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Epic Tale

Written by Samuli Aalto

We have behind us the greatest events, from which we are not ourselves aware of. This all is although
reality, and we cannot close it off from our information, although reaching it is at times almost
From nowhere we cannot find but pieces from all this bygone and forgotten, but while collecting these
pieces we can gain nuances about all of this, which has existed over the course of time.

We are like makers experiencing the world’s miracles, which groundbreaking measures modify our own
world and other worlds. While doing things for ourselves, we gain matters accomplished also for others.

“When the world was created, we gained accomplished good makers, to accomplish all the needed
activity”, are the words from our Creator. From nowhere we can know such a point in time, except with
the help from the Creator, or from that from which the Creator has created the worlds.

Like from emptiness he has created this world, where he has used as his help other entities, which again
have been created from his actions. You can do nothing to this, except rejoice or shed tears to this.

What has taken place during our bygone world before the ice which the earth carried on it. Such tales
bring knowledge from another age, from which one can say all to have been remained in oblivion. The
information about these ages is behind a great curtain.

Gunnar made miracles, and he found a wonderland. What Gunnar achieved to accomplish, is the greatest
miracle making, that we can imagine.
Wonderland, from which tales tell, from which nobody anymore remembers.

We all live here; we are doomed to live and die. Miraculous are our ways, but everything we cannot
When we have lived here in bygone times, we gained to experience the most horrific and the most
wonderful time. During time, when we cannot but exist and live, as long as time has been given to us.
Our tale tells about the dead and living, we can’t know from these times except with the help from tales.
Tales which color is black, and colorful always when there space for it is.
Our tale is a story after age when ice was and before ice came. This tale is rich and rageful, our humans’,
animals’ time like also nature’s and stone’s. Stone’s which still exists, all knowing from all this is, but
also our souls our inner from all this aware is.
Tale about an age of the world, on which area all of this took place, we have made much tales about it
already, we know from this, but very little, so new tales are enriching to all of us.
Then there were latter humans, prehumans, delicate humans, great humans, and small humans. They all
had their own areas and cities, fortresses, roads, fields, tools, animals, and weapons. Some from these
times we can hear being told, but all has vanished from his age, which very long ago has existed.
When we know, how all this began, one talks about the leaving of ice, when we know, how this ended,
one talks about the arrival of ice. Very long time ago when earth great wealth carried, before ice, which
terrible is.
From what can we begin in this tale. Well, let us start from the other side of the curtain, where in the
worlds all has begun. First this entity and that other entity together all kinds of created have. Also,
humans as well as planets. They and many others but alike, with this planet of ours fell in love and us
here brought, already before the time of our tale.
Here it was necessary to create, create and create, also the smaller as the greatest, so that all ready was. To
gain accomplished a world for us, where all can be experienced and so to enrich all that also elsewhere is.
We have gained all this as a gift, so that we can achieve accomplished others for us and all this to further
This tale magnificent, about times very long ago. When humans of underworld here lived, and princes of
heavens here died. There was the greatest bliss and the greatest horror, here on earth. When slavery and
violence grew, it all became doomed and vanished.
Under the ice and during time became broken. We cannot find traces from this any longer, but it all from
the other side gained has to be. Under this sky, and above this clean planet.
From where could we know from this age, well from where else than from the spiritual world. From the
other side, where everything as saved is. We can know from those bygone times, only if we justice with
this advance can. Justice, which there a need to love is.
In the beginning in our tale there is one, whom all this started has, and another, who in this work with
himself been has. They made all of this, but our tale does not concern this the most bygone time. Our tale
tells about a time much later, from the time before the ice and the time after the ice. These two here still
with have been, above the Underworld and below the Heaven.
When we look this all bygone, with there have been also others, whom as adorable here as alive with have
been. As numerable as the oases in the desert, so as rarer than our angels who more numerable from this
are, whom there exists like trees in a forest. Also, others here in this with are, the most terrible for others,
demons, which there like stars in the sky are. Then there are also some, who one as humans calls. There
are them like sand in a desert, and terrible in their amount of injustice, but on the other hand who pleasant
like the flowers of a pasture are.
