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FIRE FLOWS ACROSS THE SCREEN IN AN OCEAN OF FLAME. We watch as WHALES SWIM PEACEFULLY, and SYMBOLS, the name "WHALE" in every known language, slowly move across the screen.

As the MAIN TITLES ROLL a vaguely IRISH version of the DOORS’ "THE END" is performed on mandolin, fife, squeezebox and snare, accompanied by ominous guitar feedback




The mahogany blades of a CEILING FAN as they slowly turn. We hear the SOUND of WIND as it catches in the SAILS OF A SAILING VESSEL.

A CLOSE SHOT, upside down: the stubble-covered face of a young man sprawled across the bed in this non-descript room.

His EYES OPEN and he stares up at the blades of the ceiling fan as they spin hypnotically.

MAN Saigon. Shit. Call me Ishamel.

CLOSE ON ISHAMEL: Roughly 30 years old, a sunburned face, a beautiful glimmer in his weary eyes

ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER) A Nantucketer and sailor by birth, I had sought adventure in the employ of the Dutch East India Trading Corporation. Upon my journeys I encountered many mysteries of the sea, her bounties, and perils. As well, I bore witness to man's darkness, a heart which drew sustenance from the Earth's miraculous waters, all the while despoiling and disrespecting her. My spirit was free, sailing and adventuring. But what of my soul? ISHMAEL: CLOSEUP ON FACE

ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER CONT.) If this tale be my own, it also be that of AHAB's; and in telling it, I speak a tale of confession.


CUT TO: TWO NANTUCKET MILITARY POLICE dressed in a hybrid of 19th Century sailing outfit and Vietnam War-era military uniform. They wear 19th century Marine sailor's coats over Vietnam-era jungle camo fatigues with 19th century knee high cavalry boots; Quaker-style beards and ray ban sunglasses,

.6 cutlasses. SEXTANT. next to the DESK. REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER and piles of BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS. MILITARY POLICE OFFICER Ye be Captain Ishmael? ISHAMEL I be he. uniformed. . CIA OFFICER PELEG. and in the SHADOWS. Upon their heads. another MAN whose features are not yet revealed. a VIETNAM-ERA AIRCRAFT CARRIER made of BALSA WOOD. In the room are three men: GENERAL BILDAD. within the BOTTLE. a SHORTWAVE RADIO. standard issue 19th Century tricome sailor's hats. dressed in civilian clothes. and whose identity is not yet announced by GENERAL BILDAD. An oak DESK with QUILL and INKWELL lay next to PILES OF PARCHMENT written in cursive script. A 19th century SHIP IN A BOTTLE adorns a shelf.45s and bandoliers of hand grenades as side armament. MILITARY POLICE OFFICER General Bildad at COM-SEC bids you report. blunderbuss flintlocks. CUT TO: INTERIOR GENERAL BILDAD'S QUARTERS / A small New England room furnished in 19th century fashion with added 20th century accoutrement. A framed SILVER-POINT ETCHING OF RICHARD NIXON hangs on the wall.

in the shadows. passing platters of shellfish and ramekins of chowder both directions of the table. that is. which I don't take to be the fact.and double quick! Art thou a man to pitch a harpoon down a live whale's throat and then jump after it? Answer quick! ISHMAEL I am. not to be got rid of. The tension in the room abates. a look of satisfaction. seventy. unnoticed. corpulent. . if it should be positively indispensable to do so. ruddy-faced and mutton-chopped. BILDAD. Presently. GENERAL BILDAD (to ISHMAEL) Tell me son-. approaches ISHMAEL GENERAL BILDAD Welcome Captain. sir.7 BILDAD. ISHMAEL and the PELEG begin to dine. The MAN who was not introduced waits. BILDAD eyes PELEG. let us break fast.

He'd been sent to sea on advanced forward operations. GENERAL BILDAD Moby was one of our best.8 GENERAL BILDAD (to ISHMAEL) Captain Ishmael. come across the name Moby? CAPTAIN ISHMAEL I think I have. yet we two have not met. tell me. A brilliant seaman and asset for Dutch East India. GENERAL BILDAD (to CIA OFFICER PELEG) Go ahead and play the transmission CIA OFFICER PELEG turns the knob on an old style REEL TO REEL TAPE PLAYER AUDIO: WHALE NOISES begin playing GENERAL BILDAD looks at ISHAMEL to gauge his reaction. have you along your journeys. Mythic by reputation as well as by deed. by chance or by fate. Sir. Then all fell silent for many a month. .

(To PELEG) Read the translation CIA OFFICER PELEG (reads from parchment as the WHALE SOUNDS continue in the background) I saw a snail crawling across a straight razor. GENERAL BILDAD This is in code. still alive..9 ISHMAEL holds his poker face as the aquatic sounds drift across the dining table. like staring into the baby doll eyes of a shark.. a man-.whom I had not noticed sitting quietly in the dark of the General's quarters-. destroy our homes (untranslatable) krill tasty (untranslatable) The horror. crawling (untranslatable) We must repel the invaders at any cost. End transmission ISMAHEL VO The words were ominous.. But before I could react further. they befoul our waters.. the horror.burst forth in a violent and agitated verbal ejaculation .

