurt him but it may be ‘Well you certainly don’t spend it on how you that on’t do at all.’
placed it on her finger on her twenty-first better now than to go on keeping his hopes look’ Ellen thought then hated herself for doing ‘No Jack, it won’t do,’ she said. ‘Perhaps later
birthday eighteen months earlier. However, just up.’ Ellen did not go into other reasons for so. when I’ve seen the world, lived a bit. If you’re
as she finished her apprenticeship the work- not being tied to Jack, or anyone else. She ‘If I’m around I’ll make your wedding dress.’ still waiting maybe I’ll come back.’
room at the large department store had closed. had something even more difficult to explain ‘What do you mean, if you’re around and I’m Ellen tried to explain as gently as possible why
After the Great War fewer people were having but had decided to leave it until later. Her not having anything fancy, my Sunday frock she felt she could not marry Jack, not now,
clothes made for them apart from the very mother gave her a shrewd, knowing look, she will do.’ probably not ever.
wealthy and those who did not make their own might be a quiet and gentle lady who had ‘Your Sunday frock won’t do, it hasn’t been ‘I’ve lost you, I should nivver have let you go
bought copies of Paris fashions ‘off the peg’. spent her life in rural Norfolk but she knew a doing for Sundays for about five years. last year, that was stupid. I’ll be waiting but
Ellen had no trouble in obtaining a much great deal about people, especially her Anyway that’s the other thing I’ve come to tell you on’t come back.’
coveted position in what was known as ‘good youngest daughter. you and it’s going to be worse telling Mother Tears ran down her face. She opened her bag,
service’ as a Lady’s Maid. ‘I think it might be for the best dear if you feel than telling Jack I can’t marry him.’ took out the ring in its tissue wrapping and
‘Don’t you see Jack,’ she’d explained, like that. You may change your mind. I have Milly caught her breath and looked worried, thrust it into his hand, her plan had been to tell
’Mother’s a widow. I’ve been allowed to stay at heard that Jack’s mother’s health has been surely her pretty friend hadn’t done anything him to buy another cow but that seemed just
home and my brother bought the house so better recently but that could be temporary’. stupid and got herself into trouble, not with all too cruel. She kissed his cheek then turned and
Mother wouldn’t have to worry. Even so she’s Ellen removed the apron she’d borrowed from her grand plans, that would be worse than ran as fast as her dainty London shoes allowed,
made a lot of sacrifices so that I could finish her mother and checked her appearance in the marrying Jack and living on the marsh with his back to where Bill Twigg and his cab would
my apprenticeship. My sisters were away in tiny looking glass on the wash stand in her mother. shortly arrive ready to take her to the station
kitchens of big houses at thirteen. I can’t just bedroom. She looked as immaculate as ever but ‘What have you done Ellen Beal?’ and her new life.
give it all up and anyway we can’t marry yet’. it was satisfying to know this. ‘It’s not what I’ve done it’s what I’m about to.’
Jack had sighed deeply, he knew all about She walked down the lane to a shabby cottage, She explained that the family she was with
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 5

Barbara Coughlan
(Nee Godfrey)
With great sadness, we have to report that
Barbara Coughlan (right) passed away in
November last year.
Barbara Godfrey was born in Carbrooke,
Norfolk. Daughter to Reginald and Anne
Godfrey and Sister to Richard. The Godfrey
family home was located near, what is now,
the Flying Fish Public House. Shortly after
her arrival, the family home and land was
commandeered by the Air Ministry and so
Barbara's parents moved the family to the
Old Bakehouse in Carbrooke village, where
her Grandfather had been the baker.
Barbara attended Thetford Grammar School
and went on to study at St. Osyth's teacher
training college, in Clacton-on-sea.
Barbara first met he later to be husband,
John, during Easter of 1953, at a dance in
Caston village hall. John was standing at the
edge of the dance floor, with a friend, eyeing
up the girls and in walked Barbara. John
vividly remembers their first meeting.
Barbara wore a satin, patterned dress, with a
mandarin collar. After giving Barbara time to
get seated, he walked across to her and asked
would she care to dance. They danced
several times that evening. After the dance
was over, John asked Barbara if she would
go to the pictures with him, at the Regal
cinema in Watton. Much to John's surprise,
she said yes.
Whilst she was attending teacher training
college at St. Osyth's, John and Barbara met
whenever they could. In May 1953, John was
called up to serve with the Royal Norfolk
Regiment. Ten weeks training, three weeks
embarkation leave, then deployment to the
Far East. John was nine months into his
deployment when he was admitted to
Military Hospital, followed by a period of
convalescence. During this time, much to his
regret, John and Barbara lost contact.
Returning home after demobilisation in 1955,
John went to a dance in Rockland village hall
and to his great delight, in walked 'his'
Barbara. They met up every weekend from
that moment on. Barbara was teaching at a
school in Lakenheath village and would spend the African Violets, a specialty, and she even once grew a
weekends at home, in Carbrooke. Every weekend, pineapple!
John and Barbara would either go dancing, or to Barbara was fascinated by nature, and, growing up in
the pictures. John didn't have a full motorcycle Norfolk, was steeped in the lore of the countryside,
licence so he couldn't carry a pillion passenger. passed down through the generations. She derived a
Barbara's dad would drive her to Thetford Railway huge amount of pleasure watching the wildlife that often
Station each Sunday. John would ride his visited the garden. She fed the ducks and hedge hogs that
motorbike there to see her off on the train. Once made their homes in the garden from time-to-time. The
the train departed, John would then ride to ducks, from Loch Neaton, made their way into the
Lakenheath, to meet the train, so he could walk bungalow, looking for their next meal, if the back door
Barbara to her lodgings! happened to be open!
Barbara and John were married on the 22nd of In later years, Barbara and John were often to be seen
December 1956, in Carbrooke Church. The years together in Watton High Street, where John would accost
that followed were filled with happiness. They anyone who would listen to him (in particular, the
started married life in a council bungalow on the Editor of this tome), and discourse on his subject of the
Merton road. Barbara was teaching at Watton day. Sometimes the discussions went on for a while and
Primary School. She went on to teach at Scoulton, Barbara always stood patiently and quietly beside John,
Hingham and back to Watton Primary School, listening to him hold forth for the umpteenth time! Such
finally retiring in 1974. a lovely lady she never complained and only ever smiled
In 1958/59 they saw a plot of land for sale on the when asked about her patience with John.
Dereham Road, in Watton. They decided to buy A collection in memory of Barbara for the Norfolk
this plot and had the bungalow built that remains Wildlife Trust raised, at the time of writing well over
the family home today. In 1960 along came a little £300, and if anyone wouold like to make a donation in
girl, Jacquline and in 1963 Adrian. her memory, please contact Eirlys Johnson Funeral
When Barbara was younger she enjoyed playing Services.
the piano and played in the local band. Barbara John told the Editor recently that Barbara was the wind
also played tennis at Carbrooke Village Tennis beneath his wings and I know she will be very sadly
club, which was conveniently situated at the back missed by John, her family and the many friends they
of the Bakehouse. In later years, Barbara took up would meet daily. Barbara's old pupils may well
the gentile art of crocheting and all the family have remember that at the end of every day at school, Barbara
benefited from the results of her labours, whether would say with her class the prayer, “Lord keep us safe
they wanted them or not! Barbara was a keen this night, secure from all our fears. May angels guard us
gardener and the bungalow was usually filled with while we sleep, till morning light appears”.
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 6
short notice, and lacked when often a sugar fix is the only thing that
Otterly Brilliant !! the basic toiletries until helps.
family or friends could Dictionaries & Bean Bags
bring these to them. For the past few years we have donated
Rotarian David Watkins Usborne Illustrated Dictionaries4Life to
undertook to co-ordinate junior schools in Watton and surrounding
this and purchased the villages (the publisher Peter Usborne was
basic essentials of comb, also a Rotarian ). These have usually been
soap, flannel, presented to school leavers or to pupils who
antiperspirant, toothbrush had achieved particular goals, and also some
& toothpaste etc. to go went into the school library to be used by all
into linen draw string pupils.
