AP There 10 types of invoices are there standrd invoice credit memo debit memo expence report po default quick

match prepayment mixed withholding tax recurring when we run payment batch what are the 3 concurrent programs? AutoSelect Invoices,Build Payments,Format Payments in ap_terms table what data will be stored? it store the data repalted to payment terms e.g. 1. 2/10 Net 30 this means if the payment is made with in 2 days there will be 10% discount on the payment amount. after that the payment can be made by the customer upto 30 days without any extra cost. what is the defference between credit memo and debit memo? creditmemo: this is the negative amount after creating the standard invoice supplier gives the discount debit memo: this is also negative amount where company will deduct the amount from standard invoice due to bad quality or delivery delay PO How many typres of Purchase order and what are those? there are 4 types of purchaseorders 1.standard 2.planned 3.blanket 4.contract Cycle of requestion to receving transaction? 1.Requisition Creation 2.Approve requisition 3.Purchase Order creation for the Requisition 4.PO Approve 5.PO Receipt How many standard interface programs in oracle purchasing module? 1. Requisitions Open Interface 2. Purchasing Documents Open Interface 3. Receiving Open Interface

how can u find the status in po? We can find the status in the Authorization_status column as either Approved or In Process etc. what is the difference between po_vendors & po_headers_all? does po_vendors relate to opeating unit? po_vendors table will have information about the vendors/suppliers we define in PAYABLES/PURCHASING. po_headers_all is a multi org table and hold Purchase orders and quotations information. Po_vendors will not relate to a particular operating unit. INV name at least five reports in oracle inventory related to transaction ? is UOM maintained at master level or organization level or both? We can maintain them at both levels. differentiate between intra & inter UOM class conversion with examples name all status attributes? bom allowed built in wip customer orders enabled internal orders enabled invoice enabled purchasable stockable transactable mention the interface tables for item open interface and open transaction interface and also their respective production tables. Interface Tables: MTL_SYSTEMS_ITEM_INTERFACE MTL_ITEM_REVISIONS_INTERFACE MTL_ITEM_CATEGORIES_INTERFACE MTL_ITEM_CATEGORIES MTL_INTERFACE_ERRORS Main Tables: MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B MTL_ITEM_REVISIONS_B MTL_ITEM_CATEGORIES How many standard interface programs in oracle INV module? 1. Customer Item Interface 2. Open Item Interface 3. Open Replinishment Interface 4. Open Transaction Interface

master item will avaliable all inv organizations under the operating unit organition item is avaliable only a particular inv org What repots or concurrent program run to transfer data from Inventory to GL.5. ship_from_org_id from oe_order_ines_all table to mtl_system_items_b table.? we can link using inventory_item_id .There is no functional or technical difference between them. Cycle Count Open Interface 6.? How to link between inventory and OrderManagement. We can using move_order_line_id from wsh_new_deliveries table tl_material_transactions or mtl_material_transactions_temp tables.? All items in an organisation are assigned to item master organisation and then these items are assigned to the respective inventory organisation. order mangement deals with order to cash first we have to enter the order order returns----sales order we have to enter the order in headers snd lines information when we enter the order it shows entered in both headers and lines after that we have to book the order after entering it shows booked in headers and awaiting shipping in lines it shows the release status --R means ready for release after that we have to do pick release when picked it shows booked in headers in headers and picked in lines it shows the flow status code changes from R to Y means Pick Confirmed in the back ground two concurrent will run 1) Pick Slip Report 2) Shipping Exceptions report After that we have to do shipping while shipping the flow status code will change from Y to C means Ship Confirmed in the background it runs 5 Concurrent programs Automatically 1)Bill of Lading 2) Commercial Invoice 3)Packing slip Report 4)Interface trip stop 5)Vehicle load sheet Details After that we have to run the workflow Background Program After that we have to do the Invoices After that we have to do the receipts After that we will transfer it in to General Ledger . OM Give a brief overview on OrderManagement. Move Orders Open Interface Please let me know the differance between Master Item and organization Item in Inventory. Reservations Open Interface 7.