bronzed.which had been fashioned from the polished bone from a sperm whale’s jaw-completed it. GENERAL BILDAD Captain Ishmael. his form suggested a man released from a burning stake just before its fire could fully engulf him. . He must be stopped! ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER) This overbearingly grim man. An albino daemon! He's collected his own army from the native rank and is running completely amok. weathered like an ancient tree.10 MAN (GENERAL AHAB) Blood and thunder! Mobys gone off the reservation-. the barbaric white leg upon which he partly stood-. Ahab has. or should I say. The mad glint in his eye began a tale. answering to no one but himself. was roughly of sixty years..he's swimming and fighting out there.. encountered Moby in the field. General. this be General Ahab. He be an expert on our renegade Colonel. Ahab. upon the waters.

with extreme prejudice.. Snuck upon me as I dozed.to kill such a rare.. you are to retire Colonel Moby. albeit unbalanced beast? Without conversation. I had participated in unsavory things while at sea. as a whaler's life is to reap the benefit of the ocean and wrest from her its spoils. Moby was an American.. TIGHT ON ISHAMEL ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER) Now. GENERAL BILDAD Colonel Ahab will accompany you on . CIA OFFICER PELEG Your mission.. ISHMAEL You mean. When you find him.. without trial or deliberation? Besides. But this-. harpoon Moby. is to travel up the Nung river and find Colonel Moby. CIA OFFICER PELEG Harpoon. Ishmael.11 GENERAL AHAB Took me leg..

Her . applied in spray paint by the crew: "THE PEQUOD" CAPTAIN ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER. a military call number (PEQ-187) and below it. On the bow. cracking a SMILE which reveals rows of ancient yellow teeth. long seasoned and weather-stained. her masts had been cut somewhere near the coast of San Diego. CONT. a hybrid of two styles: the front part of the ship is a 19th CENTURY SAILING SCHOONER complete with twin masts. CUT TO EXTERIOR DAY: NAVAL SHIPYARD / A New England port full of ships and sailors laboring on various maritime tasks CAPTAIN ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER) But all was not darkness. made for a crew of seven. you will be under his command AHAB grins at ISHMAEL. she was a ship of the 'old school'. Our ship. was a fine vessel We see ISHMAEL as he tours the GUNSHIP PEQUOD: We see visualized on screen: A very unique looking ship.) Quaint.12 your mission up the Nung. a VIETNAM-ERA RIVER PATROL BOAT (PBR). the rear. the GUNSHIP PEQUOD.

13 ancient decks were worn and wrinkled. of his savage upbringing in some distant pagan land. at first. I did find his habit of head-hunting a bit off-putting. she had twin inboard motors. He spoke little English. Also. but said he worshiped his God. CORPORAL QUEEQUEG and I had met in Nantucket where we had shipped a room. like the pilgrim-worshiped flagstones in Canterbury Cathedral where Beckett bled. cryptic icons and riddles few hoped to decipher . honestly. who lorded from some distant realm. as his hulking mass was adorned with drawings. and fifty-caliber machine guns fore and aft. some seasoned. mementos Maori. CAPTAIN ISHMAEL continues his inspection of the PEQUOD We see visualized on screen: Her crew were a lively bunch. his visage inspired terror in me. Yojo. His tribal tattoos were comprised of fierce glyphs suited for his personae. others greenhorn.

friend. a dolphin tiki. twenty digits from the Fibonacci series. a fishing hook. EXT: DAY / DECK OF THE GUNSHIP PEQUOD: CORPORAL QUEEQUEG constructs a COFFIN. it is sized to fit his large frame. a coffin is what Christians use . as he had been persecuted in his home land and wished to see the world.O. ISHMAEL (to QUEEQUEG) Tell. a great spirit that relished the chase.14 We PAN ON QUEEQUEG'S TATTOOS: A labyrinth of Maori patterning in the shape of a double-helix. a Manaia bird head. I found there to be a noble calm within him. even before we embark? CORPORAL QUEEQUEG Yojo has told me to make it ISHMAEL But I thought you pagan. ISHMAEL (V. a premonition of your death. He had joined up. CONT) (as we CLOSE UP on CORPORAL QUEEQUEG) For all Queequeg’s seeming savagery.

Completed. a sailor who set up accomplishing tasks and a safe return home as his reputation. we watch as CAPTAIN ISHMAEL and CORPORAL QUEEQUEG pass QUEEQUEG'S TOMAHAWK PIPE. .15 CORPORAL QUEEQUEG When in Rome. about thirty and five years. and he dithered. FLASK.and Queequeg's coffin-but it was certainly STARBUCKS boat. Upright like a mast. ISHMAEL lends a hand to QUEEQUEG and helps him build his COFFIN. a kid barely of eighteen years. a consummate boat man. Starbuck held vision true. He grew mushrooms. cat-like.O. ISHMAEL (V. sharing a relaxing smoke. was from a vast city. CONT) It may have been my and Ahab's mission-. We see visualized on screen: STARBUCK was African. as if the light of the sea and jungle played tricks with his mind.

