Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 1 MB0039– Business Communication - 4 Credits (Book ID: B1128) Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks) Q 1.

Describe any situation that you experienced where the communication went wrong because the listening was faulty. Analyze the situation by explaining the type of listening barrier. . How could this barrier be overcome? ANS: As pointed out earlier, listening is not easy and there are a number of obstacles that stand in the way of effective listening, both within and outside the work place. These barriers may be categorized as follows1. Physiological Barriers - This was discussed earlier under the barriers to communication. Some people may have genuine hearing problems or deficiencies that prevent them from listening properly. Once detected, they can generally be treated. Other people may have difficulty in processing information, or memory related problems which make them poor listeners. Another physiological barrier is rapid thought. Listeners have the ability to process information at the rate of approximately 500 words per minute, whereas speakers talk at around 125 words per minute. Since listeners are left with a lot of spare time, their attention may not be focused on what the speaker is saying, but may wonder elsewhere. 2. Physical Barriers - This refers to distraction in the environment such as the sound of an air conditioner, cigarette smoke, or an over heated room, which interfere with the listening process. They could also be in the form of information overload. For example, if you are in a meeting with your manager and the phone rings and your Mobil beeps at the same time to let you know that you have a message, it is very hard to listen carefully to what is being said.

3. Attitudinal Barriers - Pre-occupation with personal or work related problems can make it difficult to focus ones attention completely on what a speaker is saying, even if what is being said is of prime importance. Another common attitudinal barrier is egocentrism, or the belief that you are more knowledgeable then the speaker and that you have nothing new to learn from his ideas. People with his kind of closed minded attitude make very poor listeners. 4. Wrong Assumption - The success of communication depends on both the sender and the receiver, as we have seen in an earlier unit. It is wrong to assume that communication is the sole responsibility of the sender or the speaker and that listener have no role to play. Such an assumption can be a big barrier to listening. For example, a brilliant speech or presentation, however well delivered, is wasted if the receiver is not listening at the other end. Listeners have as much responsibility as speakers to make the communication successful, by paying attention, seeking clarification and giving feedback. Another wrong assumption is to think that listening is a passive activity, in which a listener merely absorbs the toughs of the speaker. On the contrail, real listing is heard work – it requires speaking sometimes to ask questions, agree or disagree with the speaker, give feedback, etc. Yet another barrier of this type is to assume that speakers are more powerful then listeners. Speakers are seen as being in command of things, whereas listeners are seen to be weak and lacking authority. According to communication experts however, the reserve is true. Listeners are as important and as powerful as speakers. In fact David J. Schwartz, writer and management professor, emphasizes the importance of listening by saying “Big people monopolize the listening. Small people monopolize the talking.” 5. Cultural Barriers - Accents can be barriers to listening. Since they interface with the ability to understand the meaning of word that is pronounced differently. The problem of different accents arises not only between cultures, but also with in a culture. For example, in a country like India where there is enormous cultural

diversity, accent may different even between different regions and states. Another type of culture barrier is differing cultural values. The importance attached to listening and speaking differs in western and oriental cultures. Generally, Orientals regard listening and silence as almost a virtue, whereas westerners attach grater importance to speaking. Therefore this world interfaces with the listening process. When two people from these two different cultures communicate. 6. Gender Barriers - Communication research has shown that gender can be a barrier to listening. Studies revealed that men and women listen very differently and for different purposes. Women are more likely to listen for the emotions behind speaker’s words, while men listen more for the fact and the content. 7. Bad Listening Habits - Most people are very average listeners who have developed poor listening. For example, some have the habit of “faking” attention, or trying to look like a listener, in order to impress the speakers and to assure him that they are paying attention. Others may tend to listen to each an every fact and, as result, miss out on the main point. Yet another habit is to avoid difficult listening and to tune off deliberately, if the subject too technical or difficult to understand. Some times, the subject itself may be dismissed as uninteresting, because the listener does not want to listen. HOW TO OVERCOME THIS TYPE OF BARRIERS:Although a number of barriers stand in the way of effective listening, these can be overcome through conscious efforts, training and practice. Some of the suggested methods are discussed in detail below1) Create a conducive environment - To an extent, you con tray to control the environment in which commutation takes place, so that listening can take place without any distractions. Ensuring a proper sound system acoustics so that the speakers is audible, avoiding place with high levels of activity, loud noises from the out side environment and poor air conditioning system, shutting off mobile phone and

