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, (~""-


.. '~

,~~, t~ ,~



o '

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1 > .

".. _-. r· ~ ... '.~'-": -""; -. ~

'; ::~." " ..-,..~




Fundamental Grounds



. Rationally Stated and Dernonflraeed, . '.

By "arion5

Examples in Diflillation, ReEiijicarion,.n.d· ~ Exitltation '''of Vinor Spirit s, nnC/c4res:J 0.lJs, Salts, .. ~o7f~rJi.~d o.!eo[u"!s; 'i~ (UC-h. a Me .. thdd asto r\!Q~ the Specificlt'P',rtue of Con .. crets in, the greateft Po~~r and Force.

~ r , fn' ai}; whicli~

. ~ .

The' Chyrnieal Dotl:rines are Illufirated upon Ia.new Hyp.othejis 01' Spagirick Cantfe, eompofed .. agreeable to PraCtical Philofophy, and the heft ~~ \ Autbarity of Art) for Myfteries treatedofliy Car-

;\ tespe-ark.;y, SY/ViUI, Glauber, Helmons, Pltrace!fU[;and others, are explicated and excml: ·,#ied, alter a . more particular and exact Manner than h~rero- ' fore; and fo fitted in" order for the Publick SerVice.

In tobicb H contained,

A Philofophical Defcription of the Aflrum Lunare Microccfmicum, or Phojp/;eros_ •

Recommended to all t bat: defire to impro: .. ve and ndwinieproji_ ". tnb!.: Trushs, Itch tTS are Rca! P1J.-/ 'lot l--f)'fto.~i,c-,!! •.

By W. r - W 0 l( T H, Spagirick Phyfician in both

. Medicines, and Phllo.!opher P'V Fjrc- ..... ~, '~ '\

Laudon ~ Primed for Thomas Snl:fi/;ury, at the SigQ of rhe Temple near Temple-Bar in F'lec;-flreet. 1692..

~ - ~

-------------.->--.-~ ...... --~. ~ ~.

, .. _ - J s;cAi·:_·~



~.- .

.. "".,,

. .

. "


, ..• ~

. .

. -


Honoured and truly IngeniouS

. '.


Honoltred Sir.;

THat. ~~icb f!mbdlden; d Die tell dedicate thefe our Labours


l to your Honour , was ni:r

knowledge, that this SubJea would have Come affinity.to your Curious and ~hilofophi~1 Mind, and although the Work may be roo weak to anf wer your excellent Parts, yet when we confider that our d~figii is only to ferve the Publick, we thought none to fit to Patronize and Encourage the fame as your

. h ~ felf;

"'The EpiJlle Vea'icatory.. ,feIf, fe~ing, your learned, ~riti~gs ')j , do manifefi , that your "thole ,. de- t-i;,! lign is for the fame crid , and in- g~ deed thofe many fub:1ime Truths, ;':i

that havepall~d, fr~H~~_:cyo.qr Pen i'i"

.into the w orId, Ihew )~~~r great L:

Qualifications, -and h~'lfb 'ralfedyoitr ~), F ame far beyond what: we are able M

to fet forth: For we can affure you, LJ and that froln cxperience , that 'tis L~

· fpread like' the Komif'? Eagle;', for'~· in our European Travels we "have ~ beard the fa~e exprefled from the lj mouth of the mofl: learned Profef- f.~

· fors, calling, YOll .rhe . IJ boenix of tl:le ~:} -Age,feeing your 'Labou:rs- have been (; _10 profitable tor Mankind; and ,'j

· for this rcafon we thought it not l~~ impertinent humbly to prefent lhis, F1 the rough Draught of our Hard ~1 Labours unto your Correction and L candid Cenfure, knowing [here is ,:~

none ~



Tbe,Epiftle 'Dedicat.ory.

.g9~e a ~ore'cotnpetent'Judge-_thaq. yqqt;i :fel.f; therefore if favour-d: with .your acceptance, we Ihall not value the Cenfures' of .thofe" that wholly: bend rheir \iVits to fearch into the-depth-of other Me'ns Writings,. with a defign more to carp upon them, than any deure to be edified thereby; there are [he Miffortunes that we meer with'in-this pollilhed Age, we rnean by fuch

.rhar are fa fchoJafiicaIJy adorned with the Theory of Science, yet never defign to be acquainted with the ,Practice thereof: but' letting fuch pars, I I {hall addrefs '1l1y felf' to your Honour; for that we .have feen your W ricings are Pra&lical, and that you do endeavour to up .. hold the Mother of Science by the firm Pillars of 'Trsab, and always have been found ready to pro-

A 3 mote

.. 'The Epiftlec.DeJic"tfW'~ I

.mote the Labonrs of -.fiICh,. who~ i have. had any· good defjigas ip Ja~ ~1 hourlng for the Publick, 'whicb: em ~~.;

in no meafure be more evidene than t from your infallibJe Df'monftratj~ ODS; therefore, to apply it, the eendency of ther~ our Labours is ~o ftir up the ~ohle Eng~'ifo Spir#.f to promote her Manufa~ory, '(0' I,

~hat rhe J!,ngltfo Gro~tl'S' may be exalted, and her Stores encrea- .~.

fed, br .adping f=hereup~(3 good J'i'!' .» nor $Pl~t~." Oyls, T~nCl"rei,.· ~ffen- ;. ces, Ell~lrs, and ~th~r e'!.ceUent Spe- '

~ijic~, as they ~l~y be prepared from what Nature fo lx~untifu)ly furnilhes [his Ifland withal, which .. jndeed will produce wha t is reafon- I; .ably fufficient for ~ true Oper;"~r i;' i( "fbyftcJt; efpeciaJly if he know the f:

Vjrt~es of our Sal P 41.14rijto,J' and :p.lllal, of Nature in the Fermen-

. . . . . .. . . .

I' •


I· I



. ranve

L ~ ~: .,


~ he .5piftle VeJicatQr.i-~ .

t.ative . Operations : ' to which agrees the Jearned P arilcelfHtS in his Arehido1CiS, where he fays, that -tis a meer Dotage or Carelefnefs In a Phyfician, to neglea being a perfect one in his own Nation. And we 111uft make bold eo. tell your Honor, That there is no part of the habitable World that affords more of the Vniverfal Matter than. England ~ which, if exalted by a true Spagiric1{, would be very profitable

to the lick, and conducive to their former' fanity: we therefore heartily wifh , that your HOllO,. had not only the Knowledge, l,u~ full Potrefiion thereof, that fo you might 110t only live long, to poffefs all the Comforts and Bene~ fits of this Life, but alfo paffing Iroll) hence, you might have a full

l\ + fQf ..

<The Epiftle :Dedicatory ~ p~ffeffion of Life Eremal and ~o be crowned amongft the Redeemed of the Lord. This in all plainnefs is the fine ere and hear'l:.y Defires of him who fhbfcribes himfelf your 1incere Friend and Servant to command,

. .


. .

', .

. ";



Friendly.iR. E., A D E R,

By w~y pf

I.N T a·o· DUe T I ON.

REA D E &,

WE JhaU not make any Apology for pu/;lijhing this Lreati.fe, /;e~ng prefellted to thee OJ an Introduction to the Spagirick Art, lJ!hich may be

£aid to contain two Parts, very delightful to a Philofophical Mind, {C. the Speculative. /Jy which th~ AEiion.s of Nature and her myjJerioUt Operations are wonderfuU_7 reprefente4 to every true fearcber i and the Prafrick, fa highly fo/;jervient IIna bel'Jeflcial 10

Mankind not only in relieving him from hi~ DifoaJes, but aJ.fo /;y true Operation very condeciue to gIve him a comjorta/;lc fobfiflence, lvhi[fl in the rail of ffliftry: we

~!lail' '~~l!fo pa_rts of ~[~, ~roHlIdcd 1. upo~

. f\nmVIJ




Ie"'!",,, alit! praE/real Demonf/ratio1l, ane! that :1· .

centt·.· upon true Knowledge i~ the. Ocea~ ~fl Nature. as it flreu;'-)Jj fiorth ,,,to trs 1JIlTtOU4

h if" 4

Rnlllets, or tUfilhe vtl·'V'CifJ'li"f,_ Spirit _Jt 7',eho . th,

Dperates in its evert! . afles , ana as e. jo'

various aNd particular Siglllltures are known,

fo may various propta/;le Truths /;e propotl_Jed; amollgi1 which, the changing of Eogliili Spirits from one thing ro anpther. u Df priNCipal Conjequencc, allei a 'Very pro-Pta/;le r,·Hth.

POI' if you know how /Jy an A,-tificial Re- ~

Bificatioll from the Ch,10S of Mars anti Ve-.. 'n-

nus to ocrealle them of their E.logo II"d iQ ~

Tangue, !Jringing them {weet a,ftl pleafallt, ;

then may you introduce a Pillor,.frieIlJIy anJ t

'agreea/;le Nature, more health/ill fDr E~g~ ~ lith Conflitutions than the forel~:" Bra"dtes~ t-

. and the more efpeciaUy if you mll.te ".fo of our I

Sal Panariflos , /;y which 'he;, I are eafily l,ouglJt to mellow, and '.0 a .fr~~rallt' Ba~~ ~ic~ Nature: we the» fay. if you lllow ibis,

Y0t4 may ~oldlr ae penJ on it as a Dl10r if En-

trance to many proJitalle Trut~J. .

And agaill. Were the Engbf~ '"to fo . tll.du/lrioUJ I1J the Germans ill tbis Chymlcal

Art, why might Hot the P ODr It, imi.~leJ Itt gather aU fort s of Her/;s;1I their prjrM, lher~






i. I'



I l


ro the READER.

of ttl ",alee their Eae~tial Oy~, fle;~ there iI foe' great 9"''''''1} sf Time, O!8aoy,

. Mint, Balm, WormwOod. &Ie. here '" Eng-

land l J"J aga;", Wha~ great fua"titl of·· fixed Salts might frDM he.te Ie mllJe, which wtJlIIJ Ie efJllal ill 'lJi,tu I" a1l] Dlber AlkaJy whatflruer? .A/fo Spirits might Ie made {rom Ihej~ Her"s, ane! theft NniteJ with their Oyl5 allJ Salts, allJ fo Powers /;rouglN

forth, which ",igbt h prelareJ in foc~ a~

artificial wq, tu IIot""ty til Ie CfJtnmOt/tIJIU

for exalting Wines, INt alfo proJitute for relieving the difeafed. MallY thillgs of the. . lile nature might Ie pt:opofod in Ike Vegetable Kiogdom, w~ich for iJrevity falce. "',. foaO here tmlit, and prlJceeJ ID that of 'he Mineral. iJecauje ,,0 trlle bt CDllfipeth ill II ,.ight Kllowledge of the pre Sperm or. Seed thereof; and therefore (0 ye iJra'tJe Englilli Hearts) look DIeD aJout you, an4 'YOU may find II. IINexpreffalle Ireaf~re in this jo,.r LatiJ, fc. not o_n.ly Lead ana 'Tin and

Iron Oar, Il4t a!l.ft Mercury, Lune all" Sol, aHa not on!J that. "ut .alfo Diamonds, Rubles Ilna Carbuncles; ana that which is

yet more to /;e,J~fir~J, fe. all Autum Pota. bile curi;tg aD Difoa{es.

Wipe your Byes therefore, ana rouze "P

, J9.HT.

1?hr:,~ P Il~S ~T r, l~.

.!.. \~.' "r_". _ .. ~ ~ 0&_-" -,... - -' .. ' _.

y~l#r, {1J:.~~~;~1Jf' :and.gi,v.,!~,d;li.g~~·t' ,he,~4, .. tf uJh_at( 13: h~r~fo,d, ft~l~g, .':'!l ;~eo.~~:~le~~.f.~ »« to fPe~t of fo '?'ttHy 'foblt,me t:'!uths, "iZ! .. t!1e_7 are . preft~1J.ted_ to 1 tM, in, i Tk~ S,,~en.re of ,.tf.1eir.

Idea's ,.'!l~·4" ,.fp~culat~'l/.f." .p'ar~. of 1-rt; .. the Ivhi~h, w.e a.re we/~ Jatufied ... w~re tt put snto

pradice ~'t~e trite Spagil'~fks', th~~t Know the Laws of Ntit.ure, iooutd , ~y degreej~ ma1!iftft. great and wonelerfNI Tt:l!ths, to the ad_'Vllft~~-. ment' and honour of this z.aua.; . ~1I or./e.r.;wkerc-, unra do we labour With all ollr might to ffiew .

'he drift' and'in" of Q!!T good I.ntelltioHs, viz .. tp fl. ir 1IF. (be people too a f! arch of that, _ whjc~ being (J/;f4~ned" wou,d g~1Jc. them to inherit

Sp/;jlance.' . .. ..: - .

. Accept , therefore a/our gt?~4 IHcl;H~/;o~? in, that t-be greateff part of our deJig,H ss to' 4J-, 'Vance [orne fiefs towards' the Pltblick 6(104, which oug,bt Indeed to l;e hacked fJn fry foch ~ho ha'Ve rbe Staffin their hal1ds, and can atallY t ime ereii O}~ cauJe to he erefled a ptt/;lic,k place, usbere- proftta/;le Truths might he demOlJOrated. ant! regi.!ler'd in a Book, there to

. remain for the good of Poflerities to come :

By foc/; a Afet/;od. mig})t 1rt /;e fo advaHceJ OJ, daily to encre a]e ana raift [ome fPlendor to the Brirannifh Uland, wbicb being but OJ a little 'Garden, in cOYAparifbn of ~f)e Chriftian

. W'orlel,

• '-'

" j.


~ '.

~ t·' I'.



l~; 1

I, " r •



r ,


.i I'

l. I·


. to the REA DElL

World, yet might it fo /;ecome as a might~ Mountain in the midfl of the Nations,jhilling

. 2vith Beauty as i1'lount Hellicon , and then would her FameJj;readto all thejiarts ()f the Earth, and her Glory le founded in many NatiONS, that fo tbe wift in heart may come from

far, tofte the verity of her Fame, and forced to .fay, OJ the Queen of' Sheba:-Jjd:oJ~Sclcmoo, ft. That Ihe had not heard rhe ,one . half of what .fhe,:x~~imen[al1y ~"f~f. .:'"

. :. - .... ..., ~

.,1 ,:;, i!o~. :Vifh:'ih~ 'dejire' -of .iv~~l: is :h~r~ j~dll .' . doth, tnt 1 Spirit ti:.ava'il to' tlJe .Lord, th(it~ I , ma_r 'live' tofe« the ·fu!/illing hereof,' III /l!fO

in bodily travail to be at fervice.a/;/e as I can 10 tbe Sons of Men! In tbe' Refolu~;on 0/ Ivhich I flall conclucle this Introduction, and

fo fo/;ftribe my ftif a Friend to and .LO'Ver of all tb« 'In~luflrioUJ Improuers of Art, under what Denomination [oeuer,

wrirrenio s. PaHI.sShad"ntti, London; from the ACAdemia SpagiriCit Neua; where rhe (aid Art is by the Author taught in all irs Paret.

l~14 Y - w 0 R. T H, Geboortigh tot Shipham) &t Borg,~r van Hot terdam,




WHatever Literal Fal1)ts may pafs the Prefs , J'OU are defired either to Correa or put. a favourable CollftruClion on rhem,

_ )favMifnW8111 of lome nelD BODl(IIIlt~b pahlijhtl .nil fol,'hy Tho. Salusbury ~ at: #h~ Sign of ,hi T empl~ mar

tIM Inner. Temple-gate in Fleet-ftreet. .


J. A New Art of Making above io fortS of Wines.

Brandy and other Spirits, more plcafant and agreeable to the Bnglifh ConftitUtion than ibofe of France i compliant to the late Ad: 'of Parliament, and illuftrated by the DoCtrine of Fennentarion and Dittil- 1ation,by various Exalj,ples on the GrbtZltb and PrtNlu8s of t.ms IOand. B)' W. Y. Medicinal Profefftw. 12.'lI'es,Price bound J s, 6 a.

2.. A new Art of brewing Beer, Ale and orherfOns of Liquors, fo as to render them more healthful to the Body and agreeable to Nature, and to keep them longer from fouring with lefs trouble and charge Ehan generally praCtiCed. To which is added, the. Art of making Mault. The Third Edition. . By Tho. Tryrma 'Srudenr in Phyfick, in J ~'Ves. Price bound J I. .

3. Wifdams Dictares, or Rules Phyfical and Moral far preferving tbe Health of the Body, and the

. Peace of the Mind. Fit to be regarded and praaifed by all that would enjoy the Bleffing of this World. To wbich is added a Bill of Fare of 7 S noble DIOles of excellent Food,. without either Fifh or Flefb. Bj Tho. TTJon~ Student in Phyfick. ~ 2.'Ves_ Price bound J s.

4. P.Jthllgor~ Myftick Philofophy revived.or the My';' fiery of Dreams and Vifions unfolded,wherein theCaUfes, Natures and Ufe$ of NoChlmal Reprefentatiabs and the Communications both of good and evil An-· gels, and alfo departed Souls to Mankind are theofophically unfolded. By Tho Tryon, Student in Phy.6ck.

Price bound, I s: 6 J. .

s- Arithmetical Rules digefled and contrad-ed,made plain and eafie for the help and benefit of the Memory. Very nece{fary for all Gentlemen and Tradefinen, .9 for Youth and Apprentices in Mercbantile Mairs. By




I: r





; - ~

-, \



, A Cataiogue of Boois~ , , ,,' ,

Artbur Leidbel',er, School-mafter in lfury St. BdmOIit1s

,in Sziffoll<.; " 12.'Vcs. Price I .1.', .

6. A new and e~aCl: Defcription of Ireland~ chorographically furveying all its Prov~nces and Counties, iliewibg the exaCt State of that Kingdom, and ~ the pr-incipal.things that ar-e .nece£far-y to bf~ known, wl~h 5 Maps relaring rhereto.being very. necefiary for the righe urrderfranding the prefent AffaIrs of that Kingdom, Price r s. 6 d.

7. Flanders or the Spanifh Nether/and.: moll: accurately defcribed, fhewing their Ieveral Provin(~e.r,their Bounds, Dominions, Cities, 'Toums, &c. IQvers, R,jches, Stte~~tb, Traffick.., ~ligiofz, Langiiage,Archbijhop;-ick.!,Bifh_oprzclts, V"iviryitie's,&c.extraordinary neceflary for the fight underflanding of there Partssand the prefenr Wars and ~ncampments of the Confederate and French Armies. Price bound, I s, .

, 8. The Duke of Savo:ls Dominions moil: accurately de(cribed~with (orne ad jaeent parts; tpewing t~e exatt: . £lare of thofe Countries .. and all the principal things that are neceffary to be known.In a. IatgeBroadjide.Price ~d. 9. MonC Guroes Remarks upon the Dream of the late abdicated Q of England,and UP0It that of Madam the Dutchefs of la Va/iere,late Mifttefs (0 the Frencb K.

, being [he Paper the Publifher ",'as co~derrtned to be broken alive on the Wheel by the Parliamene of J{oar.!:

Done from the French Copy. Printed at Amjierdam, In R!_larto. Srirchr 6 d.

10. A Vindication of the Church of Scot/and frOID the A[perliOt~s and Calumnies of ~he ~l1cobiteJ and Grumbleronians. By Gilbcr» 1{_ule. PrIC'.e {b[~ht 6 ~.

I I. BYdJ!..'1docia,a Comedy, by a Perfor: oj QJ!a/~t"j.Pflce 6~. 12.. The Secret Hiltory of the French Kmg. Done out of FrC1Jcb. Price bound, I s,

l~. A Collection of [he famous 1'/lr. Ge~. 1f?it'l~ers wonderful Prophecies, relating to the Englifh N~tlon and Government, many of which not yet fulfitled ,

Price ftrirchr, 6 d.

ChymictU Rationalil s

OR., TlI E Fundamental Grounds" ·

, ,






C if A P. I.

Treat S EmlcerHing jeveral Rational aH,t! Fu~

·JamentaJ Rules in this Art'.' ,

IN this Chapter we Ihall begin to confider (,:, , the Cbymical and SpagiricalDoOri_nel. and

. lay' them down in't~ofe wflYs .. thae may, , ,feem moft agreeable. to the Laws of :Na-. ' ~~re; 'but before we:pro~ee~'to OU~ M~tt~r~ lntend~d" we think it convenleneeo Ihew.~~~'

Reader, what we mean' by the wor~'Cjf";"', " .~<:,'.

. B ',"~--':~''''~'''~~ , ~

. .. ",._. ,. . .. ,.... . ..,

. .;. ":',. : :~ - . " . ..... :.'

( 2, )

cal and Spag,iriclZl:. which fame define to be one' and the fame; but the Definition we give of them is thus :'

<, By the word [ChJ'n#ca!J thou ~ay'lt u!1- derftand, all fiich Operations as ar~ made-In order to divide the Texture.of Bodies, and to bring them into their' difiinct Elements or Principles, in fuch a manner that the t!ue Spagirick ~ay Ieparate the pure front theirnpure, which (if perform"d in ~h~ moil natural way) may contribute much In the haftening his Operation; but here he .mull: bc?' v~ry waEY:J for in this acrion the inv~fib~,e LIfe 15 o!tcn put to flight" as we have faid rn the Brtta.nnesn Magaz.ine:. chap. 2. where thou may It fee more at large.

By [Spngirical] thou may'It underftand all fuch Operations" as reunite rhofe ~efore men .. tioned Principles into a radical union; or that can reftore a new life into a c(J1if/ngrtrtea ,B()~ dy ~ according as we faid in the afore cited Chapter.

So that one part may be eflecmed of as for Preparation" the other for Exal caci.on and PerfecHon through the feveral Revclurions of .Arr, which cannot be perform"~.1 bl~t by v= help

J of Furnaces" and divers U'dlencles, which ~e {hall think convenient to nominate and lay down with a general Defcription of a Labo-

. ra_tory" according as we fhall erect in our ./leaJemia Spagirica n6va ~ by fuel; a Scale and Table of Proportions, as hathll;ot been ~lther~ . to ,practiCed by; firft we {ball fhew their J?ro-

. , jection,


, (3)

)eCl:ion, and then their office'; as to their Proje6tion 'cis by a Scale of equal parts" which is hung up in the Ch.1mical Laboratory" and reprefenred : in -the Table by the firft Figure.J which is here' defcribed, A B' C is the Qua. 'dranc, .and .A B the Line of Proportion, and F, the "Table containing the divers proportions for the heighrh, length arid -breadrh of the Furnaces, as. thou may'ft fee in the Figure.

, Now by the help of this Scale you may ereel thefe following Furriaces, ~i~ -. 1JalneumI~ Sand PNrnllces ~ Dim Fires ~ and ~e'Verberato-' ries" Wind Furnaces" Dige/fers:J Athanors" and the like. -

Now a Bal~etJn; is either a large Iron Dutch Pot" or Copper Pan ret in Brick" as win be Ihewn hereafter: Its ufes are m~ny ~ for being filled with Water, .and the Veifels you put in well twifted about with Hay" and ry'd to a leaden T'rifoot to fink them" you may there diflolve all kind of Gums" and the beft way to "reClijie fine Spirits from their Fl~gm" and to

bring over the friend!.! and bal_{amick T/jrtu~ of Concrets ji-ng;'ant, which in Sand would b.irn and get an evil Imell, efpecially if Myrrh" AIloes , Saffron or Honey be concerned in the Cornpofition ; Now 'cis to be obferv'd in. the ufe of thefe Balueums; that the Water exhaling is tobe fupplied with Water of an equal hear, pour'd through a long Funnel, rhar will reach to' the bottom ~ otherwife you endanger your Glafs,

c 4 )

No.w AJbes are a degree hotter than a B. and are for the Re£fification of t/'egetllble 8p;. rits.

. And SanJ is a degree hotter rhs.n .Afhes 3 and

is for the Rectification of Mineral Spirits, as Nt .. ter~ Vitriol) and [he like. Now obferve, chat in Sana you may heat your GlaCs very bot" and draw OJI of Amber, and -force over ponderous Spirits" it being little Ihorc of an. opelS Fire, and will ferve well to Sublime Mercury in : we fay then" that if Iron Pots of various fizes be fo placed)' that the Fire may play round them, they' are excellent for drawing Spirit of Hartjho1'_", Spirit of Salt, and A,ua Fortis, as well as Glauber"s Furnace , efpecially if you ufe good earthen Caps" double glazed within and without ~ and more efpeciaUy if you ufe Iron ones, for there is a 'great Error in this Care committed by the - common Opera- "Drs; for they ufe Caps made of Copper, and that doth not only give the Spirit an ill rangue, but alfo d~th caufe i.t to l.ore its clearnefs., and , after various Rectifications, to turn red:l which to prevent, you may ha.ve Iron Caps caH: very thin of various fizes to fit the Iron Pots, .w irh a Ring above to draw it up : for it i fuch a Cap you may draw any urinous Spirit as [weer as in any Glats, not only thefe~ but you may draw OJI of Amber in them in a moft excellent manner, therefore recommended [0 the ufe of all ArtiJfs. 'The Forrn and Manner of rhefe Sa1Jd FunJaces) Pots and Caps

are defcribcd in [he fecond ~jgnre·. .


( 5 ).

. ,


Ope~ Fires and Rerverberator;Iu, are for draw. ing ponderous Spirits, and fobliming Mi"eral FlowerJ~ and the large R_everberatories- for drawing OJ1 of Vitriol in quantity; the VeiTel.requifite to be ufed here is, a Glafs Retort coated, or German or Earthen one.

Wind Furnace ~ is for the Melting Df MetalJ~ M~k.ingof Regulus, Calcining of tVletalsandSa!ts~ and if 'tis made according. to our Directions in the Eigure, it' may well ferve for Cementa-

tions.) and Tefting and CuppeOing. .

Athanors and Digefter.r" are of various forrs, each to be regifl:red to varioas degrees'of heae, fome for DijI iI/a rion , others for DigeJlion and Circulation. AHo., if you are curious, you may have fuch an heat as is meet forhacching of Eggs or maturating Sperm or Seed;. which by the PhiJo[ophtrs was called the Clibanliical Heat: there are reaUy neceffary co make up a compleat Laboratory" with addition of thofe mentioned in the firft parr, ft. a Copper Still with its Refrigerory; and -an .Alerabick, the Office of which is there {hewn.

As we have given their Name and Office, we {hall now' come to fhew the Ure of the Scale of Proportion in. EreCting Furnaces.


If thou defign to build' a B. or Santi Far: .lIce, thou muft firft meafure by the Scale of equal parts, how many equal parts the faid B. or Pot isjand then look in the Table and fee for that Number in the Line .,1~ . and look un-

B; . der.

, .

C 6 ) .

.der in the Line B,and you there have the height 'of the Pot ~ and under, in the Line C, you have the Diftance of the Pot from the Grate, and under" in the Line D~ you have the Difiance from the Grate to rhe Foundationwork , and in the Line E" the bignefs of the Foundacion-work, and in the Line ~ the big. l1~rs of die Grate, room for the Fire to play in" and bignefS of the Flew ~ and in the Line G" the heighrh of the Furnace" thus' explained by Figure the Iecond, ,C is the POt or B. I4 equal parts Diameter", and I6 high,' then range tinder to the Line E" and there you'l lee the Foundation muf]; be laid 26 In:hes or equal parts", that is ~ 4 for the POt", 8'[Qr the Brickwork, and 4 for the Fire to play round the Pot; for you are to obferve, rha e the breadth of a Brick is thicknefs fufficient for any Furnace whether the wan be fqu:tre or round; Now rhe Foundation being Iaid, then look to the"Line D.) and you have the Diftance from the Four.dar ion to the Grate, which is J 0 equal parts, '~lna then you muff leave an Airhole iquare~ hC}.}fthe bigne!S of this: and twice rhebignefs of your A~r-hole n:.ufi always be the bignef of your Grate. Your Grate being laid, then look to the Line C and. you've the _DiUance of the P-qc:- from rhe C;rate:J ,'which

. is 9 Inches ;the{c being addedtogether with the heighth of the Pot, give the heighth of your Furnace" only adding an Inch for the Grate; Co here the AIh-hole being 1:0 Inches", arid one the Grate, and 9 from the Grate to

- the

. _ L _._ . _ _ . _ _



,( 7 )-

'the Pot, . which makes 20,' to which add I6.J the helghth of the Pot" 't~at .makesup 36" tbe heighrh of the Furnace, ,~_~~c~ is robe found in the Line G. Now your' Door to put the Fireinmuit .alwaysbe half-the. bignefs of the Grate, I: mean in',\fqu:~r~:~~nd~ regular Furnaces; ,N9W" what Diftance you' .allow 'your

, Fire to"play round the Pot" 'the Air-hole mull: be the fourth part thereof" as you may fee in

,the Table. - ,

,This Table is of great ~fe in projeccing ~ll 'kind of Furnaces, but we [hall only defcrlbe three; which are reprefeneed 'in Figure ;d~ 4thJ and filt. ThQ firft Is a Wind Furnace, tor

'performing all theaforefaid Operations attri .. bured thereunto, The fecond is both a WiiJll -Furnace' and Reverberatory; - and Ierverh fat re .. ping' and'Cupelling, I)igefting;, pijlilJing and Su/; .. liming -' and ~any- other. Operations. The third is a Philofophical Furnac_e or Q'l!en, whic~, if rightly made will Ierve forall the Intentions

~ ,/ in ChymiflrY;l which we 'will pardcularly defcribe-" beginning with Figure the fecondz A A, is the Foundation-work, 26 Inches/j B~ _ the Ath-hole;l 5" Inches ,; C, the Grate" :10 Inches; D~ the Door or Stopper" f; H" the the Balneum or Pot; E E~ the Fire-place that

-plays roundir j A F~ the heighth QftheFur -:

Dace; G" rhe Retort; I, the Mouth where he clofes in the Receiver; K; the Receiver ;: . LJ the 'T'rifoor the Receiver lies oil.1 as may~,

feen in the Figur-e.· ' -~_'

-,_' B 4 'Pi~'

.. ~ ..

._ .. 0- 0

, (8 ')

Figure the third deCcribed _ :: A. A., the 'Ground-work; B~ the AIb-hal(;", 6 Inches; G, the Grate" x 2 Inches; C c, the. - Door or Stopper" IO high and 8 broad ; ~'.p.~ a hole to look in ~ of 4 Jnches fguare; A E, the heighth of the Furnace, ;6.; E 1~ the heighth of the Flew; which obferve in all thefe Wind Furnaces" the higher they be the better

they draw. . .

Figure the Fourth defcribed: A A~ the Ground-work; B, a vacane Arch. to put under Coals or what you pleafe; E~ the Airhole; G, the Grate; D, the Door of the Fireplace ; F", the Hole .tJ'tat playsineo the Cllppeh

ling Furnace; M" the Hole to put: in·the.Telts; I~. a Hole to clean the Furnace ; K, the Flew [0 carry up the Smoak ; L" a large. ftone that 'covers the Furnace j P" a great Iron Bar on which the Retore lies; 10· the Retortj R, a l"ire-ftone~ or 14 inch Ti1~that Iies over it; S~ the Flew to.carry away the Smoak when the TeJling Furnace.doth not go; T, the Receiver; ~ the Trivet for the Receiver tel lye on, as in the Figure.

The Dimenfions and Defcriptions of the fifth Furnace : A A, is the Foot of the Furnace I5 equal' parts, and the heighth of the ~oot from A to B 12, equal parts; from B eo

,~let it be xz. 'equal parts" but let the Virge 'come inward for a Grate II to reft thereon; . ~t·~:there be a Door in the Foot from A to S " 6' Jnchesfquare to take out the illlies, and let I' d~~ l)Qd_y of the Furnace Ihut into the Virge~


.. .

-( 9-) -- .

as at B .B, and let it be from ehence i8 equal parts high, which is -frorn D ro H~ and the like Diameter, that is from I to H~ and let there be a Door in the Body of the Furnace from D to F 8 Inches [quare" to put in 'a confiderable Crucible: oppofire againft it let' there -be a Pipe of 6 Inches diameter, and 6 Iong, and to convey the Fire into another Furnace,

if there be occafian; and at other times let there be a Cover> as at R" to {hut it faft -; let ' the Body of the Furnace be of Copper, lined within wlch good Lute and thin Tiles", two Inches thick the better to defend it from the Fire; let there be within a CopperPan, to· take out upon occafion, and p~t in", the which may fervefor a B. .let there be in the. Brim a· Door of 4 parts or Inches" as at e. e. and l~t there be in the bottom" juft above the Grace,

a Pipe for the Nofe of a pair of Bellows to go in-;at; and let the Door in the Brim be to let down, to put out the Neck of a Retort upon occafion j let there be a tapering Tower from

- 1 H to P ~:3-6 parts high, and At' I H let it be ~8 Inche~f·d·iameter;, and to filut clofe upon the farue ; 'Iet it be to take off at L K, where let it be IQ parts· diamecer, and at T- U let it be 6 parrsdiarnerer.wlrh a Cover.as at P, and a Verg-fill~d with Sand", by which all the heat maybe kept in the fmall Pipe, as at .0. The Pipe 'of the Wind Furnace _, U POIl occafion ; . when you make of it a Teft or a CupeUing Furnace" "let it be 'to take off at X; the outfide Work~ as at T Z" muit be of Boards, li-


"., .

( 10 ) _

ned wieh ' Larrln, -with ·Doors in i_t-to·'put in· fmall Glaflesupon Ieveral final! heats: I do ~dvife .~. that .ehe Infide Pipe. of'.xhe : Wirid Furnace be made an of Ironj-and.rhe Head. of

.....__ the CuppeUing Furnace allo, as i#i~leenjn-the

Figure. . , .

'This Oven thus ordered, will perform al1 the Operations that are needful in ChJmijfr.l~ let it be of what Nature Ioever.ar Re-oerberarion, C~/cination~ Sublimation" Violent biftillation~ even to draw the Oyl of VItriol" and gtntlep!Jf iUati()ti in. $a"a aad B. Decoction and Dig~ftion,,!Ptl~rifaqion, and that by all the fi~veral; 'degrees

_~ of heat that are requifiee thereunto. : '_ i , : .'~

In this Oven you may alia jill': Gold and Sit;; rp,er~ .and al{o make the Regulrl4· of' Mars andVe,!IIS ; wit.h AnfimOtJj at. plea/ure; you - may alfo 7#fJ. and Cuppel with the greueft .eaie and ~~j1anefs imaginable; you olay alrer. the degreesof Fire from the vitrefyiog of the 7 Me~ls to .the hatching of Eggs.

J. This Furnace may be wrought wfrh Char- coal; Sea-coal" Turf, Duf'coal, and: Lamps of various forts, beyond all that e vai:fia ve been

done by any.· :~ . ". . "

_ This Furnace is to be partable in all places; and may be wrought in a Lt!Jl's .. ;ChiZm~er~ wichoue . offence, and by means of an addisional.Tin ·Box_, it will drive 10 or 12 Glaffes, as youpleafe to have it in bigr.efs ~ . andahar

f01" the true heat to fweat People in the Scur..'Uj'" G.o.fl.t and p()X,. beyond Banyons, Stoves, Baths and Sweatlng-houfes -of what kind Ioever; that

. i$ for one perfon or two. Ha ..







., I

I .

. ,


" -, (:I'X ')

Having thus erected yoorLabnratofj cernpleatly , which may eafiJy- be done byrhefe Examples: then win there following Mate. rials be wanted r firn Shovel" Tongs for the Fire and to move out Crucibles; Poker and Rake to clean the Grate; a Cone to caft ReglllilS in ; .Ingurs of various Iizesto caft. Metals In ; Copper or, Bell-metal Moulds for .making

. your Ten ; round Irons of various fizes to cut " your Glalles ; Glaffes of various forts" as Bo-

'dies" Heads ~ Cucurbits j Bole-heads 'or Egg, ,gla1T~~ Retorts, and Receivers of various fizes j' 'eart.b,ep.. 'and Iron Caps;' Coolers" with large 'Glo~es; Peftles . and, Mortars both of Iron

and 'Gl~fs", and many' more as- the experien.. ced Operator will fee wanting: and having

, t,hefe he may proceedro labour, and there will reprefent unto him rhele following clifii~Cl; 'Operations ~ which are called Degrees, of . W or~ing., ' . "

. I. F}r~,enfation:J is a mixing of kindly Mat~' , ter for- Mlllc,ip}ication,· or the kindly feafoaing

- or, leavening of a thing_, . ",

2. pijlil/ati()1JJ is an Extraction ofa .1.jQUOL'

from a Body by heat, , " ',. ,.. , '

;. Dige/fion" is a DifTolving of that which-is

thick into thin to be purified. I .

. 4· Circulation, is to Rectifie any thing to a higher Perfection. .

, . r· Stlblimafion;:l is the lifting up of molfb Matter to make it more pure and dry. .

, ; 6. Cglf_il1utio1J., is the bringing of any thing

.to Athes. '


._ -, '-~.


7- Fix-



( 1/2, )

7. Fi4Ctltio1J~ is to tnake that which is· flying

to abide with its body. .

To whlch may be added thefe following: . Dilfolution, which is to Diffolve that which is grofs.

. PutrifaBion~ is the mean to Generation j to which m~y be united Exaltt!Ztitm~ in that things ~e exalt~d to. an higher degree" by evaporatmg the. Impur~ humors" and congregating che

~re~~ .

" ReClijication, is a reiterated iDiftillation .. in

order to a higher degree of perfection ..

Coagulation" is a Congealing of Moifiure. Cohobatio~.) is a repeated Difiillation" by· which the Liquors diftilf'd offare 'poured upon" the Body or Feces.and ~iftill'd again, by whic~ many Iulphurous Bodies are ofeen made fa.·

Un~ .

Now there are the IZ various Degrees of Operation which really are neceffary to be known" as an Introduction to the Spagirick Art~ the Office of which will be Ihewn more at large in the fucceeding Chapters" therefore we {hall pars by it here, and come to treat of ,he Nature and Offif;e of Pinor Spirits in the next' Chapter.



"'~':!'--!.~ .

. . . ,-_

, ",


,CRAP .. II.

In which we flaB /irH treat of Pinor Spirits, and &heir O./lice in the Ext"raltio,. of TinEiures, and fome other Spagirici Preparations.

IN this Chapter we {ball treat concerning Vi-nay. Spirits,; which indeed are the ,motto

, principal of the two general Cla.ffeJ~ fc.Vino,.,and UrinoIH; for that the Vinor Spirits do re-. prefenc to us the Nature of the CaUidi4m in1JtJfum" or the enriched Sulphur manifefted in a Spiritual Form" as the Oils do in a more ~nderous one" becauCe by Fermentation the fpirituality is feparated from the faline" corporeal and aqueous parts, .which would be very hard to be performed,; was it not by the aCtion of Fermen~ation ; for which reafon we {hall . now proceed to defcribe the Nature and Office thereof. "

We therefore fay ~ that even common Fer- I mentation is a wonderful and myfierious Operation, for ripe Bodies are 'not only again made fpiritual., but Spirits alfo are by it fix'd and made corporeal, therefore we {hall want words fully to illutf:rate this Doarine" as" it might be handled both in irs natural and artificial Office; We {hall therefore define it rhus,

. ~ Thl#

- ... y-:" '.-~'.-' • _:- ...... ;..- ."