if yes.. then user can access data from other Business group too. What will happen If I am not giveing the Suspense accout while defineing the Set of Books in GL? IF YOU ENTER JOURNAL CASH A/C DR 10.Transform Program Tell me some interface tables on ordermangement.. .? oe_headers_iface_all oe_lines_iface_all oe_lotserials_iface_all oe_credits_iface_all oe_actions_iface_all oe_price_adjs_iface_all oe_reservtns_iface_all AR wht r the basetables of customer interface? GL TABLES FOR GL: GL_JE_HEADERS GL_JE_LINES GL_JE_BATCHES GL_JE_CATEGORIES GL_PERIODS GL_SET_OF_BOOKS GL_CODE_COMBINATION sourcing in GL? gl_je_sources what is fiscalcalendar? fiscal calendar is legal in some countries as for example in india the year start from the 1st april and and on 31 march so this is related to that type of conditions.000 TO RENT A/C CR 8000 IF YOU DONOT ENABLE SUSPENCEA/C THE A/C IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY CREATED AND IT IS NOT POSTED IT IS IN ENABLE STATE THIS IS POSTED AND EXCESS AMT IS CREDITED TO SUSPENCE A/C FA HRMS how many types of profile option is there in oracle hrms... why it is necessary? HR:Security Profile HR:User Type as Only HR/HR with Payroll HR:Cross Business Group as yes/no.

It eliminates the need to hard code the logic. Position 4. which is created on view? pre_from .when_new_item_instance After execution of a report we get parameter layout where we have enter From_date and To_date. Why it need to to set this and where This the profile which holds the value of operating unit orgid when ever user login into system his org id is value is transfered to profile value base on this profile we get data and put data from database What multi org tables . Let me give you one example:An organization have two departments say D1 and D2.difference between app table non all table . Job 3.Then we will set the profile options MO:Department name or the organization name against the profile option. Assignment 6. Po_header and po_headers_all? Except the SRS window in which we can submit the concurrent program. Obviously report will run without output. if Multi Org is set up for a BG then this is mandatory to setup ow optional .After entering From_date and without entering To_date what happen a report will execute or not? if you have not mentioned any initial values in the parameter property sheet or if you have not used NVL function in your query parameter. Contact where is setup of business group done? in HRMS module General What are Mandatory triggers to write in the block. otherwise (i mean if you have mentioned any initial values in the parameter property sheet or if you have used NVL function in your query parameter) report will run with output What is MO operating units. how many types of extra information is there? Following Extra Information (EIT) Types are available in HRMS : 1. Profile Option provides the flexibility to the oracle application .they are acting like a global variables . Location 2. example .? . Element 7.MO:Operating Unit.it just display column headings. People 5.We want Manager of D1 can not view the employees of D2 and vice versa.

om are at operating unit level.VL.Example of submitting request through backenddeclare x_id number(10). --Short Name description=>'Purchase Order History Impact .Based up on the organization data will be filterd by using org_id column HOW CAN YOU KNOW UPDATE STMT IS WORKED OR NOT IN PL/SQL? BY USING IMPLICIT CURSOR ATTRIBUTES what is the need of registering table in apps? IF YOU REGISTER TABLE IN APPS --WE CAN USE THIS TABLE IN VALUESET --WE CAN AUTOMATICALLY POPULATE DATA TO APPS In Oracle Apps Some tables ends with TL.SUBMIT_REQUEST (application=>'PO'.AR WHICH MODULE DOESNOT HAVE _ALL TABLES THEN WHY? GL only sub_ledger modules like ap.what is the significance of the TL and VL? .PO.it means that these API play a role in transferring the data from the stagging tables to the base tables once they are fired.put_line(x_id).ar.apps_initialize(6729.Every table in this modules have the tables org_id column and ends with _all.'dd-mon-yy hh24:mi:ss'). --Application_Name program=>'ELPOITEM'.Yes it is possible by submitting the request through backend.201).50156.Userid. --Description start_time=>to_char (sysdate. the report through fronthand--dbms_output.po. begin fnd_global. If the valueset if of type –TABLE then how many tables can we attach in the valueset ? IN GL.Application_id x_id:=fnd_request. END. sub_request=>NULL. What is multoorg and what is it's level or structure? multiorg nothing under single database instance maintaing multiple organization information like businessgroups->glsetofbooks->legal entity->operating unit>inventory WHAT IS USE OF APPS API? API's are the Application Programmin Interface .Responsibilty_id. --Argument which we are passing while running ARGUMENT2=>'31-MAR-2007'). --. ARGUMENT1=>'01-MAR2007'.AMG'.AP. commit.