Happy New Year to you all! We hope you all had peaceful and bags, as attached photo, This year Watton Westfield infant & Nursery
enjoyable festive seasons. made by a group of ladies School asked if they could instead have bean
We often use this article to look back at the past year on the reserve, who became known as the bags for their library area, and these have
but after the year that was, I have decided to go for something 'Bag Ladies' in the nicest been recently delivered to the school by
different – I don’t think 2020 is one we need to reminisce about possible interpretation of Rotarian Dr. Mike Harvey who has co-
really! Instead I thought I would focus on one of our most secretive Rotary Roundup the words.
We recently delivered another 25 bags, and
ordinated this project.
We have now received a Thank You letter
residents here at the reserve, one not frequently seen, but perhaps Toilet Bags & The Bag Ladies
that is what make a sighting of this magnificent creature all the have now delivered almost 200 bags to date, from the Executive Headteacher at Watton
more special. Watton Rotary Club had a speaker last year with a further delivery scheduled for early Westfield Infant & Nursery School and
I am, of course, talking about the otter. A water loving mammal, the from Norwich & Norfolk University 2021. Each delivery of toilet bags was Walton Junior School, saying the dictionaries
signs of which are often seen more than the animal itself! Which Hospital - NNUH - and we later donated an accompanied by boxes of biscuits for the and bean bags have been well received by
admittedly isn’t the most helpful for those wanting to spot one, so overnight bed to the hospital Palliative Care nurses staff rooms - we understand that the pupils and noting that the bean bag blue
here’s an otter spotters guide for what to look out for…. Unit for use by patients relatives who needed shortbread have proved the most popular. colour chosen is a perfect match for the
With dense brown fur, long thick tail and webbed feet they are to stay overnight at short notice, and we were We have recently received a Thank You school. The bean bags are Covid Safe as they
perfectly adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle. They are a fairly large also advised that they required toilet bags for letter from the Lead Nurse Specialist are wipe-able.
animal measuring from head to toe, 90cm to 120cm. these family members and others who were Palliative Care expressing their thanks, and Press & Communications Committee,
A combination of their habit of swimming low in the water (with unprepared when faced with advising the biscuits are very much Watton & District Rotary Club
only their head showing) and the ability to close both ears and nose staying overnight at the hospital often at appreciated by all staff and serve as a pick-up
underwater, means they are easy to miss! Often a few bubbles and
ripples signify the presence of an otter swimming away from you. qualified for the role of chairman, but I committee which need filling in order
The photo I have included shows their typical swimming posture.
Watton and won’t say much more as I will allow for us to vote on motions at the National
Whilst a lot of otter sightings can happen purely by chance, looking him to introduce himself once he has conference. We need a secretary and a
out for the tell-tale signs of otters can give you a clue of where to District Branch taken up his role as chair. branch community support
concentrate your search. My main motivation for this article is as representative. For more information
Footprints alongside waterways (don’t get too close to those water Royal British a recruitment drive. At the end of the about either of these roles on the
edges!) or in mud across pathways are a sure sign that an otter is autumn of 2021 the branch will committee then please email
about…somewhere! The footprints will measure around 5-6cm in Legion celebrate its 100th birthday (Birthday WattonDistrict.Chairman@rbl.communit
width and will show four or five toes, as the fifth doesn’t always Greetings and Happy New Year from party information to follow in the y. Of course we are happy for new
show in the print. the outgoing chairman of the Watton coming months). We would like to make members to join and turn up to meetings
Keep an eye out for their droppings, or spraint, which otters leave to and District Branch of the Royal British our centenary year a really special year, and our social events (once we’re
both mark their territory and find a mate. The spraints are a greenish Legion. 2020 was a strange year for the but we do need to recruit more members allowed to start them again) without
-black colour and, if you’re feeling adventurous, apparently smell branch, as indeed it was for many of us especially those who are willing to be taking on a more active role within the
sweetly, like jasmine tea! in our own lives. Our previous chairman active and take on roles within the branch.
Broken apart (stick recommended or gloves!) they contain a real and secretary relocated, and I took committee. I know that for some the last 10 months
mixture of things from their varied diet of fish, water birds and ove╟r as chair on an interim basis. We I have always been proud of the way have been extremely difficult, but for
amphibians – often fish scales are the real give away. had a new poppy appeal organiser, who Watton and the surrounding villages those who can afford to I would urge
For me, other wildlife can be the best sign that an otter is lurking despite not being able to go out on the have come together in recent times when you to join the legion and specify
somewhere near by – the sudden movement of ducks out of the street collecting for the poppy appeal, there has been a funeral of a veteran, Watton and District as your local
reedbed, flying off the water or making a real racket is a sure sign still managed to raise over £2000. We who had only a limited number of branch. You can join by phone on 0800
that something is disturbing them. The culprit, more often than not, laid wreaths at both Tottington and family members, to form a cortege and 307 7773 or online at
is an otter. Watton memorials for Remembrance show their respects. I’d like to think
Otters can be seen across the reserve, a lot of sightings being a case Sunday and at Watton memorial for VE now that our community can come If you know of or are a struggling
of the right place and the right time, but recently we’ve had day, although they were very quiet together to support veterans while they veteran or a serving member of the
sightings from both the Visitor Centre and New Fen viewpoint. affairs. are still with us. To join the Royal armed forces then please contact the
They can be seen throughout the day, but early in the morning The branch had it’s AGM in November British Legion costs just £17 a year, as a legion on 0808 802 8080 for support or
seems to be when activity is at its peak, they seem to especially like when it was time to elect new people branch we have no additional subs. You alternatively you can contact Veterans
the wet weather. So, whilst a rainy day may not seem ideal for a into the committee roles. John Dufton do not have to have been in the armed gateway on 0808 802 1212.
walk, it could be great for otters! was voted in as Chairman elect. I would forces or be retired to join the legion and Thank you for your time in reading my
I have got to admit it’s not an easy task to spot an otter here at like to ask if members of the branch be a committee member, I am a 35 year mumblings and I look forward to
Lakenheath, patience is most definitely required, but it can be have any objections to John taking up old physics teacher, before that I worked meeting some of you in person when
rewarded with the most magical of wildlife experiences, command for the next 3 years then they on a yard fixing broken racehorses and government restrictions allow.
So why not challenge yourself this year to discover the reserve and should email until marrying into an army family had Mrs Victoria Goulding, interim
its wildlife; nothing beats getting out in the fresh air and, if you are WattonDistrict.Chairman@rbl.communit no connection with the armed forces at chairman Watton and District Branch,
lucky enough to be an otter spotter, then that’s just the icing on the y, by the end of January 2021. I will tell all! Royal British Legion.
cake! Emma Cuthbertson, RSPB Lakenheath Fen Warden you that John is very well suited and We currently have some roles on the
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 7
meal, we had a Zoom
Christmas Quiz on 10th
December our usual night for
meeting. Nineteen members
wearing a festive jumper and
hat joined our President for this
entertaining evening, and as we
were all in our own homes, we
could celebrate with a drink
(alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
sausage roll and mince pie.