We begin our tale by telling the names from these, from which we tell about in our tale. There was
Serom, who much to give had. Mervol, from whom our tale the most revealing is. There was Keplem,
from whom almost no one had knowledge of. Then there were many others, who our tale along with will
Melvor did his work to punish everything with mercilessness, Keplem acted as a helper in everything
meaningful and Serom brought ideas, how new could be created. There were areas, where lived different
kinds of humans. Great humans lived in smaller communities than others, and small humans protected
themselves into their fortresses. Delicate humans developed intelligent plans, pre-humans strived to match
others by developing their armed forces and latter humans strived their best to get along with all other
There was Atlantis, where all kinds of took place. Valmar on the other continent in the west, where one
lived slightly differently than in the western part of the eastern continent in Tirnauel, also due to the
spreading of the species into different areas in different ways. In southern Isnoldun one strived into all
covering superiority, when again in northern Gondlin one developed glamorous life. In Gorwul one made
conquering plans in relation to others and in Askal one strived to advance in dismantling of obstacles
placed by all the others, to gain the areas of others under their rule. In addition, there were many greater
and smaller societies.
When the ice left and our story began, was there on earth still frost in the ground and cold still prevailed.
At times humans wandered more north, only to notice the earth to be deserted tundra, where there were
traces left by the ice. Great stones lied here and there and there was lots of water, but not almost at all
vegetation or food available from animals either. From these travels one returned more often back, and
settlements were not achieved in a so barren area as the ground after the ice was.
In more southern areas there was also insecurity caused by the changes in the climate. Humans wandered
from one area to the next searching for better living conditions. On the other hand, some legends told
about a time, where there was no ice, and so humans could expect the leaving of the ice, which functioned
as a so bordering phenomenon for all inhabitants of the earth.
According to some of these tales, the home of these peoples was there where ice had been, and this time
after the leaving of the ice was seen as a hopeful possibility to return back to areas on which the original
home of the peoples situated. The tales told of great forests and richness, which the earth covered with ice
had carried on it.
No one experienced permanent peace during that time when there was ice no more. The mind of all
humans was changing, and there were lots of argues, about, what to do know when the world has
changed. All the keenest became deceased into lack of nutrition while wandering too far into unexplored
and barren area. Others again returned but told that time was not yet to start to move as wider more north.
All was now changed although permanently during that time, and that everyone understood.
Southern kingdoms, which the ice had not touched but indirectly, strived to do plans, how to gain to
govern the northern new areas. Especially, I they prove to be able to uphold life later. Their wise advisors
held this as completely possible, but knew also, that along with time from these areas there may ensue
also a threat, if its areas would form permanent kingdoms. The freed areas of the north were also
according to the knowledge of that time so vast, that from those would most certainly also become great
from their number of human settlements, when only their climate would permit it.
It took hundreds of years from that, when the ice had melted and climate had warmed, that there began to
grow much anticipated forests and vegetation and animals, to that new area spoken about at that time. The
number of humans started to multiply, along with the increase of living area. Small communities, which
experienced to be unsafe in their present area, where the first, who moved to more north, by knowing this,
that a risk of failure would be always present. Although many had also a will to leave into completely
new areas, on which there was not yet almost at all settlements. They experienced this to be an adventure,
while at its success, would be possible to do much more matters than in the old environment, where own
tribe was threatened from the part of other tribes and peoples.
This time would be the starting time of our story. It lasted hundreds if not thousands of years as well,
before the most northern areas freed from the ice became habitable and inhabited. At that time there was
many arguments about living areas and different species treated their own species better than
representatives of other species, although conflicts there were also between representatives of same
species. In any case different species lived in their own communions and began to consolidate their living
areas by forming towns at times as well. The influence of the kingdoms of the south on the north was in
the beginning still great because trade was important, so that one gained needed matters like different
kinds of equipment, which one did not yet gain to be made on one’s own more north. One knew although,
that when one would find different kinds of ores more also from the north, could the peoples of the north
act more self-sufficiently. On the other hand, the ice had revealed so many ores of the ground, that mostly
by using these, one gained help into many lacks.
A war song of latter humans, to frighten invaders, which was hacked onto stone at the borders of the area
inhabited by them:
“This is our land, with fervor we its threats meet, we won’t give up to pursuer. You can try to take it from
us, this we repel will and our swords into the blood of the enemy we dip will. No one has right this land
from us to take, and this land, if you try from us to take, you will die and your body for the food of crows
will remain. On the earth to lie, earth which your blood will drink. “
The forming of Kingdoms
Kingdoms began to form quite soon after settlements were established on the freed areas that were earlier
covered with ice. The kingdoms were at times communities only of few villages, but there were also
greater ones, which consisted quite vast areas as well, because at times peoples made great clusters of
settlements, because their positions were questionable in the south, where one was always under threat of
becoming enslaved or destroyed by other humans.
