Ready for CAE p 76. Stephen Fry pays tribute to the Harry Potter films. Extra Listening.

1. “I have the honour to present this year’s award for ____________British

contribution to cinema.
2. One of the most ____________ phenomena of our time was the bursting

into the world of boy wizard Harry Potter.
3. The Harry Potter cycle became the most ___________literary series of

our time, perhaps of all time.
4. The characters made an ___________ mark in the imagination of

millions of adults and children the world over.
5. Could such an ______________________phenomenon ever be

translated to the screen? 6. The Harry Potter series has shown British film making in its very best light. Dramatically, _____________, technically breathtaking, internationally record-breaking
7. At the heart of the film’s appeal is the fact that no matter how much

money they make. And believe me it is a ____________.
8. The Harry Potter movies all seem to have been crafted with an attention

to detail and a love which _________ genuine care and affection.
9. So successfully, inventively, and faithfully have the Harry Potter movies

transferred JK Rowling’s vision to the screen that some have suggested ____________though it may seem
10. that the film may actually be better than the quite ____________audio


KEY 1. Outstanding
2. Remarkable 3. Successful 4. Indelible: impossible to forget or remove. SYN: permanent. E.g. Her

unhappy childhood left an indelible mark.
5. unprecedented and astounding(so surprising that it is difficult to believe.

SYN astonishing: e.g. There was an astounding 20% increase in sales).

6. Dazzling: brilliant: e.g. a dazzling display of oriental dance 7. shedload (of sth) (BrE, informal)( from the noun shed + load; perhaps

euphemistic after shitload). a large amount of sth, especially money: The project cost a shedload of money. This should save you shedloads.
8. Bespeaks. Bespeak: to show or suggest sth: e.g. His style of dressing

bespoke great self-confidence.
9. sacrilegious /ˌsækrəˈlɪdʒəs/

10.brilliantly voiced

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