The Education of a Physicist A Collection of Physics Textbooks (More or Less

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Physics Department Graduate School of Arts & Sciences University of Virginia June 12, 2008

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2008 .The Education of a Physicist A Collection of Physics Textbooks (More or Less) Entry for 2008 UVa Biennial Book Collecting Contest Jaideep Singh Physics Department Graduate School of Arts & Sciences University of Virginia February 15.

This continued until I met Selwyn Scharnhorst. 1965 In the course of a dozen years of studying physics.. I’ve had to pull many all nighters doing problem sets while drinking highly caffeinated beverages.” which I took to mean “spend all my money on physics textbooks instead of food. What’s particularly striking is how different nationalities approach the same topic in very different ways. Feynman. the French are very formal and bring a refreshing amount of rigor. Bernard Diu. Being the ungrateful and rebellious son of a (now apostate) theoretical physicist. Now that I have developed the requisite mathematical apparatus and actually need to solve real world problems. It was from him that I learned The Five Golden Rules of collecting physics textbooks: 1. such as Paul Dirac’s The Principles of Quantum Mechanics. Unfortunately. it was far superior because of its ruthless efficiency: there was not a single redundant book in his collection. This maybe an unfair stereotype famously attributable solely to Lev Landau & E. two styles of textbooks are needed: conceptual and mathematical. you have to take Feynman’s advice and surround yourself with a “wide range of physical viewpoints..M.) Consequently I have a fairly complete set of “standard graduate texts” of all major subjects from the last century. Finally. therefore. German texts tend to be a good mix of all of those qualities as well as being very thorough. Although his collection was smaller than mine. On the other hand. the French and British texts are invaluable. Lifshitz’s classic ten volume Course of Theoretical Physics. I would simply buy the largest texts with the most intimidating mathematical equations making sure to fall asleep in the public areas of my dorm with the newly purchased book open in my lap. The most important thing is the physical correctness of the content! 2. Americans tend to be very intuitive and “hand-wavy. who would become a very good friend of mine. This not only had the desirable effect of preparing me for the physics qualifying exam but also the undesirable effect of helping me build a caffeine tolerance. it was very straightforward to seed my collection: I absconded with my father’s small but expensive physics book collection to California. look at the list. 1 . When I was at the start of my studies. Their most amazing feat of compression is their 170 page Vol 1: Mechanics which covers more material than Herbert Goldstein’s 670 page Classical Mechanics.” the best example of which is Feynman’s own three volume Lectures on Physics. the Russians tend to be very terse and dense.” (seriously. My favorite of this style is the two volume Quantum Mechanics of Claude Cohen-Tannoudji. December 11. Nobel Lecture. . & Franck Lalo¨. all of them pedagogically useful. To do that. of quantum electrodynamics) available to him. I preferred the more conceptual and intuitive American approach. which is represented well by Arnold Sommerfeld’s six volume Lectures On Theoretical Physics. For any subject. The British are also formal and e very mathematical. (Books from retiring physicists is an economically efficient strategy as well as a gold mine of classic out-of-print texts!) As I started to augment what was once his collection. I was very superficial and unfocused.Richard P. neither of those things actually help you understand physics.I. think that a good theoretical physicist today might find it useful to have a wide range of physical viewpoints and mathematical expressions of the same theory (for example.