This also gives the speaker the impression that you are pre-occupied or rude. in order to convey that you have understood his message. All the different aspects of non-verbal communication discussed earlier should be used for maximum effect. 2) Select Face-to-face Channels . 3) Be Open Minded and Avoid distractions . 6) Listening First before Responding.Always let yourself finish listening before you being to speak. 5) Use Verbal communication to Indicate Active Listening – While nonverbal behavior by itself can communicate that you are an active listener. are some of the way in which you can overcome some of the physical barriers to listening. This kind of concentration can be developed through various techniques and through constant practice. Avoid the tendency to formulate your own response. without letting your mind wander.telephones. you may miss the main point that the speaker is trying to make. 4) Use Non-verbal Cues to Indicate Active Listening – It is important to communicate to the speaker that you are listening actively to what he is saying.Listening is less accurate in the in the absence of face-to-face communication. The chances are that your order may not be understood currently. You need to seek clarification. This can be done even without verbal communication. even before you have listened completely to the speaker’s words. If you are too busy thinking about what to say next. This spare time available to listeners is often .It was pointed out earlier that listeners have the ability to absorb information faster than speaker’s rate of speech. listening to and understanding an idea currently over the telephone is much herder then through face-to-face meeting. arrange face-to-face contact ensure more accurate listening. as far as possible.Listening is an exhausting activity which requires the right attitude and mindset. 7) Use the Speaker-listener Gap constructively. Therefore. Take the case of calling a restaurant and placing orders over the telephone for home delivery of a meal. give feedback and suggestion. For example. You have to focus your attention completely on what the speaker is saying. or just paraphrase in your own words what the speaker has said. Silence is often interpreted as lack of understanding or attention. it is also important to engage in verbal communication with the speaker.

is a good strategy for effective listening. This is not easy.misused by letting the mind wander and is one of the physiological barriers of listening. review what has been said so far and anticipate what he may say next. Below are given some of the greatest fraud claims in the US Insurance history. in your opinion? Attach A copy of the article with your response? ANS: Business Article:Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame: Greatest Insurance Fraud ClaimsClaiming false compensation from the insurer is one of the common financial crimes. you also need to ask certain questions to yourself while listening.In order to engage in active listening. “How does this fit in with I already know on the subject?”. complex words. or “How is this presentation organized?” are some possible question that you could jot down along with this answers. but can be learnt through proper training. For example. Evaluate it in terms of: a) Appropriate level of readability b) Use of jargon. Is it well or poorly written. However. 2001 WorldTrade Centre Attack and collected about USD 273000 from the insurers. World Trade Centre Fraud: Charles and Cynthia Gavett transformed the US’s worst tragedy in a scam by stealing USD 628000 from the lifeinsurers. Charles told the seven Life Insurers that his wife Cynthia Gavett had died in the September 11. slang and metaphors c) Use of simple vs. 8) Ask Questions of Yourself and Make Notes. Thinking ahead of the speaker and trying to guess where his talk is leading. they could not get away for long and both husband and wife were arrested . Select a business article from any business publication. Q 2. “What is the key idea that speaker is trying to convey?”. One way of overcoming this barrier is to try to use this spare time to note down what the speaker has said.

6 million on the addicts. At least 115 people were ruined for the massive fraud – the largest bust of its kind in New York State History. Hawkins received 5 years infederal prison in September. Auto Insurance Scam in Police Station: Belinda Lovander was an employee with the New York Police Department. sons.A third very important rule of business writing to your audience and to make it .000 in insurance claims for bogus injuries. 2002. and more interestingly she got the job.and got 10 years imprisonment in May. he wrote 22 fake police reports of car crashes that were staged by car ring or did not take place at all. Lovander was arrested later and was sentenced to 6 years prison in March. The Turquitts took out more than 100 life insurance policies worth USD 8. Isom made suicide in prison whereas Jimmie received life without parole in federal prison in March. Hawkins even recruited police officers. Staging Faked Auto Accidents: Quentin “Flint” Hawkins stole USD 10 million from the insurers over a 20-year fraud rampage by staging fake auto accidents. Jimme and Isom Turquitt lured alcoholics and drug addicts off the streets of Birmingham. bowling alley buddies and others to participate. The ring collected USD 9. Using a computer. even one woman sent Hawkins a resume for work as a fake accident victim.00. 2002.6 million before the scam was broken up. 2002. Interestingly. 2002. “Insured” passengers submitted bogus injury claims to insurers for up to USD 50000 each. Los Angeles by promising those jobs and rooms at their brother’s rural property. The brothers gave free drugs and drugs to the addicts so they would die faster and actually collected more than USD 1. Turquitt Drug Scam: Another innovative insurance scam had taken place in US which included giving drugs to addicts so that they die early and then taking huge insurance claims on their names. Hawkins paid USD 500 or more to drivers and passengers in cars they maneuvered into low speed accidents. a) Appropriate level of readability: .