There were a mixture of
difficult, easy and silly
questions with plenty of
laughter, with Jane Broscomb
having the most correct
answers. Some comments
were” it was a challenge but
very enjoyable, great fun trying
Carol Robeson made fourteen hampers and to think of the answers”. We ended the meeting with a social
Watton Evening WI there were nineteen single prizes. The draw chat, a good catch up. A thoroughly enjoyable evening and it
Over recent years, our members have took place at our Zoom Committee is great to see everyone without wearing masks.
generously donated items for us to make meeting, every member was given a We are planning an additional Zoom Meeting on 17th
hampers for our free Christmas raffle for number and the numbers picked randomly December. Mike Wabe will be our speaker with a
those at our meal. Unfortunately, as a meal using a number generator. The prizes have presentation on Father Christmas Myths and Mistletoe.
was not possible this year, we decided to been delivered and received by delighted Watton Evening WI wish everyone a very Happy
include all members in the raffle. Again, members. Christmas and hopefully a better New Year.
our members generously donated and Instead of getting together for a Christmas

Saham Toney national repute.

Once Upon A Time One such, who apparently lived more
Neighbourhood By Ken Knowles than six hundred years ago , was Dick
Thirty years ago. when my wife and I Whittington, who , according to the
Plan Update decided to quit the hurly burly of life in legend that has built up around him, was
Shaping the future of Saham Toney! another chap who visited London, failed
the southeast, we came to Norfolk and
The Regulation 16 Consultation of in his attempt to make a living and
answered an advert from an estate agents
the Saham Toney Neighbourhood decided to go back to his own region, but
firm in Swaffham. Being almost
Plan started on Thursday 29th on the way heard the distant chimes of
completely ignorant of Norfolk the only
October and closed at 5pm on Bow Bells, changed his mind and
two names that were familiar were
Thursday 10 December. returned to the city and eventually did so
Norwich, and Great Yarmouth where I
At the time of writing this, we are well that eventually he became Lord
had once stayed when I was still a young
anticipating confirmation from Mayor.
boy, but somehow the name Swaffham
Breckland that they have submitted Of course such tales became legends and
seemed to seem vaguely familiar, though
the Plan, along with any responses to the subject of all kinds of different
exactly why I could not think. Eventually
the Consultation, to the independent accounts, but records confirm that he
it came back to me that, sometime during
examiner. Breckland Council offered did , indeed, become mayor, and today
the war there was a small butchers shop
a choice of three examiners and the we remember him as the leading
in Stoke Newington High Road near
Neighbourhood Plan Work Group character in a popular Christmas
where I had spent my early years, and
reviewed in detail the experience of pantomime.
once a year the proprietor would appear
all three candidates and proposed These shows, well known today as music
with a van load of rabbits, which for
John Slater, a very experienced –filled entertainments, with plenty of
some reason did not seem to be classed as
examiner, and our recommendation cross-dressing resulting as the male
meat, and could then be sold ‘off the
was approved by Saham Toney subjects being played by young ladies,
ration’, and thus were eagerly snapped up
Parish Council and that decision has and women by men. The syllable “mime”
by the local housewives.
been sent to Breckland Council. in the word pantomime suggests that at
But what had imprinted d on my memory
Once the examiner has received the one time the shows depended on actions
was that on the back of the van was the
Plan and consultation comments, we rather than words, and thus the pantos of
address ‘Swaffham, Norfolk’.
may get some initial clarification today may be nothing like those in the
But all these years later I still had the
questions from him, but other than past.
feeling that I had heard something more
that will have to wait for an One thing that separates Dick
about Swaffham, so I decided to pay a
examination report to be published. Whittington from all other panto
visit and before long I found that the
That will inevitably recommend characters was that he always had a tame
local history books were full of
some revisions, and all we can hope pussy cat at his side, which is a unique
references to a John Chapman, otherwise
is that those will not significantly factor, and some think this pet was the
known as the Swaffham Pedlar, who had
affect the intent and strength of the inspiration behind the modern panto Puss
spent a large part of his fortune doing
Plan’s policies. We don’t know how in Boots.
good works for the town, such as helping
long the examination will take but But all these legendary figures, whether
to repair the church which had fallen into
suspect we won’t see the report till true or fictional , inhabited every corner
a ruinous condition, as well as financing
early in the New Year. of the country, and our area in Wayland
various other worthy causes.
One early success for the emerging had its very own story known as the tale
It was evident that the Swaffham Pedlar
Plan is that one of the allocated sites of the Babes in the wood.
was an intricate part of the local history,
in the Plan, STNP9 on Ovington Although a nationally known story that
but as with most such things there were
Road, has been submitted as a was once the subject of one of the lesser
various versions of the life and times of
Planning Application and as it known pantomimes, this rather sad
this person, varying from the story of
complies with Neighbourhood Plan account of two young children, who lived
how the pedlar had fallen on hard times
Polices, it has been approved by under the care of their uncle (usually
and had journeyed to London, and,
Breckland Planning. referred to as Wicked) in a house in
meeting a wise person , who told him to
In terms of the Neighbourhood Plan, nearby Griston,, who left them in
return to Swaffham and dig in a certain
we have suggested an overall Wayland Wood to die and they passed
spot he would find a pot of gold.
timetable to Breckland that allows a away in each other’s arms, to be covered
According to this version that is what he
village referendum to take place on with leaves by the local robins.
did, and was so grateful that he devoted
the same day as local elections – 6 Surprisingly, although this tale remains
his life to the town. No mention seems
May 2021, Covid-19 permitting. part of Watton’s history, according to
ever to have been made to whom the
As usual, if you have any comments belief, it seems that very few of the local
treasure actually belonged, or why he
or questions on any of this, or the inhabitants know how to find Wayland
should be entitled to it, so probably this
Neighbourhood Plan in general, or if Wood even though it is less than a mile
version may have been the invention of
you'd like to be added to our mailing away from the town centre.
some story-teller in the past.
list, please get in touch with Chris All these recollections of people of the
Local history books tell us that men like
Blow, Saham Toney Neighbourhood past who have helped to shape the present
John Chapman could be found a in many
Plan Work Group leader on 01953 deserve to be remembered for what they
parts of the country, and though usually
880915. did, rather than just characters in plays
are only known in their own localities,
Most importantly, stay healthy and and pantomimes.
occasionally certain individuals gained
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 8
hopefully, Sue.
Great Hockham Sue Thomas seems to just look for
work: Hi Ed, Just when you think you
Gardening Club have cracked it, no more fruit and veg
Corona Diary - to deal with, wham, the crab apple
tree comes into view, absolutely full
December of lush, round, rosy crab apples,
With only a few respites, the weather crying out to be made into jelly! The
has carried on in the same drizzly hunt is on again for jars with lids that
manner. This has had a distinct effect fit and that you can get those bl**dy
on our dogs who now require a block gummy labels off!! We have finally
and tackle to get them through the door. raked up the million acorns that lay
In spite of the weather Julie Brown is under the Oak tree, but not before
hard at it: Hello Ed, Crikey, where did 25% have been pushed into the lawn
the last month go? I can only think back by the tractor!! Arms now longer than
to Saturday when I was able to dig the a chimp. Still that will help for
soil over in my new raised vegetable picking the crab apples. Have finally
bed made from sleepers. I did have to taken the hanging baskets down, still
dig out some more tree roots but in flower, and transported them to the
persevered and got several bags of greenhouse for their winter rest.
spent compost dug in and then planted Tidied up all the pots on the patio,
the broad beans; we shall see how composting all the limp leaves. And
successful I am with those. finally, having put all the acorns in
The other half of the bed should be our stillage (fire cage), we took our
easier to deal with as it is 2 sleepers chairs and flask. Once there was a
deep to take care of the slope in the north wind to blow the smoke away
garden. I have lots of bags of compost I from the village, we lit the massive
have made to go into it; I am looking pile of branches and dead vegetation,
forward to trying to grow some food. too thick to compost. Warning, don't
I did think I would dig the hole for the put acorns on a bonfire!! They go off
last tub pond, but by the time I had like bullets, nearly dropped my tea!!!
weeded and got my gloved hands wet a Keep Safe. Happy New Year. Cheers,
2nd time I gave up and went indoors. Sue.
