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MoBar 3.

Program hours

50 Years of Excellence

St. Charles
April 1, 2011
St. Charles Convention Center

Kansas City

April 29, 2011
Hampton Inn & Suites

Country Club Plaza

May 6, 2011
Doubletree Hotel

Jefferson City
May 19, 2011
Truman Hotel

Why You Should Attend

This program will provide an overview
of drafting estate planning documents,
including wills, trusts, durable powers
of attorney, and health care directives.
Practical aspects of estate planning will also
be reviewed, such as engagement letters,
conclusion letters, where the estate planning
documents should be kept, and how the
attorney gets paid. In addition, drafting
and planning for the estate tax under the
current provisions of the law, including the
December 2012 sunset will be addressed.
A significant portion of the program
focuses on “family dynamics,” an area
frequently overlooked in the estate planning
process. The discussion will include
addressing family dynamics with clients, and
drafting for such issues. Topics addressed
will include choosing a trustee, dividing
tangible personal property, in terrorem
provisions, the impact of non-probate
transfers, and equality among client’s
You won’t want to miss this program.
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Drafting Moderators:

Estate Planning
David W. Terry, Terry Law Firm, LLC (St. Charles)
Kevin M. Johnson, Wallace Saunders Austin Brown & Enochs, Chtd. (Kansas City)
John F. Appelquist, Attorney at Law (Springfield)
Marilyn G. Green, Attorney at Law (Jefferson City)

8:00 a.m. Registration

8:30 a.m.
Now that 2010, the year of no estate tax (if you didn’t want one) has passed, your
clients may be figuring out that they need some “estate planning.”
Chances are your clients need wills, the cornerstone of any successful estate
planning, and will need some other documents before it’s too late, such as durable Clifford S. Brown
powers of attorney and durable powers of attorney for health care/advance
They also need to understand why they might wish to avoid probate, and whether
they should do so with non-probate transfers or with a trust.
You also need some documents, such as engagement letters and conclusion
letters, and some methods of handling estate planning, one of the fastest growing
R. Scott Gardner
areas of malpractice.
We’ll talk about how to prepare these documents for the peace of mind of you and
your clients, along with a few tips on where those documents should be kept, how
you get paid, and how to plan for December 2012, and the end of the current
estate tax formula.
Speaker: R. Scott Gardner, Gardner, Gardner & Gardner, LLP, Sedalia
(all locations) Jennifer K. Huckfeldt

10:00 a.m. Break

10:15 a.m. – 12:00 noon
But, in approximately one in three instances, they do not. These situations are made even more
difficult by the failure of most practitioners to even inquire about family dynamics, much less address
them in estate plan documents. This presentation will cover, not only the matters which should be
discussed, but also drafting documents to address the issues, including:
• Choice of trustee
• Dividing tangible personal property, “lists”
• Gifts vs. loans to children
• Impact of non-probate transfers
• In terrorem provisions

• Equality among descendants
Speakers: Clifford S. Brown and Jennifer K. Huckfeldt, Carnahan, Evans,
Cantwell & Brown, PC, Springfield (all locations)
12:00 noon Adjourn 50 Y ears of Excellence
Drafting Estate Planning Documents B

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Estate Planning
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St. Charles • April 1, 2011 Program 3.9 MCLE
St. Charles Convention Center
One Convention Center Plaza

Kansas City • April 29, 2011

Hampton Inn & Suites
Country Club Plaza
4600 Summit

Estate Planning
Parking: Complimentary self-parking in Hampton Inn
& Suites parking garage for all registrants. If you are
unable to park in the designated areas, MoBarCLE is not
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Springfield • May 6, 2011

Doubletree Hotel
2431 N. Glenstone

Jefferson City • May 19, 2011

Truman Hotel
1510 Jefferson Street


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