b) Jargon. 4. readability is determined by the length of words and sentences. or the Fog Index. Calculate the average length of a sentence dividing the total number of words in the passage by the number of sentence. where the reader is in a position to understand these terms. Add the number of difficult words per hundred and the average sentence length. then by multiplying this figure by 100. by dividing the total number of words in the passage into the number of difficult words. 5. the appropriate reading level in business writing should be between 8 and 11.Jargon refers to technical terms that belong to a particular subject area or discipline. since they would be out of context. According to this formula. The only instance where jargon can be used and might be essential is in reports of a highly technical nature. 3. the Fog Index should be between 8 and 11 for most business writing.simple enough for even a layperson to read and understand. Robert Gunning developed what is known as the “Fog Index” or a readability formula to measure the readability of a piece of writing. 2. . Slang and Metaphors: . Such terms are to be avoided in general writing. to calculate the reading grade level for which the passage was written. Multiplying the figure obtained in step 4 by 0. Calculation of the Fog Index involves the following steps – 1. Ideally. As pointed out in an earlier section. A word may be defined as difficult if it contains three or more syllables. indicating that a reader between the eight grades and the eleventh grade should be able to understand it without difficulty. medical jargon would include terms that only medical practitioners and not the lay person might understand. Determine the number of difficult words per hundred. Find the number of difficult words. Select a written passage of approximately 100 words.4. For example.

so that they are successful. While they could be used in a limited way in general or informal writing. which needs to be formal in nature. Frequently Misused Words – Certain words which sound similar or are spelt slightly different. c)Common Errors in English: . A metaphor is a figure of speech and refers to colorful comparisons which evoke visual images. tend to be used in the wrong context. They should be substituted with more original Expressions.Slang refers to casual words that are not accepted and recognized in a Standard English dictionary. Some of these mistakes include “Redundancies”. Before any planning can be done however. since them Make reading monotonous. a basic question to be asked is whether to hold a meeting at all. Q 3 List out and briefly explain five “do”s and “don’ts” for each of participants and chairperson of a meeting? ANS: Before the Meeting: As pointed out earlier.“Indian English” tends to be prone to some common mistakes which should be avoided. This is a common Indian tendency and must Be avoided. Clichés – These are phases that are overused and should be avoided. meetings need to be planned in advance. “Clichés” and “Frequently misused words”. The answers to the following questions would help to decide whether a meeting is necessary in the first place – . Redundancies – These refers to phrases which contain repetitive or unnecessary words to express the same meaning. they are to be avoided in business writing. in order to make the communication clear and easily understood by the receiver.

the size of the group could be anywhere between seven and eleven members. the next step is to start planning the meeting. A problem solving meeting should include representatives from all departments. should also be included. In the words of Adler and Elmhorst. The second and most important step in planning a meeting is to indicate the purpose or agenda of the meeting to the participants in advance.-Can the matter be decided or discussed over the telephone? -Can the matter be expressed in writing. where the numbers could be larger. and . or the person who calls the meeting.” An agenda is prepared by the Chairperson of the meeting. in the form of a memo. or an email message? -Are key people available to attend the meeting and are they prepared? -Is the time allotted for the meeting sufficient? If the answers to the first two questions are yes and the answers to the other two questions are no. who are the owners of the company. the type and number of participants should be decided. Once the need for a meeting has been determined. An exception to this is an information sharing meeting. Shareholders. there is no purpose in calling a meeting. since the decision would otherwise be incomplete. An agenda is essentially a list of topics that will be discussed during a meeting. encouraging balanced participation. “A meeting without an agenda is like a ship at sea without a destination or compass: no one aboard knows where it is or where it is headed. so that a maximum number of people benefit from the information. First of all. In terms of numbers. During the Meeting: The task of conducting and moderating the meeting rests with the chairperson. He or she must be well versed with the procedures for opening the meeting.

1. a lot of time is wasted . If the senior people speak first. Generally.solving problems creatively. Generally. We shall discuss each of these procedures in detail. Managing Time – There is no prescribed length for a meeting. they may feel suppressed or be afraid to disagree with their superiors. In any case. It is also a good idea to provide an outline of how the meeting will proceed. 2. problem-solving meetings will take longer than other routine meetings. the meeting participants are encouraged to work and contribute their ideas independently 3. There are several techniques to encourage participation – • Encourage Participation in the Reverse Order of Seniority – This means getting the junior members to speak or air their opinions first. the chairperson should set a time budget for the meeting. 4. Keeping the Meeting Focused – Often. depending on the agenda and ensure adherence to the time limit. There are different ways of opening a meeting. Opening the Meeting – The manner in which the meeting is opened is important. since a good opening will ensure that the rest of the meeting will proceed smoothly. • Nominal Group Technique – In this method. background information and expectations of the participants. it is best to sum up what has been stated in the agenda – including the goals. Encouraging Balanced Participation – It is also the responsibility of the chairperson to encourage silent members to contribute to the meeting and to moderate the dominant members. so that they do not “hijack” the meeting. The duration of a meeting will depend on the type and purpose of the meeting. as well as a time budget. concluding the meeting and managing time efficiently.