'1 "

( X4 )

, Th~t Fermlnta#on if the" 'Way to Pt'otiuEli01f:t .as is plainlymanifefi: by 'the Mecblinick DemasifI~ations the lear!led Cartes and his Difciples gIve thereof" which we fhall briefly touch at and pafs on to its Office" beginning firft with 't~e Artifi~ial" and fecondly touching ac- the

Natura]./,' .'.'

, The Artificil,ll Office of .Fermentatio,,-~ . is ,that' by which .Eodies are broken and dilated, in' order to feparate their Spiritual icy from their Corporeityi, and brought to a. Vinor Spirit: for all FrRjts~ Treacle, SugtZr and I-Ioney~ by theaddition of Herbs , Roots ~ ;Ba1ks and Spices", through Fermentation yield a noble Spirit", as is, faid in our Britannean Magazine of Liquors; to which I refer you for fatistaaion~ and (God

. willing) in the next lmprell10n this Do&rine' :lhall be there more largely rreared of.J' and

therefore omitted here. _

Now Natural Fermentation :.5 that which unites the Saline Mercurial juice with the Sulphur or Form of Bodies, fo as to produce or uphold the Radical Moifiure, which nourifhes ' and upholds concreted Beings ~ which afeerwards affum~s to itfelf by the ,A'rcheius of Na": cure thole divers forms _, that are fufficient to uphold the Texture of Beings, as we have faid in our general TriatiJe of Di[ea/eJ: wherefore ,Artificial Fermentation is a' Ieparation of Bo-

dies, and Natural is a Concretion and Forma:' don thereof: therefore 'cis faid by the Philofopbers, that Fcrmen~atio1J is the KfJ to Ge11eration; the manner how we have largely treated of



- •• ~ '~l -._



.~. -~~-:":-~~t::- ~ '0-- _. - ... ;~!~~~~~~

'. - < .:.:~

.·C '1:5' )

. ' ..

in DottrinCJ Prillcipium '; wefhall therefore paCS

off fr0!D' the .Natu~al~. and-come to fpeak of the Office of thofe SPIrits, that are produced

by the' Artificial. _ .' -' -, ~

Now a Spirit we define to be the mon effin~ t,al pllrt of. that Body, whenc~ extraCled" and being_ of, a (ulphurous" thin _and penetrating. Na: rure, hath virtue and power to act upon other Bodies", and attract 'toIefelf that' . part -"vhich is moft homogeneous' to it '" -which general-

. Jy _ is, rhe rulp~urou5 ~ -_ .whether Yinor " OleaginONS" or GU!!,11Jom", which are the Sulphurs in divers' forms j fomeeirues. the Tinctures are varioufly changed, and the fulphurous parts car ...

~ ry - with them variety of Colours", 'according

" " as. the internal Digeftion and Concoeeion of Nature is; E. G. Rofes give one , Cochenele anorher, :rurmerick;> or Saffron" another". and fo varrous 'Tinctures are' produced

as will be {hewn. . . ~

Bue by the- way, I think ·it convenient t~ fhew the Operator a certain and profitable way to prepare SpIrit of mne ~ fo as to bereave it of all it~ Flegm, and in a way that it may ~e h0!U0geneous !l~d the. more.pow, erful In Its a8:1on for obtatnlbg Tlnaares.




" '


""' "

-.' _

.~"t ,.--, '-Y'

. , '

. '-

( 'I6 .)

.. Spiritus···.fTi~i ·Lari'ar~ratUl.

_ I .' ~ ,


. .

- . III Of our arrlficia! Brandy:! Gallons; of . the heft Salt of Tartar fuiv; dried and brought to a Powder in a Crucible, .md before :tis quite cold throw it into a Scill, and pour.upon Ieehe Brandy" and in B •. At. diftil o.ffthe Spirie , until an infipid Water appears, and w.hen almoft cold remove and filter the Liquor in the Still through a brown Paper, and gently evaporate the: ~legm, .and warm ·.the Salt again" and put t~e'fai~ Spir.ie-upon it:. and rectifie a fecond time, and 10 'r'will be purely freed .from its Elegrn, which carefully .pre:ferve,asalfo the Sale.belngdried.borh of which being very profitable. for many Ch.Jmical and SpagiricalOperations, fome of rhe which we fliall now come co lay down. Firft, Of Tin-

. aures 'in general; Which is only .any Vege. table or Mineral, that is well open'd, and put into a, Glafs" and pour three times its weight of the aforefaid Spirit of Wjn(~ thereon, and put on a blind' Head" and fee in gentle Dige. ftion until the Spiric is rich wirh the Tincture .. the which pour off and put 011 more, as before; arid when highly tinged" cant it off to the former; thus do as ofc as ehe Spirit of Witte will be tinged" and when it remains white 'twill extra~ no more: 'T'his method- does . well for fuch things wherein there is a fragrancYa:or .tbe light 'Tincture defird] but-for Bodies'c6mpact and virulent proceed thus:

, i.~,':;'~;~~;,'l"·:}·' .";- '-"~J--"'-""~"_" ,','i' ,~_. C,i,"··:-'·',"'.''''- ¥,-.·;.i<" ,,'-, .. ~ , ...• ' .• '. "-"'ill

. i:<~;':l'i'~;: .. ,.:., .' "- .. ' , ' ... ' . .' " ~ .,: .. ': ,.:~.~

- .: .. ': . ( '.7' ) ';1

. ,< 'Of' H~PebO~e. elehen ~biie or black, ii:. vi){.~,:

Ij_t'eri~~j . G'!tiag~~bug.~ 011" ~ny ot,~er .~f~the 1'. 3 ~",,~

.. meft Q~urb{h !V.egetables~ and pound them,v~ :'~' j;~

.:: .~-fi~e,r·.#.1~ be~Il~ ~fte4:;.· mix. ei~he~ -of them· . .

. <~~th,ItS-~bat.wetgli~_ Qf.~t;heafo·refald Saltof

. c.: ., 'T.a~t~r,,·. pOuti4~ ~mI~.ma¢~ate cherri·wQJ1· in an:


_ :. goo.~·-W~~in~~"tyingthe:~l#fes Mouehes "~t1~!cl~fe Jwitlj\a._-.Q~er .. ~nd;"a.s.raft.as jr drys ' '-"ipi~f:ra~}y~:~9ift~ning 'fjtl:i·W~t&.wine,. as,

. JJ.c;for~~~ .. tpk~p' It of ~he,cQnfiflency of-Dough .. -;'<clo!e-comprers2d~ ·arid.in:,6~· Weeks.t-ime they

(_ wUl be fa macerated ai1.f~ qv~('cprve,-,as to lolC

-) .... , tqeir vomitive -and' p~rgativ.e.qualitY~. without

ihe' lbfsl?f..~ithec.:t~e.i'·cotour,j ,fmel1; 'Or fpeci-

" fifk virtue~being. by this Operation exa\t~d;' fo W~t dow they are ,only Dlureeick an_d Diapho- ~ recick, and therefore may be raken.in a .ereble ,Dote, and' \vil~ '~riel~' thyii"".. pure . ~~Cttiresitt

the aforefsid Spirit:()f.~~e"w.hen¥)~ou may '~\':

- conclude, rhae ehevomidve aadJaxa.Ctve, v : goa- +..:

liey of. chefimple is nor ~he ~adicet1· and ~fpe:: .:

cifick Virtues rhereof e Tnefo Tintl;ures' are. . __

much enobled and graduated, . when . pre'pared L>'~ ~_'_.~ wieh the Samech of Tarear, and brought,to a 1,J tJ .~-, criftaline Salc~ as fItal1,in, ~117···.Spa,gifkk PhiloftlJ 'l>--l£fc.-of.

- TriMmp' be_~e~I1" lro-'AdiL.. .c"~ tf\;' ... '~ ... " ._ C .. -i r« '. '!f1 .. t. _fl .. , -z. .: >'.'. " ..•.. 7:~ fllv.6b~-_vdl~-;" "-.3 -'. ~~'~'-L._~ .<~"

- ~.~- ~-fI ~;- 7"'lf~ •... '

> cw~~ - .:'Jf;i; . . , ~ .. '" ~\~J

"~ t'~

jj'" .:

.... :

~"~ ":\,_~~~,~

.-" ~

_ - .-, ~

.. ,

, "

. - "_" ~


I .~:"~

, OJ



- .. " ~', Js;.:w!~~ 4-;'~

, .

• "\.I..'

.' ( ·:rS )

; ....

To'!;xtra[l the Li~aures, GI}_t.1sor.iio/i;i·: .~.'. ·frpm WOodS and Root's>·.::;_· _. . :~ .". :

. .

. ,


.. _

- ~ Of, ~JaUap;'; or::.,Scatn~Qny~· ··oii ·Brioriy~ .. }::

GuaJac'~m~ or any od~er:.that ~s. gimmous .... and >t being reduced,to'Powdet:::" take Q;_~Y.,co:v~'::·: them three fingers breadths over ,viditR'eaforci~ . : faid Spirit of Wine" and ·twill ei:traa: a blood red T~ncturej . decant and repeaeed! you' have extracted, all.the--··Tintture,,··p~t~n 'tile :1?in- .

,&lures rogether j' and by Diftillation·caU-6i'f·:·

. two thirds of ehe Spirit'~· and rhenwirh fai~ - W at~r precipitate . your Gum 0 r R"ijfin,,' and ' walliit well, and in a gentle heat dry it, 'and bring it to a confiiterice, and: keep it for ilfe; ,

_ iffroi'Jl Rofin or Jaltap .. · Ie) or 1:; s- is-a gentk

·~urge. .: _~

. ~

- .

. '

The Way ro make Ext.'-t!lE1s. _

Which is inca manner. all .. one '\vith Tinftures and Rofins ; for if thou wilt malee anv E~tracft" either fimple or- cornpoundjwhar tholl defire to' take mutt be puc into a Glafs; and tirft of all~take?oli the T~nCtutes of it· out" and by diftillation-;'n B.- abftracr the l..iquors from

~tlt till tbatin the Glafs be of the contiftence of Honey" which may be diffolv'd in {OtTIC pro. r' per Vehi~lc .. or e~ made up Inro Pills.


" ,

. i .

. - .~'

\ -



C I9_J



Anotber .•


,'1 . _-. . "J

_ Rl_ '-OKthe beft Alloes fuccoerin. ~vj. dHfolva _C;

- _ Jt in. the Juice of Elder - berries; filter all. :;

_tht.ougff a piece of Holland, and draw all off·.j .in B. to the confiftence of an Extract, or eire . ~ ·-Iet the moifture exhale in the Sun. And thUS']

you may make the Extract of Juniper- berries . ~

.' .or .orhers -' either _ with or without addition j 'j

'~ut . as fer _ the ahove- mentioned ExtraCt of __ ~

-' <*~J~ler; make it into Pills wit.h the Powder of ~

. 'Saffron ~. Myri·h and Cinnamon ~ arid you'I .,J.;

.. pave a good Pil'l, which hath thefe following _~

"i,Virtues .,powe·r{i-tJ- in- tbeScurvj~. J)ropfie~ Gou~~ _ :1

... '"na.Stone. Its Dare is a Scruple" or Scr~:ele and .-1

__ half" Mornir;l~s fatting, ~ 7~ j>/~,r-,~;1j_' ?7 ~1J_2.>"1. _

. ..

LO rl'1ak~~he Balfamic'k 'rinElt,re of Elcler~"

, Berries .


& Or the JuiceorElde~berries, and fet it·.~

in a gentle heat for three Weeks" till it comes : "~

a little acid, like Vinegar" then filter it through ..... !:~

. a Holland Cloth~_ pr~ffing out all that will go _.~

through" then put it Inro your Body, arid clra w .j

off a fourth p~rt Flegm, and rberr add co. the ;~

rernairrder a fourth part of clarified 'Treacle, ":~

and then digeft arid circulate Co long until it ::1

comesof a confiftcnce of a blood-red Balf.':m ,;.

or T'incture, which may be in S or io Weeks, .. .'._ :.~ the which" ir, an eX,cefJ"'~,llo.pl',tick Cordial, 110"»-' '" ZJ

t: tke~.talu~g d lick .. f,r: ~~~-,f ~'~-'111'? '~~",' . '.~

/.-7'~~ ",:X_Wr-rfoJpe-.;#;-R_ • "~1

.G( /,.,. ".,:_;e C;' :m ~!fi'- :)

""r:"~ '.~ . \.
. \.
.!( 20 ) .- ...


To make a1!y of the Spirirs tif the',jir:fl,_: :' Book, .Golde» or Purging. -, -~"., ., ._ .. ' ,~.

Example o'n the Spirit of Sc~rvy'.graG .. ~ or Guttngambuga 3fS~ J~nQP ~j, of Jh_e ,'.' Spirie of Scurvy-grafs ThJ, put i ~ .into a Bolt~ :', .head, and fet it in a. gentle heae, arid .Iee -it, ; remain there till it hath drawn forth:"all iis .:

Tina:ures~ then cant off .the clear' for u(8;'·.:

t;~e adds to this Competition oLSC3~1}1l~ ;

;- .

;,. ."; .

. Ano~ber w~ rhi~: .' :.;,': '0 .: .•

• • ". > - ••

Be Of JalloP3j ~ Coloquint~ 3j :I Scamony ",' ij, Gutt,!gambu_~a 3fs, or Saffron 3ij~ _Spirit of , . Scurvy-gr~fs 11;J)., Saleof Tartar 3"fs .. and ope- .

rat~ as before direcced, . '. '. . <

, .

Thus much forTi;,a .. sres: '.'

. .'


., .. !Ii_



C H.A P.

. .



10 f .

. .




'T: , • -

C H A~. IIr.

_ Of E1fr_lItial and ChY,mical. Ojls.

. l' N thjs Chapter we thall tre~t cortcern. ing ~he \. Sulphurs _ of Concrecs , [c. the Oy Is which , are centrally one' with the Spir its , but in a

. more ponderous form, becaufe the parts are not broke by Fermen..tation.;J as' they are in Vi-' nor Spirits." There is generally one Rule for making of E.f/i:nFial 0.lls;, ;viz. !\.1:aceration and Diftillation; Ex~_gr.

. ..

· • Be U:orm'Wl)ofl~ or any other dry Herb" pull . off all the flalks, and put it into a large Tub, and pour upon it ,wann Water" enough to

· moiften Ir, and two or three handfuls of de-

· crepirared Bay-Salt, let it fiand twenty four hours, and dil1n. it with a. Refrigeratory ; fe· parate the Oyl with a feparating Gla{5" S. A.

Now obferve, thaffome Herbs ",ufi: not be overdry , as'Origantlm, and if itsOyl is difrilled in the cofdeft day of the Winter .. when' ·.all the Powers of Nature are congealed with cold" and that the Sl ill be fee 'where the cold may' have power up~n it, fo as to keep ebe Worm and Water exceeding CG\ldJ your.Oyl:» :filal~ be congealed into a criftalin.e S~lt,,-which" I pnze more than the Oyls .

. C ; After"




:I '.f-


.... ~ . ,

. ' ,',

c'~~ ) After the manner afor ernention'd you mCJY

difril the Oyls of all Herbs and Berries." ~

But obferve , rhill: Glauber objeas agai oft this way" raying that abundance' of it ~s loll in rhe Water and V eflels, by reafon of their largenefs. '


Glauber' .f Way of Diflilling f"egeta/;le Oyl$, . 1vhe,:cby a greater ljuanti~y '15, aC'luir_ec(, than by rhe common Way, lry.t! Vetlica. "

Fill a Gourd with Cinnarnon or any other Wood or Seed, upon which pour fa. much Spirit of Salt, as will be fl!ffici_CllC to cbv~r the Wood , then place rt with, 1t~i Alernbick 19 ' - Sand" and give it Fire by degrees" rhar .ehe Spirit of 'Salt may boil_, and ~L the OY.1.will . difiil' off with a litrle Flegm :, tor the Spiric of Salt doth .wirh its acrimony penetrate the Wood , and freerh the Oy 1, th lot it may difi:il off better and cafier : and by chis v:,.ray the OJl

is not loft by the addition of rhar great q~antiey of Water" in thofe gfeac an~llarg~ Ve!fel?.1 but is drawn in leffer Glals Ve.Iels with addition of a little rnoilture, Diltillation being finifhed, the Spirit is poured off by Inclinacion from the Wood, being again ufeful for [he' Gtne work. And if it hath corrtracbed any in1.pll~ity from the "I ood~ i.t .may be rea}fie~ i

-s- but the refidue of the cprrrr, that remains In ',' the Wood ; you may recover" iF that Wood

becall in the aforefaid Furnace upcn burning Coals,



~:'~-:- ,;-...-~--~~-~,;~l'~ ;': - .. -~_-. ~. .: r • •• ~-.;!._,.-~- -_~ _ ... - __ .~,-- _ ._~,-:- _'~' _~~:--~ ':~~.~ ..

. I :r_>' / ...~\ ~, "( 2..l )' _

:, CoAls., by, ~hich means it may: come forth a· .

: gainl?1:1t~ and _cI~a~;. aQ~ by thlSJ11~a~S w~lo~ .: none of' the Splr~t ofSalr.- ,And. afcer this ",way~' 15y' help of the Spirit of ~alt~ are dra'-_Vn ! forth OJ Is of dearer Vegetables" together ~lth

..: c_J~eir Fruit" which cannot be done ~y. a Still,

'--~mal:r: The oyl of- Orange and Lemmon

.~, Peels., , '

: Be 'Oranges or Lemmons; ar;~, feparatet~e . Pulp' from the Peel, and while ~t1S frefh, cut It into bits" and . put rhern .into a Retort or low Body';. a~d £prink.Ie _it' ~~th:t~e '~~l of Tar~ar per Jel'ilJuzNm. Dd!!1 It Ill:~ . boiling Bath by degrees" and you Will ha~e;qyl et\ough .•

.. Andthus you may dlfhl .Oyl from Clnna- " man" '~or any other Spices of a fragrant na-::

ture. ~

.• .,.,

Dr. Hill's Ivay of Preparing' Oyls from Herhs.

. & Any Herb_, and pour upon it any [rna!1 Beer· Wore · fee it in a very gentle heat, until the finell begin to change a li~t1e towards fOur" then difiil it in a Copper Still, and you fhall have Oyl enough.

r"·'*"'·····~- :

... ~.

( ~4- ) ·ro malre Oyl of Gums; fir.fJ of C aflo_r- !

>, t!;~ Deft way. . .' .. ..

&: r:;aftorium~ (or any other (~um~ '·asMa.ffick, Myrrh" &c.) cut it all intt)'fmall pieces, and pour up.on them, _yery well reaified., Spiric of 'Turpenrine ] let. It nand Ieveral days iq-' B. to extr~~ '" afcerwards'.diftil off .or evapor~te the Splric of 'Turpentine, and there will remain an Oyl excellently fragrant at the bot-

tom. ' .


. ,

The Oyl. of Mafliclr 4Hd- Frali'kiB~enft, aecordil'g to Glauber .. -

. - .

. R: Of Frankinccnfe or Mafii(:k", powdered' fin all" as much as will ferve to fill the third part of a Rerorr, (which muft be coated) ripon which ~our a fufficient quaneity of Spirit of Salt, raking heed that the Rerorc be not filled too full, or elfe the Spirir, when it boils" flows .over it·; then place it in Sand", and give fire. by degrees, and there will firfi come out [orne Flegm_, afrer which a. clear trai-tfparent Oyl, together with the Spirit of Salt .. which mull:

. be kept by it felf, afcer this a c errain yellow , Oy}" which rnuft be received l:Y.,::ic Ielf, and laLt of all" there follows a red Oyl, which al .. tho' i.t is not robe call: away", yet it is very . unlike to the firft., ferving for out'"Jvard ufes, and . 'to ~e mixed with Oyntments an,1 Empl(liftcrs~ . to!' It -doth wontlerfuUy conJolidate ~ ana th81efOre

. goo"

..;. ~ .~~-.~.-~. '-'--;..... .~., .... -- •• ,.- l' .• _,,_','-

('ii'" , ... :, ·'1

g40tl i'l'~ 7in~ ~ oill. mu~~s. . 'The lirft being . "well rCGtlfi'd, 15 to It5 fabttl~y . and penetrating I (actilty O?t unlike t~ SJ?iri~. ~rWine.. and may ptofitably. be ufed lQw.ardlyan~ ourwardly;

. 'V~~.- in cold EfftBs~ bllt .eJPeciizllyin ·the ft1fnefl of the 1Yl!rv~s, 0 ca'!.(eJ by cOld .. ' !:lum.or$,~pon. ·w.'!s~c~~

, fo0fjwS a ContraC!toH; bZ!: tben . .Y~~.mufl.fo-fl_·. ~u.b the Memher contracted WIth a Lznne.n· Cloth__,' that it m.ay be' 'Well war~eJ.,. '~nto wh,ch. then the. O,l ·muft. be chllfed ·with a ~arm hanJ. For it doth ~o wonderful things in fuch like effed:sof 'the Nerves j ~s you ~l~y fee more.at IargeInP, I~,.'

P·5· '


- ~ ... ..:

~. -..".,

~ ole



'~':.' ~

.- o·

'. ·.l

.. ,.;~


. :;.\

'- ... '

, . . -~

- ~ ..

, 7'0 ~9ke the Oyl of Benjamin, accor4iiig ta.

• Robert Boyle, Ejf; .

~ Benjamin, (the beft is that 'which is .rt6ff .

" . yellow, fat, unCluous and ponderous" , and nc)t . that which is white,. ·the· white' not being Co' fuU of .the- true Gum~ 'nor .yielding fo much. 'Tincture) and diflolve ~'t in the pure retherial Spirit .. of Wine; filter it exactly, and put it int~ a tall Retort; firft'draw your- Spid~ .Qf .WIne very genrly, then the Elowers will Iublime ~ . which you jnuft wipe. ·out of' the Neck of the Retort with a long Feather .. ::!fter wards ~ with a fironger Fire ~ .. there 'Will come over an Oyl.l which will finell of Em ..

. ,


pyream •

c~ r I

" ..



. --7 -

, ;


. -' ..

. ~~ make th~ OJl qf T~rp~lIt;.ilte •..

'. '

,Be Of cOlnmo~Turpentine,' and.rye it-'-'u-p:'

:e!ofe In a B.J.g~ and put yourBa g Into a larg~, . stiD" and fill.it with:Waccr., .an:l difrll.wieh a-:: verjr ftro~g F~~~;:till ~ no r_n()rc( )y:i" w-ill corrre _, and after the ddbllatlon 1S -over, feparate "the · Oyl~ and l",?,Ct:ifie .)~' .for ufe, 'Obferve, that - yq,ur 'Turpenrine being put in a Bag keeps the

CDlophonill from burning- co the 5·tiU. - ,

. Then take oftheprepared Oyl_,and 'of the beft e'yp"ifrTur~ntU1e" and pu ~ them into a _ Retort" and digefttwo or three days in B. and t~en diGit in a boilingBath, a(.td~you~l have a. Spirit corue ~ver" and an Oylefleneificaeed, . mi1~ of. taRe 'and pure; the which feparate I

aD.~ reaifie forufe, . "

;ANother' way.

·&Of the beft Venice' 'Turoenrlne and lf4alaga Sack, IIna; digeft in B. f~ven days" and afcerwards difiil with a ftrong heat of the B. and

,- when diftilled Ieparate the Oyl for ufe: Then. take of this .Oyl,and frefh Maillga Sack_, ana" ;tndto every toj of Oyl add ~;j of Angelica' Roqts; circulate 'it .feven days: Diftil it as bef()re~ and you will .have a curious fragrant

o 1- \". "

.~ y •

','-. i _"

. ,_ •.. '"

• ~ •• '. r "


The (;h_p!l~cal ·waY !(im~~e OY~ of -r.HrpfJ~

. pent-_z1J.c.Jo £thcrZ41, .f!f to ,,!"~!ewit'h Sp;'~· "

'~ .: ,Tit of Wi1!c.. ..

.' ~~ ~.·C~lcjne,!' Sal~'pf 'Tartar, 'P!' dfjcrepitatet!

. Bay .. Sale, Iec ~t llot: touch the Air; Qut ,whil~ft . , yet hat put· it .into an :high CiJcurbit~or un- ' cur :Bod¥~ and p~9r upon _it~m~on Oyl<>f-

. Turpeudne, the ~rea~~1J off,!urfingers; Ihake t~~m well eogetherj. ~d "Ylth_a'very" gent1~ fIre drf.-w oil; and tl:te.r,~·- wd~-beanOyl~ an<;l ?- volatile Si!lt~ ~~.~~ th~ pyl~·a¢pour it u~q .new ,~~lt:. "~ifid'~s ~~o!e" fl,Qd r~~at this 0: per~tt<?~ tIll. It will un~e'~lt~ ~Plflt qfWine .. ~hlch maybe tryed every,:p~ibllatio~. .

_, ,

ro maKe'Qleum 'Pini;"'or Oyl,ojPille.

~ . ~ ... . ~. -'

~ The Gu~ of rhePlne In a. Recore, with , a Iittle Salr, and there win by degrees come

~ ~ver an Oyland Spirit ~ which red:ifie and

Ieparare for ufe. .

, .. ",":",.,

Oleum,:'!legell~ratu~. _ .

s-r: Q .~~i.thHt, ..

~tS Preparation ~ Iliewn . inpllg. 22. of the B1·ztan~etln. Maga%,ine; bur, ho_wever" I~·lhall here gl ve It more large. . .' '.


& Of pure Salt of Tartar criftalized from:1G the 9Y1 per Deliquium., and poiiriipon itotthe blghelt re~itied Spirit of V~egar., until"





~', _.,_.--;

. '



" ~ t' (e. :

f . ;: 6




.... -~

. .

."1""."t:,,~_. ,_.- - ~.~ ~ ....

- _ _., •• __ .. :':0 ._-i>~:~ ...... ·. r .-M·· .,~

~'ro'::"~'J-;.-" ~.~'~-''':, :-:'=..;.-, _::', ','" 'r,


cisfied, digeft z4·houcs_, and then (!r~":, oft' th~

,t, FJegm_, . and again 'pout" on f~efit·. ::,ptru: of v 1- ,J

~'1(J llegar; djg~ft and dn!"v off a; bffor~:, repeat"- '-.

iog this 7 rlrnes, untIl the Vinegar 7o.m~ off cipped; or. ~s fiaarp ~5 wl?~n y;>u :?qt It .1n ; fo haveyou a. Ba~~ap11cl< Salt, rn which .1S con- . taincda Tarttfrum reg~n,er~tfJm _, for.th~t th.e Vinor .Naeures are cl.)nc~ntrated:: Now if this

is mixed up ~i~h a third p;lr~ ?f~ Bole or Poe-

ters Earth calcined and 'diftill d by degrees .

of Fire 'rhere w'illc6nie off a noble 'Sp,iric and Oyl; ~'hi~h Oyl_, beirig (ep.arate;,d~ may be fed:ificd through .Spir ir of Vi~~riol!· .In the lame manner we have directe~ concern.lng thC?fe of

the Spirit of Salt; N~"r ehe alchaltzed Sale rcmalnlng i':l th~ Cap,~ mo!'t. ~a~.b:;; taken?ut... • with warm Water 'and preferv d f~r.. the Iike

_ ufe· ~;#~tf IjJ.~~~.f~(f ~.~ I- .. {.q.&' ~jpJu/'iA~.. Ptrtuc~.

The Virtltes rf this Oyl are many., vi~ .. for FitJ~ Objl-t-uBicn.l, AgUfS:, .. Fea-oers , a'ltd. ;,:he lIke; ..the Do]e u from three to ten Drops 111 Suga1'; t:lJ?d drank in a glajl of U/ine. The mt!ny more Vtrtues tl7ul Uje» ,~f thi.1 S~lt will b(: more l~''f;e!.)'.

fbe'w1Z i11 tbat Ch~pter; ~hat treats of tbe UnIon of Acids and Alcalles," "

'Oleum' Succinii : Or, The Oy1. and V olatile Salt of Amber.

rf' , ,J~ or the, . beff whire .. Amber, (f?~ ~he r.et- .

Iow is l~t fo goodj and the black IS 1.,?-(en~~

, c

• ;-- . .1-....- 4

~ ,..".. . •. ': *.


. ~ C ~9:) .'.

. to this) and mix it with <:lc:"n. ~'and" being in courfe P6wder"and put rcmtoa large coated Retort and diftil if by. degrees of fire, as

. long a~ 'any thing wi~l ~ofl1~ ?ver.· _~bferv~i _'; fome ufe a little Water In therr drawlngof It_, .

", ·"~OT. rather a little of the Spirit of the Pine.'

. Now when rheOperarion' is ended, remove youi Recelver , and ther~ you'I find - 31;1 ·~.rl.s .and an .acid ~T arer; . and In the Oy 1 a volatile ,'. Salt, which' muft be precipirared f.rom thence" "and purifi'd by Sublimation, ·the Oyl being ",'reCtified with $pirit of Salr, 'or from the C~p. . mort. of Vitriol~ ·becomes very -fubtil ; and yet . more if once rectified. from A. R~ or Sale of

. Tf.rtar.. ' . .... . ._

" :. Its Firtues are mlm.1, /JIlt feeing we do zntella to [peak t~7gely of them in that Chapter thQt treats of OJII lind POllJeTJ~ 7JJe JhaO omit them bere: .

. ......

t:. I

oy: of Soot an:' Ston_e-Coal..

. & Soot of the Chimney ~ , (wherein nothing but Wood is burned, and that .which is fattett and grearefi .lum ps is. belt) and put it lnCO a coated Recore , and difiiI 'by fireof degrees" and rhere wil! come over' a l1iarp" volatile Sal" .. and hot Oyl; this Salt hath. adherence to 0- . rhers of the Uri1Jo;/SCI.:fffis~ and haeh the 4me Virtues. Tbe 0rl, w_#hollt tm.J rc{iificatio7l, may be exftrna/Jy u[ed rtJcry fucccfJ{ztUy for aft loath/om

. Scabs and foald, Heads ~ -but if reCfiji'd, as before.~ . tlireEfea:l it may fofilJ 'he tlfed inwardly, 7J)hicb U1}O~ prefcribed by the Do.tlD_rs.for Hyjl€ficIIIFJr.r •.

. . . . .&

I •

·····,·'···'1··· .. · .

. ',' ~:.=~ .

• • ...... "i;_ .....

. "

-, -_-_

~. :1:;~

• 1""';.

_; oij

-= J1-

.1 - .• o:-r

I :i

- ~' ... "

.. ,.. ..

. "

~ ~ .

. .

\. *;

.~ ... ~


. '~

~ : ··~i

- ~~


- ....... :;-j


"._,', :.~

~ .. ~~

'" .~.~


j ._-;::



. --~



~;~;-:: _ ;~'. -," -._ .... __ , .. -: : L;'>-'~: ':"':""':''-,~)'"''::''':: .... : ~. _ \'~' , "'" ".' __ f~' ,':.:"';-:'-:'~;i-: ':»: ~i _ ': ~. ','}.: ':; ??':, d':T"'::d :.: .. ,~?~;,'1-'~':::~~.~;;,~'~?'~{~~~

r:,'" &'T~e greatL~;jp~2ai,(ciWd'$~otc~ J~ , Iron ., with'~ cS!~r»-E~rthen or'rathei- "~J

; Coal" I or Stone""~al ~ _ which fj'oql the Riv~~,,:;~': Iron Cap" and.lute ~it" anddifiil withthetifo - - .; .1.

:, . .;: - of Thames is generally fold byweighe) _and..,ftl~ ,:>~ t of degrees rill rio lJ)ore w~l1·aft:~nd.Jan~there : .~}_~

:; , a coated .Rerore halffuU eherewieh, and diftil:_~:; will 'come, over an Oyl-'a.nda Spir~c: ~ndVolar' "'.'-'j

it by fire of degrees; . a;~~ the~e v,ill come f~om--_':-:;_t~le Salt ~ in v~r'oQ5fig'ur~ .abour the GI~rs" the 'r

thence a 'black Oy1; the- which tep~rate' from <:. w,liiclf.~hQU ~aY.'ft reCtifie andpuritiej aceord- i:~

_ the acid Water tha~ - carne over the helm with .. -:~ . ,:jtJg- -ro ~ rhe Rules': already laid down: the Office it, and redifie it by Spirit,ofSalt~ .andf~,there ',' - 'of-~he':'Sa~,'ahd, Spidtlhall be" Jhe~n in the will' firft of all conle'the clear and pure Oyl, . "/Chaprerthat treats of. the: Urinous Spirits. The

then" a yellow Oyl, not ro :fwee't: ~s,~he for~eri" I \ ~way of making"i:hefe dyls ,~e.ihg nghtly under- . ,~'

and the t~ick ~n~ bla~~ Oyl t:(!~a1n~ ~~h,.~~~ ., . j 1tooil- will ~:ntr~du'ce 'the 'Im~k!'~g: any p~~e~~: .

and ferrves t__fl be mIxed wIth !J.mt:ll!i.fers ; :for 1'14 ~ ':, ~nd as to the ~ner~l Oyts theX ~all be' t're~~- r

wonderful healer-~· by-r!_afon- of. __ ; -' .. !t l~nate. ~.a ... c~lt!l: ::,; I edofin t!~e re~pe~i¥e C~;pt¢t that appert~it:is ~

bow the yellow Oyl may be~~Yf,t farther .;_once:~' to the Mlnetal W ork-" and therefore we def1ft . ~j

:-' ' more reCl:ifi'd by the'Spirit of Sa It,7' that, it~ay ;', froin them here. - , ' .J

~ become pure,white and fair:" ~1!:1J"aJ' be ~:JC~lteJ]Q~ / 10 • But 'by the way", we think-it needful. to teU tfi-I.,..,.-.:;

: .. .: 46' to be a mon e~cellenf p'enetrat!!!'r.a.M~rlz£lne botb the Reader, that Oris mutt be bereav'd of their - - t .-,

ri.} (r~ mW8rdty - and outward!!", ~".J is "e~,ual i",_, Virtue to' _ floating earth and external aquaciry ~ if ever you ,~

f..- .J the 0,1 of Petrfl!Q!up1 : 'It -15 ~on~l~rf~I~-to. confi- defign . they fhould~ct ,t!J their higheft degree. '

J "-,.. der what an- ex7elle!lt ~alfam Iies h1(~ In [he 'offubt~lt):. ~<'iJ;;-t;/j ~t~~~iA ~ .~~ co~v.

l,;,J.· t4 Earth as an Unlver1al Sulphur" and as Gla!!ber ~- ,t, ~;r:f /-{CCtt·, ur5~"ht; C'"t1Jf.~Vp.5'b. ,~~

~~. lays, there is contained in~ea.(~~l a.preclous-To 11'!ake a JubtilSpirit ·uftful in dijfolvi1'!g

'.' Sulphur, no whir l?fertor~ as ~(.tt~ Vtrtues_, to . - . Am6er. ' '.~

" any of the moftpreC1ousOylsorEalfam:;brought . . '.

us out of the_ln'Jies., __ - Be ... Of Ve1iice 'Turpentine, what quanrieyvou .

pl~~!:> and draw the OyJ and the Spirit" which , rectifie apar~.) and ler rhembeuniredwithehe If'

heat. of Calx vlve, and .by diftiflation brought

to a very grea~ fubtiJty; then take of that and

the, e~herial Sp~ric of Wjlle equal parts, draw

and circulare, .tdl fully united, and preferve for

the ;lfe aforefaid. And thus we Ihall conclude

this Chapter of OJIs.. 'i'<


.}> Oylof Hart'Jh~rll or an_t other of rbe urinoUs. ;

'C', CJaJles.·

He Hardhorn, Cranium·huma'!tlm, Ivory, or dryed Bone" or that "!,~lJ. ~the ~urne~s leave in fhaving Hardhorn call'd the Pith or Blackiogs and put it irCo a G/tillbe(s' Furn(lce_, . -or


. .

j i..

:' . .,.


't. .• ".

. -:--,


, '

:-:" .. -; "' ." ~ .".:.; ~ _.:

:,!_~7:~·i)~~~~~., <~2;!;;~5i{\t! '-\ '7"'''':'''.!' '.,~ ' •.••.

,.. ~c r, .' .. .,? .. _"-. "..__:'. _ ~ •. _ .



':,,' :,f/ .

.. ' ,,:·'3fci' j{;..A..~~-:j:v.' l;;~ """.':'- ~

. ~ .... ~ ... -' ::::~<.J"~.'''~.~~~'; .. - __ " .. -. ', ..

in .!J)hlch w~.foall tr~"ijt ·if ~~/ti;.; '.' .. ..•

.' . <,': .. '.': .,.;:.; ", \::::i'\':./~'i.: .. , ... ·<".'~·~.··)

. C, !\Jt is,' the,' .·P!~a.r Q~.~#Y,,~ Bod, ¥ i~'~,!1~ .~e9~rm.~. '.

O~'by Da~re rs T~rt~1\91~~ St.~ l>t1~ft~r~ttn~: .: .geni:~ but byi\rt is var:i,~u~y- alte,i~ .. Jlccor~tpg·

. ..as the nat~~e~f.tb~.:Ag~~Js, tl'Jat.:works~n_t.t,·; c ~{Q~'~~~plo~;;~e·r.et;5~~t c~m~llO:~·~~~.h~th ~ •.

~J ,,'ilioft ·e~e.ell~nt7-·f99~~~e~.Splpl;.,:.'. ~~c~.·Pf~~~~ .: . vetb Beings .. frQnJptltt.1fa..~oQ~yet. by::l1~~ero-; <. , ·~·geii¢QJlS.AgeQJ'$ _.;~;!J~!·,mo~dff.~.:!;' ~n~ ,!~ri9P.fiy ~f

changed;dettrqy~qJ. ?r ~~l~d~ .~h_1ch. ~ mor; • largely, . rreared . of m . our "SP~.R'~!C~ ~ h"o[op~.J i · Tr~~mph, -wh~J:~f9re . weiq.aU ~I~!t~,~ J~e~~,j.an~· come r,o ~he ~e1n0nftr~tive part~:byJ~v~ral "ufe.. .

-ful~xalPpl~~oand firftof,,:.: ." " .-. _,

8at~~'M/r~bil~ t:~nru,iii~.·

.. '_



( ~:


i,I' '.

W,~. '

. "'Y

., ,.Or.", " ..

Salt Pol.!&ri!le, "', hich £Orne 'callth, eSIIJ ~(J6ilii

. of' GU.Hber:l When indee4 his i erue Sale hath an univerfal-:-Tqndeney:l anclrherefore mull ...

". proceedfrQ~ the univer~l .. Principles. of .

Nature~ whatever to the contrary fomemay Unground~ly ·think; but h owever to our pur~re' in hand, ft. t~e Pref'aration, which is as follow$'.

~ ~. - ... .'-

, .


; ..


~": ..


. :



. ( 33.) .


He' Common Salt and decripitate it" dil'done cracking, then diffolve it in clear Fountain

. '~,T seer, and dra w off about a fourth part ehereof, and then pout: iri of the heft Oy 1 of. Vitriol fufficieni: ·to alter the form ~ and in a gentle - heat digeftjand afeer cr,iftalj~ it S~A. The like r!1ay be ~orie w.ith S~i~~c of Niter. or ~om.i~cj .!\.nd, again, acid Spirits upon Sal PrunelJ •. anO fixed Nicer doth well ~ and. thefe alfo upon Salt of Tartar arid. fixed Alkalie~; 'who~ ~i~!i we think converuene now, to snew ~ which IS

indeed an arrlficialone, , .