register_table ('FND'.col_width. 'DATATYPE'.Say hide new fields.Personalization and Configuration in Oracle Apps? Customization: --When you change the code of the forms/reports etc.? The view ORG_ORGANIZATION_DEFINITIONS contents link of organization and operation units. ORGANIZATION_ID column IS FOR organization_id AND OPERATING_UNIT IS FOR org_id How relation will be made between modules in oracle financial? set_of_books_id from gl_set_of_books table . Personalization: --When you change the look and feel of the system. sequence.'TABLE_NAME'.What is the difference between Customization.nullable.'TABLE_NAME'.'COLUMN_NAME'.change tips. In which table or database definition we can find the link of organization and operation units.label of the field etc Configuration ----When you understand the client's business process and map it into the software HOW CAN U KNOW TABLE IS REGISTERD IN APPS? Using ad_dd package. which u want to know whether it is registered in APPS.register_columns ('FND'. Example: First register the table: EXECUTE ad_dd.translate) use the following query to check the same: select table_name from fnd_tables where table_name = <table name> table name = mention the table name.'T'.pct_used) Then register the columns: EXECUTE ad_dd.pct_free.

and org_id from hr_all_organizations table while registering executable and concurent program we register both with application name? so my question is why we are defining in both concurent program and executable? The application in the Executable shows where the execution file is placed . Could anybody help me in this ? In Control file At the top add this line. APPL_SHORT_NAME=>'HR'. The Application given in the concurrent program gives the information where the out file and log file has to write for that concurrent program.EVENT ('WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE'). Where BLOCK is the name of block containing DFF item FIELD is the DFF item on form APPL_SHORT_NAME is the short name of the application with which the flex field is registered DESC_FLEX_NAME is the name of the registered flexfield Also write the following code in 'WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE' at the form level: FND_FLEX. DESC_FLEX_NAME=>'DESC_FLEX_TEST' ).ctl file ? So my total no.DEFINE ( BLOCK=> 'TEST_DESC'.of records to be loaded would be 60. In SQL Loader i have 100 Records to be loaded into my table. . How to register a form and stored procedure in oracle apps form registration: go to application developer responsibility goto application menu--> select form--> give form name and application name and user form name then go to -->function give function name and user function name. Standard forms (already defined by oracle) will have this code already present in the appropriate triggers. and give form name then go to menu --> attach funcation name to menu run form resposibility stored procedure registration: go to system adminstration responsibility goto program menu--then select executable define executable a name and select execution method as pl/sql stored program then defin concurrent program then goto security define resoponsibility and then goto restquest group and submit the concurrent program In a Standard form a DFF is disable?How we can Enable it? To enable the DFF on the form. follow the steps below. Open the form using the form builder and write the following code in WHEN-NEWFORM-INSTANCE trigger of the form. FIELD=> 'DESC_FLEX_TEST'. How do i load the first 30 Records and skip the last 10 Records within a single . FND_DESCR_FLEX.

