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Position : Chief Financial Oficer

Date : xx-xx-xx
Dept : Finance - FMCG Vietnam Co
Reports to : CEO - FMCG Vietnam Co. with dotted line to CFO - Asia

Position Purpose
Organize, staff and lead the finance and management information services (MIS)
functions of (Unit) in support of internal and external goals and requirements.

Customers and Customers’ Expectations

Primary customers for this position include the CEO – FMCG Vietnam, senior unit,
regional and Corporate personnel; unit functional heads; and unit finance &
administrative staff. Additionally, the position serves the accounting/reporting,
requirements of the Unit’s Board of Directors and shareholders.

Customers require prompt, accurate and complete advice, analysis and financial
information to assist in making necessary and appropriate business decisions. Key
external customers include external auditors, legal/regulatory bodies, governmental
agencies and financial institutions, all of whom require prompt, complete and
accurate disclosure in support of legal requirements and other requests


The position is responsible for all financial and MIS activities of FMCG Vietnam and,
as such, provides financial expertise, advice and counsel to unit management as
well as direction to various finance department personnel. The latter includes the
Accounting Manager, responsible for general accounting, reporting, procedures and
accounting controls, credit and collections and maintenance of the general ledger;
the Business Analyst, responsible for providing strategic and operations analysis,
cost accounting and forecasting services; the Manager-Taxation, for tax analysis
and compliance; the Accountant-Treasury, for treasury related matters; the
Manager, Information Technology, responsible for data processing, systems
implementation/maintenance and management of office support and telephone
systems; the Manager - Internal Control; and other deputies as may be necessary to
provide department services. Actual organization structures may vary..

Qualifications / Education / Experience Required

The incumbent must have a broad appreciation and understanding of economics,

finance, business management and the interrelationships among these disciplines.
He/she must also have a working knowledge of international finance/accounting and
treasury operations; facility with financial systems and general data processing
activities; and a thorough understanding of FMCG Vietnam and worldwide policies
and practices, cost accounting, and general accounting operations. The incumbent
must be well versed in the principles and practices of finance and accounting to
ensure that procedures, instructions and practices within the unit provide adequate
internal financial control and are in conformance with corporate accounting and
financial control policies and instructions. In past experiences the incumbent will
have had exposure to manufacturing operations and business analysis and will have
demonstrated strengths in leadership, interpersonal and functional/technical skills.
The position requires awareness of local practices and customs and sensitivity to
differing international partner and cultural circumstances.

Educational requirements can be met by a bachelors degree or better, with a

background in professional business subjects, preferably finance or accounting.

Budget (2009):
Net Sales: $50 MM
EBIT: $11 MM

Principal Accountabilities

1. Organize, staff and lead highly effective teams in fulfillment of functional

responsibilities including:
• Accounting and reporting (internal, corporate and external),
• Business analysis (including cost accounting and analysis),
• Annual Budget and Forecast
• Financial services,
• Treasury activities (including banking relations, financing, cash flow management
and foreign currency exposure management),
• Tax,
• Risk Management,
• Internal control (if applicable), and
• Management information services (IT).

Performance with respect to the foregoing must reflect timeliness, accuracy and
completeness; cost effectiveness; and attention to the requirements of customers,
consistent with (unit) capabilities and circumstances.

2. Serve as a key member of the unit’s management team, by advising and

counseling the President other members of management on financial and business
matters in order to enhance the profitability and long term business health of the
3. Initiate and coordinate annual budgets, periodic forecasts and other extended
financial plans as required by FMCG Head Quarter and FMCG Vietnam.

4. Manage special projects as may be periodically requested by senior unit and

regional management.

5. Perform other ongoing duties as may be required including, but not limited to,
service on boards of directors of FMCG Vietnam and its subsidiaries/legal entities,
and involvement/oversight of pension/ superannuation plans.

6. Demonstrate a commitment to quality performance through personal example by

adopting a customer-based philosophy in the level of service provided.

7. Ensure application of established corporate financial controls within his/her area

of responsibility by the effective implementation and maintenance of financial
policies and instructions; and by the establishment, maintenance and audit of
effective and reliable control procedures. Report to the CFO - Asia, or in case no
action is taken in a reasonable time period, to his principal, whenever corporate
financial policies or instructions are not being followed, or appear inappropriate,
inadequate or out-of-date.

8. Communicate fully with superiors, subordinates, and others who have a need to
know. Be informative without being obtrusive and vexatious. Communicate in a way
that is timely, yet prompt; complete, yet concise; and clear, yet responsive.

9. Contribute to an environment in which all team members are respected

regardless of their individual differences and are motivated to improve both their
individual and team contributions to achieve desired business results.