. -

, . He 'F'rmch or Rhel1i{h Tarrar (vulgarly ~nown .: liy the .name of Argile)- and put it In a great earthen Pot,,' arid in a Potter's Fl1rn~ce,;_ 01" ~ "Wind.Furnace" let it b!: calcined to Afhes, ~il' it lOOKS a blewilli white, the which when .~14

. diffolve in warm Water~ and filrer through a Cap Paper" and in a gentle heat draw off che Flegm~ tin a Skin appear on the top" and iCc it in the cold, ~d ~~will fhooe into Crlftals, the which remove, and the remaining Liquor filtO.'f; as' before, and fhooe as long. as any will <;0,"0 . inro a Salt; and again~ .theCe A:.fl:tes 'after otl:tey are calcined, may in the Air b~' run ,.perDeJ;": iJlliu,n I' and rherr }:ou ma¥ crift~ize ~~ rbc:-~ ~ore direeeed ;. or eIre Jhoot I.n a gentle heat" of

Sand. .,'; .... .: .. ' . : .. ' (

. Obferire" that from all Woods" ,R09ts ~~d .. I iterb~being 'ary; and' tum,' e~. to ,~{hes, ~ yo~~

~a~: ~Y: warm .Wate~. ~~~~' a S~t.;· t!u:J;'

"-:,. , .l


" •

-t 14 ')

made the Salt ofWormwood, Tobacco" and' mpers." which are'alftrAlkaJ,ies;lirt1e different

<"-rpm Tartar ~ only, whaether e Is, .Tartar in virrueexcels any orher, arid ther~fcte not undefervedly caned ·tbe Publick ,J'lam-ily 0[' Alka~

lie'S. ' . . " I . - - .

. Now thefe are-produced by ihe fire of _Confiagratiori, in"whieb~thecorpora1ity of the botly li?,es dowrr W_ith the gruffer partsof rheSulphur, and fo ailhrnes a new ::orQ1" yec rof a

. c.auJti~k nature; arid fomewhat' rough to be gi~ ven·'as they are, as we 'have 'largely -filewn in Chap. I. of our Spagirick Phjlof()p~)2i,TrJilmjh.

T.husmuch ,in general cor:c~!rn_i~g tl?-e' Pro. dna-Ion and N~tllre. of Alkahes, we' RlaU now eorne to Ihewtheir A1fociadon with A~id Spf- ' ri~s~' by which they are' brought to a neutral . ~ature- and made more friendly unto OUl" Eodies ; ; And firft of '

.... '.

..... ~. -' ~-

Tartllrum P'"ltr~ola/:um. - ..

"'~, Of the Spirit of Vitrcol highly rectifi'd, atto"put it into" a very Jarge Glals, and by drop5l'lit upon it Oyl of Tartar per D~/i,uiNm.J ~t:tt4you fhall have a. 'great Ebrllirion ; .contiJluc-'this pe;;pting on by' drops rill-. the" £bulli .. · ,~ ceafet}j~ which is a. 6gn ehe ArR-aly,ff~flt~ ti56~d" then: .fepata't~ . ($~ .d.) the Flegm ·friilrl· ttte precipitated: M?.tcer or \\1q~te cri1b,line Mafs~ wllis;h'is'called' Tllrtarum 'lIitreo1{1t_;"j( be-

~\a 'ru:u~ral : ?a~~' ,di~intt ~ froJ~l.l_~a.'?.~· :~~~~. afld· althoUgh mi?"- ~ ~a' Prepara':ion' Inf< or. '00'

, - , . ., ,i . . - fomo



. ,


( 3'5') ,.' ';i: - -,

tome others" yet whh us 'tis in great efteem, becau~ the Alkaly hath 10ft its cauft~ck qua..;. Iity; the Acid its corrofive property," an~~ becomes an excellent Medicine: as. not beIng 1iable to an alteration by any Ferment, in the

Body of :Mah. / : ; ..... ' .. _, ,

The Do(e i4 from IO or I5 Gr. to 20 ea~e,'t8orn .. ing. It cleanJeth the Stomacb, powerfully refolving '. Ob(lruClions in' the Meftraick Veins" ana is proptt-l.J given 04 d Jigefter~~peifive.and cleanfer, in Fe'.':...

. iVers~ .Agues~ 7aunJles~ Scurvy~ ·WtJrms In ChllJreiJ~ and-for cold.Crudir~es. in the Stomacb, whit,h

are the cau[e Df mllny Difeafes. .

Now by theway , we would Iez rheReader underltand~ that we are Iomewhae con-

• ,"cernid that this Doarine is fo 'lictle rakea no-

tice of·; for by it Acid Spiric~ are n~t ·o.nlY ,.~

made fweer, but alfo the AlkahesBy thefe And ._

our Red Wine may be made a powerful and .')' f ! r : excellent .Medicine tar above ~ny to be found cs: 3~,~ in common --r5ilp"enfatory, arid altho' this Do.;;.tt g7 · d:rine of AciQ and Alkaly hath been largely

treated of by chat ingenious and lea:rne~ 01;0 Tllcheniu! ~ yet hath he not [0 clearly deliver (l

the Prallick Part of this:, nor indeed hath a~y

that we ever read done 1 r fo fully, as we w1fh,

ie-were wheri we confider die ufefulqeb,6f

,., "

it}, and cherefore we fhall be the rrrore large'

,i!l {hewing our Experience concernIng t~e: . .:

fame. -. .~ ~ .

Again, .in like mariner by pouri~g~th~' uj:f. .

bfTarcat,per ,deliqllirim, upo~ the _~pl.nc or. ~Tt .. , ~,._


( 36 )

of more eafie. (uJion than the former, of /I nitrolM cold tafte., beIng an excellent Abfte1 (i'rJe in burning ~~J putrzd Fea-uers , Gra-uel , Heat of Urine, Heat tn tbeBac'k and Kit/He!s., Heat in the Stomach; "J1.Jbence ~ hot and harJh' Breatb , lind many other, Jefe~s~ w/Jich Rre/eared in the ftr§.~ and/econdDi-

ge{lzon. '

AHo from the Oyl of Sulphur per C{.mp. and 'Oyl of Tartar per DeiJ'}uzum, 15 had an excelIenr neutral Sale.

So likewife from the Itrong Spirit of Salt

r. /~r the ftrong Spirit of Vinegar, (as was touch~ 01 ""\d:"~ed at: in chat, Chapter that treats of OyTs) _ very' "

p . 27· noble S,:lts ar<: nlade". which are yet in a higher

"It degree ,1~ united w irh .rhe purifi'd and cor-

" rected TInCture of Vegetabl~s, in.a due pro-, • portion, (the Salt being firfl: diflblved in a little \Vhite-wine_,or other convenient Liquor) by digeRing the Salt- and 'T'irictures till both become very clear, for at firft mixing they will be ve~y muddy ~ and ,precipitating a light Fd!Cll/a will at . laft be very clear ~ decant this clear

_ Ijquor., that is cing'd, and in a flow fire draw away [he ruoifturc, till the known figure ap-

.'. '_-, pear" and in a cool place "cwill criftalize into

_," .... , ... ,~_Jn"" a pure Salt tinged with (he Tincture of the . rAr.1 '7V~g~table:l retaining its Tafte, Odour ~ and

, VIrtue,

C r:Lhus out of Hellebore black or white, (j"pi-

urn, or any other Simple~ that will yield a Tin.# ld' ,lture i~, Spir~t of Wine., a Salt, may be made" • hl-- ~hich Js.caU d by the name of the Vegetable~ lU1' . ~wi~{l which 'cis joyned, as tb« Salt of Hellebore,

,f 3t'-~ii.,- .; ''; " Opi14tn

. .' -


-, '


( 37 ) \ \

Opium or J~lJop~ &c. which Sales, 'betides their abfterfive virtue" have a fuper.additional and fpecifick one, according to that of the Concr~t., by which a fedulous and induftrious Phy:'; fician may cure many ftubborn Difeafes.

Thus much ~e obferve concerning the N qblenefs of thefe Salts, that they work in it way agreeable to Narure , and alfo will prepare' moff excellent Menftruum's for diffolviog .of ~et!als ~ and as that Famous. George Starkey", In hiS PU'otechny afferted and illuftrared, fays" the~ are more powerful for opening metalick

Bodies, than any other Preparation whatever, I •

whereby Tartar'can be volarized, as will be u~-~ /1. Ihewn in the Chapter wherei9- we treat of', fO,-7

__ ~en/fruums. (i-l ~" ~ aq;1t¥.! 1..~1IIsf;r ~ Ji1;f:r 8I#1II/f," "i?'

N~w feeing there ar~ and hdve-been many ~onJe~ures.) and various Opinions concern~ng this Author, and his Doctrines, we think It convenient to give in ours, from an experimental Knowledge of the Truth of his Labours" which is, that he had a fund amen .. tal Knowledge in Philofophy ~ and we afferr that no Man can be. his ]udge~ unlels a' tl'l1~ Son of Wifdom and Child, that Nature hath got into her School , and qualifi'd with her hidd7? Di(Jploma ~ with which he certainly' . ~as., In that fie rro:de-fo 'exacHy in her fi~ps, and had thofe parts as to Medicinal Phj18fop_bJ that we honour him above moll of the 'for~ mer Writers, and had he nor been a little fhorr fighted in Iome things," hisNarne' would have had _ a la1i:in_? J.}epown.,' yea in Pofterities and

~f I '::"d r,--p·"- i (..alzf,(~ {-1j ~? I/' 1lJ·' ,Age5

" h -: .. JnM1~ A;;':tvt-'vifdo/~It~~

71it,f q-ti 4:?~ 7'J~X'llJ."1VJV

( 38 )

4g~s to come ; the leaft therefore that we can fay of him in our Writings is 'this, [c. that , he was a Malter in Pirotecbny ; the 'Tryumph of which .he prornifed to the World". which' would have been a Key to open the #e1motJ'!ian DoE/rines for the good of (he Sons of Arc" poubtlefs chis Book would long fince have {ee~ the Li~ht.J had God fp~red his Life, but the raging Plague" after allhis Courage, took him off; by his. too venturous opening of a Body whilett hot" that died of the Plague j bur, QOwever, I hope his Soul is at reft.

. But now, feeing ~cis im poffible for him ro perform what was there prornifed , we Jhall partly for his fake" (but more efpecially for ~J1lJth itfe)f) -endeavour to filpply" by giving

, as great a light to that which hath been for":. • merly written" as any other Son of Art;. .harh hitherto done" and\'tis not to be queftioned, but chat Truth will be more cleared UP.llhari hicherto, becaufe (befides the Knowledge of what they've written and fee ciowrr) we' have the advantage of what Dame Experience hath raugbt us, by exceeding "hard and .continue4 Labours in the Eire" which always waJ and ever will be the true Interpreter of their' W ri ..

··~tings" and that which adorns them alfo : and thus altho' but a .Child rnyfelf, yet ~ds allowed -by' all ~ that fu~h" being fet upqt1 . other Mens Ihoulders ; can fee farther tha~.th~y ~ou~d; but this by the way :We then £3y~' that the Do~ine of ·AciJ and ;A!Iea!7 deler.ves '

~ -V enerarion ~ feejn~ it ~c!lro~5 the Ml;iYit~h!

-c ,

,_ _".,

,"'~"',,' .. ,. " .. ".':' ·"(·3i·~ the. ~~ft_~j<!le,nt_ Corf~v:e.,:and ~akC$.~~~~ . truly M~c1J~Jnal; Ex. Gr.· -_ -. '.' . ..~> J

If y'Qtl, .pour : oyr qf T~r.tar }1_er p61iqf4~'"

~POii,,4fu4R .. qrtis., and, dift~\.it off; 'l~ .~fb .. ,CJlI l1aye:~ ~:~Jt. Ie,ft be~i~~~, h~: !~~~m.. ~ :4 .~'tC;t.t and here .ehe Aqua FlJrll1. 'IS tnortdiedby·, ~be

Salt . ?~ .. T artar .andboth ·brop&lit to a: v~ry gooi\

Medicine, '. ~ . . . . e . , ., ..

.. Aga,i~~ "tis to be obf~l'yed,,· th~t o~~~.iA~d wtll ~'QT~lfie.;m~.ther.,anQJQtQl3 Sa.lt .. -ll:YC~Grtj 8:. Spi~it of Niter" and' Sp~rit·QfVifJ"eqll..apd Cohobare upon ~h,::f ~p~.rit or Ntte( rhree. Qf..

. four timf~~ - and Y'!tl'l ~~~~!''! ~~lt l~fc J~~hind;,··.

. dWJ~rn~J:}i.~g':lg~:~:~12,Q~~#lff&.J'·

Wp,tl9~r·.nQt (CQ~rteou~ R:C!~~er) th;\t't\lefeU ~~

--corr.ofiye;~l?ifits ar~ thus ffio.rcifie().I. and tllei£ T/7.Jf-f'I'ZIt<.1II

venomjaken ott, when'th~t chey. were' no,t .

originally' (tl¢h in "thelrowrr -nature, bur pr.q+ rnored by the fire to be fq corrofive, whicq yqJt ~ . may fee by the hand of the skilful, may, be

again corrected ; th~refore we 1hall {tate it ehus, .

that A1~ Fort. A. ~. Spiri_~·and 0"y1 of V.itteol~ ~J,,~r. Spirit olSaIt',Peter ~ or common Salt, arenqt . Poyfons, but·Spi~itsof eminene activity" which, being mingled with Salts" Wine" Beer .or W 30-

ter, may be taken' in a' greater quantity (than

alone would be mortal) without the leaft dan ..

ger ;. ".nay ~ rather they become wholfom and

wed~~~. . .

'. - ThUs vulgar Mercury hath been prefcnbed by ~he Ancients (being rightly prepared) as a .cholce Ar~al1Uf'l1 ~ bue being fubli~ed 'with Salts~ .

. D 1- becomes '.


, ( 40 j -,

becomes a eorrofive ~oyfotl; bur we fay . th~~ ,th~f~S~~ts are again'mortified,' by being "'(ublimed WIth . pew. Mercury, as }OU may fee in t~e prep~ratiq~ of. that which Is call'd [}1erc&4~ rlfl4 Dllle14;. w~c~ !S but a frivolous Toy ~ .:_y~t however ns medicinal. ,~.:'~.,.':

, 1- We c?uld i,?deed run our a Iarge Dirc.ci~ {I s f:J conce.rnlng. ACids an~ Alk~!e~, and t?e~·r:{~~. on .wIth hl~hly :echfied Spir'it of Wlne",'~:':'

'4 _their Office ~ being brought tc. combinadon, t e fP nay, a. re~enerated and ~lorifi~Menltruum; & l.[A-' b~t feeIng th~f~ Preparadons come uiider che fo. Yhvv T~~le of .drca1la PoptiJ[i:tata, we fhall refer yo':!

~i' L!hlther for further faclsfacaon ~ as alfo to the

. Ctd-.t\.+~h~pter of Menf!rllllms in this Book. '

.. ' 17' .z .,. And thus' much Ihall at this ti me fuffice con ..

. cerntng Salts; but we fhall hereafter Ihew ~ the,ir union with'Vegetable andMineral Sulphurs, asalfo with Urinous Sp:'rit5~ of which

we. iliall nqw come to treat, , ." ,

(~ A- . '~a~' !r~~ }J1{:-Jl,rJ:; t S . ~;tc0H~M fl <7~IJtIJij ~vJ;(P:V' ~fj,~ -r-r:>.



- " .

( 41: )


C Hi~ P. v.

00llcerning ?/rinoUr 'Spirits in general.


'y' Rinous Spirits are to be defined, Spirits ~.: Jra1Pn ftOtfl theexcremen.titiou5 part of ~o4i~i, ail altho' they are many times us'd by nature, ~n makingnp of Compounds, yet their Cla.Dc! are not fo general;) as that of Vinor : for Vihpr Spiritsand Sulphurs (whi(:h are indeed but the Sulphurs in another dHg~ife; as ,is manifefi:· from their central unity, in the tranfmutation of Form) are eafily inflamable alike" being tbe

~,":ctln,Jum '''ntlt"~1 or form of Beings, and fpiqtualpart of ehe-Body , as in chap~ :I. defcrib~d~ and as we have raid in ott{ Brit anean MagQzjm:~ that all Fruits, Seeds and Roots will by Fermentation yield a Vi nor Spirit; wherefore in the foregoing Chapter we defin'd Fer me ntation to be an Inlet to Production ; for without it Honey or Moloffiis could never be broughr eo yield their Vinor Spirits, nor the Country~a!1 change his Barly into Malt, ejYc.

Now in this-Chapter we muft define Purrifaction the Mother, of Generation ~ for that ::otis by this that Urinous Spirits are brought forth~' and' although not fo univerfal as the Vinor" yee becaufe Nature does often make ufe of their effential parts in cornpoficion, wefhall define them eo be matter _fipificualized) and to

. b~

p;;xz. i·~t'_·~,!",,,,::~~-·~C;"~': ,.'-' ":-,,,?--, '" :r·· . . .. .•.. " ::T."_.;~

f ~.:. : . -, (- 42, ) .

be in degrees of purity ~ccordir..g as they have

/ adherence to the fubftantial or excremental part ofBodies ; for in rhefethe Form is often precipiearcd ~ and·. the U niverfil Spirit is by them-made into Earth j for as Sandi'Vog~ fays in bi.rTreati[e ·of Sulphur, that be taok.twa. ·Mer. curies _ _gf a Ji./fere1Jt fobjfance:l bl~t one 'origlnal, wl?jch S;ZturlJ 'Wajl1cJ in /;14 oWn l!rill, and call' J _ ~~V"'_ them the Sulppl4r offltill.0hurs, which, indeed i~ ar: nothing elfebut the gla]J; Az..o.tl;~ or l/itrcpl of

~;_i~ V:e~us Pbj~ofophipal~ which-is the Univer.~_~~ SI?i-. <ry~. rrr made meo Earth ;. but more of t~J~: J.~ us

~/. i \(- ;fpr9~r\ place. . . .. '. '. . .". '

r,'C-;'(, ' .. '( Now under this Head or Denomlnationof

ttl-"::;~inous Spirits,. are 'tho~··9f.Elood,·.~d;the ~ ~?!cl'ementic~ous,pa~t. of the MlcrQ9P. r~~ fo .... ;P·

1"H .c nne; as ~l[o all kln~ of Bones, .~orn~ and. _4'

f:. . Hoofs ~ and many k!nd of Salt.~i·~~ Spit Gem.

r ~ 3~!Armoniaclr.~ and' all V olarile Salts' 'fix'd- . by Acids~ for all of chefe will give an U r.~n~us Spirit, and a Volatile Alkalizatej Sale; as iseafie to be dernonflrared by an-Acid witha.Sul-

phurous Oyl,efpecially from Scot.tB~o~; 'and Hartfhorn ~ which. Spirits, Salt and 5ulpbur do reprefent the three diftintt Principles, : ehae are contained in every concreted Body J and there is no being in the Univerfal Fabrlck of :Nature_, whore Texture can be upheld with-

-out the union of there .Principles , nay; inpu .. rity too ; for that's ir_.. that gives dur.1qiIity. ,in ;the Animal', Mineral , and Vj~ge~!1b~~' r K:i9g:

dom.. '" , .

< '''. "'NoW

l ..


" -




~ ..

~ :_ - .

~ ..

j .

. ':~"" ." ., :.


{' il )

N ow the Union of . the three Principles generates and produces a: Neutral S irit·:Of. an", Hermop,hroditical Naeure, t at lsJnei~~~¥al~ nor Female, Aciu nor Alkaly : -Now ... ns to be obferved in all gcnerarions, that Sulphur acts the part 'of the. MaJe,and Mercury .the .Felll'ate, and Sulphur is that" which gives .Mercu-. ry her determinared Form and Eixation ; but _ here firft you Oluft deftroybim' of his Combu .. ftable Robes, ana reouce him to a laline'clod mercurial Nature'_, fhen .you may tor cenain' It _ reckon yourfelf in the' number of Natures mo~

Ingenious Scholars; the way h,~ dlis i~ c1One., ~

I have fhewed in my ~gicial" J .. Magll%JtJt~: to which we refer the Reader as' foon as it comes tQ.Jighc; therefore omitting. it here, 1hall·pa~. LaA~~ l~' •

,. -on .eo oUJ," ?efign~d ~ask._. •. ]c. The Regular .. 1 ~ ·f,·

Pn~gre£Ii~~ ~n y rmous Spirits; •• "1' r::', v

But only, by the way ,..-ve thln~. re conve ... .niene to add. a word to prevent Criricks, and Iiichas underfrand nonthe Foundation of Bodies J who may fay, ~hat W~. haee ~oie4 .our Doctrinebefore affert~d,fc.That therebe three Principles in rhe Concretion of ev~ry· i~divi· .

. dual Being, by alledglngwe have here made mention but of two J ft· Sulphurand M~r,C;u ... ry, but by this we aflenc to the SaltJw~~h is under the' MercurialForm ; . for the S;tlt is ea .. flly cqnvcrredinro Mercury.and Mercuryjnro Sale, as is faid in the Clin« Bore; the truth of which we are able to malntain .againft all.op-.


~ J-p-. ""~


-_-. 1'--;..-, • _, ~ , .. -,;




~ . ~t . k.

j: '.

'T.h~ An4t(Jmy tJ/ 'ZIrine, aHtl Way to. /;e made ufo of ;n the Preparario« of its $pirit.

W~ fay then" that 'Urine is a Subject containing very many Properties ~ which may be many ways advantageous; for "ris a wonderful ,li1lS" not only that of the great World, put a1l6 that of the leffer ; for Man bears a fymboIizing harmony with the P niverfe, both in the Natural" Celeftial and Intellectual World" ha-. ving in his center Immorrality ; for we know· that God's: Wor,ks are uniform, and that every I~fs bears {orne Analogy or Ernblance with Q greats:r"and M~ being ,the chiet~ of aU fubl~Cl- _' ry th!~gs" we may'.~~us de~~~ him" as a Compendium of ~1l Forms" ~n Epieorne of all powers, and a comprehenfive ~yftfm of the Univerfe, Cre.

After the manner of Philofophers therefore

we have trea~ed (in: our· fecond Debate of Trifirle~ SO/lId;ni) of ~he immortal IJijfil/",!nt u!lder that Head" telling that 'twas contained In Blood and U Tine, but with all have defined what that Blood and Urine is, and feeing this Subjea: is [0 largely handled there, we Ihall here omit it, and .come to fpeak concerning the Urine of found Men, of which Belmont giv~ this Encomium ~ where he cornparesTe with the Immortal Liquor" raying that In the. whole Syftem of the Univer{e~ .It hath not its Fellow or Compare, neither Sea-Salt nor F0l!n-

./.. .__ 4 r. .. #~ /. /'t .1 ~ . - '---.' tam-

/--t-u m'-'--·1'1v/ yV _'r.~-,._ »rz _---_ ...

/?l C ,.rp--cL ;/ :- £Lv Itrn--if .:1 d'Ji! oz: c-~"i!/1~·/J'7Hl/I/-.

c> f /(1' -·r;-_"

.. v

;' , L


t: .

( 45 )

tai~-Salt" Salt· Petre" 'Sal-Gem. nor any ba~ural Salt.whatevel"~ no nor the Salt of the Q'rine of Beafts, which is not in any wire comparable to it. " .

But as nothing is more eafie to come by ~ fo

on (he other hand, nothing is more hard toile worked on" for he chat can from it obtain" a ,);;,1;Z1-~ SpiricA tb~t ~_neither _A.cid-l1.Qr A!~alL 'b~t"'~~ wlio~ly. Saline.) IliiIi· have no ~caufe co, !epe~t '7-;(Jr.A~-<: his time and coft bellowed on rt , elpeclally if ~ he work upon that of fJld Saturn; and that we may contribute our ~e into the r:rreafil!~ of ~". PhilofophY:1 we thall give our Experience m the

Preparation thereo£ . .' . : u.9- n'

The firft thing you are to obferve .is, that; Cv ... l

. .U'rinous Spirits are prepared through purrlfa- 7, · ll:ion as the Vinor are hy fermentation, where-

by the Arrorns are unlock'd and fet .at l~berty~

that the fire may have, power to bring It to ~

more exalted ftare, As for Example:

Be: The U cine of found People, and put it

. into a 'wooden Tub, or large earthen pots·; iOme do it in Glafs" faying 'twill notIo nafu~ rally puerifie in the Wood as Glafs ~ . and the~ they fee it in a gentle heat" equal to that of the Horfe- belly ~ for the fpace of 6 or 7 ~ eeks,

-foc in this Climate ~twill hardly purrifie fool)e'jthen they di~il a Spirit from it ; others put'nfie it the like rirne, being put three Foocdeep

in the Earth, and leave the Glafs. mouthro com"

. 9p'eo to the Air" loo~g upon. it as the: I_1JQ~

natural of aU other ways> faylng ehae In. ~he •

." . '.~."

t.n2~.~ .. ft.vd11t-t:#7L~!"f.?~fA( 1t1+"fhll~" 2~

:" 4'" o-:.~ -;;.. ,'....... '.

,.'''.J. ../ .




,., .

( 46 )

Body of the Earth is that internal heat' that brings all things to an alteration of Form or Matyration thereof; others are very bufie with

. their Hor~~-dilngj and B. M. and many others, wb.lch we lhaU here pais by, and fpeak of that which beft pleafes US~ which is a PutrifaCt.ion in the Air; for that will attra(x many Hetero-

"geneities from it" land fo "cwil! become more

.fweet in finelJ. ' .

. Take Urine thus truly putrifi'd, and put it ";, into a Retort, and in B. or Sand fer it to work, andtliflil"'from :I 0 QIarts the firft five"itl which

'is contained the Spirit and volatile Sale, but that which remains in the Recore, is the Gunl _ or Oyl,;, the ufe of which will be {hewed here: " after: Now the five <l!!arts of Spirit mull: be put into a clean Recore, and you may dittil.

from it four Quarts" which YOli may afterward rectifie to what heighth you pleafe, by bringIng of it to a Q.9art Of" a Pin!:; but in every Re8:ification ~ be Cure not to dirninifh above fix, or eight Ounces at a time; and thus you obtain a Volatile Spirie and Sat, which is no ,way infla.mable.

Obferv~ That fome both draw and recbifie this Spirit from Calx vive ; bu: others through the Salt of Tartar.

:.,_ . ~'


~ .

~7 •

~; . ~

~. t.

. . :, ,

( 47 .) .

there will fublime in "the Helm' near half a Pound of dry aGt_ive&.iI£.. and fome Liquor will come .over in~ a f1e.ry forrn, the reft will remain in the bottom lik¢ a fiinking flat Plegrn, ~~,...1iL.tII which caft away ; to', what Liquor is come aver, add frefh Spirit of Wi he fo much a's .will make it up ft,ijj~ and put this llpo~~your fublimed Sale, and diftil and fublime': as .before ,;

·~nd by repeating this Operation, you will have more' of the . fiery Liquor come over" and Sale fiiblirne as before; turn this Wheel with rreth· h ' Spirit of Wine twelve times., and the fiery Spi- r # tit will each cirne be encreafed; and your satt will. be, mof] of it reduced to this fiery Liquor,

.' and this- we call rhe Vinor Hermaphrodite, or

':1 Neutral .lvlenflrHum~ which will extrad: good Ti~&ul'es from t~e Calx of any Mettal; but as

~o rts Offi~~"",'t,,~dl be treated of more at )ar~e- .'.'

10 ehe Chapter: of Menftruums. pop Hf· ~"I~.{p

Now follow_s: i:he Preparario» of·theFo.IP~j r rw,. or the AUrum lunare Microcofmi-:


As js before lLewed., take Urine well putrified in a, Tub" expofed to the Air for {even'

. 'Weeks~ all one as you do when you're to make, a Spirit 'of j~·;·th.e Sp~rit being drawn; or rather tlie whole being evaporated to the corr,lifta?~ ,ofH0!lCY~ in which ~ies the FofJ~us;;' bue . the: Art 15 lomew hat difficulc to ge.t_lt 'from. thence, 'in two cafes, the one is irrma. ,King' choice of a proper Agent to be' miiea


.', r.,







_ • .J;:..._

",' r":'


;; .. ~ .-",,"

o: --~ .


~ .. }~ .



.. '

( ~8 )

therewirh, and the other is the (:xacr regiment

of the Fire. '

Now as to, the Agent, it: rriuf] not, (as Come have faid) be Sand; but one that is free from Salt, and- confequently from the glafs-rnaking 'Faculty, or any thing 'that will vitrifiej, for if it doth that, you Ih,all never obtain the FoJjerli4; but that you may, we direct you to make ufe .of ~ Fire within and without your Veffe1, which IS thus to be be underftood ; take the Sap of Urine, as before "cis faid ~ or that of Dung and Urine puerified together ~ and incorporate it with Charcoal-dull, and put it ilito a German Retort, and Jute on a Receiver, that is filled half full with Water, that when the FoJPeTIH comes over, Ie may Imrnediarely drop into t~e Water and be preferved thereby.

Obferve, That you are to begin with a very fmall Fire, but you are to lncreafe it gra .. dually lnco the higheft degree that poffibly can be made] and let it be in, fuch a Furnace, that

'upon occafion the Bellows may be ufed, arid ·that the Fire may play well about the Veffel, continuing fo long at its greareft heigheh, till no more comes over ~ and you'l fee Flakes like

_ Lightening:. that will come over in the Recei;~~ of two fubfiances, [he one like' a [hick ~~jiddy. Water, which. will fink to the bot-

!.~mf ~h7 other fwimming over it; , 1eparate by lnc1sn~t1?n th~~ two fubftanc(~s J and keep each by 1[S felt In a Glafs, the gummy lSature may be made Inro what form you' pleafe J by ,,~g diffolved in Spirit of ~)a} Anlloiliack

, ' or

; -:'-.c-

( 49 )-

or other U rinous Spirits.; in B. 'tis thereby pu'"

rrlfied. ' ,



-. :!!, ~~p. '!,/:Jpaj S ,be k~pl in Water ~ fit: the- 4ir fetJ

. it on fire.' .; . '

_ The t/:lick Liq.U!JY-, if r,ubbedo upon t~e E1a~dsi' CloaflH, or Hair, they 1l!ill appe9.r i1~Jh,e dar~;), ~ if au' in fire:l but will '1I(Jt burn ~ ana if lOU open the C~r!?, Df the (Jlafij,af! #/ 'Vac~'11cy 'Witt appear like

, r~e fo",r: if BrirjJjfone.

, .. If ,f!Upt:t ~his _thick Liquor _, ~qrde'iled' by age,p~p_~ '1I'_~ ~ Gu~ m o)'t of C~(YV~S or of Cin,!41J10~~ I!P,J-kt ", remat» there 24 -bo.ur s ~ 'and po.ur off. ,hI:

.0 OJI yom it into a Gla/f» tpe .fame OJl ,piU 0:1 J'0~

" ,~IIIJ, o~t the Corll.~ ,~nJ_fct it if! the Air, appear fo l1r~ht ~ th~t in the, :t!a'i:.~~ if. it~ s in II large and ckll,. ., VIol, you may fee to rea/! Jjj1tnElly.

If you write upon the P ~lm of your HanJ~ or -, Hpan PtJper with the [aid. GII.ml what ever J014 write w"i/t "?fear 1111 On foe~, anJ the Letters m,a, be read '~

. ~ lo/1Jl time 'ft~; bid JO ....... m"JI..~ha7.Je a great eli', 'IhlJt ypu do It. foftly~ _ ~~. p'l!t:it into .Wafer~/as foon Q4 7fJU h~ve done, for 'I,[ -r~. happe~ to fire 'twill

"urn the place mop dreadfully; . .' '

,Cut ~ little piece oj' the foid Gllm:l a~d lay it upon 7!IIP~~ IIn4 rup it on .wlth t~e poi»: of IJ 'f(tijfo;"an#

'tw,ll fet tAe Paper .-0." fire. _ ' ' _. , :"

, Put ~ l#tle piece of t~ [a,a ,Gum· to fteep 24' /Jpurs ·in Spirit if _Wtne," tbentak.ing it out aga_i.~~ ,if.1ou pour this Spir~! of Wine ~y. Jrops,upo; a#~,,{PJI. of, ~ter ~ J_o!l ,"»!i!l fo,t; Fla{he~ I#fe.~~ Light~ir;g:l

E :,/ome-

. '


, ' ..


( ;Z )

rent from common Salt" and there"s greae reafon- it filariid be fo" feeing there is fo great quantities of Salt taken in with our, Food; but however 'i~ doth reprefent the three Principles", ~j%". . SaIl ~ Sulphur and Mtlrct«l" as ~cis thus Chimicil/. ~. l7- diffed:ed; but left Iome Ihould bewilder themfelves Invrhis point, and fay for ce,~~~iQ;, that from hence then muft. proceed the~nJ.;. verfal Spirit, or Djffolving Menftruum ~ feeirig·' Man is the chief of all fublunary things. ,.

Altho' we allow him to be ro~ yet the Uni- fl."'-

• verfal Spirit can never proceed from him, Teeing what he receives. thereof Is only fufficienc

to uphold his Humane Nature, and that only

by being changed into various fubfian~es';

-and here every Agent having obtained the end

of its aCl:ion is at reft, and is not as it was" but

'with the Grand M~dicine ~tis not fo~ but always

tends to a higher perfection.. for the two firft Princ~pJ91. Sulphur and Mercury, are (~pa:a_- .''-'_

.. ted' from their gra~ .Impurlcies , and being "

united to the (ilbIimed· Sale, are all turned to

a Liquor ~ which by [he, lniddl~ pure fubftance C , .

of.old Saturtls Urine, will be preclplrared.irxo "'. Of!. a cri!faline Earth" w~'1ich tnay be m.~~q, at ~ t· plealure ; therefore ~'lS a Secret to be Kept In filence;--·with a thankful. heart to God, who -is

the giver of all good and perfect Gifts.

Here you have that; which is fuperior to any thing, thae may proceedfrom Humane Urine;

for the Microcofmical or, Terteftrial Fire is uni-

. te4 . with_ the Macro or Celefiial one ~ by the "1 Aa: of Nllturll NlltllT.aTNrn" which opera~ i? 1&r ....... _~_.

"PifJ_ d~~ 11 ~!Jvi!i:J-;;::; /tJ ~" -Itr': ~ ;,L~. %£<1. 1ft! · - ¥;rJ4;'4fo:.t • .: .

-:~r' .. ~:~ : 0 ~I' ~ ",.". - ~ ','_."' • .'"

( 50 )

fomewhat like the flame- of Brimi'o1Je~ 'anJ {olnt-wh_t. of a purplifh colour, . , . ~ Of the afo,·ejaid Gum 3j~ :ma in a white earthen VeDel expofe it to the A;~·,· and the Air ,pill fet it one fire, and when it hathd me burni"g~ ,IoU will have 3 iv. of a Spirit of Salt ~ 'Which it ilrtrllCfi

Ollt {)f the Air. .

If the Pri'rJj Parts be th"e1Pitl.J rr~bb'J~ th!J will he injlamed and burning for a goo.'l while "alter.

_,. There are many wore Experiments made of it,which we thaU here pals by ~ and come to confider the Nature and 'Texture of Urine~ (c .. Whether it contains the three Principles, 'Salt~ Sulphur and Mercury, or not: but if you proceed to this Diired:ion" you mult not take . new Urine" but Iuch as is !tale an~inking .and well putrified by nature, of her wife 'twill be very difficult to behold what is in it by a manifefr Ieparation ; but being putrifi'd you

may diftil and reeeifie its Spirit per fe~ toa great heighth, and: you'l find in the Receiver ~.\fc>latile Sale, Wllich will (as hath been. faid) .

__ ~ __ b...;;...b.coaglllated bv~Spisit rif \Vin~, and therefore mu'ft be of a "Mer¢Urial Nature~ p~oceeding from: the volatile Salt of thole Concrers we eafi nowxhe . Sulphur is reprefented by the

Fof}eru:f, it being a light that bLJ rns, alfo by' the 'oylinefs that comes over by difti)~tion, and .'afrer which there remainerhan Earth~ which

being JO calcin'd you may' wi:h warm-'Water extract from- it a Sale" which is rhefixed Salt of U ririe, iu Imell and eafte not much diffe-


-::- 's •


~-;,,~," '


0" _,.i_Iq.,"


ftt~r' 't . '( s-,_) . . . ·

, ',J! iOV!1f6iy, t~~t 'fhrrre 'Call it t'he;'lUl'~.fI1~ra.l .. , -if ri'fe., )o~' Spl~!!S~l'd.: Nbw t1i~e'~t:V0.l?e.

~rig . unired In.thert. 'PUflty ~ . ~:r~ :IS -conearn~.~~'. e~ therei~ a do~ble Lunar Ga!fe; . O!': ~~:t cold .. ' Fl{,C~ 'Whlch win nortihire with the ':o1am: or

. ~II f..~r~ea.t of Bodie5~ but d!fp)a:xs i~{(!U like~~~o~le til. . C.' rorPl;ln~t, which carrleswieh It the true 'marks

• rll- -t-. b~·'tt,~~ Birt'h;. !or~ the' l!l0!l b!1r~i!lg -Charcoal is. , .: ~iVi(led by It Into ItS' Princlples ;. . Oyt . and

Earth" which afrerward 'are changed into 'elern'e"rl~aryWater" nay it performs . many more ~igBtY Deeds, in rhat it. is powerful' in dif-fo1ving. and conquering rhofe Bodies, which ~booo 'Mencoukt .noc do by any other Aa~

.aswehave plainly fhew'd in cur Trifirtes s» JaJini; and therefore 'Ihall omit to [peak any' 'more of it here, as a.lfO of Hum.me 'Uri~e_,and

.fo come to che other particular .Claffes: And

.~.d~~~ (ftAr~~- A(/J.r-ik~~~l1",~{~~.m .

If /1;1 ~¥d.,w;-~~# /,.~~g{~. 'ttsf

9 "'f./', :~'·''''conc{Jr;unt. Coll1mo1li8'a4 -L.l,.'rJ:oH ac. I

. . T9~e are varic:us <?pinions. concerning its

- Qngni'al; one faying, ns pure.y natural" and

. is diggcd t;p~ as Salt Niter is, and fo b~i~ed ac:-

.cordingly 111[0 a Salt; and others ~y" tIS arm.ficial , prepared .. fr~m SQ~t" Sea Sa~t. a~d Ca-

mels Urine, which looks indeed much like the ~.truH:iitfclf; and rherefore we than nor-regard ·i."+lltt 'tlievaricty of ;O'pit1ion,s are ~lce;rniD.g . 1t;: .f(jl:'·we"kno~by e~periehce/th~:9U~ dfit

: :is-,~tepir~!-i pd~~~Metii~mep,~i, .. ~~~'Jh~~.~~r.e

.. :you 'on'& .If dt'~nlnre .. fro .' .". - .' . . •• '''' .. r .. _ - ,.

." . . ." r.) . ~ . 'T'L

.. -'. .. ... "' "e_

-c .

, . . .,

_ 'j

..... ,' . . .

~ __ , , • _ •. _ _ ... ,. _ __ "' •• _. r

( 53 ),

r " ' .•. ,1

~ . -'~. ; ~ . . :, . ~. . . . . ~, ..:."

