Proud to be a Citrix Ready Partner Techstur.

com, a world leader in interface customization and branding services fo r Citrix and Microsoft products, announces that they are now a Citrix Ready Part ner.'s Interface Customization services include customization for N etscaler Access Gateway; Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise, Advanced and Standard Editions; and Citrix Web Interface. Custom Citrix Products are cer tified for use with all versions of Netscaler, Access Gateway, XenApp & XenDeskt op. Proud to Be a Citrix Ready Partner Also announces new Citrix We b Interface 5.4 Demo, Citrix Netscaler Portal Demo and Citrix Web Interface for Netscaler Demo now online Stamford, CT, February 18, 2011 -- IT firm INC. recently became a C itrix Ready Partner. Citrix Ready is Citrix's product verification program. To b e accepted as a Citrix Ready Partner, vendors must demonstrate that the products and solutions they offer can be trusted to enhance and add value to Citrix prod ucts. is proud to be the only company in the world to offer Interface Cus tomization on all editions of Citrix Netscaler and Citrix Access Gateway, as wel l as Citrix Web Interface to work with XenApp, XenDesktop, Access Gateway and Ne tscaler environments. offers three Netscaler Customization Packages plus customization for Citrix Web Interface for Netscaler: Custom Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway Logon Page, Custom Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway Logon Page & Portal and Custom Citrix Netscaler Acc ess Gateway Logon Page, Portal and Web Interface for Netscaler. Debuts 3 New Online Demos This week, to promote these new product o fferings, as well as their customization of Citrix Web Interface 5.4'the newest version of Citrix Web Interface introduced three new demos for Citr ix Web Interface 5.4, Netscaler Access Gateway Portal & Web Interface for Netsca ler. These new Citrix Demos showcase our Design Services, Interface Customization ser vice and Branding capabilities with all Citrix Web-based access products, said J esse Boehm, Founder and President of INC. They show just how much w e can change and enhance the default Citrix interfaces. Citrix Products Get the Branding Treatment Besides Netscaler and th e latest version of Citrix Web Interface, offers Interface Customiz ation Services for Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) Advanced Edition Logon Points, Ci trix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (CAGEE) Login Pages and Citrix Access Gat eway Standard Edition (CAGSE) Login Pages. What does that mean for CAGEE and CAGSE users? can extend a clients branding from the CAG Enterprise Edition Login Page to their Citrix Web Interfa ce and apply a rich graphics layout that provides better branding and a seamless experience for users. CAGSE, though not as customizable as CAGEE, can also be b randed with the clients custom design and images. has also offered customizations of Citrix Interfaces for the past 6 years, including the newest version of Citrix Web Interface, 5.4., Citrix Acces s Gateway, and our newest offering for Citrix Netscaler. Techstur.coms Latest Projects: Major Names, Global Reach Even while developing c ustomizations for the latest versions of popular Citrix and Microsoft networking products, the team is busy with projects for clients around the wo rld. Over the last year, weve been working with clients on five different continents,

says Boehm. has worked with RICOH Canada, TELUS, Linklaters, KLA T encor, Stockland Australia and St. Lukes Hospital, and is now working with Dolph in Energy Limited. is also currently doing Web Interface developmen t for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and JP Morgan Chase. About INC is an Internet-based IT and Design Solutions firm. Working with Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware Systems, is a .NET Development compa ny and Design Studio specializing in the field of Interface Customization Servic was the first company to offer custom interface design for Micro soft Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) and Microsoft Outlook Web App 201 0, and is a pioneer in web access interface design. Design Studio the creative services division of offers a full line of print, graphic, logo and web design, content writing and all oth er aspects of design and brand development. For more information on 's Interface Customization Services or other services, please visit http://www.t or email Contact: Jesse Boehm INC 101 Washington Blvd-927 Stamford, CT 06902 1-877-990-7887

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