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Indonesia Focus Conference 2011
May 28-29, 2011, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America "Embracing Globalization through Promoting Entrepreneurship and US-Indonesia Business Relation"

Background and Theme The Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs (ASIRPA) invites the submission of papers for the 2011 Indonesia Focus Conference, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 28-29, 2011. The conference accepts three types of papers: academic papers, business plans/ideas, and writing-contest papers. Faculty members, researchers, business people, or anyone interested in this conference are all invited. The theme of this year’s conference is Embracing Globalization through Promoting Entrepreneurship and US-Indonesia Business Relations. With this theme, the conference seeks to emphasize that globalization is real; we not only have to accept it but also embrace it. Ignoring globalization will only leave us further behind. Hence, we will take part and try to fare well in it by utilizing all of our resources. These include not only our rich natural endowments but also our strategic geographical location, abundant young and bright minds, loyal and cohesive social capital, hardworking entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities to bring in more unconditional support from the government. While globalization brings more competition, it provides broad opportunities at the same time. The conference provides a forum where broad ideas of how to help Indonesia fare well in the globalized economy are exchanged and discussed. It is expected that the meeting would inspire attendees with regard to the potential roles they may want to play in this globalized world. The conference also provides a forum for entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas, plans, and products to Indonesian and international audience. We hope that the meeting would motivate, and even initiate further business cooperation among Indonesians, Americans, and international participants. In addition, the conference also conducts a writing contest for participants of all ages. The main purpose of the writing contest is to encourage participants to improve the way they construct, formulate, and convey their ideas to others. Such skills are highly required in the business world. For that reason, the writing contest judges will asses not only the participants’ writing skill but also their presentation skill.

Asian Society for International Relationship and Public Affairs (ASIRPA) 26 Shady Dr. – Indiana, PA 15701-3205 United States of America (USA)

the conference accepts a broad spectrum of topics. The deadline to submit the abstract for the academic paper or business plan is February 28. 2011. Selected topics will be chosen. the conference accepts any types of proposed business plan. 2011. business community. At the end of the conference. researchers. but your topic is not included in the above list. The complete draft must be submitted by May 14. 2011. If you are interested in For registration and updates on the 2011 Indonesia Focus Conference. Writing Contest The deadline for submitting the paper for the writing contest is March 31. cooperation. Questions about the writing contest and submission of the writing contest paper should be directed to Nurhaya.Topics and Submission Deadlines The 2011 Indonesian Focus Conference invites faculty Asian Society for International Relationship and Public Affairs (ASIRPA) 26 Shady Dr. – Indiana. including: • • • • • • • On the Indonesia Economic development: challenges and opportunities On the socio-economic characteristics of Indonesia The role of entrepreneurship Strategies for Indonesia socio-economic development Indonesia’s policy on economic development and global trade The audacity of hope toward Indonesia’s development Developing Indonesia and U. please visit the ASIRPA Indonesia Focus Conference website www. For the business plan/ideas . and anyone interested in this conference to participate in any of these events: Academic Presentation and Business Plan/Idea Presentation For the academic or Christiadi@asirpa. PA 15701-3205 United States of America (USA) www.S. we will attempt to accommodate all interests. three best papers will be selected. More information about the writing contest can be obtained from the ASIRPA website.Ismail@asirpa.indonesiafocus. please contact the conference organizers below. Please submit the abstract or complete draft of the paper or business plan to the conference organizers at or Fikri.asirpa. provided that the business is

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