.. i1!~Spirit of Sal~4_rm~!lia~~. ' .... ..

8; Qf:.Sai·Ar-~noniack·fuiiji. Calx vive' -ri>nJ', or altf.qljg Lixiviurn of 1?<?t-4fJu~s .LQpis caf~; mintiris .1Piih" or rather . the Qylor Tartar pe_r. DeliiJ~.itifo" ~~ .. ' a.qq ,Co "fftiI_ py '. ,,~.~ \ of~ de&re~~~ unt~~,:F9~,~ . oy¢r, tb_e ~tli.~l1' ~fC~l~~.;:· an~ ~h~ve,.)~.<?:u .. ~.~P?oft "rU?~~~ ~?~ J?~n~tr~tl~g ~l?f.: rrr, much to be. efieenl<:d In ma.hY Acute ~~~

feafes: Bur we prefer .thlSJ~l1oW1pg·befor<?lt;-'·

• .J _ I . \ _ ~._ L



. ',- _ .• '_ 1"-·, If "


. .


Cf4 )

",ay witb cre.4#. b.~, ~fiJ in many Di{e@fes: The Doft is yom 8 to 20 'Drops in Stl.u~trax~iVater. It ~fJth immeJill~ely pr~et;rat~ t,he who~fe ~o.d.J'r 'caufing .', fodJc~ f'JJJeatlpg~ 'therefore exceJj~~t' in '"QuinfieJ~ l'Je~rifi~s, an~ otber acute D_ifea.fi~s} ')ti(~1[o 'pre-

#O~knt In opentJJg. tlJ.~ pfftru.810ns ·~r ~?~ $pJe~1J1) !WJ f!ijjerfing and e~~lI."'fg '!Iany Mal~t1Jltte!"1'J Sweat ""J Urine t It c,ut~~b t.he ~a..rtlm; ,C'htitick~ the S,ijfocation of tbe M~irix:J a1uf m an.1. mIKe 'Difea-

les. . ", . '. '" ,"''; ; .' r:

. In. ~rief, This. ~pirit isa fofi; "1;tJ'~' a"tl Tel,ldJ Med,c,ne for to . iJ.ij}.erf~. and, e :<_pe/ ,aD tough ~ grcfl

, a,!a venomous Hl!_mOtlT s: ... Aljo ·t.~iJ Spirit aUetb

'- '\, h~~' p(Jrt extern_allJj quenr;~ing ,all J":ftamat~ons~ cut:' ',. ,=~,ng th~ Ery(ipellZ9 and G~l1grenes f. it ~naJeth the P~inJ of the Gout~.,.cl()atlJs being~d;:p,~ !n'ii and ap .. p_],.ed~ and .aithl!'.:t. draw !3lijf~r!. 'it '!'Jairers no' ; . .,~aIJ to tile Pulfe~ tIS (,004 '" 4Jfde1,!:p,pverJ,;' and ~t . ~ffwaget h SweOi1;lg J and P ajru -; _(!if'~.uel h congealed Blood, helpeth jlrainea LimJ'J a;zt:/·bt'IJilmbe4 Nerves; only jm,OeJ unto, it cm-eth the Mtgrim

, ~~d ather cbrf!1'~~QI J)ifeafes of ·t,~e ,Head; for it .~iffOl'Veth thep'~cc~nt ./IIJllfter ~ a1J{l'f'UIlCIIlltetb it t.~roug~ t h.e .Noft~ils; it reftaretb ;~he\ lr1JfHearing, 'being externally la;4 IJ1'J with a little' .Inftrument.fit fo.~ the purpofo: A__lfo in the Objlrliflion,sofWomen/ .C,?U1fes~ appl'~4 .. b.J a ftt.InftrllrNuit .it' II j}irittltll ,Jf'aJ~ (jpenetb, prifintty, 1l1lJ cle~dfl{6' 'the W(Jmb~

and maketb Women fruitfu/~ &e •. - Mingl,J wit!! common Water:> ~nd held in the Jkfouth, ,iffWIIgetb

.1.he ~hoot~a~hllf/{C.ft4i,!$ tom Jh!l~,~ Ef!~~!lr:~ fl!Dm

Into t e .I."tu', -, '. . . "" .,' ...

'. . '.. • "=:~.,.~ ~ ~ ._..: ". i . ~: r·. -. ~

.. \,~ ...


:... f'I,f: ~.~;_, .

... ;: .... - ..

. \ '

( ;; )

A. little. of it appliea in a Glifter ~1;lJet1J tiJl!' WOmlJ

;11 the Boay, and aOayeth .the Cholic£., .

Tbil ~pirit ma!! al{o:furtber be ufoJ, to ma".! ()~her tDlngJ, e/pe~tall)' by m.eans ·tl.Jer~of many pre:' Clo~ ana iiffeaua! MeJicamen.ts may be maJe~ 'u ..

w~~ be ,':Jreajter def~jbeJ. r~ ~~. ,"~ -w.-~t/

; VJ '1,-. .. ,,; v () &.t .. $,,:f? Jfr f4H1e . . k ~w.J '" tI'

, Obferve, That after the firft di -llation" the

Cap.,·mor:. t~at remains, may becalcined in a'. ftrong FIre, and then taken OUt and beat into grotS powd.~r, .and let it be di1folved-by~; and . then filter It; tp~n add to every Jy-j of this Li .. quor or Oyl, 3Jfsof the ftrongeft and heft reaifie~ Spirit of Nicer, or Spirit ot Niter confentrlcat~! and that Wil.l caule.rhegreatdrp.art of t~e. w~1te fulphurous Earth to .feparate by K/n.t~

precIpItatiOn. . " ..

And then you have a Mtn'pru~m~ not corrif

. f:~l=~~~ ~~~~e~!!"~:::' Gt~i:~~ ~~:

fuffice~, as to S"l An!Jt. L7bian. but howeveruzs-

der ehis Tide of che Urinous Sp;rjts~·yoli ma~ , underft~nd a.~l fu.ch as are drawn and prep4rro . . r feom Brood; Hair ~ Bones, Hoofs, Horns ~nd ' Sculls, !Is was before touched; of which we Ihall· only give you two Ex~mples., the one of Hartf-'

hOT1J~ the other of CranIum humanam· from the

Jatter of which is prepar~d Goddara'; Drops.

.~ & Hartl{tprn, or Crtmiu11J humanu"" and l~t ~.be.put in ruc~a Furnace as _is order'd for ma-

. ~,t~e'.O~I~.and fill yo~r Furnace three parts

J~" peCC\ufe the matter 15 dry and [pongious" ,

,~~~~.,.L-:5''' 1) tHd, 1>84,] v 't' ') ~ffJr!< · , 3h1,)-6 _? CV~.A1'~ ?~."f.f, ~~' J'trklltf «. .

( 56 ) .

Mtd wili be'~6~"reifed bY,t\ie :e-it;e., liut 1f it Were liq~id_,'t~e Rules inChymifh-y are noe _ to fill the \I effels or Retorts above it third parr; or at mofl 611ehalf full., and the Receiver be. ~!tg Iured on, at tid}' you .mufi l~ive/ a 'geti~le . Fire for 6 hours, increafe a little higher to the, fecond degree, ~n~ continue for :C2· hours" and then for '6 'rn9re let it be kept to the higheft degree you canyfo as the Pot rn.ayremain red the wholetime 1 and whenthe Operation is

, fittifhed; yqu . will fee no more Fumescome ~orrh. which, If you work righ:, win be per- .. forrn'd in 24 hours: It comes thus; Firft a Fiegm wi'rh 'if yellow Spirit Arid 'IQlatile Salt: in ,

"' div~'rsfigl:lres.) and a deep blackifh and fetid'

'Oy!:" and your :Caput"inort. black and 'burned, which afterwards may be calcin'd in a Potter's Furnace '(_0' make 'burned, 'Hart[~orn 'of; and th~s are "th~ 'differene .qualieies Iepatared, which triay befurrher 'rhus operated upon :' Leewhae ~ome5 .overremain together. for .ibour z o d.1Ys In 'a convenient Veffelih a gentle hear, 'that fo asmuch of ehe "Oyl_, as will, may fallifie:;' theil rep:'1rate.~he, Oylfrorn the Spirit .and Sale bya Funnel_, 'the which rectifie rhroug h the Spirit of ~a.lt.,as is in the Chapter of Oyls tailght:;-anil wnatSalt 'is fotllled by 'the acid ~;pirit' mut} be fublitned fr'OITI its ·ittlpurity, and added into'~he 1j.~fi. Spirit; and then the Spirirrnti{l: IJS} .r,etl:i'n'(j rwo. or 'three rimes from ic~~f\legm-'byjthf# addition of the pnreSalr ~fTa'rtal'~:and'fo~'t'Wil:l

cn,me exceedin~~re •. !h7 ~~:~I!ible:,~ur4t!~. know when the'Flegrn 'begins "to· :OlI1e, 'IS t'b19~ ,

, : ._. . the ..

, _'


- '-.j. - .. --~-.-.:-~--

_' .. .,.

(" sf· j"-'_., , .. ~

.,~ tbe~ Salt "'ill begin. ~ con'dehfe and fall~to:t_ JjQtt'Om, of eheReeeivervrhen y~u '~aylet all " cobl, for the Spirit is clearly off: This is' the Spi~,t and .. Salt truly p~epared_,which ~ay'a:S ', ,yet 'receive feveral degrees of ex~tatio.~ :' li!# .' " however 1M ~tir, it is 4 J'itbtil~ penetrating 'ailt} aqJive. "',.",,'.

spirit_, an~d Dpt:rateS'in is -fajJ of tbeSpirit_~ofS~. 1,!r .At""oniilck~ and . opens , thsfe Objiruaions~"~hlit)Jt~.- ; .. ,

the :catife of preterna'tlirnl ConvH!fwns_, 'J41jtl bath, - . JPei:iftck v!rtue i1l ma.ny Di{eafe-s ~ ,ana 'c9":etlt!th, 'TiIJ" . lat£!6 Poyfons" and therefore ·bighly. 't~ be ~"rQaIiie4 '; for I've known thoft wbo,/mve"gon, 'tib.tJjIt·to. 'P01[o" tb.e'm[elveJ,. by taft,ing a IfJrge quantltJ if Affn;tj~ .'

, J·e~I·.thJs. being timely at{cOv.e7ld, the mifCbiif',h~rh ~ei'n~'fo*tJfflt"ed;, by girrJjl1g l",rge' a"tl-",epea~etl·J:?(jfts: .' ifih~:Sp,irit4" Hartf1!0r~ :.~i4 ex~elle'1t,;(JIJQ f}1i- ~bOft a-M,iJ,'IN>JAII

. fM!t 'ar~ ,poY[fJ'I1eil "Wzth Ant.mrmlal; ·Ftlm~s /&:~. ,.'

. 'Nd~ we fay, 'that ifthisS.pifi~~sU'nite'd·~th.

its.l::)yl;' jtwill be much.morevhe ;' , "'en,:"" ,

ri.cht;d. rherebye thUs; "Let yonr'Oy)'t>e' (/7

off' from' 'an Pdkaly ~. and :·t~eSpiIjt " " '

urtire(]' wich an arornarick Spirit'of Wine" -- .. ' ~ ........ ;.rl tharagairr united "with ihe'Oyl~ by pennerint~ . ~o~_,. 'Ci.rctrlati0!t ~ and ·tepeat~ Cdl1_6bat,i~J; .$ii.i~ until rheSalr, Spirit andOylanfe qnlted; __ :and '

fo you' aa\re ·tZn 'ejJinti ctiftll S 'rit om HRtrr- _ ~u

hOrij_,-C-iantum un,anum~ or what.yoH p tafo';:~ 'tis obfervable, that here the Urinous Foetor is . turned to an Arornadck .Fragrancy, and"bM U '

II Meili:!!!_e_!!/.o'lJ wh~t ]~ mal rein where T:eptfb~·' nJ~l'It is re'l!.trea, as a 0 or Jirengtheningthe Bra;'!>

a1ul!' StomiJck_, and ijarl{mQ__tiu{l,?u#tb C'n"a1lllm·

.,. Qther rich Spices~ fo that the fPecifick ~ir,t~~:be . "

: !- ~6 ~( '5 (,,{ '1'0 Cc'1:I.. d ~~~t. 51 /Z.a,x.1I1~~~ , . ,." , . . en" t1~9-rl;:i-l/' dn7-1:1t.~ f·., .. t J-~ h I' ~,' .. - .. ; . ~

-,r I ~ 'tf ' -/~ .- . ~(,.. .~ -.,. u·_··

, ;fr'6-;) L-()W - • _c ~",. . '. .~, " .; •• ';~ :~~ ,¥':'

\ .. ~~--~"------~""~

1,' "


( ;8 )

•• u,J tf) the tart af/li[feJ~ 't'lViO p'o v.~ a rich Jewel in the hanJ or an ;1Igeniot14 .MAn; and the mora,' efpecially it the Principles are bro~ht to a compleat harmony through the Di4e.lomll of

, . as .is largely Ihewn in our Spag"td Philo·

s Tryumpb, to whichwe refer you: .We therefore conclude this Chapter with this ()bfervation, which Is, That all Urinou$ Spi- . ~itS, none excepted, are Vo~atile ~lkalies, .~ is . eafie to .bedemonftrated by their oppofitlon to an Acid, making the fame Efferveifence as

a 'fixed Alk~ly doth ~ and alfo by the mortification of . an Acid; for Spirit of II rine wlll revive Mercury ;fo all Alk~lles ar,~ ,nob}e Medicines, none excepted: but there :LS a dure~enCtt between Alkalies naturally arur ffiole that are vol~mr~ artificially'; for there l,emg in·ther._n" · felvesongmally fixed, can never be fo far alienated from their fixed Nature" but that they t~ain.a power 'to touch the roo t of all fixed

, :Q,"if~f~" by paffing the Digefti~)n$ and diff"olving ~ll preternatural Coa~~tatl()~S they find

. in .ehe way j &c. - -Concerning w hich we have

. ~ written morelargely in our SplIgirick. Philofopiy' ~

.• - TrJumph, &c. to which we refer you: Arid 10

~e ,lbill end thi:.;, Chapeer concernlng TJrinON!

;W~.~.·.t~ /ft/~j~ff'7e'_f';t~hz:;rftfol

= . ~~_ C~4-· (_,.I!J t' _ ,~fTf'J ' ,

'I!' :', _~ v: l C '_ ,t~

.', 'p"" n,":' J1 "..J , ~-,ti .J..

~"~1/~~~ --:'? .. i/ ' ;; d4ii Ie .... tf," r:. 'Iw' ~ HAP.

gffj C;Z:c:ton . ',;.P-r,;.vrP fr~t!,C(~r-·

~.~~.~i. V

,i;.I-.. ". ._.

( ~9 )



Treats concemisg; powers and Oleofo~~. '

W·E Iball now pro:ee~ to f!tew tbe U~ and OfficeofVlnor:J Unnous and AL kalizated Spirits, by variol!s Applicarions, Inorder to the making of vanous Powers and O. Ieofumse 'beginning particularly with A.r~JDatick Spirits, and how they may be prepared' Co 'as to unite with Urinous ones: And firll: of the Aromaeick Water" called.,

. ,

. Aqua An/1altina_ fJu(C ~ imperialis Ji~~ ef1~

• &OfTurbithJ Mallick, Cloves, Nuemegs, Cinnamon, Galanga, ~~bebs, Bdeniur.n~ :~~ 3j .. Venice TU~p'entine 3iJJ the b::ft whlte'Vn:gin Honey 3Vllh the:Roots of G~rman Angell .. ca, .Marjoram, fnlall leaved Sa~e" La!e':lder~ Balm; 'and Lignum Aloes ana 3J· Having beaten and Jbred chern fmall, put them Inco.Ci Gallon R.e~orr~ and ,pour upo~ .the~~ve Puit~· of rartarizared and truly rctbfi d Spun of Wlne~ and' add. in of yellow Amber in Powder 3;; digeft;~:all two or t~ree days; and chen diftil .. firtt with a gentle FIre" and towards the latter end en ere ate it" rill an is come over'; then pur this -diHill'd Spirit iritoa. co.~venienc V <?1re~~~ha~ :you tpay flop it clofe, adding- thereunto of the ",..... Pow ..

. . O( ~o )

Powder of Coral and Pearl ana Jj, of the Qgeen of H«ngllTY"s W atertbfs, and after feven days, you may upon occafion give for Fits and oppr-. ejJion of Win.d; two or three '/po()nfuts in a Gla{1 of~ Wine ; _bu~ '" Office of Aromatizing wi/J be

Jbe~ heyellft~r. .. - . . , --,'

•• .c -#iLua Aromatic« Anti/elipt ica noflra.

. : Be- Of pur rarearizated Spirit of Wine four GJl~Jons ~. Lavender ~ ~ofemaryflow~rs ,Rofo . ' ,Solt!?. Flowers of the Lilly of the ya~ley., ana

. . "_ . ~(blJ~'_ Sage~ Det_t?ny~~13u~\ofs .. and Go~ni'p. ffq,.vers, aU. gather d 1~ their pr';me, ~pa MJ ; :Balm_, Mothcrworc, Bay-leaves, Leaves and Flowers of the Orange-tree ar.a, Mj:' or for ~t.Qrthem the Peel~; ~igeft dl~ in.,a gentle hear, like that of the Sun" and then diltil; -af~wards' take of Saffafrax 3vj, Cieroa-Ieeds Eeony.:recds~ ana 3iv ~ Cinnamon '3ij, ~.u~lTiegs: .Macc, Cardamums, Cubebs, yellow Saunders - ana, .J{SJ ,Lignu,m Moes 3j" Juju')eb,?s p~W ~llJ gOOd·ftoned ibis. Let them be all exactlypow r dere~ and macerated ~ and put them into a Dod!y( ~dl its blind Head; and pour upon them 'tbe.afore diftiU~d Spirit, and let thern digeU: 14 ,;Ia¥~' and then. diftil a fecond time: . Then ;a¥. to this diftilied Water" Pearl p~£ar~d" ~osk , . Am~ergreec~;,. ·Saffron" ana .91. .red R:€de-Ieaves 3h and bang them in a Bag in thq ~quor for \ ~en days; An(l~hen:l Uplm DCC~-

.: f1fJfl ~~t :you, mo.'! give .tr,m twenty to thirtJ ar.(lp_s

. ·~fi.f!IIlf!,tlJf WineJ :;"iIl1l1 C01J'fIi#lj~e F#~ wb~~.-

, " 6'Ue,.~

.. . b6I' ) .

eoer, For the 'ure of there Spagirically, ,pr~ ceed as follows:· . ,-

Be Of Sai .A~tafler lybi~~s"11Jj" of the white: fulphu~ous Earth" prepared as before di(e4t~ the like quantity; pound them well together - in an Iron Morrar, and "put ~ it into a Rerore, and pour upon it" of the beft rarrarizated Spi,: . rit of. Wine~ either 1bij or 1biij" as you :;"iU - . have It ftronger or weaker of the Sill AlIot·lJi. . and dia·~l by degrees of fire, till all is come ovec, . and when cold" remove it from the Receiver; .. thea reaifie it dins: Take of the Oyl of.commen Salt, fun per DelUjuium 3iv" and of Cin~ . narnon :macerated eherein, the, Iike qn~n.tity~ and -put into a . Retort" and in B. di{folv~ it olf; and -cahobate· it again thereon, and. diffolve -as before. . Repeat this a third tjme~ and yOiJ.~1 bave a neutral Spirit aromatized with the Ginnamon, and is the f undaeion of a true OleDr - fum ~. as a\[o Spiritll.l eJitivuJ· Alfo if YOIl dii+ folve ·in thi nerey lJ or ~iij' of Camphire i~ ?J.You have a noble Cephalick' Sp\~it;. which will alfo ferve well to bathe grieved parts. But-here proceed as follows: -. . .-

.J~ .

. . -?

.. -,

r r






... ;.



(62 )

cbymical3j" fhake them all together, and they will incorporate and unite" and by digeftion become a noble Oleofum. TheL>ofe· is {i'om 10 tD-10 'drops in a GJaj1 of Wine; pre·ualent in mafl . DiJeafes incident to humane kinds. . .

- .

SaJ Polatilis &1 Oleo_{u.t.

_ Be Of the Oy] of Mints, Orange-Peel, ana gr.xx; Rofemary, Mace" and Juniper~ ana gr. xi; i Cloves and Annifeeds" a02. gr. viij; the beft red:ified Spirit of Wine 5iv.) 'Tarear Jfs. ,

Let .your Sale and Oyls be incorporated in a Mortar for 6 or 7 hours ~ and then wafh ehemoue with your Spirit of Wine. in a ~lafs Body; digeft gently for 2.4· hours, then dlfhl and cohobateyour Spirit t\VO 01'. three times, until the Spirit and Oyls be well united, . •. =, Then Be of Cardamums and Cubebsana ~llJ. (or" which I like better" Cinnamon and N utmegs) Roots of . Imper"toria" Dallcus" Co ri ander-feeds , Orange and Cirron-Peel , Lignum_

. S~lIjTag. ana 3j;J~al Anotafter Libianus 1ij" Salt oi Tartu las ; macerate and beat all together, except the - Sat Anotiljier LibianuJ; and then put all together and diftil with a lent Eire, and there will come over a V olarile .Salc and Splrit.. which by often cohobation will unite to r • gether; then pour this Spirit upon Sale of Ta(car" to that it may fwim two fingers ;~abQve·.it" and digeft three days, und] it be ting~ .of 'a

. Gold colour, . . . (-', . .L. '

, " ',fDII


' ..

. ';;,: . .._.


Another •

, & Of the beft Salt of Tartar and Sat-Armoniack ana ~j" of the tartarizated Spirit of Wine from ttJ, eo ft,iv~ as you plea!e ro have it in ftrength,and put Ie.Inro a &dy ihcithath a Verge, and lute an Head dofety" and exad:- . Jy ehereon with its Receiver" and diail very ~ly off the furf'acc of the Sand" and there will arire a' cryftalirte Salt of dlv~~"J]g_t\.a:S..-in the Heaa" and into the· Receiver will COOle a Spirit" . wbich Spirit being mixed withfome Water" anJ put 'fJ the place a./fetfeJ" will ftilt the ,,,in in the Teetk; but for the Teeth 1tj of the Spirit of Wine is the true proportion,' . But for'the Oleofum, proceed as lliall hereafierbedireeted; but by the way obferve, that upon the Cap. mor;_. chat remains after difiillatioil" pour' good Spirit, of Salt , and you will have good fufible Salt, that lbaIl tinaw'e Spirit of Wine as red ~ a Ruby. I remember .. I once poured a:7'"" cerram Spirit of U rille upon a highly celli ..

. fied Oyl . of VitreolJ and with addition of 'a '~'Iitde Salt of Tartar, I had a fufible ingreffive -Salt, flowing like Butter on the Fire: 'Then proceed thus" Be of the aforefaid Spirit fuii-j, and ,puc it into a Retort" chen fake of rhe pu-

reft Salt, of '!arcar., and Oyl of Cinnamon, . Oyl Qf Annlfeeds, Oyl of Oranges" a Oyl

- ,;.;,.,:'J, pM . /?J'Z ~- FT,f."~ 'Ji,f,/J . ~ of .,."~.L

~f 'I;~Jf '&-.~-w.: '11-~?t~,,,J-...r 3f. ;V,"

~.f ' .-

- --"·f:<t~~ ... .-·

'0(', .

, ( 6).:>

Thi4 is a1l exceHmt Spirit, anJ may lie gi'll~ at, _ Mealr" jfom I S" tfJ ; 0 drllps in II GlaJs of

Wine. .


. ~.;~:.; -~ ~~-- -'c • ,~ .~

. - ~ I (~)

> ',,: " .Q.4 ..

,.of. 'Jupi~r ana ~h,".gfjp.d· ~J:ie~. well togeeher '.

'in 3~91aISMoner 'wjth ',,~e.Salt; and, fh~l,1 p~t . them. into, 'the Spirit,_.and dift~l and' cohobate CWO or three times" "fiU . .'all is' united. The

DoCe is the fame wl~lt ~.\l~ former. . .

~~---:: ~

. - ,~

. .

'. . l* Of-our Af~ A1J~~lfinfl ~Uji,' 'SflJr"l!l$qd~. tl'PIIS ~J~ Oyl of. Ant;llre,~ds~ Mau, Btl tIn" Junl' . PJ'f" aria ~i~ Oyl of Amber, ftaJ'dho.r,q,anJi S.t(Jne-coai" ~.na 3fs" the Vot~tilc= ,S~l~.Qf Amber

and lICJr.ts{h<;n"o, aJ1f1 ~ij ~ Sp.irir of6ardhorp fuB~, C\lmpbir~ 3iij, Salt _9i':rart~r prepared . asb.ec~~f(ei--lhall be {hewn" . 'ft v·; djgeft ~1l Ie-

III ven,Qays,'-arid rherr dift-il and cohobate till all .

\ '; is unjt~d.The Do!e is CJ.5·~he former.' .

. '{'M~ ,

. i~' The, Salt of Tartar ist~u~ pI:el?ared : R: Of

qr~Ct, .. / .ehe Oyl or T;_trcar per Dellq. ·tOJ, Cryftals of fl {tit Tartar 15(~; .diifolve·them mereln, and evapo-

rate to drin:~~· " .' ,

" ~al Volatili5, A.romati(;u$ & Olerljum.·;'

___ ~ or the V olatile Sal~ of ~c-rdbdrn.t: Anlb~.r· , Q~and Sal-l\rnloniack ana, and fublime them toL~O~~' gether" and you have an eX9~n~n~ Gepbalick; .'J-<>-t1 M .but it . may yet be higher exa.ted; if ,you de-

I ' i/ . .ftroy the ~oagula.ting fa~~lty of the:V 91a.~ I? :; -: Salt,,~na then enriche4.by pif{!ntial Oyts, rur::~ . _ . as of Juniper" Mace, Cinnamon an~ .·~_Di.

. £e~ds~ all put upon a·butt~rified Salt Qf:.r'lr,tar,

. an4

" I

- ..... ."

r. :

~. \.

- :_'=',;7J." '7' (. ,,'"

. ..... ('6 5 ).~.,:- '. . .. . . .>,,. y •

. . and adding. rhereunro of our.,.Aq. Ar(J1lJat" • .,4,,;. .... , tipilept. and Iubllmeand a1ftil as you do. in ma-. king the Volatile Salt- of;SaI-Al'moniack_, and-'

. you have a noble l('o!t!tiltf:Salt, thal't114Y be jme/l'J to; t14 alfo a Spirit , w.hich is fNch ~ Medicine liS 'Jl/ilJ never fail £{ raijing flme honour to aningenious PrafJiti~r ;~tisexceeJing :tr"grlln~~ atJJ thetiJiwi! '!'_ltybe drank. ·in 1J7ine at Meals.ne YirtueJ' '!f:.It.." are Q4 the form;!r oJ'.

4" • : ~ L -. ~ ~ ..

Thus having run through various Examples

in, Ole(J[ums', which are Iofficienr for anyone,

to underftand how to prepare others thereby.l~ ". ye~ we 'h!nk it convenient to add Dr r Th.omp- -\ [on s ~ which Dr. Becon bought of him ,. arid. . IS doubtlefs the Bafis of that Treadle" which

he publilhed under the Tide of a Key to Hel-

mBnt. ," ,


. ." . ~\

. G Of our butterified.SaltofTartar ~iv~ the; ;rr Effenti.a.l Oyl of Amber Jiv.,: Spirit of Turpen- 5'< _6·£.·· .. _

tine 3v ~ Oyl of Juniper-berries, (which is .added by -me) 3iij" aU l?hilofophically preparedj then incorporate your Oyls and Salts in a Glafs Morter very \yell " and . put it into a Recore .. adding thereu.,?to of the highly rectified Spiri.

. tm MunJuj ,3XtJ~. ~f the, Phllofophical Spirit of , . th: Microcofmical World_, I7 times recli&ed 1i>lfs". of our tartarifated Spirit or Wine" rectifi'd.-tlU ~,it .becomes '~therial1tlviij ;' being all .put togethe r ~ dra~·them over the Helm from

ba~~eri6~\Salt~·, of Tartar- ~ .and fpagiricilly u~~::'bemj 'andchus is it -prep~red. .. W¢ ·lhaU, .

Jt~P1 71_t#1:fiYiE~lJ/../?'J.J- r~ow. c '.

~.,aff C£1,1,J- t.,~ ~ ?-:If::-_' __ .: .

~6J . -r ~ ~ N74~-.'"

( 66 )

. now proceed to the Medicines prepared by it:

~nd fi~ft ?f the it.:J ~!Ir!t3 1~1JIl'

J~uJM',jn,~9M()~ ~. . .

._ ElIxir Proprietatis, ,

. 0 .

& Of Myrrh; Aloes and Saffron (in fine Powder) ana "jj; pour upon thern of the Adt,,prllum 11;j, and fer it in a gentle d igefiion nine days" then pafs it. through a Filter, .and to is, the Medicine prepared. It hath "ll tbe Yirtues" anJ more than can he attri~uteJ to any Elixir Propr. commune. Its Dole ;$ foom 20 t., 60 Jrops~ its

Beer or 1¥ine. . .

Dr. Thompfon' s Stomatick lzntlllre,· or Peppel" Drops.

&~Of this MenjlruMm one Gallon, of white'.

Pepper it;_, put in whole, of Oriice-roots Jij; gently digett and Ieparate by' filrradon S .. './l.

and referve the Tind:ure for ufe. . ' . .

1Fhich jtrcngthf1JS the Stomacb, deJh'OJs Thirfl· (.Ina ausles . Feeuers J helps InJigej1j('1Js:I tina clITes Surfeits;, find jlGpS ,,0 ki1f!1 of Fluxes, therefor/! of grellt crmfequence for the, be1zejit of M ankinJ.

The 7'in[fure Hemetil1e •.

. .

r' f}; Of ,Virginia Snake-root in grofs Powder 3i~; of [he Prtenflruum fl?j: Lee thi#; be !prepa-

red as the Tinfiurll Stomatic". . . . ,.:. .

, ~ ". ~ .

'. This is a- great Antidote againfl. l)~fori, ~iI.J pr."

"CJe1Itsthe e_ff"eCl of ImJ PefI;lmtial AirlJllp.t!tfower.;;

, . Now

"&-.,._;( ., _.-: .... , .,

,C 6,')··

Now In t~e Uke manner 'may you obtain a Secret for c~eS- out· of leCuitS,Ba:tk. " Th, !,JfJfo of, ,lJefo 'tP"e },M_t6e /Qf'mer:' buf for Agues~. !Q~' .'1,".' .~ ...•.. "ilie.··· ... ·.h.w..·· . '11. D,fo., twa J:.ff1J.' r .. ;110 0""" lnfi.lJr, tile ",.., ~ .' !,!!&. ~-YN,~ .~.

~D~m~·,. ~'~:~."!.:';' ,.-:, . . •. .~

·.'~·~Thtis"(Reader) have we taken thee bytt~~

~d~ 'and' brought thee t~t~e .pl~fanfGai:tietiS of Phylie~' ; where 'various ~~~ll~t Spe~fickS , are_a . '6ut: a:great bufineu 'lie$ ilo tb~ rrue p~~pa~

, radoll: thereof .~. arid for the' teacb~ng of whlChj

we~~.noti~p6r. upon'~~~:·~orl~. a ~,rine .. which we approve not· ourfelves, tl)4t ~s~ we

admit not"M,the' groG J30dy'·of·Specus.t.befor~ ..

aprCviou,~prepat'ati(nlji :fuch'ari One ~ wiUd. _

pen ~heir Crudities" alidfepara~'!heir V enoItiS~ . .,. ~'.

and voladli~ by i~ ~.rnt~nt\ltlv.e Power ,~he' , ,.;. .: _/ .. Guinmoftriesjand yet 'exa1~ their Bal&m~k C1fl.7-;1 .

Sulph~~ :fQ • that it. m~:Y.~ .rad~~lIY'· un!~~ . "I '.', with' the -5a1inc:...Property,': of which. Natun,:.ls >'" dtf . the Yo!iltiU:S,,/j ·t1{.7art .. : and ·moreprincip,al .. v/)';' . Iy the, S·IIZ. C"c"I~IMi:, ofPtiTtUtlf';_a . which Wil~ I' f1 ' .. prepare ,fu~h '.M~iciti~J·· ~ ,will .rea"y ov~r. · '.:. come DileafeS, 'and by their lubtd, fragrane, and baliamick Nature" are prevalent tomainrain . long Life; but fince ,thefe arc; not to be obrain'd by every' \fearcher, r Ih;dl le~ '!DY

. hand to help fuch by ~ can~id Com~~l~at~oli

of thQ, way .of making ..... , . .. '" -'. .r

" .

.: -.'

.", ,'PiI~~

. ,

',,_ ~ .. , ~ _. .

. ... .

• -11

" ! • ~, .. . _'. - .~ •

.. -" ... :-~. ~":'>c:~~_.-:-~: .-; .;~:i;,c-.· ', .. ~,-.-:-:.~:_- .. ,'~.\,::~~~:'.I .: , .,~~:.li;~~rd

. - - ...... - ,-

. :,- ... -

( ~a .)

... : .. .;. _-

I J., I •

. -.. .......

. .

.::, j

~ r > •

~ .....

" " "~

." ..

. ,."',. ".~'

;_" .... -=--- __ ,;...-;':=--.-._ . -_;:-- - _. ~.-.r_

. . -~

. ( 71 )

the bottom" and the clear drops of. Water begin'to look like Oyl in rheGlafs., then with an Iron cut off the Neck; for 'cis enough.. when it (licks to ehe fides of- the Glafs ;- being open" pour to every J·iij, fbj of rich Cinnamon Wa.cer, .or rather our Neutral Spirit, which is the

Fo~nd~tiofl_ of our SpjrjfM~ Seda~i~u~~ .'or that which IS made by the U mon ot Spirit of U-rine and'Spirle of Wine,,_ and aromat!~ed ~it!l .Cinnamon; and then tor ehe SeJAtl'VtI4" rt IS '

put. upon .Mrrrh., Aloes and Saffron., and cohobated' tWO or three times in B. kL and fo you may this : . for the moift B. win bring up 'the Effence of the Concrets into theSpiric by frelh Diftil1ations or reiterated Gohobations.J which

.the volatile Salt .in this Menftruum' will' perform. and when the Operation is ',over., and the ~ces of little virtue, you may add to every. Pint of this Liquor of Musk gr. j, arid of Ambergr .. gr. iv ~ _ being ground apart~. and ' ehentogether, and put in.before your lalt Cohobarion,

This Spirit being' digefled in a heat almoft

. infenfible for Months rogerher, (the longer the better) contracts a J~btil> baljamick.,foagrIJ1tt No .. ture~ whic,b relieves the .Archdtss~ and [o conquers the fury of moft Dije'ifcJ. For chis.faichful Communication be very thanktul.

. .

F~ tbat its Virtues are many s 'bein.g pi'ivaJent in Feave,.J ... MeaJles~ Smalt·Pox and Swine· Pox, 4ntl ,many. 'Other Difoa{e-s ~ concerning whicb. we ,,0I41J 'Write very la,ge, III alJo of t be a[ore{tdd,

F 4 Pr~


:N.ow, we having in this Chapter treated'of .Oleofums and P0?oCrs, .. , w hich being.liqo'id;thi9gs . ~a~)p.·.an eo be given lll .. drops" we .-chi~k itcon: vepJent for _fome .Palares, .ro add romecbing: of

,thJS, nature inform of;aPJl1. "~ ':. " '

l _' .' _ ! .

- ... - .

-Pil'uJa,~A1!,!diliq;"'SpecifiC'ata' & Cathar'tica!·

',j ,;Or, .The Friend~y 'Balfamick,PilJ. :

!r •. ~, ~ ~ _ ~. •

• j " Wh~fe ~~ture and' VirJ:ues are fuch~ rhae it roperares as Naku:e ~oDld have it" in: order to . cleanfe , theDody .ifrom. ehe root. <>'f Difea.fes

't'j:!&., ~Y. S,peat", . Urine and Stoo!~' and (oJne~ ~,tjines with VQmit, and orhereimes bY_"llfinJible Tranjjirt1.tion ~ according as the o£c.lfiohafrtJacter wants to be carried' on: '

;; B: ,Of .rhe Vo/a,ile Salt of Tart.'r illij" or for

t.. want of that, the purified Bueter of ~lt9'; "Salt ....,..~.-, "Jor l\'!l.be~ 1tlrs " Opium cle~nred frotn all i~, _'V:. fileh. Th) ; mcorporaee ehefe; till through ingrelS

r is made:,intothe,Op~um_, and loris cor(e6l;ed by.

dl~fe .Vola~.le Salts ;..then· addo~: the··qYl<of' .. . Saflafrax 31V, .Oyl'of amber 3ill~; .of J'Siuii- ._

. . . feeds, .


':.A' .•

. .. ~

( 74 ).

~Atimt. ,111 tl1 {~pi ill . Bed ~ 'I,.~i/l i~meJiatell ~iJl!erfe it [elf. through the Body, tmtlfortifo the I!Ql.l1Jt.!}ib 'f Li{l ~ and fo -. expels P"if01J in any part 'of the . ..JjoJ'3 &tlrYlmgit7Of{ by ·aft the ETfltmCforiesJ .tw.. fllcb a·w,!? d.f / Natllr:e 7J,!ants to be difi:harged:

T/:Je .. jrienJIy "nJ vjrtuoU4 NlZtuy~ that ~"i.t Pin is ;naue4 withlll, ~liIth ,beetl foy.{ome : (ears Jemo1tljlra-

ted.·. . .. ' ..

. bJ fine, t/Je;.~rore 'ts .preva/en~, in mojf Di{eafes ';~&iJe~t to tb« . BoJJ j'. but· partjcu~'TlJby its abfler. ji'TJC Nature and flpacative Virt« ~ J it P/lPi.fi!.s the' , enrnged Archeius, and by thM rnenns- injinuateJ

it [elf il1~1J tbe languiJhing F(}unta.i~ of Life, ana 'performsmHch to the Patients content and PbjJi· ~i.a7l~ b01l01lr, l.IP,~llJm .: Surfeits~, Colds, Coughs) ljluxel., Fell'lJirl, PJ~ur.ifie~, Cfllc7Jtures, Hellti-achJ

. 7;"oQth.achj the tiifliUingof #lItnors.)cIlOea C~tarrhs, ,. .

.~/Ji~!, 'deforoJs the J:.f!'IX'~'; /lifo ?ti4 Pr.e#fJalelll in thl }'";1IIof 'he, BrellJl:~ ~ Tremblingl o/tlu: He,art~. gi. ,wng the BloflJ· ~ftT.TPtntatipn~ ~nJ cleanjing it #.~~ [uperj/uitus ; ana 'Ib_erefore J'r~alent. in the ;JaunJice~ Dropfo~ SciP'v.J~ Gout:. (.nJ ~1I inveterate

. Gtmorrhetl s.J ana fe'tJ_er~l otber Pi} ~aJeS.7 #I '/1!J(l..J bt;.

fte~b.J '. . .'


,". Its 1)'0.#' ana Application.

