Christmas 2009

Hello again my friends! I hope you·re all having a great holiday so far and coping with the Christmas hassle. I would just like to give you a summarized recount of the Carreon family year. We had a lovely start to the year with a trip to Byron Bay. Unfortunately we came at a time when the weather was not suited to swimming on the beach. It was raining when we came and pouring when we left. Despite this, there were some sunny moments and we went to the beach a few times. Dad went for morning jogs while mum was opposed to swimming and instead busied herself with collecting rocks on the sand. Many of these pretty rocks have been placed on their own special plate on our table. Back to work! Dad is still working at QUT and has started teaching at Kelly Colleges. The dad of my good friend Aleisha also happens to be working there wi th him. Dad hasn·t travelled on any business trips this year.

This is a picture of Mum and me in the morning, she·s about to go to work with Dad . It was taken on my last day as a 12 year old. This was Mum·s second year working with the police people; she has the job of authorizing weapon licences. She still informs us (but mainly dad as she tells the news in Tag alog) about the latest goss and controversial issues that have happened at her workplace.

This is a picture of Mum and Dad on t heir way to work in the morning, taken on that same beautiful day.

By the way that is my SOSE report which I am holding in my hands. Through my hard perseverance at school I have also received an excellence award at the middle school awards night. which is a special gifted year 8 class. A picture of me and my friend Grace. but only if you really want to. You can ask all your family and friends if they want to watch too. I have continued playing violin in Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra (BRYO) and it has been extra fun. an adrenal gland problem. We took him to the vet to have him checked and they had to shave all his lovely fur off to check whether he had tick paralysis. I·ve heard before that high school is supposed to be a really great experience and the best part of your life but I absolutely hated it! I was very disappointed when after ages of searching I realised that there were no lockers! The highlight of high school li fe for me was going to be able to store my stuff in the typical school lockers. she is a very good soul. But anyway. As horrible as that may sound. I invite you all to watch some of our performances. I managed to make more friends than I usually do and had the best teachers ever in Lighthouse. But he·s recovering very well and has returned to his naturally crazy self again. pancreatitis and a problem with his liver. Our class had the privilege of going on extra excursions so that was cool too. Mum and Dad actually had to pay over $3000 for him to get the surgery to get the bone out. Remember our dog Gillie? Not a very flattering picture of him I suppose. . I still had a great year. We have performed many concerts in our embarrassing old lady uniforms! This year I auditioned for the big Symphony orchestra who rehearses on the floor above our practice area. It turned out he actually had a bone lodged in his intestine. this wasn·t Gillie·s best year as his healthy disposition gave way to many illnesses. I got an A for it heeheehee. I was also very devastated to discover that our school had no playground.This year was my first year of high school.

W I hope this was fun to read... all shaved! It makes him look like he·s lost a lot of weight. Gilbert and Gertrude Carreon xxxxxx ¡¡   . a furry little boy. The Carreon family would liketo wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastical New Year! From Gabrielle. dear reader.Before. .after...

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