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> CUA GOR ran Brand Stones FROM mun tat a yee EO ele yi im CELEBRATING THE ENDURING POWER ?OF.ICONIC BRANDS PAU Rate Gre b4 DAVID ROTH BRANDZ . eh bb fe | al ll > 252 | BRAND STORIES FROM BRAND CHAMPIONS Great brands can connect you with a lifestyle, a place, and even a culture Growing up during the Sixties just Northeast of New York City, my family routinely went to the beach. It was the age of Tap 40 Hits and just about everyone was within arm's reach of 2 teansistar radio tuned to 770 am, otherwise known as WABC Musicradio To me, it was the sound of summer Slick with tanning lotion (typically baby oil) we cooled ourselves in Long Island Sound's sticky salt water and roamed the shore, from one end of the beach to the other. The tiny radios blasted the same station, playing the latest hts. We \were all united by Motown, the British Invasion ane! harmonies of Surf Rock. We hummed to the easy tunes but also ppeid attention to lyrics that introduce Us te poetic descriptions of the days! ‘events, From love, equality, 0 protests cf war, each new song added to the Sixties experience ‘The music connected us to people we did't necessarily know. For context this 50,000-watt station had upwards cf twenty percent share of the greater New York radio audience. At night ite reach extended to 38 states, WABC was the soundtrack in grocery stores, 198s stations and ice cream parlors It followed us everywhere - from the suburbs to the inner city, uniting people from all walks of if. WABC had its own sound with iconic Disc Jockey personalities, They had @ distinctive echo that gave the station 3 ‘now’ vibe along with highly produced Jingles. The "Seventy-Seven WABC: ‘musical hook was branded into us. By the mic-Sixties, The Beatles released all their singles to WABC befor station ny other The DJs, like Dan Ingram, understood the power of their voice. Ingram's signature sound spilled into the music as he often sang over the songs’ intro Ingram knew that on a hot summer day just about every sunbather was listening, He would periodically issue ‘8 Roll Your Bod’ alert and the entire beach obediently rotated. It was a sight to be seen, AAs the decade turned, FM music allowed us to cultivate “individuar" taste but Iilalnays remember the sound of summer: WABC Musicracio. Gwen Morrison CEO, The Store, The Americas Lawes career has been devoted to Identified the gap between rand imagery dlveraa trough advertising ne te presentation of products at Fetal Gwen spent several years a an Sword-winning interior architecture Firm working te create branded thenlounched eretal design unit at 3 Chicago-based agency where she ‘worked on slabal brands sues a8 Nik, forextenaing WPP's tought leadership and capabilties across and insights. key focus show data Her team delivers curated conten te WPP' agencies and clients inthe Inemerging markets ana as wren tnd Brandweek Gwen rerver onthe seneeyees ‘ators! board of Journal of rand Tengen’ ‘Svategy and has contributes articles focured on purpose-od marketing, Board of ashion Group Internationa. OldVYDISNH DBVM | NOSRRION NEMO | $8z

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