: ': Fer Any of the:'afar~~nAmeJ D.foafes,· you mtl}1 _~P~ .{he. big~1tJJ.of "Iar.g~ gray 'pI'.',. a~(l.~~ink it

JIYW~ with" Gla.f1 fi[ Mu/J~J SIA'.ci, Or hD~. Mace :,4lej lind being· in .. ~eJJ ·:t!if}D{e your !elf. to {weat. ~'fhilJoeJ exceOe~t i" Ih.e ~;ng's_.Eru,il,k4iJfles,Smll{J· _po:JC~ 01' S~j"e"P~:c, '- to~i"g the Vet!~1Ii_e.ftflm·!!:e .JF.leRrt. '. &or


. . ~


• 0

:; .. -

. (t ~15'~) ,

-'. 'Ft!' AgIUS ;:. jIJu: ""9 ~Ah ~~'Il:' .~h~~ .. 1n_p'! "4 tbe k_ligejf gr(I_J '. Pe •. ~ ! ~'Ill In,,l .,t •. ?»~th,· .. ':Ptfl1l7J11nt'b lof Armifee3.?Vlllter,· mid ¥!#·1»II.t:IJP~.,tf' IS wjll lye "PIn! .a, Gr~'!t;, 47J H.~UT ~ ber~e.tie Nt~ 0 tmJ· [iPellt flmtiftJJJ "!'.' BeJ~ JrI1l~'~(i rJ!tt~ :1#IfotiJlIf"~ . MiwIg_QIJ ottiCI#J_1I1H p_offit·arml ; \tDIf

·t.,e~""ue~ 1M"":. ~~ti"',":~,,~;,~¥~

:;,,::. For SW.OtmI1lgstmJ. CtmtrJu!!imss'#' rtluji'_ ~e. ~ •. /t,m.·;n our Spiritus Propbela& impeJ.;hdis~' J~. IlIteJ to " Cflraial; and for Virulent ObPrus.ions~

jl:.NJu'p be:take1l ';71 :·Wr/iife.W;ne·e'CI"7'.Ni$ht;going ·1D..BfJ.;~ .. :..': ., > t~.-:' <,.~':":'-'.-' , . _": t b ~:t' . .- _- .'

~FDr F!lfxes and rllGh...:Dijl~per.s. i1l ~.1P.iiiDmj:"4I

f1JigkriJy Jebjl#pt~s the~ oJ ;'1" ~JlljJ ~e takm m (J Glaft of Sack ",,,Il'd 7:Piti!C;nnR"'Dn~ IN before

directed. '.' .

r FOT th. GOllt ana Rheumllti,{ms of the whole BQ.o J,., let it be 't"lIken irs our Vinum Vitz' proprietatis .. botb dilated in Q GI"./f of Rhenifh Wine, !weMing- pl,nti(uIJJ .. in . Bcd;l" ilnJ 'ari"ki'iig n(iiii"'an'f17hm

~ liule Spiritus Mundus, ana barbing a1lY p 'PeJ ptn't with the {gme; thi4 generaUy eaft! a~ f»'i-ee taking. It J;''ViJis al/o thtl ClDas cif BJooJ.· ant! breaks inward ImpoflhHmes~ carrie» off their" .MRtter lind. heRls them; fo it dotb Br"ifes ImIl

B'Juats. . .

Now for difficult} of making Water, the Stran-

. ~uty!) ; the Stom ~1J the .Bladder ~ or Gr,,~el ;11 the Rtins antI KidneyJ~ procetJ thtls.: B: A . Pint of Walte·wine wherein Q bllltk, Flint hllth bee" /everAl . ~i11les 'luencb'a;, and then JiffOl7Je gr. xx. of the !'till t~ere;n~ mId fweelm ;, witb 3iij or i7J. of Mtlrfh-

" £ . .s» • L9 ~"lIfJWs~

{l } l.. - ( l,A.f. f,-CI ~ lIn c » hi, ~- t;j.. ... •.

{ .~ I$. s o cu.,. V" tc -rtJ ---.- .,,, ....

, ,

-. "_


. ~ . , "

__ , :"/Tb~: ~t\ch'may-,,'fnffice _ for this --ChaPter~ we fluiD now proceed to that or M.enjl.,.ulI1nsJ ~d· Miner-.l Prep!-r~tions.~·' '.'


...... ~ ~'~~) , ~ .

" .

_., "", t "

. ', ' ... -'.. "'-


_.. .... " ,_.-


.:. ........ -~ ,.-

,) . "


. \ -

'--' .....



C B.A .~


... ........

. , ...

.... "

(. 71: ) .

. ._ . .' ~ ~

. ' - '

.. "', : '.1! ~ ~ \ ~ - ':" !

.... , -.: '.,_ i-.-'~:'''· i. .. ~

_. , .... __ ... ~ ..... -"

" ,

. - -. . , .... ~ .

~ .. .- .. ,... ,-,"....

.. .

,_ .. - ' -' :." .

, '

, ..

. . . 1.?:~atf ~_~1!c~~~~ni: ~~~Jj1umSi~~i~!i:~~~~,~;


~~t~W(lr4 ~~5,6gnifi~~W~~; ngurilJles tbe. mJlltJpJAcat1v~ PQW~rjpl,-t~~r,\~tJ~

. tl¢. 4~tI1AI~: Ytg"'4b~~fJr Jt1inera~, Kitlgt!q'1!J ta~'" therefore muff ~th~T.1niv~rfof,· Sfiril~; concen-

t~at~ by: .~ the. . fulpbur91:ts EO'1:D ~ ~~~. fee~ng.: there, is but one ge~e~al Mat~~r~ ~ whence ebis U~i<uerfot Spirit is.obtam~d, {o by" conlequence, in t~e' Mineral KingJ~",there _ can properly _ be. but one hom,gmeotH ~flruum~ which dU)p,lve$, ~y .way' ;o~ Mul,~pli(;ation_: but this ~~.ifg !P.o-. ken of 10 lCSpl'ope,r place, we JhaU ormc re here : iq, ~qat: this is only meqti_onc:d to prevent <;r~ . tieL: and feeing the word 15 generally underflood to be that, by' which Bodies are difro~;'

~f' a we ft.tall eherefore proceede . ~~d firft

Menftruum. VrinQ-acidHm.·

Rear. the. higbeft rectified. Spirit sf Urin~ 1Djj and put it into a l~rge. Body with a lIar{qwMouthJ ~.pour gel.:n}y o~-i~,of:.the.~;g~

tprellifo4 Spirit. o!Yinegl!r youcan m~ke .. _.~.I.J! til. ic~ is. .a~ciatCd. and 'cwill&ivc' ~~!'.nHpi~

l ,_ , FleglD

, (,8,)-

Pl~m" ~lld,i~J~e. F,l~g~ _is nee ~[lPic!1 yon mtift~ur on, untd It, IS; then ,very gendy draw off ehe Flegm';.and.if the Salt is not well fatisfied~ r~peat, tlfe 'former Operation untit'it"j~;t., and then dUtil-in, ~eof degrees, a~ 1aftly~te&ilie it'; "nJ~iti4' not, 'Ms!' a gOQIl'Mfti· ftruuni~~I!t, alfo 1m, ,~x.ceOetit '~~Jicj"e ,for, the Difl-1I1!s'of ~h_e J!.ars~': _~~-\~~~hn; f.~ ~J ,(,t.h~ ,lJ.o'!i~ A1(o, If yqu --take :~y-·'or',~h~- ~orefald/~olitilC'" Salts:(tha~ 'are fublimt'dJIi"tM. (:-hiPter:'qf~,Oi; I~tifllini'~ .eiP, ~~iany '*li~t::of '~h¢'~hifd~~fcrl~~ ti~~)"·J.iY;·~~~~f the ~ft S~i~tof,'~~Vi~~Viij'~F.': i6J~ the 1 ~hlCh, put ,In' 'by II(tleanU' htt1e~ll'the' Salt'is 'affatiated r and 'dte~ evap'or~tc··tlle~ Flegm and, .put it into a Retort; ~ ~d diftil by' degrees of fire ~~at' lafrgivip;g ~ v~'::y ftr~ng) one, . and when -cold on ehaewhich r(!mainS~'ihth.e, bottom" cohobare the £lid Spiri~,: andconcenrraee it to,,' that it may -become fiery'] ',-repeat . this 'O~rationby freili additi~ f~r- f or: 'five . times,ima jDiI'h~ve d [thle15ijJ'Ol1.'~i'for c"lI.bl~'IIes PeRrls- Talk anJ many other t/Jino-'.s,.' '0. '. .;'.'

v=r»> ~ ~ J o·

_. .' i

. .A»oth~r for diJ{aI'Ving oj"Talk:': , '

Be, Of the s. ArlnO~. nexcfollowing, fulS., and difiOlve it in 1bij of the 1lrongefl:\',dt:et. 4ijfiU(I,,,,~. from. Wint; you can get,; pu~,~l~in~o a Retort, and difti1 it '~ Sand~: and~ 'g~.e 'it a ~t<;lng fire at the laft ;" and then :c6hbJl~te it anew on 'what 'remains .in the bottom' bf 'the Retor~'; And .rhen difi:il'ag~D; ,'repeatmgUtl~ til a' Ioui'th 'time; and i laftlYi! reaifi=~ it: V~

- ry

.-.# ,. "


. ( '79~)

_ .

ry well" and by it felt~ 'and '. fo· is. your - Mi1ijh"uumprepared. : . ,'~ "" .. " - " .

. '

r» mal. yDllr S.·Armoniack.

-~Rc Of the Salt of·POt-aJhes;.; (or for 'want 'of. thae, '~{C that of Tartar). and' common S • .Arlo __ OIJiacle.~· of each Wj; .whichrednce inro;a Pow-

der, aDd"p~lt',it i!,~o a 'Gl~~ ;" a.rid pour th~reo~ , the reebfi d 'Spine-,of W,lne 31V" .and lute, wen

, thereon its .Head, witba little Receiver dter~ untQ" and,::diftU foft1y~bn ~ ehefurface ' of, ,the Sand" 'and-there will a ·lea-c; -at; -it) the He~d of di~ers fo~m~:" .: __ ';>,~,;, '.," i: , vtJ_lll-ht .... A~U ..... '1:

..' ... ".~. ...', - :_:-.~. I "'"" "",', -:. , .... ~. •

. Be C?f,tbe _fi!lc farced .~C?\yde~ of Talk Jiv.; .

the whlc;b 'put, mro a MatrJx" and poor- thereon of the aforelaid Diffol~ent JviijJ and digeft the fame: for r f days , and the. whole wUt: become like Milk, ehe which 'pouroff by incli .. nation into a little Body,' and pour on that which remains in the Matrix of your frelh Menflfuu:m~ al}d dige,ft again for 8 days, and there ,,"'111 arife more of the aforefilid ,Milk which add unto, the other ,i and- the which evaporate on a vaporous B. as much as wiD rife" and, you'l have a remaining Milk fomewhat· thick",the which pour into a Retort of 91afsweUlut!!d" ~nd diftil in Sand ~y d~ees~ and. there will anfe an Oyl ·like that of 'Turpennne, ' , ' . - " ' '-.'

- . ,Obferv:e, That 'Tal~ : difi"olved by the fec;rc_t _ '

~:flNllfJ'lJ!Uj of the WIfe .. will produce a'ti-Oyl vd~' /1:'-

. __. which ~ I .

. ". .:"~

~( ~8.0 ) which.will-whiten~iet aU wbi~e.;:and .turn-

.eih 'a, black Hat intc(a-:gray. - _'. . '. .

-., ", -;': -., -~ -'-I.- ". :T_ .. ••

( 81:· )' I

Alkalies, they are really fixed by the Acids.Concerning which we might fill a Treadle" but feeing thefe Examples are fufficient for any ingenious perfon to build his Operarions'upon, we fhall defift therefrom" and iliew the Way of making Acid ·Menftruums:· And firft of .. ,: __ '-: .

. ,; .

MenjJruI!tn acidf:J'fJ Radicale ~welfare. .Be GoodVerdigreafe of Montpelier 16iv,fine-Iy _ pulverized, pur it into a Cucurbir, and pour upon it -the beft Spirit of Viriegar" that it may ftand fix Inches above the Matter':I ftir it often with a wooden 0[" glafs SpRtt~la ~ when tinged wid~ an high green, decant and pour on freJh Vinegar J and extract all you can" till there be

. not aboveJy' of Feces left. '

No B. That if rhere remain many Feces after, the fourth rime of extracting; you may let the Spirtc of Vinegar and the Mateer be boiledro .. geeher', until it have got all out that poffibly

~an be got out. . . - _

. ..!\ ~~ there Tinctures mufl: be filrer'd through

Pc;'~'<~~' or a Fufiian Bag, and what. win norpafs, extraa wid'} new Spirit of Vinegar. [N. B.] That- all the 'Tinccures mutt be as green" and .

'clear, as an Emerald : Put all thefe TinCtures togeth~r on a warm B. Me Evaporate to a skin,.

, . and then put your Pan into a very cold place, orin Watet of S. Armonia&.., to fhooc for 24- hours, and you will find there a fair blew V,i~ ~t; .then evaporate again" and (hoot as ~.~ as long as any thing will fhoot~ by ': :,~. ~"~.' . -. G. reite ..




<c a2. )

reirerating your Evaporation and Cryftali~aw

tiona ' ./

Nt B. That if your Cryftals be foul towards the latter pare of your Operation, diffolve them in frefh Spirit" evaporate and cryftalize .as before': for they mull: be all molt pure and tran-

Ilucid. -

Then dry tQ_e fair blew Vitreol betweenPapers, on a Furnace in-a very gei.ltle heat or elfe you win .hurr them very -ruuch : you :nay proc~ed to a ne~ diirol~tion wit h. freih _ Spirit 9f VInegar" until you difcern that the Vinegar In a gentle B. fends over nothing but an infipid Water.

" Digeft upon this well purifi!d and dried

i:. Vitreol an alchaHzed Spa V. rhree fingers high_~-:. and == times diftilling it ?~. ffi_OU- gently ~ each nrne, and after every diff llation adding

~ frefh. - ' .

:J _ . Pour th~s choice Vltreol_,bei ng very finely

,~ powdered Into a well coated H .. etort with a

""..: large Mouth going four Inchc; into' a large

... !lcccivcr; ?1ak~ 'an faft wi ch c. Bladder dipt

-"~ In the W'htre ot Eggs and CJui.::k Lime· - but

"._.1 firft mind to cleanfe wen the Nf:ck of th~ Re-

'-.4 -e tort with a F~a(her. [N. B.] Tbac the Joynt

~ _ of your Retort and Receiver be very clole.

... _~ 'Then difHl in fuch a Eurnace, as you rnay

~~ <;:onFl~ftanbd a}l (he degref,;s of fire. _

'- ,'if egln with a-gentle fire tor ~4.f~ours,

-:i;t to procure clear drops, fo as you may count fix

":' between each drop; at the enc. of tour Hours

twill come a green Spirit with 1~9'~~S; ~~pp.~·i.

7' ,i7l' ;v~JU,"'fl V f f. /,h,.,. ~nuc

. ~_,_.,..... Cu .. rrz: et/1YL- Gj TU_ - ~-Vi .1r-f/Ji.:;. h"*1f'

D _ _ .,:~MW!~ tW1_') ~i ~~ p- ' a?hrl/b)

~~.L......~ ......... ~ ..........

- • _,.,:.;c- )--.~':.7

. -; .. ......_

C S3 )

nue this Diflillation five Hours" with a Fire of one degree ; af~~r this -' . begins to . come a yellow Spiric, ~l11Ch by Iirtle and Iirt le [urns to

~ednefs, which isrhe fign that the Oper;~on IS ended. . The whole Operarion requires fir. teen ~our~ to-compleat this Work, having had a fpeclal care. all along,'. and it muft be, done in .a light place,': fa chat you may govern it by th7 Colour, Drops and Furnese all being cold; with care _ unlure this Iubril Iulphurous Soiri"t, . and pour. it into a clean 130dy ,with a Vc-rge" to l~te on It;Head exacrly, and put it into a . ge_~t~e B. a!1d you'l fee your Spirit alcend, like SI-:1rIt of WIne ; encreafethe hear, till no more will afcend, a''J.d YOtl have a Spirit oj' more ~irtue than .T_ongue can exprefi, whether for -Menftrl;um or MedJ~'l1.e.) and t~af in a -urord we. mal lJeak our e,:perlence" whofuev_cr J11all have Tt!cOtfr[e to.__tki4 Spirzt" a$ a Jure refu.ge in many Difoafes, that derIde

. and cont ern» rbe. moR He'rctllcan Rt!meiieJ PJalJ find a Medictl"!fmt not robe 'V.;JHed b)' any price whf;ltfo.ever. c /IlM---£~' ~~j'1Jd:J...,. I 7h~ . M~'I1ftrutJm 1}Jill vo!atilize Sal~ of Tartar~ =s r~

and dij]olve Pearl, and rno Fi other Boeht,s. , '4' til ... C•

: We Ihall now come [0 [he; rnaktng Acid Spi ... ;" 'IJ t ,I

rrts ; And firft of _. J~ "

~rhe Spirit of Nitre .

, Be Of Salt Nitre" and twice 3S much Bole., prick-dun or burn'd Cloy , and frame ir into little Bans, to prevent nlel_ring, and put it inro .al1( ~(ltthen Reto1-'r, and dilHl by' fire of degrees, .

. \. ' - . :' G 2 " " until

', c: ...

'. -_"", .' ,:_,--" • >'.:..':'1':+.' +

~ ...

, ( 84')

until ~all is come over ~ and then I"I!Ctifie S. A. Or you may prepare it, as Glalfber hath prefcribed it in Part I. pag.2;_ How ic may be &0". ~entrated fo, as to become a powerful Medicine, fhall be hereafter fhewn. Afi'er the fame' way may the Spirit of Salt alfo be drawn.

. Bur we b~ft approve of a Spirit tf Salt made from the Liquor that runs from tb~ Salt,' atretic is boiled and lies in heaps, wbi ch is by rhe

. Salt-Boiler called Bittern: ~Tisal(Q to be had at the Salt-Me':'chants at Billingjg~tl!z funning away from the heaps of'<Salc, ~h~:eh they call Brine; 'tis of colour yellow:J fat and unctious e If this _ have its Flegm evaporated aw_ay ~ and drawn over with a. ftrong fire ir; a Pot and' Cap, and be violently forced ,as long as any will come, and thenrectified S. ,.(~. you have a

moil: excellent- Spirit of Sale. .

_()yl of Vitreo.l.

~ -.

... . - .. ." . _" ,--:- . ~'..... . .. . .

" Rc C~l'pertU) Di:lnt%..ick. or Raman Vit:reol:l and calcine it in an earthen Pan" then pound it into grofs Powdery. and put it in ear .heri Retorts. anti fet it in a Reverberatory -; ~r.d lute on the Receivers, and give fire by dcgrees ; firft begin gently till all is warm, and then. encreafe your fire moderately for 24 hours, 10 as to keep the

~ .Receiver full of Fume ; . thus' continue .eo en. create the fire from 24 hours to 24 boars, for tluee days and nights, and at Ian force Ieover with the moft violent degree of neat, ·tbat;·· can .be, When the' Operation is over, 'let'aUC90I; re·

.( .8S )

remove and red:ifie' the 0.11 from its Spirit.

For the. Oyl and Spirit of Vit~~ol" you may alfo .w,?rk as Glauber h~th laid down in pag.'I7.

ef hM foconel P ar~ of P hJlofop~jck Furnaces. .

. Now with ADom and' Nitre~ after the fame manner" may be made AF. which being ·reai. lied" diflolve a Penny weight of Silver in an O~~ce t~eI"e?f" and then caLling that 1nto f:5ij or lIJ~. will give fucb a Ferment to ir, as that 'twill. a& the more kindly in diflolving and' feparanng Gold.and S_ilver.. fl. R. is nothing e1re but S. ArrJ1ontacN. ddfolved In the aforefaid AF. and this is for [he diffolution of osu.

The Wa_y of Trying of Oars 3 and the SeparMillg ofMt!ttal:J;J and to Refine" Cnpe] and Tefl by Cone lind f!.!,art;> "}ViII be (hc'Wed under the Title of the Separation of Mettds.

, Now, .fi:eing a_ll.Acid and Corrofive Spirits are hereunto fo ufv-flll ~ we could-not omit it here .in [his Chapter of l'Y1enjlrllutns": Now 'tis to be obferved in the Re~jfic~~i?~ of Acid Spirits, as Vinegllr~ Nitre, Vltreol,: 'S_e.a, Salt) Salt Gem, . or any other that will yield-an Acid Spirit by Reverberarion, that their Flegm comes over firft.

. Now feeing the true S_pi?"t: or. Sal« and Spirit of

. Nif7'e~ are the two ACIdItIes we mofily efteem, . ('; ..

·.~e fhall Ihew th: C?~cenu'adon of the Spirit .{Jo';;"~"

~r Ni_tre', .I?y whJ eh ns made more powerful '·ft ·1"' . 'in .' DUI'~utl~n ~ according: to G]« Pur. /11 .. 1;";:-' -: ··r

"rIO: -'. ; .. , .

..... ,. _ . .. _J • ,.' "_

'-t-'}~(fnl' J~t(f,fteJ.Itj-G J l7.~~j('I''': t(,WI.-& '._' - . {fr! CJ. u<fI~' (..1! (.'1", ~-11? f~n;·tJ ?y-_ ,,"I.{l.l'1t. ;~-':-t£l4l J/- du.r.

e: e~.JC.y nc. c:«; "r(J11-1t' r.:ti a,(t."" a-If M;ir

.r.'" . , ') I' .

. ;.,fflt!J.' , .... ;' '""".

. . ~ ., ~-. _-.:

- -"..._ .. ,

, ~.

"2L:...~~c:..~jl ................. """'""-,.L ....... ~


C 86 )

. ,

~ }).nd diffo\ve in one Pound of the Spirit of Nitre~ 3iv of Lapil Ca!aminari:s, put .rhe Solucion-into a Glafs Viol., upon a V2 porous or dry B. that {he Fkgm tl)ay evaporate by little and little" (for the Lapis Calaminar~. holds all the Spirits" and perrnics the Flegrn to go off) and the Spi.,-it of Nitre will remain in the Viol like Oyl. Take one part of chis concentrated Spi,.it of Nitre, and half a part of Oil of Tiles or U?czx" put chern both in a Glafs Retort well Iured , and force rhern out (hy a Diftilla.tion in Sand) fi·o·.n the concentrated Spirit into a great Recciver , and by this Clperation "twill be far more pen.etrJ.tive [han it was before:

I~or [he Spjrit of Nitre being by . concentration . by the Calnmil1aris freed frorn all its Flegrn, and _feeing it is thereby become the more accraci:ive~ and can find nothing' elfi: that it might atrracb, it affociates to it {elf all the humidity that lyes bidden in the on, and which could not be (eparated by the former I)iftillation_, and hereby brings to pafS., tbat the Oil d_!!th neceJJari~

c.r'''If'~_/J .10 1, !;ccotYJC tno~·e. ftlbtil a'Jui ~rjiC;icio!t r--;yea1l!penetra- t i-oe , as that It perfo1'l'J1etrJ wonderful thtngs:I eJje.

cially in the effecl-s of the Matrix , rf}e-1v"hicb 110Ught

. but very fubtil Spirits can heal" and -u/bicb tho{e

. a,.tf) ::. concenu'ated Spirits C.1n do "'/J~re t;erttli,,!ly and ft· _

4-t>i£'/!:.i?:Jellrely" than al! the other j1.;learca1i1ents In the whole

.. a. t WIlr/d. After. the fame marine: is the Concentration and Purification of the other Oils .to be pet'fornlcd. We Ihall now {he w their Dulcifi-

cation; And firft of . -_ .'

dI- .~1j -d-" :- rJ.. V'Z-' '~1J-trtt ~ e7' (l'1j7.'lVl-y.~ .

. ':t~ c b ~~1"t ,I . . .

' . ... ~,


I '.

Spiritus Salis dl41cM.

& Of the aforefaid Spirit of Salt highly reCtified fuj" ofe/Etherial Spirit of U7;ne fuj» pour your Spirit of Wine gently. by drops on the $Pi-:ril of Salt ~ and then gently digeft .. 24 hours, and then dilril in a Retort',~ich a large Receiverwelliuted, and you [hall have come 'over a

fweet Spirit of Salt. After the fame manner is

made the f70eet Spirit of Nitre~ which are." noble Specificks in the cure of thofe Di{ea/es 'Jvhicb are

caufod by ObftruCiions;, and subere the Blood is not

in a due fermentation, &c.

. . .

Oleum ritrii f!J Spiritw Pin;:. Or Ra- , ur« Drops. tf-- /71-&"1''''';£.·. fI"~~~~:L ~~1{p .'

I • G

Be Of highly red:ifi'd Oil of Vitreol1tJj" high.>" (J~ ?_

ly re8-ifi~d Spirit of Wine "fuj .. of the Tartar ofIl 1..-1· .

Vitreol well dulcifi'd 3iv.,1 aU put into a Retort-j, tTY and diftilr'~ over: 'T'hele are the white Drop.r:>umL.. .. good for Wound~, Epilepfie:> and Palfle. Now if CJ~ig you diil:i1 without rhe Tartar Qf Vitrcol~ you will c'\~ .. r·· have remaining a red' Balfam in the Retort' '. whence you may make the rea Droes1 by ad •. C1 .~ ding thereunto equal parts of tfie Spirst of 'Wine: .I, ~ ~

. Digeft rhem 1:4 days in a gentle heat,,"and t~-

then are they prepared. Or thus: - .. , t>

" .

:. . ~. Of the. Oi{.of "l7jtre~1:fuj~highly re.c£J;ifitd :Ol ••.

: Sp~r't of-Wine ~XIJ, and .digeft' them till rhey ~...

. »come red. After the fame way may be dulcified

"'\.': G 4 any .

( 8.8 )

my Acid Spirit whareverj concerning which, ~e'could run out a large difcourfe: but having ~ven there as clear Examples" 'Ne Ihall con-

,.plude the reft may be underftooc.... .

Having' proceeded thus far with Acid and -Alka/y and their Union for the forming of a different Nature from, either, as may be feen in the foregoing Chapter o(~a/ts~ alfo the.Uni .. ~b~'J 6"?n o~ Acids and UrinoiiS Spirits~ as m.ay b~'feen . I m this Chllpter of MenflruNms, a1[0 the UnIon of r (-*~vCAcids and ~inor .SJl.i.rits; we iliall now come to . T ''''.lbew how A~id Spirits ~re mor tifil~d by AJltaly~

·1">cA·;·( £0 that both may-be ftill'd over Ina: Volatile pt-L. Spirit; which prepared MenftruI.'ms come un ..

& ~~. der the Title of Arcana Ponti 'u at e : And thus

:- I_ may be made a, no 'e tartari%,,(;Jie~'_§p!,.it of Pi-

P .2·!I'treol" Nitre or any'other; but, fa' the perfor- . mance thereof" true Art and La Dour is required I as alr~ e .kn?wledge o! a. Jl:t:oper ~

ge,,'~ & • ~~. tJ*.1fef1lJ";gJ~U-~t'--

}o}!") IS Me s fhore fightednefs. ill this point,

7~~at is the caufe why there is run in the World . JC1. fuch a great complaint amongft the P,·aCiitiD· . ,:1Jers in P ~lfick. for want of true arid propGc S,l!• f.9'l6ifjck .?v.ledicines:. ,Alas'! 'tis no wonder" eeing • tIie fundamental Doctrins of Nature, and the :right Compofidon of Menjlrutm'Js and ~edici'"es :is1O little underftood..and much l:fs ,praCtiCed; w.e muft confers 'tis not for want uf .Books, for '. . - there are fo' many that treat of t his Arc" rhae e- ::·,·.,::··~':were they all put together ~ t~~eirity "'Horfes : -r ; ~ ':: '. f;Ould n~~ drawihem, yet neverth =Iefs js Ti'q'ih

" ,'~'-~'~~gh .in rhe W9rld, .n4"~. rlofty .. •. ,'. ~ )I"/~' • {, r. Ii' Schoolyt:.4"Z a. 11~ ~:~''rrr -, tV. or L'UU/ a,..1 ",LI{..\~6. .'

, • 1'.-'.-./ to ~i-_,{)-U(;-y,.,r·~f ~~#ttr:fAi"~~~'

tJV <oF~ • // • it ;:) til.·,.. ~ lll'I:

. , ?i ,~,V. ~ - •

,~, ....

( 8,.)

School .. men look upon it as an undervaluing to their pretended worth and gravity to be informedyaltho' it be from Truth it Ielf Wil' but 'thefe Men become honeft.and take upche laborious part of C~ymij1rY:l they would quickly difcern their lnfufficiency: for then they would

, fee" that they had as much .need of. particular Directions, Inftructions and PraC!j£e" as would be required were they to undertake a Handy. craft Trade. Ex. gr. would you make a handCom Pair ofShooes, then mutt you not difdain' to be Inftructed by on'e that is Malter of the Trade ; ( without difdain, the like muft be in this' Art,' _feeing :Jcis Co difficult ~ for that very often Ment:d Theory framed in the Mind proves Dotage" when it comes to the Touchftone' of PraEiice: for Labour is to be made ufe of fOE the Interpretation of all 'erue Philofophers W.ritings; this is the way that I took" and all the true Sons of Art that ever went befo~ I me; 0.'1' i"lI Ca· ~ r~",# .&.t..JIiU.1-- tI3, w~ -

- NoW" the Foundatton upon which ~very Son of Art bulle was a Menftruum,which would radically diffolve Bodies, correcting and ad-

vancing their MedicinJll Virtues, of·which num .. -. ., . her are allthe Corrojive Specificks" as Oil of P:it- 1.h~r· treol; Oil of Sulphur, Spirit of Nitre., Vinegar, and tnelike; (jfJil fhorr, any other Acid Spirit: and being fo prepared, they attain the Name of Acetum fot'tum, Acetftm raJica/e_, 'aSP41'ace/fo$}./J~ .... ,'~· ~IA

.oftenca.lls it: Concerning which we alaU give:;-',~,~::;'

an ~~ample.; •.. :. '.' . ' .. ; ~.<.~~';.

'. ,..~ .~ ./0 .. .: . -

v . ":' .. :. "" .. '-. .... '9 _ '-.~~ ; ; _,".!. ,( ~Izfl"~) /1/ J'llf~.r;~j~

, . -. ..,. ., .:.,..

. fLO: ;! tI at (1~c/f Jl1 ~--tl.J·/~u'u . ,

~~ '" r -J I c:z....~ /J?fflf, :t:-x.v;-- C0fi,;ftJ~

tn; ~I" ~~ , <I ~ ,-,...,..; " , •


. ",..-


~-;: .

~', ____, ( 90 ) --

r. ,.,,_-

~~.'// R:Of the Oil of Tartar per Deliqu;umcry-, ftalized" and pour upon it flrong Spirit of Vi· )--1..j.J)7-t!t:,.eol:J 0: any othe., Acjd Spirit_, "until the Alkaly

, ',' isa1fatl~ted, which 15 known by the .ceafing

;' of the Ebullirion j. then dry it v~ry well, and

;t add of the _aforefaid Oleum Pitr;; and Spiritus '

~,:'.~ Vi"; ~ diftlll'd over into whice drops, equal weight,; diftil it off from the fa.id Sale, 0 until the Salt become very hungry, which, 'twill ealily be" if you add in our Reconciler , and fatisfie. its rhirft three or four times by adding in frelh

.Spirit, -which diftil off; the Sill. being dry, mix it with two parts of burrr'd Clay -' and diftil,it after the manner of Spirit of Salt, or 'Spi.rit of Nitre s . and at Iaft, give it the high-

'eft degree of fire" and fa dHE} all that will come, over : The Salt that remains in the Ca·

~1 ' .flit Mort. may be drawn out _, .' and aflariate

.' :fb.' 't., ,:ac:with oil Df Vitreol as before, and repeat this

~, r -, "Dillillation with the Acid Alc(Jtj~ate, till all the

r "Salt is brought over, by which means the Sale

r. hath loft its coftive quality ~ and the Oil its cor. -rotive orie, and the former volatilized, as the '~-expert Operator will find by reitered Cohobarion or rather Imbibition.



t : r-



( 91 )

, --


~ . . .

, "

, .• j .... -I~

/ ... . '.;o~


, -

.... ~.'

. '. ", - -

. >

,~ -.~.~~

I"N •

. 1: " )

r "

( 9,2. )




• i

C H A p.-VIII.

. .

. ,

~ 'r: ,.ctdS concerning t'he Mhlcral-U'ork,and tb~

'~;;'l-L. U' p./ftc.e of tke Gell~rat _¥~!t._ ill reduf:tll!!, (f1.~ (f. 411(./ exaltIng MtHera 'Bodies, and how

.' ~hey 711ay be ~r(Jught to lf~l~le h.fr~ica .. fllWnts. '1"J-' &~##,.,n, 0/- -J(H~ /'JA, ~j~

_ ;?i?nf~; ~~. ,

'IN this Cha.pter we iliaU confider the . Mine~ ,- ral and Metaline WOrk~ as 'tis rc:prefented to

- us by Natllre_, in its Ferch or ~rft Life; .al[o the

way and method {he takes In preparmg and making it ready to our hands" eha.e fo we, may be the better able by Art to ma.nifeft the Me-

dicinal Virtues therein contained: In order hereunto we think it convenient to Jay before

, the' Reader the manner how the (even {uperior.

Eil'e1:J££.S were brought forth 3 ali 0 how-thefe all for the Formation of the jnfer,!or ones: For although all things receive their M~111ciplication from the Power of the Univerfal~ yet do [hey receive their living Formation from the eartbly Stars' or internal jLight of Beings" as fhall hereafter be more largely treated of; therefore

-we proceed thus:

~l':'~ in the Beginning Go~ ~eg~eJ the H~4- tiJens lind the Earth, artJ all thIngs ,tliftble and In" 'lJijible, (as is (aid in the Scriptures of Trut~) from the H]leor Vapor" and Cbaclor,confuied



,~' ,



. ( 93 ) ,

Mountain of Water; concerning which we have largely written in .other Volumes , and principally in our Ignii A/fra/r:s .Adeptt»'utn; but however" in lhorr~' we fay thus: The Spi- ' rit of God moved upon the face' of the Wa,:", eers, and God [aid'let there be light" and there was 'light ~ and the light was feparace(f frOm the darknefs, and the light was caned day and the darknefi night ; 10 [hat day fprung natively from the Iighr, a's a legitimate Heir from the Loins of his Parents; which noble Birch was

, illuminated with bountious Rays from the Dfvine Ocean , whence its ACtivity proceededj and by which 'cwas endued with its fuperior Puritx and fermentative Virtue_, as the 6rH ad:iv~ Caule in bringing forth the firft Birth. of

, the Creation ~ [c. .Day :I that fo by [he tJght thereof thiftgs might be diftinguHhed" as they really be e . therefore to a true PhiloJopher is the

light rnoft definable, ,

Now in this we conceive,", that in the .Aurora , or Morning thereof" the firfr Planer, fe. Saturn", had its original rnanifeftarion, but being nor endued with the .full fplendor of the; day, (whence Purity proceeds) Sarurnal Drowfinefs and polluted Defilements muft confequenrly adhere unto him; and altho' he i:;' Ilow of rnocion ~ yet is he honourable in his Hoafe; for that he is Father of aU 'che re{J-~ whicl) by coniequence muit beIo, tor throo'gb.' Cori:Uption,all Generation prooee ds. And that this' Generacion might be _ the more compleat and' tpenect',' eheOrnniporene God command-

;' cd


.. '


.~ ~







,. j '1"'.- -,-',' .



i~ t;:

~-:'" ~ l

( 94 )

ed and created a Firma~ent to div\de the Wa.

f the Waters· Io that the fJpenor and

rers rom , d . d

heavenly Waters (being moft pure .•. an_ .en. U·,

ed with' a light_, permanent and co~t~(\~.~ve Virtue) might by the beams of thel~ pur!ty aGt: in the Fjrmamen~ to illuminate .. the .t~~f1o_r ones, and give ehern life at~d mot:l~~, by. ~nl· mating arid ftirclng up the aireal Splru: ~ whIch

'was no fooner performed, but 1!,plter, the

c . noble Son of Saturn COL~?eS forth, wirh farther rJ .J.l -;: degrees of Purity and aireal Splendor. .

r r. 7' Itt : ~'~he Waters being gathered together In _?ne , r' place; the dry Land appeared, and t~e val~al)t

Mm'.s became vifible., and Champion Iike, . through the fire, alcended tt:e Thl'one, next to aireal1upiter, and Magnet.ltke_, .a'~traas by the

urity of his Earth" what 15 rU~Clent to mak: rhe Sperm become Seed, and [0 It began toe.or porifie, and .ehen was the Earth . able to ~.lng forth Trees;, Herbs and .Graft" wh~_c~ by meerprerarion is the !"loll: Uni,?erfalll.eg~table ; b~: "twas yet too falf~t to bring out. theperma

nene iV1inerals, which wanted a f.archer degree. of Illumination, whence Purity and Permanen-

cy proceed. . . d

Here the aU-bountious Creator ~a e two

great,Lights" and ret them. i_n ~b~ Fumamenc.l to give light upon the Earth::, to r~le the_ Day and to rule the Night, to be for Signs and for

I" '. Seafons for Days and for.Y ears i And ebe ~l~·.

. ftrious Sol being advanc'd~ fills the W orld w~th

the B<;~u~y of his dazli~g R:tYs J ~e4t!~}':! a.nd

I iiluminating the , Waters. With the VlVifYlng

.. ,:11 ». f;fJ/r ;J x,.;, (t:.,:ttJ~Alhv-fitJ·lltr

t\, <. 1'1""f#'r;} fz. ~,dl /A~lhtf1 !'/J7'


'. . '


( 9-5 )

Rays of Life, and the Earth being - ftie'ngthen .. edjHe attr~as the fuperfluous moifhire, and calts it into' the Air: This is the Office of that Potent Monarcb, who hath no other Confort but Lun« "whofe fair . Beauty (according to

.ehe Pbilo!opher:r)"equalizes his Brightnefs, be. ing qf the 'fame Lineage , only borrowing her light. Sulphur Of. heavenly Tincture from

him." . _ ~ . I

. Now here the inferiorWaters being animated and, endued with. 'Tincture, the glorious and half- tinged Veni«: became vifible;. and therefore hath fome righe to Heavenjnlrhc" the. Daughter of the Ocean ; and _ In her retides much goodnefs'j lfor-here the bleilingof Multiplication was given; and. lI.-fercliry produ-

.. ced, by- whofe. Spirit, all things grow ~ encreafe and multiply; therefore is he ftiled, The Univerfol InuOjgencer and L07Jerof Mettals flnJ· Minetllls; as alfo ~ The Communicator to Vtge~ ,

t ables, . _, . . .

Now ~orthe whole ~. a S.t.ore.hou[e is prov.i:.. ~ed,.fc. 111 the Chambers of the Moon, who be-. 109 SoJ~s Compere, might with her cold and feminine Ens moderate the heat of his mafculine Rays ~ . and fo temper . the Gum of the Sperm in thofe Orbs, that are fuperior to -Ere~ents: This fai_chful. Emprc;fs always commu .. mcaees to the Inferior Beings what lliere .. c~ves fi'0!D the fuperior Orbs ~ fo by a .vivi~ fYlng a6l:tonl Beings are' kept Iiv, 19 and vir. ruous, ,

. '. ' .~. '.