this layout is called master layout. Will the Package body Compile ? What will the end result ? what will happen if the execute the package by calling the 4th procedure ? Yes the Package body will be compiled. Assume i have three Procedures defined in a Package Spec. then u will give which name u r giving 4th layout. It is applicable only in PDF Format and PS.after thet create one user parameter.suppose we have 10 report parameter in report so.and u will wtite formate trigger for each layout. again we will create same menu.(OPTIONS SKIP=30 RECORDS=60) skip option skips first 30 records Records option load 60 records Automatically last 10 Records will not be considered by SQL Loader. 3. register the table in AOL module. How to create multi-layout reports ? If we have 5 layouts .one main frame and one repeating frame under that create fields. After completing Report customization process. .then that user parameter wiil ask some value/character. that we re-register that parameter in concurrent program? what are the parameters contained report this parameters we must register in concurrent program token values. Steps for DFF registration 1. use the Additional Layout tool in the tool box of layout editor. You cannot call the 4th procedure as it is a Private Procedure available within the Package only We have to show a logo/image in a report? what are the steps and which format it is? whether in pdf format is applicable or not? layout model-->header section we will chose file--import image. I have created the Package Specification. 2.first create one main frame under that one repeating fram under that what ever the fields u want put that field. now i create the Package Body by including the three procedures in addition to that i include a fourth procedure which is not included in my Package Spec. after that u will run the report.which part u kept the image it will come at browser. create a pbulic synonym in APPS schema. I compile the Package Body. then how to get into the 4th one ? first create the 5 layouts. The end result is you have a package with 3 Public procedures and 1 Private Procedure. create a DFF table a module specific schema. Where we can write a PL/SQL code in report triggers? In report we have to show two Layout? how it is and how we can see from where it? yes we can do that one.

In custom.pll we can override the below events only 1) ZOOM 2) WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE 3) WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE 4) WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE 5) WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE 6) WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD We can not write for other events.5. we can develope without user_exit and p_conc_request_id How you will Diaplay the Company LOGO In report.Can't we develop report without this User exit's and P_CONC_REQUEST_ID parameter? Use of user_exit: user_exit is the program.9 and 11.4.what is the use of this parameter and is it mandatory. register DFF table with Aol Module.10.pll what are the events we can Not write? Through CUSTOM.5.Can anyone knows please give solution? copy paste the logo on the report layout and run the report to see the output How You Will display the key flexifields in your report? BY CALLING THE USEREXIT FND FLEXSQL IN BEFORE REPORT TRIGGER AND FND FLEXIDVAL FROM FORMULA COLUM ALL CONATENATED SEGMENTS DATA WILL BE IN THE LEXICAL PARAMETER P_FLEX_DATA DEFAULTLY FLEXSQL RETRIVES THE DATA FROM THE SEGMENTS AND POPULATE THE SEGMENTS DATA INTO THE P_FLEX_DATA FLEXIDVAL POPULATE THE DATA INTO THE LAYOUT FROM THE P_FLEX_DATA what is the difference between oracle applications ebs 11. What is the Lookup's and what is the use of lookup's? What is the Use of User Exit in Oracle apps and when we are developeing the new report you need to pass one parameter called P_CONC_REQUEST_ID.9 we dont have form personalization.This is optional one.transfer the data from third generation language to oracle report builder.2 and can anyone suggest the release dates of the versions? in 11.5.in new version form personalization is there how will u do documentation? . P_CONC_REQUEST_ID:This is default parameter. Use:generate the concurrent program Request_id.

g a part number.Principal consultnats will take Requiremets from client They willprepare BR100 document by using AIM methodolgy.. Desc Flexfields can have context sensitive segments while Key flexfields cannot. problem is when i run report data is overflowing to the next page. Postscript is a universal printer language and any postscript printer is able to interpret your different design instructions. Key Flexfields have qualifiers whereas Desc Flexfields do not. The standard is in effect so a report prints as identically as possible from both conventional and postscript printers. This is because you are generating postscript output..if yes how to do? What are the Major differences bteween key flexfields . where do u specify in org_id? Org_id will define at OPerating uint level Organization_id will define at Inventory level I Have report which is having field at the end of page. In ASCII you cannot dynamically change the font and character size.i want the data to come on same page can anybody help me out? In Repeating Frame property make vertical space between frames and Horizontal space between frames property = 0 And in same property list go for advanced layout In that make print object on property = First page. e. then your report will be fit on same page what is the difference between character mode. Based on MD50 Technical consultat will prepare the MD70 document. The Account . KFF is based on 2 table structure where as DFF is based on a single table structure A Key Flexfield as the name suggests is a 'Key' building block of a module and is 'Required' for defining the structure for objects of that module Eg. in one report using two layout models. Based on BR100.descriptive flexfields? key flexfields:capture the key information in code language each code have specific meaninig descriptive flexfields:capture the extra information Key Flexfield is used to describe unique identifiers that will have a better meaning than using number IDs. In Oracle Reports Designer. try to put page protect is yes. bitmap mode. you can make "C" bold and in a different font and point size than "c". character mode. Character mode reports generate ASCII output..bitmap mode? In Oracle Reports Designer.FUnctional consultnat will prepare the MD50 Document. a cost centre etc Desc Flex is used to just capture extra information. the APPLICATIONS STANDARDS REQUIRE the report to be designed in ONE FONT/ ONE CHARACTER SIZE.