This should be done by the chairperson. It is again the responsibility of the chairperson to bring the meeting to a point where an opinion emerges on each item of the agenda. unless important issues still remain to be discussed and members are willing to extend the meeting. In such situations. or when important information such as cost figures are not available. which can be referred to at a later stage. identifying the role of each person on each item of the agenda. it is the responsibility of the chairperson. it is important to maintain a permanent written record of the proceedings. since it will influence the follow-up action taken on decisions made during the meeting. The chairperson should know when and how to conclude the meeting. 6. 8. along with a specified deadline. when key decision makers are not present. Sometimes meetings may be concluded before the closing time. 7. Ensuring “Convergence” – Convergence means hearing the points of view of all the members and then arriving at a decision. Summing up – This means summing up the different points of view. 5. the decisions and the actions to be taken. Concluding the Meeting – The way a meeting is concluded is as important as the opening. or the person moderating the discussion to make sure that the discussion remains focused on the topics mentioned in the agenda.during meetings by going off track and by discussing topics that are irrelevant. or serve as a guide for action. Such a record is known as “minutes” of the meeting and may be done in an informal or formal manner. Example – Chris will take the responsibility of contacting the media and sending material for advertisements and press releases by March 13th. Keeping “Minutes” of the Meeting – Since meetings are called to take important decisions concerning the organization. . The meeting should normally be concluded at the scheduled closing time.

All participants must be informed that a follow-up meeting is being planned. Evaluate email as a channel of internal communication. to ensure that the deadlines are met. unless proper follow-up measures are taken to ensure that the goals are fully accomplished. Therefore. after the meeting is over. Check Progress on Follow-up Actions – Members of the meeting may have been assigned different responsibilities and deadlines for completion of tasks. After the Meeting: A meeting that proceeds smoothly will still not be successful. This is because email Is instantaneous and allows you to send messages that others can pick up at their convenience. Follow-up may involve the following steps – 1. it is important to monitor their progress every now and then. Q 4.depending on the type of meeting. It is the chairperson’s responsibility to make a note of the items that have not been discussed and to schedule the next meeting. Do your own Groundwork – Apart from monitoring the progress of meeting participants. along with a fresh agenda. While the other forms of . email also makes it possible to send messages to people anywhere in the world and to people who are otherwise impossible to reach. it is also important that you as the chairperson finish any pending work before the next meeting. Besides. explaining its advantages and disadvantages. 3. Suggest five ways in which to overcome some of the problems associated with email messages? ANS: Communicating Through Email Although email is a tool for external communication. it is also regularly used within an organization. 2. in place of telephone and face-to-face contact. Plan for the Next meeting – Very few meetings is conclusive and cover all the items in the agenda completely.

easy to use and spontaneous. Disadvantages of Email 1. Faster campaign deployment: Lead times for producing creative and the whole campaign lifecycle tends to be shorter than traditional media. It is therefore easier to write An email message than it is to write a business letter or a report. Email response decay: Email recipients are most responsive when they first subscribe to an email. corporate firewalls and web mail systems. It is difficult to keep them engaged. Render ability: Difficulty of displaying the creative as intended within the in-box of different email reading systems. .written communication are highly formal in nature. Since email is quick. impulsive response. mobile messaging or web personalization. style and tone. email is more informal and spontaneous. 4. Deliverability: Difficulty of getting messages delivered through different internet service providers (ISPs). Options for testing: It is relatively easy and cost effective to test different email creative and messaging. 2. campaign response can be increased as the message is reinforced by different media. 2. Integration: Through combining email marketing with other direct media which can be personalized such as direct mail. where greater attention has to be Paid to the language. Ease of personalization: It is easier and cheaper to personalize email than for physical media and also than for a website. 6. it can also help to improve personal relationships in the workplace. 3. Direct response medium encourages immediate action: Email marketing encourages click through to a website where the offer can be redeemed immediately this increases the likelihood of an immediate. Advantages of Email 1. 3. Relatively low cost of fulfillment: The physical costs of email are substantially less than direct mail. 5.

especially when communicating with superiors. Respond promptly – In the case of business related emails. it may lead to Embarrassment later. 5. . Similarly. content and frequency which affect engagement and response. Since confidentiality of the message is not guaranteed. Below are the five ways in which email message could be made more effective:1. 2. abbreviations such as BTW (by the way) should be avoided since they sound over casual and may not be understood by everyone. known as “emoticons” (for example. which will mention that you will be responding in detail on a specific date. you can set an automatic email response to your received messages. like shouting. Avoid “shouting” – Shouting in an email message refers to use of all capital letters in the text. helps to make the tone friendly and personal. 4. Communications preferences: Recipients will have different preferences for email offers.4. additional people and technology resources are required to deliver these. a salutation such as “Dear John” and a signoff such as “Warm Regards”. Avoid personal messages at work – Do not make use of the office facility to send personal email messages. All caps make it difficult to read a message and are therefore considered to be rude. Use friendly salutations and signoffs – Although these are not strictly required in email communication as in business letters. are out of town or out of the office. : ) for a smiley face!) Should be avoided. personalization and more frequent communications. 5. Even if you are hard pressed for time. 3. These have to be managed through communications preferences. Resource intensive: Although email offers great opportunities for targeting. it is important to respond promptly. especially in business related Email messages. Avoid symbols and acronyms – Symbolic messages using punctuation marks.

