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Peek at the Week
February 2011

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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Day 2 – Spanish Day 3 – Gym Day 1 – Music Day 2 – Spanish
Book Browse Bring Recorders Homework Packet due
Start Variables
NO SCHOOL (Science Unit) Read-a-thon calendars Spelling Test
(President’s Day) due
F.A.D. 
First Grade Buddies
Book Character Day

Saints North
Star of the Week: Talley Skate Night


The Black team has taken over duties  2/21: NO SCHOOL Conferences are coming up quick!
until Friday, February 25. Look for the  3/1: Camp Info. Night 6:00pm If you need to reschedule your
schedule posted in your classroom and  3/2: Multicultural Event conference time, please contact our
on the class web site. Another reward  3/3 : NO SCHOOL (Conferences) school secretary, Carolyn Kay, in the
trip for patrols will be coming up this  3/4: NO SCHOOL (Conferences) main office. Please remember that we
Spring.  3/8: Evening conferences would like your child to attend
 3/14: SPRING BREAK BEGINS conferences with you.
Keep up the great work patrols! 651-653-2847

We have set up a website for all the 5th grade classes this year. Please check it out!
In math this week, we reviewed and The MIPTO is currently conducting a "Love
tested on Unit 8, which was a short unit on to read-a-thon" which began on February
algebra. Unit tests went home with students 14th. Students have the chance to win
on Friday. Next week, we will review prizes if they fill out and turn in their read-
multiplying and dividing larger numbers, a-thon calendar each week. The read-a-
including decimals. thon ends on Monday, March 7.
We wrapped up our unit of inquiry this
week titled: We, the People. The central idea
for this planner is that systems of government
impact a community’s social and economic
condition. Students continued working on the
summative assessment step-book this week.
They were able to share their step-book with ATTENTION ART LEADERS
classmates and reflect on what they Our "Art Show Planning Meeting" will be
accomplished during this unit. on March 2 at 3:45pm in the Media
Our spelling list this week focused on Valentine’s Day Center. Please make sure that at least one
words with different /l/ sounds. Next week, leader from each class is attending this
students will be starting a new book club very important meeting! We will share
focusing on the fantasy genre. information about set-up, art auction
Fifth graders from our school were items, volunteer opportunities, children's
lucky to see a special viewing of the play art, and clean-up. The Art Show is Friday
“Treasure Island” at North Campus on April 15th this year. Child care will be
Wednesday. We also continued working on available for the meeting. Please contact
our PowerPoint slide shows to present Gayle Chapman if you need child-care and
information about our first grade buddies. let her know how many children will be
We will be taking a short break from attending. We look forward to seeing you
our IB Units of Inquiry to focus on a Science on March 2nd!
Unit called Variables for the next couple of
weeks before Spring Break. Enjoy your three- CONTACT INFORMATION:
day weekend!! 
Sarah Wagoner
SPRING BREAK “Treasure Island” at North Campus Room 114
March 14 – March18 (651) 407-7600 x1610