Q.1 Which three statements are true about local and network applications? (Choose three.


A local application is loaded in a local computer and can be accessed by a remote computer on the network. A network application is loaded in a local computer and accessed from a remote computer. A local application is loaded in a local computer and accessed only by the local computer. A network application is loaded in a local computer and accessed only by the local computer. An example of a local application is e-mail. An example of a network application is instant messaging.

Q.2 A wireless DHCP client cannot connect to the Internet through a Linksys integrated router. When you type ipconfig on the host, no IP address, subnet mask, or default gateway shows. What are two of the first things you will check? (Choose two.)

SSID if the wireless client is configured for DHCP the cable between client and integrated router the firewall configuration on the integrated router if the correct default gateway is configured on the client if the correct default gateway is configured on the integrated router

Q.3 Refer to the graphic. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output?

5 What is an accurate description of network devices in the distribution layer? They are designed to interconnect individual hosts. They are designed to interconnect multiple companies. Q. ISPs obtain their addresses automatically.The wireless connection is good. They are designed to switch data packets as fast as possible. The DHCP configuration on the router needs to be checked. . ISPs are assigned addresses through the RFC. Q. The WEP key or SSID needs to be checked. The wireless NIC driver or the NIC itself needs to be reinstalled.4 What measurement is commonly used to describe communication speed when transferring data? bps cps Hz MB Q. an integrated router can provide what three types of information to a client? (Choose three.6 When acting as a DHCP server.) physical address MAC address default gateway static IP address dynamic IP address DNS server address Q. ISPs obtain address blocks from registry organizations.7 Where do ISPs get the public addresses that they assign to end users? ISPs create the addresses themselves. They are designed to interconnect local network segments.

It translates IP addresses into easy-to-remember domain names. It ensures that only authorized users are allowed access to the WLAN. It translates an internal address or group of addresses into an outside.11 The area covered by a single AP is known as what? ad-hoc network basic service set independent basic service set extended service set distribution system . It encrypts data between the wireless client and the access point.Q.9 When are leased lines typically used? when low bandwidth is required for home and small business connectivity when a dedicated digital data line is necessary as a less expensive option to cable and DSL modem service Q. public address. Q.8 Refer to the graphic.10 Which wireless protocol is used for encryption? EAP Open PSK WEP Q. What is the effect of setting the security mode to WEP on the Linksys integrated router? It identifies the wireless LAN. It allows the access point to inform clients of its presence.

) ipconfig /release ipconfig /all ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew ipconfig 15.Q.12 Which installation option should be chosen when the current operating system is too damaged to work properly? upgrade multi-boot clean install virtualization Q. to make forwarding decisions? the destination MAC address .14 What two commands can be used to form a new binding if client information does not agree with the DHCP client table? (Choose two. by default.) usually a lower cost no waiting period for assembly user can specify higher performance components supports higher-end graphics and gaming applications fewer components to replace Q.16 What information within a data packet does a router use.13 What layer is the first point of entry for a host into the network? core layer access layer network layer distribution layer Q. What are two advantages of purchasing a custom-built computer? (Choose two.

MAC addresses can be dynamically assigned.21 What are two ways that a user can interact with an operating system shell? (Choose two. It is an organization that allows individuals and businesses to connect to the Internet.18 What is an ISP? It is a standards body that develops cabling and wiring standards for networking. MAC addresses are always assigned to network devices by a network administrator.) . It is a protocol that establishes how computers within a local network communicate. MAC addresses are physical addresses.20 What is the name for the contract between a customer and an ISP that specifies requirements for uptime and service response time? DSL IAB NAP SLA Q.) MAC addresses are used to identify a specific NIC. MAC addresses contain a network number and unique host identification.19 Which two statements correctly describe Media Access Control (MAC) addresses? (Choose two. Q. Q. It is a networking device that combines the functionality of several different networking devices in one.the destination IP address the destination host name the destination service requested Q.17 What is a service pack? an access policy an agreement between a company and a vendor a piece of code created to fix one specific problem a collection of patches and updates released by a vendor a small piece of software designed specifically for security issues Q.

B.B.A Q.C.A B.C.22 Select the connection that would require a straight-through cable.B B. a switch to a hub a router to a switch a switch to a switch a router to a router 23. packages the data for end to end transport C.D. adds the network IP address to the header of the frame A. adds the data-link header and trailer D.C. Choose the option that shows the correct sequence of steps in the encapsulation of TCP/IP data that is passed from a source to a destination host? A.D.CLI OS GUI NIC kernel Q.24 What is specified by the network number in an IP address? the network to which the host belongs the physical identity of the computer on the network the node of the subnetwork which is being addressed the broadcast identity of subnetwork .D.C.A D. converts data to bits for transmission B.D A.C.

0.255 Q.0 to 172. DNS servers are used to translate from private addresses to public addresses. DNS servers are used to configure logical address information for host computers.255 150.255. Q.255.255 200. It encrypts data between the wireless client and the access point.28 Which protocol is used to transfer files among network devices and perform file-management functions? DNS FTP HTML . to 200.) 10.0 to 192.25. What is the purpose of assigning a Network Name of Academy? It identifies the wireless LAN.26 Which of the following statements best describes DNS? DNS servers are used to map an IP address to a physical address.27 Which of the following are the address ranges of the private IP addresses? (Choose three.0 to 127.0. DNS servers are used to map a name to an IP address. It translates IP addresses into easy-to-remember domain names. It translates an internal address or group of addresses into an outside.25 Refer to the graphic.255.255 to 150. Q.16.0 to public address. It allows access to the AP configuration GUI by name rather than address. 127.