Q 5. Chakala. Mumbai dated Feb 12. Andheri (E). Let me introduce myself you as a post graduate in Management with specialization in Marketing and systems from Sikkim Manipal University. Thanking you. Rohit kr. Yours sincerely. I am attaching my brief resume to this letter and expect a positive response from you. Ref: Your Advertisement in Times of India. 2011 The HR Manager. I am committed and always reached my targets with my sincere and positive attitude. M/s Procter & Gamble Home Products Limited P&G Plaza Cardinal Gracias Road. India. With reference to your advertisement cited. Dear Sir.400099 Maharashtra. Write an unsolicited job application letter addressed to the HR Manager of a company of your choice. I am a quick learner and have aptitude to learn new things and adjust to new environment in a shortest possible time I hope to meet you and explain my abilities in a personal interview for which I request you to give me an opportunity to prove myself. Mumbai . along with a one page profile about yourself? ANS: Application for the post of marketing Executive Date: FEB 15. I am having 4 years experience in marketing department of two reputed FMCG companies. Sub: Application for Marketing Executive position. I have the pleasure in offering my candidature for the position of Marketing Executive in your esteemed organization. seeking a position in your area of specialization. 2011. Prasad .

Shri. B. S/o. April 2002. I was successful in all my tasks and received special increments for my achievements. Independently handling all the operations of marketing of consumer healthcare products of the company in the Metro area of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. up country sales promotion campaigns etc. . whole sellers and stockiest for marketing of company’s products and reach the target set by the Head Marketing. April 2004. Education: Two year MBA with Marketing and Systems specialization from Sikkim and Manipal University with 74%. C. Received “Star Marketing Executive” for 2007 & 2008 consecutively for out reaching the target by 42 from Pune University . Worked under GM Marketing and Sales Mumbai circle and responsible for developing new Objective: A middle or senior level position in the field of Marketing in a reputed consumer products company. Responsible for dealing with all distributors.Rohit Kr Prasad. with 85%. Marketing Executive in GlaxoSmithKline consumer healthcare ltd from 2007 Apr – Present. Experience: 1. 2. Executive (Sales) in Hindustan Unilever from May 2005 to Mar 2007.D Sahu Indrapuri Road:06 Ranchi-834005 Mobile: 94402 07500 Email: rohitkr666@yahoo. conducting institutions sales.

Member of Mumbai Management Association. 2. promoted to Executive Sales after completion of my training. the Industrial Relations Manager of A to Z. Mr. After investigation to determine that the grapevine probably was correct. 2011 Signature Place: Mumbai Q 6. Professional Activities: 1. Subbaya prepared a “Notice of hearing concerning dismissal action” to be mailed to Reddy at his local address. Reddy. Mumbai. Member of marketing committee of Federation of chambers of commerce & Industry of Maharastra. The request was granted because it was in keeping with the Company and Union policy. A few weeks later. The rumor was that Reddy needed some extra money and had taken up this job since the wages were nearly twice what he earned in his regular maintenance job. Mr. The letter of notice was dictated by Subbaya to his secretary on Monday morning. Learnt systematic approach of the sales of consumer products and due to my excellent performance. a maintenance employee of the A to Z Construction Company asked for three months’ leave of absence for personal reasons.3. had actually taken this leave to work on a construction project in another part of the state. Reference: Will be available on request. The act of taking leave for personal reasons with the hidden purpose of working for another employer was contrary to the labor contract and the penalty for this could be dismissal. Case Study (10 marks) The Informal Communication Network In Secunderabad. . the maintenance employee.Subbaya. Received comprehensive training in Sales operations of consumer items and attended various campaigns along with my senior Sales Reps. heard through the “grapevine” that Mr. Trainee Executive (Sales) in Hindustan Unilever from May 2004 to Apr 2006. Date: Feb 14.

since he did not want to give up his permanent job. Mr. . I will extract the real reason of taking three month’s leave and would ask him to provide necessary proof if the reason provided by him are satisfactory. Reddy said that he thought that his action was acceptable under the contract. If you were Subbaya. but if it was not acceptable.Reddy and have face to face meeting with him. the mother of their son’s friend had told her about the pending dismissal order. not realizing that the information might be confidential. what action should Subbaya take? Discuss. he should use others channels of communication to maintain confidentiality and this will avoid future recurrence of problems like this.The same night.Reddy indeed violated the company’s contract. ANS: Subbaya should hold face to face meeting with his personal secretary and have a strong word with him and advise him to maintain confidentiality when there are matters discussed with him pertaining the company’s affairs. told someone else. saying that he had heard that the notice was being prepared and that he felt that there was a misunderstanding. but would Investigate thoroughly to find out if Mr. When Subbaya asked him how he knew about his pending dismissal notice. Questions 1. Assume that grapevine facts are as follows – Subbaya’s secretary told a fringe benefit clerk about the dismissal notice. 2. After Reddy’s telephone calls. Beside this. would you try to suppress grapevine leaks of this type? How? ANS: I would not try to suppress grapevine leaks of this type. The clerk. I would summon Mr. Subbaya received a call from Reddy at his home. he was willing to return immediately. Reddy said that his wife had called him that evening. telling him that at the local supermarket.