Ship sailings were one method, with which one gained to settle onto areas further away quickly. Great
kingdoms of the south accomplished such exploration and forming of colonies into the north on
promising areas. So, with ships one also gained to supply the far away communities, if they had not yet
ability for self-sufficiency. The southern kings and queens experienced this as a possibility to enlarge
their influence and as a method to gain information from the situation of the areas more north, from which
one knew mostly from hearsay in other way.
The world order
At that time, the world was chaotic, and no one knew from what was to come. Strong nations could last
for long in the fight for existence, but it was not rare, that old power arrangements became upheaved into
other state due to wars and environmental conditions. Some kind of mutual understanding between
nations was found also. The representatives of one’s own human species were experienced as safer
neighbors than others, but at times communities between different species, were even due to their
differences’ friends and allies with each other. This brough to some extent stability, because at times
alliances were formed as multiple steps from several alliances, and so one gained accomplished stability.
Some species were although mortal enemies to each other at least by some groups, and the constant
conflicts and wars of these taxed much the possibility to gain accomplished a world order, where there
would be no wars. These disputes moved also to the northern areas, which caused much chaos in this new
opened part of the world. New disputes were born mostly in connection with living area and natural
resources on this new area, which was in everyone’s knowledge, because relocators to more north were
many and from one’s own one wanted to keep hold of at that time as well.
Life was at times also cozy, and there were many places, which were not yet occupied permanently. The
amount of nutrition was a constant constraint while gaining new living space. Nutrition was gained from
different plants and animals, when nature had started to thrive on the more northern areas earlier covered
with ice. In the beginning it was not clear, which plants one could grow, but the plants of earlier colder
climate of the south one gained also now in more north nourishment. Cattle there was as well, which
brought lots of nourishment, with which one achieved permanent settlements.
Kings and queens, which the great families, clans, and settlements of different species, chose for
themselves, were based on the need to gain achieved permanent governance on the areas, where one
experienced to be possibilities for a permanent kingdom. So, with strong governance one could secure the
functioning of the society and when necessary to gather an army when the society was threatened by other
Different kingdoms also competed with other kingdoms, from which the evilest ones enslaved different
peoples and destroyed much. There was also much insecurity from the quarter of what humans believed
in, and controversies like this were also possible. The ones held as infidels might experience to be
threatened by the ones with different beliefs.
There were much peculiar matters, into which one had not gained clarity. So, beliefs were in power in
very great scale. All were not either raised to be kind and good willing, but there were many cults, which
raised their descendants according to their own aspirations to be in accordance with teachings of the cult.
These teachings instructed at times very horrific matters to humans, but there were also such peoples,
which believed in good and strived to be kind and being well, but in any case, able to defend themselves
and also to intercept the ability of others to invade onto the area of their own kingdom. War was not so in
any way an unknown concept at that time, but more like a remaining state, from which had not been
found a way out except by destroying the ability of the enemy to fight or by removing the possible or
realized threat completely by removing the other group with war action.
At that time, one used as mounts both horses and great sized wolves, which were possible to tame for
riding, The wolves were able to also with their jaws much harm, so in battles from them there was
especially use for their rider. Such great sized wolves were also very intelligent and were able into
independent activity as trained to very complex fighting tactics. For example, they were able to protect a
wounded rider and to do ambushes independently and from a command to strike at the enemy. There were
also other ground mammals, with which one could ride, and which were able to obey their rider’s
Weapons, which were used at that time, were refined and metals were resembling almost steel, because
there were lots of metals, which one knew how to dig and melt, into all uses. One used swords, shields,
armors, and other metallic protection equipment. Bows and arrows, and siege equipment and machines
one knew how to make also at that time. With such basic technologies one accomplished almost all that
was needed. There was although such technologies at times in use, in which there was either magic or
very refined technology, which had been received as believed at that time from some higher levels or
entities. These were for example the angels of modern times and other entities producing magics and
entities who had come from the outer space.
The systems of society
From their main parts societies were kingdoms, but there were also more peculiar systems. For example,
some peoples had system of religiosity, where they worshiped their leaders as religious figures, to whom
was given much more power than what in ordinary kingdoms the kings and queens had power. Such
religious kingdoms might be very vast and great from their population. There were also crosses from
these, in which the king had also religious influence.