it is having flexfield qulaifier and segment qulaifier.IT is enabled in AOL module.it will store in segments. that would not otherwise be captured by the form 1.e additional space. Descriptive flexfields provide customizable ?expansion space? on your forms. After which stage can not cancel the order? order status has changed to shipped/interfaced/closed these orders only not able to cancelremaining all other order status are possible to cancel. sff is having context senstive .prompt less field provided on the form of oracle applications package.account etc.kff is out puts or results giving the with in the four walls only. and DFF is provide additional expance the kff 3. You can use descriptive flexfields to track additional information. 2. A descriptive FF again as the name suggests helps more in describing an object (like a transaction or screen).Structure. . more than the available fields on that Screen Key flexfield captures mandatory business information like company. A dff is a lables .it is an optional flexfield ..KFF is not required any coding and DFF is may be required when the user want.it will store data in code combinations.dff will store in attributes. KFF displays like text item but DFF displays like [ ] . kff is intelligent key.. flexfield qualifier is used to identify particular segment for flexfield. etc. A key flex field is used to capture the key information of an organisation.whereas Descriptive flexfield captures additional business information like name of the company's MD etc.it is used to capture the additional data which is unque to client information. Item Structure. department. important and unique to your business. without programming. KFF is did't give any expance space i. dff is used to capture more information from end user with out changing table sturcture. and DFF is giving the results or outputs beyond the 4 walls 4. Key flexfields are flexible enough to let any organization use the code scheme they want.which is mandatory.KFF is simply enter data and get results and DFF is user want require when the get output.

application analysis 3. one needs to update the standard cost when entered in the standard costs.transfer 6.segment qulaifier is used identify particular value of the segment.pll why r u move in the cus_top only why not move another top? when u move the other top the orcale corporation may notsupport for any modifications u need so that we can't move to other oracle top. . BR080 MD050 MD070 CV080 TE020 MD120 which parameters passed in report in oracle developer how to pass? It can be done by using TOKEN. we can follow AIM.build 5.define 2. What are the Major differences between appcore.If you move those objects into product tops.it doesn't related to oracle. Same is not the functionality in Average Cost Update. customer has his own top like cust_top. After making customizations to ur objects we will move those objects to custom_top. To make the Item costs frozen. While preparing documents for implementing Oracle Apps.one problem will be there.Token is establish the connection between report builder bind variable to oracle apps variables why r u transer the data base tables to flat file and what is use? to interface b/w oracle apps and other legacy systems what is difference between d2k report and oracle apps report in general D2k reports we won't use the user exit's we use user exit's in oracle apps reports 2)in general D2k reports we won't use the multiorg we use multiorg in oracle apps reports Can anybody tell me.design 4.production what is the purpose of standard cost update? In Cost Management.i.pll and appcore2.previously wht ever you apply customizations to your objects will be going to overriden. What is the Implementation Process? 1. what is aim methodolozy? AIM ( Application Implementation Methodolgy) is an implementation Methodlogy designed by Oracle. Docs as per AIM.e when ever oracle apply patches to product tops. Oracle takes the item costs only if they are frozen.