Just going outdoors to feed the birds Jane Dalton is looking forward to the
and to break the ice on their water. I dreaded event: Hi Ed, 'Christmas is
have been seeing the female coming, the goose is getting fat' …
sparrowhawk in the garden a lot of Well he's not the only one - this
mornings recently, a couple of times Lockdown is not helping!!!
tucking into caught prey, seen her Wine or Gin o'clock is about the only
swooping across the garden, amazing thing to look forward to; cheers
bird in flight. I thought she had caught everyone!!
the starling with the malformed wing, I thought I would have Christmas
but he has been there the last couple of organised by the end of November,
days. He is feeding well and is bigger but as soon as the weather cheered up
than those that can fly well. He can I was out clearing up the garden
manage to get into the hedge quite (picture right), giving it a proper short
quickly, but seemingly not very high back and sides, so at least we will be
up. able to see the bulbs when they come
I am surprised to see that I have a up, as some are already...
daffodil in flower. The cyclamen Liz The chickens are happy as we
gave me are performing well, I see finished their roof. Now that they are My gardening efforts have recently cellar. So, let’s get to it. A spade, with two, but during this Covid Lock
many bulbs are shooting and peeping not under a deluge of rain everyday been about working very hard, but much effort, penetrates the drive by Down one week seems to blend in to
out amongst the bark covering I've they have stopped their molt and look making great efforts to have nothing about half an inch. A pickaxe bounces another and I seem to lose all track of
put down. healthier. They have had some special to show for it. and a hammer drill jams. The problem the days, or is that an age thing?.
Liz and I have been walking in boost diet and medication and get Unbelievably, we are going to get full seems to be that like all modern The lockdown has also brought about
Wretham this lockdown – it's harder better treatment and certainly more fibre high speed broadband. The roads drives it incorporates all the building a lack of things to talk about due to
than gardening. I think we overdid it conversation and money spent on have been blocked with Open Reach rubble left over from the construction limited activities but now we have the
the first weekend; I'd rather be them than I do. I am expecting gold- vans and telegraph poles have been of the house. Worse, since that time good news that a vaccine is on its way
gardening. However, I have been plated eggs when they can be springing up like mushrooms. The people have been inconsiderately to the UK and bringing with it that
crafting Christmas baubles, my bothered to lay again. Was that turkey installation will require a cable to be driving over it and it has become little ray of sunshine on the otherwise
fingers are sore from pushing in pins, for Christmas or should I consider an run from a telegraph pole, festooning somewhat compacted. In the end I bleak horizon. I know for some of our
but the result it quite impressive, alternative fowl?? through the sky to that part of the take three days to loosen it with a members these past months have been
pinned and folded. I've attached Next came the house: decorating the house nearest to said pole. This will heavy crowbar, after which the very difficult and look forward to the
photograph (right), they are busiest areas including cupboards and put the cable entry point furthest from pickaxe is finally able to make some day when we can resume some little
personalised and the material is from the dreaded pantry. Took me 2 hours where we use our devices. In other impression. But it’s taking so long, piece of our old normality, getting
the bridesmaid dress I wore at my to empty and 2 days to put back! words, where the old telephone line Prue keeps asking me, “Wire you together at our meeting place in
youngest sister's wedding 30 years Anyway all done and looks lovely. comes in giving us the weak signal doing all this work?” It’s not helping. Church walk.
ago. How time flies, I hope she likes Shame the flooring can't be done until we get now. To position the modem But now there is the bigger problem: Efforts have in the past been made to
them. New Year as we will have to shift centrally would require the cable to how do I traverse the two flowerbeds reopen at our Old School House, but
I am looking forward to Christmas everything all over again. This time it continue from the entry point, without damaging any of my wife’s due to various restrictions by our
dinner, lots of Turkey and the really will come with the 'See Me traversing walls, ceilings, skirting treasured plants? Well I don’t. But I landlord the MOD and opposition
Christmas pudding, so wishing you Out' certificate… boards, etc. to a location where we do manage to keep the damage below from some concerned members
all Merry Christmas, thankful for all I have so much to do on the computer would receive a good signal. I do not a level that would bring about my regarding the risks involved, it never
that we have and hopeful for all that it is a good job it is raining again. find exposed wires, either overhead or immediate demise. By comparison, happened. By the time you read this
is to come, Julie. Christmas will come and go and this across rooms, particularly decorative. the hole in the cellar wall is child’s article supplies of the Covid vaccine
Sue Cunningham has my old mole year will be very different. We will But I have a solution: I can have the play. Looking at the area now after should, we are told, be in the UK and
problem: Hi Ed, I’m afraid all the wet 'Stay at Home' and likely be on our cable run underground, into our the weeds have started to come back, being distributed to those most in
weather has stopped work, but on fine tod. Very strange... Worst still my cellar, along the ceiling, where looks it is as if nothing has happened, and need, the NHS Workers, Care
days we’ve been tidying up the birthday is on 27th, always a non- don’t matter, and then up through the not an inch of cable visible anywhere. Workers and our Senior Citizens, this
borders and gathering the leaves up. event day of the year, and this year floor to an ideal centralised location. Phew? good news has brought about renewed
Oh no, the moles are back. Matt it's the big 7 0. Just once I thought it Sorted. Barry, the nice young man (Landscape picture by Ed S.) interest from some of our key
caught one, then after a week of no might be different, but no. Lockdown from Open Reach, thinks this is a Edward Szczepanowski: Secretary, members to prepare for our reopening
movement, they have returned so it’s and all celebrations and plans are off. brilliant idea. Just one tiny point: he Great Hockhan Gardening Club. sometime in the new year, if all goes
another battle, and at the minute, they Hey-ho, that's life! will not dig the trench and lay the to plan.
The most important thing is to stay conduit. For now, it remains for me to say that
are winning. All the Hellebores are
getting buds on so should make a nice safe so those friends and activities we Now here’s the thing; the only route Wayland I hope you have had a good Christmas
all cherish and miss do much can be from the base of the pole is under a and best wishes and a Happy New
show and I was surprised to see a
resumed once we are out of this hedge, through a flower bed (with
Mens Shed Year from all of us at "Wayland
Narcissus with buds on in December; Social Group, The Old School House,
things get earlier every year. Really Covid Hell! Have a happy and safe many established plants), across the Men's Shed".
relaxing Christmas and we pray for a drive, through another flower bed Church Walk, Watton. Cheers All, Richard Adams, Liaison
looking forward to spring when we It seems ages since I last wrote my
can get outside again. The garden will better New Year. (Well it can't (with many established plants) and Officer, WMS, Enquiries: 01953
possibly be worse than the last one! finally through the 440 mm of solid piece for the Wayland News in reality 881004. (Watton).
be full of spring flowers and we may it's probably only been a month or
be having our meetings again – Can it?) Jane. concrete forming the wall of the
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 9
probably 10 years (which is the throwing away leggy seedlings feet under the gun seat, and took have, start in January 1939 and he
In Your normal time-scale given for ultimate next month and neither do you photographs as they dispersed, and record's his arrival at RAF
sizes). Other trees at their best in want to be looking at a small talk about trick angle photography, I Cranfield, to join 82 Squadron.
Garden with January tend to have eye-catching amount of space and a forest of think we can easily become experts Freds first letter - January 1939
bark such as the Tibetan cherry seedlings. I shall try to remember now. We saw the results this 611006 AC II 'A' Flight, 82 B
Lotta Potts (Prunus serrula) which looks as
though it's been polished. It's a
this advice when seed sowing from
now until spring. When we got the
afternoon, and quite good too. Well I
am supposed to be going to the local
Squadron, RAF Cranfield, Bletchley,
A very happy New Year to all our
lovely conker colour but is best for a virus and were threatened with lock "flicks" now, so as there is not much Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry.
readers. At last, by the time this is
larger garden as it gets to 6 x 5m and -down I amused myself by sowing more of interest here will say cheerio Arrived here OK. half past four, two
allowed out, we shall have seen the
needs to be fairly mature before the lots of seeds then had to prick them for now. hours earlier than schedule. So there
back of 2020 and a real riddance to
bark gets a good shine. Acer griseum all out. Needless to say the plan of With Love. Fred being no van waiting, and 4 miles to
it. Most years have their ups and
is another tree grown for its bark. where they were all supposed to PS I received the pullover the other walk in full pack and kit, I phoned up
downs but 2020 was a real howler.
