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with thts department in the had to write home to our own legislative reference library opinion, my own experience Seventy-second and the Seventy-fourth Congresses has been in order to get what I wanted.
he wantæd after wrifing to Madison, \Mis'? Mr. SAUTI:IO¡F. On each occasion'

Mr. AMLIE. Mav I ask if the gentleman received

Mr. AMLIE. I have had the same experience' I have had occasion several times to write to the legislative reference t'lre Iìb;;w at Madison and. have been able to secure get inforsimilar *"tio-" that I desired and have not been able to

intormation from the legislative reference service



congxessional l-ibrary. . Ttre library i¡r Madison, rtris., does not have as large en appropriation as the legislative service branch of our own

ionerèssional Libïary. Ttre appropriation is much smaller, although I cannof give the exact figure. ' Mr. Chairrnan, I feel the difrculty here is that the work is þeing done apparently by peqple who do not realize for what putpose they are ctipping papers and accumulating informátion. I feel it is a situation where perhaps a man under civrl service has been charged lqith the adminisüration of a function to ¡phich he is not equal. I venüure to say that very few Members of Congress make any use of the legislative reference service in the Iibrary of Congress; and still if this lecislative service were able to rend.er the type of assistance to legislators that was contemplated when this service was created, I am sure that each and every Member of this body would have frequent occasion to call upon the legislative reference service for

to lead me to the inescapable conclusion that the whole d.epartment ought to be completely reorganized under competent direction. I have never met the acting director, Dr. Schulz, although it is only too apparent to those of us who are familiar with the workings of a well-managed leelislative reference service tha.t .there should be a complete reorganizatlon in the legislative reference service of the Llbrary of Congress. I do not know whether the employees of that service are competent or not, but I want to say that the civil service should not be made the means of maintaining incompetents in office. 'Whether it is the director who is incompetent or ttre personnel, should make little difierence insofar as the Member.s of this body are concerned. For our purpose iü is sufñcient to know that we are entitled to competent legislaùive service and that \{e are not getting it and have not been
getting it. tHere the gavél feu.l Mr. COCHRAN. Mr. Chairman,
lasú two words. Ofûce.


move to strike out the

Mr. Chairman, I was very pleased to hear the gentleman from North Carolina speak about the Government Prinling
The Congtess has had some experience in naming various ofûcials to positions for a long tenure of ofûce. For instance, take the Comptroller General, whose term is 15 years. AI-

I am not making ttris statement with the intention of criticizing the present administration' ^As rve all know, the Coneressional Library is under civil service, and for that reason; calling attention to the failure of this department to function as intended, ca'nnot be considered as actuatecl by any spirit of partisanship. :\ryhile the performance of routine duties can properly be left to civil service, tt has often occurred to me that the performance of tasks requiring imagination and initiative must be kept upon a drfferent basis. Ttre troubfe- wiüh the clvil service ts tfrat there is e tendency to reduce all tJres.g tasks to a purely routine basis' I'or this reason there has

been a tendency on the part of the legislative reference service to delve into inconsequential matter for the sole ¡eason that vital questions were also controversial, hence to be avoided, as a means of escaping crltÍcism and holding onto the pay roll. Unfortunately, if the legislative reference service is to perform a real function lt mwt of necessiüy deal with facts that relate to highly controversial questions. After alt, this is the very reason that a legislative reference service was created. It was created in the belief that a creaü deal of saving in time and enereiy might be efiected' if a legislator could go to some nonpartisan agency and secule reliable information, This is certainly the way that things h¿ve worked ouü in Wisconsin. Many legislators have come to the statehouse with notioru about facts that were wholly erroneous' Many of these men, holvever, rpere wholly honest and sincere, Matty of these men have taken thei¡ ploblems up with ihe director of the legislative'reference service or one of Ns assistants, who in maDy instances have. been able to dispel some of these e¡roneous ideas with consequent gain to the public and everyone concerned. I have had occasion to look at the report of the Librarian of Congress. Ttrere is listed in this report a record of the

thouch the gentleman is a Republican, I do not think therc is a Democrat in the House who v/ould not say that the Government has been fo¡tunate to have a man like Mr. McCarl in the þosition he has held for 15 years. [Applause.l 'We have appointed men on the Board of Tax Âppeals fot' 10 years, We have appointed men on various cotnmissions for B and 10 years. Beyond quesúion, this has proved to be very beneficial. Some of the men appointed have been Democra¡s and some have been l¿epub[cans, but it makes for better efüciency lrhen the right men are kept in large and important Government agencies. Mr. Chairman, the Government Printing Ofîce is e ereaü institution. As the gentleman from North Carolina says' over 5,000 people are employed there. Ttre former Public

Printer.held ofûce,

I think, for over I years. \ryith all due respect to that gentleman, practically all his experience he secured right here in the Capitol as clerk of the Joint Committee on Þrinting. The present Public Printer, ,A'ugustus E'
Giegengack, has been

I nðveimet the man in my lije until a few nights ago \ilhen I ran into trim at a social affair. I have, however, as chairman of the Committee on Expenditures, had some business with his ofûce and I have read the hearings relative to his accomplishments. I did noü even know whaü State he came from until I looked it up. What I have learned is that he is

in the prjntine



30 years'

a man with experience-business and executive experiencean¿ as a resulü it has already been demonstrated that the President made no mistake in selecting him for this very

important ofûce. i lea"n that at the age of 25,7 years afüer Ïre entered the printing business, he was iri charge of the prinüing division ôr a n¡ãe mail-order house. During the war he was in France rn¿ nJ handled the production of the Stars and Stripes' which had a circulation of over 500'000 copies' TVo hundred enlisted men were in this establishment' Since 1920 he wa"s

subjects ùo which the employees of tTre legislative reference organÍzaüions' service have devoted themselves during the past year' In my responsible positions with other ri tnis man continues to make the record he has since he llsted have had nottring to do opinion, most of the subjects .r*u*u¿ office less tinan 2 years ago, it seems to me that it with vital, controversial questions. his position' TLe reason for this, in my opÍnion' is due to the fact that *ã"fA ¡u.well for the Congress to keep him in about' information of ttris kind cannot be secu'red flom the legis- u". f,^rto"t" has told you the savings he has broughb at the ;;á tñ;; il no doubt that you have a happv familv the lative rcference service. I am noü utging that the appropriation for the legislative i;overnment Printine Office. We all lcrow the trouble am emplovees' I ¡eference service ought to be stncken out of the bill. Never- foi^"iprrnfic Printer had with some of tris some reason he theless r do wish to state that we are not getting value for noi criticizing Mr. Ca¡ter's sen¡lce, but for employees' He the g92,990 that we are spending for this service. In my j*t di¿ not geü along smoothly with the

Govin business for himself, so you see that he came to thepresiernment with years of experience, including 2 years as ã";t ;i the rnternational Printing Hou'se Craftsmen, and

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