Societies were experienced also at that time important because they gave security and support for their
citizens, and unity, which one needed while danger loomed especially from the part of other peoples. The
amount of people was quite great, because already then one had learned to utilize many different matters
to gain nutrition. Although bad years taxed a lot while those took place. On the other hand, there were
also more peculiar methods also to gain nutrition as well as other matters, which one could not necessarily
gain accomplished enough on one’s own. It was called at that time as creating. So, in some situations, it
was possible to gain matters as created, which means, that if the need were great to gain something in use,
and this matter could not be achieved by oneself, could the spiritual world create this matter in a
miraculous way. Then as a surprise appears like from emptiness the needed matter into the world, and so
the ones under shortage gained in their use resources with ease. Such gathering of resources was very
wide scale, but it operated always with the conditions of the spiritual world, and no one could be sure,
how or when they would gain this kind of aid. It was not a certain mean, but its influence was although
very wide scale, while many peoples were aware from this kind of possibility as well to gain matters of
Many societies were users of slaves. These were although tried to be prevented, because one had
observed, that slaves made humans harder to each other, so at times peoples denied the holding of slaves,
but always at times rulers unmade this denial when power had changed. For some peoples enslaving was
a permanent phenomenon, which created fear towards these nations and caused much chaos, because the
more enslaving peoples were experienced as a threat more than peoples, for whom enslaving was less in
use. On the other hand, also peoples, who didn’t have slaves were a threat as others, because they had
often urges to show other nations, that they had a more righteous world view, and so they were justified in
their own opinion to start wars against the peoples seen by them as more wrongful.
Different nations acted at that time both with hostility and with love. Delicate humans and latter humans
were between each other’s often in mutual understanding. They had many similarities on the level of
species, and latter humans experienced delicate humans as safer and more approachable than other
species. Small humans lived often as more isolated from others, but they did get along also with other
species. They as well were both delicate humans’ and latter humans’ friends always at times. Great
humans and pre-humans again, acted better between each other than with other species. They experienced
these other species as their rivals from living area and resources, and so they were not always in good
relations with the other human species living nearby.
When humans had settled on the most northern areas to some extent, it started to happen. The sky often
was set alight from different kinds of light phenomenon and after some years one started to talk that a
new age had started. This new age followed by the exiting of the ice had upheaved already at its
beginning the lives of humans of the complete planet. One was baffled, because at some localities, there
descended from heaven ships, and from their inside there walked out entities that were like humans. They
had long golden hair most often and they presented themselves by speaking the own language of the
humans they met. Their words in the beginning of the conversation were: “Do not be afraid, we are your
friends from the shelter of the sky, we come with the permission of the highest, here to help you in all
your matters.”
Such humans from the shelter of heaven one had met already earlier as well, but now it seemed such, that
this beginning of the new age had caused such interaction still more. Often these ones from heaven had
with them some objects, which they gifted to peoples. Like rods, with which one could move the greatest
rock boulders. With the help from this equipment constructing from the part of great monuments eased
remarkably. The only lack, which the inhabitants of the Earth had noticed, was that not any war
equipment they did not ever gain from these humans coming from the sky.
There had been born many new kingdoms. The world had expanded, and inhabitants were also much
further north, because the temperature was higher than in modern times. Great groves filled the areas
earlier covered with ice, and evergreen was plenty. Fauna adapted quite well along with time, and they
were greater than nowadays. Mammoths, saber tooth cats and great wolves were always dangerous when
met on travels. In waters there was lots of fish and game was remarkably more, because inhabitants were
many by the standards of that time, but although so few, that there could not arise lack from the part of
There had also developed commune with the conditions of nature, and one knew how to notice natures’
needs, and nothing one should gather too much, so that also on the following year there was a good
harvest to be expected. Also, agriculture and livestock production happened with the conditions of nature,
and there did not get to born great shortage from the part of field area, because always one could lean on
the aid of the spiritual world, if there had been done too much wrong matters, this aid on the other hand
might be refused. So, humans from the part of all the species, knew to be cautious in making their own
position worse from the point of view of the spiritual world. On the other hand, there were also very
wrongful kingdoms, which followed the laws of witchcraft, and so gained accomplished remarkable
matters with their injustice, which brought a very frightening atmosphere, but although the spiritual world
might have also supported these peoples, it being in its task to punish others, humans, and kingdoms, who
had done wrong earlier.
Always help so did not come, and at times famine was catastrophic, but on the other hand alliances might
also come to help if other peoples in same alliance had storages for distributing as food aid. From the
alliances there was so benefit also during time of peace, although such famines were very remarkable,
were they relatively rare, because humans were very talented to gather nutrition independently, and
society did not have to force anyone, but this was naturally taking place, that all wanted to develop in
skills to survive at that time on their own as well as possible, and so there did not get to born great
Once this new age had started and when had started to born societies on the areas more north, was the
world like reborn. Visiting inhabitants of the outer space created connection between different peoples,
and these by their choosing either accepted them or opposed such influence, which the entities of outer
space offered.