The common name is paperbark grow took no account of the space day and pills. Thanks very much. and got a van. There should have
So let’s concentrate on the garden.
maple. This is better for a small each seedling needed. Too many been another chap with me, but he
There really isn't much exciting to
garden, slowly reaching to 5 x 4m. failures. 23rd. January 1940 (Tuesday) did a bunk with a car on Sunday
offer for January. It all depends on
Like most maples its leaves have So maybe January isn't so bad after 'A' Flight, 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF night. It is not a bad station here.
the weather. If it's wet or icy or
brilliant autumn colour then once all. But do remember, unless Watton, Thetford, Norfolk Everything is new. We are in 2 deck
snowy stay off the grass and the
they're gone the bark develops there's at least a foot of snow on the Dear Mum Dad Rene Harry & brick blocks, and 4 rooms in each. I
borders. That's a bit restricting but if
shaggy chestnut coloured flakes that ground you'll still need to keep Eric. have got some stairs to climb up and
you have paths and drives that need
curl back from the grey-ish bark. weeding. Well all being OK, I shall be home down now. After a lot of running
to be used good exercise is to clear
Although good for a small garden it as I said previously, sometime in about this morning, I eventually
them. On the other hand ignore it
is a woodland tree so is happier with the middle of Thursday. But it settled down. There have been some
and stay indoors. However, if it’s at
all bearable in snow it should be
others, rather than on its own. A The letters of should be for 7 days instead of 6, exercises on today and all the W/
very popular shrub grown for its as our crew won 24 Hrs extra leave OP's bar me were up all the
cleared off evergreen hedges and
bushes to prevent the weight
shape is the corkscrew hazel Freddie in a photography exercise a few afternoon , so I was left in the W/T
(Corylus avellana 'Contorta') with the weeks back, not that I did much to Workshops [Wireless Telegraphy
breaking the branches. This is easier
if you cut the hedges so they are
wonderful twisted stems. Grow this
at the back of the border where it will
Thripp it, only levelled out the camera, and
sat in the back and got cold.
Workshops] on my own with a
sergeant and corporal hopping about.
narrower at the top, sloping to the We left Freddie last month with a bit
shine in winter but it's boring when I thought for a few moments One of the planes force landed up at
bottom – hence the term 'batter'. of a sore head after being blown off
in full leaf. Keep it pruned as if it's yesterday (Mon). We were Driffield, but nobody seems to know
Sweep it off the greenhouse roof as the wing onto the tailplane in the
happy it will grow like Topsy. It will supposed to go on air firing to a what has actually happened. Some
well to preserve the glass. Stand well snow when the pilot revved an
be fine in a large pot and this will place only about 20 or so miles of them went up to 16,000 feet, and
clear while you do this if you don't engine while Freddie was climbing
keep it under control. There are away. The fog had just cleared over the sea, and you should have
want to end up on You've Been aboard! Then after taking off, he
dogwoods (Cornus varieties) for from here, but when we arrived heard the language and the tales
Framed. If it's ice then grit is the best was nearly blown out of the aircraft
coloured stems but again, need room. somewhere near the camp the fog about the cold up there. Even the
option. If you use salt it can wash in a power dive when one of the
There are plants that flower such as was too near the ground, so we anti-freeze oil froze up. I have been
into the grass and borders and do no front windows failed! Small wonder
the winter-flowering jasmine went out to sea, to try to get in told by the sergeant to draw my
good whatsoever to the plants there. he was a bit groggy!!
(Jasminum nudiflorum) that will under the fog, but still useless, so flying kit. Do not be surprised to see
Even the ones that are hibernating But now things were going to get
clothe fences but try it through we came back here, then we could me rolling in home any odd time as I
nicely can be damaged by salt as it serious. What Freddie couldn't have
evergreen shrubs where you will get not find the drome owing to fog. might take it into my head to
will wash into the roots. known was that the Blenheims of 2
the pretty yellow flowers but the We made 2 or 3 attempts, but suddenly come for a ride. The chaps
So if the weather is kind and dry Group would soon be flying long
boring leaves later in the year will useless, so we tried Norwich, still that I am sleeping with are about the
there are things that can be done North Sea patrols looking for enemy
disappear in the other foliage. no ground in sight, so back we same standard as the others I have
outside. Maintenance is one. Has vessels. This was especially
Mahonias will flower from now until came. We saw the drome through a been with. Well I think this is all for
the shed lost its roof or felt? Have dangerous because any incident,
March and the recommended one is hole, but when we turned, it had now.
you got large puddles where no either enemy action or mechanical
Mahonia x media 'Lionel Fortescue'. vanished again. So we flew on and With Love Fred
puddles were before? Now's the time failure, often meant a cold, watery
It is upright with a strong scent. It on, all of us checking up, ready to
to fix that lot and if possible treat grave and no chance of being saved.
should be pruned at 2 x 2m to take "bail out", but we eventually saw a And his second - again January 1939
timber with preservative. Keep any But as you can read, if Fred had
out some of the oldest stems close to clear patch, and Halton appeared in 611006 AC II 'A' Flight, 82 B
preservative off plants, even the anu concerns about this, he didnt
the ground. Then, of course, is good the centre of it. I tried to persuade Squadron, RAF Cranfield, Bletchley,
dormant ones. You never know what convey them to his family . . .
old Viburnum tinus with its pink or him to try Luton, but the Pilot said Bucks
can happen should wood
white flowers. Clematis 'Freckles' he knew of a civil drome at Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry.
preservative soak into the crown of a 12th. January 1940 (Friday)
and 'Winter Beauty' flower well Maidenhead, so off we went. But So sorry to be so late in writing, but
nearby plant. 'A' Flight, 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Watton,
through the winter but need a bit of the visibility was getting worse everything seems to have been
Gardeners who are well-organised Thetford, Norfolk.
shelter. New varieties come along again and by the time we saw the against me this week. Tuesday night
will know exactly where everything Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry &
just about every year so it's worth place we were fed up so down we I was on guard owing to the bomb-
is and will also have cleaned, oiled Eric.
checking out the growers when you went. But in the mist the throwers, about 25 every night, but is
and sharpened all their tools before I have more or less recovered from
have a bit of time. I would avoid boundaries were deceiving, and as quietening off now. Wednesday I
Christmas. The rest of us can spend the last effort, but still have a bruise
'Armandii' as although it flowers soon as we touched down we knew was in bed till supper time trying to
a happy hour or two clearing out the on my nose. I have been "blooded"
beautifully in winter it needs severe we were in for it. The pilot jammed make up for the sleep missed, and
shed/garage and finding all those as regards the North Sea patrols now,
pruning. I did hear of one person both brakes, but we just kept going then the lights failed,. Thursday the
tools we replaced when we couldn't but just missed a shower of ME110's.