,.,-::- _: .

(9' ) .

. ~ow the /upef'ior Effenc~s;, being all formed and ftrengthened by the a{tive Light;, became vifible Stars, fhining in degrees of fplendor~ and were placed in the Heavens to give light upon the Earth, and to dart their Virtue to the' Centre of the fame; for (asthePlilofophers'fay) all their Rays meet there: for what end, will be feen anon.

Here the i'~ferior ones had their original ; for. the fpirirual Forms being elivated to the fuperior Orbs, and there being fee to communicate Virtue to inferior 13eings; the firft Rays they caft forth were endued with fuch vital ftrengeh, as to form Terreftrial living Aflrllms; for the

.Earrh, as then empty of Form, could not alter thole noble ones; and here the earthly Stars of Saturn., Jupiter and Mars had' their- original, .' the heat of which, with a perpetual influx of

. Rays, kindles in the Centre the. Archa!lN$ or Terreftrial Sa«; which by his heat began. the

work of a vivifying Sublimation, and fo from

. -the IlipJfes were VenllJ.) . .iv!erctJry and Lune pro· duced; and thus the Pow-ers of Demogorg07J were bufied in juhliming the Vapour_, and {eparating it from all Impurities; and on this did the [uperior E.Di:nces ftamp their OVID Forrnsj-and £0 came [he jujerior Seers to fhine with beauty, .and .eo have an unalcerableand dererrninaeed form; rhis is that:.wbich· animates the met'alici. .&reb· with llfe, and ftiU framps it Progenitors

-inrpreffion in' the Act of Mulci plication, and is in the Earth in their divers Spheres or Orbs, . -being the Life of Melta/s.. as the Anima is in Man's

" C' 9-7 )'" ~ .. J;: ': . •

·Man:ts Body: 'Thus-were. thef;~kfti"l_ancl Tn-. - reftrilll Star! formed, and the ii~kk.·of' the-

great World finiihed, ,.'.. _. , ' ".

Now the.~l~.ight~ God ~~~at~d-~ Mirtocof"Jiclll.

Wo.rlJ~ from the purity of S~·perio_r ~Qfllnferio~ ~elnl?s~and frQ_ll)ped ther,enp..,.~ 1;)i~~. Se~lea,:,

vJng 1~;lS ~ ~ranfcripu' .. of· the: .. ~rig~~_~ . ,GQPJf,~ w~ereln LIfe and ~fll'lnl0& 'ftQo~ 00.- .f.9Je o.~ ~elngs! And thus: was the.gl;eat Wo.j1k of'Crea,

rion fi~ed, - the !eventh ~a.y. ~bej~ c~lebra'~~

as a day of reG forMan and . Deaf}... that 10. the

Lord our God might therein be ador'd, ~.

nor'd, worlbipJld and prais'd for th~fe and ~tto~ :

ther of his. mighty Works, Amen. z : '.:'

• Now. ehefe [uperior and: infoim, Effi1l:&ts flood

III harmony ~ the one to be aai-ve, the otber tQ

be paffive ; . the one to command, the other 1:,0

obey: a~d 10 the great." W?rld fQJ!E11ed: a, ~~ ~epre(entlng tha~' o~ which It . w~s created, ~~.~ /' ...

~ .,IS t~_at c;baos of: which all Phl19.fopb.~rs Wti~,) .i~

!",htC.h 15 C?BC310ed ehe V,l~tue of Cu perior ~fT'J .

mfenol" Beings j becaute. CIS a V. apor 011 Airy ,

Natu~e:J ftanding i~ a M~Ji:UIJT:. bet\Ve~n t.~ .~.A_ IiL:~l:

Ce~eftla/. and Ter:rej/;rJal stsr; a&l il'ierefore umres the Power of the. one urito ehe dt!re'r~nat~ Porm of' the other, belngehe life of the Bercb; and wjdlOut w.hich it cannot encreafe n~r. multip~y; ther~fore we fay, rhae this is that £pult~ LIfe .th~t teeds the Met-alJine Spirit or Fu£h In the MetalliJU Shop;, bot-h with Celettial an~ TerceR-rial Rays, for by. .ehe one it is prepared" .aa4 By.:J:he other fixed.

.. ~

~. iiffi,.(VjIt(~~98 )' " .. '

;t,c/ - ,By' tbis~~ti~ clefi:' to be difcertled~. t~:lt, Seed

had its original 'Birth from the. he"ltJenly Star$~ and Its detern~lnat'ed ,Form fro~ the e;,r!hl.? one'S ; therefore by-confequenccs t he'Q~l~lnal Life or Seed of Mettals rnuf] befirft fplrltual" and In that ftate ~twUl receive the univerlal and multiplicativeP~~er, ,and fo ,~s. alt:~r~~ and purlfi'd, W-ore',,)is 'brought to aJ?Y bodily ftate-? arid that this <l"is 'really fo is plain, or, elfe -¥t1ttals could never-be brought to a' Plufquam per ..

* feflian, by a multiplication C?f the ~ig,ht with-

\ out having as yet any determlnate,d~ornl the~eon" fo that the GranJ Effince in'· .he ,Jt:letalllne Monarch, is rather a Genll4 than a Specie»; and fo acts by a virtuous P~wer for che prere~vadon of Heings'j for whIch reafon the :Pbtloh,~ers ca~le4 it tb~ir Heaven, the;: E~rth~ becaule itcontatns the Virtues of bothj jor .as the CtIblllijJs' fay, 'tu II Me~curial Spirjt~, carrying, all 1bi"g~ on its wings, for ~t afoenderh t» 'Hea-r:en., ant! 'JefoendS to' Hell , ana dtes for the Re.!emptlO1J ofhl4,

Jefiled Bretbren: Hermes ~vonderj'uUy ?erc~lb.es ~his Univerfol M.atter~ faying, Thlft whICh 1:1 fUM. l'erjor~ 14 IZI that which i4 inferior fot .the',!,iraclc oj one thing ~ 10 vice verfa , That wi-teb.t.S brougbt forth above is brotlght·out .of the FO'lmatn~ m that

beneath ;n the Bowe/$ of the Eart,h: H~ alfo fays~ the Slln 14 its Father; the MOb'll. i~.r kfoth~r~ anJ tie ft7jnd carries ·it in its Belly; but we {a..~ ~nfJt o'1lly the Sun nndMoa1J,anJiht:flv,? other C_elej1ial ~.D~nces~ but .~lfothe Sun and MoO!f terreftrlal anJ 'light of 1 he i})(e.riDr S~{4r,s a~e tberll" repre£en_~e~ 'ac~ fording to tbeir multlpfJc~f'l7.Je powej"'~ m 1M ~'vm . '., ' ','. . forth

Il_,_:_ ".

"... -:. -_ .• ~ p. _ _:, '_. t .~

, , ..........

forth ,in t};e' aireal anJ 'general Sp_iri,t ,vithout Any l (,

tletermination of Form; but whati.! pU1'e/y uniroer- .

fal; and therefore muG pars through the {even Spheres or Orbs of the ...vile lyfen to come to ~ that EjJi:nce;, w hieh fiandsin a'Ieprenary Nunlbel'; for that this cont~ins Myl~eries Iuperior to others, , as we have Iaid dO\V1;1 In our P;:eji!ice. ~

to the DOC/tine of Principles : This is that, Ul1j .. ···~ verfalMatter which the PhjJo_{ophers dired: ,aU' .

to', chat from it they may learn to know the .~---r Nature and Corrdirion of the Mineral and Me-' ~ taOine Spirit , which congealerh and forms Be- ~

Ings , alfo 4iff'olves and opens rhern again j ~ therefore the PhiloJopbersfay 3. that, it fhut~ iuz.1i ~

opens~ and, opens and fouts agatn, and cont atns In ~

it fe/f ~bat is fofficien_t' for its ousn perjeElitJn; ~ therefore we ad vife ,:very Pr~Ctido~er to {ee~. ~ ~

the Knowledge of rhis Marter, (feeirrg fo rna- 1

ny Myfreries are therein COl1tained),.and there~:

from to prepare a Mt'n/frllt41n » which by the.

help of a 'true Arrif] will make a Mufical Har.' fl' mony: for would you, Ca~·teJ-like" have the' ~ ~echanip~l_ Reafon in the. Chymica! and Spag'i~' :; , rIck Art,,' here It: may be given; 'or would you. :t underftand.iwbae Starkey·s Diaplama is" o~~~Sfl-; ,\._

'Virli's Oleofil1n., or Glallbtr,'s Sat MirabiliJ" .havi~ig& ")

this" you.Irave what wil! not only Ihew you' ~;. there" but all wharfoever hath been written by: -'! # ~ Relm01Jt ~ PaJ'aceJfo~" B(;ji/i$Ss, and -ochers j e-' ;;. .. t1·'~""/ _ yen the L1t'jfIOT AlcbaheH' and' Mercury of· Phi!a- In..~~ [ophers, their Aurum Potabile" and many others ~

too .tedious- here to cite: Therefore- we omit it

~t;" prefenr J (only, recommending you to our

,./ jL-' r . '/ /. " _. 'I' J:I ;.

~'Y; ? 'I' .ltt-?>/{:!';n-v /.th /1/:_-"'-.'~

,';;;,c. ~It-~~~/ ~ ~;lr~~ . .k..~.#,.~- ..

'c', !'!2:L.

... ',_',,'

, ( 100 )

,feveral other V olu-m'es as they palS, the Pref$} and proceed to QI1." intended T ask _, fe. The:

.> +v.Id.huMS in che Lti.Jneral-'Work: A.::ld firft~ -

OJ Saturn, or Lead.

Lead is thus calcined or reduced to Allies; :put on a Cuppel ur« ~e:- a Muffle 1l;j, ij, or iij of Lead; Ie" it be red-hor r eben call into it, JfS,. 3i.~ 3'~~' '_:'f Ti'!1:J and you'Ltee the Tin rnounra-

bo\'e . he Lead~and burnto yellow Afhes, which n."~I\ be r.rke n Off\,~ii:h ~ln Iron Infirument~ as lcng as any AJht;;5. amount or ~ppear on rhe fur .. face of rhe Lead; when no more Aihes ap~ peal', rherr call in a frefli quao.til:Y of Tin; as before, turrringche fame to AJhc;:s till no more arire; continue fo long with this Incineration

of frelh Tin, until the Lead and ~rin be turned , i~to Afhe.s: from which Afhes , if you diftil , : ,;;: ~~..Jtff the {?btil and I?f!netrating Sal Arm_o_.niacl!. . of the Wife, there WIll form a Rtgulll~~ which by feveral reiterations being hrought to the Te!~, will leave behind it 0 and <-

Saturn being calcined arid brought into Mi· nium}J you may with -JijliOeJ Pinegar extra~ his Salt ~ which being cleanfed and fhoe In a leaden Pan , you -have the Saccar'lIm or Sugar thereof: Go oJ for Wountls~ L7cers 11114 ",iTH-

lellt GonorrlJptIJ's. - J --'

iff. i~,~ ,~<.rV:rJ ~ H'J~ft.lJ-lJ b4lJ rt-·- -}/' etJJ'Y',

1 "'~'_'-IJltLJ" ~,_Crtc ~-'H.""""'.A~ ~-,

ttl ,101 f --. . tj ~. J1f

. \~.~ _ - k. ~ w- V' --

'7 \," ... ~--.... ttz.,..J-~ r.>-'. ..J. J 1_ ~la,,", ,

~ , ~ .;» r, /, , ... ". 1~ q"",+,~' Ii-f tv

- f • ..e.,. o.-r _,j'~ -u-. . vt.--

(!. ~?k~ I' ff"'I ... -

. ~ , ~.;


• --;'!"

( lor )

Glauber's white' Precipitate of Lead •.

, ,~ Of LeaJ-ajheJ ,ft,j~. ij, iij or more, which put In a ftron's well glazed earthen Pot then pour thereon {orne U'ine or Ale r=s«, "or' Vine~~ of Hone.1~ as much as may over-top it an hand4s breadth .. ~t your ro~ upon the Coals ..

and .make the VInegar bod. , '

~ B. Th~ ~lhes are to be unceffantly fiirted In the bo!hng wirh a ~ood~n Sp#tultl,i Jeff they g~thei Into one ennre foltd Mars • after' that the Vinegar hath boil'd for About half an hour, __:_and i5,become yellow, and as fweet as' Sugar, youmuft decant it from the Afhes, and ~ur on moreo! and again boil ir, and extraCt more fweetne(s; ~nd this. labour muft you repeac fo ofcen, until [he Vinegar can extract no more twcernefs: then having put aU rhefe Vi,;; neg~r5 cogerher, .pour them gently offfrorn tbe Feces, that fettle 10 the bottom of the Veffel .; and being thus feparared _ _, filter the fame ~~rough Cap Paper .. or by a Filter, that fo the Liquors m~y be very clear, and may give you by feparatlon~. that l~eetnelS C$f the Lead which

they hold up 1n ehem, .

.. ' Inca ~hele clear Vinegars, t~er~fore being put' I? a Gla(s Veffel" P?ur ther~lnto (by little and Iieele) as lBu<:h recelfied Spirie of Sale, that Co t~e: yellow VInegar may be turned into a white Milk.. and m~yeby litdv and little fettle to the

/ bottom like curdled' Cheefe ~ from which the!

Vinegar" being now become clear again, is to

. H j b.



, "C~:--;~

, .-

. ( 102. j

b~ removed ~Y decanting; . then put the Sasur»: nme .. Cheefe 10 Ierne ltrong Linnen Clb~h" and tye It hard up, and tqueeze ouc [he refidue of the rnoiflure, and Io dry irand layic .byfor

ufe. It' 15 a rnoft cen?er Pow-de :',' of a bright. ."

·fno,"vy colour, and votd of aU tatte: for in .rhe Precip'tatio~, .aU the fweetnefs being .ineroverced by the Spir it of Salt" hath hltlden itfelf within, which doth again by this following Opera-

tion difcover its former rafle. '

Buy fome Steel Filings at the J.\[eedle·makers" and take th_ereo,f ~~ muc~ . as you pleafe, dif. Colve them ,10 rectified Sp1f1tofSalt which So-

lution will be gl'cen" and be of a rw~etfili tafte ~ ab~~aCt rhe infipid Flegm, infipid I ray, for al~ t~o It be a very firong Spirit of S;11r" that is poured upon the Iron, yet rreverchelelsrro: Spirit comes off, but only an infipid Flegm, in the ~bnraCtion'anddifiil1ation"and the Il=on retain» all the acidity of the Salt, and .rernains a red

fwcecifh",aftr:~gent Juyce. . .. ~

~ake of tms , and of the Satur11hJe PowJer, which we ta~ght Y?U the making of but now, of each a like weight, and put them into a wen coated Recore _, and (he S« ;cha'f'lIm Satur. ni~ will prefeucly. drink up the ]t1ycc 'of the Steel, Put the Retort in a Veff'cl'fill'd wirh Sand, and augment the fire by little and little that all the infipid Flegm may be wholly dr3wr: off. ~heo 'cis aU come off, and acid drops begtn, to com<;~then mufr y~u ~p,~ ehereunco a Gla.fs Receiver, and the fire lSlijbe,enj:reas~d by degrees." until the Rerort ~ chroughly red


. , ..

- .

- _:. ~ :~

. ' -. ,~ .. of

. : '(~ I q3 ' :> .

llo~" ,w~i9h·f .~Uft, 'conpoue' f~=aJJQut(~ hour, 9~~ha!f~,~,:h9~lr ,~t, .1e~ft; by .thls .. ,~eans 'U\E:,Sp~ts of the Salt which. were Ul,_tlJe Steel ..

\ dQi~ltiioft. wholly COOle .over into the R?~~ .. veE~ .anddo car(y,over. with ~4~~. [the Splnts]

__.()f the Saccharl~,m ,Satl'Tnj~ 'and 9yl of MIlTS,. in ehe form of a red Sublima~e, which fectles i~ [elf in the Neck' of the Retort,. which fubU· plate; when ibeReeorc is .ct?lq~nd broken, you muft take out of . its, N.~.c~, and, ~e~p' i* from the Air; for in the Air 'cwill diffolve'i'n~' to a red, fwe~t and' a.ftr~QgeO:t,Oy 1" of no finall VirtQes.m, f4eJii;ine and.Alc1~#rnJ· Furth~rmore~ as Blljilill! faith, if from.cAlcineJ Saturn Y9U. extraB: the cryftaline Salt' with Jijfi!J'a Vinegar; and aft~rward,w.ithSpirit of Wine, and!diHil it Inro a rea,O.ll.,This Oyl curetb ,MelancboOy,fory Po~~ old Ulcers .. and m~n.J other Infirmities biftJes~\ 'This Oyl coagulacecb and fixeth "'ercury, being firft . precipitated with.Oy.l of ·Vitreot j for all Pow-

'Jers and Medic~mt1Jts" which are to' make . Sol and Lunej. mutt be; made fix", holding in all

fiery tryals. ' .". . .

. But,here you muft underftand the difference of the Analogy between the MAgical SatllTn ..

.and Saturn vulgar. ., ." . '

Now as.tQthe moltenMafs Intbe bottom of

the Retort, .I:e.femblingLapis ?em~titis~ which being fepar_ted from aU defilements" will give you a red, brittlcJfufile Stone, and in {o,qle fort aftringe,n[~ .9t great V~tu,cs. in M,eJiciY!~,. and wJth9U,~ q~iiQt in 41ch~ml:J~.~ if it wer~ but tirft made conft~nt1y, to abHlde.m ebe ~~, .Apd

, 4 . ' ,ever




..... ' l"_.", __

, ,,'~."" . - ....... ~--~J',~~ • .'>

. " ".';f,;" "'.

., - ~ ..... -.,; . '. .: ,-~~ .. .." - - _." ' ,:-!-.-~~.~~'~ .. "'~""~

~- ...... -., , ',' ,:~ "~ ~~---.....,' :... ...... .: ........ ;,.;"".0':'- .: ~ lIiii-iiil~~--""if.i,jj·,""'-' ..... wIiI,;,;;I-

PM:Ukj!.!iQ!~?.;j e_(l\cJi!1,~""'~J""'I"""""''''''' '''''~-''~;--.''. ' - '.;' ..•. -. '.'

'( ··°4')

.ev.erl ffi1s'~too~ "mull- yen 'keep fro mehe 'Air" ·fot. ~it -is ;fUll· im pregnared wit_h the Sf.lCS~ and there-

fore is eafily-diffolv'd. '.; .. / .... -' .

.: ,'Now -when you would make ufe of. this Scone In Medicine~ break a Jitde bit thereof into {mall Powder' (for "ris no harder than other .?alt" and therefore doch eafily ad,h~t of grind_lflgto 'Powder.) T-his Powder I-eals _ -botb inter-

fJ_41 and external WoU1Jds anti filet: 'S;, being ai/mifiijlrea...j,/ the quantit:? of 121'0" thr,e~,four~ ji-ve:J fix~ or more Grains, 'according to the age Rna conJjtiMl of t'he fick:J and -beiIJ_g taken in a t;onvenient tJlna proper 1(t.hjcle~ ii is high!! fanatiM.~·\tmJ fa flopper -if'Blooa. .Being 'applied ~te,.n~ll:/ to Wounds, it 'W011derfuU.l forward-! healing;. hi!J4ers all 8ymFtolns, and {undamentt,!Jy drJ's and cures nil ut: cer s and Fiji "':l s, if tlfed o"~warJ(r $ind mW~T<il.J "'

'100. _

1& Joth mon fofelJ. and m(}i1 - ,ertaint.J heir tsI/, :'he (J'fIerjknping of the Mtnfos in Women, ~1JJ is [0 excellen» a. Mcdicar.vent in the D.Jft'J~tery, Lientery t lind other Fluxes of the Bd17~ that its like is not to' be {otmd.

-. Thus have we that true and genuine Hematitis of the ancient Phyficians, of which we have many great Myftedes 'yet :0 write; but however J brevity being def1gn~d~ we muft omit them; for we 'had notbeeri fo(large", 'had we nothighl y efieemed of che Pro(X:fs" and there.ore "what 'we .have -further to :fay ·is", ·thac: ,tl1e oublimare Inehe Neck, is rnof"e-pu,\terful iu,vir;ue~than the St~<)ne: Now 'we try., that from

: . :his' Preparation -proceeds ./1.ri:tinliJl, Miner~le No-

c, (I/JJ (J.b .Up t"' -~ ~ t;:J ~,. t,..~-,,;: t'_f~!!r. ~ / (,2,~'V-n-tL. ,#J)_~ 1J~'JJJ 4.' 'j'l ;8:~J1:·lG- '~.J- In..,~-·,JI ~

~ ..

( IO; )

pr.um~ or' ehe Sulphur of'ebe Blood-ft~ne.,.~ic~ being jpag"""lly exalte~ fo .as t~, dilate m Oft of Turpent1ne~ Jf.ops bleedIng elt~er mterna~ or .ex. tet'nAOy,to a MIracle; the exaccPreparadon of which is 1hewn -in the fifth Debate-of our Sp.

girical Ph_ilof~by'$ Triump~J_ whe~e alfo th~Of:-~S fiee of the C,rclliatum m,nunt~m IS fhewn '·In f~:,

paracin.g t':te SHlpburfrf}ffi t~e Merc,,!y of Bodie~-t:J). 1ft <# ana pnnclpally of Saturn ~how his Sillphu~ l~i-

ernbibed , and his Body. reduced to a runmng- _

Arg~nt. vive; for which alf~ we ~efer you t~

the ufe of our Sal Ptlnari./tos In Tri{ertes Salad,-

ni : Arid fo conclude concerning Saturn in this: -:

profi[~ble Way of Calci"IiJ!,~~ Dijfi/J(ltion' :~n" ).

Sublimt!tion> Bee. 'l'~ If!' /t/?~3 etB-I?#J!k'1!ffl ~L-

q/ . ~ _ - ""..- 'U 5 ~~/1'" 1, Pc.- In ~jffll~'{a.· ItJ'__ "

~~l:.- r' 7' ,

/fi-.pt.. '- Of Ant~moHy_ ere CWt~e_, (!~I!.'-:.

AntimotIJ is indeed efteemed Lord in MeJtcin~, therefore as Bajiiins ia.ys"in c. 4x. of his Elucidadons, SatHTn and J'1nfjmo~J' have promifed to eac£ otber II fleiable Brotberbood , becaule Sat~"~ qualities doreft in forne fort on the qualities of Antimony J in an enual concordance, therefore do we treat of chejn thus: Firft of

Species AntimoniiRuJ1ilii.


& Of the .;beft Antimo1J.Y it 5' 0 ~ of the eolJ' Eartb Salt fuiij., -rrrix them well together" chen flux tTiein "; being - thus compounded" ·and having nad a l1li¥le fllGO~:J pour tbe~ forth into

a Tub of Wat'tr, wherein, JQ.me of . the afore- jt!';Jfa1d &;n'th S"l& is ditfolved.l or its Spirit c;all: ?h--£t-/-- ; ~ .. /.r'/y-~. ' gow

) (:L£ffo· ,,~~"~~fJ ~. 4f' .:

. '. ~ ,11~*fi. .'

( ~o6 )

noW ·having fluxed and ,pro)eae j aU the above. -raid quantity of Antimony into tl.\e Waterjrhen

trouble and move ic, and the .light parts, which 'is the Species, wil1 fwim in the 'Water, 'which .IDUit be poured off into another .T'ub, to ~and and ferrle, and after a Iinall fetilin~ you will~ by gently cafting off the clea r Warerj'findyouj' Species in the bottom. . Note ~ That you add frefh Water, in the room of ev ery W ater yo~ call off: to the crude ./1Htimony ~ and fo do till no more Species tllay be had: Obferve, The crude Antimony ~ remaining, when dried, ·ferv~5 for fluxing again, but you muft add the c.olJ

Earth Sal: 3 as before. "-,.

Thi4 is tJver.1 t;ffeCfual Medicine.) working hJ the four EmunttorieJ; 'tis .very [are, in. .tb~t it,,(1p no wife works violcnt!7~ neitber does it1.llw/f, 1IP.q1J all alike ; for -it u/ork» on every £,nefuch, wa.7.Jn4 Nature requires to have the Difia[e tbrown off; 'ti~ prevalent in Fearoers and .L'gues an~ Tj1an} other Di{ea{es ~ and is an exuO,?nt Antidote againfl the peftikntial one. ' It's Do]e is foom tm to forty Grains \. in Wine or any other proper Ve-

hicle.· ' \

~brerve', ~hac it was ehe Opinion of

.c>" Dr. CoUa-nee_, Hlgh-Durcber , tb ae the great Secret in the PL'eparation of this f"der ~. was to flux rhe .A.ntirAoi1:J wirhout the Ef ~'r$alt·; .which

is performed by the fi(ted p(}'Jl/1er.~ofChar&ollll ad-

ded in plac.7 f~1ereof. J.f...t.t n,l,.c..<j". ~iii ">"'1'[ .. '. . I {~'r~ _~ ijJ, .. a-nJ A~ c~~ ~:qr.~d~dtJ

/uJft-.:il·"'~-t;-~~{1r'f~ :_I ~~ '.. . .. , ~~'1~TQ"J

- .- ~ . ..,..../ /t:z. .,' ',.. .... ..." .",.... ... ,

. 0 ~ ;:1'_:'~"" ,. .

;1~ . J~ '_ ",~ {1/J..-; <':.1i, I'll J1"-. - 11.: .:(;1- .

"i .. C: ',J.-; n~. . ; ," /I' tn.J>~~ ~. . ,~#J.-

. ,~,: . . ,

. . To·-Jrawthe ,Salt of Antimony.:·

Be" 'Antinlony ~and reduce it into afubtil Powder like Meal ~ and calcine it on a [m~ll fire of. 'Charcoal" ~ ftirring' it conftantIy' with.

an Iron Rod, until it becolnes'white~ and that

it Iinoakerh no more, and that it may endure

a good hear'; [hen put it into a Crucible,. and run - it down that it aopears like to a clear GIJ.fs : chen tak~ and gi'ind it with difrilled Vinf!<~~ r , rha c is- good ; and - {et it on an -eafie fire. and vour Vinegar v •. 'iU draw eherefrorn the- T'incture, which wiU be 6f a high colour: after having Ur':INn an your 'Ttncture, and that your .Acet, difhl'utum.tinge no more; dry the remaining Powder , which win becorne black". an-L grind w irh the fame, ana, of common Sul- ',~ phur, and put hinto a Crucible well luted mro a good f re, and leave it there tille'all the Sulphur is conlurned; after grind· the remaining maerer very fine , and again pouy ther~on freth diftill'd .Acet, JijfiUafU'iI1; out of all wbich draw'. the . Sa]. Communss , and draw off your .Aoet: di/fillafum by difiillation; then fweeten the Sal Commllnis with diftilled Water by reite-' rated Difiinations~ and clarifie the Salt through \ sp, V. until the Sal Communis becomes very white. : This Sal Communisaccomplijhethalmofl -au. tbe fame effias mthat of Sol~ taking ther~of

. but Gr. i_j. at<t,be mofl> it purifieth both the Body " ,a1"il~ 'the- ')lJho,IJ~afS of Bload , and. deflroys all pre-; jNJiciAl FJegm and Ellmotlrs~ whtC,h cat,ft J.a.r'ge.


( :10.8 )

tom-Vlcers, curiNg the Dijfemper~: of Veri~~,,_ tii- 1li1JZ thereof at the moil"Gr. iy~ Wlitb 3j,of the E~· tract_..nf --uuaj acum and Saffafrax·;utlter dijt;lJeJ~ 'Ibm Jweat tbereon; in Bed.

rhe Liver of Antim01l:)'a"d J!tlJiti1i1oHy DiaplJorefick.

''--.._ .

& Antimony and Salt Petre, ana ifij, .P11:1. verize them feverally ~ then miz: and puc them into an earthen Pot, narrow a t the bottom, or a great Crucible; and with 3. red-hoc Char .. coal" fire it ; and 'fIIhen 'tis col I, fepar~te it; the red fhining in the bottom is Crocli5~ "and the reft Cave for Antimonium Diapboreticum: when the Crocus is Ieparaeed, pt]yel'ize the remainder, and weigh it" and rake as much Salt Petre as it doth weigh, pulverlz.e itJ and tpen put in by degrees into a Crucible plac~ in the fire" and let it remain glowing hot j iibout an .hour and half after detonation, take and pulverize "it very fine, whil'Ir Ii O[_,' and then fweeeing it, by wafhing it well with Water; for two or three days; then cant off the W a~ ter, and add frefh, until 'cis fweet; then filter_ it, and dry it on white Paper" and kFep it ilr ufe. ue« '~b h ~'""'t.112 f:~~tJA- ~ ;;r'l-

.h~l-p p~ m~ 7Jfv #ff.rm.L;·'fo.~

t .,,· ..... l:.; {~~/ ~ lY'rG.·Jl.z--~ X LJ1I1-J,'~~~ V UJ~' -

~ , ~,~ ~.; _ :.f.t~ e (/-'i'i ~l'. r

n . _ .Anti-


{ ( se9 )

AIItimo.ial. L4p~, PNltleUa.

PUter and Evaporate the firft two \\T seers .. and you've a, fine Lap;! Prlmf!/l_a Ar;timoniali~~

good in Fea.ver.l; it may be made purer by' \: .. 1.. ,"

~ation and reirerarred Filtrations. ;'1- ~ t:,,~(X~- IS- ~

To maKe Vitreum Antirnonii.

He Antimony and Salt of Tar~ar ana" and melt them till they run to a Glafs .. You nl~y' alfo calcine Antimony per ft, as directed m making its Salts" and then flux it into, a GI.lfs. Alfo from the Flowers_, (according toGlauber~ pag. I4 Par. I, of his Philofophical F~rnaces) where he !a.ys, wey are, to bemelced. rnro yet. low rranfparenr Glafs'i .. neither.is.;[~~re I:·~ug,ht

an 'caner way of reducing Anrlmony 01 It 1clf .-0

into a yellow rranfparent Glafs, than cr~de. Antimony being lira Iublimed , .and' ~lng fiiblimed. is melted into GlalS. This Subhma-

tion ferves infiead of Calcination; by the help

~hereof 2.0 Pound is more eafily fubtirned,

th~ by the help of, the other one Pound is

br-ougbt Into a Calx. He commends rhis way

both far fafenets and quicknefs, above any ~

shere 'The Way of Making the I;lowe"'~ I~ faithfully and exaCtl, there fet out; tosc;;ttle~

Wi~h ~hCir·Otfjc.e;and V~· .

( .,10 )

. The,AnrimOI1iaJ.,Cu_ri •.. "

.R: of Antimony ihfs:>. Sal Ntre and. white ro.rtar ana 3iv:> melc them till:hey run to a I,(egulus~ and fo fafhi?n' it into' a Cup, S.A, Ttie moft e~att and beft way 0 f forming this Into a Cup" 1.S fe.t d<?wn by Glauler, in pttg. 92. Par. V. 'o_f Philofophical furnace:; ;' and in pag. 9.;' he ~lves the Proportion" wh ich Iomcthirig dl~ers from ours , therefore rna ke choice of ~hlchyou will: for Come defire them moll:

Iike a Regullls~ other~,ofl nearer adherence to the Crocus; [he U[c of it alfo I:rein'g there gi-

ve"? we fha~ere o~t~t~.Cvf$" tTl-(a&- ft~ .~ ~Y ~lf!;:. 1;;.'yI-; '. '

To make the Reg_ulUf if .Ant irsony; and to

ftparate the juperfluous A,_:Il'imon!al Sul-

phur.· '

~ Of Antimony 1bfs, of Nitre and T.'wtai' ana ~xiJ., .. of th~ tops of Fil!ngs' of Suet Needles ~iv.J put cherninro a Crucible, and melt them all very well" till they. flow in the Crucible like Water; the which pour forth into a Cone and give the Cone a twifi: ha.f about and: there will form a Star very gloI ious j the Regflltu may be ~uri~ed by being two or three ~lmes melted w.lth frelh I:littr; t.he Regulus, bemg {~e !'1ercunal part" ,(ave all t:leScories, for therein 15 the glorious Sulphur of Anrimony i the farther Preparation and Ute of which will befhewn more in the following Lines.

, " ou«


," ".,., ~



'. ( II.') f

Glauber"s way" in Part II. pag. 59- . He Or . crude Antimony, Tartar" and NzteT~ of each a like" powder them each apart, commix the.' powders.; being rnixt, put them in a Melcing-. pot or Crucible, and kindle them with a.live . Coal, that by this kindling they may fly UP .. and go into a reddif.h kind of coloured Mats. Your Pot being yet hot" fet ic.into your Wind~:_'. Furnace; and rriele it., that all YOUl' Matter may flow in the Crucible" like Ware("; then pour. it out into ycur Cone, and, beingcold~ take it our, and f~parilte the Regulus' eherefrorrr, . and. lay it by tor other ufes , becaute 'tis not fer- ~ viceable for the Operation here minded- Now, out of one Pound of Antimony, you'l have eight ':

Loes, or 3iv:# of Regilt!./! ~ -Io that of your one. Pound you'l get a Regult,sof 5iv" or [he fourth part of a Pound. The Scot'j(l,~.r, which will be ofa r~ddi{h ~o!our:l and of a fiery taite upon the Tongue, muft be again lnelteU in the fame Pot they were melted irr; if it be whole, or in Iorne .new rPor, and when they flow, pur a Jive-Coal into the Pot. The Salt Petre wiH feize

..-upon: the Coal , and being occupied about" c~troding the {arne" w ill let fall the remainder

. of the Regulu.l it as yet held u p.Tht=n the Mareers being poured out into your Cone, and cool, fi:rike off the .Regulus at the bottom .with the ftroak of an HapJmer.Jand beat the SC(}oo rita'~~ which will be. of a red colour and fiery cafte, into powder ~ . and being thus powdered, let the Salt$:.I;>~ extraeted [.lr oiifolvcdJ in the , bE;at wit~c'ommon fair Water; the which

, ' hold-

- "


~ ( J:X2.. )

holdinK in, tbem the moft pure Sr.lphur of Ant,mony.,. do turn.rhe Water into a red Lixj'Jliu'!J~ in which is hidden the Medicine we fee~ afiec j andis to -be gotten. thence, by the following \\Q¥: For after that the Sulphur is diffolved,

by _ diffolving all that w ~U be Ieparared by the Salt~ or Lye" the reliques or remainder are' . good for nothing.

. Having fo done, diffolve white and purifi'd

~ _TMtar in. fair Water .. in-"lotne gl1zed Pot .. and ~~ou'l have an acid Solution; being thus hot as ".' iii .is". (..&>r. when 'cis cold" the TArtar will again ';{.[-_. -lhnot in it) pour it by little and little into the

~~..,. Antimo1Jial L;:U'f/ium~ and 'cwill debilitate the fame, to that the Sulphur of the Antimony will

fall. down to the borrom, In. the form of a yelIGlwifil. or reddifh Powder. Wl1 en all the Salphnr is ferled, Ieparate the clear Water of the Salr, from the Sulphur, by canting it off; then pour on fome warm W ater, and walh it Co ofcen till all the Salt be gon~ off: Then filter iG" that all the Water may be fi;parated" and

\ the Powder fr~y in the Filter~· which you lhall put upon new and dry Cap Paper" thereby to remove all the wC1trinefs, and then dry

it in, the heat of the Sun. .

- Thi4 14' an univer/at purging Medl~cam_ent" wpicb ~iV8S.IJ," all the maligtJant Hu1t.'Ours··b), alJ the EmunElories, fc, by Vomi«, Stool, Sweat" Urine, ",-,J: .Spittle" anJ may be very [afel) aJmini_/lreJ in

4~· Di{eafe whatfver in young or olt.~. The Dofe is

.t;.ottJ·~e to fi» Grains.. . , :,"_:";: ..

~. _ - • _ & l' - zr' -" ... _ . 'To

#tr:,. /1t-tL:~ t. .f..I.J.f..tw ~.l-f£t'1 It- IfI ''-·J<'.tJ ""'!".,.J . 15

1,../ ~ .~~'/ J./v~'" //;,,..n-o I/t. C"n11tH1- 4kltr~Il.J- tIf

. /THf. v· /H'. /1 ... .. 1


- ' i::JJ'l tf1L. ~~ ,,' ,

~. ( J; 14 ) t:("fi1:''P';f# (if .CfJ~

J-._.- exnrnal new WOti'IJJ _~ Fiftulti'$ a'1l J oJJ Ulcers ~

-,vl:'-J.d.t'-name foever ,they are called. b.J~ if: ,;t ' be 'but,

. in 'Jllllrdly to p!r~ge t herd.' , Briefy ~ ThisMe~ ne hath Icarce its fellow e So rhat we have no .reafon at .allro regard ft,lch Men .asoue of meet" ignorance.i oppofe and fiati,1er-Antimon1 in their learned Bawlirigs, and fay that 'cis.no .. - :thing elfe but Poifen, and therefore no ways profirsble- But let .no body believe their Bark. king_, .bur firft try the fame,' and he', will cleerly,:.find the contrary. , For we fay:.thac the ri-~efolffr Antimoni is corrected and diff"olved oy ~ne afore(atd' jiY-e, and 'being dulcitled and b()ught to a Pinf{·coloured Spec,;es or Powder l , ~wo Grains thereof oj.; a certain Er.1etick and Ca-

, Ji~th1lrtir:k,. ,~J. 'J'l}i/l w#h plea! ants left perform all

, - . -w!Jar.tver 14 [aftt of the fo'..,~er. And thus we than

'1¥ 'C~chidcconceming Antimony; at ehis eime, ,feeing we have w fitten largely 1 hereof in .our

-Spogit'ick Philojopbj'sTriumph; where the Rea-

-der may difcern, that we have demonftrared

tdm as Lord of Medicine.

.•• _' _J.. _

, " . .J

, Of Jupiter, or Tin. ,

" r~ .being calcined as Stzturu is,,' you may ·widI.,the-'Spirit of ,Vinegar excracb its .Salt ; but

, :"'l. 'the'wa.y 'we beft.like, is that pr(~fcribed by B.~ .

,fiti«.s., thus:,' ' - . - "

• ! ..