LANCE PIP was from the West. a kind soul and sailor who fancied himself a chef. (We see blonde PIP in his TRICOME SAILOR HAT. but the patch we now traveled at times played tricks . we set sail up the Nung River.16 STUBB was Creole. ISHMAEL stands on the forward bow and his eyes glisten as he peers into the sunlight across bright. which is adorned with a hand drawn PEACE SIGN) ISHMAEL VO I could barely imagine Pip or Flask brandishing weaponry. With that. sparkling waves. And so it was. and had the odd proclivity to surf as the Polynesians did. FULL FRAME: THE WATER ISHMAEL (VO) I had sailed in many seas and oceans. We watch as the GUNSHIP PEQUOD sails forth. but their youthful spirit inspired worthiness. He mentioned that he preferred the term "escoffier".

photographs and etchings: I thought they mistaken. his ability to dive to such depths. for hours at a time! What beauty! His skill at navigating the globe. and love of his pod! What young seaman seeking rank and privilege would not but envy his ability? We see ISHMAEL as he sweats and continues reading .) We see visualized on screen. ISHMAEL (V. ISHMAEL opens a FOLIO of PARCHMENTS.O. lobbing arrows. it once a river with shallows treacherous enough for enemies to hide on shore. and had sent me the wrong pages. He begins looking through REPORTS. and see such wonders. MAPS and a FIELD GUIDE ("NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC'S WHALES OF THE WORLD"). parchments. intelligence on MOBY. master of seas! His grace. to sing while underwater. and next.17 upon my eyes. an open ocean whose shores were farther than the horizon. Valorous Whaler! This Moby was hero King.

its ruin brought by NANTUCKET MILITARY OPERATIONS. sextant and gunnery.18 ISHMAEL (V. CONT) Yet he changed course. The CREW busies itself with rope and deck.or unbalanced-. CHIEF STARBUCK Cap'n. steering afar from the destiny he had so finely woven for himself. take a look see. CLOSE UP ON ISHMAEL What mad-. joining Special Forces? Paratrooper training broke even the heartiest eighteen year old-.or noble-.him in such a manner? EXTERIOR: DAY / We watch as the GUNSHIP PEQUOD sails through open waters. There-(he points) ISHAMEL opens his TELESCOPE and gazes upon the horizon: a beach lay smoking.O. .and here was a sixty-ton cetacean twice that age joining up. What was Moby doing.vision had inspired-. at age thirty-eight.

securing fishing ground. Man would clear by day. unless this ship can fly.19 ISHMAEL (VO) (as we survey the destruction) The Nantucketers had tried to open up these waters for Dutch East India Corporation using the might of both water and air for years. CHIEF STARBUCK (to Ishmael) The river shallows here Cap'n. beach and lobster grounds by day. and the sea would reclaim with barnacles and coral at night. We'll pick another route. both man and fish. CHEF STUBB Where be General Ahab? . but had been confounded by the resilience of the natives. The Shipmen would advance. she's impassable. only to be thwarted by the grim purpose of the Vietnamese and the domestic aquatic life that flourished and called it their home.

.20 CORPORAL QUEEQUEG Below deck. don't look at me writing ISHMAEL turns and sees a WAR CORRESPONDENT (HERMAN MELVILLE). They gaze about taking in the hellish scene. a DRAGOON SARGENT. scribbling furiously at an oak desk which rests in the sand. seated. saddled upon a CAVALRY STEED. a bearded writer. some mounted on HORSEBACK. don't stop. armed with CUTLASSES and M16s. stealing a nap. keep moving. just keep moving. then. EXTERNAL: BEACH / DUSK. FLASK and PIP disembark from the PEQUOD and wade onto shore. VOICE OFF SCREEN Don't look at me. sprays a FLAMETHROWER as HELICOPTERS CIRCLE AND SWARM IN THE SKY. The SMOKING RUINS OF A 19th CENTURY VILLAGE BURN ALONG THE SHORE. move about. CAPTAIN ISHMAEL (to Starbuck) Take us in. Silhouetted against the SETTING SUN. QUEEQUEG. It is MY-LAI meets HERONYMOUS BOSCH ISHMAEL. move up the beach and into the jungle. NANTUCKETERS. pillaging the coastline. we must meet a man at that beach.

Bildad has given news of my mission to you? . ICHABOD KILGORE ISHAMEL VO We watch as this is visualized on screen: Their Commander. don't look at me writing. just keep going. his countenance embodied leadership. ISHMAEL (to KILGORE) I be Ishmael. qualities his soldiers revered and followed unquestioningly.21 MELVILLE Don't stop. and I were similar in age. seemed to follow Kilgore. STUBB and PIP EXT: JUNGLE / ISHMAEL spots the COMMANDING OFFICER. with orders from COM-SEC. certainly not that of a Halo. keep moving-- Confused. KILGORE. as if to say he would emerge from any conflagration with nary a scratch. yet recklessness. ISHMAEL stares at MELVILLE and continues into the JUNGLE with QUEEQUEG. A faint glimmer.

caught within her wiles.ISHMAEL'S ORDERS from COM-SEC KILGORE (to Ishmael) No need for solving riddles of how . seduced to deviltry. KILGORE stands next to an oil lamp reading a parchment-. I was ashamed of the damnation the Nantucketers had brought with them. of ambition.now stand aside while we swab this beach of stragglers. they were blind to the cost of her dark charm. Men have pitched tents. Good men. he has not-. tack horses. made fires. tune diesel engines. young men.22 KILGORE (surrounded by his Dragoons) Nay. as I stood upon this deadly ground. Beware. for in it is bred the morbidity the likes of Kilgore's. But what of my own ambition? Did I not also stand upon this beach? CUT TO EXT: NIGHT / NANTUCKET ARMY CAMP. ISHMAEL VO I must admit.