Nonverbal communication can have a greater impact than verbal communication. Instead he notices people yawning during his presentation. silence itself may convey a lot of meaning. Sometimes. posture and the way we dress. there is total . when he asks for some feedback. Gestures.2 (60 Marks) Q 1 Explain with the help of specific examples.4 Credits (Book ID: B1128) Assignment Set. At the end of the session. unlike verbal messages.Master of Business Administration-MBA Semester 1 MB0039– Business Communication . are all part of nonverbal communication. facial expressions. since “how you say something” is sometimes more important than “what you say. All of us tend to communicate silently and unknowingly send signals and messages by what we do. Nonverbal Communication Cannot Be Avoided – While one can avoid verbal communication by refusing to speak or write. four different ways in which positive non verbal communication can create a better work environment. The game of “dumb charades” is a perfect example. unlike verbal communication. it is particularly important in the workplace. It refers to any way of conveying meanings without the use of verbal language. ANS: Non verbal communication. Nonverbal communication is generally unintentional. Example – A speaker making a presentation may find that the audience is not very interactive.” Although nonverbal communication can affect both our personal and business relationships. on the other hand may be defined as communication without words. it is not possible to do the same with nonverbal communication. as pointed out earlier. 1. That is because nonverbal communication is not always intentional. apart from what we say.

sitting back in a relaxed posture may be a signal of boredom or fatigue. First impressions generally tend to be lasting impressions. Examples – There are different rules regarding the appropriateness of the handshake in oriental and western cultures. while it is an accepted thing in western countries.silence. The silence indicates that they have not listened to the session and that the feedback is negative. Let us say you go for a job interview fifteen minutes late dressed in informal attire. The message conveyed in the above example is that the audience is bored with the session. any form of physical contact is not common and is interpreted as being intimate. 2. . Similarly. Nonverbal Communication Varies across Cultures – While certain types of nonverbal behavior are universal. 4. When asked some questions. Nonverbal Communication is Ambiguous – While precise words can be used in verbal communication to ensure that that the message is clearly understood. 3. is insecure and lacks knowledge. in oriental cultures like India. Similarly. Nonverbal Communication is Powerful – Nonverbal communication helps us to form first impressions and make judgments of others. Generally. For example. others may be different in different cultures. This immediately reflects your attitude and the impression formed of you is that of a person who takes things casually. nonverbal communication is not always clear and easy to understand. a nod of the head means yes in some cultures and no in other cultures. you avoid eye contact. avoiding eye contact with your audience could mean that you either are nervous or guilty of something.

as well as its products. Corporate advertising is defined as advertising that sells the organization to its various publics. Give two examples of corporate advertising with two different objectives. especially when doing business overseas.In this age of business communication across cultures. Explain the difference between corporate and product advertising. since it has no commercial purpose. both about the organization. Q 2. Corporate advertising may be defined as advertising that sells the organization to its various publics. ANS: Advertisements in the mass media such as magazines. Failure to do this could lead to costly blunders. Product advertising on the other hand. newspapers and television are used by organizations to communicate with prospective customers. the organization is the product. Its ultimate purpose is to sell the organization’s products. In this case. the organization is the product. Advertising may therefore be categorized into two broad types – corporate advertising and product advertising. In this case. Corporate advertising is more a public relations activity than a form of advertising. Its aim is merely to inform and to build a positive image of the organization. Product advertising on the other hand. it is important for you to understand these differences. aims to persuade prospective customers to buy the organization’s products . aims to persuade prospective customers to buy the organization’s products or services. Difference between corporate and product advertising:Corporate Advertising Product Advertising 1.

Two Examples of corporate advertising with two different objectives:While the overall objective of corporate advertising is to project a positive image of the organization as a whole. For example.” The message conveyed is that the product speaks for itself and that words are not required to describe its qualities. consumers may have negative perceptions towards an organization. by correcting these beliefs. they may believe that that the organization is responsible for environmental pollution. 2. India’s leading industrial house has been doing corporate advertising since it first started as a trading company. you don’t have to make a great fuss. since it has to be done in a sustained manner. Corporate advertising is more a public relations activity than a form of advertising. Birla. Its ultimate purpose is to sell the organization’s products. since it has no commercial purpose. Product Advertising is less expensive rather than Corporate advertising for example. based on the belief that the organization is not a responsible corporate citizen. In such a situation. features a visual of the product with a single line caption that says “When you make a great beer. an advertisement for “Heinekin”. a famous brand of beer. or at least try it out once. the message must be persuasive enough to convince people to buy the product. Example – There was a negative perception among consumers that . For example. some of the specific objectives include the following – 1) To create positive attitudes towards the organization – Sometimes. corporate advertising aims to create a more positive attitude towards the organization.or services. or destruction of forests and other natural resources. Corporate advertising is expensive. 3. Its aim is merely to inform and to build a positive image of the organization in product advertising.

