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It is an introduction to a way of thinking and living life that has been developing in the human potential movement for the past ten thousand years. which is itself an introduction. The material of this book is not intended as just another good idea. It isn't even about a system of approaching life that I believe in.Introduction This is an introduction to a book. perhaps longer. .

Introduction This isn't another band aid to put on your life." . the everyday "you. The "you" I want you to know about is the divine you. the one that includes. nor another "try this" approach. What this book is about isn't even what it appears to be about when you read the words. but not the "you" that you ordinarily think of when you think of yourself. but is by no means limited to. It is actually about you.

You may feel insulted when confronted with the everyday you. a process that has been called enlightenment down through the ages. At times this may be tedious reading. .Introduction The purpose of this book is to present you with an opportunity to experience yourself as divine. To experience yourself as divine.“ Everyday you is described in Book I: Knowing the Mind. it is necessary to look at the everyday "you.

The terminology presented may be new to you.Introduction Nevertheless. It can also be wonderful fun. It will require some attention and some intention to make it through the following pages. The result will be an expansion of your life and a commitment to participation you may not have imagined could be "you." . it is necessary to see all facets of the everyday you in order to see through everyday you to divine you.

Introduction I have written each chapter separately from all the rest. You are responsible for what you believe in life and the consequences of your beliefs. I fully recognize the divine you as the true source of what you gain from reading this work. . These ideas are not meant to be a fail-proof recipe for how to live your life. so that you may easily refresh yourself on the material as you lead your life. My sole purpose in writing these book is to serve you. All ideas written in this book are to be read and used at your own responsibility.

the larger the opportunity. The larger the problem is. .Problems Problems are actually opportunities.

Without question people find themselves in circumstances and conditions which they did not create. which were created for them and thrust upon them.Problems I want to say a few words about a subject dear to the human heart. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 9 .

but handling your problems from the position of victim does. Some people have literally born themselves into circumstances so heavy with problems that it almost seems a cruel joke.Problems The fact that you have problems in life does not make you a victim. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 10 .

Problems For such people it is especially easy to allow circumstances to have the appearance of determining the presence or absence of satisfaction in life. cruel parents. etc. poverty. I want you to know how to hold. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 11 . It certainly appears that one has little or no choice in such conditions. or regard. So. set in the context that we all know that circumstances can be extremely difficult. such things as divorce.

In fact. But only if you hold it as an opportunity.Problems Problems have great potential for contributing satisfaction to life. the bigger the problem the greater its potential for contribution to your life. there would be no real way for you to come to know about your Self and your capacity to make life work. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 12 . If there were no conditions to challenge you.

you would have to make some up in order to overcome them and thus experience your Self. You can be certain that people do exactly that So problematic conditions are a tremendous opportunity to really have your life work and experience the Workingness of it. Even more wonderful than that is that problems are an opportunity to really know yourself as your Self.Problems If you had no naturally occurring problems in life. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 13 .

except you. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 14 .Problems It just so happens that there are no circumstances capable of invalidating you. If you do that. I want you to know that no one in your world could have been powerful enough to define it that way and make it stick for you. kindly take credit for it. Only you are powerful enough in your life to invalidate you. Conditions and other people cannot do that to you. If you think and feel that your life is not worth living.

no education. and mean bosses. Others have created joy and satisfaction in their lives in the face of mental retardation. slavery. no money.Problems People have led worthwhile lives in the face of cruel parents. no support from their parents. even no parents. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 15 . concentration camp.

right? PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 16 . No one ever had it as bad as you and. that your circumstances are special. Everybody knows that.Problems I know that you think you are some sort of an exception. if they did. they certainly could not have had their lives work.

You don't get to use uniqueness as a reason your life didn't turn out. And no one ever had exactly your problems. You don't get to hide behind uniqueness even though you are unique and even though your exact problems are unique. Not exactly. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 17 . But that is where it ends.Problems Of course you are unique.

The conditions of human life and the aspects of human experience are adequately similar from person to person so that it is evident that certain truths are always applicable. I mean really big problems with their fathers PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 18 and handled it.Problems If you don't handle your unique situations. it is that you don't handle them. but I promise you others have had big . Maybe no one ever had problems with the father that you had problems with. not that they cannot be handled. .

most of what you think are your naturally occurring problems are not naturally occurring. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 19 . Now. about who authored the problems.Problems So much for the naturally occurring problems. even to yourself. You actually made them up by clever manipulation and then disowned them and lied.

you get off your victim position. and 2. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 20 . You will never know how capable you are until 1. That is the purpose of problems. use your problems as a way to experience yourself as your Self.Problems People do this in order to have an opportunity to experience problems through.

or even to a person who makes up problems without admitting it. or (2) the problems are bigger than he is.Problems A "victim. does not refer to a person who has problems. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 21 . A victim is a person who handles his problems from the position that (1) others have done it to him when they haven't." as we use the word here. or (3) he uses "problems" to justify something.

There are no "victims" in the sense that we are using the word here. 22 . their life content by using a victim act. but there are no "victims.Problems In this sense all of us have been "victims" from time to time in life. There are people who source." not evenPPT BY JAYANTI PATEL you. But that game is getting called for the phony that it is. or cause.

you won't even be right for doing it. You don't have to. 23 . and you are not even wrong if you don't. There will be enjoymentJAYANTI PATEL PPT BY and satisfaction in your life. And there will be consequences. If you do choose to handle problems in your life responsibly. I want you to know that no one is powerful enough to make you handle your life responsibly.Problems Once you get this. And there are consequences.

You will sleep well at night. PPT BY JAYANTI PATEL 24 . You get to have the experience of loving others. and dying satisfied when that time comes.Problems You will have relationships that work. You get to nurture others and be nurtured by them. Notice the consequences of the context in which you hold problems. making a contribution to life. then choose what you want to be: victim or master.