still provide the phenomenological language that we use today to talk about intra-nuclear forces. although not all of Nuclear Magnetism is in there. which I doubt. A newer/updated edition is not necessarily better. which makes Jackson look like the proverbial walk in the park: (from the first edition) Although the best students can work all the problems. The subject did not stand still to say the least and the book could not possibly contain now all the useful information. This is not to denigrate Purcell’s masterpiece.R. 2 . even if it ever did. though fundamentally incomplete. Jackson’s horrible Classical Electrodynamics.3. but they do provide much needed perspective and illustrate the meandering course of scientific progress.D. and finally solve problems which elucidate their physical consequences. Physicists born after 1950 know precisely what I mean by horrible: as painful as it is necessary & as necessary as it is painful. even if you pay for it. Many are too difficult for first-year graduate students. whatever is. but every problem was solved by at least one of the advanced students. it may seem unusual and perhaps a bit dramatic to call electricity & magnetism “painful. you must supplement Purcell with both David Griffiths’ Introduction to Electrodynamics and of course J. 4. The best examples of this are the books listed under “Topics in Strong Interaction Physics. 5. Smythe’s Static and Dynamic Electricity. To the uninitiated. Anatole Abragam said it best in the preface for the paperback edition of his classic text The Principles of Nuclear Magnetism. It is not okay to loan an out-of-print book from the library and then “lose” it into your collection.D.” In response.” A lot of the ideas presented in those books. Even my personal favorite book of all time (physics or otherwise). Regarding Rule 1. However. Rule 2 exists because one has to understand the fundamental reasoning behind the physical concepts.” Even so. we know that a lot of the ideas presented in those books are physically unrealized. Find the books that the faculty used when they were in graduate school. With hindsight. There is no single book of any kind that has achieved all three of those goals. Over the years. his book in my not-so-humble opinion is the closest that one can come to the platonic ideal of a “Physics Textbook. (from the second edition) Two groups of advanced Ph. learn how to represent them in a mathematical form. I will refer to the following quotes from the preface of W. I’ve discovered one important exception to this rule. students worked over this material to get practice attacking every type of wave-field problem. is both important and not wrong. They provide an opportunity for the reader who is working up the subject by himelf to test his proficiency. Edward Purcell’s Electricity & Magnetism. only truthfully achieves the first one. Books in a lecture note and reprint series give you a snapshot of the ideas that are cutting edge and fashionable at the time they are published. the average student cannot.

) My tardy adoption of the universally accepted SI system is a recognition that almost all undergraduate physics texts. but not the second. sometimes painfully.(from the revised third edition) In the past 50 years it has been used as a textbook by countless student who have. I am so offended by Jackson’s treachery. I simply refuse to buy or use “Blue Jackson.. This book used to be. the presentation of certain topics in Dynamics started to converge with Mechanics and consequently rendered the books redundant as opposed to complimentary.. in the late 1800’s. For me “Red Jackson” beats the pants off of “Blue Jackson” because of the very heresy he appears to be gloating(!) about in the preface to the 3rd edition: The most visible change is the use of SI units in the first 10 chapters. Another curious benefit of this strategy is that it allows you to see the evolution of a subject. and “Blue Jackson” (3rd edition. They both used modern vector notation. Although his books are a landmark achievement. In later editions. and thoroughly covered electromagnetic radiation. since such units seem more suited to relativity and relativistic electrodynamics than SI. they were notationally cumbersome and written before Einstein’s development of special relativity. Now I have betrayed him! Just because everyone else is doing it does not make it all right. 1999). The language. Sir James Jeans’s book The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism addressed the first issue. 3 . Rule 4 is helpful because an instructor’s pedagogical approach and worked-out examples tend to come from the texts that she used when she was a student. addressed the very fundamental link to special relativity. A less subjective & aesthetic example is the case of Jerry Marion’s wonderful book Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems. There have been three editions of this book. students learned the full mathematical power and beauty of Maxwell’s Equations directly from James Maxwell’s two volume Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. Having the “source” text helps provide context to the material presented in class and usually gives another perspective on the same material. Gaussian units are retained in the later chapters. “Red Jackson” (2nd edition. Around 1940. For many years Ed Purcell and I had a pact to support each other in the use of Gaussian units. (. as well as engineering books at all levels. For example. the perfect bridge to Herbert Goldstein’s more advanced Classical Mechanics. Jackson’s book brings us to Rule 3. The worst part about the whole thing is that Jackson even admits exactly why “Red Jackson” is better. 1962). for me. notation. The torch was then handed off to Wolfgang Panofsky and Melba Phillips’ Classical Electricity and Magnetism and subsequently Jackson. William Smythe’s Static and Dynamic Electricity and Julius Stratton’s Electromagnetic Theory set the stage for what would become the format for the “standard graduate text” for electricity and magnetism. learned the value of a rigorous problem course. employ SI units throughout.” even at the cost of completeness. which are identified by color: “Green Jackson” (1st edition. 1975). and topics covered share a common thread but do change from generation to generation of a series of “the standard graduate text” for a particular subject.