Graduate degree/diploma level programs are offered in various disciplines such as Information Technology. The Students will receive the roll Number accordingly after joining the SMU Distance Education. Management Studies. ANS: Distance Education refers to the education which is imparted over long distances with the help of modern technology and communication facilities. Even countries may use this form of advertising to achieve similar objectives.the next generation learning system that takes full advantage of the modern teaching techniques to create a virtual classroom. Postgraduate. 2) To project the personality. to communicate about their entrepreneurial ability. . culture and values. Counseling at Learning Centers. Corporate advertising helped to overcome these perceptions. using the four distinct delivery methods i. as India’s leading industrial groups. the technology enabled learning platform.” Q 3. Develop an outline of a presentation.e. The SMU offers Distance Education programs as part of its effort to provide quality education to students who. VSAT delivered special lectures and EduNxt . Self Learning Materials (SLMs). SMU-DE programs are Learner-centric. cannot join the formal education system.Nike was using child labor in some of its factories. explaining your choice of visual aids and your style of delivery. culture and values of an organization – The Tata’s and the Birla’s have been the oldest and the most frequent users of corporate advertising. sports and investment opportunities. Example – Dubai advertises to project an image of itself as “a land of investment. for various reasons. to prospective students. Life Sciences and Allied Health Sciences. to manufacture sports shoes. You have been asked to make a presentation on Edunxt. Vocational Sciences. The accomplishment has been made by SMU by launching the Study center online through the module called EduNxt.

Student Login * Step 1: Get a windows live email ID. anytime access. leading to higher acceptance amongst employers Students new to the edunxt programme module can click on the new to the edunxt tab in the official website of the SMU and follow the below steps as displayed flexibility *Commitment to improve quality of professional education through distance mode. The Url to access the EduNxt online is as follows : http://www. • EduNxt is affordable and easy to Use.asp x • Edunxt enpowers students with • Edunxt enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning and includes *Small group mentoring *Virtual Classrooms *Simulation and Other Interactive content *Self study Content *Recorded Presentations *shared Browsing • Advantages of EduNxt: *Recreates class room feel *Makes learning accessible *Access to rich educational resources across Manipal Education’s institutions *The only platform that enables soft-skills training *Convenience. * Step 2: Obtaining windows live ID .Hence the students should have to register with EduNxt module onl ine through the internet.smude. collaboration. if you already know your ID goes directly to step 3.

Write a routine claim letter to the Vice President. On opening the pack.smude. The Vice President (Marketing) Fast Moving Consumer Goods Bangalore. We had purchase ready for eat food from super market yesterday. Dear Visit SMU DE Website http://www. asking for an adjustment or some kind of Road Bangalore. Imagine that you have bought a pack of ready to eat food manufactured and marketed by a well-known Fast Moving Consumer Goods * Step 3: Go to http://edunxt. ANS: To.lastname) Password: Roll Number (Ex: 520811111) * Step 5: Please amend the password after the first login. But after opening the 24th JAN 2011 . you find to your dismay that the contents are spoilt and are not in a condition to be eaten. * Step 4: Enter your username and password Username: Windows Live email ID (Ex: firstname. Marketing of the company. This is to inform that we are regular customer of Fast moving consumer goods which is multinational brand. Subject: Inferior qualities of Ready eat food. during your regular weekly visit to a neighboring supermarket. Q 4. I am writing this in regard of my experience with super market of Fast moving consumer goods at b) Login as Student in the SMU DE Student portal using University Roll No as Username and Password c) Click on My Mail icon (Ex: abc.

Date: 25th JAN 2011. ANS: Business Report To. write a report to the Director of your institute. I kindly request you to give high priority to our complaint and take appropriate action which would be useful for consumer. Sincerely. I would request you to refund my money. I served the food for my guest which let me down as it was stale food. . The Director Alliance Business School Kankapura Road. Collosseo Ventures Behind Hindustan Petrol Pump Jayanagar. It was expired and then also it was available for sale. Mr/Ms. I would kindly request you to take appropriate action against that food and beverages department. Anakel Bangalore. suggesting how the library facilities and procedures may be improved. Wishing a kind cooperation from you. Bangalore . I am really upset with it as I had lot of faith in Fast moving Consumer goods.MachoB ± 207. This type of stale food is harmful for health and we are not happy with the service provided by your staff. As a student of management.packet we found that the contents of the food were spoiled and not in a position to eat.560037 Q 5. This experience will force to think about it in a negative way about the supermarket.

