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Philosophy 100w.

07 Natalie Cisneros

Evaluation Rubric
A Paper B Paper C Paper D Paper
Thesis Easily identifiable, plausible, Promising, but may be May be unclear (contain many vague Difficult to identify at all,
novel, sophisticated, slightly unclear, or lacking terms), appear unoriginal, or offer may be bland
insightful, crystal clear. in insight or originality. relatively little that is new. restatement of obvious

Organization Evident, understandable, Generally clear and Generally unclear, often wanders or Unclear, often because
appropriate for thesis. appropriate, though may jumps around. Few or weak thesis is weak or non-
Excellent transitions from wander occasionally. May transitions, many paragraphs without existent. Transitions
point to point. have a few unclear topic sentences. confusing and unclear.

Textual Primary source information Examples used to support Examples used to support some Very few or very weak
used to buttress every point most points. Some evidence points. Points often lack supporting examples. General
Support with at least one example. does not support point, or evidence, or evidence used where failure to support
Examples support thesis and may appear where inappropriate (often because there statements.
fit within paragraph. inappropriate. may be no clear point).

Understanding Demonstrates an in depth Demonstrates a solid Demonstrates a general Demonstrates a little

understanding of the ideas in understanding of the ideas understanding of the ideas in the understanding of and/or
the assigned reading and in the assigned reading and assigned reading and only misreads the assigned
critically evaluates/responds critically evaluates/ occasionally critically evaluates/ reading.
to those ideas in an responds to those ideas in responds to those ideas in an
analytical, persuasive an analytical, persuasive analytical, persuasive manner.
manner. manner.

Reasoning All ideas in the paper flow Argument of paper is clear, Logic may often fail, or argument Ideas do not flow at all,
logically; the argument is usually flows logically and may often be unclear. May not usually because there is
identifiable, reasonable, and makes sense. Some address counter-arguments or make no argument to support.
sound. Author anticipates evidence that counter- any outside connections. Simplistic view of topic;
and successfully defuses arguments acknowledged, no effort to grasp
counter-arguments. though perhaps not possible alternative
addressed. views.

Clarity and Writing is clear; sentence Writing is clear; sentence Writing is somewhat clear; problems Writing unclear; big
structure and grammar structure, grammar, and in sentence structure, grammar, and problems in sentence
Mechanics excellent. diction strong despite diction (usually not major). structure, grammar, and
occasional lapses. diction.
Philosophy 100w.07 Natalie Cisneros

Evaluation Rubric