. personal profile:we can't change the profile values ex:userid. What is the attribute of implicity and explicity cursor oracle 9i. Hierarchy of profile in 11. block level.username. Depending on whether the function returns TRUE or FALSE. the current instance of the object is included or excluded from the report output...2 Site Application Reponsibility Server(B) Organization User User is the highest level of the hierarchy.The function must return a Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE). Higher–level option values override lower–level option values.respid. For which statement it will fire(Insert/update/delte).10. EVERY SQL STMT IMPLICITY OPENS ONE CURSOR AND PARSE AND EXECUTE QUERY FOR EVER STMT IT WILL FIRE IMPLIST SQL% What is profile and what is level of profile option and it's hierarchy? Profile is the set of change able options in which your oracle application Run ... You can access format triggers from the Object Navigator.5. followed by Responsibility. system profile:we can change the profile values ex:mo:operatingunit. . When it fires . can u explain which situation automonus transaction is used 1 Commit in Trigger 2 Avoid Table Mutation Trigger 3 Call of function in select stmt with DML 4 Two program units ( caller and called) with two states of commit nature Oder of firing triggers in form? item level.respname.. Site. What is the Rec cursor.hr:user_type.? mtl_onhand_quantities which is the table for storing organization information? HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS What is implicity cursor .. Application and at the lowest level.mfg:organization_id. Format triggers are PL/SQL functions executed before the object is formatted. Record levle.. form level wht is format trigger? The trigger can be used to dynamically change the formatting attributes of the object.. the Property Palette.how to get the on hand quantity of an item across all organizations? name the underlying tables. or the PL/SQL Editor.

a sample block and control block. Can we customize a form with out template. we have to change the status. we need to customize a new form using template. tell me the scenarios of between pages in reports Between Pages trigger fires for each page except the last One. To have a look and feel of our new form as Oracle Applications form.fmb .between pages fires 9 times.it doesnt fires for the first page. While running the concurrent program we will get the status. Reasons.wht is the use of Xml reports over reports6i? Multiple Language purpose we r going to develope XML Reports & Once we develope XML Report we can Display in different format like word. With form personlization feature we can customize the form up to some extent. How it will be done? make RETCODE=0 --->SUCCESS RETCODE=1 --->WORNING RETCODE=2 ---> ERROR in the code What is the difference between base table and multi-org table? How to create a link between One dependent value set to another Dependent value set? HOW U DISPLAY THE FLEXFIELD DATA IN APPS? BY CALLING THE USEREXIT FND FLEXSQL IN BEFORE REPORT TRIGGER AND FND FLEXIDVAL FROM FORMULA COLUM ALL CONATENATED SEGMENTS DATA WILL BE IN THE LEXICAL PARAMETER P_FLEX_DATA DEFAULTLY FLEXSQL RETRIVES THE DATA FROM THE SEGMENTS AND POPULATE THE SEGMENTS DATA INTO THE P_FLEX_DATA FLEXIDVAL POPULATE THE DATA INTO THE LAYOUT FROM THE P_FLEX_DATA what is the use of anchors? to maintain the relation between parent and child objects while runtime IN WHICH MODULE THE LEGAL ENTITY COMES? WHAT IS THE USE OF SKIP WHERE U WILL GIVE? TO SKIP THE NUMBER OF RECORDS LOAD DATA SKIP n or at command prompt HOW CAN U KNOW THE RESPONSIBILITY BELONGS TO OPERATING UNIT LEVEL OR NOT? The MO:Operating Unit Profile will give the details .fmb will consist of all the necessary libraries attached.? #!/bin/sh This line causes a new shell to be called to execute the script. if u hav 10 pages. Template. property classses etc.excel In unix Schell sript what is very 1st line to be wriiten .fmb? No.