Library Timings: The library needs to be open from 9 a. Since we all are working professional.m. to 6 p. or by post or by personal visit. When the borrower wishes to cancel the membership. which can be extended for another 14 days either by phone. .m. and video equipment for the students to be able to create active reports.30 a. For membership one has to apply on prescribed forms. and from9. The membership will be provided under certain conditions. Separate membership is necessary for Reading Room and Lending Section. to 8 p. I take this opportunity to give some service improvement plan for improvement in our library system which would be beneficial for students in learning the concept and preparation of audit and reports. without any deduction.5cm x 3.Two books can be borrowed at a time for a period of 14 days.m. A fine of 10 Rupees per day is charged per book per day for late return.m.All students of MBA would require effective usage of library facilities from time to time till the completion of Management Programme. Membership: Any person above 18 years of age should become the member of the Library. he/she gets back the money. through a cheque. Applications for any kind of membership must be accompanied with two passport size photographs (4. Sundays and other holidays. Membership of the Lending division is free. on all the working days. We need more computers. on Saturdays. Online access to library needs to be introduced which would enable student to have free access to latest edition of books available one the database library with details explanations.5cm). but the borrower has to deposit the amount equal to one and half time of the price of the book.

since I was the assistant to Mr. the General Manager and president of this family owned company. • Improve study and research environment. Vishwanath. the work was extremely interesting and I soon learnt all about the foundry business. • Surveys and Other. • Easier use for faculty. I accepted a position with the Sundaram Foundry. • In-house availability of online. • Seminar/webinar on latest technology. • Improve teaching services. a medium-sized firm located in a small town in Tamil Nadu. • Involve faculty and students in developing alternatives • Consultation. foreign journals and periodic journals. • Regular updates of books on Technology. • Library catalogue with Author • Title and subject for readers. Management.The Library needs a budget to purchase current. • Focus Groups. It was a good position. • Online access to e-books and publications. updated reference books for the students to use for research. • Permanent membership card for students for taking books at home for reading. . Case Study The Power of Nonverbal Communication Soon after I graduated from engineering college. and Engineering and Finance section. • Lengthen hours of opening· • Improve access to technology-based collections and services. • Improve Services. • Audio/Video recorded lectures on DVD. • Newsletter of library needs to be published every month. students. • Q 6. although there were many technical problems.

A few weeks after this incident. In fact. Vishwanath had mentioned to me even at the time of my joining. Therefore. the worker looked away in the other direction. He also let me know that the foundry workers. Mr. Questions 1. Many of them were related and had been in the foundry for several years. although a good group. What message did the foundry workers and the new engineer convey to each other through their non-verbal behavior? ANS: . they would automatically stop these antics. I was almost knocked down by the pressure and slipped on the wet floor. However. when I suddenly felt the force of a stream of water hitting me. it would probably take them some time to accept me. a few days after my joining. I heard them talking to each other in low voices and laughing. were very clannish. as if he had not noticed this happening. I was aware that it was the practice to clean the shop at least once a week. As I went around in turn. they felt that they knew the business in and out and that a technical education had no value. I noticed a worker cleaning the floor with a hose.The foundry workers were mostly older men and were a closely knit team. I found their behavior to be very childish and felt that it was best to ignore these signs of hostility. As I entered. I happened to visit the enamel shop. that I was the only engineer ever to be employed in the foundry. from which water flowed at high pressure. I turned my back on the worker and was busy near a dipping tank. I thought that if I ignored them. When I turned around. As I went down the main aisle of the foundry. since they had been working together for several years. I was pretty sure that he had intentionally turned the hose on me. I introduced myself to the group of foundry workers. Therefore. I felt them eyeing me coldly.

Therefore. There were lot of technical issues since it was a family business the foundry workers were not willing to understand that new engineer can resolve the technical issues. Mr. The foundry workers are creating an atmosphere where new engineer should immediately leave the job. 2. The foundry workers were mostly older men and were a closely knit team. The foundry workers were laughing at new engineer as there was age difference between the foundry workers and engineers. My suggestion would be new engineer should not react to such situation and he should speak toVishwanath about the . He also let me know that the foundry workers. It was done intentionally by the workers. it would probably take them some time to accept him. were very clannish. In fact. although a good group. Therefore. Many of them were related and had been in the foundry for several years.The foundry workers were not happy with new engineer working with them. that he was the only engineer ever to be employed in the foundry. they felt that they knew the business in and out and that a technical education had no value. this happens in many organizations when you are new to the organization none of the old employees would talk properly as it is a matter of concern for them. What do you suggest that the engineer should do. since they had been working together for several years. after the hosing incident? ANS: It relates to engineer visit to anamel shop where he found that worker cleaning the floor with a hose from which water flowed from a high pressure since he was busy in dipping tank suddenly he notice that force of stream of water hitting him and he felt down but then also when he looked at the worker he was looked somewhere else nothing happened. It is a sign of insecurity by workers as they feel new engineer might trouble them or take their jobs. Vishwanath had mentioned to him even at the time of my joining.

As he had said it will take some time for them to accept the new engineer. .incidents. He should keep his cool and should behave in normal way with foundry workers as nothing has happened.