. Now off with ye. It BEGINS FALLING. yawns. ISHMAEL VO Many days. this be Air Cav. and we PULL BACK to see a LARGE HELICOPTER TRANSPORT. AHAB raises his fist against the sky. I have work to do (KILGORE opens a tankard of ale) CUT TO: The GUNSHIP PEQUOD FLYING THROUGH THE SKY.23 to sail over land! Son. an MI-10 "HARKE". emerges from below deck AHAB Ye bastards! Spoiled my nap! (to himself) And a good nap it was. dazed. how many I do not know. which has just released the SHIP from a burly hoist. and returns below. We shall pick yer toy boat up and drop her into the mouth of the Nung like an apple in a dunking pot! We'll fly her. the power of sky to balance yours of sea. We watch the PEQUOD SPLASH VIOLENTLY as it lands in the NUNG RIVER CUT TO: DECK OF THE PEQUOD / AHAB.

steering the PEQUOD. or his crew. but reflection. fiddle and snare. a venerable tune (the ROLLING STONES' "SATISFACTION") of ancient Irish origin ISHMAEL. notices AHAB. . Perhaps the Whale was not foe of Ahab. grim as ever. Like a body frozen in rictus. yet with moments where the PEQUOD'S crew grew to know one another. his sole affirmation a lingering vision of the whale's demise. Filled with toil.24 we sailed in pursuit of Moby. and anxious they were. like a thundercloud seen upon the water. took no pleasure from the world. diminishing the gap of our many differences into a close brotherhood We watch as QUEEQUEG WATER SKIS off the back of the PEQUOD. he slaloms as FLASK. steely. his soul was solid and unaffected by the pulse of life around it. thirsty with wrath. PIP and STARBUCK recite music on penny-whistle. staring into the horizon ISHMAEL (VO) This man. vengeful.

ISHMAEL. not half a league from the deck of the GUNSHIP PEQUOD. AHAB. tell thy tale CHIEF STARBUCK Eyes upon Starboard bow. Sir! .. STARBUCK peers at the horizon through a telescope. and PIP man stations. Starbuck.. a WHITE FORM SURFACES CHIEF STARBUCK General! GENERAL AHAB Yea. who appears to mumble to himself GENERAL AHAB (mumbling as he gazes across the azure sea) The horror. the horror EXTERIOR: DAY / The PEQUOD SAILS through the ocean on CHOPPY SEAS. The CREW now wear GREEN AND BLACK CAMOUFLAGE PAINT ON THEIR FACES. And out of nowhere. FLASK is seen NAPPING by the forward gun.25 We CLOSE UP on AHAB. his TRICOME SAILOR'S CAP is planted across his CAMOUFLAGED FACE.

man! Get on that fifty! FLASK moves to the FIFTY CALIBER DECK GUN and swings it to and fro. who is ASLEEP) Jonah's swallowed balls. Corleone! Horse's head and there's the rub! Man the steel Pippin of Shire. Steelkilt.The White Whale rises! CHIEF STARBUCK (to FLASK. Brohog of Malaysia! Throw yer mettle at the beast.26 GEBERAL AHAB (looking through telescope) Aye-. taking aim at foes both real and imagined GENRAL AHAB You Martin Balsam. Martin Sheen. Saucier! Brando. spring! Heehog! Man yer position! Whatever yer name may be. a last Tango in Paris for the White Whale! CHIEF STARBUCK What the fuck? FLASK A gaskets blown in the General! .

now turned away from the PEQUOD in hopes of spoiling our pursuit FLASK (pointing) It turns! Now for the pounce! GENERAL AHAB Prepare to be buttered and dipped in thy own flavorful fate White Whale! I'll bung yer greasy blowhole from solstice to equinox! . too many pills! PIP Far out! CHIEF STARBUCK What the fuck is he talking about? ISHMAEL (VO) The White Whale.27 PIP A fly is in the General's ointment. perhaps irritated by our aggressive. vernacular. he's a whiskered skidoo! GENERAL AHAB Shoot to thrill! Play to kill! Too many women. if imprecise.

But MOBY dives. .28 CHIEF STARBUCK Nay. quickly resurfacing. Ahab. CORPORAL QUEEQUEG (Standing on bow. he sends her rocketing leeward through the water. the WAVES increase in size as a MIST OF RAIN begins falling ISHMAEL (VO) But there would be no satisfaction in Ahab's advances upon the Leviathan this day. And I would lose the first of many friends. and closes on him. THE GUNSHIP PEQUOD turns and maneuvers. with talk of bung and blowhole! Too long at sea. non-cetacean. and too affixed your gaze has been upon vengeance and not the fairer. perusing the great Leviathan. glancing against the PEQUOD. you've gone too far. harpoon poised to launch) Closer GENERAL AHAB Closer we shall get! The GUNSHIP PEQUOD CLOSES. sex.

is dashed from bow and swallowed by the sea.O) At dawn. HARPOON in hand. picks it up.O) Queequeg would not be able to use his coffin. ISHMAEL (V. one that negated its use. the premonition of his death which led to the making of it withheld such a demise. ISHMAEL. somberly. Yet the Whale had not so much undone him as much as fury and hubris. we abandoned all hope for him. We watch as the CREW searches the sea for any sign of QUEEQUEG. Instead it was sealed and put to . EXTERNAL DAY: DECK OF THE GUNSHIP PEQUOD / It has stopped raining. We watch as QUEEQUEG'S COFFIN is taken onto deck.O) Queequeg's omen had been born out. We see QUEEQUEG'S TOMAHAWK PIPE on the foredeck. NIGHT FALLS and the RAIN INTENSIFIES ISHMAEL (V.29 AHAB FALLS to the deck. and we watch as QUEEQUEG. ISHMAEL (V.

