Sheet1 Risks 1 Physical Injury (during moving or installation) 2 Late arriving furniture 3 Power failure during lab equipment

commissioning 4 Failure of UWS connectivity 5 Damaging equipment during move 6 Movers are absent 7 Damaging Experiments 8 Failed Drainage 9 Exploding equipment 10 Pipe Burst 11 Available inventory matches requirements 12 Power outlets don't match layout 13 Fire alarm pulled during move 14 Building codes change for regulatory items 15 Elevator fails E-mail to: One Person Team Name: Risk Type Safety Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Personnel Research Facility Facility Facility

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Sheet1 Probability Low Medium Low Medium Medium Low Medium Low Low Low Low Qualitative Impacting High Low Low Medium High Low High High High High Medium Rating Probability Quantitative Cost Impact Schedule Impact

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Sheet1 Risk Owner Risk Response

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