( II;) ,

be iterat~~'a t~irdtime; :'tpeJI~~riger-~he-Wlh~ you quench WIthal" thebecrer it is e afcerrhar dry them gently; thus are they p:epa-red:for t?at purpofe. Pulverize there Pllmice-ft011i.t 1iib~ dly, then rakegood Ti1Jj laminate it firatifie it in. a cem_enting 'w~y,in a reveiber;ting Fur=-

"n:ce, ~ev~rbera~e tins matter .for five daysand nights ~n a flaming fire, and It draws the Till;' a:.ure. of the Mecral, then grind it fmall firft fcra~lng the T!,!-Lami~i; ;p~~t: it ~l1a _ glafs :so:. ?y ,.pou!" ,on It goo.d diftilled Vinegm:; fet'.it

m dlg~ftJC?n ;. the VI'IJegny draweth the Till;-

a:ur~" which IS red-yellow] abftraCl: this Vine-

ga_r .1U>1J. edulcor~te the anim.a of Jupiter \vim

Jijf:lJea, warer; C:Xlcat,,: genrly, and bl'ing Ic to

a dry Calx, wh!ch being gencly reverberated, becomes a fu~tJI Pow~er_, o~ which depends

ma~y My~enes~ ThIs ~a/:c may be again fu,?ltmed with Sal Armonlack~ and the Regulm, '., being preferved , the Sa~ ,Armoniack dulcified therefron~_, th: :Sulphur may be feparated by

,~he volatIle Spirit of 'Tarsar, and (0· diftill'd over

mto an O.Jl~ endued with all the Power's' of"

Jove_.j ~nd thus yO? h~ve the Calcination .. .Subllmadon and DdhllaClon of Jl4pitltr.; and if

you deflre,; to underftand m?re ~ we refer you

to Glauber s JtYorR.s., ~he~e" In Part~. plI_g. ~2;.

he lhew.~. his Calclnarion rand FIxation by

,_4F. and bow he may be, purg'd from filper. _8uou~ Sulphur , Pa~t J. pag~ i ;0. alfo the Pre> , .pa.rC!t1on a..n~,,:¥aklng t~e ~It,,!en of'Joveo; hi :PlIJ't I. pl!g~ :ZOI~ 2.02.. and he further faith in P~t I. pag. 180. 'that Tin or Pewter' may be

-rJ-C, .. t. - ~.(.L .... 1 -.01 ~ / 1- har!',

,"~ ". ~ ~ »~~ ,.,V.f.t, '

1 ~ ,..,_"'S ("rn."""- tfv·~ a ~ I ~fsfr'~:-

( 116 )

lN~rdened.l . and .br·ought eo a. .Jelicate ~hitep'eG, fo that ~tWl11 refemble S11 veir both In colour and found" &c. which is by its cf .. en bet'ing melted wich fixed Nitre: Hut we fay, If

'Tin is melted with the ReguZ,1t of Antimon)'~ wherei n t! and . ~ are" -t"-Yill a cquire a hardnefs and beauty J little inferior 1:0 Silver) efpecially if the Block-Tin is good. t.~;) ~'IJ tt'"rJIIP

R f... Thus much for the noble JSfpiter:J whore fit-

fN·J.. "'_ "r perior Star is the Son of.,Saturn, who let down ,ASJ'1no in a Ihowr of Gold3 hirnle lfb;::ing clothed wl.th the 'Tbnriderbolc, .. who aHondhes fuch as "do not underftand ·his Power, ,rirtu~ and Ope. ration; therefore omitting to" (peak.);lf1:r far-

t.he.r of him, (left: we fhould o£:end his ~lngly Dignity, byexten(Hng the P)'tht1gore~1J·Rules)

we Ihall proceed to that ' . .. .,. .


Of Mars, or Iron,

MarJ, that noble Champion or God of Battcl_,th~t conquers Alcides:J arid is not ~o, b~ .c~nque~d by any but Ve'1J11J _, and chat In the plealant Beds '9f. Delighc ; he therefore. that clcals the UlOn 'gendy by hirn , 'hall. get the rnoft from him: One way bywblch he is to be. calcined, is as follows.

· t

· 11.= A Dar of Steel or Iron" ~p.d heat it redho~~aii<l clap it into a great Lump. pfBrim-. ft6iie that Itands over the ,W acer ~ and .,{-"hC).t rnelcs .and runs into the W aterj:./yotimilft pr~(eeve.· Continue thisOperation~' unril j.'c~·ve

· .. ' . ..... . ... . .', ~ , .. as

He Four -or five Bars of C! ~ put them iIi a:

Smith's Forge, and quench it in diftilled Rain-· water ;_ do ,this fo ofeen till the Bars are wore out" .. ·the which Operation will be very ·tedious, but -very profitable;" Now ehls {~i~ Water gehtlyev~porate; In -a' Glats:;Balonl.and.·a . brownlfh-Sale 'will remain in the bottom, which as·youTve·:a. quantity of) you nlay puri'fie ·hy Calcinit;op" Solution" Eilrration, and CongeIarion," 'Tit! fti.ceUent for fore Eyes" a,za being mixt with Empl.·1Vlellif. for canceYtlfed Breaj!s; the Salt it /elf ~. alfq exceOent _~r the Ob/lru{fions .in fVpmen. tJ n1C /;; ]na:,...f(f' tl'L_i.t1fgrlJ ,

-d' may alfo be dlffolved. with the Liquor of fixed .l!?it~r,,_ or wirh the Spirit of Niter -s and mot-e ·p~~ncipany' with the Spirit ·ofS.alt,,·~according rouhe example y'6u have in the white· P.recipita~e 'of 12';- which ': D.iff"ohidon. being duleified; :and- the Tincture· taken out iii tar~' tariz.ated sp~ v.' 'as long·~s; any Will be exfta~ed, ;y~1i. have a noble Balfamicl:, Ti"EfHre~ fi.!Iy.

. n:'d, u~J_·Wi.t_~tkc:yirt,!es of ifi:r •• 'J'I~/ilJt1t~ s« .-t/H-l:. #:: J!!!i '1PIil'~;;;1 ~ .. ~t .~' I'. '01,'7'" .r : . -:.: .

t:;'::tOo4f;iJ ~It,~ s;Jt::f St'tti}·.,· • JI'Ir1e~

"~:t,.~~.J S ~ s- ~-i! /1l4>'j {~ ;;;~.L_- I,/~'f .

'1-n- JA_. 'ttl ~tn--. ·7f-.C./·z..,~·J .".,1/ , A

,.. ~[L_.~ .~)n ~_..--<f'"'a-1"W1-a"~

(.1 i·;· )-.,

as much of ~h~ calcined Marl 2S you pleafs the which .being powdered and dulcified, is ,roper for the ObflruSion pf t~~.1kff.'nfes in Wome,J. The DO/e·is -ten Grains ·in an.1.'itroper Vehicle-;but how-chis Calx. may be farther ·exalte~" wilt be \

fhewn by 'and by'.. ' ~,:._.;

. . . ~

.. . ..... '_

, ..

-.- .' -_ - ..

( iiS-)

Flores Martis,' or 0 fuhlimecl--'

. _ Be 'Of the. t?, .ca~cined by E rirnftone oS ~

before prefcribed ibJ" or Lapis Z-Iematitis communiJ itJ ~ ~al Armoniack tbj; beat andmix ~hem exceeding well together; then put them

. rnto an Earthen Retort" and clofe a large Receiver, and give fire, but gently at fi-dt~ but encreafing it from three hours t~) three hours uncil it is fub1imed; the Ia.fi ehree hours yoti muft obierve to give it the firongefi deg-ree of fire you po£Ij.b,y can, that [0 what remains, ! may be well calcined: It being cold, remove and break the Retort" and you Jball have, in the Neck a noble Martial Sublimate;· and-

·em-:c.f from the Caput mort. in the bottom, you; may

?( itf _ ex.tra¢l: "lith a warm Water a. Votatile;Salt" the both which have many V:.rtuCs:i baving. fame adherence tO/t~ Lapu He"_1('~itil, but not

fO,P9werfut .

7'he Anima of ~"

B: Of the red Vjtreo! 0.1', or Oyl of.SulphHr, one part., and cwo parts of orJint'Jy~ TVeO·'Wpter; put thofe rogerher , diffolve tht:r~inFiling-s of Steel; this piirolut~on muft be filcred e tieing '\..varmed.l let it gently evaporate a third -pat:t-of it; then fet the Gl~fs in a cool P I~C¢., andehere will fhooe Cryfials a~:fweet as Sl!g~~ ... ~'Which- is the true Vitriol of e ~j. 'cane off th. Water, let ic: .e~Jlorate .D;10re" ~4-Jet it a~~ain .. jil- a cold.


.- ,

. ~.'" ," " - ... -_

J , •

( ljI9 ).. ~~;

place, and.. more Cr.y.naIf; ·will, '~Q.ot ;t:l n~ ~ ~ them gently - under a . Muffle;,:.- Rtrr.Jng:. it:;rul~ ;S:_ ~ with an .Iron _Wier~ t~en y~u get a, f;u_~pu!-. ~\ ~

pie coloured Powder; - -on this ~.OW. del" C~~ ,dl,-. .~ ~ .

ftilled r=s« ; Exrract the<-;Anlma of- i!':.i .1._9 -a. ~

gentle- B. ,abtt~aCt. agaio. th~ Vin~g~r.,. an~ du~ ~ ~. corare the. AnIma •. _ TblS,:,~.the Amm.~ Q£~.~. - :."t_ ~ .

which hath many Vucues. .-:-:!;5 S .... ::;;.

_ . ':". t" ~

Sal Calyois,magif/erialis., .... , .... ;: t--~

. _ Rc - SteehJufi' ~ o~ jiting_s" tbi~ an~ let'dc:~eT ~. ;.- -.

diffolved by Splt-zt ofSalf:l as before _.lfep.A~~2 ~ ~

which mutt again be dulcified well r:hefGt-J;om.J- .---::..... ~ an. d the Po.\voer -gentl:v caloio~d und<;r·,q. ·M. "f~ ~~~ ,-'~

;./' ,.. _ r- .......

fie,.' arid then .being pilt - i)}c:o -_ a ll~t:Q.r*~· .p.@i'; .~. ~ upon it of.zhe Voiktite.-S irit, T4rtarThiJ,;~p~ ~.,o._~ put in the :fecciri(f- _ egree_,-:Q heat a.\1~,· ~--he ~ ~ ~ :whole - w,n be diAl~lv~, ~nd".tihen dra;w ~g;lj; ._':--.- ~t: what 5piric,,"vill.cQme- over', aod carefu~·dlh- f·~ flegm ; pucon the S~if<it,agS).in". arid repear Ci\~\~~ . -~ ~ .

9peration, unt.il .it Ihoor ~m~Q a noblf;:qr~ft~~ __ ~ :' line Sale, the which ouJ~_lfic~ .and then _\J.HU:}i. ~ ~ give forth·its Sulphur in Spirit of Wine, :Qf:)5y ,.'~~ a.higher_Exaltation may-be ~lirroug~t q,:,t;~:tJl.ql ~-~ Helm in form of an Oyl: All: otw~l~ball'~ ~ ~\) noble Medicaments and far exceeding . any' ~;'" ~ Preparation of SueJ~ [hat hath hitherto been ,.~:. . publilliedto .rbe W onld, as. ·v\f~:·k:n~w b~ large ~ expel"ienee:;i"and although; ;1o.aa.e would. fa:io; ~,..

iniitate -rhis: Preparation~ :byifpri.o.kling"l;oe n- - ~~. .lingJ.· ",f Stnt with the,LiqJl1Il" ~riJ:;'t;~rl-'m '''r 1-

O.J-I .oi 7-(.17./," per J;#qujum,: .. , 0 .£10g ~~ ro . ,

J-,t.!ha J J- V-I!tii-'f"It(P ~51~/PrJ Du£l: ..

c: c./ -6 rw,. r: tJtJ(~ ?.d __ ~ t;- JY ~

.;II ~/_.

fj ;V' . / II'I~

( il]2.<D ;)

Duft or Powder:by meansof the .Air". and then prefcribe it as a great Arcanum; yet we have' no fuch value-of it,) becauie the body of the Steel is not by filch a Prcparatio n macerated or overcome, as by the former, t hat being ~

. way fuccedanous to the Alcbaffi .. ~ and fo commands its Balfomick and Herculea» V"ir ..

m~ -

Pre'fJalant in Feasucrs and Agues, and for Ope1ling the Obj1ruclions of the .Pancrem, LiiJer,) Spieen, lind Meftntery ,) ~nJ alfo the Urin'.JHS Pa.OageJ ; t'herefore ~ce/Jent lor the S c~r~e7 J Dropfie, an4 Sttme" and alfo for tbeDiqrrhea ~'nd DijJimter),. ~Ti4 alfo powerful in Wome1JJ Dife~fes" -both in o· pening their Objfrutfions;, and likew.ife to flop their Ovtrjlowings: In fine, 'twill cure rhote Difeafes, that are not to be rouch'd hy any other Preparation of Steel whatfoever: We have therefore faithfully cornmunicared 'it to rhe World_, which cannot fail of .doing it fervice ;' and. the more efpecially in an Age wherein Steel is fo much made ute of, andefteemed as a principal Pillar in Medicine. -

.' And thus much tor the Calclt.aeion, 'Subl,imarion and Diftillation of Mars, we thalt onIy add how a 'Bar of Iron rna y be broke;

Thus, - ' . - .

5: Of 2 fublimed and Sal Lrrmoniack. ana 15;~, red ·A,.fenick fi>fs:l reduce aU Intoa Powder, and IublimeIt three times" and YOll will :,;~ 'f£:; an Oyl in the Sublimarory, ·which con!>_·: .. f ,_-:, :;ke Wax in the cold; pulverize, and

, . . ._ , fe~

1 •

,f., .... ",

c· r s.r )

let it in a Cellar to diffolve per JelUjuUlm ; unto' , which Water add as much ordinary AF. whi...ch . being rdone, rake Iorne Corron. and moifien'ic therein, and apply it round the Dar of Steel' or Iron for twelve hours, and you may eafdy break it" tho' as thick as a Man's Arm, by giving it a blow at the place -ebe Cotten was applied to •. Vt~~-- ,:;."iJ p. JM}4-"Jraj, e-

Of soi, or Gold.

-. " ...

~ _ I • • _ .... 0;

Firil of its Calcination or being reduced to Cal:J<:~ thus: R: 'Of Htmgarian ,Vitreol ewo pans .. Sill Nitre one part ~ and dilfil therefrom an . AF. in an earthen Retort. S. A. Then take two parts of this Water,· an,;l.one_part .of·Acet.:Je'__ jliOllrum" and diftil them rogether 10 a. .Reeore in MB. or in Sand" with a .very gentle ,fire~ until . all: , the Water comes off".7· and there remam :i- dry Menftruum or powder in the-bottom:' Then take of the belt Antimtm7 weU.' powder~d1bfS _, and pour thereon the aforeraid. Spirit" covering the ;!/'1Jtimon_1 tWO or three fingers breadth therewith; dilHI this in. a Retort in Sand" with a very gentle fire" until all the W aterthac comes out from it, by 'often pourir.g back upon the !vtt11;jlrUl1tn and repeated DitHHation;o hath Ion it!} [harpnets, a.nd becomes like common' Water; and this __ weak Water you mnft {cparate froln that. wbich comes forth fidi,. 'which ~et hath a fharpne1S .. and as much as hath been 9.f this weak, W ater add 10 much of the firft Menftr/~um to the W;1-


~.... :

( I~2. )

-tllr, which yet bath a Jharpnefs; and, pour it back into the Retortagain, and do as before" _till you apprehend that your L-1CJ uor coming' forth is full of the virtue and Iubftance of y~ur Antjmony~ which may be perceived ,by Irs. weight and whirenels, and 'your Work is to be carried on as before, till d~f:whole. Cub. fiance of Antif?'Jony is.come forth i ncoa white

Matter. ' ,


The Preparation of the (;old.

~~-Of the AP. before Ipoken of fuiv, SaL Armtr,u.ack.1t;j~ make thereof an AR .• chen.take of'<pure 90JJ 3j, .arid pour the AR., about ,~gbt' Of' ,nine fingers thicknefs over your csu; aod"diftil this in a Recore, and pour back the Water that comes from it" and diH:il it .again, repeating this fo long, as till Yl9Uf Liquor h~th loft its t:tfte~ and becomes as weac as Wa.ter :

Than take the fame quantity of .. ~R~ 'and do the fame feveral times > rhe oteener .the: .berter; and there will remain in rae botroma Cq]x of Gold. - ' -,,', ' ,

, .

R<, Of this Cal» one parr, and of the aforeraid Water of Antimony five parts; fet them in a digefting hear, for [even or eight days> ,clofe' (COVered; afterward let it be precipitated in jts -own proper Water of .Antimon)·~whichbecarne [0 weak, as before fpoken elf ; then let yo~~ Powder be fweet~ed~ and" w.el1 dried, ~d kept for ufe.



( ~~J ,) ,

Qlaierve", tb~ ig, the'Preparatien.o£ the '.4..' ti'f'll11ly, it' muft .be h:eaten; and, fifted very: fine~:

through any Hair Cleve. ,

Vis ft4- prevalent in the King" s- E-vil7 GJ!anJ' Pox., Cancers, Ulcers, aM Bubae~~ with Millignant ' .. Fell-'Pers. its, Dofe isfour.:OTl frue Grains ~,,: r;f1tIe~

gi'Ut1J i1,l thi4 fo/J<n»ing Deco8ion., '" '

Be Bark of Guajat:tUn;l S4rfa.pariOa~ ana Jiv, TartRT JiS;o~ cwmmon' W~ter twelve Pines,; boil all till the' third: part is confurnede . then put thereunto of GermR1I- Grorm4-Pine Jiv" of~ the Flowers of French, Lavender, MarigDJ~, ana Mj;l Saffron. ~ij,; make 'ehereof a Decoction foI' the ufe'preditted.


Be' Of Gold·duft Jj, of Salt-Petre inj, of R,xh--A1loDL fidS, of ~Salt. ~vj·; put them' into a Retort, and add rhereunro four Qgarts{ of Water; fet it in a Sand- Furnace, and put 'to it,al\eCeiver,;~ encreaie the fire" and letu bOil till it be, dry; 'put·ClWa.y th~yeU<?w, par~of'it". and, beat the other in a' GlaiS Mortar, inta . Powderj. put it mto a.GlafsBody-wleh.a broad:

Mouth,; put:in,three-Qgarc$ of' Watcr~ boirig" w:u:m.-; ftir it well, and-let it fettle-two hou~5j;' , thtm~ pour off that:Water~. 'and, take ca.r.o t}ia:' no ~bick' Matt~r gootf dn. th~WaJ:er ; I'epeat: more Warec to it~ and. do, as before, till rnQ. : more Water comes that ~'ye\low ; fav..e th~'.:

Water that is' yellow,; .and. tak~ a goo~,laxw:;,

. Bolt-


( 12.4 )

Bole-head, wieh.aleng Neck, that .will hold a. bone three Qtarts.; pour in three Pints or two ~arts of the yellow Water, and pur.in '3V .. bf!· crude Mercilry ; Itop it up" and Ihake . them'

. one hour together" and let it fettle two hours; then' filter it off, and put to it more 'of (he yellow Water 3 fhaking it as before, -arrd let it fettle; and thus do till all your yellow' Warer is ended , then put· all in to filce.r; and take care that it lofe not any of tbe black Matter ; put all the Matter into .. a . Cruciolevpurring on the Crucible a little Cover, and over the fame a Charcoal-fire·; calcine. it till it: fmoak not; then take outYOU1· Matter~ and teft it·:

This is the Powder to be exa'lred further by feveral Cohobations in a true Sp. v. and 'tIS then a Medicine for' the SCUTV1'J'J Pox~ Qna G(JUt.

'. ,"

70 draw the 8:ofMettals, ca//eJ .. SiJl"Sa- ~

pienrise. _ .' I

I • & ••

& Fine Gold (as being the noh\eft.of ·Mettats) in Calx '5j" diffoiv6tF In OUI' dAR; When dHrolved~ evaporate the Water ~ till drinefs a.ppear'; then pour upon ehe Calx of Gold difHl· . 1e4 Water" and boil it for two hours ';. cant off your Water~ and put on more; repeat-this with. frefh Water" till it becomes ·fweet.t and theWater infipid; .ehen pour thereon more of the ra.id_ W arer, and evaporate the fame: Then .put 'your Calx of Gold inro.a Glals;: and put it Int,Q· the Water--of Calcination fClr. one- hour"

/l r ~~'tl/ nf-r-r- J11- (l!.dI fntJij J!'1({!' 11· ~(i.~ ~ ~p. ~I ,if'?, fl-'7J JiJ- ':f·.4t"h··H~- ~'''fftF P"yV e4.._

( I2.5")

keeping your Water to one degree of heat; then grind well . your Calx' of Gold in a 'Marble, pouring thereon good diftin~d Wine-Vinegar; putting the fame into an U rin·at. i,n MB •. until all-the raid Ac~. JijfiOatum be .ev;lporated away, and you will find in the boeeom of your Glafs a white Salt of Gold" like Snow; and on the remaining Gold pour frefh diftill'd Vlnegar , and operate as before, fo long as your Acet. diftiltatum' leaves any Salt; for you will find rhern always whiter: Repeat this Operation until the Acet. dijfiUatu1n will draw no more Salt; and upon the remainder pOUT Rain-water , in which diffolve the fame three or four times" and have a care ·that there remain no more Salts, and when there remain no more Salts _, 3dscnough clarifi'd. This is the Ej]e'13tial 5u/Jlimatej and the Salt is.~ the Sal Sapientid!: When you have thus paffed . it through the Rain-water ~ dinil your fai~ Water into dr inefs, and keep char Salt in a Veffel well ftopr, For ":>tis a mDil eXC!!lle1;t good Medicine in ali de(}erate Diftempers anJ Dt/eafel: !'his Salf leaves nothing In the Bod7 to tlJi:nJ or prejudi't the fame, (;1Jd aU Dif!empers t"4rt::tbereby 'cured in three or pllr We,~!!.. Its Dole ;s Gr'.'.iij, which put info a viol; and add thereunto <me GJajf of Win«, and fot it in boiling H-'itter to- .:aiJfol-tie· in the Wine; a-,Jd wh~ ·JijJol'V~d, the Paricnt ..... :mIl.7 Jrink it:J: eove"ing himfelf in his BeJ~ and: b,· ~ilt

.{1Pca~ dbutlJlI1I'1 tkrollgh th. ".,hole Body ..... :.;.

fr-~ 41(1""",;1, ·tZ~'~···· .~,-.:,

.~. -r7;~ 1'.... J /- .,».': . ~" .e: .., .~. "!-~

., * ..... &.~:~~ .. ,.- ' ..,~.

.; ~

( x2.6 )

ro make an OyilJ/ the Salt oJ Meilaii.

... & Of the Salt of Gold" or whae Metral

. }'Bupleafea and.plitit into a ~~trix.t ~and.feal it:Up <Hermetica}ly,and fet. 4t u:: SandJ!l ~ moderate heat"llke that of ~he Sun, for eIght days; after \enc:r~ your fire ·the fpacc:of eight more, unttl .. t becomes yellowj concmue thus until :» cis quite yel10 W' i t hen encreafe

'your fire more until1.tbecomes-hrown" and continue it in that degree eight days,:JuRtil it become red ;' and when "cis 'red, . conrinue the :fame fire for eight days" until it becomes of an high red" and after you mayenereafe your fire without fear, to what heighth yOll pleafe; for

. your greatefi fire cannot wrong the fatne" for 'tis fixt ] then let it coole after chae, take ~nd grind it into an impa1p~ble Powd,!rj~h~. WhlC? put into a Body, pOW'IOg thereon diihlled V 1· negar, and fee it ME. and fiir Je every day" covering well your Veffel, -and do thus for four days; th.en cant. off your Vj~egal~ by inclination" being grown cold : Reltc!a,Le your.Op.e. ration three times> and that whic.i remains In -the bottom of your Veifel caft a way" for ~ds ufCleG for this your laid work j then put al]

. your. Vinegar into an Alimbeck, and diftil unto drinefS.J and thus you win ,have yOl;lr . Ma.trer more beautiful tban before -; you may fee 'It ~gain io~o digeftion . with ·fi-elh ·ViQ~~ar.,· ·until rhereremain QO more ·Feces ; the! 1 tiS ~ough "for· to draw oL!~ its 0x.l.l.wpe~ ~r~f""_. which .put

.... -:-lnto

. -, ( ;(2.7 )

into agreae GlaiS wellftopr, and apply thereunto a -Iarge Receiver ~ all well luted, and let the bottom thereof reft in a Ve1fel of Water." a.nd give it a fofe fire for four hours, and continue your encreafing . of the fi!~ by. degrees .. until you ;fee the yellow SplrttS n~c; thers keep YOUl" fire in the fame degree of beat un- -

til the Head becomes red" and encreafeyour

fire by little and little .... ~ .(he Head becomes

red like Blood; continue the fame degree of-

fire until rednefs begin to decline; encreafe

yo~r fire anew, char your Ve1fel may be red

like a glowing Coal, and keep that degree of

fire for an - hour, and your Head will become

white like Snow; and then encreafe your fire

high as you can" till your Head becomes clear like to the firft ; then let it cool; an~yoll:'l find 11K N.6f.lt£{ in your Receiver your Oyl_, \VhlCh 15 not to be Cd- m,...~'It_

. 1 ft·

got WIt lout pains, ... J',, __

'Til nat ~Uly good for the SCUTvey" bllt al[o for .

mo.ft dejjertJte Difcafrs incident t o the Bod1 ~f !V1a'1J,

be they inte'rnat or externtz_. . out exceptsons, bls!

eJPecial/.J prevalent in t~c DtJ. .:er of Venus, Psi-

fiek, Dropfie, GOllt;J &c... .,

Its RoJe i.r 9j, diffufed tny~ Pmt of Whl~e;wl1lt~

to be g_iven ;h: P'!tient in f MOr1~in$ faftlng, le,t~

ting hzm jleeptn hIS Be_J, ana.7_ou 'I. fee W.()1JJers .n

its Operasion : The [aId il4eJtcl1Je ~or!eJ b,1·_S1co1•

'Urine Sweat and in{e13fwle TrlZ1lf}zrlitlOn, :a-&401Vl-

ing n: Natl~e ,is. Jif}ofeJ~ till its j1l1lrp ;m4'.;grrarif .Humor. is e;cpelletl; Jfrengtbmmg the· P-amntlB much 0# if he bad eaten a g"oJ Meal, and ?ph~

JCII jind"bllt lOllr Medicine operlltes no mUTe b,


.-., ........ _,

. ,

. - - . .

: ".' ... ~ .-'_'.;'. • r :

( I2.8 )


( 12.9 )

, "Then put tms Gold into a Bole-head, and put thereon of the forementioned 0°0 3\r;> and Hopping rhe Matrix., fet it in digeftion for 24 hours , and then gently deflegm it till it is a little acid; then in a Veifel well clofed, give it degrees of digeftion, till it comes to a red An,. timony:. then imbibe it with more of the aforeraid 0°0; deflegm and increafe your fire one degree higher, until a rednefs .appe~r~ as before.: and thus repea~ this Operation" ttll the Medici.ne i~ penetrant; after fweeten it with a true Philolbphical Sf- V. and then :you've a MeJicine prervalent in the Difea{e.s of the Pancreas; purifying the corrupred Maft of Blood in eb« Pox" Leprafie, Ulcers, and aU other evils: The Doje is twenty drops dilated in Spirit of Wine~

Panchymagogonor CathoIicon;purging aU

. Humors ill ·the BOdy of Malt.

S: Of Regul~1.f of An.timony 3iv" of Gold ~ij .. of Silver Jfs.t of 2 3vJ" of l.C and c1 ana 311J; melt them in a Crucible during one hour, adding by 'little arrd little Jj of TArtar and SAlt Petre pulverized rogerher, and when the whole is in a good melting hear, cart it into an Ingot, and you ·will have a very ·beautiful Regulus .. Take and pulverize this RegulllS in a Morcar ~ and add thereunto of the Mercllrl prepared as underneath 3iv~ and grind and amalgamate them during two hours" that rheyrnay be wen. united together; wafb and take off all that

K which

8twl, .70U Jhall not need to give him any more thmj three times: For- Cancers aHd Wolfs ~ yo;; m.fl anoint th« fame ?}.Iith ~ lirtt'e OJ1.t· applying a Colurors or C,abbage-leaJ: and a Li1)11en~cloth ablYlJe .it; and the {aid M~dicine wHI produce ,»:,on· ·~lIl ~~ells.

The Preparation of (:) for ti,} Arcanum:

tln./ .... JW1t .# . %0'

Be Of Gold i'h"-Calx or Po wder ~J., the

which put into a Realgar ~ to rnake it red-hot in the fire, which then calt into ano~her Realgar~ in which you have heated 3~ii) of ~er. cury., and this' will amalgama together" the which Realgar Iet on the fire" to exhale the faid Mercury, which ought to be converted with a purifi'd Realgar on the top; and vo~J.r Mercury being exhal~d" dilTolv e the Gold In .AR. the which filter through .1. gray Paper, and dry the [arne; burn it in a Realgar, and wafh your Athes in w.irrn Warer, and your Gold win remain in the botro n , the which dry in a glazed Veffel" and pOl,r [hereon four fingers breadch ill heighth of the rectifi'd Sp. V. to which give fire, and being con filmed" y-::mr Gold wiU remain rhickiih in [he.l;>"~t[O~_'"~~l}c.h put into a GlafS Veffel, and PU.lt .. thereon rair . Water .. to take off Come Sales, which cant off, and pour on more for three ti rnes, and your Gold will be in fubtil .. l\.tcom; .. the which dry of it felf without fire" and t:.le Gold is pre-

pared. .

.1 •• _

( 13°, )

which is bL1Ck_, ~ntiI 'the .Amalg4ma becomes

, cl~a~ Iike ~ Srar; then rake YOl1r .Amlllgama apg ,put It Into a RerorewellIured, and difl:il it in an open fire,," into a Receiver half full of Water s, and you'l have your Mert'ury come 0- ver, of the Iarne weight you put it ill-' Then take the Regulus which remains itt the bottom' and melt i~in a Crucible with a likeqttantity of frelh Regulus" 'which reduce! Inro ia fine Powder, and joyn thereunto the Mercllry paft ; then diftil again ~s before ~ ana the Mercury will come over 'qualified with .a double Virtue. Then difiil a third time \~ .. ith fre.lli Re-, gil/US, as' before" and, there will remain no rnore of the Mert a].«, than the Drofs 'which

- ., " .,

you may rafte, to try and if ~11~; Go{J remain

therein; then take of your beft :(;tblinlate"Thfs and fqb1inlc it three, times with the ,lik~ quantity of decrepirared Salt;· then take of Su~li~ate ~!j, ~nd 'of the prepared" "Mercury ~YJ" and grind It for three hours with rhe Regulus, ~hat the M,ercury be no man! fsen, [N. B. ,

That is,,. what c6ln~s fi,~'oln the jl:it 'joyning.]. Now this, rnul] be fu.blIoled for twelvehours by fire ot degrees, and there will ari!e in the Neck of the Sublituirlg-Gla(s·;1,. £:U;>UOl Flower. \which is' Poi(on) w!lich you- '!tuft fet>ar.at;

, and caft away; then Joyn [hat ,-,'hlCh ss.m the Cr~~nwith char \VhjC~1 is in th,; botrom , and fp~li.rpe again anew in a frefh Subliming OJafs fpr fix, hours" and you will have a SublimatJ9n~ which begins to come lite a Cryftal j

. ;.', / ~ d" ~ (J/~ _£7// _.A " throw

~:1~:' !h";--..p- .• ~,, ~.' lh~'·

/1. ~

C I31 )

throw' away your Drofs, and' fublime 'again for five; fix" or fev(':lJ. rimes" arrd you'l have a [weet Jl,-lercuij~ it-J'Jpregnated with the virtue of alJ the Planets, and lin excellent Purge to expel alt the Hr4m~m's peccant in1vlan's Body. TI;e Dofe is ro,!, thirteen t() ji(teelJ or twenty Grai1H in Pil. Co .. ·

chise, or Rofin of Jallop,. &c. rna.ie into PiUs.

How to Prepare the Mercury.

Be Of the . Filings 'of Needles tbfS, of Mercury drawn from Cinnabar ih{s" and arnalgamate them well rogerher in a Morrar , and then pur the fame into a Retort "V en lured and diftil in an open fire inco a Receiver halt' full o.f Water) and your Mercury will come over toto the R.eceiver; which rev ived MercurY:J being prepared" is for that firft Preparation with the" Regulus. '

Aurum Faimineur»,

, & Leaves of Gold, or pure Filings of Gold

and diffolve rhein in a fiiong A R.afeel" perf"c!a' di~olution, precipi[a~e with 0)'1 of Tartar fer deJltj. and then fu lrrrirrare upon a fulminating Ve:ffc1 ~ad~ of Copper for th~c purpo(c; puc on Gr.). with a finall [cope tor that purpofe, and b~ fure YOll put on but one Gr. at a .rime,' and gIve fire from above; and YOll will have a bounce, like char of a great Gun; but be Iure you fi~nd at a dittance, rhatit; couch you n or;

· K z... for

. .'-~

a. j':

( 132, )

for if it Ihould, 'twould hurt you; and after the bounce is over; it 1trikesthrough the Copper downwards" where you will find it in a purple colour; Io do it Grain by Grain" until you have done all" which referve for ufe:

Upon which circulate our Aire::.l Sp. V. till it hath drawn out all [he 'T'inccure ; which is a good Aurum Pot abile.

Aurum Potabile.

He Of the Rcgulr-u of .Arrrimouy 3j, fine Goldduft 31j" and rtux chem rogerhcr with Nicee 'and Tartar, and reduce the Gold feveraltimes" till it a 11 COUles [0 a Sco~'Y ; the V.J hich dulcifie in Water or Spirit. of \-Vine, then make this

following LVlt?'iflrHum. -

Be: Oyflcr-fhells and -walh them very clean" and chen calcine them in an o oen fire, to an exceeding w hicenefs : chen cak,; of them fuj, In fine Pulp" and rnrx them very w el] w'irh SalArnlonlack ~ or ,an U rinous S"?ir1r redeemed and vindicated fr0111 its Fcecor ; and then di:Hil off che Spiric, and rcctitie ic; then take Nunuegs , Clovcs , Cinn;nllon ~ ana ~iv ~ Mace and C, • ar d arrrurns ana "3i ij ; then dinil this Spirit cwo or rhree ti mes ti om it ; then 15 it prepared.

vue;.,I-; ~~/~ , '

Put ffsj of £h15 upon the afore(aid est», and

di.geft in B. 21 da'y5-, t~ draw out aU the

.. _ . Tin-

'( 133 )

'Tincture, and cane .ic off; and fo have you • true Mi!Jicine~ tlnd a Specific!: prevalent in manJ fJubborn Difeafes ~ fortifjil1g the Parts (Jjfli~t-

eJ~ &c. ,.

Half an Aurum Potabilo. '

& A Lemon, anft m~ke ·it hollow, by raking away the Seeds and Pulp" and put therein Leaves of Gold" not driven to the unnoft thinnefs, upon' which pour the Juice of another Lemon or Orange, and let the Body be covered with his Cap very clore; fer it'<jn a hot place , or by a Furnace _, for {even or eight days, fo rhac thereby the Gold may be brought i,nto an Oyl; let the Juice be Ieparared from the Oyl, and the Oy} rnix'd together with the" ftrongeft Aqua Vita: _, which muft [omet imes be feparated again from the Oyls by Difiilation: and to know when "tis perfect, let a little of the Oyl be anointed upon a piece of Flew. upon which if it glides not" but pierces into the deep parts thereof, then is the diftilation and

working thereof well done; ,

.Aerum Pot abile noftrum.

& The Calx of Gold 3j, of the V olarile Spi-

. rit of our Sal Pa'tlarijfOJ 3vj, and in a. fmall Reeore, clofe Itopr ; digeft in Sand fix days, till it

is diifolved; then draw off the M'nftruumJ';'~ which preferve for the like oc:cafion; the Cal:r: ~~

.f., Ji:.jliL-if..t_¥h1~L 3;'c-u~ tu~ fh1u, r: '1ft-iMk~ rtL/._~. · M. ~'l~~1 .'

w- 9: .. a ./1 ~ ~~~~ /M .. ;, .. '«i<t-"J:~: .;~

C I34 )

will be left Iolvable as Wax, the which dulci. fie_; 'then t8ke'" of our Volatile Splris of Tartar~ illJ_, and cohobate Io long thereon, till it gives forth all its Flegrn, and, the Salt is coagulated

-u porr the go!den Oyl., and both become one: . rben with rrue Spirit of Wine extract all rhe 'Tincture, and chen draw off -two thirds of the Spi ric of Wine, and what rernai ns in the bott orn is the /J'urlfllJ Porebi!«, [N. B.J The white nody t h at rerna ins, after you have drawn forth your 'Tincture carefully preferv ~_, whole ufe

ic- lhan, be lbewr! in our" Sp.agb·jck p,)jlofophy'$ Tri-,

I,. tJr,2p;,}~ ~r.d Low the beauty of VC1, t.fJ j11a11 allure

?}1hdJD hlwtilf r~ [~l.1t of sol: _

i;:f#-~~J .. ~JJe.,~ hIS AtI~ttm Pot able _ hath [~~: 'f rrtues of all

~ 'f. :.the afore~J(1 Proparacions of Gold ; It cures

" , Difea{es~ ana fo1·tifiCJ the Heart; it: ge1Je"al inten-

tl!'" b1l'ft tiCU1 ai'~ iu ,v(;,.kii;g and operati1Jg~ ;:,1. order to pre~ J-·G I [er'7.)c the Bcdy of Al:m in JanilJ. , lt s Dofe is from

. two to tell tlr :-p.r.) in a Glr.jJ of Mttfc.tdinc.

OJ' V enus, or Coppe-r.

'To calcine Copper , let it: be rn.rde into thin Plates, and finc~r.;d over with S!.Ic m.ide into a Palte with the b.::H Vinegar ; t hcn let it be put into a great Cru ciblc, and f~t in a WindFurnace, and be burnt in a ftrong fire for a quarter of an hour" 'but ra that tl~ e Plates melt

. not; let there Plates, being red-hot; be quenched in Vinegar ~ in \V hich Sal Arinl)niack is dif folved, always 3f5 in a Pint of V'inegar j let the Plates be made red-hot agairij and quench-

, ' -' .ed

t' .





,~ . .


. .

. ('tJ~)

ed jin Vmegar, as before, always fcraping or

. knocking off the Scales , that flicks to the ...... \ Plates' after quenching, into the Vinegar. Do

'this Co IOllg~' till tbePlates of Copper be in good part confurned by this means e then dlftil off the Vinegar, or let it vapour away in an open Veflel, and be coagulated into a moft hard frone, So thou haft the beft Crocus, of Copper;the ufe whereof is great both in Meaicinf:. andAlchJm.1-Many make Crocus of Copper.,by extracting of it with the Spirit of Wine" or V inegar, as they do Crocta Marti4! but we commend this way far above it.

The Tindure of Venus.

t Be Filings of Copper", and pour thereon good diltill'd Wine- Vinegar, and ret it in di .. geftion for thirty days, i!1 a cir:u,l~tory V ~ffel _; then pour off the dtftill'd V Ine~ar., w hic h ~s coloured; and add frefh , and fo repeat 'unci'l

'twin draw out no more TinCl:ure ; then filter, and draw off the Flegrn with an eafie fire, or evaporate in a low PrefervingGlafs, until it Ihoors into Cryftals. On which Cryftals pour frefh diftill'd Vine;gar made warm" and then pour off by Inclination into another Glafs, and by Evaporation feparate the corrofive Cryftals' from a _ r~g 1;a!.th ~ that will remain under,

which 15 e ulphUI:_: Continue chis Opera- }:7 ,1

don roTong 'with frefh Spirit .of Vinegar~ u~t~l

no more Sulphur falls. If you burn off SpY-It,

-.---- K 4 of


. . :

( ~36 )

'of Wine fevern or eight times frc m the corrofive Cryftals, until they become ~veet: TheTJ .. . have you a Me(licine good in Feeoers , P"tijick~ em ... .. ~ fu~ption~ Gra-uel, Gout , Epilepjie, a71d. d,verJotbeJ' . ~ Difl emper 1. The Dofe if jive or fix GrainJ i1J Q

(..4 v' Gloj1 or Wine. -

Of the Pitrio/ of Venus made into a No/;/e lHed;cament.