I could not help but foresee Queequeg's fate as the Pequod's forestalled. EXTERIOR: DAY / THE GUNSHIP PEQUOD SAILS through calm seas ISHMAEL VO Many weeks passed and our trail grew cold. PIP and ISHMAEL wading onto shore looking for mangoes. with STUBB. As they search quietly in JUNGLE PRIMEVAL. the divine taste of home within them I tell you ISHAMEL And you were born where? . STUBB (looking about) These fruits. they converse.30 station as jerry-rigged life boat. Saddened. EXTERIOR: PEQUOD AT NIGHTFALL. THE NEXT DAY: Close to the shore of the NUNG. the PEQUOD stalls in the water. A FULL MOON / Lamps and torch fires light the deck and crew as they eat. Windless.

ISHMAEL Perhaps God is in Moby as well. and an evil in our mouths? .how can God be in mangoes. he must also be in the Whale.31 STUBB In New Orleans (The three walk in silence for a moment) PIP Do you think there a God within mangoes? ISHMAEL (glancing up at the sky) I think it so. and it is a bitterness in our mouths that masks the taste STUBB How strange. Then thinketh God be in Moby. it is just a fruit. as it would mean. he cannot be in all things. is God not everywhere upon the earth? STUBB Dullards-. then.

A TIGER LUNGES AT THEM. just as we were on boat and now walk upon land PIP Far out. the three stop and DRAW CUTLASES and . They FLEE THEY RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE and head onto the shoreline towards the SHIP As they scramble aboard the PEQUOD: . RIVETED. except to say.. God or whale. mangoes. With that they hear a SOUND. God is in mangoes then STUBB I am not so sure. are tasty..32 ISHMAEL I say that mango or peach. it is an acquired taste.45s. and up to man's choice as to where he stands. A BEAT-- AND OUT OF THE JUNGLE-.

a NANTUCKET OUTPOST. a small collection of tents and clapboard buildings constructed as a supply center for the Nantucket Army.33 STUBB God or mango. On a far shore. Never get off the boat. followed by ISHMAEL. AHAB disembarks. attacked by a Tiger. EXTERIOR: DAWN / THE GUNSHIP PEQUOD enters into a winding passage of the Nung River. They approach a SUPPLY SARGEANT and within moments. were distracted by God. I say never get off the boat! FLASK (on board the PEQUOD. to ISHMAEL) What be the alarm? ISHMAEL We searched for mangoes. We see ISHMAEL as he peers into the distance. AHAB is slapping and cursing the SARGEANT. We watch as The GUNSHIP PEQUOD docks in a slip to restock supplies. AHAB storms back aboard the PEQUOD .

Would you like tickets to tonight's most promising event? ISHMAEL Event? SUPPLY SARGEANT You have not heard? (He gestures to the MARQUEE) FULL FRAME / MARQUEE: "ONE NIGHT ONLY: THE DOUBLE BETTYS AND THE IXION REVIEW BURLESQUE FROM NEW YORK CITY" CUT TO: INTERIOR / MASSIVE TENT ON THE NUNG RIVER / Thousands of appreciative Nantuckers.34 SUPPLY SARGEANT (To ISHMAEL) Greatest apologies Sir-. . They get one. Air Cav Dragoons in a massive crowd. USO meets Old Man and The Sea A STAGE has been setup in the center of the huge tent We See PIP. FLASK and STUBB moving through THE CROWD.I meant no disrespect to your General or your fine ship! I will have all you need. and post-haste. Army Regulars. vying for a good position up front for the show.

offering) Mushrooms? The IXION REVIEW begins the evening's entertainment. Oil and water. LOVE BEADS and HIPPY HEAD BANDS. Then: an American stand up comic. as LIVE MUSIC begins playing from the pit. HOOP SKIRTS.35 PIP (To FLASK. stars and flowers. a performing bird. They quiver.(A SLIGHTLY GYPSY VERSION OF CREEDENCE CLEARWATERS' "SUZY Q" performed on VIOLIN. next. shimmy and bump a Victorian show with a dose of late Sixties Playboy hedonism added to it. . the MC. BUSTIERS. galaxies. MANDOLIN AND SNARE as a fast tempo JIG) the two BETTY's TAKE THE STAGE: AGLOW in GASLIGHT. Then. INTERIOR STAGE: Multiple 16mm PROJECTIONS COVER the STAGE. their bodies painted in neon colors: they are PEACE AND LOVE BRIDGET BARDOT and TWIGGY reinvented in OLD BURLESQUE. TENT and the BETTYS in a complete and faithful reproduction of PSYCHADELIC LIGHT SHOW IMAGERY CIRCA 1968. with totem GOLF CLUB IN HAND introduces the players in the Review. THE BETTYS (MABEL AND ROXANNE) enter wearing GO-GO BOOTS. ink swirls. First. then a bear that rides a unicycle. The CROWD SCREAMS AND HOLLERS Then the light show kicks in. with added film footage of the universe. PIANO. Stan Brakhage-like imagery and lava lamp blobs flicker everywhere and on the DANCERS.

