Bari Ahmed - Student Representative Hopeful- Personal Statement I would like to hold the privilege of serving in the SGA

for several reasons. First, I enjoyed being part of the few that create good for the many when I served in various student councils. Second, I believe being involved in SGA will foster characteristics of a good leader, a skill useful in all facets of life. Third, I have recently began studying politics and am considering it as a potential career.

Gina Kachlic SGA Personal Statement My interest in SGA stems from commitment to leadership and future career goals. As president ofODK, EC Circle and Student Director of the Writing Center, I have come to appreciate the diversified needs of students on campus. As a SGA Representative, I will use my background to aid those special needs. My sensitivity to these needs comes from my desire to practice law related to social justice issues while eventually becoming a public servant.

My name is Elizabeth Romano and I am interested in joining SGA. I am a sophomore Interdisciplinary Communications major. I am a commuting student and looking for different ways to get involved at the school. I have insight as to what not only a commuter and adjusting to the college atmosphere. I want great things for the school and wants to help people truly feel like they have a home at Elmhurst College.

Nicole Cochran SGA Personal Statement SGA is responsible for making decisions on finances, sponsoring activities, and much more. To make these vital decisions the students who are a part of SGA must be willing to put the student body's interest above their own. Not only do I believe I can put the students before myself but I believe I can excel at it. I love to serve others and cannot wait to help make Elmhurst College a better place.

I am running for this position on SGA for a couple of reasons. First, I want to be more involved in how campus life is run and see how the school is able to keep track of so many campus organizations. I fell that this would be a great experience for me and help me grow as leader. My hard work and dedication will help this group in completing any and all tasks that may befall it, and my positive attitude and outgoing personality make me an ideal representative between the students and faculty of the school.

Mubarak lVIalik
S.G .A

Hello my name is Mubarak Malik . I am a transfer student from Triton College, River Grove IL. While at Triton College I was very active within Student Life Department . During my two years at Triton College I was a member of the Student Life Committee Review Board, a Triton College Student Ambassador, a peer mentor through Triton College Peer Mentoring Program, a student senator in Triton College Student Association, a member of Triton College Program Board, a graduate of Triton College Scholar's Program, as well as a member of Triton College Latin American Student Organization and Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. I thrive to be an active force involved in many aspects of Elmhurst College. The reason I must join Student Government Association is not only for my own well-being, but to give back to the student body. We must make as much of a difference as we can to improve in any areas possible. I plan to be a part of S.G.A as well as other Elmhurst College student organizations. I hope I can join and become included in the family, team and community of Elmhurst College.

Amani Memon SGA Application - Personal Statement


I am interested in running for the SGA because it presents an immense opportunity t o liaison between st udents and administration. This is a platform to build on leadership skills, w hile worki ng with SGA leaders to affect change . I am analytical, open to others' ideas and firm in my decisions. This is my chance to contribute in a positive way while in the presence of good mentors.

Evan Cunningham SGA Personal Statement I strive to serve to the needs of the student body and to work towards the common goals and values within the Student Government Association in creating the best educational and social environment for the students of Elmhurst College. Because I share a passion with SGA, I want to work with the organization to fulfill it, to develop myself personally and professionally, and to leave Elmhurst College place for the students who will follow.


Personal Statement for SGA Elections I am interested in being a student representative in the Elmhurst College Student Government Association because I feel like my voice will be an honest and accurate one in representing my colleagues. I enjoy listening to people and their opinions on different aspects of their lives, and when someone is uncomfortable or unhappy with something, I am not happy either. If elected to SGA, I can fulfill my colleagues' and my goals so that our time here at Elmhurst College can live up to its fullest potential.

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