HANUMAN CHALISA-English version (Poetry) By Dr.

Tushar Dashora

While reading & discussing Hanumaan Chalisa with friends & others I realized that there was a need to translate Hanumaan chaalisa in English.We have many friends all over the globe who have a lot of interest in indian spiritual scriptures & text.But language does play as a barrier at times.Worse,if things are translated to english prose the charm of reading a poem is lost.Anybody who has read the translation of Rabindranath’s poems in english must have gone through this. Hanumaan Chalisa is not just a simple prayer or spiritual text,it has a mystical quality too.Those who do “paath” or repeated reading know the impact of this.It has a transcendental quality.A mere seven time reading in one go would make you realize that.Further, it has some very subtle messages to achieve devotion to the lord & the endless happiness,one searces throughout life. The very beginning of this chalisa marks the importance of “Enlightened Teacher” or Guru in finding & traversing the path of enlightement.In this “kalyug” when humanity is too preoccupied with gadgets & materialistic pleasures,Tulsidass ji has given us something to guide our path forever.The worldly pleasures are “anitya” or temporary as mentioned by SriKrishna in Geeta.But this Hanumaan Chalisa is a rock in this ocean of

Fond of listening to Ram’s story of any kind.I would be indebted to you if you take pains to point out my mitakes & give me a chance to improve upon.illuminating worlds numbering three. which shall provide me results of four kind. Hail the Ape-king.Janeu strands. Ram. Carries Vajra & Flag in his hands.removes ideas wrong.if there has been a contextual error or mistake in translating this great text. O Pawankumar I keep you in my memory.Laxman & sita reside in his mind. Son of Shankar & Kesari. Consider me imbecile mortal. Anjani’s Son. & describe the noble fame of Raghubeer.Vajra like strong. Ram’s purpose. Wears earrings. Ambassador of Ram. Knowledgeable. Grant me strength.has curly hair.Warrior body. Golden body & an handsome wear.knowledge.the world of “maya” which can provide us a strong foothold in the eternal quest of absloute truth & would also protect us from being swayed away. “Buddhi-heen tanu Jaanike. world bows of glory of thee.an ocean of Wisdom & Quality. On his shoulder.Unmatchedly Strong.O pawan Kumar ! Dohawith the mud of SriGuru’s Lotus feet. Friendly with good ideas.Sumiro Pawan Kumar”–Consider me an Imbecile mortal. . I apologise in advance.wisdom Take away my stress & penury HANUMAN CHALISA Hail Hanuman.he is ready to go ever. I cleanse the mirror of my mind.Pawansut crowned.virtous & very clever. Very Brave.

To destroy the Lanka.To appear before Sita. Became Lankapati.Kuber & lord of the directons & the two pole. Braught Sanjivni.Sripati held him in embrace close. In your saviour.he adopted a Small size. Sri Raghubeer was delighted deep in the Heart. & many other sages. Raghupati praised him heartily.just by your grace.grew his size otherwise. Unamazingly.Brahma. Thousands of miles away was the Sun. Your glory. .whole world knows.was your fun.nobody gets an entry. Because of you. Without your permission.tremble with your voice. Narad. Even Poets & Folk singers can not describe him in whole.all kinds of happiness lies. Yam. You made him meet ram & kingship was begetted. Ramchandra’s works were well done. you are like Brother Bharata to me.you crossed the sea in a single flight. saying so.you stand as a sentry. In your shelter. At ram’s gate. Took mega size to kill the demon. Worldly tasks.Sugriva was indebted. Become easy.in your mouth.all fear flies. You only can hold your aura in poise.sarad have sung his praises. the three lokas. As your advice Vibhishan follows.saved Laxman from the Death Cart. Gulped it like a juicy fruit.on air you went alight.Each pore of my body sings & glows.as one may face. Sanakadik. Kept the ring of Lord.

saints & sages you guard. One who regularly. Desire one may have of anykind.will leave for ram’s city.the lord. Hanuman removes troubles of all kind. Fine results in life. one who remembers him in act. Destroyer of disease. whenever Hanuman. at the mention of your might.hanman chalisa courses. Hermits. Forever will be called a devotee of ram.Ram. attains all powers. Hanuman Gusai. your fame extends to the “yugas” four. .one gains. Forever in his service .adored by Ram. Overcomes multiple lives pains. Ram’s love chemistry.one gets rid of pains. One who recites.you take away stress unwanted. Destroyer of demons. shower your blessings. such power granted by Mother Janki to thine.he will find.Ghosts & evil spirits.many a time. Such a one. accomplishment to his tasks you bring.your name is chanted.world to the core. Obstacles are overcome. is freed from binding.chants his names.may not pay a heed.is above everything.you retain.gets pleasure sublime.you may remain.by the wise. Other gods.accept prayers of this lowly creature. Ram the ascetic king. your fame lights.Lord Shiva endorses.word & mind. One who recites this text. Giver of eight siddhis & prosperities numbering nine.at the time of demise.like a teacher. Hanumat always responds in need. singing of you.take a flight.

“Tulsidass” forever a servent of the lord. .lords Pious statue.crisis averter.take an abode.Laxman & Sita reside in my heart. Ram. Lord in my heart.by virtue. Son of the windgod.

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