. The good natured review continues as appreciative howls are heard from the audience. A HELICOPTER (with painted IXION logo on its side. solo for a moment. dancing and high-kicking as the MUSIC ACCELERATES.. and studies him for a moment ROXANNE approaches ISHMAEL ROXANNE What be yer name. sailor? . ROXANNE BETTY strolls off-stage letting her sister. ISHMAEL stands BACKSTAGE. air-brushed with the likenesses of ROXANNE and MABEL) sits nearby ISHMAEL watches as The DOUBLE BETTY'S push into full-gear. ROXANNE sees ISHAMEL who is smoking QUEEQUEG'S TOMAHAWK PIPE. MABEL. We CUT TO: CROWD / PIP. STUBB and FLASK are screaming and loving it.36 MUSIC: The JIG INTENSIFIES. a large staging area which empties out onto the BEACH. The crowd ROARS.

serious. There are two of you. I do not-. do you have a woman back home? ISHMAEL Nay.37 ISHAMEL (a bit dazed) Ishmael ROXANNE Might I have a taste of your pipe? ISHMAEL hands it to her. The sound of the CROWD intensifies ROXANNE I can tell immediately about you Ishmael. one who loves and one who fights. or within darkness. but of too much seafaring I suppose. one who searches and is neither scared within the light. looking at him as we hear the STAGE MUSIC. She SMOKES. you are a man.not out of want. . We see in the background the BLADES OF the HELICOPTER as they slowly begin TURNING ROXANNE Tell me Ishmael.

choose to live! We see ISHMAEL as he STARES UP AT HER. watches the HELICOPTER RISE. CLOSEUP ON ISHMAEL. all that matters! You are alive. And at that moment the IXION MANAGER. dazed. grabs ROXANNE. ROXANNE SMILES. staring up into the emptiness . Just as it does. and is pleased that ISHMAEL can gaze up her DRESS. perhaps for a KISS ROXANNE All that matters is that you are alive Ishmael. HUNDREDS OF SAILORS RUSH BACKSTAGE in pursuit of the DOUBLE BETTYS.38 ISHMAEL inhales on his pipe as ROXANNE moves closer to him. ROXANNE stands on the HELICOPTER SKID ROXANNE (waving goodbye and shouting down to ISHMAEL) Choose to live Ishmael. the three of them BOARD the HELICOPTER which immediately begins LIFTING OFF. ISHMAEL. pulling MABEL behind him. stunned. ISHMAEL is now SURROUNDED by HUNDREDS of SAILORS who SCREAM and shout for the BETTYS to RETURN. ROXANNE BETTY DISAPPEARS INTO THE SKY.

We watch as this is visualized on screen: I learned the Whale's albinism was not born naturally to him. below deck. and had turned Moby's skin alabaster. sits by candlelight looking through PARCHMENTS. in his youth. Ahab felt us on his trail. poisons.39 CUT TO: DAWN. CUT TO: INTERIOR / NIGHT: Ishmael. cast into the waters by man. ISHMAEL VO As we traveled deeply into the river. The genesis of Moby's disfigurement was a cargo vessel. descended into the depths of the sea. PHOTOGRPAHS and ETCHINGS. but I thought it circles made. whose name was familiar. The GUBSHIP PEQUOD as it continues up the river ISHMAEL VO We went for a month. pulled inside the Leviathan's thinking. I had glimpsed the ship's . I parsed further into Bildad's folio. sailing. It was Man who had transformed him into pale ghost. intelligence on MOBY.

CHIEF STARBUCK rings the ship's bell and hails her. they spoke no English.40 name. upon Ahab's forearm. CUT TO: DAY / A SHIP IN THE DISTANCE.O) At first I thought her a ship of ghosts. Francophiles. tattered and spent. yet were able to comprehend our desire for their Captain to come aboard. her hull pocked and sails frayed. and spray painted below it "LE RACHEL" GENERAL AHAB (to the RACHEL) Avast and sound! Any news of the White Whale? Speak Captain of the Rachel. but badly damaged. ISHMAEL and AHAB PEER through telescopes at the SHIP: on her hull. but crew. emerged. . to break bread and exchange tales. the Rand. Similar to the GUNSHIP PEQUOD in size and shape. Ahab commands ye! ISHAMEL (V. In his youth he had been first mate. a military call number ("RAC-293").

hearty. . they sought the sea life of the region as valuable additions to their rich. Throughout the meal. shoulders rubbing. As the space is small. K-ration chocolate bars  serve as dessert. We watch as CHEF STUBB brings in a tumbler of mango vichyssoise and a plate of mango fois-gras served with a mango-salmon terrine. yet denied it unto themselves. ISHMAEL (V. delectable cuisine. Yet some French dead-enders still sailed these waters. adorned in soiled fatigues of the FRENCH MILITARY. an opening the Nantucket Army had used to engage the enemy in her own interests.O) The French had been in the war long before the Natucketers had joined in. the regular finery of a Captain's dining room has been compressed. and his second in command LEFAVRE. who is roughly ISHMAEL's age. heads knock into low ceiling and low-slung chandelier.41 INTERIOR: NIGHT / AHAB'S QUARTERS which serve as a DINING ROOM for the ASSEMBLED CREW of the PEQUOD as well as CAPTAIN DEMARAIS. with assembled diners packed tightly. and Bordeaux. roughly AHAB'S age. Beaten.

