Research Interests Comparative cognitive processes, demonstrated through dialogue between the visual and verbal arts, religion/spirituality, philosophy and the physical and social sciences. I use a range of platforms in developing and communicating these explorations. These platforms are traditional academic publishing, the opportunity to present and organize essays, images and films in terms of global social networks represented by blogs, Facebook and listserves, the image archives Flickr and Picassa, the essay and book archive Scribd and the film archive Youtube as well as websites, and am considering self publishing on account of the flexibility it provides in terms of content and speed of production of the completed product. Publications in Academic Fora My publications in academic fora centre on the exploration of the contemporary and timeless relevance of classical African knowledge systems, as exemplified by my article in the journal Reconfigurations that explores the self exploratory complex constituted by the self portraiture and letters of Vincent van Gogh in terms of the hermeneutics of the Yoruba/ Orisa tradition knowledge system Ifa, and by essays on Yoruba cosmology, Akan/Gyaman Adinkra and the poetry and thought of Mazisi Kunene in the Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought, 2010. Books in Progress: Self Author 1. Adinkra Cosmos: An Exploration of Being through Reflections on the Adinkra Symbol of Kuntunkantan 2. Benin Olokun Symbolism at the Nexus of Time and Space 3. Ifaneutics: Multidisciplinary Interpretations and Applications of a Yoruba Knowledge System 4. Ifa Student and Teacher 5. Cognitive Mobilities Between Space and Consciousness 6. Sky Going,Void Traveling: Essays in Comparative Cognitive Processes 7. The Crack in the Wall, the Open Door: Journeys in Space, Time and Consciousness Editing 1. Between Fate and Free Will: Benin City and the International Sex Trade 2. Mind and Cosmos in the Theurgic Universe of Mark Dunn 3. Exploring Decadence 4. The Oracle of Nights

Online Platforms Facebook account for essays and photo essays:facebook.com/toyin.adepoju Scribd account for essays: http://www.scribd.com/Toyin%20Adepoju Blogs, for essays, photoessays and edited collections.More than 80 blogs that can all be reached through the "See my complete profile" link at ifastudentandteacher.blogspot.com Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/ifastudent Websites: 1.http://www.wix.com/danteadinkra/olokun-centre-for-research-in-the-humanities-and-sciences 2.http://www.wix.com/danteadinkra/-----infinity-----lae-lae 3. http://dakiniconnections.moonfruit.com/

Schooling BA English and Literature, University of Benin, 1989 MA, English and Literature, University of Benin, 1995 MA, Comparative Literature (Africa/Asia), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London , 2004 MA, European and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Kent ( not yet awarded) PhD candidate in Comparative Literature, University College, London

Employment Lecturer, Department of English and Literature, University of Benin. 1990-2002.