who gave up with the secateurs and forward, but we turned sideways, lights failed again. So I hope you
find the originals. We can clean, You remember on the 10th about
attacked his with a chainsaw. just missed a big hole and a petrol will forgive me again. The weather
sharpen and oil both lots! Now try to some Blens going out on patrol, and
Closer to the ground there are bulbs tank, ripped our tail off on a girder, was nice until my second watch on
arrange the tools. Posh people have met some ME110's, one going down
that flower now: snowdrops, early tore through a wire fence, across Tuesday night and since then it has
shadow boards so that it's from both sides, probably two
daffodils, Iris unguicularis will start the road and through wooden fence been "grand". The drome at
immediately obvious what's out. (another of Fred's little sketches here
now in milder conditions and carry into somebody's garden, and when Warmwell is out of action, so the
These people are the ones who will – a picture of a swastika), well we
on until spring. we got out, we walked off the wing prospects at present are not very
already have everything ready for were following them up, to bomb
If you get stir-crazy like I do there into the road. It caused quite a hold great, but hoping for better soon. We
spring anyway. A few large hooks any boats they saw, but nobody saw
are things you can be doing to get the up to the traffic. have been on the range, when
will deal with a lot of tools and if you anything.
optimism going. Plant sweet peas in Nobody was hurt though, just possible this week and did well in the
inherited an old cabinet the drawers We put the wind up some little
pots. I know the received wisdom is shaken up. What worried us most, ordinary target shooting, but let
and cupboards will come into their fishing boats, you should have seen
to do this in October but you can we could see ourselves going myself down on long burst firing.
own. Failing all that put up a shelf if them zig zagging about, they thought
carry on virtually until outdoor straight toward some little children, But not too bad considering it is the
you have room and try to keep it tidy. we were after them. Then coming in
planting. Get the spuds ordered and and crashed just behind them, but I only time I have used a machine gun.
So now it's all clean and tidy but on the coast, some Spits came after
start chitting them. All you need are have never seen children disappear Hope you are not flooded out yet.
looks a bit flat. Now is a goood time us and you should have seen the
egg cartons and somewhere cool and so quickly. We were billeted out in We are not quite. The European
to take stock and plan for some verey cartridges fired, just like Nov
light (frost free) then when it comes a butchers house, so we had some atmosphere seems to be getting tense
planting for winter. Look around 5th. We are going on another
to March or April they should have good food, and a night out in again, but this time it does not seem
while you're out and about and see tomorrow (Sat) we hope. By the
sturdy dark green shoots. Check out Maidenhead. All in a days pay. so hopeful as the last, but suppose it
what you envy in other people's way, if you hear any references to
seed catalogues and see if you can Well cheerio, will tell you more will blow over again. Well I think
gardens. There are some quite "Kipper Kites", that's us. We also had
plant some veg seeds indoors. If you later on. this is all for now, so will say
spectacular plants now. A small tree some fun yesterday (Thurs),
have a propagator you could With Love. Fred goodbye for now, and will write
is winter-flowering cherry (Prunus x supposed to have bombed a convoy
experiment even more. This is fun again as soon as possible when we
subhirtella 'Autumnalis'). It's a lovely of army lorries on the plains, and all Stepping back a year, I thought
if a propagator came via Santa. Try arrive at our "holiday" camp.
shape and very small. I believe the the A.G.'s had small cameras, only readers might find it interesting to
to keep the seed sowing within With Love, Fred
ultimate size is 6 x 3m but how long cost about £60 each, and as we see what Fred had been up to a year
bounds as you don't want to be
it takes to get there I don't know – "bombed" the troops, we hooked our earlier. The copies of the letters I
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 10
with no radiators or tumble driers. When at
primary school we always went home for
nothing like the thick fogs I recall from my
youth. You really couldn’t see where you
JANUARY lunch. On wet days it was a battle to dry our were going; the buses and sometimes even Past coats out enough to go back to school in.
Snow was fun and seems now to have been
the trains would all stop running; few cars
would be about and those that were would
Follow us @StMarysWatton By Bronwen Tyler
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, frequent but probably wasn’t. We always slowly follow each other nose to tail. The
My very earliest memory of a wet and cold knew if it had snowed in the night because fog would dampen all sound to quite an
on 01953 881439, I can then winter day is of sitting in my pram or
email or telephone you back or arrange to meet up with you. there was a special kind of silence when we eerie silence. I can remember driving back
pushchair behind the apron, looking out at woke and the light through the curtains to Norfolk in thick fog along the fenland
Thank you: Your Vicar, Revd Gerry Foster.
the rain as my mother pushed me home. It seemed brighter. We lived in a cul de sac dykes and drains. I had to hang out of the
felt really snug in there. with virtually no cars so we would roll a window giving directions as to how close to
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-12 noon
When I was a child, we had no central hug ball up and down the street for the the verge we were, terrified we would end
Tel: 01953 881252
heating and kept the rooms warm with coal snowman’s body, and another for his head. up in the water. There were few white lines
fires. My parents would draw a dying fire Some pieces of coal made his eyes and or cats eyes on some of these roads sand car
Sun 3rd 8.00am Holy Communion BCP
10.00am Holy Communion by holding a newspaper across the opening mouth and a carrot for his nose. We would lights were fairly useless, so you got really
Sun 10th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP and it did sometimes catch light. Chimney find an old hat and scarf to top him off. disorientated.
10.00am Informal Holy Communion fires were common; I remember our One day my friends and I decided to be Most of winter, though, seemed to be just
Sun 17th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP neighbour fainted when she set hers alight. arctic explorers. They had a sledge so we grey, dull and dampl. Perhaps that’s why
10.00am Holy Communion She had called my mother in a panic but it set off across the fields on our trek. We we remember the highlights of more
Sun 24th 8.00am Holy Communion BCP all got too much for her so she fainted, found an old open cow shelter as a base extreme weather. Winter, especially after
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 leaving my mother to sort her out and deal camp and had great fun until we began to the excitement of Christmas, could seem
4.30pm Choral Evensong with the fire brigade. If ours went up Mum realise it was getting a bit late. Little girls endless, and melting snow was now dirty
Sun 31st 8.00am Holy Communion BCP just used to throw wet cloths on it and it rarely wore trousers and we were in thick grey slush. But there were small pleasures
10.00am Methodist Covenant Service followed usually went out. I set light to it once. skirts and wellington boots. Our legs would which made us feel the end of winter was
by short Holy Communion Service Someone spilled the sugar bowl and Mum get red with cold and the boots would chafe around the corner. Dad loved taking us for
asked me to sweep it up. Without thinking I your legs, especially if any snow go into walls and we would hunt for the first
Sunday 10am services and Evensong service will require threw the contents of the dustpan on the fire. them. My friend’s sister was a couple of snowdrops, followed by catkins and pussy
booking on our website. All Sunday 10am services will be Whoosh! It’s a wonder our house remained years younger than us and began to cry with willow, primroses and violets, as signs that
livestreamed via a link on our website unscathed with so many unsafe practices. cold. We hadn’t realised how far we had spring and summer were on their way
Face masks, sanitisation of hands and social distancing must be Our everyday room was the dining room gone, so when she refused to walk any despite the gloom. We knew where all the
followed when attending all services. and Mum’s fairly dangerous habit involved further because her legs were now sore and best spots were in the countryside around
lighting the front room fire from the dining chafed, we loaded her onto the sledge and us. I can’t see a wood anemone without
room one in the afternoon by carrying a pulled her home. She would have kept picturing walks in very early spring in the
Thought for the Month shovel of lighted coals from one to the
other. To my knowledge she never had an
warm walking but refused. As a result, we
all spent the next couple of days in bed with
woods near home.