and us searching for them for days now. with subtitles throughout) Yea. which damaged our fore hull. and will so until their story be finished. and its ordered. I speak some of it GENERAL AHAB Then translate his thoughts to all present.42 CAPTAIN DEMARAIS (in French. two in the water and still alive. STUBB does his best to translate) . crafty and devilish. we had encountered this Moby three times. then drew us out into a squall. GENERAL AHAB What say he. (Throughout the conversation. Four of my crew went missing. he lured us first close to rocks. I do not follow STUBB French.

43 GENERAL AHAB You sparred with him thrice! Twice more than our luck has brought us. who found irrelevant their tale of loss. Not so with Ahab. Turn back-. We watch as STARBUCK helps DEMARAIS AND LEFAVRE off the PEQUOD . complimented Stubb on his inventive mango sauces.O) Perhaps the French had finally realized that the whole war had been a mistake. and both to an end worse then our own. what hint gave he of his intention upon the sea? CAPTAIN DEMARAIS To the end. they declined.has there not been enough grief and loss? ISHMAEL (V. and returned to their ship. At the end of the meal. where his circuit of evil will complete. the end of the Nung. What direction. even that of Demarais’ own son. instead Ahab implored him to join his hunt. one I foretell connects you to he.

a friend.O) Then it was as if Starbuck's demise .O) It was with great sadness we watched Starbuck pass. And at that instant a fish. ISHMAEL (V. We watched the Rachel depart. a Marlin. and I watched life.O) Just then. CHIEF STARBUCK A spear.44 ISHMAEL (V. there was less to be measured between Ahab and the abandonment of all sanity. He was a voice of reason. (STARBUCK DIES) ISHMAEL (V. flew from the water. and ran him clean through. a valued sailor. I am undone by a spear. as she continued her search for its Captain's lost son. Starbuck and I locked eyes. emptied back into the currents from which it came. Starbuck leaned outward to help the Frenchmen disembark. and now. as if caught in a net.

RAIN. the CREW and the PEQUOD pushed to their limits DAWN: THE NUNG RIVER / The GUNSHIP PEQUOD EMERGES from the storm. as the force which now blasted us without mercy for a full thirty-six hours seemed like a punishment for our sins. We watch as the PEQUOD'S remaining crew-.45 let slip any final restraint held by Nature herself. her SAILS IN TATTERS ISHMAEL (V. WAVE AND LIGHTNING. a thing the likes of which I had never witnessed. and amassed in both water and on land before it.O) And before us. The GUNSHIP PEQUOOD sails into an inlet ISHMAEL (V. A ruined temple upon the shore. a strange site.AHAB. fight against WIND. born of ancient rock and purpose. the sky calmed and river opened. STUBB ISHMAEL and PIP. The BATTLE is exhausting.O) As Ahab napped exhausted below. FLASK. .

46 thousands of crabs. with an ocean's army standing as sentinels before it. mustered and unified. shellfish. a palette smeared with oils. yet remain close by.it will scare them off! CUT TO: The PAINTER / A man roughly 30 years of age. maritime birds. a paint brush. Crabs. The temple was a fort. a long black beard flowing from his chin. starfish. rings the BELL OF THE PEQUOD.all slowly recede into the water. PAINTER (To the crew of the GUNHSIP PEQUOD) Ring a bell. minions of the water. in the other. porpoises. and shellfish. in his hand. tentatively at first. will scatter them! We watch as FLASK. lobsters. scraggly and dazed. sharks. then gradually stronger. eels. lobsters. sharks-. an army now. . VOICE OFF SCREEN Ring yer bell. dressed in ragged army fatigues. seals. He stands beside an easel and canvas. sound a bell-. sound a horn.

you're boat is a mess ISHMAEL moves onshore.and Nantucker I shall always be! Welcome to the Great Whale's temple. The CREW is greeted by the manic energy of the PAINTER PAINTER Greetings Nantucketers! A vision to see ye! I too am 'Tucketer-. recording his noble visage for posterity. .he speaks truest words: "I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas. and eyes the PAINTER while his rambling monologue continues. seer beyond the veil! Protector of the ocean and his kin! Painter that I be.please tell me as much! Greatness he is. and pay no mind these natives. chronicler of the great Leviathan.47 The GUNSHIP PEQUOD pulls into shore to dock." (A Beat) Wow.yer not here to do so-. He is great-. We see the PAINTING ON THE EASEL: an unfinished portrait of a WHALE in the graphic style and primary colors of WARHOL. they think you here to take the great Whale away-.

his face is covered in fresh GREEN AND BLACK CAMOUFLAGE PAINT. He feels comfortable with his people. ISHMAEL continues gazing at the TEMPLE. He's a fighting the war. places his TRICOME SAILOR'S HAT upon his head.) He can be terrible. the OCEAN SENTINELS SLOWLY RE-EMERGE from the water and watch. He forgets himself with his people.nay. nay. This is his castle? Then I shall cross the moat AHAB emerges on DECK. They are his children-.48 PAINTER (CONT. and he can be right. . He forgets himself. ominously. GENERAL AHAB (Off Screen) Ye bastards! Ye did not wake me up for the denouement. and he can be mean. we are all his children. he tucks his DOG TAGS into his fatigues. one listens to Moby. ISHMAEL (to PAINTER) May I speak to Moby? PAINTER Folly! One does not speak to Moby.