what is lexical parameter? with this u can specify a complete where condition for example select * from emp where &lex_par.The items which are defined for inter organization .Shipping network should be setup between the organizations. THE VALUES OF ORG_ID DEPENDS ON YOUR REQUIREMENTS.wheather discard file is automatically created or explicty created?can u mention it? automatically created but we have to give the path where the rejectd records to be sent by giving the key word'DISCARD' FILE PATH after condition To set the apps environment? The following block of code has to be executed. 2. END.should be enabled with Internal sales order check box should be enabled. in which tables the transaction details stored? at least two.SET_CLIENT_INFO('ORG_ID'). BEGIN DBMS_APPLICTION_INFO.with bind variables we give values to columns in query ..Internal Requisition and internal sales order setup has to be made.? mtl_material_transactions in which table sub inventory related information for item is stored? mtl_secondary_inventories define steps of assigning items to an organization TOOLS=>ASSIGN ORGANIZATION how can u link a org-id with a responsibility in reports? profile option Mo_operating_unit is setup at responsibility level. what is repeting frame? RepeatingFrame: display the contents no of times normal Frame : display the contents only one time What is request group and request set? request group: is collection of reports and concurent programs submitting individually request set: it is also group is collection of reports and concurent programs submitting simultaneously .SET_ORG_CONTEXT('ORG_ID'). OR BEGIN FND_CLIENT_INFO. mtl_system_item_b is the table and the column which stores the data is inventory_item_status_code what are the prerequisite set ups for inter organization transaction? 1.e we can specify where conditions. i. END. 3.that resticts the user from entering junk or invalidate data what is item status? name the related table. what do you mean by value sets? A set of predifined and validated values assigned to a field.

3) update lock ----multiple user can read..it is the collection of menus. Concerned with or formed for a particular purpose. For example. It is possible in the packages (packaged functions).How to create user and how u attach with responsibility. How many phases of implementation and what are those? AIM methodlogy.forms & requests . LOCKS? Is to reduce concurrency 1) share lock ---it allows the other users for only reading not to insert or update or delete.? What is responsibility and how u attach Responsibility..it has got six phases definition. 2) exclusive lock --. u can compile in WinXP What are ad-hoc reports? Ad-hoc Report is made to meet one-time reporting needs. But the same if you try on standalone this doesn't work. ad hoc tax codes or an ad hoc database query Can functions be overloaded ? Yes Can 2 functions have same name & input parameters but differ only by return datatype ? Yes.It will show the menus and functions associated with the responsibility. You can override the function. Operation Analysis Design Build Transition Production If there is any issue then whom do you report. It works perfect.comming to reports there is no need to compile in unix.(this is imp question for every interview)? How to compile the Forms & Reports in Linux Apps Server which are created in WindowsXP client? In unix it is F60gen command for forms. What is the maximum number of statements that can be specified in a trigger statement? One . update delete Lock levels : 1) table level 2) table space 3) data base level. others can only read. Object must be unique.only one user can have the privileges of insert or update and delete of particular object.

you can store the value in the place holder and take whereever you want at run time Matrix Report: Simple. 6) Pair -----. Row and Column Group 3.Repeating frame for rows(down direction) 2. 4) Table ----.validation is minimal.input must exist on previously defined list of values 3) Dependent -----. The placeholder can hold a value at run time has been calculated and placed in to It by pl/sql code from anther object. Form development process? open template form b) Save as <your form>. Cell Group 4. Group above.input is checked against a subset of values based on a prior values. Frames: 1.What is Place holder Columns? A placeholder is a column is an empty container at design time.input must exist on previously defined list of values.Cross Product Group 2. 8) Translatable dependent ------.input is checked against a subset of values based on a prior value. Storethe current max salary as records are retrieved. Nested Simple Matrix Report : 4 groups 1.input is checked against values in an application table 5) Special -----.two flex fields together specify a range of valid values. You can set the value of a placeholder column is in a Before Report trigger.Repeating frame for columns(Across ) 3. Store a Temporary value for future reference. 7) Translatable independent ----.fmb . translated value can be used. EX. 2) Independent -------. Cell column is the source of a cross product summary that becomes the cell content.values set uses a flex field itself. It is like Global Variable .Matrix object the intersection of the two repeating frames What r the validation types? 1) None -------.translated values can be used.