Nowadays the pea souper fogs once familiar
By Revd Gerry Foster, Vicar of Watton accident. chills. No one seemed cross with us though. to Londoners are a thing of the past thanks
I hope and pray this year will be so much better, in so many The rest of the house was cold of course, Boys always seemed to make long slides to cleaner air and we are told that snow will
ways. Yet, I realise that even now some of you are on a even the kitchen unless the oven was alight. everywhere, meaning walking was quite also become a thing of the past in Britain
difficult journey with someone, who could be any age, who is If anyone left the room we were in there treacherous and older folk used to complain unless we do something meaningful about
unwell, or anxious, or uncertain, or maybe in their twilight were always shouts of ‘close the door’ as an bitterly about them. There was a field with climate change. Central heating, double
days. Or maybe it’s you reading this, who is faced with all icy gale blew in from the hall. However, a good toboggan hill near us, sadly now a glazing, efficient car heaters protect us from
kinds of challenges. My heart goes out to you. there was nothing cosier than sitting round a housing estate, where the trick was to get the cold and we have rules about minimum
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Advent and Christmas are all times fire listening to the radio or playing a table the line of descent right to avoid the bog at temperatures in schools and workplace we
when we may light candles. People often come into to St game. And there is no comparison between the bottom, which never seemed to freeze. would never have dreamed of. None of us
Mary’s to do just that. Even this afternoon someone came the taste of toast or crumpets cooked on an Many a show off lad ended up in it. My welcomes the idea of climate change and
round and in conversation asked if I’d say a prayer and I open fire and those in an electric toaster. We male cousin tried walking across it and lost we will be the poorer for not seeing those
promised to light a candle for them when at Church Prayers continued that tradition with our own family his wellington boot without trace, leaving seasonal changes. Nothing can beat a cold
this evening. and my son rang recently especially to tell him to walk home in a wet and muddy sock. crisp night with a sky full of stars. I think
A candle flame is mesmorizing, holding our gaze. Jesus is the me he was doing the same with his children Our secondary school was a six-mile bus on balance, despite the nostalgia, I will give
light of the world who came not just at Christmas, but to be and what memories it had evoked. You did ride away. It was common in ice and snow chilblains and ice in the bath a miss though.
present always, to seek our gaze and to hold us in his virtual have to be careful the bread didn’t fall off to have no transport to school because they
embrace, through the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit. the fork though or you ended up with a cancelled the buses. We had a long walk to
Some twelve years ago, I was in a parish where a young man gritty, ashy mess or a hole in the middle of the bus stop of over a mile, but since we Patient Participation
struggled with life. He was homeless. He was without income your slice. were never told if there would be a bus
and fell through all sorts of housing association and other It was common to find all our windows available we would have to walk to the stop
Group Watton
support, because he was a considered a non priority as a single covered in ice in the mornings. My sister
male without dependants. He was without work. He was not and I used to try to see what pictures and
before being sent home again if it was
cancelled. Few of us had phones or any way
Medical Practice
happy to be with his parents for complicated reasons. He had patterns we could see in each pane of glass. Watton Patient Participation Group (PPG)
of being informed. Some of the classrooms consists of a group of patients of different
some health issues beginning. We got dressed and undressed under the were so cold we were given permission to
There were a lot of things he didn’t have, but what did he bedclothes though! Our bedroom had a ages and backgrounds. The Group meet
abandon school uniform and wear our approximately every six weeks to discuss
have? fireplace but we were only allowed to have ordinary winter jumpers and trousers
He had faith that his heavenly Father God would pull him it lit if we were ill. Since we were never ill, the healthcare needs of the people of Watton
instead. No minimum working and surrounding villages that are served by
through. I only recall it being lit once - when my temperatures for us.
He had skills. He and I spent hours together because of the sister got mumps. The bathroom often the Watton Medical Practice.
The winter of 1963 was especially cold with One or more members of the Practice staff
technical expertise he brought to where I was then the Vicar. froze, with ice in the bottom of the bath or a lot of snow. We had moved house the
He had a wonderful sense of humour. We laughed a lot frozen taps, and was not a luxurious place to usually attend part of each meeting, to
previous summer and were so grateful to maintain dialogue and feedback between the
together. linger. have the total luxury of underfloor heating.
He had never ending hope, in spite of obstacle after obstacle Our house was on a slope with steep steps Practice and its PPG.
We even had dry warm coats for school The ongoing requirement for social
and set back after set back. into the garden and to the coal cellar. Pretty because we could lay them on the floor!
And so?.....Today, he rents a flat. He has a fulltime job using dangerous in winter. My mother fell on distancing currently necessitates our
We could see the main road with its very meetings being undertaken by video
the skills he had to help me and has built on with various them in ice when expecting my sister and steep hill from our bedroom windows, and
courses. still had her arm in plaster when she was conferencing using Zoom. These are often
watched what little traffic there was called virtual meetings. You will have seen
What does he have? Church Family, where he is a blessing to born. I was only two and a bit of a handful slithering about. Lots of cars couldn’t make
others, as well as where he finds blessing…not because the by all accounts so she must have had a job many on TV with people’s faces on the
the climb and slithered back down again. screen, coming from their homes.
people are perfect and get ‘everything’ right all the time…far to cope. They cleared the snow onto the verge which
from it. But because they try and they don’t give up and they Chillblains blighted my life. My father was Background
had a footpath along it. This created a Every GP Practice in England is now
care and above all, seek God’s strength and way of looking at a fully trained shoemaker and believed in tunnel effect for the path, which was great
things and at people. They try to do better with God’s grace his children wearing properly fitted, well- required to have a Patient Participation
fun to walk through; it was weeks before Group (PPG). There is a National
and love. made shoes. When we moaned, he would that finally melted. My husband recalls that
And above all, he belongs. say we would thank him later with good feet Association of Patient Participation
he had started working at Heathrow by then. (N.A.P.P.) which we are members of.
There are magic candles you can buy that every time and I guess this is true. However, that The only transport he had was a motorbike
something or someone blows them out, they re-ignite. That’s meant no warm boots with a fur lining in The Bottom Line
and somehow he managed to get there each We are here to enable the Practice to deal
how faith can help us through the darkness and the winter, but lace ups like boys’ shoes. Our day without falling off. They could warm
difficulties…into a place of hope because the flame of God’s feet were always cold. When I got to my with your medical needs as effectively
their hands on a heater in the hangar but the and efficiently as they can. To give you
love never goes out, whatever else is going on and we can early teens I talked my mother into rebelling doors remained open all day. You don’t
carry it for and with each other. and buying me a pair of short boots with a the service you deserve. For us to achieve
seem to feel the cold when young. We girls this we need you to talk to us about a
This man I’m remembering is one of my greatest friends and fur lining; I never had chilblains again and, I of the 60s and 70s wore our miniskirts in
he and I share the Greatest Friend, Jesus Christ, who is there am sorry to say, frequently reminded dad of service inadequacy; a proposed
some very low temperatures, much to my improvement; a congratulatory comment.
for us all. We can all belong in His family. Just light a candle this. father’s horror, and we were always being
and that symbolises His living presence with you this January, There always seemed to be damp clothes on told to wear a vest.
(Continued on page 11)
as you go forwards and always. a clothes horse around the fire. Getting the Recently we have had foggy days but
Revd Gerry Foster washing dry must have been a difficult job
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 11
(Continued from page 10) Contact: landlord tew start mearkin exscewses, but
TALK TO US - THANK YOU. Write to the Chair, Pat Warwick c/o Watton orl he sed wos. “Evenin Constabewl, wot PLEASE MENTION
To contact us with any feedback you would like Medical Practice, 24 Gregor Shanks Way, yew got ternite then?” Now tha Bobby hed
to give, choose one of these options: Watton, Thetford, Norfolk IP25 6FA wun o them gret ole black oovacoots on, THE WAYLAND
Email the Chair at yew know ,tha wuns that kip yor legs warm an orl. Well he opened up his coot an pulled
 Write a letter to the Chair, Pat Warwick, c/o The Ovington Crower owt a cuppla cock phesants an layed em on WHEN SHOPPING
Watton Medical Practice, 24 By Tha Boy Sid tha bar, tha landlord gi him a wink an arsked
Gregor Shanks Way, Watton, Thetford, Well har yew gitten on tergitha, gitten tew him “if he wonted a warmer”, “well yis” he WITH OUR
Norfolk IP26 6FA. The Practice will forward be a bit more parky in tha mornins now hent say “jist a small wun, tha ole sargent hev bin
the letter to her. it. Tha ole fog wos a bit thick tha otha night, arownd ternite so hatta be careful, thanks an ADVERTISERS
Additionally, we would like to have about 100 an morning, Horry driv his bike inta tha orl tha best” he say as he poured a nice
people we can survey from time to time to ask dyke cumin hoom from tha pub an he wos in Scottish wine down his throot ”Night orl” he
about specific aspects of the service and care a sorry ole steart tha nex morning, cos he say as he went owt tha door. Well we din’t
provided by the Practice. Questions will be hent clent hisself up much, jist sat in front o hev much tew say arta he went so jist got on
about your experience of using the practice, not tha fire an dried owt his coot, trowsars an wi tha gearm, an Horry wunnit, which wos a
about any personal health matters. We would shut. I’d arsked him tew gi us a hand muck bit spishus cos I bet while we wos watchin
particularly like to hear from the younger spreedin cos we wanta git thet plowed in tha bobby he was dewin a bit o shuffling wi
generation and people with families, but all are afore sum o tha foolks git a mobbing abowt tha dommies.
