GMI Writing Exercise “Okay. Let’s go through the plan one more time.

” Said Lyrica, as she eyed her teammates from the boughs of a tree. “This is a pretty big group, and we only have a small window of opportunity. Does everyone know what they have to do?” “Relax, you don’t have to keep checking every hour.” Laughed Kestrel as she inspected her armor’s plating. “This isn’t the first time we’ve done something like this.” Looking up, she continued – “I’ll go in first. Take their advance guard head-on and stop the column’s movement.” Satisfied with her inspection, Kestrel leaned back against a stump. “I’ll make sure to tie them up as long as possible.” “Happy?” She added with a confident grin. “It doesn’t hurt to make sure.” Joell interjected. “Not all of us can handle a brawl the same way you do.” Lyrica nodded agreement with a slight chuckle. “I’ll get my spells laid out to hold them down. Light fireballs, wood and rock splinters.” Joell scratched the back of his head. “I think that’s it.” “Have a gap near the package. I can’t pick it up with your bombs flying everywhere!” Lyrica corrected. “So much for making sure…” snickered Kestrel. Joell replied with an embarrassed grin. “Make sure you remember that!” Lyrica added. “I’ll be sure to remind him.” Said Joell’s familiar as she materialized on his shoulder. “How about…Roald?” Said Lyrica, just noticing that the cleric is still asleep – having just recently finished his turn on watch. “He’s with me. He’s not going to forget.” Kestrel answered for him. “I’ll call him in to raise a barrier in case it gets too hairy up front.” “Good!” Smiled Lyrica, feeling reassured. She adjusted the sling holding her quiver in place. It’s a difficult mission they’ve been tasked to do and it’s making her nervous. What Kestrel said was true – they have completed missions like this before. However, the importance of this mission’s success creates a lot of stress that Lyrica can’t shake off. The package they aim to steal contains logistical records, troop deployments and patrol routings. Such information can put the Loyalist forces at a major advantage against the opposition. The higher ups will definitely be having high hopes over this. -******************A small hawk flitted down into the trees where Lyrica hid. It landed just a few feet from where Lyrica sat watching over the road. It gave a low warble, which Lyrica acknowledged with a nod. “Oh, it’s back” said Joell’s familiar as it joined the watch. “They must be nearby then.” “That’s right.” Lyrica replied. “Let Kestrel and Joell know. Also, make sure Joell remembers to make a gap in his bombardment for me.” “Right.” Said the familiar as she faded off. “Worrywart.” She jabbed right before she vanished completely. Lyrica sighed. The column came into view around a bend a couple hundred meters down the road. The column was headed by an armored cavalry unit 5 horses abreast and 4 deep. Just behind came the pike infantry, 8 rows of 15 men in half plate. As experienced as Kestrel was in fighting large numbers of enemies, this would definitely be a challenge. Two-thirds down the column was the package. It was on a carriage with 5 cavalrymen in attendance. The one just behind the carriage had the livery of a leader – with a plumed helmet and crested shield. Lyrica felt her stomach tighten a little as she ran her hand down

with the Leader shouting orders to get the men organized to try and deal with the threat. Lyrica then took the moment of distraction and leapt into the fray. Just past 50 meters down the road. Weapons caught in it were broken. Just as she reached the carriage among the confused troops. and a horse crashed onto the carriage – breaking wheels off and scattering Lyrica’s opposition. Just in front of Lyrica. The leader’s movements are crisp but rapid. The column leader lunged to restart the fight with Lyrica. “Let’s go!” Shouted Lyrica as she ran past Kestrel. She kept her breath and movements in check. rock splinters and shards of wood flew wildly. Fireballs the size of fists. “Not much of a gap that was” she muttered to herself. Kestrel made her move. . she spied a flash of silver in the corner of her eye – and just barely dodged a thrust from the column leader’s blade. “And you’ve gotten damned good at it. but Kestrel grabbed a wheel and threw it at her. Another unit of infantry trailed by a smaller cavalry force took up the rear. Lyrica had few opportunities to try and counter attack. “Get the package and let’s get out of here!” Kestrel shouted. He is the first one she would be aiming for. She’s going to make her move against the commander at near point-blank range. Kestrel seized a spear from a soldier and forced her way through the ranks after Lyrica. Just as quickly the area around the road exploded into life as seals materialized and discharged their payloads upon the unsuspecting infantry. The bombardment intensified in her vicinity and some stray stones grazed her but caused no harm.the curve of her bow. adding to the chaos. Leaping off a ledge hidden around the bend. the center of the escorting force formed a circle around the carriage. An explosion disrupted the ranks again. with her back against the carriage and other soldiers coming to their leader’s aid. Lyrica let the lead element pass by her unopposed. a barrier went up like a wall between them and the escorting force. Lyrica broke the lock on the chest with her knife and grabbed the large leather bound book and a handful of scrolls that were inside. The slight breeze going through the leaves sounded incredibly loud. her armor dented and scratched and with numerous spearheads broken off on it. she crashed into the middle of the leading cavalry unit – dismounting riders and staggering several horses. Soldiers shouted and hurried into the fray as the column’s advance halted.” The surprise delayed her response and Lyrica only had time to unsheathe her knife to deflect a second thrust from the saber. doing the best she can to avoid attracting attention to herself. “You really never got tired of setting traps don’t you” a feminine voice called out from within the suit of armor. dismounting him with force. The size of the attendant escort force clearly showed how valuable their cargo is. She fired upon the leader and struck him on the shoulder. but her weakness in melee is showing – soon she found herself cut. and men in contact with it were knocked back with a loud buzzing. Just as the two reached the edge of the road. “Couldn’t you have made a better plan for this?!” She said between breaths. Her heartbeat felt like it would reverberate like a war drum. making no unnecessary noises. bloodied. Kestrel hopped to her side. dodging spear thrusts and slashing swords as she went. with thrusts and slashes flowing together like a silk ribbon.

her armor plate had a suit of chain mail under it – but the force from collisions and getting struck had left her bruised. It wasn’t deep. Lyrica and Kestrel hid themselves in a denser part of the wood and struggled to recover their breaths. “Do you know anything about her though?” Asked Joell.” He added.” Replied Lyrica. and she kept her visor down the whole time. Both were unharmed as they did not take part in the fighting directly. then wincing from her bruises. Kestrel was largely unharmed. I don’t know that seal. “No. Lyrica was cut on the arm and shoulder. but the bleeding is significant and Lyrica is already showing signs of fatigue. “Well whoever that is. must have known you from ways back.The bombardment died off as soon as they were a ways off from the road.” . “Especially the part about the traps. which could make things a lot more difficult” she added. They were relieved to hear that got their objective but became worried when Lyrica recounted her encounter with the enemy commander. but were clearly exhausted from their spells’ drain. “Great!” Snickered Kestrel. “Seemed to know a fair bit about you” remarked Roald. “Though I suspect us succeeding means we’re gonna have to keep doing it. Joell and Roald soon joined the two. accompanied by the little hawk and Joell’s familiar. they would now have a heads up on how we operate.

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