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AY January Update Reach Maui Monthly -Ep.8 | Aloha Churcht January 2021 We pray you had a blessed Christmas season! Our family greatly enjoyed the opportunity to be off the road this year and celebrate Christmas in our own home for the first time in about four years. Much of our time this past month was spent preparing and inviting people 5 to what we called a "Christmas Eve Pondering” We praise God that two. ‘Onceamonth, come to ourislond oswe | ladies came who have been faithfully attending the Bible study almost every Shore the dy today fe of starting 0 week since we began. Though no new families attended like we were cturch. In this episode we tak about, | praying, we see (looking back) that meaningful progress was made in ee ee meant connection with this event. ned To name a few things: Things To Pray For + Hundreds of invites were distributed in neighborhoods for the first time + For those intrested in discipleship over the past month. courses to commit to aday and time | © While invites were distributed, several opportunities presented to begin going through them themselves to introduce ourselves to people, pray for people, and a + For opportunites to witness and couple times have Gospel conversation. plant seeds ofthe Gospelas (Mat) |» When giving an invite to our neighbor Brian (who we've mentioned in a walk our town and put out invites. previous letter is not saved), he expressed a great interest in coming to «+ For God to bless and grow Haumana the Christmas Eve Pondering. Though he wasn't able to come due to Bible Study to His glory. family reasons, we were able to send him the audio recording of the Support Numbers event which contained a clear presentation of the Gospel. Monthy Funds Raised to Begin In spite of no one new coming to the Christmas Eve Pondering, we can see (SE | how God is still working through us to be a light of the Gospel in Maui. The fact is, so many people at this moment don’t even know we exist. There is i i I 1 Monthy Funds Raised to Grow still so much work needing to be done as we enter this New Year! Lied ‘| Until next month, ‘The Brunk Ohana