“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” It has been rightly said, an individual’s destiny is decided by his or her character. It is this character of that individual that protects his life. Protecting life does not mean the mere existence but it means living life in a way that you are remembered for and sleeping at night with a content and satisfied mind. This can be possible only if one has a strong character and moral values. One needs to realise that weapons, money and other materialistic things are not necessary to survive, but it’s your character that’ll take you ahead in life. Great men like Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa were driven by an inward need to make things right—possessed with a rock-solid character formed from solid values. Contrary to them are people who give high regard to dishonesty and would do anything to achieve success in life. They measure their success not by their own integrity, but by how much money they make. However, this is an imperfect yardstick at best and not at all a determining factor of just how successful your life is. True success is determined by not how much money you make, but how you make it and how you live your life. Character and integrity are key ingredients for a successful life. No matter how rich you are, if you lack character, you have nothing. What is character? It means that you operate from a base of integrity, which means that you operate within your moral code, even when no one is watching you or there to reward you. It means that fear and guilt are temporary and occasional visitors to your life who simply appear to help you make amends when necessary but don't stay long. It means that you have nothing to hide, which in turn gives you the freedom to achieve success to its fullest. Many people with talent make it into the limelight, but the ones who have neglected to develop strong character rarely stay there long. Absence of strong character eventually reduces the importance of talent because people cannot climb beyond the limitations of their character. Talented people are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts. Character prevents that. Talented people may feel superior and expect special privileges. Character helps them to know better. Talented people are praised for what others see them build. Character builds what’s inside them. Talented people have the potential to be difference makers. Character makes a difference in them. Talented people are often a gift to the world. Character protects that gift. People are like icebergs. There’s much more to them than meets the eye. When you look at an iceberg only 15% is visible to us that is our talent. The rest is hidden, below the surface and that is our character. It’s what they think and never share with others. It’s what they do when no one is watching them. It’s how they handle failure—and success. In order to be a talented person one has to have a rigid base of a strong character.

to build a strong character we require patience. If we observe all the greatest endeavours carried out in this world. In the end I would like to conclude by quoting. We have to walk on the path of honesty. Helen Keller said character cannot be developed in ease. ambition inspired and success achieved.Personality is like a shadow and character like a tree. watering and sunlight are required for the growth of this tree. A lot of care. Character is built by honesty. A tree is strong but not by the size of its trunk and branches. you can sustain a roof. we humans can not be strong just by the sheer size of our body or our beauty but we can be strong only if we have a strong character. but by the depth and strength of its roots. A good and strong character protects us. you need to have a strong character. I gave the example of how a tree is strong due to its deep roots but these roots do not develop overnight. we find that character is the sole-driving force.” . If your character is as thick as a column. A person with a strong character may face failures in life but does not lose his heart in despair. you can only sustain a postage stamp. He was a person who had no muscles.a tooth pick. You can open doors through your charm once but to be welcome always. It is very difficult to be honest in this present corrupt times but a strong character helps us and protects us from doing anything wrong. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthen. great charactersLord Rama and the Pandavas had gone through many ups and downs in their lives. If your character is the size of. To explain this I quote the example of the Father of our nation. without which everything is worthless. Similarly. “Character is the pedestal that determines how much weight a person can sustain. It protects us from fear and the absence of fear is courage. Mahatma Gandhi. every new discovery and every new victory. no communication and he wore no shields or carried no guards but drove the Britishers out of our country just by the sheer strength of his strong character. Character is the sum and substance of life. So just like trees. Even in our ancient epochs such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Thus we can see character forms the foundation of every new achievement. He knows that the obstacles that are coming in his way are only temporary and he will ultimately be successful in achieving his goal. They ultimately won the battles of their lives only because of their strong character and faith in goodness and honesty.

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