if u want to customize in the po module path is Appl top\po\11. program. In the program unit. Then u will get a . Concurrent. First navigation p) Save and compile the form. If it is not in the specified directory then we have to put in the server directory. e.rdf file in Report builder and change the name of the module.Responsibility. Open the data module and modify the query (what is client requirements) assign the columns to the attributes. go to system administrator Security.c) Change the form module name as form name. Q) Register in the AOL How do u customize the Reports? Identify the Short name of the standard report in which module we have to customize Ex: . d.5.fmx in the server directory. window. d) Delete the default blocks. Go to report wizard and select.request h) Add and assign a concurrent program to a request group How do u identity its name of report? System administrator -> concurrent -> program -> define System administrator -> concurrent -> program ->executable Who Columns? 1) Created by 2) Creation date 3) Last _updated by 4) last_update_date .0\reports\US\ . Then Compile it. Text item) l) Modify the app_cusom package. m) Modify the pre-form trigger (form level) n) Modify the module level properties ((console window. f. Place the .rdf b. (sub class item &#61664. c.executable. and canvas e) Create a window. Then Register in the AOL Concurrent. f) Assign the window property class to window g) Create a canvas (subclass info) h) Assign canvas property class to the canvas I) assign the window to the canvas and canvas to the window j) Create a data block k) Modify the form level properties.rep file in the specified module. Open the . what r the newly created columns. g.

It?s like DDL command. Call User Exist. What r the type Models in the system parameters of the report? 1) Bit map 2) Character mode What is SRW Package? (Sql Report Writer) The Report builder Built in package know as SRW Package This package extends reports . to format width of the columns.bind variable may be used to replace expressions in select. SET_FILED_CHAR SRW.DO_SQL.Control report execution. connect by. pl/sql -.SET_FIELD_NUM SRW. Perform DDL statements used to create or Drop temporary table. SET FILED _DATE Difference between Bind and Lexical parameters? BIND VARIABLE : -. LEXICAL REFERENCE: . we can create table.5) last_update_value Sys Admin Module? a) Define Custom Users b) Define Login Users c) Register oracle DB users d) Define Concurrent Programs e) Register Concurrent Executables f) Setting Profile Option Values g) Define Request Types. etc. to set the colors Ex: SRW. -. AOL? a) Registering tables b) Registering views c) Registering db sequences d) Registering profile options e) Registering lookups and lookup codes f) Registering forms g) Registering Form and Non-Form functions h) registering Menus and sub-menus i) Registering DFF and KFF j) Libraries application object library .once u register in the aol then we can access those things across the application of different modules. to page break the column. having. where.bind reference may not be referenced in FROM clause (or) in place of reserved words or clauses. group. output message at runtime. start with cause of queries.. SRW.views .are used to replace a single value in sql.in apps .if u made any changes or developing any object we need to register in the aol unless and otherwise those objects should not work. order by.its one of the main concept in oracle apps. Initialize layout fields.

comprehensive suite of business applications for the enterprise. price and other details.. Refer Oracle site to know more about Internet Computing Architecture. price. Based on this invoice.?EXECUTABLE NAME?. Now Oracle is developeing Fusion Architecture. tax and other details. connect by. JDEdwards.start with. Ramco Marshall.PARAMETERS) What is invoice? AR Invoice is a document raised by the company and sent to the customer with the details of items sold. The company will enter this invoice details in the Payables module and then pay the customer accoring to the credit terms. API?s FOR CUSTOMER INTERFACE? Tell me some API's? HZ_CUST_A/C_VZPUB.UPDATE_CUST_A/C HZ_CUST_A/C_VZPUB. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. the architecture is Internet Computing Architecture. having. AP invoice is a document raised by the customer and sent to the company with the details of the items sent. Oracle E-Business suite? Oracle E-Business Suite is a fully integrated. . Companies developed ERP Sofware packages to cater the needs of business...-. from.you can use lexical reference to replace the clauses appearing AFTER select. group by. qty sent.SUBMIT_REQUEST (?PO?. the customer will send the payment in case of credit sales. In Oralce Apps. Some of ERP Software packages are Oracle Applications.CREATE_CUST_A/C FND_PROFILES FND_APPLICATIONS FND_GLOBAL FND-FILE FND_CONCSUB(can submit conc program in host invironment) How can u call a standard interface program from sql or pl/sql code? FND_REQUEST. SAP. This invoice may come along with the consignment or may be sent to the company seperately. qty sold. Siebel. -.you can?t make lexical reference in a pl/sql statmetns.Peoplesoft.

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