which is an order of magnitude in excess of a graduate student’s budget. there is no other book dedicated to developing quantum mechanics from a purely path integral approach. Even though he famously told his students to just “shut up and calculate. every author has a different. It’s a symbol of my respect for their hard work. This book is the very embodiment of the idea of approaching a subject from every possible viewpoint. Every reference on the current page made to an equation or figure from a previous page is reproduced very cleanly by hand where the reference is made on the current page. Because of its very nature. McGraw-Hill no longer prints this book. Bergren. However. The Six Golden Rules for collecting physics textbooks. but my resolve was severely tested when it involved the most glaring absence in my collection: Richard Feynman & Al Hibbs’ Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals. Finally. I checked it out from the Physics Library and it was not easy to return it when it was recalled. If the authors are alive. which is also very useful. however. otherwise get it used. which in conventional terms would mean that its condition would be graded as no better than “Good. Every page of this nearly 500 page book has been enhanced in this way! It is indescribable how much value this adds to the book and how much joy it brings to me. wrote. There is one last rule that I’ve developed on my own: 6. Keeping it to myself would have been very selfish. Even if they recieve only a small amount of royalties from the sale of their books. Quantum Mechanics is the best example of why its important to consult many different textbooks. see attachment. even if slight. we get to Rule 5. it’s better than nothing. 4 . Some authors try to avoid the whole mess altogether and focus on teaching you how to get the right answers out of the mathematical machinery. This is why it was better to return the book than to “lose” it: I wanted other people to have access to the book. interpretation to its meaning.My copy of Panofsky & Phillips is the gem of my collection. but. which I’m usually not above. As far as I can tell. So that’s it. This one is very straightforward. I’ve been trying to obtain a copy this book. When a page starts in mid sentence. I have tried buying it on eBay on two different occasions for a price that appeared too good to be true and was hoodwinked both times. For nearly half my life. This means that you don’t have to flip back and forth to follow the flow of the argument.” What makes it unique. for now.” Feynman’s book is heavy on interpretation and light on calculational methods. is what the previous owner. then buy it new. It almost compels me to write a poem and/or song about Mr. You can find it used online for hundreds of dollars. Every page is written on. the start of the sentence from the previous page is reproduced in perfectly legible handwriting at the top of the current page. it remains the Moby Dick to my Ahab. Dick Alan Bergren.

Fig. Eq. 2a. . Fig. Beginning of sentence from previous page 2b. 20−6 is redrawn here for convenience.Panofsky & Phillips "Classical Electricity and Magnetism" − the gem of my collection (enhancements by Dick Alan Bergren) 1. 3b. Fig. 20−6 is on the next page. 14−45 is from 6 chapters ago! 3a. 14−45 is rewritten here for convenience.