welcome. tha stink, thas a good healthy smell I rekkun, Yew nearly dint git this this munth corse wi
To join this group of 100, complete the form on but yew carnt please orl onnum canyew. us bein so bizzy I’d clean forgot tew hev a
the PPG pages on the Practice website by Tha ole grownd is still suffin wet, so tha mardle wi yew. But my Missus searved tha
clicking on the tab at the left of the front page boss hev got yung Jimma wi his crawler tew day, I’ll tell yew how. We wos nigh on done
“Practice Information”, scroll down and then plow forrus, he can hang a six furrer ahind tha spreedin when I sore har wearvin har
click on the “Register with the PPG” tab. thet so thet ont teark him long tew hoss over hans abowt oova tha hidge, so I hossed tha
We intend to hold an AGM in the Queen’s Hall, tha 12 acre. Then we shell hefta wait an muck owt tha spreeda an went oova tew har.
in May 2021, where patients will be able to give hoop thet dry owt afore we drill fer beet nex “Sid” she holla “Boy Julian wonta know
feedback to the Practice on how effective it is. year. iffen yew ar gooin tew put pen tew pearpa
Our May 2020 event was cancelled due to Torkin abowt tha pub, we hadda a bit of a for him, cos thas gitten close tew Chrismus,
Covid. fright larst Satdi. We wos in tha backroom an he wonta git tha pearpa owt afore Easta”
Some examples of what we have achieved since as yewshul hevin a qiet gearm o dommies an A bit sarky thet I thort.
January 2018: a jar or tew, when tha back door wos opened Enny ole lest hoop thet life is suffin betta in
 We persuaded the Practice to buy new carpets an in cum tha local bobby. We wos tha nu year, so here’s wishing you a happy
for the Waiting Area and throughout and there consarned cos thet wor well arta cloosin an healthy Nu Year, an doon’t fergit. Dew
will soon be pictures from the Dragonfly time an we thort we wos in tha manewa. yew kip a troshin.
Gallery on the walls of the corridors. Hopefully Well he cum in an sed “Evenin orl” an wen Orl tha best an see yew orl agin nex sun.
these will cheer up some patients who attend the up tew tha bar an we wos weartin fer tha Boy Sid.
Practice in these Covid times and also when we
get back to normal.
In the summer of 2019, we held a General
Healthcare Morning. More than 100 patients
attended and 33 then booked appointments.
Several organisations had stands - Age UK,
Diabetic Group, Well Being Service, Errand
Plus, Daisy Programme and Social Prescribing.
In addition, Practice staff alerted patients to the
Veteran’s Pathway (John Daley) and the
research projects the Practice is co-operating
with (Karen Norcott).
 We organised a walk-in flu clinic in both
November 2018 and November 2019. More
than 100 patients attended on each occasion.
Teas, coffees and biscuits were provided and we
chatted to patients while they waited and
addressed any issues they had by directing them
to the correct way/member of staff to get an
 At each meeting we hear the figures for
patients who did not attend their appointment
(DNAs). We urge patients to understand that,
while the service is free, a non-attendance
means another patient misses out and it can be
costed in wasted clinician time. The most recent
figures for November 2020 show that 124
appointments were missed which wasted 1458 tax payers, we all pay for this
wasted time!!
 In December 2019, we had a guest who
explained the services of the Early Help and
Prevention Team, at Norfolk County Council
Social Services Department. The aim of the
service is to keep people independent in their
own homes for as long as possible. From this,
new leaflets were put into the Waiting Area and,
if Covid had not intervened, the Men’s Shed
were going to make a leaflet holder for this
information. In addition, several aids
were identified, which could be used by those
struggling to remain in their homes; the Practice
has been made aware of these.
 We have established some small working
groups to find out what is available in the area
for services that are not provided by the Practice
or about which there is a lack of knowledge.
These are: 20. Aston Villa 13. Heart of Midlothian 6. Tottenham Hotspur
Ante-Natal services 19. Southend United 12.Bolton Wanderers 5. Sheffield Wednesday
Support for Carers Support for Diabetics 18.Crystal Palace 11.Glasgow Celtic 4. York City
Mental Health Services 17.Forfar Athletic 10.Tranmere Rovers 3. Norwich City
You may have ideas/suggestions about other 16. Leicester City 9. Nottingham Forest 2. Plymouth Argyle
services that are needed and we would welcome 15. Leyton Orient 8.Manchester City 1. Luton town
these. 14.Blackburn Rovers 7.West Ham United Answers to Quiz
The Wayland News January 2021 Page 12

Please Support Inner Wheel Revived!!

YOUR Local

Since all this 'lockdown' business Watton Christmas market sadly not their church. The boxes usually contain
activities for members of Watton & taking place this year. This suggestion sufficient food for three days for
District Inner Wheel have been very was sent out to all members via e mail however many there are in the family. At
restricted as have those for so many local and a personal letter to those not “on Christmastime special treats of
organisations. In particular we have line” with the request that all donations Christmas fare are particularly welcome.
missed doing our usual activities to raise should be at President Beryl's house by Watton families also receive these boxes
funds for the various causes we like to December 5th which are distributed from the Christian
support. With Christmas fast We did wonder what the result might be. Community Centre each week.
approaching something had to be done! It exceeded all expectation with Our next member's Zoom meeting will
During our latest Zoomed committee members being very, very generous. be on December 17th when we will join
meeting it was suggested that members Boxes containing a wonderful with the Watton Rotary Club for a
should be asked to donate food items for assortment of goods arrived and on Christmas party with a difference.
the local food bank as a replacement for Monday 7th were taken to the Christian We wish everyone reading the Wayland
the usual 'Pretty Parcel” stall at the Communmity Centre to be given to a News a Very Happy Christmas and we
representative from the food hope to see many of you when
bank. restrictions finally are lifted and we can
The main food bank hub for get back to work!
this area is in Thetford so Brenda Davis Club Correspondent.
the contributions will be My telephone 01953 881792 e mail
taken to Thetford for re I am always
THE WAYLAND NEWS sorting into the boxes given
out to those in need. People
pleased to respond to any questions
about Inner Wheel membership and
PLEASE READ!!! Page space is allocated strictly on a first come, benefitting have to have activities.
first served basis. 12 Noon on the 15th of the month preceding been referred to the food My picture shows our collection at the
publication is the last date and time that copy will be bank by their Doctor, social Christian Community Centre with
CONSIDERED for inclusion. Arrival of your copy before deadline worker or Citizens Advice President Beryl on the left and food bank
bureau or sometimes by representative, Helen on the right.
does not guarantee inclusion, if you wish to be certain your
entry gets published, then please make sure it arrives in plenty
of time otherwise you may still be disappointed.
You can contact Julian by ringing (01953) 858908.
The e-mail address is now:
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of the contributors and not the views of the publisher or
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