421 Essay questions Please see the syllabus for additional details.

You are required to write two essays. The essays should be a minimum of three pages. Please note the due dates. 1. Discuss the important aspects of food related to a religion with which you are familiar. 2. Discuss the factors that influence food habits and culture. 3. Discuss how diet may affect one’s body image and self esteem 4. Explain some of the precepts of “California cuisine”. Assess the role of different chefs in the development of California cuisine. 5. Present a reasoned argument for and against the fast food industry in the US. You may include the advantages such as employment, convenience, eating preferences, time, etc, along with the disadvantages including increases in obesity, types of employment, environmental issues, factory farming, etc. 6. Should the fast food industry be regulated in a similar manner to the tobacco industry? Explain the factors behind your reasoning. 7. Describe and evaluate Native Americans’ perspectives on life. This may be from a particular tribe or more generally. You may include such aspects of the environment, health, the family, religion and diet. 8. Describe some of the most important changes that have taken place in wine production in the new and old world over the past three to four decades. 9. Describe some of the most famous wine regions in France and explain why France has been considered as the most important wine producing country in the world for many centuries. 10.Select two or three of the major wine growing regions in Italy. Describe the major wines produced in those regions and the types of food that are important that would complement the wines produced. 11.Describe the differences between wine from Burgundy and that from Bordeaux. Describe the major types of wine produced from these two regions and the types of food that would marry well with the wines. 12.Taste a sample wine and use the deductive tasting structure explained in class. Comment specifically on clarity, brightness and other color characteristics, along with the nose and the palette. Give details of the grape varit(ies), vintage, producer etc. Does the wine have the characteristics discussed in class? Which types of food would you recommend to compliment/contrast with the wine? (Note you must be of

the method of getting their message across. 13. raw food etc. Are they meant to complement or contrast the food? This could be a classical menu.Evaluate one of the new food movements such as FRESH!. Slow food.Explain some of the norms with food and wine pairing and put together a sample menu showing dishes with the wines chosen. Explain your reasoning behind the choice of wines for the food. .legal age to be able to consume alcohol (21 years old) to complete this assignment. 14. Amongst other things you may explain the aims and objectives of their organization. the prime prospects for the organization and future direction. fusion food or food from your own country.

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