4: Optics! 1957 H good. reprint good. published by Academic Press (New York) title edition year type condition Vol. trans 1. Leighton & Matthew Sands) Photon-Hadron Interactions Quantum Electrodynamics Statistical Mechanics: A Set of Lectures The Theory of Fundamental Processes Feynman Lectures on Gravitation edition 1 1 1 1 1 1 year 1964 1998 1998 1998 1998 1995 city Reading. good good. reprint 1962 H good. L. & E. light foxing good. trans 3. 3. which every now and then keeps me up at night. & E. only the first author is listed followed by “et al. 1: Mechanics Vol.M. As noted I’m missing Vol. trans procure 1. L. trans rev. 5: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Vol. 2: The Classical Theory of Fields Vol. 6: Partial Differential Equations in Physics 4. Reading.M.L.L. light foxing good. exp. There is some ambiguity because I often loan books to both my friends and enemies alike. Many of the books suffered water damage when my apartment was flooded six years ago. only the number of volumes is listed.P.M. & E. & L. L. good. E. Pitaevskii E. Lifshitz. & E. L.L. 1-3 (with Robert B. Books denoted by ¶(study first) & ♠(study second) are those that are in my opinion absolutely essential to a serious study of physics at a professional level. MA Reading.B. When the publisher is in the form of “*UP”. & L.L. trans rev. reprint good. Reading. Vol. ex-library 1952 H good. ex-library . & L. Berestetskii & L.L. In the edition column. 3: Electrodynamics note: still trying to Vol. and “up” is updated.M. light water damage light light light light foxing foxing water damage foxing Lectures on Theoretical Physics by Arnold Sommerfeld. 1. 1: Mechanics Vol.P.M. 1. Vol. paperback reprints by Butterworth-Heinemann (Oxford) authors title edition year condition 1 L.M.D.L. exp.P. When there are more than 4 authors. not first published. L. reprint good.P. The year usually refers to the date when the book was printed. trans rev.D. the condition is reported based on my best interpretation of the standards listed on the IOBA website (Independent Online Booksellers Association). Pitaevskii Vol.M. & E. Reading. 3: Quantum Mechanics: Non-relativistic Theory Vol.D. ex-library. I only have 2 of 5 of the Berkeley Physics Course (BPC) series and 2 of 4 of the MIT Introductory Physics Series by A.D. good.D. part 2 10: Physical Kinetics 4. trans 1964 p good. rev. Feynman title ¶The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Pitaevskii E. Lecture Books by Richard P.” For the book titles. trans trans trans 1997 1996 1997 1997 1997 1998 1998 1996 1996 1998 good. rev. Vol.L. trans 2. French (and others).D. trans 4. 4: Quantum Electrodynamics Vol. Vols. ex-library Vol. 4 of Sommerfeld’s Lectures on Theoretical Physics. trans 1. Reading.L. part 1 6: Fluid Mechanics 7: Theory of Elasticity 8: Electrodynamics of Continuous Media 9: Statistical Physics.L.L. “int” is international. 2. & E.L. ex-library 1953 H good. reprint good. In addition.L.P.M. “trans” is English translation. light water damage good. 2: Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Vol. Vol.M. Pitaevskii L. “corr” is corrected. trans 1. trans 3. Vol.L. Finally.L. “rev” is revised.M. light foxing good. “exp” is expanded or enlarged. The “H/p” column indicates whether the book is Hardcover or paperback. exp. 5: Statistical Physics.L.L. reprint very good ♠The Course of Theoretical Physics by L.Note: This list of over 300 books represents at least 90% of my collection.D. 2.L. & E. every attempt is made to include the full title including the subtitle. it refers to the university press of the school listed in the city column.D. Landau and E. For some multiple volume books.M. MA MA MA MA MA publisher Addison-Wesley Perseus Perseus Perseus Perseus Addison-Wesley type H p p p p H condition good. & V. good.

Jerry B. MA New York New York New York New York Cambridge Reading. reprint 2 Waves authors Crawford.Classical Mechanics authors Alligood. damaged corners very good. Kathleen T. Norton Dover Pub. & Stephen T. reprint very good. Rayleigh. Yorke Corben. & Byron A. H/p H p p p condition good. Marion. corr 3 2 4 yr 1996 1994 1980 1997 1965 1995 1991 1997 1971 1949 1993 city New York New York Reading. small scratches on cover mint. W. William C.S.P.W. corr 1. H. water damage very good.. minor scratches on cover good good. Jr. Donald T.W. minor foxing. rev. slightly warped mint. reprint good. title BPC. warped book very good. Vol.C. J. Heald ¶French. corr 4 1 1. Academic Press Academic Press Dover Pub. E. reprint good. John L. 1 & 2 edition 1 1. James Clerk Ott.T. bumps on cover good. title Chaos: An Introduction to Dynamical Systems Classical Mechanics Classical Mechanics Classical Dynamics Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems Matter and Motion Chaos in dynamical systems Mechanics Principles of Mechanics A Treatise on the Analytical Dynamics of Particles & Rigid Bodies edition 1 2 2 1. Herbert Greenwood. Synge. Frank S. reprint very good very good. A. Griffith Whittaker. reprint . Edward Symon. Elmore. Keith R. Vols. & Mark A. Addison-Wesley Dover Pub. 3: Waves Physics of Waves Vibrations and Waves The Theory of Sound. MA New York Cambridge publisher Springer Dover Pub. & Philip Stehle ♠Goldstein. & Tim D. ¶Marion. corr 1 2.. CUP Addison-Wesley McGraw-Hill CUP H/p p p H p H H p p H H p condition good. Sauer & James A. Thornton Maxwell. exp yr 1968 1985 1971 1945 city New New New New York York York York publisher McGraw-Hill Dover Pub. Jerry B.