. commanded me to stay with my charge of the Pequod and await his victorious return. he stares into the camera as he smokes Queequeg's tomahawk pipe. General that he be.49 locates his HARPOON. waiting EXTERIOR: NIGHT / deck of the GUNSHIP PEQUOD . Off Ahab went. and stops and WHISPERS something into FLASK'S ear. face painted in camouflage.'tis unwise. AHAB storms off the GUNSHIP PEQUOD. CUT TO: ISHMAEL. words between two parted acquaintances who have not spoken in an age.with 'great prejudice' my wards had implored!-but Ahab. ISMAMAEL (VO) It was my charge to dispatch the White Whale-. in a low tone) Ahab. does thou not fathom the depths in which we sail? GENERAL AHAB But I mean only to have a word with this great creature. HARPOON in hand ISHMAEL (to AHAB..

Finally. that rippled alternately in shadow and light. torn from its body. harpoon in hand. rising from the black pool of water.50 ISHMAEL VO CONT: We watch as this is visualized on screen: Well past third watch. lit by torches . crept past sleeping villagers and made my way into the dark temple. a chamber hewn from ancient rock containing a vast pool. when the natives had completed their pagan rites of worship to their Whale God. Ahab had not returned. Ahab was no more. a God-Cetacean of myth and flesh whom I knew I drew closer and closer to with each step: Moby. I entered his inner sanctum. which was adorned with candles and ancient carvings of creatures from the sea. I steeled myself. A suffocating aroma of ambergris filled the hellish place. What was left of Ahab lay strewn upon its floor of stone: a bone peg leg. All led to a grand Poseidon. And before me.

great round lights that emerged from a deepest place in the ocean's heart. good reader. For all his legend. I perceived a .51 and cauldrons of burning ember. about the let sail his harpoon at the ominous shadow of MOBY DICK ISHMAEL (VO CONT) But. within his mouth. standing. Instead. And his eyes. I confess I could not fulfill my charge. I could not throw the hefty steel into the beast. for the words that had encased him within my mind as killer. as incarnate of Evil. the remnants of torn flesh and gristle that were Ahab's last remains. WE see ISHMAEL. as Devil. for his deeds. poised. the blood drumming in my chest like the music of a savage's reverie. the White Whale surfaced. a place so deep no darkness even dared follow it. I raised my harpoon. turned on me. and stood transfixed. my vision before me transformed.

And in a moment of silent communication (or is this myopic wish fulfillment I now humor and appease myself with?) we passed through a white gate together. I lacked the wisdom to pass such judgment. Moby's eye softened.. but as a Man who had traveled through an apocalypse. to let fall such a stroke that bore the truth hidden within the riddle of life and death. Moby's piercing eye bore into me.. Moby's great tail flew and smote me like a giant swatting a fly. if not humbled.52 creature of Nature: imperfect. I laid down my harpoon. And in the silence that remained. . And I fell into darkness. Before Moby. like the boat that had brought me there passing through the storm. and wished only to emerge on the other side. wild. But. wiser. yet noble. in that subtle moment of resolution. Not like a prostrate worshiper or supplicant caught within an idolater’s trance.

So Ahab had his wish after all. The wreckage of the GUNSHIP PEQUOD floats all around him. thanking what Gods remained. CONT. But as I glanced upward. The smell of brimstone and gasoline filled my lungs and I struggled to breathe. like all good sailor's would. FLASK's last act must have been to fulfill.53 EXTERIOR: WATER OF THE NUNG RIVER / ISHMAEL awakens. ISHAMEL FLOATS on the COFFIN and watches the TEMPLE BURN . which acts as a LIFE BOAT. EXT: TEMPLE OF THE WHITE WHALE ERUPTS IN FLAME ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER. B-52 strike.) I awoke. in a conflagration Dante himself could not have envisioned. CONT. the now deceased Ahab. the whispered command of his General. finding himself floating on CORPORAL QUEEQUEG's COFFIN. ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER. and felt that the White Whale had spared me.) Arc light. I saw the temple explode in fireball and flame.

in the distance.I was sure that I heard the sonorous low dulcetness of whale song. Perhaps Moby had escaped after all. CONT. I knew that I had made my journey and spoken my truth to that which hides within us and propels us always. Hopefully he will remember the day our gaze met.54 MUSIC UP ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER.his ability to wreak revenge-. underneath the rumbling and boom of man's most impressive gift exemplified-. CONT.) Yet. up river. faintly. and although the RACHEL was perhaps nearby. searching in hopes of my rescue. ISHMAEL begins paddling on the FLOATING COFFIN like a SURFBOARD ISHMAEL (VOICE OVER. and perhaps there was no God.) Perhaps I had sinned against my superiors. .

and then slowly FADES. The SOUND OF WHALE SONG RISES. CUT TO BLACK A P O C A L Y P S E M O B Y . And we hear the VOICE OF AHAB: The horror. the horror.55 WE CLOSEUP ON ISHMAEL as he looks into the camera.

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