The figns of good Vitriol are, when there appears like little Dianlonds" whereof Iorne are in form of a Pi r. rrnid ... and when you break rbe m, y ou will ~e 1l11all blight Veins" and of

the colour of a S"phir" and variable colours .. and if you dlflolve it in Water j 'cwill caufe a refidence, like f weer Cream mixt with fmall Diarncnds and Marcafires j 'tvJill alfo)! be ...

ing rubbt=d upon a. Knife" tinge it of a Copper colour.


R: Of the ben Vitriol fuxij ~ diiTdIve it in Rain-"rcltel'~ in Afhes; . being di L)iv~d~ filter and evaporate eamy, until (her.;!' ~rile a Pellicle; chen cake it off~ and fee it for rhree 0[" four days to cryftalizt.! in a coo. place j then puc ie into a. Glafs of 4 or 5 fin{:ers high" the which fee on Afhes co dry , until rhe Cryfrals come into white Powder; then diffolve it in frefh Rain-water" on Afhes for z 4 hours" and the Water-will become more green and beautif ul than before, and there w.ll. precipitate


( i37 )

more Feces"j which you ·nluft throw- ~wa.y; -as at the firft., filter and evaporate into a Pellicle, and cryftalize as before, anti rcirerate this 0- peration" until the Vitriol have no more Feces2 and that it begins to come fwe~t, and 'YOll find it ftrong on the tongue, and It becomes more beautiful in colour than the Sky ~ or any other colour in the W orId: rhen keep the fame clofe ftopr in a Glafs, that no duft fall eberein. [N. B] That you lofc not the greenne{s_, for - then you lore the Itrengrh and livelinefs of

your Medicine~

Be The Vitriol thus prepared, and put it into a Matrix wen luted, and purit naked into your fecret Furna~e~ and give it a proportionable fire ~ encreafing of it by little and little. from ten days to ten days; and you win fee, that your. white Powder will be convened into a yellow Powder" in colour like to Gold; then encreafe your fire by little and little, until it comes [0 a reddilh colour, at Ian like a Ruby: Then put chis Mateer into a Maerix, -and pour thereon the Aireal Spirjt of Wim:, and digelt it four or five days, and pour off the Spiric by Inclination ; and thus do fo long as any Tintkure will be obtained, and what remains is

of no worth. -

Then take all the Tind:ures with Spirit of

Wine, and put them into a Glafs~ and diftii off in MB. till your Matter is become dry • then diffolve it in frefh Spirit of Wine" and


. ( I39 )

give it the 'moft violent degree of fire: whers : all is cold, break the Retort and take the Subli- , mate oue of the ' .. Neck, which may again be groundwleh frefh Colcorbar, arrd rereated aIecond time, and fo a third, until it comes from

a golden to-a rubifi'd Colour. ,.

'Tis as. a general Abjlerfive in the Body of M6m~ powerful therefore in opening ObjfrtlEiio11J, Ceding Rickets in cuua«, 'ti.r alf; prl!''V(ilc1It in ,A giles,

. Fen-uers , Pleuri{ies;J Calent ures; Nletrflts_ and Pt,!~ ples s or any otber acute Di{eaJe _, wkert!ln the Life M emi1jcntry threat ned. The D£!(e 14 from fix. to twelve Grains, Mornings and E~"8n;ngs.

. "( 138 ) ~

again -Ieparate the Feces, and difi.il as before • repeat this three rimes, each time throwing a.~ waythe Feces; [0 is it well cleanfed. . .

Pour o~ this dry" Matter Rain -water diftUIed, and Itlr it with a wooden Spatula _, and ~ ferment £?n war~ Afhes four or fivedays, and thus continue with frefh Water_, tillallthe Tinaur~s are drawn out ;. then filter, andcoagulate. 1~ MB. and dry It by degrees in Sand; and fo you have the beautiful and exalted StllplJur of VClIm ~ proper againf1 ~na'IJ.J Diftempers incident to Man's BOt"J)" d4 Welt .u thofe of the P ancreas,

o fUS jl1tplJ-; .,....

The Sub/iYAations of c;;., or E[1S Veneris ..

Be The Colcorhar of Daht~ick· Vitriol_, . and dulcifie it with warm Vlater~ front all its Sale, t:ill no more Iharpnefs come forth; then dry it over the fire very well : thus you may do by the Cap. rnort . of AF. made from the beft Dantz,icb Vitriol and 11I,dian-Niter; then take either of thefe Co ferv'c1 fuij, of the beft Sal. ~rmGniack_ ttij, and grind them well together In an Iron Mortar ; then puc them in an ear .. then ~e[ort with a large: great and long Neck, and fer them In an open fire; put ona .greae Receiver -' lute faft _, and give fire gently by degrees ~ till aU is warrn , and then fublime it frorn three hours to 'three hours till all Is come up, which will be in twell~ or fifteen hours rime ; obferving the laO: three hours~· to "


Species Veneris gradu« Aureofo·

R: Of the beft Dantzick-V"itriol"tOiij" and make a Solution in diftill'd Rain-water, and filter the. Solution very exactly,. or take the Cba»» of Vitriol arid Sal·Armon-j;ack_, and extract its Salt, the w hich digeft and vaporate off to an aurifi'd Powder, the which prefer'.le ~ Either of there may be precipitated into a SuI" phur by the well decocted S(lit of Tartar_, the which dry very carefully; and then put chern into a Rerorr, adding thereunto equal weight of the belt Spirir of Vitriv!., but unreccifi'd; and digeft it till rhe Spirit give off all its Flegm ; then pur on half the quantity ofthefaid Spirit: of Vitriol;, and digeft as before" ,and fo do as long as Flegm will come; th~:n will true ~pirit oJ Wine force it through a R~: tore by Cohoba-



( X4() )

tions, till an is elivared ; chen fix it down a. gain upon the aurifi'd Powder" fo long .as it will drink in Spirit,,' and fend off .Flegrn ; then dulcifie, and fo is the Noble ~A:edicamellt

prepared. .' ~

U'hich is prevalent in Fea-aers; ./Igi~e.r~ Dr(JPfou~ Gout an,l Stone, htlving ,~n A1J.odine 4na pacative Virtue wit'; it~ hy which the fury of the enraged! , Archeius i.r alJa.Jed~ 'Worleing in a way onlY fucce-

anno1l5 to our Narcorlck Sulphur of Venus" or Ens vitse Meccallorurn ~ whofo Preparations ere Jhewn in our Spagirick Philofophy :.fferted; to which you are referred, The Doft ~'s pom jive to ten Grains" Mornings and E,venings.) in a proper Vebick.

Of Mercury, or ~ ick .. Iil ver, Firff the MagIJe,,' of Mercury.

& Of Mercur,y Iublimare 3iv, put it into a

_. Cucurbit of Glafs, pout thereon the belt Spirit of Urine (vindicated from its filter, thar coagulates Spirit of Tf/ine ~ by its high rectification) enough to fwiln four fingers breadch over ic, give it two days digeHion,and in a lent heat dilHl .. and moil: of the Spirit win come QV(; r in Flegrn, and the ..t':.rnimal Spirits of the Urim will unite themfelves with die Mineral Spirits of the {ubli",/lte Mercury: put new Spirit of /Jrine upon what remains in the Cucurbit., digefc and dinil~ as before" repeating this with new Spirit of :U-


C 141: )

t·i'l,. till it comes off as ftrong as- you put it on. Th~h pour upon it loui- finge~s breadth of p~re EJJi:ntiaIO,l., or. rather the M~;,~eraJO.Jt~ w,hich is effentificated .with being open'd by the CircNiatu1J1 Minimum,; and digeft them two days, then diftil with a very lenc hear, and an Aquacity will come off infipid ; pour upo~ th~ remaining Matter new Dyl or Su~phur; dlge.ft and dill.il., as before, and repeat chis, as you did the Spirit of Urine, till the Sulphur of Mercury:.

or what· other Oyl or Sulpbur you think befr,

come off" as tbong as it went on, [& hoc en

ponJm 1':l_tur4J having diftill'd it to a drinefs: thenencreafe the fireto fublime what will arife,

and Terra foJiatQ will afcend, and the >r@main--

ing Feces throwaway. I 1" ._.. . 1

~~/U#f,' Im~hl·~/. ot : 5 .. 1, J.-

& Of this Terrafoliata 3X" of Gold 3i" give r: .

. them a flrong fire ~ and the Salt working on _en- - the Gold will come into a vifcous and heavy Water" and will reduce all the Mercury 0 Sol)' ~. and of all other Meftals: 1he Suphtllrs elng tll-' ken in true Spirit or Wi1u!~ is prev~lent ;" the Pox,

GOHt and Stone. The. Doft i4ftom IS" to 30 drops"

and [weat thereon.

'fhe white Precipitate of Mercury ..

R, Of Mercury 3;;, and diffolve it in 4. F. 3ij_, with Water and Salt twenty four hours; precipitate it' into a white Powder" decant . the Water, and reiterate this Work three rimes, or

.~~-------~------ ..i


. !

I •

( 142 ) .

. . or you- .rnay filter l.i ~ then walh ehe Precipllate in f~ir' Water, till it be fweer, and dry it pr·.q_lun it with Spirit of Wine~to rna ke it fweet. S .. ./1.

Mercul'iw Dutcis .Djafhoreti~. (9 Cathartic .

... .


I ..

~.~ .


Be Of ~M:ercllriU4 Sublimate fuj~ ~trgent. ~ive 3'xij, grind [hem very fine in a Gl.tfs Mortar, until rhe <luick-filver appear not; . then put it jn an Urinal or Subliming-glals, a nd place it :in a Sand-Furnace; make a gentle fire under it, .for an hour or two; then encrea fe the fire, for (he Ipace of five or fix . hours" or until "ris fublimed; then take it out" and f~parate the black Marrer in the Neck of th~ Glafs or :V~ol ~ and caft .it· away; and vzhen cold, gri~d again" and fublime as before; -rhen take it. oue , and keep it for ufe _, if fw(:et on the: 'Toqgue, ~:r elfe do it .rhe third timc:.Obierve to ftop' the mouth of the Subliming -glafs with Cotton.

To make Mercurius Prcecipitar. perIe.

Be Of .il!lc·rcury .fbj :>~n.d 'pnt ·it in a .Bolchead, and gently clole the mouth for rwo or three days, to let out the Gafs; chen nip it up" and give it fire by degrees, and cover the body of the Bolt-head with Sand" and 'twill dai.Iy be more and more ufed to the fire.1fo rnuft


, ..

The'fij)e~t Oyl of Mercury ...

ac. Of' red ,Precip~t(Jte tt>fs~. and wafu it' well

. in CprdialWa.ters ,,~s $ulbl~ orCtJrJU_1I5.~e,~~ Jitf. then dry the Powder, and puc It In~A.l1, Bolt-head, and pour thereon of the .radi~l Yi. .negar under mentioned ~wo fin~ers ·ln~pel_ght~".

caufe irroboil;' and ~(wdl all diffolve Into--Wa-' ter and if it be not all diffolved,., put on more of ~he [aid Vinegar ~ and bod it as before, until all be durolve~_, except the Feces, which iemains i:a eheboetom which is the Feces of the Mercury· ; 'ti1~n pour ~ off .th~ Vinegar by i~cliriariorr, or fileer it; put 1.t .Into .an. Aleml?lck" and dlfti] .i.t qffinM~. and then witlyou b~ve in the . ~<?J:~9.m ~ . .P9re'whi.c~ S~\t" _ ehe ;wlnch diffolve in diftilled Vinegar, and eva_pQc.a£ei away with a moderate heat" u!ltil a Pellicle arifes, the which caufe to cryftalize,

. "\':f1'~ ~;p-;.t-tfL._ J." '-f;(.~ ff-·'£~ Then

.. ~ ;~, _'11"_~f-1I..,'Jt;1 l-rlc, t;l.-r·'t 'r/~L-J~J""~' ,:t , ifJ.'

r)'-'~' y ~. tHA~?o/L-L .(. (.\.(' f .:\ .... All ,

. A_ FLo ~ ;, - 4. ~ J.-.- U - # , j''' / .J.

"'t_.. .... '-. 'Y'-.'·, ( , ,

I ; I. .

4 .

.'\..."'; .


.p.".lI11!1!L .. II!'I. II!I; "p i";.4\~41!111, ..... '!"'!:"""!'~-Fp;"', ........ __,. ... -:-~. '''''"''';''~' ,.~-~c': 0"


< -c.--;: ... _

( I44 ) .

~ Then take thofe Cryftals, arid dry tftem ea. fily" and put them into a Gla fS" and pour ehereon of our Aireal Spirit of Wine four fin-gers above it ; then tet it in MB, or in. Hor(edung. for twenty five days~ an d -twill came into a Mucilage s the which put into a Rerorr, and diftiil eafily .. and you') have an infipid Water; encreafe the fire" and there will a ... rife white Fumes" and Iomewha.ewlll fublime into the Neck of [he Retort" the which return into the Retort" and difUI as before ; repeat the fame three times" and the whole will turn into a clear Oy 1; Prt'iml mt in the Diftempers ofVanus~ Drt)pftes;, fl.yart("'s~ &c. The

DIJfo u yom four to, fIX drops';n C.tlnary.J Con-

ferVes~ or S,rups, ever, other J1I7~ ""til a perfit1 Cure.


The radical rineg,ar, that tfijfol1/es this Mercury.

& Of Honey and decrepitated Salt ana ft, j~ mix them., and cau{e chem eafily to boil to drinefs ~ the which reduce into a Powder" and put it Inro a Rerorc , and pour thereon of good . diftilled Wine- Vinegal'" and diftil and cohobarc three or four rimer. .. and 'tis pre-

pared. .


'.Ancther jweet Oyl of Mercury~"


. . 'R: O£Mercury {ublimat. fufs, and diffolve it ih fuij of An-eal Spirit of Wine_, adding there, unto of the Spirit Of Salt ~ij ; 'digeft it for eight days" then diftil on Sand" giving a firong fire, towards the '1aft, and keep that which paffeth or cometh over i . then add frefh Wi,,!c.Spi,rit ~and Spirit of'Salt, as much as is needful for diff'oIving the, Matter ~ and digeft as before for eight " days" and repeat the [aid Operation for four or five times. [N. B.] That there will remain

a black Feces : Then cake all the Liquors that are paft~ and digeft them in a double Pellican fifteen days; chen dillil on a vaporous B. aU that may afcelld~ which win be only Elegrns, and there win remain in the bottom an Oyl~ which is fcented like Amber ~ the which put . into a Retorr, and give a good fire of digeftion, and there will come over an Oyl as clear as Cryfial~ and of a Iweerer fmell chan chat of, Civet.

Its Do~ arid Virtue. For the StlJne and c-s: vel;tak.~ Gr. iv~ or v. in Saffiffax.waur,in the time of tb« ,m08 raiolent pain: For a Clap or iT,veterate Gonorrhoea and'pox" with U/cers~ 'Whe~her ivwarJ Dr olltward~ in any part of tb« Body or Face; take it ~"a Glaftof Sack~ drinking after it "good draught of t'b~t De&oaion~ pr~fcribeJ with tb« Preparation of Antimony and Gold.

lYler,curiu.r Prtecipit-at. &! 'D!aphoretic-.

, B: Of Vitriol arrd Niter ana fhj, Spiritus-Vi~i Thj~ Verdigreaft Jiv ; mix the wlrole, and put ~ti~to a Retort" and diftil it off'eafilyro a drin~(s ; then take of' r\lat Water 11:>j , and add thereunto. o~ Me'I·" .. v» drawn fr?m Cinnabar furs ; and.put It Into a lll",~ed Matrix, and fet it on an hot fire of digeffion;ro boil four days; then pu t it into a Retort ~ and diftil to a drinefs, an(~ return the Me1'~mJ' into rhe fiiJUe matter agaln, and pour tf1ereon of tie frefh Men ..

'jlr.IfJJm, and boil as before for' four d ays.s and repeat this four times, and the 1aft time diftil with a-ftrong fire" and 'you will have a Mereui~ precipitate as red as Blood , the which walh 'a'll'" edulcerare with Cordial Water, {c.SuebiIH or Car dun« BenediElt#" and being dry ~ circulate

1',0 Spirit of Wine,,' "and chen draw off your Spi,i·it of Wine by dlftilacion, and reverberate it ,in a Reverberatory. lit ~~ a- _'T~6=-~\ ,/~1";""3_ , 7;~e Da(e thereof is :fom l to 5~ or 7 Grams, in r;_Oi1[t,·,,~.:!: or Cordial I-Va&er:l alJa £kiiJking a Glaft of C.:nar.J after it; l~re~";arfr}t in the ScuriJ.J~ POx~&:.c.

., .", 'S.



( '~47 ) ,

" Spirit or Oy~_ of Vitri,ot_, ,Oyl.of Sulphur, or any oth~r ACI4, whatever: 'This Arcllnum may , be-_dulclfi<td,fr~m,its falmefs-by diftiU"d 'Water_,

_ and then It' becomesan..excellentMedicament: pre vaunt ;11 t~l!Po:JC, KingJ-E~iI/CAncers~ Ulcers: ana ~O ~ch lo~tbfoin Difetifis. . T6eI.>ofo 14 I., 2,. ~" ' ?'" 4 f!rllins a~th~mo.f1. [0hferNe.; Thatthis is mfe~ol" ~o ~u~ Arcanum'Speci II:.': MetalJ~, that

having a -N';L1n~ral ,SuI' ,Intro nee " .asyoU,.J

may fee aflarg: in ~,ur ~pAgirick PbiltJ[opby·iiJ-.' ferted ~ ,W.kl~!~:-ltS V!l'~t~:a e largely trea.te(l"

of.] ~~~~/1if6.. '" ~ >hi ~ IJf ~u...l#f-

~/, tJ ,!~j.:'~-~ '~:t:r;. . ~~ ~i_~~ H4!/L'

~ ~ ~1T,fJ,..of CUi1c, 'or' Silver. . " -'

. ~ _. . : ,.,

" , I .

. LU1Je (as .you've before heard) i.S the Wife ' of Sol~ and IS endued with the~~rfea:ptiFjtY of '" the four Elements, only wandngehe Sulphur

of Sol for her perfeGtion,whicb is that' Indeed wherei!1 the Medici_nal V_~r,tue:moftly refides; but feeing that ,fbe IS arrrtbured 'to the, Head and cold and moift Difeafes, we fhallp-refcribe"

this Preparation of. her as follows. . ' .: , .~ _'

Pitluta. Lunaris, _()r:-~ of«..

. ~,

'_ Be, Of ~h.e beft burnt Silver Lace, or fitch _ Iike, as .m}j(:~, as you, pleafe" _an,Q of the, cleanted Sp4"1~ of Niter four rimes as much., ; "ahd EUt ,th~m JJ;,l~() a, ql_ars Bod~jI and let it- rem~tl t~ere fl.' afI._tlle Sliver be ,dlffolved; .and when. ddr~ved,'~ ~ e~pora~~; al.t the, fuper(luous mol .... "

, ,"' L .. ~ . ' _1ture,,'


(.I48 )

Bure, till it hath .a good Cream on the top ; then fcc it by to cool" thar the' <:tyfials may {hoot; then put, tbe Cryftals Intor an .open ~nouthed Gla{S~ ant} dry chem-in. a. Sand Fur .. nace.. till all ehe. ftinking Spirit. of.the· Men,.. /tYUU1n be dried, away ~al~.ays' .keot>ing it, ftirl"~ng wj.tha {tick)', but, let. .It. not {land- tOO hoe ; for rhat will rnake -rhe Cryfta,Js to flow: tben

,~ake then'} up' .inro Pitls With ,'CI'lln~bs of Whin::-bre;ul" when dry. Then diffolve Alms IuccorrinaIn the Juyce of Ro~~,,: or Sennawater" and- when-the Pills are-too dry" dip them into it, - and. lay them- tb liS - dipt in a .Glafs again .£9 dry , .' and keep them in a DHhin a dry place; in the Powder of Liquorird~ and in a well ... {topt GlalS~. that they may

not diffolve. · " '

, Pirtue-s~

. Good for all Pains ;17 the Heae.~ ,'~fore' Ey~.J,

foul Stomt1Ch ~ DropJie J Patfie, ah.lmanJ other j1l1bborn DifltifeJ. The Dof« -is fro,,,;: fix to' nine


The Sub/irAatio-Hs Df l}lne.'

Be. Of the Calx of Ltlne ~iv~: ,)f t\1e' Volatile sJ.i>.;e of Tartar 1I>j; diftilln 'a 'Rei'ort, ·and t~e' Spiri~ that fitft corrres, careft:.llY fave:; de. flegtn tlie rettlainl!er~ and again I;o~r 8ii more ,5pirit~ arid operate as before ~f {tnt! ,thus do, , - till the fign appears j and· ihen~h\irne-with a:

U c£~- .~ctl f! tv111'1CFf!/{lC{ dofh, ~5 fveli ,very


( 1:49:)

very ftrong·deg~e of .heae ~and the Sulphur', of the Lu;ue will.pafsupwirhehe' Volatile SAlt' of -rartar, into one Noble Medicament, which is prevalent in .all Dileafes whereunto Lane' Cf1~ be attriputed., t0bterve7, The Caputmo."t .: white Bodyor Mercury that remains in the Retort, carefully to lave ..

7'he Dij}illat.ioN of Lune ; 0,1' Luna Pota-

bilis, '

& Lunp~ and .calclneIeInro fine Attoms or Iaminaee ieinto thin Plates~ a.09. in a Crucible take off the Met~llick lufhe.. and put it iritoa Rerorr, and pour ~~ereon three times its weight of the V()Zatzie SpIrIt of our Sal P&narij1os and fiop it clofe, .and fet it in ehe heat of a .8 .. and in, few days the Lune will be diffolved in the Liquor wit~~ut any fedimene ; the Liquor berng then diftilled therefrom, leaves it in form of a fufible Salt; upon which often cohobate the Liquor, and 'twi.ll be made volatile and come over in difiinCl: colours; Now the Liquor may be !i:parated from it~ being putrified for' a Month In B. and then diftil in fire of the Ce~ond degree, and the Lune will COOle overleaving che Liquor behind: The Mercuri,.,l Eo: d:y m<'ty. be fepa~at~~ and the Sulphur is that Fifth EJJ~11&e" 'WhIch cures all LUl1.'lticks.

Lee thus much fuffice for the Preparation of Mineral$ at this time, feeing tnemore high

I:.:! ; Spe~



(- 15° ) -

Speciftck MeJicmes are largely ~reated_.of in Our Spagirick. P hilofophy Afferted ; • as alfo in Our Spagir;ck P hilofopb.1' s Triumph; and the . ArcII"ain Our Trifertes Soladini '! 10 that WE: love not fruitlefs repetitions, this only being - defign'd as a general Courfe or Compendium of the many voluminous Writings; and tbofe that are defirous to be fatisfied in the PraBick Part of Chymical Operations ~ whether in the Scbrodarian Pbarmacopeis « or in the Ct.:rteJian Me-cbanical Demonjtrati611s ~ or in the 8.elm91l· tian Doilrines ~ may ~pply themfelves to us,

where they. may be inftriI~ed - ill any ~ or everyone of th.efe ~ being three diftintl:


__ qhymical

- .


( :r51)

Chy,nical Obfervatio12S and Recolleaio1z'!', by way, of COllclltfton.

",,(T TE have in this Treatifefirfl laid down ,VV neceifary Rules in this Arr : 2dlj':J The Way of advancing Vinor Spirits, .and their various ures. ;dly ~ Concerning OJls,) and how they are to be purifi'd. 4thly _, Concerning Salts. Now ~ by the way;) 'cis requifite to obferve, that in -rhe oyls and Salts. is the .lv1edicinal Virtue of any Concrer, and therefore in the fifth place have we proceeded to the A1Jatom.'l of Urine, and fo to the Reconciling of ehefe, in order to prepare Powers or Oleo{ums; then to the preparing of MenJlruums and Metal· lick Medicines.

Now you are to obferve, that the Excellen-

cy oftbeir Virtues Iyes in their Saline and more principally in their Sulphurous ~alities;) for the Central Mercury of Bodies is a peerlefs Eus, . and will not ftoop to any thing, but -the Grend Elixir, by which 'cis berrer'd, and that only by means of the Vniverfal Sulpbur, which is a Domiflal of Light" having its -original from the Fire" "and therefore the Rays of Light fhine there" as alro in every true Specifick" wherein Sulphur is exalted [by if.]' ~hefe (in the Me-

t; , -~ 4 di,illtll

dicina] Monarchy) are the true Aurum Regin~ in cornparifon to others" the 'which every true experiencer will find by undeniable Demon-

ftrations; we could indeed lay do wn many r. '

and particular Obfervarions concerning both~

but we are afraid if our Light fhould really

appear, that the Mornes and Carpers of the

Age would howl againft it,' as the Wolves of I

.A.Djrta againH: the tv1ft0on ;Vbut fuc.h -: ad- "'\

vile to fee k among the ulgar S:.ops lOT a

Dilh to appeaie their greedy App edre; for

ours is defigned only for the true lovers of

Arc" co whorn the Afteria vvilllhin(:" as long 1

as the heavenly Ph(Ebe doth" even from Gene- )

ration to Generation: for as. he comes to be ,

&itKehea~ ·lT1e £halt be turned into I;}ood" the fulnefs of whofe 'T'incture is aurified; and fixed in all tryals , [hat greedy Satui?l can no more make prey on it; for we fay ~cis an Emblance of the Divine Paradife, in the Cellt er of which is the Tree of Lifi~ ~ . whore

Leaves are for Healing the Nationi, wichout

Money or Price: This we are nov, {peaking

of, is that part of Arc which is grounded up-

on true Knowledge of Created Beings, and

, the Manner how the 'Tranfinurarion of Form will come about; tor we fay -' that Morraliry

muft put on Immoreality , both in the leffec ~

and greater World; and here all the fwel ..

ling Notions of Man's Wifdom, as it ilands

in the Corruprlon and. Elemeneary ":Nature~

.ui~H: p~ ge~roy~an4 burnt u:r:wil:h the Fi6£

.'~ . ./... ./.(.J.-. -,_, fl~}~ ~--.A- /tJ-- <}1t#1.--

LI n / fir v i -/~ ~ _ ?

tb7f, 1:/"-/ }' / ~~~ /Il~ ft:'7-?I ~r~' ~

~, ~_~~ .. y~ ¢~~~~~ x, ~f;~,r-t~

~_.. v K~-- 5'_J-Jt! ~-Cilt:~ ." ...... 'lllifii .. iIiW •••

1. . £21. Hk ,., f r
.( I;2. -) :,.- ;

. .

.... "

Co ·15,3 ) ~

of Rt;;gener:\tion.~ as all .ehings at' the laG day, by the gene[,al Fire of Conflagraeionj and.~· Man .muft .come into the In~cenoy ~that' thinks no guile~ fo will ch.cWorld inco Pari_' . ~y ? and then t?e Gl(}ry of .Light~ will ~p'pea~: 1~ 1Cs.lufi:re~ whIch no Man n0':VCC1q ~hpI4~ and live, and therefore fays .. the .Texr, in E~()dtfl~ Ch.20. ver .. 2.1., Thaf. Mo{esrirew n~ar to the. thick. dl.lr..kve~ $ 'JlJber~ vail war .. ·Thus· is Ic plainly ~vident. from ~cnpi:ure .;,. that ~ the ver,·y· Founcainof Ltght hath J.I1~de . ufeof the VailS of Darknefs, in order to hi(l~ the un{peakable Glory of his.Llghe ; For~?s f~i(:firi~he PfaJ~~; He hath; made Jarknej1 hM b~Jtl1g-pJace. . Why then may not the higheft and molt perfect of all Medicines be vailed over with black Garments , fe~ing Light it {elf is fo covered e which, rhae it is really fo, is well known t~

.. 'tfi~Sons of the Cawaliftical Wifdom ~ as we

~fat~nore largely'. thew in other Volumes • and although our PhilofOphy is but as a Mite' yet will ~t encreafe . ~he Treafury , being ~ good' COIn and bearing the Stamp .of the Grear and Famous Hermes; therefore (ye Sons of Art) in the mean while 2cCept thereof. until we can have while to tender our larger ~ Coin' an~ the? we kn~w ~ . that many will give u; a tree ~l~harg~" for.performing QQr DuryIn that Difciplefhip, where [he - People wait for the reftorarion of aU things _, that. true Art may Ihine on the mighty Mount HeU;cbn in rhe midft of Nations" that her Sons may


( 154)" ,

come from far, and her Daughters' from the ends of the Earth ~ to fit down at Wifdom~5 Gate in the; T.enlple of which Ische Miniftrati~n of Life ,: where the Unity of Spirit. and Bond of Peace is known" in the Frame

of which are Prayers offered to the living God " that he will haften what vias prolt)i-' fed by tbe Prophet ~ephiJn;ah ~ Ch. 3~ ver_ 9- fc. ,An "nj7/er!at turning of the Peoph:to a pure

LII"guage" or Lip, ""il iTllhat Jay II c,m[ent sbere.fIJ: 'Wben the LortlJhaf} be King 0 -aer ~ll .the

Earth one Lord'and -bi4 Name one~ Zechanah •

~4. ~d the'9th. : And' in the. mean .'whi~e : .. we travel with a 'del1re of feemg the fame _', -








" -


The 'general Contents 'of the' Chapters of this Book,

C HAP. T_ .- .

Treat S concerning; fo'1lerat !iatiol1al an! Pu,,~

damental Rules in tbis Art. . - -


In wh)ch ~e }hall firfl Treat of Pinor Spirits . and t-heir O.#ce in ~hc Bx~r~Elion Of 71,.-:._ . flures and flme ori?er .~pagiri~at rreptr-_

- rations. ..'


-:I rear s of Effe~tial and Chy»!ical Oyls ..


In lvhich we flaU~-rreat pI Salts.

. C HAP. V.

Concerning Vrjl1~fU Spirits .in Generat«,

'. ·C HAP. VI. . ,

7reats concerning POIVel:S and Qlel!foms.


7reat s concerning Menftruums in General. e HAP. VIII.·

Treats concerning the Mincral-worK,alle!' the , Office of the General Spirit, in reducing and exalting Mineral Bodies, and how they may /;t: !;rought to /:'fo/;Ie Meaica-;. m~nts.

. .\



,C~talog1H MedicinarU111 . CI:JYI1''''~CarHl1I'

":, t?!Ju'Spagiricarum:

o R"

A Catalogue of Chymieal and Spagirical .' Medicines, being a Table of-the. P1'U1Cl-

pal C-ontents of tnis ,:(reatiCe. ..

1 !. . l -

, .. ' " . Preparationes 'Spirit .. ·

SPJriltH n,jj T (lTtAr~z;pJ.ttf$~ . Page I6

. . ':' ~pjr •. Cocbleariee auren{. & purge 20

Spfr~ -C;£ther. Terebmtb:· . . 3 I

Spiro Yin; & Urine . .' 47

AqueJ Anhaltinaqud! & ImperIal,s d,S. 59

AqNIJ 4rDmati&~· AlItipelipt. Noftr. 6.0

. Spi,.. SeJatwlu~ .' . 6£

Preparat. Tit1Cl.:. Reft,?E;.Xt~aa:. &. Balfam.

7'inC1.HeOebor. Elet. vel GNt~ Gambug. . I.,

Rifm •. Jal/ap. SC~1;;m(Jn, vet Bryon, ., ~ ~

Ex/raS. Rud. .' ., _ ib:d.

'ExtraCf. Sambuci, '. ~9

BaljalV. Sambuc.· . ,ibid.

Preparar. Oleor.

(jleum Abfcintb. . . . 'J ',.'. :: T,

Oleum Origani, . ;' . . . _ ~ Ibid.

O/;eJlm CinTJamonic. vel .cUJU[7.lM [ecflnJ. 'J~a.Qb. 2Z Oleum Citr: Corric., . '. .'. :- 3 M~J!n prepat'an4iOlell -ab Rerbi4 fec~ Dr: ~il1~ , lb.

f!Jkl4m Caftor. 'opt:.' . '. _ .. :. . ' , ',_' ~4.

Oki4'mMat:i'& 'Thrir. fi!t:-tmd.GLw~;;,: ~ld.

'Okllm Ben%'oin. fecund. Boy Ie" . _. ,<~ 25

~ O~m

., I


.f- .-'.,

'. :;~_6

. - ibid • ·· .. ·Z7 .' ibid. ,ibid. ·'28

".,. -

Oleum Terebinth~ ./11;'11$,

.Oleam Terebinth e/.Etb"._

Ole"m Piu;,

f)leum Regen_e:-""afRm~ Oleum SucIJinii,

Oieum,FlIligin;. (7 Lap.~ mgt'. .

OIetl1n c:.:. Cermor, o- Or"". hNman. '

Preparar, Sal

Sal mirabili4 COmmtnlMs

Tartar. Vitriolat.

TartIlT.· N#rat.

'7!Jirtar. ·Sulphurat.

TArtAr. cum Spiro Sal.

T4rtar. eum Acet. Pp.

sst ~pecif. Hel1ebo.r. Ope vel Ja!lap~ Sat I art. cum A.R

Sal Nitr, cum ot. Vit1· .

SIlJAnotajier LJ·b. NOftr.' ' .

Preparar, U dn. Spire

SpiT;' Urin. ReElijicat. '.. . 46

Sal tr-. coagulat. cum Spiro Vine ' -ibid.

.J1_ftrznn Lunare ~Iicrocojmicl#"n, or Phof}heroJ~ ,,41

Sflir. Sat Armoniac. . . - .5"1-

Spi,'! Mundtts, ib1d~

Spiro C. Cer-uor. . .' 5rS

Sp~. Cren- bnme», _ .' Jbid.

.: , Preparar. Poreft, & Oleof.' , ..' . ..-

OIitJjilm generate NoJfr. I " ~

SAlVolatil. &Ole.of. Sylvij,'" ~ 6~' ~al V(}!atilis & GleIJ,t N6jJr. . _', ., , ,~; iIllltu.~· - 6'4

~41 Y_Plllt. 4r..~111~ ~ 9!~Dfo",,, . _. ibid.

't. "i. ';i,., P~Ie-


. _

. ;0

JZ ' ;4- ,;s

. ,~6 ·ibid. . :hid.·.·

-.-"ty •



~9 ibid.




~ '. ,*




_"ote}late.l Thompfonii, 6;

El;~ PT9priet_atis & O/eofum~ 6.6

. T",tI. Stomatlca & Oleo!um ~ . ibid. .

Tmtl. Hemetil1a & O!eq[um~ ibid.

pottjfllles S ueelni; Noftr. . 68

Elix. Proprietati6 Helmontii & Oleo/um, 70

Pi/u/a ,4.noaina specif. & Cathllrt. O:~ the Powers

. - oj Bodies oilified and concentrated Into a

friendly Pill,. . 77-

. . Preparat. Menftr, ,

~jiruum U~ino .. acidum~·. 77

.Menftr.-·NeUtrtile~· for the dHrolving of Talk" 78

MetlfI.... Urinot; cum OJ. Visr- ' - 80

. ~ji,. AciJ!~ raJicale ZwoJfare~ . 8z

S~~~i~. - 8;

Oleum Salif, 84

Oftum Vitriol. ibid.

.Atju~:.f.()1'iis:J. 8 S ._

Aqua Tegi~, . ibid.

Spire Sat. dulc, & -uolatil. 81

Spire Vitr. dulc. &'rJolati!. ibid.

MenJlr. Corrcifivum Specific. ~!?

·.Arcanum Pontiflitatum ~ or Sp: Sal. Tart. 'Volatl/z.

:Gat. per .&cid.·· 90

Sal Panariflos, • 9 x

. Preparat. Saturni,

Calx Saturnii,

Precipit. album Glauber.

Okum Saturnii~ .

8acchdrll7tl Sllt"rni;~ .

. . Preparat. ,Antimo~ii.

_SeecU$AtJti~; Ruffinjj~' -

Sa' Antimolll1 ~ .. " ....

\"' ..

IIO lo~ 1:03


. IO; 107 'ffeplIJ:.4

The 'l:.:-t\ B L E .

H,pAr. Antimo1l.. . 1:08

. LfIP~s Pr"nelJ~ .An_~lmonltll." I 09

Vitreum Antlrn01'JII~ ibid •

"Roculum Antimonillle, :x·x<:'-

RegulU5 Ant,imon. SteNat. ibid • .-

Regulus Anti1?l()1I. Glaub. .. ~ ~ x .

Antimonial. P anchymagogol1, . Ibuf.

ArclJn~m Antimonial._Helmontii,· _ . ;J:I~_'

Panacea Antimon. or StarR.ey~s Febrifuge" __ ibid._ Species Mineralis Noftr. or our prevalenr, erium-

phanr, Antimonial Emeti~!t.and Catharti<?~ .

- Preparat. JOVI,s. .

Calx Jo'Vis;# Sal JfYUis,

Anima JO'Vi.s~ 1l .

Oleum Jo'Vis, ' ... ~_

Fulmen JO'tlisJ • _ \

Jupiter Jurat. Argent .. fimlll~

Preparar, ~rti~. -

: ibid.

:lIS ibld ... ibid. -

. i~6,


ibid ",

JI.~7 xxS ibid. _. IOJ


Calx Martis ~ Sal-Martis,

Fieres Martis,

.Anima Martis,

Flores Mart. cum SIfItur'l'l. SnZCalybis Magij1erialis NojIr.

I Preparar, SoL ,AUTI'", Fulminans, -

",,1urum PiJtabile S.Jlvii~ ." Aurum Potabile NDjIr.

ArcatJllm So/are .

C(lZX Solari» -

Sal Auri (lll;a~l ,Sal Stlpienti~ 91eum So/m" ~ . ,


XJZ :a~3 J:2~ ~2X

..':.~ -jaf$-


jth~~- T. A:B' L i~~ .

. ~MircUT • .dtir.

· .\ .' .: ': Preparat. Veneris ..

C"",liC. Veneris ~

Yitriolu111 & Sal Veneris ~ Species veneris gradus AuretJ[aj

Ens." Veneris, .

7i'llBura Yeneris~ .. ~dtc_otic. Sulphur V.erij~ Et;s'Yit~ Metilllorll1n;

. Preparar- Mercuri i,

M,Jg;mjia Mercin'ii:,

Precipitat. Mereurii albtlm, .

. - lrJerc_ur. JlIlcis Diaphoretic. '& Cat,~artic.

Mercur. precipitate t« [e~

O!ei4m Mercll1'ii~ ~'!>

Alium~ .

Mdt6uyius Pr4!cipt. & IJiaphoretic. ,;t1.r(fanum Mt:J·curiale ¢ entbart.

p.reparacio Lunar, Pilula Lunaris ~ or Salt of IJme ~ . 8u.blimat. L111'Jte,

Lllna PotabiliJ~


~ ~ t.-
:1';4 ~.~ ~.
~36 .oJ
z;8 •
:135 .
14r .
-- I43
:149 . to"'

_____ .... A--- ...... - .. ,----------

.. .... .- .,..

~i D 1/ E R TIS ElI~ .. E ,N T. .

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