) logical addressing issues improperly terminated cables cables plugged into wrong ports incorrect MAC address assigned packets received out of sequence incorrect subnet mask on an interface Q. A home PC is required by standards to obtain an IP address and default gateway from a DHCP server (usually the ISP). Q. An integrated router can act as both DHCP server and DHCP client. this access point must connect to the wired network. In addition to accepting wireless client requests. A home PC using a static IP address obtained that address from a DHCP server.32 Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is commonly used to exchange data between a PDA and a computer? . All wireless devices that are connected to this access point must have an assigned SSID of Academy. what statement is true? This configuration would be commonly found in an ad hoc wireless network.30 Refer to the graphic. (Choose three.) An integrated router provides IP configurations for most ISPs. Most home network integrated routers receive an IP configuration directly from their ISP.HTTP Q. Any wireless client that is attached to this access point would have the same IP address and SSID.29 Select three statements that correctly describe how DHCP services may be provided. A variety of devices can act as DHCP servers. Q.31 Identify two causes of physical layer network problems. Based on the information that is shown. (Choose two. as long as they run DHCP service software.

36 A network host is accessing a web server. Q.FM radar infrared ultraviolet Q.35 What action will a router take when it receives a frame with a broadcast MAC address? It will not forward the frame to another network. It forwards the frame back out the receiving interface to insure all hosts on the local network receive it. workstations on a LAN are not able to log into the server.34 For the second time in a week. The technician fixed the problem the first time. but cannot remember the steps taken to solve it. It forwards the frame out of all interfaces except the interface where the frame was received. What two protocols are most likely being used as the TCP/IP model application layer protocol and the internetwork layer protocol? (Choose two. What aspect of the troubleshooting process has the technician neglected? identifying the problem asking end-users questions documenting the troubleshooting process using structured techniques to solve a problem Q.) IP FTP TCP .) FTP UDP SMTP TFTP TCP Q. It forwards the frame back to the sending host with its IP address as a response.33 Which of the following are transport layer protocols of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.

0.0.11a 802.0. Access is permitted only if it is a legitimate response to a request from an internal host.255.11b . What is the default subnet mask for a class B address? 255.255. Access is permitted based on the MAC addresses of the source and destination devices.38 What does the term "attenuation" mean in data communication? loss of signal strength as distance increases time for a signal to reach its destination leakage of signals from one cable pair to another strengthening of a signal by a networking device 39.255. Q.40 Refer to the graphic.0 255.255. Access is permitted only if the type of application that is attempting to reach the internal host is allowed.0 255.0 255.255 Q.11 networks are allowed access to the WLAN? (Choose three.) 802. Based on the configuration information that is shown.37 Which statement is true concerning stateful packet inspection? Access is permitted based on IP addresses of the source and destination devices. which three types of 802.DHCP HTTP Q.255.

which two items must be unique on a computer for it to successfully connect to the network? (Choose two.11n 802.802. and support costs hardware.11x Q.) IP address subnet mask computer name default gateway address operating system version Q.11e 802.42 When considering the purchase of a new operating system.11g 802. operating system. What type of message does the computer send out? broadcast simulcast multicast unicast .41 Within a local network. what is meant by "Total Cost of Ownership?" applications and support costs hardware and support costs hardware and software costs hardware. software. and applications costs Q.43 A computer joins the network and announces itself to all hosts on the LAN.

Q. why is it important to untwist only a small amount of each wire pair? minimizes crosstalk makes installation faster ensures wires are in correct order makes it easier to fit wires into connector Q. What type of security policy is being applied? identification and authentication remote access .46 A host sent a message that all other hosts on the local network received and processed.45 When terminating UTP cabling. What feature can be installed on the Linksys integrated router to convert private IP addresses to Internet-routable addresses? authentication DHCP encryption firewall NAT WEP Q. What type of domain are all these hosts a part of? local domain multicast domain collision domain broadcast domain Q.44 Refer to the graphic.47 Your school network blocks all websites related to online gaming.

acceptable use incident handling Q.48 Refer to the graphic. Assume that the exhibited output is from a host that is connected to a Linksys integrated router.49 How does a crossover cable make it possible for two "like devices" (for example. The receive pins on one device are connected to the receive pins on the other device. What is one of the first things you should check? IP address on the host IP address on the router subnet mask on the host default gateway on the host link status LED on the front of the router Q. What are two examples of storage peripheral devices? (Choose two. The transmit pins on one device are connected to the transmit pins on the other device. The transmit pins on one device are connected to the receive pins on the other device. 50.) printer flash drive . two switches) to communicate? The transmit pins are disconnected and only the receive pins are used.

51 What are the two possible values for a digital bit? (Choose two.headphones external DVD barcode reader Q.) 0 1 A F # 9 Q.52 What type of computer would most likely use a docking station? laptop server desktop mainframe workstation .

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