Relativity: The Special and General Theory The Mathematical Theory of Relativity The Principle of Relativity: A Collection of Original Memoirs on the Special and General Theory of Relativity Theory of Relativity Relativity. P. reprint very good Topics in Special & General Relativity authors title Einstein. Thermodynamics.. trans 2 1. Albert Eddington. reprint good very good good. Freeman H/p p p condition very good. ¶Taylor. & John Archibald Wheeler title Introduction to the Theory of Relativity Special Relativity Space and Time in Special Relativity Special Relativity Spacetime Physics: Introduction to Special Relativity edition 1 1 1 1 2 yr 1976 1991 1968 1988 1992 city New York London Prospect Heights. Albert ¶Taylor. IL New York New York publisher Dover Pub. ¶Lorentz.Special Relativity authors Bergmann. Thorne & John Archibald Wheeler Peebles. W. Chapman & Hall Waveland Press Dover Pub. corr 1 1993 1998 2000 Princeton Cambridge San Francisco PUP CUP Addison-Wesley H p H good. N. ♠Schutz. Roberto 1.E. corr 1981 1987 1996 New York New York New York Dover Pub. reprint Pauli. and Cosmology Relativity and Geometry edition 15. Charles W. Edwin T. W.J.H. remainder fair. trans 1 1. trans yr 1961 1965 1952 city New York Cambridge New York publisher Three Rivers Press CUP Dover Pub.A. Bernard F. light water damage Principles of Physical Cosmology A first course in general relativity Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity 1 1. H/p p p p condition good. Misner. reprint very good. Peter Gabriel French. reprint good. water damage. H.S.M. A. Dover Pub. David Shadowitz. heavy foxing. reprint fair.P.A. A. & Kip S. Tolman. & John Archibald Wheeler 3 title General Theory of Relativity Gravitation edition 1 1 yr 1996 1973 city Princeton New York publisher PUP W. reprint . Edwin F. Freeman H/p p p p p p condition very good. Torretti. water damage. et al. P. p p p good. reprint good. creased cover fair. Dover Pub. Mermin. reprint good General Relativity authors Dirac.H. Richard C.

& Melba Phillips Papas. MA Reading. Prentice-Hall Wiley CUP Dover Pub. ¶Griffiths. minor wear to dust jacket good. Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory Classical Electrodynamics Electromagnetism Static and Dynamic Electricity Electromagnetic Theory Electricity and Magnetism Classical Electricity and Magnetism: A Contemporary Perspective Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles Electromagnetic Fields and Interactions The Classical Electromagnetic Field Introduction to Electrodynamics Classical Electrodynamics The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism The Theory of Electrons A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism: Vols. H. cracked spine. John R. William R. very worn good. Vol. et al. & Martin G. MA New York New York Reading. Carver A. reprint very good. warped cover. reprint good. David J. Edward M. reprint good. Frank Smythe. Maxwell. ex-library good. Taylor & Francis McGraw-Hill Prentice-Hall H/p H p p p H H H p p H H p H H H p p H H condition fair. reprint very good. Panofsky. Dover Pub. Sir James Lorentz. MA Reading. 4 Reitz. broken spine good. ♠Jackson. PA New York Englewood Cliffs. Vernon D. James Clerk Mead. Milford Schwinger. reprint good. worn cover very good.H. Dover Pub. Ralph P. R. broken and torn spine fair. foxing fair very good. McGraw-Hill Addison-Wesley Perseus Dover Pub. John David Jeans. rev 1 1 yr 1987 1980 1982 1980 1989 1975 1948 1952 1954 2001 1962 1988 1984 1962 1998 1969 1989 1941 1957 city Boston New York New York New York Engelwood Cliffs. reprint good good. Julian. Olsson Barut. John C. burn marks. Stratton. & Nathaniel H. Wolfgang K. A. & Frederick J. Slater. loose binding. L.Electricity and Magnetism authors title Barger. Julius Adams Winch.A. corr 2 2 5 2 3 1 2 1. sophisticated very good. corr 2 1 1 1 3. foxing . scratches to cover good. trans 1. Becker. Eyges. MITP Addison-Wesley Dover Pub. Charles Herach ¶Purcell. NJ New York Cambridge New York New York Cambridge. Dover Pub.O. MA New York Bristol. reprint fair. 1 & 2 Collective Electrodynamics: Quantum Foundations of Electromagnetism Classical Electricity and Magnetism Theory of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation BPC. NJ publisher Allyn and Bacon Dover Pub. 2: Electricity and Magnetism edition 1 1 1.

