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January 4, 2010

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Supporting the entrepreneur

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Management Team Backgrounds

John Hartnett
• • • • 20 year veteran of Silicon Valley CEO, G24i Former EVP Worldwide Markets Palm, Inc 20+ years with Handspring, Metacreations, Claris, AT&T and DEC. Founder – Irish Technology Leadership Group Member – American-Ireland Fund and US-Ireland Alliance • • • •

Rich Moran
25 year veteran of Silicon Valley Partner, Venrock Renowned business consultant, social scientist, best-selling author, organizational effectiveness evangelist. Former Senior Partner, Accenture – Technology, Media, Entertainment Practice 5 highly successful ICT exits as an Angel Investor – GluMobile, Portal Software, etc • • • •

Brendan Richardson
18 year veteran of Silicon Valley Partner, Vision Capital 12 year venture career including 8 investing in Ireland and Europe. Former Director, Private Equity at Investure, $7B consortium of Endowments and Foundations Extensive network of US and European venture investors.

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Advisory Group
The ITLG is supported by an Advisory Group of executives and professional advisors from both the public and private sector

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Irish Technology Capital
• $100M venture fund investing in early and growth stage European technology companies with global potential • Key sectors: Clean Energy, IT and Wireless. • Dual HQ in Silicon Valley and Europe • Experienced: 20 year track record of successful operational, entrepreneurial and venture capital • Connected : Irish Technology Leadership Group ‘Ecosystem’
Silicon Valley Ireland

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Why Ireland?
• World-class Universities • 20+ years of direct foreign investment from multi-national technology leaders ($13B in 2008) • Established and seasoned “local” venture capital eco-system: VCs, Legal, HR, etc. • Strong entrepreneurial drive and cultural alignment with US • Relatively un-touched by US VCs • Start-ups have great promise but require direct access to Silicon Valley

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Investment Thesis – Invest Local, Build Global
• European /Silicon valley, connected fund.
– Access and Co-Investment with US VCs

• World class network and advisory board
– – Networks into key customers Mentoring of Management

• Irish Innovation Centre
– European launch pad in Silicon valley

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What Do We Do?
ITC invests and then delivers the keys to US success: • Market Knowledge - Understanding the real dynamics in the US market
Competitive Analysis: (Known and under-the-radar) Market sizing and discovery: How big is the TAM? Where are the real opportunities? Understanding the VC landscape: Who are the best VCs to partner with? Enhancing Profile and rising above the Noise Public Relations and Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Hiring Product and Channel Management Strategic Partnering Lead Development Sales & Marketing

• Positioning - Setting the ground conditions for maximum potential

• Execution - Getting it right the first time

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Challenges for 2010
• Micro – Investing in Europe
– Raising a venture fund is challenging – Everyone is cautious – Deal environment is improving but still difficult

• Macro – US and Globally
• European/US economy is still fragile • Exits. Exits. Exits.
Total # of venture backed IPOs? • 2007: 117 Total value: $10.3B • 2008: 6 Total value: $470M • 2009:* 8 Total value: $1.2B
*thru Q3

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Thank You
John Hartnett Irish Technology Capital

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