Uncertainty Lack of trust Personal reasons Inflexibility

Impact Matrix Change strategy & tactics Change Agents Actions to take

Stakeholder Engagement Plan Resistance Mitigation Plan Communication Plan

Determine KPIs & milestones

Determine re-usable parts Propose new state Eliminate chaos Align drivers for change Execute Engagement Plan Execute Communication Plan Monitor responsiveness Adjust actions to response

Loss of power Lack of skills Fear of redundancy

Identify sources of resistance

Approve Change

Plan change strategy & actions

Determine success criteria


Engage stakeholders

Magnitude Organisation

Risks Duration Location



Culture Processes Technology

Evaluate impact

Implement change (enablers)

Technology/ processes Unfreeze

Deploy new tools & processes

Time Cost Org. readiness

Identify constraints

Change Management

Facilitate acceptance of change

Execute Resistance Mitigation Plan Support quick wins through demonstrations of improvements across the business

Document existing context Determine what, where, why & how should be changed Map change to organisational landscape

Demonstrate added value of changes

Determine scope of change

Implement change (organisation)

Behavioural change

Deploy new practices & policies Demonstrate efficiency of change (new way of work)

Organisational culture change

Modify organisational vision

Identify drivers for change

Measure success

Modify organisational values & themes

Monitor established KPIs Market demand Measure against success criteria

Reinforce change through communication of new practices

New business need

Facilitate change of beliefs

Process bottlenecks

Think of improvements


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