torn spine very good. Sokolov. CO New York New York New York publisher Westview W. A. wear good. scratches on cover poor. P. Albert Morrison. Benjamin Dover Pub. Edmonds. Rojansky.M. Ternov & V. Vladimir ¶Sakurai. reprint . & Roman W. 1 & 2 Understanding Quantum Mechanics Introductory Quantum Mechanics Modern Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics 4. ♠Bub. B. Jeffrey Dirac. heavy foxing good. CA Wadsworth H very good. Vols. & I. reprint good poor. remainder good. Michael A. Enrico Land´. P. trans yr 1990 1968 1989 1977 city Boulder. PUP UIP Dover Pub.L. PUP H/p p p p p p p p p condition good. scratched cover good. ♠Rose. rev 2 1 3 3 1. Dover Pub. foxing.M. original copy of notes fair. heavy foxing very good. MA Auckland Moscow? OUP UCP CUP Addison-Wesley Wiley North Holland Pub. torn dust jacket 5 Quantum Mechanics 1 1979 Belmont. reprint good The Principles of Quantum Mechanics Notes on Quantum Mechanics Principles of Quantum Mechanics Introductory Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics Quantum Mechanics. Hans A. Prentice-Hall Prentice-Hall Addison-Wesley McGraw-Hill URCC Publishers p p H H H p H H H p H good.A. John Speakable and unspeakable in quantum mechanics: Collected papers on quantum philosophy Interpreting the Quantum World Lectures on Quantum Mechanics Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics Mathematical Background to Quantum Mechanics Elementary Theory of Angular Momentum Sources of Quantum Mechanics Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics edition 1 1 1 2. Alfred e Liboff. water damage. A. rev.R. Zhukovskii Winter. Co. int 1. David Cohen-Tannoudji. Fermi. trans 1 1 2. reprint good. reprint good. Claude & Bernard Liu & Franck Lalo¨ e ♠Dirac. corr 1 1 1 1. NJ New York Reading.M.S. water damage.E. Eugen Messiah. Vols.D. Richard L. Van der Waerden. J. Jackiw Bohm. Ch. M. reprint very good. J. water damage. minor water damage on cover very good. Jackson.Quantum Mechanics authors title Baym. NY Princeton Urbana New York New York Princeton publisher CUP CUP Dover Pub. very light foxing Topics in Quantum Mechanics authors title ♠Bell. Wiley H/p p p p p condition good.A. trans yr 1997 2000 2001 1996 1961 1995 1968 1996 city Cambridge Cambridge Mineola. Rolf G. Merzbacher. Leonard I.A. reprint good. Gordon Bethe. rev 3. ♠Von Neumann. Schiff. reprint very good. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics Intermediate Quantum Mechanics Quantum Theory Quantum Mechanics. 1 & 2 edition 1 2 1 1. trans 1996 1995 1937 1998 1998 1966 1990 1949 1994 1968 1994 Oxford Chicago Cambridge Reading.J.A. J. reprint mint very good. MA New York Amsterdam Englewood Cliffs. creased covers fair.

