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Arar [Mustafa Wehbi et Tull

Poet of Jordan

1897: Arar was born on May 25, 1897 in the city of Irbid in North Jordan as
Mustafa Salih Mustafa Yousof al-Tull (also spelled Yousef al-Tal). A second
name “Wahbi” was added to his name in the Western tradition imported
via the Ottoman Turks. Irbid, at the time of Arar's birth, was part of Sanjak
Houran as part of the Ottoman region referred to “Greater Syria.”
1911: Arar finished his elementary school education in Irbid, Jordan.
1912: Arar registered in a school in Damascus (in 1912, there were no borders yet
dividing Jordan from Syria). The school was called “Anbur School” named
after a Damascan Jew who founded it, probably in the 17th century. Arar’s
father had attended the same school before. Before the end of the school
year he was exiled with some other Jordanian students to Beirut, Lebanon
by the Ottoman authorities.
1913 or 1914: Arar returns to `Anbur school from his exile.
1915: Arar returns to Irbid during his secondary education for a visit.
1917: In tenth grade he visits Istanbul while World War-I is raging. His trip to
Istanbul takes about 6 months. During his travels he gets married.
1917 or 1918: He gets exiled again to Beirut, Lebanon for political activism.
1919 to 1920: He participated in a demonstration and gets expelled from Anbur
School to Aleppo. Arar earns his High School Diploma from an Aleppo
school, Madrasat Tajheez Hala (Aleppo Preparatory School, Syria.
1922: in Karak, Jordan (Emirate of Trans-Jordan at the time under British
mandate). Arar at the time was a school teacher of Arabic literature.
1923: He gets fired from his job and exiled to Ma’an, then Aqaba, then Jeddah.
1924: He returns from his exile in Jeddah (in Emirate of Hijaz at that time,
present day Saudi Arabia).
1925: He starts his long-lasting relationship with the Gypsy community in
1929: He gets appointed a local governor to the Showbuk/Wadi Moosa district.
1930: He earns a law degree and license to practice as a lawyer.
1931: In spring, Arar is exiled to Aqaba, Jordan for his political dissent and calling
for political changes.
1939: Arar becomes the District Attorney of Salt. He visits Cairo and gives a
lecture at “The Egyptian University.”
1941: He spends 90 days in prison for his political views. He is heavy into
1942: His alcoholism is very apparent.
1943: He represents the Fallaheen (peasantry) in court during a bloody feud with
the Zou’bi tribe in Ramtha.
1949: Arar Dies
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