Often these denials were due to different religions, which the nations exercised. There were many
religions, and their activity was often species centered, and so other species were from their religions very
introverted, and for that did not accept other species, not even the inhabitants of outer space. There were
also peoples, which were very dangerous to other species, because their religion was causing very much
sacrificing and enslaving, and with these other peoples not even the entities of outer space could be in
dealings with.
On some day one was amazed, because into the world there came a message from the inhabitants of the
outer space, that after the beginning of this new age, there might come a day, when the world experiences
a miracle. A day when the spiritual powers take possession of all the activity on this planet. And so also
took place. One was amazed, because into the world appeared new humans from every species, and these
new humans said that they were placed inhabitants from the other side of the veil. They were very
intelligent and wise, like also flawlessly beautiful and pretty. Their message was in the beginning, that
they have come to inhabit this planet with all the others, so that the world would be much more advanced
in the matters of the spiritual world.
Other from these who had come from the other side were like angels and others like demons, who
although were mostly friendly towards the earlier inhabitants of the planet. These new inhabitants one
also feared, and some peoples did not allow the existence of these inhabitants, but they persecuted these
There started to form permanent kingdoms, which meant that also warfare started to become greater from
is proportions and it was exercised by vast unified kingdoms, and not only small communities. One
started to also use some kind of diplomatic activity, and so different species were visited by
representatives from the part of other peoples to create treaties. One was advanced also in other ways.
Writing systems there had been also earlier, and nations had formed their own writing systems, dialect,
and languages.
Somewhere circulated rumors, that now as the world had started also from the part of the spiritual world,
one felt more secure, because one thought, that matters will so begin to advance better and more securely.
One was the happiest on some areas, but on the other hand one was very harmful to other inhabitants, and
such happiness seemed very harmful according to the wiser. These wise people thought that all cannot
continue in peaceful atmosphere. There were many different systems and laws, but the wiser thought, that
the world was still fragile, and all was not yet here what there was to come.
Different species lived at that time quite long lives, if only the environmental conditions allowed it. So,
there was also lots of knowledge from earlier times also in the consciousness of inhabitants, which added
understanding into many matters. Especially the upper class lived so very often because their position was
more secured than what the inhabitants of lowed societal class had.
Into the world there came still inhabitants from the other side of the veil and from the outer space. Also,
the original inhabitants of nations strived to reproduce, and so increase the strength of one’s own nation
and community and protection from other nations. Armies and cities had grown already into such, which
there was also on the areas of the south, where there had not been ice. One was all in all gained a start for
this new age, where there was no lack, and mistakes either. Preposterously one can say that all was well,
but all was not yet here, which one learned to know.
The inhabitants of the planet had wondered some matters, which the entities of outer space did not reveal
to them. Their hissing in meetings often left holes into the consciousness of the original inhabitants whom
had met them. The original inhabitants strived to gain revealed, where did this hissing due from, into
which one did not gain an answer from the entities of outer space. One had become used to their secrecy,
but some matter left one pondering especially. When there came clarity from some seer, one was
surprised. The seer told once in some situation, what he thought about this. Which spread like wildfire in
a dry high grass. The seer whom had come from the areas of the south told that this has been secret
knowledge beginning from ancient times and also this hissing from the entities of outer space, from which
one didn’t gain knowledge from them, concerned the complete world of that time.
The seer said: “If you are aware of, where all this has come to existence, you say it has been born on its
own. If you say all has been come as a gift from the other side, you are like children in the world of
adults. If you say that you do not know, you are lacking from your intelligence. I say to you, all of this
has been created by somebody, by some, which is not lost, but here among us, and so it has been from the
beginning of ages, although you have not been much aware from this. These who have come from the
outer space have known this the whole time, and strive to find this, which has also created them. One has
told that this entity is often on this planet, from which our world consists of. This these visitors of the
outer space search among other things. Hear me still for a moment, I know this, because I am that entity. I
would claim that you do not believe me, but you will meet still matters, which will gain you to believe
this. Although I am not but your visitor here, you have gained all this from me and everything I will also
take from you on some day, if you do not believe this. I promised to tell this to you before your world is
ready to begin in earnest.”
This seer created so much stir in his audience as well, that he saw best to exit quickly, and he vanished
into the night, before he was able to be questioned more. From him one did not hear or see again, but his
message left into everyone’s mind, and also the entities of outer space were baffled and bitter, that he was
able to escape. The situation was for all a surprise and soldiers seemed to be enchanted and did not have
time to react before the speaker had already left the scene.