Linear Programming Solver Gipals32 Opens New Horizons for Software Development

When software development stumbles on some hard optimization problems, it often takes shortcuts or completely discards such options. Linear programming library Gipals32 solves optimization problems and ensures uninterrupted development. Kitchener, Canada, February 17, 2011 --( Many software developers come to a point when their applications need to solve optimization problems. Finding a transportation plan with minimal operational costs or finding a balanced diet can be tricky and time-consuming tasks. Optimalon Software provides a simple programming library, Gipals32, to solve these and other similar optimization problems. The latest release of Gipals32 gives software developers a chance of implementing the optimization technique their application was missing. Denis Smirnov from Optimalon Software explains: “New economic reality raises new challenges for software developers. It's not enough to display the road direction on the maps anymore; the end-users want to see the shortest or the cheapest routes. Solving this and similar problems requires a lot of time and resources, which most companies do not have to spare. We've been helping software companies and individual developers with a reliable and simple, yet powerful optimization solution (Gipals32) for years and received only positive feedback.” Gipals32 is a linear programming solver library supplied as a single Windows DLL. It provides a plain and simple application programming interface (API) to specify a linear programming problem, run the optimization and get the results back to the main application. Gipals32 does not require .Net Framework, and it does not use any additional DLLs or ActiveX components. The deployment of the library is simple and transparent. Smirnov continues: “Gipals32 comes with working examples in several programming languages and the detailed documentation. If you develop a software and need to expand its functionality with a linear programming solver library, why not give Gipals32 a try?” A free 30-day trial version of Gipals32 is available without registration at Optimalon Software's website: ###

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