& Surjit Singh Atoms and Information Theory: An Introduction to Statistical Mechanics Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics: Manuscript and Notes of Felix Bloch Modern Theory of Critical Phenomena Statistical Mechanics The Principles of Statistical Mechanics Statistical Mechanics: Fundamentals and Modern Applications edition 1 1 1 2 1 1 yr 1971 2001 2000 1996 1979 1998 city San Francisco Singapore Cambridge. OUP H/p p H p condition very good. water damage fair. Charles & Herbert Kroemer Maxwell. John C. MA New York Plenum Wiley Wiley Addison-Wesley McGraw-Hill H H p p H good. Thomson Basic Notions of Condensed Matter Physics Solid State Physics The Solid State:From Superconductors to Superalloys Many-Body Theory of Solids: An Introduction Introduction to Solid State Physics Quantum Theory of Solids The Many-Body Problem Physics of Solids edition 1 1 1. David Mermin Guinier. Charles Kittel. slightly warped. rev 1 2 1984 1996 1986 1997 1970 New York New York New York Reading. James Clerk Morse. W. uneven pages very good. e Duffin Inkson. Zemansky. W. foxing very good. ♠Kittel. faded cover.Statistical Mechanics authors title Baierlein. crease in cover very good. Ashcroft.H. Felix & John Dirk Walecka Ma. Philip M. dust cover torn . Freeman World Scientific Perseus ButterworthHeinemann Dover Pub. Charles Pines. Richard E. split spine. Wiley H/p H p p p p H condition very good. reprint poor. water damage. & Robb M. trans yr 1997 1976 1989 city Reading. Philip W. title Thermodynamics Thermal Physics Theory of Heat Thermal Physics Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics Heat and Thermodynamics edition 1 2 9 2 1 3 yr 1956 1998 2001 1969 1965 1951 city New York New York New York New York New York New York publisher Dover Pub. Richard C. reprint good.A. minor scratches on cover fair. Shang-Keng ♠Pathria.J. R. David Wert. jacket mint torn dust good. Reif.H. Ralph Bloch. reprint poor. small nicks on cover very good. reprint good. minor scuffing on cover very good. Wilde. Tolman. reprint very good.K. reprint mint. slightly warped. MA Ft. Andr´ & e R´mi Jullien & W. MA Oxford New York New York publisher W. Mark W. foxing. broken spine very good. minor foxing 6 Condensed Matter Physics authors title Anderson. light foxing. Neil W. Charles A. F. Worth. TX Oxford publisher Addison-Wesley Saunders College Pub. Freeman Dover Pub. foxing 1 7 2. Benjamin McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill H/p p H p H H H condition good. signed by coauthor (my dad) Thermodynamics authors ¶Fermi. Enrico Kittel. & N.

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Max & Emil Wolf Davis. G. Goodman. reprint mint very good. Miles V. wear on cover good. E.K. CA New York publisher CUP CUP Roberts & Co Wiley Addison-Wesley Wiley CUP Dover Pub.J.H. exp 1.U. Wiley McGraw-Hill Univ. minor scuffs to dust jacket good. cracked spine. MA New York Cambridge New York New York New York Sausalito. rev 1 1 1 1 1 2. Wiley H/p H p H p H H H p H H H p condition very good very good. Shortley Condon. wear to cover and spine very good. Claude & Jacques Dupont-Roc & Gilbert Grynberg Condon. Goodman. Gerhard Woodgate. trans 1 1 1 1 Quantum Mechanics of One-and TwoElectron Atoms Electric-Dipole Polarizabilities of Atoms. Leonard & Emil Wolf Minnaert. reprint mint fair. CA New York Reading. & Vitaly V. Kresin Born. Science Bks. scratches in cover good near mint. minor scuff marks on dust jacket mint. Livingood Herzberg. & J. reprint good. split spine very good. remainder 1. Alan ♠Foot. Saltpeter Bonin. Anthony E. & Edwin E. C. E. & Halis Odaba¸i s ♠Corney.J.U. reprint . foxing good. Amnon & Pochi Yeh title Principles of optics Laser and Electro-Optics: Fundamentals and Engineering Introduction to Fourier Optics Statistical Optics Optics Optics Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics Light and Color Fundamentals of Photonics An Introduction to Lasers and Masers Lasers Optical Waves in Crystals: Propagation and Control of Laser Radiation edition 7.P.A. Hecht. foxing good. M. and Clusters Atomic Physics Atoms and Photons: Basic Processes and Applications The Theory of Atomic Spectra Atomic Structure Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy Atomic Physics Experimental Atomic Physics Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure Elementary Atomic Structure edition 1 1 8. & Malvin Carl Teich Siegman. Wiley H/p p H p H condition good. & G. G. ex-library good. corr 1964 1980 1977 2005 1933 1937 2002 Cambridge Cambridge Oxford Oxford New York New York Oxford CUP CUP OUP OUP McGraw-Hill Prentice-Hall OUP p p H p H H p yr 1999 2002 2005 2000 1998 1970 1995 1954 1991 1971 1986 2003 city Cambridge Cambridge Englewood. Klein. scratches on cover fair. reprint good. E. ♠Siegman. Max Cohen-Tannoudji. Joseph W. Hans A. Molecules. corr 3 1 3 1 1 1. trans 1. Mandel.Atomic Structure & Spectra authors title Bethe. minor scuffs. Bahaa E. reprint very good. 8 Lasers & Optics authors ♠Born. Harnwell. Keith D. torn dust jacket very good good. Christopher C. Joseph W. trans yr 1977 1997 1989 1990 city New York Singapore New York New York publisher Plenum/Rosetta World Scientific Dover Pub. Saleh. Anthony E. Yariv.

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unexpected. & Quantum Mechanics) didn’t find their modern form until the turn of the 20th century (give or take 30 years). Statistical Mechanics. is a gradual transition from begrudging & hesitant acceptance to warm embrace over several decades. something is definitely lost in the translation to English. Older books. the biggest thing I’m missing. but instead. In contrast. The older books use mathematical methods developed originally for classical mechanics. At the same time. is the optics kit that used to come with Crawford’s Waves. Quantum mechanical principles are introduced only when necessary and in contrast to classical ones. They have antiquated notation and are often speculative or just plain wrong.Optional Material A note about books absent from my collection The most common question I’ve gotten is why I don’t have any “old” physics books (pre1870) such as Newton’s Principia. besides Feynman’s book. It reminds one of how surprising. an unnecessary and convoluted effort is made to preserve or reinterpret classical concepts in the quantum spirit. The examples and problems are taken from its wildly successful modern applications. to me. This is not surprising since three of the four major subjects (Electromagnetism. What’s fascinating. and I can’t find them anywhere. The answer could be that they are rare and expensive. The mathematical formulation used to describe quantum principles are more abstract and powerful than those used in older books. always present the material within historical context. 1 . there is no argument or hedging about the correctness of quantum mechanics. He is a German author with a fine reputation. It’s not a discontinuous jump. The only “old” books worth having are by James Maxwell (for example A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism). I am optimistic that revised and updated editions of his books in English will be worth adding to my collection. McGraw-Hill stopped making these kits a long time ago. and utterly bizarre quantum effects are. is to see this change in perspective in how material is presented in textbooks. produced during the early part of the 20th century. Another glaring omission are the Quantum Field Theory and Classical Theoretical Physics series by Walter Greiner. Finally. This is one reason why it’s important to have a look at the older texts. almost apologetically. however. It is simply accepted as fact. In these books. The examples and problems discussed in these books tend to be the same ones whose solutions finally convinced physicists of both the necessity and correctness of quantum mechanics. modern quantum mechanics books start by simply stating the postulates of the theory. The problems at the end of each chapter include at least one or two at-home hands-on experimental problems to be worked out using the parts of the optics kit. His physical intuition and grasp of the subject matter compensate for the outdated mathematical notation that he uses. A note about quantum mechanics books Books on quantum mechanics trace the changing attitude towards the field. books over 100 years old are usually not that useful to learn from. They emphasize the failings of the classical theory to explain physical phenomena. however.

There really is no challenger to Jackson. I’ll end up getting both. half a dozen new actual textbooks. and I can’t imagine seeing one for the foreseeable future. 2 . However. finally. These quantum field theoretical tools should become standard in the advanced study of statistical mechanics. I’m waiting to see which (or maybe both. becomes the standard. the only difference is the discussion of the applications of the theory. Until the late 1990’s. The big change in books on Statistical Mechanics in a trend towards introducing mathematical techniques developed in the 1970’s for particle physics. there is now a move towards introducing the basic concepts and mathematical structure of GR to more students earlier in their studies. lucky me!) book. Books on Electromagnetism don’t change much these days.” The only major change in the last 30 years has been the addition of Nonlinear Dynamics/Chaos Theory to the list of applications presented in the books. there were only about 5 good books on GR. More then likely. Classical Mechanics textbooks have the same “problem. The basic format and presentation is the same for most new books. there are now. In parallel with this development. Sean Carroll’s Spacetime and Gravityor James Hartle’s Gravity. and the new textbooks are slowly starting to reflect this fact. The earlier books were meant for specialized and advanced elective graduate courses. on String Theory.A note about physics books being published now Looking to future additions to my collection. as opposed to monographs. the most exciting development over the past 10 years is the advent of undergraduate level texts on General Relativity (GR). the most famous being the “phone book” classic Gravitation. because of the remarkable experimental advances in Cosmology and theoretical advances in String Theory over the past 20 years.

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